Little journey baby feeding and support pillow

Best breastfeeding/nursing and support pillows when breast or bottle-feeding UK for 2022

We also have the best nursing chairs to keep you comfortable when feeding your baby. To help you have a peaceful night's sleep take a look at our best pillows too.

Best nursing and support pillows at a glance

  • Best adjustable pillow: Bbhugme Nursing Pillow, £65
  • Best pillow for pregnancy and nursing: BellaMoon Full Moon 7-in-1 Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow, £169
  • Best pillow for baby's comfort: Hippychick Feeding Pillow, £34.95
  • Best looking nursing pillow: DockATot La Maman Wedge, £88
  • Best pillow for positioning baby: Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow, £49.90
  • Best multi-use pillow: ClevaMama ClevaCushion 10-in-1 Nursing Pillow and BabyNest, £59.85
  • Best pillow for ease of washing: Chicco Boppy Feeding Pillow, £29. 99
  • Best budget buy pillow: Over the Rainbow Deluxe Quilted 4-in-1 Nursing Pillow, £25.95
  • Best pillow for twins: Thrupenny Bits Breastfeeding Pillow, £89
  • Best pillow for travelling: Feeding Friend Self-inflating Nursing Pillow, £39.99

Do I need a nursing pillow?

Specially designed with breastfeeding mothers in mind, a nursing pillow can be worth its weight in gold when you find the one that works for you. They can provide support to your back and neck as you nurse, as well as help with positioning your baby for the best possible latch. You can always use a normal pillow to help raise your baby up a little as you feed, but it won’t provide the same sturdy support as a nursing pillow.

It’s not just breastfeeding mothers who can benefit from a nursing pillow, as it offers the same support to help reduce arm, back and neck strain as you bottle feed. They are also a great investment if you’ve had a c-section birth, as many nursing pillows will protect your scar and take any pressure away from those healing muscles.

What to look for when buying a nursing pillow

How big is it? – Chances are, your nursing pillow is something you’re going to be reaching for a lot, especially during the first few weeks of newborn cluster feeding, so you need to consider how much space you have at home for storing it. Most nursing pillows are relatively compact – at least in comparison to pregnancy support pillows – however some are bulkier than others, so it’s worth keeping that in mind.

What kind of support does it offer? – Many pillows sit around your waist to provide full, wraparound support. These are a great choice if you’ve had a c-section birth, or if you don’t want to rearrange your pillow as you move your baby from one breast to the other when feeding. Other smaller nursing pillows look more like teardrop or wedge-shaped pillows, but still offer support for your arms, neck and back when feeding, without taking up so much room.

How easy is it to clean? – Babies are unpredictable little humans when it comes to feeding, and, particularly in the early days, breastmilk and formula can end up everywhere. Having a nursing pillow with a cover that can be washed quickly and easily is essential.

Can it be used for anything else? – Some nursing pillows can be used before the birth, as a pregnancy sleeping support, while others double-up as tummy time aids too. This is often reflected in the price, but if you’d prefer one piece of kit rather than different products, it may be worth spending more.

How much should I expect to pay?

In our round-up prices vary from just over £25 to a more considered £169, but as mentioned above, this is down to the product’s versatility. A stand-alone nursing pillow doesn’t need to cost the earth, however it’s something you’ll be using a lot, potentially for many months, so make sure you find one that really ticks all of your boxes.

Here’s our pick of the best nursing and support pillows:

1. Bbhugme Nursing Pillow, £65

– Best adjustable pillow

Type: Nursing | Size: 60cm x 12. 5cm

What makes this stand out from the other products in our selection is the beanbag-texture of the pillow, which provides a really comfy support for your baby as you feed. You can adjust the firmness of the pillow by moving the ‘pebbles’ at each end up and down, depending on whether you want a squishier or firmer support for baby and you.

More like this

Designed by female chiropractors, the bbhugme nursing pillow is tied around your waist to give relief to your neck and back, as well as providing comfortable and snug support for your baby. It also doubles as a hip carrier, when carrying baby around the house.

