Food for baby reveal party

20 Finger Foods for a Gender Reveal Party

What are finger foods for a gender reveal party?

A gender reveal party is a get-together hosted by expectant parents where the gender of the baby is revealed to family and friends. These parties are mostly theme-based, where food ideas could range from what the expectant mom craves to pink and blue-colored snacks. Table décor is usually gender-theme based too, with pink and blue balloons, plates, and napkins.

Gender reveal party food can also include traditional finger foods typically served at other types of events.

20 Best finger foods for a gender reveal party

The following is an array of 20 lip-smacking gender reveal party foods:

1. Vanilla cake Pops

Make or purchase cake pops using vanilla cake. Use food coloring to dye the inside layer either pink or blue. Ice the cake with white frosting, and decorate it with pink and blue round candies.

2. Cupcakes

Buy chocolate cupcake mix and bake them. Once baked, apply pink frosting to half of the batch, and blue frosting to the other half.

3. Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Purchase a box of strawberries and some white chocolate. Melt the chocolate, and mix part of the chocolate with pink food coloring and blue coloring. Dip each strawberry with either the pink or blue chocolate mixture.

4. Pickles

These are commonly known as mom-to-be craving food. Pickles can be eaten on their own. You can buy whole dill bottled pickles or sliced bottled pickles for your party table.

5. Cheese, deli meats, and crackers

Arrange a selection of cheeses like blue cheese and cheddar with an array of crackers. You may also add deli meats to the platter and some sliced cucumber and tomato.

6. Pizza slices

You may also add some pizza slices to your gender reveal finger food list. Be sure to buy one that includes a bacon topping like bacon and pepperoni, as bacon is popular craving food, too. This topping selection is highly popular with everyone.

7. Shrimp bites

Buy some frozen shrimp and sear them. Then, make some guacamole. Next, layer each shrimp with some guacamole before placing this onto a potato crisp.

8. Scones with blueberry and strawberry toppings

Buy or make a batch of scones. Add some whipped cream to each scone. Then decorate the scones with strawberries to compliment a girl gender theme or with blueberries for a boy theme.

9. Stacked mini pancakes

Once you’ve bought and made your premade mini pancakes, sprinkle them with sugar, and stack two or three together.  Use a skewer to secure the stacks. You can then garnish each skewered stack with a piece of fruit of your choice.

10. Homemade ice cream bars

Ice cream also falls under the cravings radar for expectant moms. Buy some strawberry and blueberry ice cream to make a colorful mix of blue and pink ice cream bars for your table. You can also use blue or pink popsicle sticks for your ice cream bars.

11. Mini granola bars

These are a great source of energy for the health-conscious mom-to-be or guest. The protein in granola bars can also help curb cravings for the expectant mom.

12. A fruit platter

Chop up some of your favorite fruits and arrange them on a platter. Some possible fruits are grapes, diced watermelon pieces, litchi slices, pineapple, and cantaloupe slices.

13. Chocolate dipped pretzels

Expectant moms often craved this sweet-sour combination, making it an ideal snack for a gender reveal party. Buy some pretzels, white chocolate, and some pink and blue food coloring. Mix each color separately with melted chocolate before dipping the pretzels into the pink or blue chocolate mix.

14. Ring donuts

Buy some plain ring donuts. Mix a tie-dye frosting of blue and pink hues with some food coloring. Then add frosting to the donuts for an interesting, colorful display.

15. Deviled eggs

Make some deviled eggs, and add some cooked bacon pieces to the egg filling. You may garnish this with parsley. Alternatively, you could add avocado or dill to your filling here.

16. Gender-themed candies

In true baby gender style, get two empty baby feeding bottles. Fill one bottle with some Wilton blue candy melts and the other bottle with pink candy melts.

17. Spring rolls

Spring rolls are a lightly fried delicacy and ideal finger food for any party. It has a delicious savory filling that usually consists of carrots, cabbage, chicken, or pork. Serve this with some cilantro and sesame seeds, and your guests will be asking for more.

