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Mealtime Magic Mia Feeding Doll

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Boasting multiple expressions and sounds, this interactive feeding doll brings endless play possibilities to your little one's imaginative everyday adventures. A light-up spoon combined with a special feed tray can be used to serve over 50 different foods with different reactions for each item.

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Model Number: 6056264

SKU(s): 810550624


  • Product dimensions: 14.0"L x 5.38"W x 12.0"H
  • Product weight: 3.08 lb
  • Material: plastic, fabric, metal
  • Requires 4 - "AA" batteries (included) and 1 - "AAA" battery (not included)
  • End use location: Indoor


  • Includes 1 mealtime magic doll, 1 dress, 1 pair of shorts, 1 bow, 1 interactive bottle/soother, 1 interactive spoon, 1 food tray and instructions
  • Interactive and expressive doll design for hours of imaginative play
  • Recognizes over 50 foods with lifelike reactions and 70 sounds
  • Recommended for ages 4 years and up


  • Assembly required: No

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The first hour of life: breastfeeding a newborn

The first day of life largely determines how successful breastfeeding of a newborn will be.

This page explains the important tasks of initiating and establishing lactation in the first 24 hours.

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Early Attachment

The first "magic" hour you will have with your baby will be different from anything you've experienced before. nine0003

At this time you will have a unique opportunity to start breastfeeding. If a baby latch on in the first 60 minutes of life, it will set off a chain reaction in your body and you will be able to feed and protect your newborn baby.

In many ways, the mechanisms of breast milk formation are determined by hormones, however, in the first hours after childbirth, for the development of lactation, you will need an active stimulator - your baby, who will grasp and suckle rhythmically at the breast. This will “turn on” her cells to start producing milk. nine0003

In addition to its role as a lactation activator, early lactation immediately after birth also helps to calm the baby and give him psychological support. Being at the mother's breast, feeling the familiar beating of her heart, the mother's smell and warmth, the baby feels protected, loved and confident in a new unusual environment.

Even if your birth does not go according to plan and you need an emergency caesarean section or other unforeseen interventions, try to put the baby to the breast as early as possible, as this will have a beneficial effect on the establishment of lactation and, in general, on the well-being of you and the baby. nine0003

More about the first "magic" hour is described in this chapter: "Birth and the first hours of life."

But that's not all. Immediately after receiving the first drops of colostrum, the baby's body becomes stronger and more adapted to the environment.

Colostrum starts the work of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and liver.

Among other things, this means the timely removal of excess bilirubin - which means that the sooner the first application is made and the more colostrum the baby receives on the first day, the less risk he has of developing the so-called "newborn jaundice". nine0003

Colostrum also plays a protective role in resistance to various diseases, because the baby's immune system is immature at birth.

For example, immunoglobulin A protects the baby's mucous membranes from bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Alpha-lactalbumin supports the bifidoflora in the baby's intestines, and also forms bioactive lipids that contribute to the destruction of cancer and other foreign cells.

Linoleic and alpha-linoleic acids form the brain and neuroretina of the eye. nine0003

All these and many other substances are not artificially reproducible.

It is known that getting even a few drops on the oral mucosa of a premature baby helps to increase the body's defenses and prevent many complications in care.

Early receipt of colostrum, among other things, contributes to the timely and soft removal of meconium - the original dark-colored stool.

Feeding on Demand

WHO and UNICEF recommend that breastfeeding is best done "on demand" - that is, every time the baby begins to show signs of anxiety and search for the mother's breast. nine0003

This approach, unlike feeding according to the regimen, allows the mother and baby to feel more comfortable, relaxed, to receive all the benefits of breast milk in the amount that the child individually requires.

In the first 24 hours, there may be up to 20 or more such requests. It is believed that the number of feedings that is necessary in the first day of a baby's life should be at least 8.

Frequent feedings are also necessary because very little colostrum is produced at this stage. But the baby's stomach is still so small that this small volume is just what you need. On the first day of life, the baby's stomach can hold only 6 ml of food! nine0003

So frequent feeding from birth is a sure way to give your baby the best protection that colostrum provides.

Feeding on demand in the first 24 hours of life and beyond is the right and most harmonious start to breastfeeding imaginable.