Made from eco-friendly materials, it comes in 3 tasteful colour-ways – a light blue feather print, pink feather print and beige melange – with machine-washable covers. MFM tester Sajeela found it particularly useful when recovering from a c-section birth. She said, “It was a superb support for my back, especially after my c-section. It helped me a lot when carrying my baby and gave great back support when feeding. I think it’s a must-have for anyone who had a c-section and I would definitely recommend it to all my family and friends.”

Pros: Adjustable firmness, stylish covers, easy to wash, can be used as a hip carrier
Cons: Long length

Available from: Amazon, Alex and Alexa, Bbhugme

2. BellaMoon Full Moon 7-in-1 Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow, £169

– Best for pregnancy and nursing

Type: Pregnancy Support/Nursing/Baby Recliner | Size: up to 140cm x 100cm | Award: Gold – Pregnancy/maternity pillow, MadeForMums Awards 2021

If you’d prefer to invest in one piece of kit, rather than a separate pregnancy pillow and nursing pillow, this offering from BellaMoon could be right up your street.

Made up of 5 separate pieces that can be zipped together in a number of ways, the Full Moon can be used as a pregnancy pillow, nursing pillow and breastfeeding daybed (for feeding safely and easily when lying on your side). When your baby is 4 months old it can be used as a tummy time pillow and recliner too. It also comes with a breastfeeding privacy cover that can easily be folded up and stored in your changing bag.

The variety of uses is reflected in the premium price tag, which at £169, is almost double the cost of the next priciest choice in our list, but our MFM tester, Rachel, felt it was worthy of the price: “It really feels like a luxury item and the quality is excellent, with soft, thick cotton fabric and padding – extremely useful and well worth the money.” Although it’s worth noting that MFM reviewer, Cat, did find it fiddly to zip all the different parents together, so it may take some practice to get used to.

It’s the only pillow in our round-up specifically designed to help when breastfeeding in the side-lying position (there’s a clever ‘dorsal fin’ to stop you from accidentally rolling onto your baby), which can be really helpful if you’re recovering from a c-section birth too.

Pros: Multi-purpose, helps with side-lying breastfeeding
Cons: High price point, fiddly to mix and match

Read our full MadeForMums review of the BellaMoon Full Moon Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow.

Available from: Scandiborn

3. Hippychick Feeding Pillow, £34.95

– Best for baby’s comfort

Type: Nursing | Size: 48cm x 35.5cm

Compact and lightweight, the Hippychick is a great choice for an ‘on the go’ feeding pillow. Similar to the bbhugme nursing pillow, there are two long ties to secure in place around your waist when feeding, and you can also use these to tie the pillow to your pushchair handles when out and about. It comes with a carry case for travelling too.

What really impressed our MFM testers was how well this pillow supported their babies and encouraged them into the correct position for feeding. MFM tester Precious said, “This pillow is the perfect height, comfort and firmness for me and my baby and I love that I’m able to breastfeed hands-free because of this.

The pillowcase is 100% cotton and machine washable and comes in a choice of inoffensive navy or charcoal – it might not be particularly stylish, but it’s unobtrusive. It can also be used as a support when your baby is learning to sit up, for tummy time sessions and as a pregnancy pillow to help find a comfortable sleeping position – although our testers felt it was a little too small to be really effective and it worked better as a straightforward feeding pillow instead.

Pros: Portable, firm support
Cons: Fiddly to tie up when in a rush

Available from: Amazon, Studio, Hippychick

4. DockATot La Maman Wedge, £88

– Best looking nursing pillow

Type: Nursing | Size: 58cm x 33cm x 17cm | Award: Silver – Pregnancy/nursing pillow, MadeForMums Awards 2021

When it comes to looks, this luxurious pillow is next level gorgeous. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was just a chic, accent cushion from a fancy interiors boutique, but it’s actually a cleverly designed nursing pillow from DockATot (formerly known as Sleepyhead of Sweden).

