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Tomy Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder Review – What's Good To Do




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Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

This is an absolutely awesome and genius invention and I am so happy I got this.

First things first, make sure with any new product, wash it.  It is very easy to use:-

How to open:

1. Take off the protection cup

2. Grab the handle ( blue) with one hand

3. Second hand – Put your thumb and index finger on middle part ( orange ) and pull down.

4. Now you can pull up – take off the silicon cup

My grandson has sensory issues which he can find it difficult to adjust to new things but he took to this like a duck to water and was very excited.  Kept putting it in his mouth and waving it around.  

It is a really great gadget for baby to be able to feed independently, yes it can get a bit messy but that is all part of the fun for them from a texture and sensory perspective so probably a great idea to make sure baby is in its highchair before you give it to them to then start sucking on it.  As it is a very new gadget for baby, I did not feel comfortable leaving him on his own with it so best to stay with baby until you are comfortable doing so.  It is obviously your choice if you wish to not leave baby on its own too.

It is  strong, sturdy, steady and easy fr baby to hold and handle.  The handle bar is big enough for baby to hold on to and grip without any struggles.

It has a quick snap ring which allows you to assembly it very easily.

It is made with a soft silicone cover which allows baby to feed itself.  There is a stem inside the feeder which forces the food towards the feeders holes.  It’s great to use with any fruits and vegetables that baby likes.  As baby sucks on it, the fruit/veg comes through the tiny holes which is a great idea.

Just pop in the soft food and let baby squeeze it out.  What an awesome way to let baby discover new tastes and textures.

It can also be used to sooth babies teething with chilled food.  In addition to the fruits and vegetable as suggested earlier, it can also be used for frozen food.  I made a batch of baby food and used it to freeze some into the pulp feeder.  It acts like a feeding spoon this way which is specifically designed to feed to safely feed first state babies ad tethers and is idea from the age of 6+.

What makes this gadget even greater than it is already, is that the bottle of the handle has a ring, perfect to use as a teething ring too.

I found it extremely easing to clean.  There is quick snap ring which allows for easy assembly too and what also makes it great, is that it is dishwasher safe but just make sure you place it on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

As with any product that comes with loose parts, you will need to make sure you supervise the child at all times.

Overall, this is by far the best product I have tried and tested.  I am absolutely over the moon with it and the price just makes this perfect.  There are others out there with a mesh netting and they are not as easy to use and clean and can be very fiddly to use.

It’s completely Phthalate, PVC and BPA free

Suitable for babies 6 months and over

RRP £4.99 and well worth every penny

Dimensions are approx: 4.9″ x 1.9″ x 1.5″


RRP: £4.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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Getting a Handle on Snack Time with Boon Pulp

This post has been sponsored by Boon. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

As most of you already know, I have three kids.  Over the course of the last four and half years, I have owned and tested A LOT of baby products. A few of them were life changing, while some were just okay, and when it comes to feeding products in particular, I am fairly certain that we have owned almost every utensil that has hit the market.

My youngest child, Theo, is almost 7 months old.  In addition to nursing, we recently began feeding him fruit and vegetable purees.  He hasn’t yet cut his first tooth, but we are definitely knee deep in the put-everything-I-can-get-my-hands-on-in-my-mouth phase. So, I think it’s safe to say that we are in the early stages of teething.

When my two oldest entered this phase, I often gave them pieces of frozen fruit in a mesh feeder, and let them go to town.  They loved gnawing on the fruit, and it helped soothe their sore gums.  For me though, the mesh feeders were a total pain. For starters, I usually filled them with a chunk of frozen banana or a slice of a frozen strawberry.  The design of these feeders made it hard to squeeze the fruit inside, and what was worse, they were awful to clean.

Naturally, when Boon reached out to me to try out their new PULP silicone feeder, I immediately jumped on board. I have always thought highly of their products and felt confident that this one would be just as great as the others that we had tried.

You guys… remember when I said that I had tried some baby products that were life changing???  The Boon PULP is one of those products. The first time we tried it, I filled the PULP with a couple of small apple slices, and Theo was in Heaven. The handle on the PULP was easy for him to hold, and the holes in the soft silicone top made it easy for him to taste the juicy apple. He happily gnawed away in his high chair, while I watched from a few feet away.

When he was all finished, I was in Heaven over how easy the PULP was to clean. I simply pushed on the quick snap ring, removed the totally mutilated fruit, from inside, and rinsed it clean.  There was no huge mess, and no need to wash it several times to get rid it of any fruit remnants. The PULP is also top-rack dishwasher safe, which is another big plus.

At this point we have put fresh strawberries and apples inside of our PULP, as well as frozen bananas. I also occasionally make small breast milk ice cubes, and use those in the feeder, which as you can imagine, Theo thoroughly enjoys.

