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Oct 17 2022

Modified DC Health Services on October 18

On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, the District of Columbia’s Department of Health (DC Health). ..

Oct 13 2022

DC Health Will Begin Offering the COVID-19 Bivalent Booster to Children 5-11

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, DC Health announced that children between 5 and 11 years old are now...

Oct 11 2022

DC Health Merges Monkeypox Clinics with Ward 2, Ward 3 and Ward 8 COVID Centers

DC Health announced that beginning Saturday, October 15, the District’s three Monkeypox...

Oct 4 2022

DC Health Partners with Safeway to Expand Access to Childhood Vaccinations

Today, DC Health announced that from October 11 through October 16, 2022, it will offer a weeklong...

Sep 27 2022

DC Health partners with Children’s National Hospital to provide childhood vaccination clinics beginning October 3, 2022

Today, DC Health announced that from October 3 through November 18, 2022 , it will offer walk-in...

Mar 11 2020

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Aug 25 2022

Phone Scam Alert

PHISHING PHONE SCAM  DC HEALTH has become aware of a PHISHING PHONE SCAM in which individuals pose. ..

Sep 18 2019

Health Advisory: DC Health Department Advises Residents to Stop Using E-Cigarettes

9/18/19: Health Advisory: DC Health Department Advises Residents to Stop Using E-Cigarettes https...

Sep 18 2019

DC Health Department Advises Residents to Stop Using E-Cigarettes

WASHINGTON, DC – The District of Columbia Department of Health (DC Health) is notifying residents...

Aug 8 2019

Notice: Establishment of the District of Columbia Committee on Metabolic Disorders

 August 2019 Notice: Establishment of the District of Columbia Committee on Metabolic Disorders 

May 13 2019

Food Establishment Closures and Restorations

May 13, 2019

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Foods you can buy with Florida WIC benefits

Find out what foods you can buy with your Florida WIC benefits. In most states, WIC participants receive checks or vouchers that allows them to purchase WIC approved foods at their local grocery store each month. These foods are designed to supplement their diets with specific nutrients that benefit FL WIC participants.

In some states, they use a WIC EBT (Electronic benefit transfer) card. This acts like a credit or debit card and replaces paper checks/vouchers. Contact the Florida WIC office for more information.

The Florida WIC program offers specific foods including infant cereal, iron-fortified adult cereal, vitamin C-rich fruit or vegetable juice, eggs, milk, cheese, peanut butter, dried and canned beans/peas, and canned fish. Soy-based beverages, tofu, fruits and vegetables, baby foods, whole-wheat bread and other whole-gran options that help better assist in providing nutritional needs for WIC participants.

WIC program and breastfeeding

Florida WIC recognizes and promotes breastfeeding as the best source of nutrition for infants. For women who choose not to fully breastfeed, Your Florida WIC benefits will provide iron-fortified infant formula as an alternative. Special infant formulas and medical foods may be provided as prescribed by a physician for specific medical needs.

Foods you can buy with Florida WIC

Each state provides their own list of foods you are allowed to purchase using WIC. To find out what foods you can purchase using your FL WIC benefits, view the list below. You can also download the food list directly to your computer so you can print it out and take it with you when shopping. If you do not see the food item you are looking for, we recommend to contact your local WIC office for assistance.

Florida WIC Food FAQ's

Does WIC help with diapers?
No, you cannot use your Florida WIC benefits to purchase diapers. Though this topic is not about food, it does get asked a lot.

Why can't you purchase any brand of food with your WIC vouchers?
Not all brands have the same nutritional value. WIC is a nutrition program that provides foods with specific nutrients like fiber, protein, calcium and iron. The WIC-allowed foods have a lot of these particular nutrients and are considered a healthier choice.

What if the store does not have all the foods listed on your WIC voucher?
You can go to another FL WIC authorized store to use your vouchers or you can keep your vouchers and go back to the store on another day. If you choose to go back to the store, be sure to find out from the store manager how soon the food items will be there.

Can a store give you a rain check if it's out of a WIC food item?
No, a store is not allowed to give out any rain checks for any WIC food items. If a store is often out of the foods listed on your voucher, please let your local WIC agency know or call the State WIC office.

What if the store doesn't have the brands you want?
Stores are required to carry a certain number of different brands of foods based on their size, but they are not required to carry all of the brands allowed by WIC. If they do not have the brand you want, you may need to go to another store. You can also check with a store manager to see if the store could order the food item.