Thankfully it’s not a case of style over substance here, as this pillow provides plenty of support during nursing sessions with its ergonomic curved design that distributes the weight of your baby, helps with positioning and takes the strain off your arms, neck and back. The easy-clean velvet covers come in a variety of patterns, including a stunning William Morris design and a boho cheetah print, which look so good you’ll want to leave them out on display well after your baby is weaned.

Our MFM testers were full of praise for La Maman Wedge and its potential to become a family heirloom. MFM tester Lorraine said, “This pillow is definitely worth the money if you want a stylish, long-lasting product that will fit effortlessly into your home. It eases the strain on my back, neck and arms during epic mealtimes, and it also made baby super comfy, supporting him, snuggling him and giving him the extra lift to latch on properly. I think this is one pillow that will be passed down the generations.

Pros: Incredibly stylish, made to last, soft material, great support
Cons: Tassel can get in the way when feeding

Available from: DockATot

5. Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow, £49.90

– Best for positioning baby

Type: Nursing | Size: 15cm x 60cm x 36cm

Developed with lactation experts, this firm, curved feeding pillow from Ergobaby is just the thing to make sure your baby is at the perfect height and in the perfect position for successful breastfeeding. The crescent shape of the pillow means baby’s head is raised above their tummy to help with digestion, as well as encouraging the tummy-to-tummy position – ideal for a healthy latch.

Comfort is key here, with the pillow raising baby high enough so you don’t need to slouch or lean over, taking all the strain away from your neck and back. MFM tester Anna said, “This is a really effective nursing pillow. It has a great shape that helps positioning really well, which makes using it a real pleasure. It’s very soft to the touch and the cover can be easily removed and washed. Definitely one of the best nursing pillows I’ve tried.” Although it’s worth noting that some MFM users found it was more effective when used while sitting cross-legged.

The pillow has a convenient carry handle on one side, making it a breeze to move around the house with you, and the cover can be unzipped and popped in the washing machine when needed. A grey cover is included with the pillow, but if you’d prefer something a bit different there are 3 other cover designs you can buy separately for £19.90 each. Coming in at just under £50, the natural curve nursing pillow can also be used for bottle feeding and tummy time as your baby grows.

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

Pros: Firm support, compact, carry handle
Cons: Most effective in cross-legged sitting position

Available from: Amazon, Ergobaby, Uber kids


ClevaMama ClevaCushion 10-in-1 Nursing Pillow and BabyNest, £59.85
– Best multi-use pillow

Type: Pregnancy/Nursing/Baby Nest | Size: 48cm x 58cm x 12cm

This 10-in-1 pillow from ClevaMama aims to give you as much bang for your buck as possible, designed to be used in a number of different ways, giving you around 2 years of use. It can be used when sitting or sleeping to provide some back support when pregnant, as a comfy and secure nursing pillow, a safe and snug baby nest, as a tummy time support and more. You can even attach toys to the cushion when using it for tummy time, which is an added bonus to help keep baby entertained.

As a nursing pillow it offers that all important support to your baby’s body and head, as well as taking the strain off your back, neck and arms, thanks to the ClevaFoam filling (similar to a breathable, lighter memory foam material), which is scientifically proven to protect the round shape of your baby’s soft head.

The cushion comes with a waterproof lining and the soft cover – available in 5 different designs – can be easily removed and machine washed at 40° too. A couple of reviews mention the material can attract fluff, so it may be worth giving it a once over with a lint roller every now and then.

Pros: Lots of different functions, comfy for baby, designed to support baby’s head
Cons: Material can attract fluff

Available from: Amazon, ClevaMama, Kiddies Kingdom

7. Chicco Boppy Feeding Pillow, £29.99

– Best for ease of washing

Type: Nursing | Size: 52cm x 15cm x 48cm

The doughnut-shaped Boppy pillow is designed to fit snuggly around your waist (similar to the Ergobaby and ClevaMama pillows), whatever size you are, without losing shape or feeling too tight. Making sure your baby is at the correct height and in the right position when feeding, the pillow is designed to help you sit comfortably upright without the need to hunch forward, while reducing any tension in the arms and neck.

