Make ahead baby food cookbook


The deliciously nutritious make-ahead baby food cookbook for a healthy start and beyond!

Healthy, homemade baby food is the best way to ensure your little one is getting all of the nourishment they need―but every parent knows the stress of cooking dinner when your mind is on changing diapers. The Make-Ahead Baby Food Cookbook helps you plan ahead, showing you how quick and easy it can be to cook yummy, wholesome baby food safely and conveniently at home.

  • From bottle to bowl―Discover what tools you’ll need, which order to introduce solid foods, how to detect food sensitivities, and how to raise a food-friendly eater.

  • Set the stage―Prep for success with this baby food cookbook, using 4-week meal plans for each stage, including a reader-friendly planning chart, detailed shopping lists, foolproof step-by-step recipes, and more.

  • Ready-to-go recipes―Please your baby’s palate with dozens of yummy and nutrient-rich foods for every stage and beyond―including flavor combos, mix-ins, and time-saving tips.

Since its release, The Make-Ahead Baby Food Cookbook has quickly risen to be one of Amazon’s best rated baby food cookbooks:

“I love that it is written by a dietitian and can be used by the whole family. Defintely a great buy for new families!”

“It has clear instructions and I love the way it separates into stages so you don't have to guess what your baby can have.”

“We tried many of these recipes while baby sitting for our granddaughter. All of them were winners...even asked for seconds!”

“I love all the meal plans - it makes it so easy and she presents a real 'guide' on exactly what to do. This was a much-needed book!”

“This is a great resource for moms to prevent babies from getting bored with the same food combinations.

“This cookbook is such a great introduction to healthy well balanced nutrition for babies.”

Make mealtime mess-free and stress-free with the Make-Ahead Baby Food Cookbook, an all-in-one meal map for every stage and age. This baby food cookbook gets you started with a primer on signs to look for when your little one is ready to get in the high chair and how to provide essential nutrients at each stage:

At around 6 months old, most babies are ready to start eating solid foods. You’ll start with smooth purees, which help your baby transition from liquids to solids.

By 8 to 10 months, your baby can begin transitioning to chunkier textures, which help to develop chewing skills.

And before you know it, at around 9 to 12 months old, your baby will be moving on to finger foods - soft, bite-sized foods that help build their independence.

And as a bonus, I’ve included 15 family-friendly recipes that both toddlers and grown-ups will love!

You’ll learn the ins and outs of batch cooking, freezing, and reheating, before diving in with an easy-to-navigate 4-week meal plan for each of the three stages of development.

This baby food cookbook is packed with dozens of hearty purees, chunky combinations, and fun finger foods, as well as bonus recipes perfect for your toddler and delicious for the whole family.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I help families navigate all the complications and confusion that come along with raising healthy kids. And as a mom, I know first-hand the unique challenges of feeding a baby. In this book, I combine both my professional knowledge and my personal experience to provide you with accurate nutrition advice and practical ways to introduce your baby to the wonderful and exciting world of solid foods!

Stephanie Van’t Zelfden, RDN, CDN

The Make-Ahead Baby Food Cookbook is a complete guide for stress-free baby feeding. I cover it all - from planning and cooking, to freezing and storage, to heating and serving. In just a few hours, you can create a month’s worth of meals for your baby.

The Make-Ahead Baby Food Cookbook will be your go-to resource for making delicious and nutritious baby food. If you’ve ever thought about making your own baby food, but found it too intimidating, this book is for you. I promise you that it’s quicker, easier, and more fun than you could ever imagine.

I had a ton of fun making this book, and I’m so excited to share it with you. I hope you’ll check it out!

7 Best Cookbooks For Homemade Baby Food Recipes - Julie Revelant

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Making your own baby food—and searching for homemade baby food recipes—may have seemed like a pie in the sky idea before the pandemic, but now that everyone has more time on their hands, they’re cooking more, and sharing family meals, it may be more realistic.

Feeding you child homemade baby food has so many benefits and it’s one of the best ways to encourage healthy eating habits from the start, particularly in light of a new study that found picky eating starts early.

Besides, as everyone has been stocking up on food and essentials, the demand for baby food has increased by 153% demand, which may make it tough to even find store-bought baby food.

So if you’re looking for homemade baby food recipes, food blogs are a great place to start. If you’re looking to have an entire guide to starting solids and infant nutrition, several recipes all in one place, and you like having a cookbook in your hands, here are 9 of my recommendations.


Written by baby food chef and founder of the Baby FoodE blog, Michele Olivier, and Sara Peternell, a board certified holistic nutritionist, (check out my interview with her for Fox News about infant cereal), Little Foodie: Baby Food Recipes for Babies and Toddlers with Taste is one of the best cookbooks for meal ideas.

