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  • Healthy Eating & Nutrition Introducing New Foods Growth & Development

    Have you heard of a new approach to offering solids called “baby-led feeding,”. ..

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    Paced bottle feeding is a method of bottle feeding that allows your baby to be more in...

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Children's and Diet Nutrition Center - Official website of UIA CDDP

Center for Baby and Diet Nutrition - Official website of UIA CDDP

The country's first monument to a school cook was erected in Ufa

The administration of Ufa reported that the day before the opening of the only monument in Russia took place in the city...

First, second and compote: all about modern school meals in Bashkiria - Vesti report

MBOU "Lyceum No. 21"

On December 25, the Head of Bashkortostan visited one of the oldest educational institutions of the republic - MBOU "Lyceum No. 21"

Children's drawing competition "Winter Fairy Tale"

Children's drawing competition "Winter Fairy Tale" came to an end. The fact is that…

Two school canteens in Bashkiria became diploma winners of the All-Russian competition

The federal stage of the All-Russian competition “The Best School Canteen” organized by the Ministry of Education has ended in Moscow…

The results of the republican stage of the All-Russian competition “The Best Canteen of a School” have been summed up

1. If a child leaves a kindergarten for a school located within…

For questions about payment, obtaining information.

For payment, inquiries and other questions, please contact…


Are you satisfied with the quality of food at primary school?

of the August meeting

On August 21, 2020, the second day of the annual… Take off”

Children are our future, and ensuring their healthy growth and development…

Master class “Pancakes Pancakes”

02/27/2020 in secondary school No. 131 of the Kalininsky district of the city of Ufa took place ...

February 23 - Lyceum No. 161


“Field kitchen for the 31st anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan”

On February 15, 2020, a solemn ceremony took place in the City Palace of Culture in Ufa…

“Russian Ski Track – 2020”

Ufa hosted the All-Russian sports event…

Dear parents!

In order to prevent an increase in the incidence of ARVI and influenza in students, in accordance with ...

World of the family. Motherhood and Childhood”

“The World of the Family” is a useful exhibition for parents and children.

Family World. Motherhood and childhood”…

Happy Teacher's Day!

Dear teachers!!! Happy Teacher's Day to all of you!!! Your work cannot be evaluated by any measure...

Dear parents!

From 08/01/2019, the organization of meals for pupils of preschool institutions in the city of Ufa will be carried out by the Municipal . ..


Our Center actively participates in elections! Canteens for voters are organized in all schools,…

SMART POLY-LINGUAL multidisciplinary school in the Bright microdistrict!

One of the features of this school is the presence of specialized classes. Physicians will come out of the walls of the institution…

September 1!

Dear students, parents, dear teachers and colleagues of educational institutions!
With great pleasure we congratulate everyone on…

We continue to develop the production of baby food in Ufa.

In this matter, the capital has accumulated vast experience, which is already being extended to…

On July 16, 2019, the Republican Forum of Regional Catering Operators was held in the city of Neftekamsk.

On July 16, 2019, the Republican Forum of Regional Catering Operators was held in the city of Neftekamsk, which is dedicated to…

“Eat, Learn, Grow”

Under this motto, Ufa preschool and educational institutions are preparing for the renovation of a children’s…

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United States to take military action on infant formula

US baby food problem triggered by major manufacturer recall from Michigan plant after four infants were infected and hospitalized / TANNEN MAURY / EPA / TASS

That access to baby food, including medical, generally threatening around the world, warned the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) on May 18. According to him, the cost of life-saving nutrition for children who suffer from malnutrition will increase by 16% against the backdrop of the situation in Ukraine. In the next six months, 600,000 children around the world may be left without the necessary treatment, according to UNICEF. We are talking about special mixtures of high-calorie pasta with peanuts, butter, sugar and nutrients.

The situation has become critical even in the USA. President Joe Biden on Wednesday, May 18, took emergency measures to facilitate manufacturers' access to ingredients for infant formula. The deficit was created due to a three-month suspension of production of this product by the leading company in the country's market and the fourth in the world - Abbott Nutrition after complaints of microorganism poisoning. To stabilize the situation with access to baby food, Biden applied the Defense Production Act (DPA), passed in 1950 against the backdrop of the Korean War.

The use of DPA will enable prioritized redistribution of raw materials for the production of baby food and will enable accelerated import of US-compliant products from abroad by transport aircraft of US Department of Defense commercial contractors.

Biden turned to this law after a group of congressmen, both Democrats and Republicans, turned to him with the corresponding demand on May 17. The appeal was supported by both houses of Congress.

"Giving firms to prioritize and allocate production of key baby food ingredients will help increase production and speed up supply chains," the White House said in a statement. The US Department of Defense will use its contracts with commercial air freight lines, "as it did to move materials in the early months of the coronavirus pandemic," to move products from facilities overseas. "Bypassing scheduled air travel routes will expedite the import and distribution of infant formula," the White House said in a press release. Previously, CNBC sources at the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) named Chile, Ireland, Mexico and the Netherlands as potential suppliers.