The soft, hypoallergenic padding keeps baby in the perfect position for feeding, without sinking into the pillow and it’s designed to keep its shape over time, even after being washed. One of the biggest plus points of the Boppy is that not only can you zip off the cover and wash it, you can also put the whole pillow into the machine to wash and tumble-dry – a total lifesaver when you spill the dregs of a cold cup of tea onto the pillow, or if baby has a dramatic nappy explosion mid-feed! Talking of covers, there are plenty to choose from here, including a cute woodland print and neutral cloud design.

You can use the Boppy to support your baby when they are lying on their backs (but not to sleep on), during tummy time and as a good alternative to the usual castle of cushions when they are learning to sit unaided (and toppling over a lot as a result). Coming in at under £30, this is the second cheapest pillow in our round-up and if you’re looking for a good-quality, supportive nursing pillow we think it’s an excellent choice.

Pros: Good price, lots of designs to choose from, keeps its shape, pillow is machine washable
Cons: Basic functionality

Available from: Amazon, Boots,Mamas and Papas

8. Over the Rainbow Deluxe Quilted 4-in-1 Nursing Pillow, £25.95

– Best budget buy

Type: Nursing/Baby support | Size: 46cm x 45cm x 16cm

A previous MFM award winner, this versatile nursing pillow is a real bargain at just over £25. Like many others in our round-up, this pillow secures around the waist with ties, for a snug fit and to stop it moving down during a feed, taking the strain off your neck, arms and back.

The soft, quilted pillow is nice and comfy for your baby to lie on and there’s even a mini pillow included (so cute!), which you can put under your baby’s head for extra support or extra height, if they need it. Some reviews mention that it isn’t the firmest, so it may not be the best option if you want a pillow that’s more rigid.

As you’d expect, the cover is removable and machine washable, and comes in a choice of 3 designs – grey stars, colourful spots or a jungle-themed print – so it has you covered whether you prefer more muted designs or something a bit fun.

What makes this nursing pillow really stand out is the adjustable, soft, nappy-style harness, which you can use to safely lie your baby on their back on the pillow, keeping them in the centre of the pillow without the risk of slipping down. As your baby grows the pillow can also be used for tummy time and as a support when they are learning to sit. A great multi-use product with an even better price.

Pros: Helps with tummy time, good value
Cons: Not very firm

Available from: Amazon

9. Thrupenny Bits Breastfeeding Pillow, £89

– Best for twins

Type: Nursing | Size: 84cm x 48cm

The brainchild of mum-of-2 Melissa Wyatt-Fosbury, the Thrupenny Bits nursing pillow was developed to be the breastfeeding pillow she always wanted: stylish, portable and something that wouldn’t keep slipping mid-feed. The result is a hypoallergenic, crescent-shaped pillow that’s tied in place around your waist with straps, making sure there’s no gap between you and your baby as you feed, all while creating the ideal position for a great breastfeeding latch. With celebrity fans including Fearne Cotton and Edith Bowman, it’s certainly doing something right.

This version, especially made for feeding twins, comes as a large c-shaped cushion with 2 smaller cushions to attach to the sides. This increases the stability of the cushion and provides extra support as your babies grow.

The soft-touch cover is machine washable and available in 4 striking colours. If don't have twins the classic design also comes in 2 sizes – 65cm x 27cm for up to six months and 65cm x 32cm for a taller or larger baby. When testing out the single pillow, MFM reviewer Natalie said, "Because my son was tongue-tied his face needed to be right in front of my boob, rather than reaching up from the crook of my arm, and for me the pillow is the perfect back-saving solution and really aided a comfortable feed. "

Pros: Great independent UK business, good value, longevity
Cons: Not really multi-use

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Thrupenny Bits Nursing Pillow.

