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Vintage 1950s Gerber Baby Food Print Ad

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Gerber: Anything for Baby

Gerber: Anything for Baby

Previous Project Next Project

Reinvention for Baby

When you’re a parent, everything you do, you do for baby. When you’re a baby food company, the same rule should apply. And that’s exactly what inspired our big idea for Gerber, “Anything for Baby.” It wasn’t just about creating a new campaign, it was about creating a whole new Gerber—from dropping less healthy product lines to refreshing the iconic logo for the first time in thirty years. To spread the word, we gave the brand a fresh look and a fresh voice unlike any they had had before.

Baby Bite-sized Content

Moms with babies barely have time to brush their teeth, let alone scroll their feed. So we started talking to mom in a whole new way: QUICKLY. And it's not just about fast – it's about giving her a much needed solution (and a laugh) right when she needs it.

How. Fridgin'. Cool.

Because Gerber will do "Anything for Baby," they recently brought a fridge to the baby aisle, filled with Freshful Start. A new kind of baby food that meets millennial moms' sky high standards. 

The problem is, our pro-produce, pro-organic mom rarely goes down the baby aisle anymore. Our work needed to get her there.

From baby bowls bursting with kale and quinoa, to purees made with artisanal ingredients and a homemade texture, we showed her Freshful Start has all the organic, preservative free foods she and her little one have been craving. 

That's right, baby!

Now chillin' in your news feed

Bite-sized videos introduced the new product line with step-by-step demos on how to give your baby a Freshful Start.

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Advertising for children, especially children's marketing



Advertising for children is a delicate matter. The work of specialists in this area is limited by ethics and law, but, like no other niche, it is open to imagination and the brightest ideas. We have collected the most important rules and principles that children's advertising is based on, and also analyzed many live examples to show their creative potential.

01/13/2022 · 15 minutes

Important things to remember when designing children's advertising

The market for children's goods is a huge and fertile sector that attracts marketers. Advertising in it will always be in demand: parenthood will not go out of fashion and will not become obsolete due to technological progress.

Moreover, children are a living, direct and in many ways unique audience. These features give it a wide space for creativity. Just imagine: to sell a toy, you have to think like a child.

On the other hand, children's advertising must be approached with caution. When creating such advertising, a balance must be struck between the goal of selling a product and the need to protect the child from injury or cognitive distortions.

Equivalent participants in this market are parents. This means that the campaign should attract children's attention and convince adults that the purchase will really be useful.

Here are the main needs and expectations of parents from the product:

  • physical safety
  • health promotion
  • intellectual and emotional development
  • good mood of the child
  • fulfillment of the child's need to have personal belongings

This results in taboos that advertisers should not lose sight of. For example, a demonstration of violence or dangerous behavior, plots where the child’s sleep pattern is disturbed or another condescending attitude towards his health, including mental health, the absence of an adult in the frame for a walk, undermining trust in parents and more is allowed. A complete list of anti-criteria is described in Article 6 No. 38-FZ "On Advertising".

Despite all the restrictions, which, however, are reasonable, children's promo campaigns are still full of cool features and formats. It is about them that we will tell in the following parts, in each of which we will analyze a selection of advertisements for children of a specific age group.

Up to three years

The thesis that advertising is intended for babies of this age is, of course, a formality. Toddlers are the end consumers, but the target audience that makes the purchasing decision is the parents. Therefore, advertising should take into account the needs of adults who take care of young children.

Parents' first expectation of a product is its safety. A lot of things can harm a small child, which means that the main emphasis in the promotional campaign should be on information content.

In a commercial for Gerber baby food, "Mom" says, "Sometimes I can't express love in words, but I can with Gerber." The slogan uses the natural desire of the parent to give the best to the child. This is how the creators of the video tell the audience about the high quality of the puree. Then they move on to the arguments: the composition is natural, the product does not contain sugar, salt and starch.

The focus of the audience's attention is the theme of naturalness. It is complemented by gentle music and visuals - scenes of communication between mother and baby, as well as shots of fruits and vegetables growing in the garden. The color scheme, calm and without harsh tones, reinforces the statement of natural ingredients.

In the period of one year and older, the child actively develops fine motor skills. He perceives the world through tactile sensations: everything is interesting to touch, feel and hold. In a promotional campaign, it is important to focus on the child's interest in this particular type of movement, as well as the benefits of the product for developing the skills of grasping and holding an object in hand.

An advertising post with an example is informative and concise: the author briefly describes the problem and immediately gives a solution in the form of a product. The emphasis is on the needs of not only the child, but also the mother - and this emphasizes the benefits of the purchase for both.

From three to seven years old

At this age, the child takes the first steps in understanding the world, forms a basic idea of ​​what surrounds him. A promotional campaign should give the right ideas about how to behave in society and broadcast positive values.

It is important for a specialist to understand how the child's world works: what emotions his reality consists of, how he perceives it and what he values ​​in it. If you own this optic, it will allow you to win the trust of a small viewer. Most often, the world of a child is revealed in promos through the images of friends and parents, family warmth, a cozy home, and beloved pets. The theme of impressions is popular: picnics in nature, unexpected discoveries, hobbies with adults.