Frequent breastfeeding also helps to initiate lactation and prepare the breasts for transitional and then mature milk. Then the volume of breast milk will always meet the growing needs of the baby, he will begin to gain weight well, and you, most likely, will not have a reason to worry about a lack of milk in the future. nine0003

There are times when feeding on demand is not possible - for example, the baby is in the intensive care unit or, for one reason or another, is not able to suckle.

Then it is necessary to take measures for the timely development of lactation and providing the child with precious breast milk, organizing pumping with a breast pump. The best way to do this is to use the dedicated INITIATE program on the Symphony* Clinical Breast Pump. In this case, pumping is carried out as often as you would put a baby on - every 2 to 2.5 hours at least. nine0003

Correct breastfeeding

One of the first and most important skills that mother and baby must master is the correct breastfeeding.

Incorrect latch is one of the most common causes of sore and subsequently cracked nipples.

One or two sessions of feeding with an incorrect latch can be enough to form painful cracks that cause great concern to the mother and are the "entrance gate" for breast infection. nine0003

Not only that, improper latch-on leads to the fact that the baby is simply not able to get enough milk from the breast, he is malnourished, and weak stimulation does not allow lactation to develop as actively as it should.

Cracks, pain, restlessness and malnutrition of the child, sluggish development of lactation, which soon leads to a lack of milk - these are the negative consequences of improper latch that should be tried to prevent.

Therefore, it is very important from the very first day to pay special attention to the correct latch of the baby, and this is another of the main tasks of the first 24 hours of a child's life. nine0003

A nurse practitioner, a midwife at the maternity hospital or a lactation consultant can help check if the baby is latching correctly and advise on how to correct the situation if necessary.

Often just stretching the nipples before feeding with a breast pump or Nipple Shaper Pads** can help, as an unshaped, flat or even inverted nipple makes latch on difficult.

For particularly difficult cases, Contact** silicone breast pads are available to help your baby ease in and out of the breast. nine0003

Sometimes a lingual frenulum is the cause of a poor grip - then it is important to identify the problem as soon as possible and resolve it quickly. After a small and almost bloodless operation to cut the frenulum, the baby can be immediately applied to the chest.

Also often the problem of grip is explained by the lack of habit, uncomfortable position - all this is quite easily corrected, postures and positions can be mastered under the guidance of experienced mentors, but it is necessary to correct mistakes as soon as possible, in the first 24 hours. nine0003

So, here are three important conditions for the key 24 hours after childbirth:

  • early attachment;
  • feeding on demand;
  • correct chest grip.

They help start breastfeeding successfully and harmoniously, ensure the favorable development and protection of the baby's body, and start lactation in a timely manner.

If something went wrong, the main thing is not to despair and not give up. Medela comes to the rescue in every situation with modern and fast solutions. nine0003


Pang WW, Hartmann PE. Initiation of human lactation: secretory differentiation and secretory activation. J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia. 2007;12(4):211-221. - Pang, W.W., Hartmann, P.I., "Lactation initiation in the lactating mother: secretory differentiation and secretory activation." G Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia. 2007;12(4):211-221.

Klaus M. Mother and infant: early emotional ties. Pediatrics. nine0110 1998;102( Supplement E 1):1244-1246. — Klaus M., "Mother and Child: The First Emotional Ties". Pediatrix (Pediatrics). 1998; 102 (Appendix E1).

Sobhy SI, Mohame NA. The effect of early initiation of breast feeding on the amount of vaginal blood loss during the fourth stage of labor. J Egypt Public Health Assoc . 2004;79(1-2):1-2.- Sobhi SI, Moham NA, "Early initiation of breastfeeding and its effect on vaginal bleeding in the fourth stage of labour." G Egypt Public Health Assoc. 2004;79(1-2):1-2. Kim S , et al . Oxytocin and postpartum depression: Delivering on what's known and what's not. brain Res . 2014;1580:219-232. — Kim S. et al., "Oxytocin and postpartum depression: what we know and what we don't know." Brain Res. 2014;1580:219-232.

Read instructions before use. Consult a specialist about possible contraindications.

* RC № ФСЗ 2010/06525 dated 01/13/20

** RC № ФСЗ 2010/07352 dated 07/19/2010

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