Available from: Thrupenny Bits

10. Feeding Friend self-inflating nursing pillow, £39.99

– Best for travelling

Type: Nursing | Size: 48cm x 15cm

Perfect for taking on holiday or on a weekend trip to the grandparents, this ingenious nursing pillow is unlike any other in our selection. Instead of being a traditional padded pillow, the Feeding Friend is a self-inflating wedge, complete with super-soft removable cover.

To inflate – or deflate – the pillow, you simply twist the valve. Working in seconds, there’s no need for batteries and it really is fool-proof. Once inflated the pillow measures 48cm x 15cm and the long wedge shape neatly tucks under your arm to provide that all-important neck, back and shoulder support as you feed.

MFM tester Jennifer said, “My baby found it comfortable to lie on. The material covering the cushion is very soft, and I like that the cover can be easily removed and washed. It seems good value for money based on the design and material. The main appeal of this cushion is that it can be deflated and inflated to suit different sizes and to transport it – this is a great idea and very useful.”

When the pillow is deflated it measures just 28cm x 24cm and can be easily stored away in the carry bag, ready to throw into your changing bag or suitcase when travelling.

Pros: Easily portable, compact, lightweight
Cons: Not very stylish, basic functionality

Available from: Amazon

About the author

Sarah has worked as a writer for over 15 years, writing about parenting for Family Traveller, Baby magazine and 5 Minute Fun, as well as working as a reviewer for MadeForMums and The Independent’s IndyBest.

She lives in a little village in Leicestershire with her husband, 4-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter, as well as a lunatic dog and grumpy cat – it’s a full house!

Read More.

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  • Best nipple creams for breastfeeding
  • Best nappy rash creams

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  • Designer Highlight
  • Fabric Content

Ergonomic feeding anywhere you go! Great for small living spaces, on the go, and breastfeeding moms recovering from a caesarean. Use at home, bring it with you on outings, or leave one in your car so you always travel supported.

The yoga-inspired fabric belt holds the support in place. The open design is great for women plus sized to petite and women recovering from c-sections. The thoughtfully contoured shape allows for multiple feeding positions.

Packs up small in an easy-to-carry shape for uncompromising ergonomic support while nursing wherever you are. Storage is a breeze. Hang it, wrap it, or toss it in a tote.

Upholstered in a soft, machine washable fabric for easy care. This product is for feeding support only.

Why we don’t call it a “nursing pillow”

The Boppy Original Nursing Support should never be used for sleep. Our mission is to keep you feeling comfortable and confident with your decision to choose Boppy for high quality products, expert third party testing and clear messaging. Because many traditional pillows are for sleep, we wanted to move away from this word to be even more clear that you should never let a baby sleep on or near any nursing pillow. Newborns should always be put to sleep on a firm, flat surface free from loose blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, bumpers, and other soft items.

We are changing the name of our #1 most recommended product for the past 30 years from a “nursing pillow” to a “nursing support” to further communicate that your baby should never sleep on this product. Just an added reminder to keep baby safe and use products as intended.

Front load washing machine is recommended. Machine wash using mild liquid detergent, delicate cycle, 30°C (65°F - 85°F). Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low on delicate cycle. While drying product, throw a sneaker or tennis ball (wrapped in a pillowcase) in the dryer to help the product keep its shape. Do not Iron. Do not dry clean.

"When speaking with moms during development for the Boppy Anywhere Nursing Pillow, we knew it needed to be compact, modern looking, easy to bring, supportive in any nursing position and for any mom. I believe we did that. "

Julia, Product Development at Boppy

Knit: 71% Polyester, 29% Rayon Mesh: 100% Polyester Filling: 100% Polyester


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How to use nursing pillows » Usage photo



  1. Feeding your baby: Tips for new parents
  2. Choosing a position
  3. What is a nursing pillow for?
  4. Instructions for use?
  5. Important points

Feeding your baby: tips for new parents

The importance of breastfeeding cannot be overestimated. Pediatricians, immunologists, neonatologists, neurologists - all speak with one voice about the need for natural breastfeeding of a little man. Even companies specializing in the production of baby food do not get tired of reminding us of this. What is needed for this? nine0003

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Position selection

There are several basic attachment positions known today. Their choice may be due to the age of the baby, the state of health of the matter, the structural features of the mammary glands, and even the time of day. So, for example, night feeding, obligatory in the first months after birth, occurs, as a rule, lying down. The same position is recommended for women who gave birth through a caesarean section or other surgical interventions, with the obligatory subsequent suturing. nine0003

If a young mother does not have any restrictions in the postpartum period, then it is best to feed the baby while sitting.