Are lactose-reduced and lactose-free milk allowed?
These milks are allowed at state agency option. They do not require medical documentation.

Can you buy any kind of infant formula with your WIC vouchers?
No. Unlike other foods listed on your vouchers, you can only purchase the exact type of formula that is printed on your voucher.

What if the amount of produce you want to buy costs more than the voucher amount?
If the cost of the fruit/vegetables is more than the amount listed on the Fruit & Vegetables, voucher, you can pay the difference with cash, credit card or your Florida EBT card.

Can you use coupons with your WIC vouchers?
Yes. In fact, using coupons helps cut food costs allowing the WIC program to serve more people.

What if you need to exchange formula bought with your WIC vouchers?
Contact a WIC clinic in FL. The staff there should be able to exchange your unused formula for a different voucher.

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Summer holidays in Florida, holidays in Florida for children and schoolchildren

Summer is the most favorite time of the year for children and adults: the long-awaited summer holidays have come, and parents are faced with the question of how to organize children's leisure during this period. One of the most popular options today is children's linguistic camps, which allow you to combine study and recreation - and summer holidays in Florida for children and schoolchildren deservedly seem to many the best option.

In schools and camps in Florida, your child can not only immerse himself in the language environment, but also enjoy the gentle sun, warm ocean and unforgettable adventures in the company of new friends from around the world. Summer holidays in Florida will give an interesting experience and vivid impressions that will forever remain in the memory of your child, and he will want to return there again and again.

Why choose a summer vacation in Florida?

  • English language training is conducted by native speakers, taking into account the age, level of language proficiency, as well as the personal characteristics of the students.
  • Florida is one of the sunniest states in the US with a wonderful climate and the opportunity to practice various sports in close proximity to the ocean.
  • What could be better than studying English in a fun, energetic, prestigious city like Miami in the US South?

How Florida Summer Camps Work

Famous top schools offer interesting summer vacations in Florida, including a variety of activities for students, which cannot but affect the cost. Language centers can be a great alternative, where you can choose programs that suit your price.

Basically, summer camps are designed for children aged 7 to 18, some are ready to accept children from 5 years old (including those with zero knowledge of the language). The level of language proficiency is different for everyone, therefore, upon admission, all children are tested: after the students are divided into groups and the most comfortable summer vacation program in Florida is selected.

The basic English course is designed for 20 academic hours per week, but to achieve a visible result, experts recommend staying in the language environment for at least 2 weeks.

Accommodation, food and leisure in children's camps in Florida

There are various accommodation and food options for children in the camps: it can be living on campus in a residence, hotel or in a host family. Any accommodation option guarantees a comfortable and safe stay for the child for the entire period of stay abroad.

In addition to learning a foreign language, many camps organize rich leisure activities. Sports events (volleyball, swimming, chess, etc.), beach parties and competitions are not only fun and exciting, but also useful - they allow you to practice the language in a relaxed atmosphere with peers. Summer holidays in Florida for children and schoolchildren necessarily include excursion programs around the city and its environs, which will broaden the horizons of the young researcher and introduce them to the history and customs of the country.

Another significant advantage of language camps is the social development of the child in an international environment - it will be easier for him to build relationships with people of different ages, interact effectively in a team, etc.

Miami's leading language schools: conditions, programs and prices

  • University of Miami (Summer camp of the University of Miami)

establishments: it boasts modern classrooms equipped with the latest technology.

At the summer camp at the university, in addition to English classes, children will be able to attend optional classes in subjects of interest, whether it be subjects from the school curriculum or creative and sports activities. During the day, students can take advantage of all the facilities of the campus, parties and shows are organized in the evenings, and Saturday is a day of excursions.

Accommodation is organized in comfortable and cozy residences on the territory: a mentor is allocated for each group of 10 people, students under 15 years old are not allowed to leave the university without an accompanying person.

Children's camp is designed for children from 5 to 17 years old. The cost of training is from $ 3995 for 2 weeks.

  • OHLA Miami (OHLA Miami Summer School)

The OHLA Miami language center is classified as "standard": the cost of education here is low, while the level of equipment of the classes is excellent. In OHLA Miami, you can also choose a program with the study of 2 languages: English and Spanish.

OHLA Miami Summer Camp is located in the financial center of the city with rich infrastructure. Accommodation is possible in a shared student residence or in a host family of your choice.