18. Miniature chicken pies

These mouthwatering chicken pies are a perfect light snack for a gender reveal party, and they taste a lot like homemade pies. You can buy yours prebaked, heat it for a few minutes, and then serve. You also serve these with stuffed artichokes.

19. Mini taco cups

Get some premade mini taco shells, and fill these with a cooked filling comprising ground beef, cheese, and taco sauce. You can serve this with sour cream and salsa for extra zest.


Tortellini bites

Buy some premade four-cheese tortellini bites with romano, ricotta, parmesan, and Swiss cheese. Fry it until golden brown, and then serve with a marinara sauce.

Savor an array of finger foods at a gender reveal party

Enjoy a range of the most scrumptious gender reveal party food—select savory snacks like pizza slices, meat and vegetable spring rolls, and shrimp. Or indulge your sweet tooth with an array of cakes, desserts, or candies. You can also enjoy wholesome snacks like fruit and health bars, or some pickles, or crackers and cheese. Acquire all the necessary food items for your gender reveal party with Instacart. 


Instacart is the leading grocery technology company in North America, partnering with more than 1000 national, regional and local retail banners to deliver from more than 75,000 stores across more than 13,000 cities in North America. To read more Instacart posts, you can browse the company blog or search by keyword using the search bar at the top of the page.

35 Adorable Gender Reveal Food Ideas

Looking for gender reveal food ideas? Whether you’re hosting a gender reveal party and need ideas of food to serve or want a cute way to incorporate food into a gender reveal photoshoot, we have plenty of gender reveal food ideas here! Yum!

He or she, what will it it be? it’s time to reveal the gender of your baby! Whether you choose to have a gender reveal party to celebrate publicly, or you do a private photoshoot with colored powder to find out the news, you can use these gender reveal food ideas as part of your big reveal!

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Party Route—Gender Reveal Food Ideas

Gender reveal parties are so much fun and what better way to share if your little baby will be a girl or boy with friends and family by your side? Check out these awesome gender reveal party food ideas to serve and surprise everyone at your gender reveal!

Cake pops are a sweet way to share your baby’s gender and are easier to make than you might think. See how Two Twenty One whipped these blue and pink pops up for her reveal party.

You’ve probably seen the gorgeous cakes filled with blue or pink candies inside. This non-traditional gender reveal cake from Bridges and Balloons shares their baby’s gender with words inside. Add a cake topper to make this extra cute!

Guests will swoon over these cotton candy cupcakes from Cooking Classy! A cupcake, topped with pink and blue cotton candy and a secret inside? This cupcake has everything!

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods are another easy DIY treat you can make with a little food coloring. Do pink frosting, blue, and swirled options for those who just can’t decide! Embracing Homemaking made the cutest pretzel rods and shares her how-to with us.

These confetti Oreos from Sprinkles for Breakfast look AH-MAZING! Pink and blue frosting, topped with sprinkles turn these everyday cookies into something special for your party.

Put a spin on traditional chocolate covered strawberries with pink and blue covered strawberries. These are so unique and look so good! Balancing Motherhood’s strawberries are beautiful and look so yummy!

Grab these colored marshmallow pops from Sweet and Tender Dreams in pink and blue for a fun treat or party favor!

These adorable baby Nutter Butters from For the Love of Food add a little character and a lot of cuteness to this everyday snack. Whip up a batch for your party!

Add some color to ice cream cones and bowls and keep the intrigue going for your gender reveal party. Kara’s Party Ideas showcases these yummy treats!

Who doesn’t love a good donut? These buttercream filled donuts have a special surprise inside—the baby’s gender! See how The Organized Mom Life made these happen.

Make pink and blue snow cones for a gender reveal food idea guests won’t forget! Use pink and blue syrups to color your party.

Pass the sprinkles because here’s another take on pretzels using bite-size pretzels and a little frosting from We are Dipping Chocolate! I love sweet and savory so this is the perfect combination of pink and blue food!