The “cradle” position remains the most popular: a woman sits with her back resting on the back of a chair, armchair or sofa, while the child is on her knees in a horizontal position, with her tummy turned towards her mother.

The woman's arms can support the baby in a straight or crossed position.

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What is a nursing pillow for? nine0021

The older a newborn gets, the harder it is to hold him in your arms during meals. From quickly and stably gains weight and height, shows interest in the world around and physical activity. In addition, the process of sucking takes him more and more time, since much more milk is now required to satisfy his appetite than in the first days after birth.

To facilitate attachment to the breast, reduce the load on the spine and arms, you can and should use a special feeding pillow. nine0003

In the online store "Dreamcatcher" you can choose one of two popular models by going to the catalog of nursing pillows, and at the same time find out: It is made in the form of a horseshoe and allows you to hold the baby with one hand, helping to properly grab the nipple with the other.

  • The second option is a set of a wide and high pillow filled with foam rubber and an additional pillow that allows you to change the position of the child during feeding. nine0010

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    Instructions for Use

    In order for the feeding process to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to know how to use a nursing pillow. If you choose a model with fixation at the waist:

    Take a comfortable sitting position: your feet should be on the floor, your knees should be parallel to the floor, behind your back there is a comfortable soft support that allows you to completely relax your back muscles.

    Place the pillow on your knees and wrap the protruding edges around your waist. It is not difficult to do this, however, you must be sure that your figure, which has changed after recent childbirth, will allow you to use the accessory correctly. If the pillow cannot be fixed, it is better to refuse to use it, as it may slip off the knees during feeding. nine0003

    How to feed on a nursing pad? The child must be placed in such a way that his body is completely on the pillow. In this case, the head should be slightly raised and lie on the elbow of the mother's arm. By adjusting the height and angle of inclination in this way, you can be sure that even if the baby spits up milk, it will not enter the respiratory tract.

    Never deprive your baby of support while feeding with a pillow! Be sure to hold it with your hand, control the sucking process. After eating, the pillow can be carefully removed. nine0003

    Another model that does not include a waist fixation should only be used with full control of the feeding process itself. No matter how tired the mother is, she cannot afford to take a nap while the child is eating. The use of a feeding pillow without additional fixation at the waist has its own characteristics. In this case, you need constant support for the baby with both hands, which can be placed on the surface of the product for better fixation and reduce pressure on the spine. With the help of an additional pad, which should be placed under the main one, on your knees, you can change the height of the surface and its inclination. nine0003

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    Important points

    The hygienic cleanliness of all items that are related to the care of an infant in the first months of his life is an important component of proper development. If the nursing pillow needs to be cleaned, the degree of soiling should be assessed. In case of slight contamination, it is enough to wipe the cover with a weakly concentrated solution of baby detergent, then simply wipe it with a damp, clean cloth and dry it properly. nine0003

    All nursing pillows are easy to wash in the washing machine. In the delicate wash mode, you can wash even those models that do not have removable covers. Special care should be taken with pillows with expanded polystyrene balls, it is important that the zipper does not unfasten during the washing process, and the filler does not fill the drum of the machine. However, it is not necessary to wash the pillow often, it is enough to put a fresh pillowcase on it in time, and accidental dirt can be removed by simply rinsing the product in the bathroom. nine0003

    It is essential to ensure that the nursing pillow is intact. All seams should be as strong as possible, the filler should not stray or roll down, forming depressed areas on the surface.

    Keep artificial pillow out of direct sunlight, as some synthetic fillings, such as foam rubber, can begin to break down when exposed to ultraviolet light.