Daily beach holidays and water sports, picnics and barbecues, beach volleyball and windsurfing, boating + 1-3 excursions per week for the whole day are organized for students. On weekends - visit the famous theme parks of Orlando.

The age category of students is 12-18 years. The average cost of training is from $ 220 per week. New York Film Academy

  • New York Film Academy South Beach, Miami acting skills".

    Studying at the NYFA Children's Camp is a great opportunity to learn the basics of directing, work on stage and in front of the camera, which is important in today's world. The teachers of the academy are recognized experts in the field of the film industry, the academy is equipped with modern film equipment and all the necessary equipment for successful education.

    Accommodation is organized in apartments near the educational campus, where students are under the supervision of an escort.

    In addition to standard activities, including beach holidays, sports activities, excursions, the Academy organizes trips to city studios and offices of large companies, where students can immerse themselves in the work process and, possibly, decide on their future profession.

    Students are 10-17 years old. Tuition starts at $1140 per week.

    LOOK / American babies deprived of baby food :: In the world

    November 4, Friday | Last updated 09:13 | vz.ru


    Egor Aleev/TASS

    In France, they said that they allegedly found a tricky way to force Russia to sell its oil within the price ceiling. However, their proposal looks like a strange ploy that Moscow is unlikely to agree to. However, Europe actually has the opportunity to take a step back, both to abandon the imposition of an embargo on Russian oil, and at the same time save face and fuel volumes, avoiding mass protests. How? Details...

    • In the US, Rishi Sunak's ban on fracking was called a gift to Putin
    • Putin called investment approaches proposed by the Cabinet of Ministers bold
    • Russia continues to inspect ships in the Black Sea on a grain deal

    Go to section...

    REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli

    Lula da Silva, 77, won the presidential elections in Brazil, he already held this post in 2003-2011 and was considered a pro-Russian politician. However, the gap between Lula and the current leader Bolsonaro is minimal. He did not admit defeat, but Moscow and Washington have already congratulated Lulu on her victory. They have different reasons to root for him. Details...

    • The Russian Embassy in Pyongyang allowed the import of clothes and shoes from the DPRK
    • Antonov predicted attempts to limit prices for gas and metals from Russia
    • Antonov explained the purpose of the sabotage at Nord Stream

    Go to section...

    Pavel Lvov/RIA Novosti

    Of the 300,000 Russians called up for service, 87,000 have now been sent to the NVO region. Such data, summing up the completed partial mobilization, was given by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. All mobilized people undergo combat coordination and training in relevant specialties - from driving tanks to electronic warfare. In what sectors of the front and for what tasks can new fighters be needed? Details...

    • A man died in the DPR during the day because of the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
    • In Russia, they can increase the main caliber of army machine guns
    • A mobile launcher for Zircon missiles has been developed

    Go to section. ..

    REUTERS/Valentin Ogirenko

    There are growing signs that both European voters and EU elites are losing interest in supporting the Kyiv regime. The tone of the European press is gradually changing. It seems that in Europe they began to guess who arranged all this and why: "There is more and more evidence that the United States is behind what is happening," say those attending the demonstrations. Details...

    • Japan allows North Korea to conduct nuclear test
    • Sri Lanka reports first case of monkeypox
    • Tropical Storm Nalji kills 152 in the Philippines

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    Dmitry Yemchuk/TASS

    A Su-30 fighter aircraft fell on a residential building in Irkutsk during an acceptance flight, both crew members died, and only by chance there were no casualties among the civilian population. Less than a week ago, a similar plane crash occurred in the Krasnodar Territory, where a Su-34 bomber crashed in Yeysk. How can one explain a series of crashes of military aircraft on residential buildings? Details...

    • The driver of the truck that crushed the taxi in Moscow asked for forgiveness
    • Human remains found in Moscow
    • Nizhny Novgorod teenagers were suspected of killing a disabled person

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    The Englishwoman continues to diligently shit
    Timofey Bordachev, Program Director of the Valdai Club

    British foreign policy is one of the most pure in its selfishness. And for Russia, this becomes an additional irritating factor. Details...

    Talk: 8 comments

    Ukraine lives under foreign symbols
    Mikhail Diunov, candidate of historical sciences, publicist

    Although back in 1996, a provision on the large coat of arms of Ukraine was introduced into the Constitution of the country, they could not accept it, although several competitions were held and various resolutions were adopted. Details...