Everyone is waiting to know what your baby will be! Give them something to chew on with pink and blue licorice straws.

Mom Intern made these fortune cookies to do a family gender reveal. Everyone opened them at the same time to see what they were having! This project is a little more time consuming but 100% creative.

Another take on using Oreos as a gender reveal food idea! This one from Rhea Baby Shower uses chocolate covered Oreos and has colored sprinkles inside!

Take a break from all the pink and blue and add some color to the party with M and M candies. Serve nuts or no nuts to keep with your gender reveal party food theme!

Display pink and blue rock candy in vases for some pretty decor and a yummy treat. Or turn it into a game for what guests think baby’s gender will be.

Take a break from all the sweetness with these gender reveal deviled egg recipe from Just A Pinch. These turn out so pretty and are a unique snack for you party.

Serving blue and pink drinks in large pitchers will complement all your gender reveal food ideas and quench guests’ thirst as they wait to find out what you’re having. Get the raspberry lemonade recipe from Growing the Givens.

You can also keep it super simple by serving pink and blue colored juice boxes. Perfect for an easy solution or for the kids at your party!

If you’re serving canned drinks or beer, keep them cool in these we’re here for the sex gender coozies! You can get a lot of fun photos with these!

Gender Reveal Food Ideas that are Photo Worthy!

Want a more private and intimate setting to find out your baby’s gender but still want photos that are Instagram worthy? Use these gender reveal food ideas to snap a pic of your baby’s gender and then share them with everyone in style!

Use Ice cream for a gender reveal photo op or make a whole party out of it! This adorable ice cream social from The Cotton Collective is so cute!

Get older siblings involved with this easy pie in the face gender reveal idea from Remodelaholic. The video of their whole family is ADORABLE!

Bite into cupcakes with colored frosting to find out what you’re having! A delicious way to get some fun pictures.

Announcing a halloween pregnancy? Decorate a pumpkin and fill it with ribbon. Grab your camera and get ready to snap away as your older child checks to see what color ribbon is inside.

A super simple way to reveal the gender is to hold pink and blue colored candy in your hands. Then cover up the color that baby won’t be to reveal the gender!

Want to get your pets involved? Dog lovers will swoon over this dog smash cake from Love Inc. The dogs will really appreciate it as well!

Grab your sweetie, some blue and pink bubblegum and get ready to blow the biggest bubbles to reveal baby’s gender. I love this idea from Let Me See You Sparkle Photography.

Are your toddlers as obsessed with lollipops as mine is? Get them in the fun for baby sister or brother by letting them announce the gender with a lollipop announcement like this one from Whistle and Ivy.

You can buy Hershey’s candy bars and color in the “HE” or “SHE” part with blue or pink marker to share your baby’s gender with a chocolate bar. Hold these up in your photo to share what baby will be!

Feeling extra brave? Hallstrom Home shares her egg roulette gender reveal. This would be such a fun gender reveal game for the parents-to-be to play at their gender reveal party! Watch the full video to see how it turns out!

Let your young child go wild smashing pumpkins to find out if they’ll be having a baby sister or brother. This would be so fun to do as a kid or adult!

We love these gender reveal food ideas so much! Did you do a fun gender reveal to let everyone know what you were having?


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10 Summer Kid's Party Recipes

Summer is the perfect season for organizing cute and noisy kids' parties, preferably outdoors. If you are planning a fun pastime for your kids, be sure to think about how you will feed the whole mischievous mob, because a lot of children's energy will be spent during games.

Skip store-bought snacks and convenience foods in favor of something a little more custom, homemade and delicious. Such dishes are not only budgetary and quick to prepare, but also healthy. Even the simplest, but interestingly designed and presented edible options will interest and attract any child. nine0003

1. Fruit skewers

You probably know how difficult it is to get your offspring to eat fruit every day, especially in season, so you can prepare bright, colorful skewers for a children's picnic. Cut strawberries, oranges, pineapples or any other fruit into large cubes and thread them onto small skewers.