With over 100 unique recipes for every age and stage including fennel, pea and peach—yum!—the cookbook has a ton of helpful information on nutrition and eating habits and a how-to guide to make the process easy and quick.


One of the best new cookbooks for homemade baby food recipes is Make-Ahead Baby Food Cookbook: Meal Plans and Recipes for Every Stage, written by Stephanie Van’t Zelfden, a Brooklyn, NY-based registered dietitian-nutritionist.

What I love about this cookbook is that Van’t Zelfden focuses on teaching busy moms how to make homemade baby food quickly and easily with 4-week meal plans for every stage.

The book will teach you everything you need to know about starting solids, batch cooking, freezing, and reheating, and includes shopping lists, step-by-step recipes, a list of the best tools, and a ton of time-saving tips.


The Big Book of Organic Baby Food: Baby Purées, Finger Foods, and Toddler Meals For Every Stage, by NYC-based registered dietitian-nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg, includes over 230 healthy, delicious recipes for purees, smoothies, finger foods, and meals, as well as ideas for superfood combinations.

With a ton of homemade baby food recipes, and meal ideas for the whole family, this is one cookbook that you’ll rely on for years to come.


If you’re a fan of Anjali Shah’s The Picky Eater blog, then you’ll definitely want to pick up her book, Super Easy Baby Food Cookbook: Healthy Homemade Recipes for Every Age and Stage.

From purées to toddler meals, this cookbook has more than 150 homemade baby food recipes, including make-ahead, puree recipes that you can batch cook, 5-ingredient toddler recipes you can whip up in 30 minutes or less, and sample menus that will help you save time in the kitchen.


Gosh, I know I write about the “The Baby and Toddler Cookbook: Fresh, Homemade Foods for a Healthy Start,” every chance I get it, but it’s such a big part of my story and one of the reasons I started my blog.

With over 90 homemade baby food recipes, tons of evidence-based information, and time-saving tips, this cookbook is one that you’ll return to over and over again.


In recent years, baby-led feeding (also known as baby-led weaning) has become a more accepted and popular way of feeding babies. Baby-Led Feeding: A Natural Way to Raise Happy, Independent Eaters, written by Jenna Helwig, the Food Director at Real Simple serves up a how-to guide to baby-led feeding, including essential safety and nutrition guidelines, basic fruit and vegetable prep, plus more than 100 nutritionist-approved recipes and ideas.


With 66, easy homemade baby food recipes, plus hundreds of delicious food combinations, this award-winning cookbook has a ton of ideas for every age and stage, including no-cook recipes to help you save time.

Liza Huber, founder of the Sage Spoonfuls Baby Food Maker, also serves up a ton of information on nutrition, organic food, foods to avoid and food allergies.

Author Details

Julie Revelant

Julie Revelant teaches parents how to raise children who are healthy, adventurous eaters. Through blog posts and videos, her goal is to shift the conversation from short-term, problem picky eating to lifelong, healthy eating and healthy futures. Julie has written for, FIRST for Women magazine,,,,,, and

Andrey Konchalovsky's Producer Center —


In her new book Yulia Vysotskaya talks about a system she called "Reboot" that allows her to cook and eat to her heart's content without getting fat and staying healthy and energetic. The resources of our body are actually simply incredible, but in order to use them, you need to debug and maintain the metabolic process. "Reboot" is a conscious balancing of the body, it is a detailed nutrition plan for a month, scheduled by the days of the week, and it is also a lot of interesting recipes recommended for each phase of the system. “It is this system,” says Yulia, “that helps me cope with stress and get pleasure, which I do not intend to give up, because without them my life will be boring!” nine0003

Meat menu

Over the years of the program "Eat at Home!" Thousands of recipes have gathered in her archive. Of these, for the book "Meat Menu" Julia Vysotskaya selected only the best. Mom's cutlets, grandmother's chicken pies, dumplings made by the whole family, barbecue in summer, stuffed duck in winter - all this leaves memories of happy family days, of a cozy home filled with dizzying smells and love.

Cook, eat, feed your loved ones, treat your friends, it is food cooked by oneself that gives the feeling that the house is the center of the world. nine0013

Delicious year

In life there is always a place for a holiday! We celebrate birthdays and children's victories, invite guests, arrange romantic dinners, pajama parties. .. To get rid of the hassle and fully devote yourself to a joyful event, it is important to have bright and beautiful ideas at hand that can really be brought to life.

