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“It's designed specifically to help children become desensitized from peanut allergy,” said founder Zoi Maroudas.

We're proud to offer the first Peanut Allergy Prevention Cookie and help reduce your little one's chance of acquiring a peanut allergy by 80%. The Peanut Mani teething cookie is created under the guidance of leading medical research and specifically created for infants with the exact amount of peanut protein to help build up natural immunity. The supported science comes from LEAP and LEAP ON  first published by New England Journal of Medicine and National Institute of Health.  Our cookies are 100% natural with no sugar or preservatives and most import we take the guessing work out on how and how much to introduce to your baby/Infant. The studies suggest begin at 4 months of age. Let the Peanut Mania begin!

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Just like homemade and super convenient! Each balanced meal is thoughtfully prepared with the freshest organic ingredients. Our founder creates savory flavors that appeal to the youngest palates and deliver the most nutrition. Developing your little one's eating habits for life.

Our ingredients are grown specifically for Bambino’s Baby Food from certified organic and natural farmers. Our produce are grown in Alaska's pure, natural and untainted soils, where vegetables are grown with nutrient rich glacier waters. Our natural ingredients are NEVER pre-frozen and go directly from the farmer straight into our meals.  

Our cooking process is simple. We start with quality ingredients and recipes that have been carefully calculated for your child's development and nutritional needs.  With precise temperature control and our flash freezing method we maintain the nutrients from the ingredients healthy, active and delicious while sealing in the freshness. Bambinos Baby Food products are free of preservatives and additives of any kind.  

From fun frozen shapes to full flavored delicious meals in under a 1 minute. See how in this video!

Bambino's Baby Food provides freshly farmed frozen baby meals and nutritious cookies specific to your baby's dietary needs. All of our products are made with loving care, delivered from our kitchen to your home.

Our frozen meals are super convenient and quick prepare. They come in stand up resealable pouches with 12 to14 star shaped cubes. Remove the amount of cubes desired, warm, and serve. Each meal can be specifically portioned for your child. Little ones love eating the frozen star shaped cubes, helps comfort teething as well as providing excellent nourishment. Our patented frozen star form fits perfectly in little hands.

Parents and caregivers once you have placed your order we will begin making your fresh and delicious baby products. You can expect delivery within a week or earlier. Once the seal has been broken it is best to follow the instructions to preserve quality freshness of product and best to consume within a month with proper storage. Unopened frozen baby food have a shelf life of 4 months from the date of purchase.  

For your convenience we offer 1 months supply or baby food subscription service. We ship all over the US.  With various options to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your family’s nutritional needs: Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Combo, and Pescetarian.  

Order organic natural perfectly balanced frozen baby food and have it delivered to your door. A flat rate shipping of $39.95 is limited to 3 cases of baby food. Email will be sent out the day before your order is expected to arrive with tracking number and expected time of arrival. Please place baby food immediately in freezer to preserve quality and freshness.

We love hearing from our Bambinos Family's. Send us photos and stories on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and as a thank you we will send you additional Bambinos Products to enjoy.

Moms, Dads, Caregivers: Are you a professional writer and are intrigued with our products? Please send us an email and let us work together to help families grow Strong and Healthy. Our founder is willing and ready to share leading research, give guidance on nutrition as well as answer questions about our Bambinos Baby Food products.

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Subscription Baby Food Service available and Ships to your door: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


Organic Frozen Baby Food Guide

If you don’t make homemade purees for your baby, store-bought, organic frozen baby food is the next best thing. Frozen baby food has a higher nutrient-content than shelf-stable food (such as purees in jars or pouches), and the flavor is generally superior as well.

Despite the superiority of organic frozen baby food, there are no longer many options available. Several brands of organic frozen baby foods have been discontinued (such as Petite Palate and Tasty Baby).

It seems that most people–myself included–are still going for jarred purees. The ubiquitous pouches of baby food, which Gimme the Good Stuff has also reviewed, are so convenient and portable, which is of course the major drawback to frozen food–you can’t prepare and serve it while riding the subway or at the playground.

Bambino’s Organic Frozen Baby Food

Bambinos was created by Zoi Maroudas, a mom with a medical background who wanted to create better baby food. She uses fresh, organic ingredients, and she has an eye toward allergy prevention.

The Good
Bambino’s offers a wide variety of baby and toddler foods. They have frozen purees, including some with grains, fish, and meat, and Zoi also created these cool peanut cookies geared toward preventing peanut allergies–as the mom of one peanut-allergic kid, this is especially intriguing to me. I like that when her blends contain oil, it’s extra virgin olive, not soy or canola.