2. Mini Sandwiches

Small sandwiches are perfect for little hands. Make tiny hamburger variations or canapé variations. From this, you can even organize a game by laying out the components for mini-sandwiches on different dishes and inviting the kids to create their own sandwich. nine0003

3. Dip-bar

Try to organize a children's dip-bar by placing a variety of sauces (dips) in bowls on the table, where the children will dip chicken fingers, cheese, bread or vegetable sticks. This choice is usually very captivating for kids.

4. Roasted marshmallows

Invite the children to roast marshmallows (marshmallows) strung on the tip of a skewer over an open fire, of course with adult supervision and with their help. You need to keep it for a short time, until a golden brown color forms, when the marshmallow itself caramelizes and slightly melts inside. Place a toasted marshmallow between two crackers and add a piece of chocolate. nine0003

5. Ice cream sandwiches

What would a summer party or picnic be without ice cream? Try to create your own, unusual version of such a treat. To do this, bake flat cookies, and then take them apart in pairs and carefully lay a thick layer of ice cream between each pair. Now it remains to place such sandwiches in the refrigerator for several hours.

6. Cheese crackers

Most children love both cheese and crackers. The appetizer is very easy to prepare: just put a thin piece of cheese between two crackers and heat a little (for example, in a microwave or oven) so that the cheese is slightly melted. nine0003

7. Yogurt ice cream

And this is a fairly simple idea for a tasty and healthy dessert. Divide vanilla, fruit, or berry yogurt into small paper cups, place a wooden stick in the center of each cup, and freeze the yogurt until firm. To prepare such a treat, you can also use special plastic ice cream molds.

8. Mini-pizzas

A lot of kids have a very positive attitude towards pizza. Make them serving miniature versions of this dish by spreading chopped tomatoes and grated cheese on mini round breads or mini pitas, then roast them in the oven. By the way, with the filling you can quite dream up. nine0003

9. Caramel apples

Thread small apples or apple slices onto skewers and dip them into the sugar and milk caramel. Let the apples harden, and then roll in chocolate chips or coconut flakes.

10. Holiday fondant

Melt the white chocolate and mix it slightly casually with the vanilla icing, finely crushed cookies and nuts, then pour the whole mixture into a mold and leave overnight until completely set, and in the morning or just before the holiday, cut into small squares. Simple and very effective! nine0003

Text: Marina Pavlova|Flytothesky. ru

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Kids party ideas

Many parents find that it is easier to get their kids excited about playing when there is a friend nearby. However, when a friend is not alone, but there are many of them, and it suddenly turns out that you have a whole company in front of you, it happens that even quite experienced, reasonable parents panic.

Whether you have to save your neighbor's kids from the rain, or you have specially invited children - whether they are your child's regular playmates, or birthday guests, or random friends - in this article you will find a wide variety of activities designed to to entertain this team. Have fun yourself, watching how different children are, even of the same age, and listen to what they talk about among themselves. nine0003

Remember that children have a short attention span and cannot sit in one place for long periods of time. However, in order not to overload the children with hyperactivity, try to plan the activities in such a way that games that require a lot of energy are alternated with calm ones. And if it turns out that some game is not working, leave it.

Don't force a child who comes to visit you to do something just because you think it's a good idea. In each group of children, children are at different levels of development. Some of them may remain interested in the activities offered for a long time, while others quickly become restless. Give them the opportunity to retire and do something else. nine0003

If you have guests for your child, arrange their entertainment program in such a way that it does not become overloaded and the children do not get overexcited. One of our familiar mothers determined the number of guests by the number of years of her child. However, sometimes it seems more appropriate to invite the whole class so that no one feels offended.