Each menu presented in the book consists of five courses and is dedicated to any one holiday, but can also be used for any other occasion. And even better, says Yulia Vysotskaya, do not wait for a reason and arrange holidays for yourself and your loved ones simply at the behest of the soul! nine0013

Active Menu

A new collection of recipes by Julia Vysotskaya "Active Menu" will form the basis of a healthy diet for everyone who lives actively, moves forward, cares about health and good physical shape. Homemade granola and quinoa porridge, fish in a pistachio crust and rabbit aspic, green pilaf and buckwheat pancakes, baked peaches and whipped cottage cheese - this is a healthy, beautiful, successful menu. Boring, mouth-watering and healthy dishes from the bestsellers and the most popular programs of the famous TV presenter - this is a ready-made plan of action for creating the right diet. nine0003

Do-it-yourself sweet gifts

In this book, Yulia Vysotskaya tells how you can easily and simply solve the issue of holiday gifts. “If you want to please friends and loved ones, cook something tasty, put it in a beautiful jar or bag and give it boldly!” - Julia advises and shares her ideas for gift recipes. Homemade truffles and chocolate on a stick, Madeleine cookies and gingerbread, orange marmalade and even the famous Pavlova cake can easily come up with elegant packaging and make a wonderful unique gift out of them. But there is nothing better than what is made with your own hands! nine0003

365 breakfasts for every day

Breakfasts prepared according to recipes from the TV programs “Eat at Home!” and "Breakfast with Yulia Vysotskaya", attract with their versatility: each of these dishes can become a full-fledged breakfast or dinner on weekdays or decorate a festive table. They can be made from what is at hand, besides, special culinary skills are not needed for cooking, Yulia Vysotskaya believes, and offers readers many recipes for tasty and healthy dishes.

Successful menu

The success of any picnic lies in the right preparation, - Yulia Vysotskaya believes, - any improvisation in nature should be well planned at home. In this book, Yulia shares recipes for dishes that are easy to cook at her dacha or with friends somewhere in a forest clearing. You will learn how to make shish kebab fun by marinating it with herbs, how to grill fragrant stuffed salmon on the grill, and what drinks are best to drink outdoors.

The kitchen is the heart of the house

The kitchen is the main place in the house, where the whole family gathers at the table, where culinary miracles are created and traditions are preserved. The author, actress and TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya, shares her experience, secrets and recipes, without which no good housewife can do. How to create the kitchen of your dreams: fill cabinets so that everything is at hand, decide where it is more convenient to store pots and detergents, determine how much food to buy so that there is enough from purchase to purchase? How to think through and calculate everything in advance so that you can move around your kitchen with your eyes closed and at the speed of a meteor, and most importantly, always feel fully equipped, even if unexpected guests show up on the doorstep? How to choose the right products, store them correctly and prepare them in the best possible way? You will find the answers in this book. You will also learn how Julia cooks beef stroganoff and goose with apples, cooks chicken broth and bakes salmon, and also makes soufflé and bakes bread. nine0003

365 salads for every day

Salads and appetizers prepared according to recipes from the TV programs Eat at Home! and "Breakfast with Yulia Vysotskaya", attract with their versatility: each of these dishes can become a full-fledged breakfast or dinner on weekdays or decorate a festive table. They can be made from what is at hand, besides, special culinary skills are not needed for cooking, Yulia Vysotskaya believes, and offers readers many recipes for tasty and healthy dishes. nine0003

Sunday breakfasts

Perfect morning! Everyone probably imagines it in their own way. For Yulia Vysotskaya, this is the morning of a much-desired day off, when there is no need to rush anywhere. On such a day, you are left to yourself, your loved ones and relatives, and you can make a whole event out of morning food, Julia believes, and offers readers interesting, vivid and memorable recipes for Sunday breakfast from her TV program.

Easter menu

This collection of recipes from the TV program Eat at Home! dedicated to the brightest holiday of the year - Easter. “I really like to have Russian food on the table on such holidays,” says Yulia Vysotskaya and nine0013 shares with readers the recipes for the dishes that were prepared for Easter at her home, and those that she found herself through trial and error. You will learn how to make Easter airy and tender, how to bake a real Easter cake that, like Yulia's grandmother, does not get stale, how to cook Easter chocolate eggs and much more. All recipes are provided with colorful illustrations.
This book is published for the first time!

If you plan your meals during the day, nine0013 this means that you do not take your health lightly, do not
stuffing yourself with junk food. Chips and chocolate bars are rare
an exception, which, of course, can sometimes be afforded, but only
sometimes. In order to work as efficiently as possible, in order to
energy did not leave you throughout the day, better cooked at home
there can be nothing to eat. Recipes of dishes that you can take with you to work, give your child to school, take for a walk - the topic of the new book by Yulia Vysotskaya. nine0013

Looking for Tiramisu

Yulia Vysotskaya's new book is a story about happy days in Italy, full of emotions and colors, it is a culinary guide in which Yulia "surrenders appearances and passwords", reveals culinary secrets - her own and her friends, the best Italian chefs.