The Bad
You will have to purchase Bambino products online. They aren’t available yet in stores, but your can request that your local Whole Foods or Sprouts Farmers Market stocks Bambino’s in the future!

How to Get Some
You can purchase Bambino’s online. Zoi has kindly offered my readers a free gift–just use coupon code GIMMEGOODS to receive it with your purchase.

Happy Baby Organic Frozen Baby Food

(Read our review of Happy Baby pouches, too!)

The Good
The cardboard box contains 40% recycled content and is recyclable, as are the plastic trays, which are made of BPA-free polypropylene. Happy Baby offers more varieties than other brands, and I like the inclusion of whole grains in many of their meals.

The Bad
I’m skeptical of all plastics, so I’d remove the cubes from the tray before heating in the microwave.

How to Get Some
Happy Baby frozen purees are available in select grocery stores.

Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Frozen Baby Food

Update: Yummy Spoonfuls Stage 3 has been discontinued.

The Good
Certain flavors–banana, blueberries, papaya, mango–are raw, and the rest are heated minimally. The BPA-free plastic that Yummy Spoonfuls uses for their cups is recyclable. I’ve been in touch with their founder, Agatha, and she is genuinely concerned with the health of babies and kids. She’s happy to share her recipes with parents who are motivated to make their own.

The Bad
The cups are made of polypropylene, and I try to avoid plastic of all kinds when possible (it often isn’t). Yummy Spoonfuls founder Agatha says: “As a mother I personally don’t heat anything in plastic, even though Yummy Spoonfuls cups are microwavable safe.”

How to Get Some
Available at Whole Foods, Dean & Deluca, and on Amazon.

Note: Agatha sent me samples of Yummy Spoonfuls, but this did not affect my review.

Square One Organic Baby Food

The Good
Square One Organics frozen baby food is made from organic fruits, vegetables, and grains. Their products contain no added sugar, are dairy and soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and are made in a nut-free facility. The packaging is BPA-free. The website is a great resource for parents.

The Bad
The cups are made of #5 polypropylene, which is recyclable and considered non-toxic, but still plastic!

How to Get Some
Available on Amazon.

Product question. How to prepare baby food for the future. BelPressa

Those who choose the second option eventually realize that they cannot do without blanks, unless you are a robot or you have a bunch of helpers. How to prepare baby food for the future? Belgorodskiye Izvestia collected practical advice, and pediatrician Antonina Zayeva told how not to harm the baby and make food as healthy as possible.

Purchased no worse than

Contrary to established beliefs, doctors recommend feeding young children with commercially prepared complementary foods, because the chemical and microbiological safety of their composition can be guaranteed. In such products, the degree of grinding of raw materials corresponds to the age of the child. Also among the advantages are a long shelf life, homogenization and a wide range. nine0005

“If a mother decides to prepare food for her baby on her own, then the food must be prepared with the maximum benefit for the child. In frozen foods, the chemical composition practically does not change, but the amount of vitamins and minerals decreases. And the organoleptic properties also change: taste and smell, cellular structure. With conventional freezing, about 35% of the original quality of the product is lost, and with shock or acoustic freezing, 10% is lost,” said Antonina Zayeva.

She notes that it is better to freeze food in vacuum packaging: this way their taste will suffer less. It is also important to write the date of freezing and observe the terms and conditions of storage. nine0005

Vitamins for all seasons

In summer or early autumn it is useful to freeze vegetables for the winter, especially if they are grown in your own garden. But if it is not there, then it is quite possible to buy and freeze it. In any case, vegetables will cost more in winter. In the cold season, their assortment is smaller, and the taste is worse. Most often, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, green peas, bell peppers and tomatoes are frozen for children. This is usually done in plastic bags, after washing the vegetables and cutting them into pieces. It is better to freeze in small portions, so that later it is convenient to get and cook. You can also freeze various berries. They are convenient to use for making fruit drinks and compotes. nine0005

“Frozen vegetables can be stored for an average of 6 to 12 months at -18°C. At -12 ° C, the shelf life is reduced to 30 days, and at -8 ° C - to 7. You can also freeze ready-made vegetable puree. But you have to use it within a month. Quick-frozen fruits are stored for no more than a year, and berries - 9 months," said Antonina Zayeva.

Meat is always at hand

For a child who already chews well, you can make semi-finished products and store them in the freezer. These can be meat or fish cutlets, meatballs, meatballs, in which, in addition to meat, vegetables and cereals are added if desired. They will always be at your fingertips, all you have to do is get them and cook them. nine0005

Cooking meat can be frozen in advance in small pieces. Put it in bags and sign it so you don't forget what's in it. You can also store ready-made meat in the freezer, dividing it into the portions you need in terms of volume.