    Experts do not advise using products that do not correspond to the height and weight of the baby. nine0003

    ← Which nursing pillow to choose - the best advice How to wash maternity pillows. Care tips →

    Nursing pillows - how to choose?

    Nursing pillow is often not considered by expectant mothers as an essential item after the birth of a child - and very much in vain! In the first months after birth, the baby (with on-demand feeding recommended by experts) can literally spend 90,005 hours on the chest. Many babies refuse to sleep in the crib at all and sleep only at the breast. In such a situation, a sling can help, as well as correctly fitted nursing pillow .

    Do I need a breastfeeding pillow?

    Definitely yes! And here's why:

    1. Learn to latch on properly

    In the first months it's very important to learn how to latch your baby to your breast correctly, for this you need to lift him to breast level, and not reach for him. You can use sofa cushions, a rolled up blanket or just your knees to raise your child to the right height, but it is the use of a special pillow that is most comfortable and has many other advantages. nine0003

    2. Relax your back and arms

    On average, it takes about 15-30 minutes for a baby to breastfeed per application, and during the day you can breastfeed about 4 hours a day , and often much more more. Without the use of ergonomic devices, pain in the spine, arms, and neck muscles very quickly occurs. A good nursing pillow will save you from all these problems.

    3. Free hands during feeding and sleeping at the breast

    In an ideal world, newborns sleep soundly and for a long time in their crib immediately after feeding. But in the real world, as a rule, this never happens! Babies sleep well in their mother's arms, at the breast, but as soon as they are shifted, they wake up immediately. A sling can be used to do chores around the house, and a pillow with a flat surface is perfect for tasks that can be done while sitting. The child will sleep perfectly on it, without rolling anywhere.

    Nursing pillow is not a luxury! This is one of the most necessary and important devices for a nursing mother.

    Types of nursing pillows

    All nursing pillows can be divided into 2 types: universal (for pregnancy and nursing) and specialized (for nursing only).

    1. Universal pillows (pregnancy + breastfeeding)

    Most pillows on the market are universal. Their main advantage is budget savings, because You don't have to buy two different pillows. But that's where the benefits end. It is impossible to create a device that will equally ideally serve both purposes - supporting the growing belly of the expectant mother for her comfortable sleep and rest (at the pregnancy pillow) and breastfeeding, convenient for both mother and baby (at the feeding pillow).

    However, let's take a look at the different maternity pillows that can also be used for breastfeeding. nine0003

    Reversible pillows: U shape, G

    Reversible maternity pillows support both the belly and back of the expectant mother.

    When breastfeeding, these pillows are placed around the mother and baby. As can be seen from the photo, such a pillow performs the function of lifting the baby to the chest, however, cannot provide good support for the child, has to be supported, it easily slides down the pillow, the goal of "relieving stress from the mother's back and arms" is not fulfilled. In addition, such pillows take up a huge amount of space and are not suitable for small apartments. nine0003

    One-sided pillows: C, D, I

    These pillows take up much less space, their advantage is that such products can also be used for other purposes - as a limiter and a nest for the baby, a knee roll .

    However, we see the same shortcomings as other universal pillows - surface is too soft, so that the child rolls off of it towards the mother; lack of back support for mother, lack of fixation of the pillow on the mother's body.

    Most famous brands of these pillows: Theraline, Trelax, Red Castle and many Chinese and Turkish copies No Name

    They are usually

    smaller than any maternity pillows, . does not require the support of the entire body of an adult.

    There are now a huge number of brands and designs of specialized pillows. Let's look at the different options and evaluate their comfort, as well as list the factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing a pillow. nine0003

    Types and brands of special nursing pillows

    1. Non-ergonomic round pillows

    The cheapest and most common option is horseshoe-shaped round pillow.