If there are many children coming, you can prearrange the time of their stay. One and a half to two hours is enough for a festive joint pastime of young children. When a group of children gathers, you need to try to make them have fun. For your child, this is a chance to become a star for a while, the center of attention. On his birthday, he feels himself the most important, gets the biggest piece of cake and sits on the most beautiful chair. nine0003

Of course, don't forget to be polite, but other children will get theirs when their day comes. If you are overly worried and anxious, your child may also become nervous and feel un-celebrated. It doesn't matter at all whether the rules of the game are fully respected, whether the entire program has been completed, or whether something planned has not taken place. If there is no confusion and quarrels, and the children are really passionate about something, we can assume that the children's party went well.

You can also pick up different clothes and other props for such a holiday in advance and put them in a box so that the children at the holiday choose their own chosen outfit depicting some character from a fairy tale - long capes, hats, feathers, any pieces of cloth and other things . While the kids are working on their costumes, you can help them paint their faces. nine0003

Feast with refreshments.

Treat is the main pleasure of the holiday, so make it the centerpiece of the event. Invite your child's friends over for pizza, pie, or dessert with ice cream and cream.

Whatever the main dish, the cream is always a success. It's not bad at all if you make a dessert with several types of ice cream so that the children can choose.


This is a very simple game, and, most importantly, no one loses in it. The task of the players is not to laugh. The children sit or stand in a circle, and one of the players says, as seriously as possible: "Ha!" The next one says: "Ha-ha!", the third: - "Ha-ha-ha!", and so on. Anyone who says the wrong amount of "Ha" or laughs is out of the game. The game continues, and those who have dropped out are trying to do everything to make the remaining players in the circle laugh (but without touching them). Whoever laughs last wins. nine0003

"Fish", "beast", "bird"

The players sit on the sides of the room. Choose a driver. He walks past them, repeating three words: "Fish", "beast", "bird...". Stopping suddenly in front of someone, he says loudly one of these words, for example, "bird". The player must immediately name a bird. You can’t hesitate and name those fish, animals, birds that someone has already named. The one who gapes or answers incorrectly pays a forfeit, and then "redeems" him (reads poetry, sings a song, dances, shows tricks, etc.). nine0003

"Magic Box"

Take a small box and put a toy or other prize in it. Put this box in a larger box, and a larger box in the one that is even larger. The more boxes, the more interesting it is to play. Children sit in a circle and pass each other a box, while music plays. When the music has stopped, the one who has the magic box in his hands opens one of them, the first one. The player who is lucky and opens the last box with the prize takes the prize for himself. nine0003

Make a movie

Organize a children's party with video filming. Depending on the number of children, divide them into groups of four to six people; Assign each group to write a script and assign roles for the next shoot.

We advise you to have plenty of rags suitable for changing clothes on hand: old hats, long scarves or scraps of fabric, the remains of carnival costumes and a whole staff of "animals". Brooms, as well as shaving brushes, may come in handy. nine0003

Give the children fifteen to twenty minutes to prepare. Then have each group take turns putting on a show for the others while you film. You can watch a movie over dessert (and if you don't have a camera, forget about these video tips of ours and call the show theater).

Concert hour

If the children in your group are large enough, consider organizing a concert. Let them decide where the stage will be and how to make the curtain, help everyone come up with a number. Some children love a solo performance - to sing a song, dance, read a riddle or some funny story. Other group performances, such as juggling balls as a team, presenting something funny, or singing together. You can take part in this concert as an entertainer, announcing each number and calling on the audience to applaud the speakers more unitedly. nine0003


The more children involved in this game, the better. Line up your team in single file, and have each child hold on to the elbows of the one in front. The first child will be a machinist. He is driving the train. When the train starts moving, the driver hums "Whoo". When he gives two beeps, the train should stop. The driver also decides which way the train will go and how it will go - by jumping
on two or on one leg, running or something else. Children can take turns driving. If the group of children is large enough, it is better to make two trains. nine0003

Freeze, die

Let the children run around the yard or around the room. Tell them to all move in some way: jumping, bending over, jumping on one leg, pushing each other, etc.

Learn more