“However, it lasts longer if it is frozen in large blocks. So, it is recommended to store a chicken carcass at a temperature not higher than -12 ° C for no more than 8 months, and divided into parts - 1-3 months. Beef is stored at -12 ° C for 8 months, but pork is only 5 months. The lower the temperature, the longer the food can be stored. Fish at -18 °C can be stored for 6 to 10 months. Frozen ready-made meat dishes are stored on average up to 30 days, and semi-finished products from 1 to 3 months,” said Antonina Zayeva. nine0005

Puree to eat immediately

— How long can freshly prepared vegetable, fruit and meat baby food be stored?

— Refrigerated for up to 24 hours. During this time, the growth of pathogenic bacteria is minimized. You can freeze vegetable broths to make a quick soup or dilute porridge. But meat is not recommended until 1.6 years, because when cooking from meat, chemical and biological active substances, fats, salts, traces of feed, antibiotics that were given to the animal get into the broth. When using such broths, the child's enzyme system may fail. Try rich bone broths from pork, lamb, beef after 3 years, advises Antonina Zaeva. nine0005

She notes that food must also be defrosted according to certain rules: do it gradually and on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Then too much juice is not released and the maximum amount of useful substances is preserved.

- Is it worth it to roll up jars of mashed potatoes yourself?

— I do not recommend canning baby food at home, because sugar, salt, vinegar are usually added as a preservative, and these substances are not used to feed children. It is also impossible to ensure sterility at home, - says Antonina. nine0005

Really, you should not compare homemade puree with store-bought. After all, it is closed in jars using a certain technology. At the factory, the puree passes through brewers, is sterilized, and rolled up with lids in a vacuum seamer. The jars are sterilized or pasteurized, and then quenched. It is impossible to repeat all this at home.

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How much and where to store baby food in jars?

Some manufacturers write detailed storage guidelines for sealed and unopened baby food right on the label. These rules must be observed, even if they differ from the rules for storing similar products from other manufacturers. If there is no detailed instruction, use the following recommendations. nine0005

Once again, we remind you that even unopened packaging must be stored in a dark, cool place. At temperatures above +25°C, products may deteriorate even in their original packaging.

Porridges for breeding:

  • The main enemy of dry mixes and porridges is moisture. Therefore, always make sure that the spoon for the porridge set is absolutely dry, and the bag itself is tightly closed after use;
  • Try to exhaust excess air as much as possible before closing, so that moisture from it is not absorbed into the product; nine0074
  • Keep an opened bag of porridge in a dry place at room temperature. There is no need to store cereals in the refrigerator, they quickly become damp and spoil there;
  • Ready diluted porridge can be stored for no more than an hour or two. An opened package can be stored for 2-3 weeks (see manufacturer's instructions). But if after a few days you notice that the powder has become damp, lumps are noticeable in it - throw it away. Even if the product looks normal, but was opened more than three weeks ago, it is dangerous to feed it to a child. You can use leftovers in adult homemade cakes. nine0074

Choose cereals for your baby

Industrial purees

Unopened can can be stored at room temperature in a dark place. An opened jar of fruit and vegetable puree will live in the refrigerator for no more than a day, and only if you follow simple rules.

Select baby puree

Do not bottle feed your baby. Put the desired portion with a clean spoon into a separate container, close the jar with the rest and put it in the refrigerator. Reheat reserved food if necessary. You don't need to heat the whole jar. nine0005

If you fed your baby directly from the jar, the shelf life of such puree is only a few hours even in the refrigerator, because the baby's saliva and bacteria got into the food on the spoon.


The shelf life of meat puree after opening is only 24 hours, subject to the same rules. If you bought puree in a metal package, be sure to transfer it to a clean, dry jar and close the lid. It is undesirable to store opened puree in its original packaging and it is recommended to use it immediately. Closed - store in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. nine0005

Homemade cereals

Same rules as for diluted cereals. In the process of cooking, the porridge is ground with a blender and rubbed through a sieve. At this time, microorganisms get into the porridge from the air, so you can’t store such porridge for a long time.

Home-made puree

It is possible to increase the shelf life if the finished puree is poured into small sterilized containers, covered with cling film and immediately put in the freezer. At -18°C, this puree can be stored for up to three months. nine0005


The finished product is stored in the refrigerator for no more than 6 hours, as bacteria have probably got into it during cooking. Do not freeze starchy puree (with potatoes, peas), as starch is destroyed during freezing.

Homemade fermented milk products

Made only from sterilized milk in a sterile thermostat can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days.

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