Focus not only on the inner state of the baby, but also on those worlds that his imagination draws. The toy is not valuable in itself - the stories in which it immerses him are important for the child. The process of the game is inseparable from the imagination, which is why it is so important in an advertising campaign to reveal the story potential of the product.

Take Barbie: she was positioned not as a simple doll, but as a character with a life of her own. She has a job and a boyfriend, and in her spare time she bakes pies or walks her dog. Every girl who had a Barbie could tell her unique story.

Now Barbie is not so popular, but the method of immersing a child in the world of toys is still in demand. Glossy beauties were replaced by Monster High dolls, monster schoolgirls. Their gloomy surroundings give no less scope for imagination than the countless outfits and interiors of Barbie.

A child's attention at this age clings to bright colors and exciting stories. Both of these parameters converge in cartoons: the child perceives cartoon characters as friends and trusts them, because they speak the same language with him.

Advertising often includes talking characters - this is a popular psychological device. According to a study by St. Petersburg State University on the effectiveness of using fairy-tale characters in promotion, 55% of the children aged 3 to 7 years old responded that they are attracted to the product by the character depicted on the package. In addition, 39% of preschoolers surveyed said they want to be like this character.

It is extremely important for a child to find an example to follow, to associate himself with someone who commands respect. Therefore, his attention is directed either to adults or to the funny, smart and brave heroes that he sees in the media.

Modern children's literature can be a source for ideas. Techniques for such engagement can be extracted from books and applied to advertising, such as storytelling techniques. Often the hero of a fairy tale or story goes through a path of overcoming some problem and as a result discovers new knowledge. This may be one of the routes that an advertising character can take.

Another important need for a preschooler is self-expression. For adults, it is important that art supplies do not turn their furniture and walls into a Picasso gallery. Based on the desires of both, Roxy Kids developed a commercial for finger paints that are easily washed off from any surface.

Roller accents are evenly spaced for toddlers and adults. The product develops a child's sense of color, abstract thinking and does not constrain his impulses. After drawing, the girl in the frame wipes the walls herself with a sponge, which means that parents can be calm about the safety of property. The creators of the video even offer adults to join the creativity, pushing the target audience to interesting family leisure.

From seven to eleven years old

After 11 years old, the child becomes a teenager, and for advertising this is another category.
Between the ages of 7 and 11, children gradually master an independent life: they go to school, take responsibility for their homework, build relationships with classmates and adults outside the family. At the same time, some begin to receive the first pocket money, which means they become partially solvent.

For a child, social connections and acceptance into a group become more and more important. Another need at this time is to have a companion toy that gives a sense of security. A companion is also needed for those who are younger, but after 7 years a child is more often left without the constant presence of significant adults.

The toy can be positioned as a little friend or like a pet. A great example is the campaign to promote the Furby toy, which can memorize words, move and talk. The video reveals her rich interactive potential: “You can be friends with him, tell secrets, hug and tickle,” says the voice-over. These words make Furby feel like a creature that can be trusted with something personal.

The demonstration of the whole series of toys captures the attention of the child and allows him to immediately choose the Furby that he likes. The video also mentions that the toys speak their own language and can "communicate" with each other: the child takes this as a message that Furby can be played with friends. This is how an advertising campaign forms a community, uniting the target audience with a common interest in the product.

In addition, the Furby commercial illustrates the use of children as actors in advertisements. In the frame, the child gently holds the toy in her arms: the audience reads the positive emotions that the girl receives from playing with Furby.

In elementary school, the child receives the first systematic knowledge about the world. Experimental kits are often offered for this age, some of which are worth a whole project. Such games close the child's needs for independence and active learning, make him feel like an adult. Advertising of such goods should attract the child with the possibility of new discoveries and induce the desire to fulfill the experience himself.

One such video was released by National Geographic. The telecorporation has developed a kit for growing crystals "Crystal Lab". The advertisement demonstrates the experience step by step, which attracts the attention of the child and informs him that all the actions are easy and fun. The value of the product is expressed in the intellectual development and the formation of interest in a particular activity, and this motivates parents to buy.

A separate category of children's goods is sports equipment. It is important for children to play energetic, team games and develop their bodies. A promotional campaign for sports games should give the audience the expectation of bright emotions, sports passion and competitive spirit.

Children often act as models for sporting goods advertisements. So the target audience pays attention to the feelings that the child will experience upon receiving the product.

A photograph of a boy on the banner of "Sportmaster" solves several problems at once. Firstly, the goods are shown in action, and secondly, they are assembled into a “package” for a specific situation. The demonstration of such a set offers a ready-made solution that a parent can use if he does not want to suffer with a choice

What is the result

Children are demanding people. The standards for children's advertising are much higher than those for adult promos. In addition, the child's attention cannot be held without immersion in what he lives and breathes. Therefore, in addition to applying classical marketing methods, it is extremely important to study child and parental psychology. Don't forget about adults: often the benefits of the product are beneficial to them too.

It will be useful to periodically communicate with your target audience - babies and parents.

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