600,000 children around the world

could be left without the care they need in the next six months, UNICEF says

Baby food problems in the US prompted a recall by major manufacturer Abbott Nutrition of products manufactured at a plant in Sturgis, Michigan, in mid-February . This came after four infants were poisoned in a number of states after being infected with salmonella and the bacterium Cronobacter sakazakii and subsequently hospitalized, two of whom died. The FDA regulator had complaints about the production process at the company’s plant back in October 2021.

The FDA and the manufacturer launched investigations, with the regulator ordering a recall of all Similac PM 60/40, Similac, Alimentum and EleCare brand blends that expired April 1, 2022. The company also had to suspend production for three months. No new cases of infection, with the exception of four in February, were recorded. On Monday, May 16, Abbott Nutrition reached an agreement with the FDA to allow production to resume at the Sturgis plant by hiring independent experts to ensure it is manufactured to approved standards. At the same time, the resumption of production does not promise to be fast. Abbott said it would take up to two weeks to reopen a Michigan facility and up to eight weeks for blends to be in stores across the US.

Abbott Nutrition, along with Mead Johnson Nutrition, Nestle USA and Perrigo, are key US baby food manufacturers. During the first week of May, 43% of infant formula was out of stock and in stores across the US, according to Datasembly, a company that tracks retail data. This roughly corresponds to Abbott Nutrition's share of the US baby food market, according to USDA estimates. As of early 2022, Abbott Nutrition was also the world's fourth-leading baby food manufacturer, according to Industry Research.

DPA appeared in 1950 and since then has been repeatedly supplemented, continuing to operate until now. In general, the idea of ​​the law is to give the President of the United States the right to require businesses to take actions that are necessary for national security, says Igor Slabykh, a lawyer practicing in the United States. And it is not only about military or economic security. Even such loose language as "ensuring the national welfare" is also part of national security, Slabykh notes.

The lawyer recalled that since the beginning of the law, it has been applied about 50 times and this has been done by almost every US president. Both Donald Trump and Barack Obama applied the law immediately before Biden, Slabykh says. Trump used the law to demand priority production of ventilators early in the pandemic. Obama used the law to counter cyber threats from China. Biden himself has also already managed to use the law to increase the production of protective equipment that is used during the pandemic, as well as to produce a vaccine against COVID-19. , says the lawyer.

The fact that Biden activated the Law on Defense Production speaks of an emergency, says Dmitry Suslov, deputy director of the HSE CCEMI. The shortage of milk formula is also associated with inflation - citizens simply sweep away the most important goods from the shelves. The problem of inflation is now of great concern to Americans, and it is precisely this that can become the main reason for the Democrats to lose in the midterm elections in November 2022, Suslov believes. In the fight against inflation, the Biden administration is failing, and it is no longer able to shift the arrows to Russia. Now Biden's rhetoric about "Putin's price increase" causes only irritation and laughter in the American public, the expert concludes.

In Russia, as Kommersant reported citing sources, in early March, a threat of a shortage of infant formula was recorded. According to the interlocutors of the publication, baby food manufacturers, in particular Nestle, notified retail chains about the depletion of raw materials. They attributed this to the failure of supplies from Europe. In parallel, demand, according to the sources of the newspaper, then jumped by 250%. At that time, problems had already arisen with powdered milk mixtures, as well as fruit puree, the sources of the newspaper say. On March 6, Tatyana Butskaya, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children, announced numerous complaints about rising prices for breast milk substitutes.

On March 17, Rosstat announced an increase in prices for baby food by more than 4% in the first week of March alone. The Federal Antimonopoly Service then explained the rise in prices by the cancellation by manufacturers of promotions, thanks to which mixtures could be bought at a discount of up to 50%. In March, according to Rosstat, prices for children's canned vegetables increased by 7.2-12%. In April, a significant increase in prices for baby food was recorded in certain regions, for example, in the Sverdlovsk region in the middle of the month they increased by more than 7%, according to the regional statistical office. At the end of March, baby food manufacturers (Gerber, Nan Optipro, Nestogen) warned of a possible increase in prices for their products in Russia by up to 20–30% due to logistics difficulties amid sanctions.

At the beginning of April, the newspaper reported on the emergence of another factor in the shortage of baby food. So, on April 11, Russia introduced tougher measures of veterinary control over the import of products into the country.

However, by the beginning of May, the growth rate of prices for baby food in Russia as a whole slowed down to a range of 1%.

Although there are supply chain and logistics problems that are common around the world, the problem with the lack of baby food in the United States is a local issue related to the problems of American production, says Mikhail Burmistrov, CEO of Infoline Analytics. In Russia, the price pressure obviously remains, the expert agreed, in the segment of dairy products, prices for baby food are growing. But there is no systemic shortage of infant formula, except for the moments associated with those companies that limited the supply of certain brands to Russia, says Burmistrov.

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