I love that the stem on the inside of the PULP pushes the food towards the feeder holes, as opposed to it flopping all around like it used to when I used mesh feeders. As an added bonus, the PULP is BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free as well. Oh, and the hole in the end of the handle is just perfect for using a pacifier tether, so you don’t have to worry about your baby constantly dropping the PULP on the floor… which is HUGE!

So far I am totally head over heels for this product, and I’m looking forward to watching as Theo explores and tastes more foods while using it.

The Boon PULP 2-pack is available exclusively at Target, and you can learn more about all of Boon’s amazing products by visiting them online via their website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Bird feeders: sizes, types, selection rules


  • Why do we need feeders?
  • Types of feeders
  • Selection and installation guide
  • Things to remember
  • Which feed can be used
  • Useful findings

"Small little birds are chilled,0022

and Blizzard with a roar frantic Knights Svetnoy

Remember these lines from Yesenin's poem? In winter, birds have a hard time. Lack of food becomes a problem. Food is needed in order for the body to produce heat. Ornithologists have calculated that in frosts 90 percent of birds die from lack of calories. The task of a person is to come to the aid of birds. One feeder , hung behind a window or on a tree, provides food for several hundred birds.

Why do we need feeders?

1. This is to help flying friends get the food they need for life.

2. Making or attaching feeders together is an excuse to spend time with your family. nine0005

3. Children will be happy to follow the replenishment of food . This will teach a responsible attitude towards our smaller brothers.

4. Knowing that there is a feeder on your site, the birds will fly in in the summer and protect the trees from insects

5. Feeders can become a beautiful element of decor in the garden.

6. For pecking feed Birds are interesting to watch for both children and adults.

When we were kids, we made bird feeders out of milk cartons. Today, it can be made from a variety of materials or you can choose a ready-made version that will decorate your backyard or apartment window.

Possible materials are wood, metal, cardboard, plastic, plywood.

Basic types feeders :

1. Suspended. Such models are hung on a tree branch. They have an elongated shape and mesh sides, from which it is convenient for birds to get food . It is desirable that feeder be wide enough to accommodate several birds.

2. Platforms . They are a flat plane on which feed . Such feeders have a number of disadvantages - the grains get wet in the snow and rain, scatter from the wind.

3. Trays. Pallets with sides and a roof are not only a place to eat, but also protection from the weather.

Feeders-trays and trays are large, so a dozen birds can eat on them at once. nine0004

4. Peelers. Designed for small birds. In such feeders it is better to put bread, which will be held by a metal mesh. Birds will peck out food from the cells.

5. Hoppers. They are small in size, so feathered friends will have to queue up to peck at the grain. There are models with automatic grain feeding, which is practical, since the feed will not scatter. nine0027

6. Cottages. A suitable option for a summer cottage. These are flat areas with a roof, so the bird's meal will not be spoiled by moisture.

Selection and installation guide

1. Decide where feeder will be installed. Small options are suitable for the apartment window - peelers, bunkers, hanging ones. Large ones will look good on the plot - houses, trays, platforms. nine0027

2. Locate the "refectory" in a place where food will not get wet from snow or rain. If this is not possible, consider options with a roof.

3. Birds can be easy prey for cats and small predators. Feeder must be installed so that the animals cannot reach it.

4. The product must be well reinforced. You can screw it to a tree, but there is a chance of damaging the trunk. Much more efficient to attach feeder to a free-standing pole, which must be well dug into the ground.

5. If you are going to install a feeder in the forest, but do not have the opportunity to add feed daily, choose models with automatic grain feeding.

Things to remember

1. Birds find food thanks to their sharp eyesight. Feeder must be bright. Another way to attract attention is to hang a bright ribbon on it. nine0027

2. When making a "dining room" on your own, give preference to safe materials. Staining is permissible only on the outside - lacquer or paint contains toxic substances.

3. It is more difficult for large birds to find food than for small ones. Sparrows love to swoop down on food in a flock and quickly peck everything. If you do not have time to constantly replenish feeder , choose smaller models, such as hoppers. Only one bird can eat at a time. nine0005

Which food

can be used

It is recommended to feed the birds with grains and some types of natural food.


  • wheat, millet, oats;
  • frozen or dried berries;
  • bread crumbs;
  • fat - for tits;
  • pumpkin and watermelon seeds;
  • sunflower seeds. nine0008

Not recommended:

  • moldy bread;
  • rice, buckwheat;
  • chips;
  • fruit and vegetable peel;
  • certain types of nuts;
  • fried and smoked natural food.

If you are afraid of making a mistake with the choice of ingredients, you can purchase ready-made bird food . A mixture of grains, dried vegetables and fruits contains all the necessary nutrients that will saturate the body of birds. nine0004

Useful conclusions

  • in winter it is difficult for birds to get food without human help;
  • feeder you can make yourself or choose a ready-made option;
  • "dining room" for winged birds must be protected from predators, snow and rain;
  • Not every kind of food is good for birds. Opt for prepared foods containing grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts. nine0008

Also recommended

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