    Variations possible - add to the pillow:

    • tie or Velcro at the back to fasten it around the mother's waist;
    • additional pillow for baby's head (puts on the pillow, so you can change sides)

    Pillows with these variations are better than pillows without them, but in any case, this design has only one advantage - the price. They are easy to manufacture and therefore cheap for buyers. However, the cons of are the same as those of pregnancy pillows:

    • soft round surface, from which the baby rolls;
    • lack of support for the mother's back and arms;
    • lack of a strong fastening around the waist, the pillow slips; nine0010
    • very often the cover of the cheapest pillows is not removable and you have to wash it together with the pillow.

    This pillow is better than nothing, but there are other, more comfortable and ergonomic options. The most famous brands of : Chicco, Boppy and many Chinese and Turkish copies No Name

    both. As a rule, they have a flat dense surface. nine0003

    Ergobaby pillow

    The pillow from a well-known manufacturer of ergo-backpacks has a semi-circular shape, a flat dense surface slightly at an angle to the mother. It provides comfort for the mother's hands and helps to position the baby high against the chest. The disadvantages of this pillow is that the baby needs to be supported (surface at an angle), there is no back support.

    Bebe Au Lait Pillow

    Has a dense, even surface on which it is convenient to place the child; belt fastening around the waist. It is quite high, has a small pocket for small things. nine0005 The disadvantage of of this pillow is the lack of support for the mother's back.

    My Brest Friend Cushion and similar

    The My Brest Friend Cushion was developed almost 20 years ago in the USA. It is rightfully considered the best pillow for breastfeeding mothers, thanks to:

    • an even elastic surface, so that the baby does not roll down to the mother;
    • special back support mom;
    • tight fit around the waist on a carbine;
    • bumps on the cushion surface;
    • handy pocket for small items;
    • removable cover, easy to wash.

    This pillow not only lifts the baby to the breast, but also relieves tension from the mother's back, neck and arms, and also frees her hands for other things if the baby falls asleep at the breast. Unlike all other pillow options, the filler of this one is not holofiber or polystyrene foam balls, but foam.

    The My Brest Friend pillow has only one big disadvantage - the price. That is why several of its analogues are produced in Russia and the CIS, we will briefly talk about them.

    Pillow Milk Rivers

    The Russian brand of clothing and accessories for nursing has been producing pillows for several years. They have the same construction as My Brest Friend, but have a smooth surface without bulges and use one type of foam rubber, rather than two, like the original and other analogues. The used fabric of a cover - jersey. nine0005 This is a good, inexpensive analogue of a well-known brand. It looks very simple, does not have packaging, the pillow itself may not be completely flat, but this is the cheapest option.

    Ergofeed pillow

    Pillow brand is a complete copy of My Brest Friend, pillows are made in Russia. The company appeared at the end of 2019, but after a couple of months the Internet was littered with a huge number of the same type of reviews (obviously fake), forum discussions and comments praising this pillow. nine0005 This is a good product, but the business ethics of this company raises big questions. Therefore, we cannot recommend this brand for purchase.

    Loona Baby Pillow

    Pillow brand has the same pillow shape as My Brest Friend, but has a few improvements: "Memory Foam" upper part of the pillow, microfiber plush for the cover, much better stitched cover, silent transparent fastener.

    Benefits of an ergonomic cushion

    In our store we offer several different options for nursing pillows, in different price categories, universal and specialized. But is the pillows of ergonomic design, with back support and a smooth elastic surface, which we consider the best and recommend for purchase.

    1. Back support: hard back means close to mum; it provides comfortable support and relieves back and neck pain. The breastfeeding woman does not get numb hands, neck and back. The child lies on a pillow at the level of the mother's chest - and rightly so. It does not matter what position you take (if you need to suck the breast from different sides) - in any position the baby will be held correctly. nine0003

    2. Smooth surface with "knolls": thanks to the even flat surface, the baby does not roll off the pillow, while the rounded edges of other pillows can cause the baby to roll and have to be constantly held and controlled. At the same time, soft bulges on the surface support his head and your hand.

    3. "Memory Foam" filling: soft, but elastic surface of two-layer hypoallergenic PU foam ensures the correct position of the baby and his comfort, and also retains its shape, unlike all other fillers (styrofoam balls or holofiber).

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