    Talk: 14 comments

    The West wants Russia to simply not exist
    Igor Karaulov, poet, publicist

    We will have to think seriously about the future of Russia for many years to come. If we have not been building communism for a long time and no longer want to be the monkeys of the West, then we cannot do without a new vision of the future. Details...

    Talk: 6 comments

    • Ukrainians outraged by Zelensky's New Year's address
    • New cases initiated on the fact of the attack on the National Guard at an illegal rally in Moscow
    • The head of VTsIOM called the Russians "yearning individualists"

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      Britons to burn giant effigy of ex-prime minister Liz Truss on Guy Fawkes Night

      An effigy of former British Prime Minister Liz Truss will be burned on Saturday during the country's traditional bonfire night celebration, also known as Guy Fawkes Night. Truss only lasted 44 days in office, becoming the first politician to last so short a time in office.0003


      In Sochi, they chose the "Beauty of Russia - 2022"

      Sochi hosted the final of the Beauty of Russia 2022 contest. 51 participants from different regions of the country claimed the crown of the winner. The main award went to 19-year-old Daria Lukonkina from Nizhny Novgorod. The girl will have the opportunity to represent Russia at the international contest "Miss Earth - 2023"


      How the Russians watched the solar eclipse

      On Tuesday afternoon, residents of Russia, as well as Asia, Africa, the Middle East, observed a partial solar eclipse - the surface of the Sun was not completely covered, but by about 80%. In the photo: the eclipse and the crosses of the Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Kazan Kremlin


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        The first mobile culture club appeared in the suburbs

        The first multifunctional mobile cultural center appeared in Domodedovo in the Moscow region, Moscow region, it has everything you need for concerts and film screenings: a stage, a full set of lighting and sound multimedia equipment.



        own news

        It was decided to create a book restoration center in Kirov

        Russian Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova and Head of the Kirov Region Alexander Sokolov discussed the prospects for creating a regional book restoration center on the basis of the AI ​​Herzen Library.



        own news

        Celebrations in honor of the 350th anniversary of Peter I were planned in the Tver region

        Events in honor of the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I in 2022 were included in the list of cultural development of the Upper Volga region, the government of the Tver region reported, where they considered the implementation of the national project "Culture".


          Go to section. ..

          Has November 4 become more significant for you in recent years?

          • Yes

          • No

          • Difficult to answer

          How do you assess the risk of starting a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons in the near future?

          • Very high

          • High

          • Moderate

          • Low

          • Very low

          What is the most alarming direction on the fronts of the NWO now?

          • Donbasskoe

          • Zaporozhye

          • Kharkiv

          • Kherson

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            NEWS OF THE TIME: Antonov predicted attempts to limit prices for gas and metals from Russia

            The Baltic States and Belarus are playing their own game with Ukrainian grain

            What threatens Russia from the Greco-Iranian tanker wars

            America plunged into a crisis unprecedented for her, affecting the most defenseless members of society - children. Millions of little Americans were left without specialized food; baby food is almost impossible to find in stores. New York has even declared a state of emergency because of this. What are the reasons for what is happening and why do American politicians remember about Ukraine because of this?

            Just a few years ago, such news could only appear in the pages of a fantastic literary work or in the script of a disaster movie. But the rapidly changing world has accustomed everyone to the fact that the most impossible stories become reality. A few days ago, the mayor of New York, one of the largest cities on our planet with a population of over 18 million, signed a decree declaring a state of emergency on its territory.

            The reason for this decision sounds shocking - the lack of baby food in the city. An even bigger shock for Americans for months now is that the lack of baby food is acutely felt throughout the United States. Americans are horrified to realize that their youngest fellow citizens lack the food they need to survive.

            "The nationwide shortage of infant formula is causing unimaginable pain and distress to families throughout New York, and we must act now," Mayor Adams said in a message to residents. “The emergency order will give us the opportunity to crack down on any retailer who wants to capitalize on this crisis by driving up the price of this product. Our message to mothers and families struggling is simple: our city will do everything in its power to help you through this difficult time.

            Fighting speculators under the state of emergency, the authorities are threatening to act harshly. New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Welfare (NYDCWP) Commissioner Vilda Vera Mayuga is urging residents who notice significant increases in the price of, or illegal sales of, infant formula to immediately report them to the special short number 311. Explained that "overpriced" means a price that is 10% or more higher than what a resident of the city could have purchased a similar product in the period from 30 to 60 days before the declaration of a state of emergency. What measures will be taken against unscrupulous sellers, the department does not report.

            New York was the first city in which the situation with a vital product required the introduction of such drastic measures as a state of emergency. However, the situation in the city and the state of the same name is not unique to America today - infant formula is not available in almost the entire country, having previously jumped in price by 40% by early April.

            The shortage of baby food supplies that began in 2021 has reached critical levels this year in the states of Iowa, North and South Dakota, and Missouri. In Tennessee and Texas, out-of-stock rates are already in excess of 54% and continue to skyrocket thanks to the growing panic in the country. In another 26 states, more than 50% of stocks are already missing, while back in January 2022 out-of-stock was 23%.

            But in February thunder struck. Abbott Laboratories, the world's largest baby food manufacturer, has suspended production and recalled a huge batch of infant formulas produced by it, known throughout the world Similac, because of the pathogenic bacteria found in them that are dangerous to children's health. The scandal took on such serious proportions after several children were hospitalized after drinking Abbott formulas. An investigation is currently underway into whether the deaths of at least two babies were related to the use of Abbott products.

            It should be noted that the baby food market in the US is problematic due to its steady decline. According to US Census Bureau estimates released in March this year, in half of all states and almost three-quarters of all counties between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021, deaths exceeded births. The study of statistics with a longer time period of coverage is also disappointing for Americans - since the mid-2000s, the number of newborns has been declining every year, with the exception of a short-term surge in 2014.

            At the same time, the US baby food market is virtually monopolized by several large manufacturers. Abbott, founded back in 1888, has been among the industry leaders for many years. Summing up the past year, Abbott Laboratories CEO Robert Ford called it "an outstanding year for the company." Indeed, the company's profits rose steadily, with a net income reported in the final report to investors of $7.07 billion.

            With about 40% market share, along with Mead Johnson and Nestle, the company participates in the government's nationwide WIC program for women, babies and children. This program provides supplemental nutrition for expecting mothers, women who are breastfeeding from low-income families, and children under the age of five. It is also under this program that about half of all infant formula in the United States is sold.

            The cessation of production of mixtures under the Abbott brand, therefore, did not hit the investors in the first place, who managed to share considerable profits. First of all, the most vulnerable categories of the population of the states - women, children and low-income families - became victims of the acute shortage of baby formula. American doctors are sounding the alarm - the number of food poisoning in infants is growing rapidly, as parents from poor families are trying to make substitutes for mixtures from dairy products in artisanal conditions. Obviously, no one controls the shelf life, sterility, and the very safety of the ingredients used for the digestion of children.

            Parents facing the dire prospect of infant hunger are trying by all means to find some alternative to a product that is disappearing from the shelves. Within a few weeks, the flow of Americans back to Mexico was established - in this neighboring country of the United States, baby food has not yet become a shortage. Due to logistical and customs difficulties, it is not necessary to count on mass deliveries of the "formula" from Europe. There is no certainty that the EU countries, which continue to “shoot themselves in the foot” with the sanctions war, will be happy to share strategic reserves.

            It is not known how long the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) - the US federal agency responsible for monitoring the safety of goods in the sale of food and medicine - will deal with the elimination of Abbott's production problems: according to some forecasts, this will not happen before July. At the same time, realizing the scale of the crisis and the need to increase the supply of mixtures to the United States from abroad, the agency announced that until November 14 it will temporarily change its extremely strict rules and will consider the possibility of importing products of each manufacturer individually, at its discretion.

            The Biden administration, extremely concerned about the proxy war with Russia and the process of creating new alliances against China, by all indications, does not yet fully realize the scale of the crisis that could erupt in connection with the current situation.

            The steps taken so far have not brought a positive result, but rather, on the contrary, have caused even greater irritation of the Americans. Several hundred containers delivered by US military aircraft from the German Ramstein base, another strategic operation "Flying Baby Food" to deliver children's "formula" can only temporarily moderate the panic of parents and plug gaps in the food collapse.

            The strategic solution to the problem lies on a different plane. The few congressmen who opposed the allocation of huge funds under the so-called Lend-Lease Act in defense of democracy in Ukraine also appealed to the US president to finally pay attention to him.

            Georgia Republican Party member Marjorie Taylor Greene, voting against this adventurous project in Congress, addressed her colleagues and the President: “We have $40 billion, but no baby food for American mothers and babies.

            Learn more