This book is a journey in search of the perfect tiramisu recipe, the perfect risotto, the perfect pasta, the perfect ice cream... These are 130 recipes that have been accumulated in Yulia's notebooks for more than one year. nine0013 This is a love story between a beautiful country and the author of the book, because Italy for Yulia is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and joy of life.

At the end of the book you will find addresses of Julia's favorite restaurants.

Also look for QR codes on the pages: by scanning them, you will receive a useful link or hear the music that Julia listened to while she was searching for her Italy.

Cooking for children

This book is dedicated to the healthy nutrition of children and contains recipes for delicious and healthy dishes that Yulia Vysotskaya fed her own daughter and son. nine0003

Recipes are designed for different age groups, from breastfeeding to school age.

Yuliya added some interesting comments that will help a young mother navigate the choice of products and please her little treasure!

Buns for Lelik. Homemade recipes

Yulia Vysotskaya's new book “Buns for Lelik. Home Recipes” is partly biographical: Yulia offers to cook dishes that she met at different points in her life, and tells interesting stories related to the appearance of these dishes in her culinary arsenal. nine0013 Readers will learn about what Yulia's grandmother cooked, what Don and Caucasian recipes took root in her family, and how to cook scrambled eggs that Andrei Sergeevich Konchalovsky would like!

New Year's menu

This collection of recipes from the TV program "Eat at Home!" dedicated to everyone's favorite New Year and Christmas.
Yulia Vysotskaya talks about how to prepare for the holidays in advance, so as not to spend all your energy at the stove and look beautiful and cheerful when guests arrive, and also shares recipes for dishes that she prepares for the New Year and Christmas for her guests and loved ones. nine0013 You will learn how to make a real Caesar salad, how to surprise your guests by serving a traditional Olivier salad in eclairs, how to bake quails with whiskey and marmalade, and much more!

Recipes for a healthy and active life

For supporters of a healthy lifestyle!
At the request of readers, Yulia Vysotskaya selected from her book "Eat, Run, Live" recipes not only for tasty, but also healthy dishes.
“It's stupid to go on a diet, not to allow yourself to enjoy food,” says Yulia. “A sense of proportion is important here - you can eat everything, but a little bit.” nine0003

365 recipes for every day

A new collection of recipes from the TV program "Eat at Home!" includes recipes for economical dishes that do not require serious expenses and are also quite simple to prepare.
Julia Vysotskaya believes that culinary experiments are accessible to everyone, and she offers to cook interesting and original dishes from inexpensive products - for the festive table and for every day!

Quick breakfasts

Collection of recipes from the TV program "Breakfast with Julia Vysotskaya" is addressed to those who are not afraid to spend an extra 10-15 minutes in the kitchen in the morning. nine0013 “Actually, it doesn't matter what I cook: cheesecakes, buckwheat, poached eggs on bread or just squeeze juice, make hot chocolate. This is the beginning of my day, the one and only day of my life. I start it tasty!” - says Yulia Vysotskaya and offers readers interesting, but simple recipes for morning meals.

We eat at home. One, two and you're done!

To the fourth collection from the TV program “We eat at home!” (season 2007-2008) includes recipes for easy and quick cooking. nine0013 “Even if you don't have any special culinary skills, it's not necessary to fry potatoes every day,” says Yulia Vysotskaya and offers recipes for simple dishes that she cooks for her loved ones.

Big cookbook

This edition is a real gift for those who cook according to the recipes of the TV program "We Eat at Home!", who love Yulia Vysotskaya's books.
The recipes that have become so popular are combined into one large culinary collection, in which readers will find hundreds of recipes for all occasions: salads, soups, vegetable, meat, poultry and fish dishes, as well as desserts, drinks and pastries. nine0013 "Cooking for me is not just a hobby and not even a passion, it's real creativity," says Yulia Vysotskaya, "and if you want to cook something while leafing through the pages of this book, then you also have a desire to create."

Baby food from birth and older

Yulia Vysotskaya's new cookbook is dedicated to healthy nutrition for children and contains not only recipes, but also recommendations for different age categories - from breastfeeding to adolescence. nine0013 This is a kind of "friend book" with kind and smart advice, in which Yulia shares her own experience with readers, talks about the difficulties she had to face when she herself had children, and also offers recipes for tasty and healthy dishes.
The book is addressed primarily to young parents, as well as those who are just preparing to become parents.
Does the child not like porridge? Eating badly? Naughty at the table? Refusing vegetables? Julia Vysotskaya answers the most difficult questions related to children's nutrition in a simple and easy way. nine0013

Eat, run, live!

Yulia Vysotskaya's new book is dedicated to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle in general.
Julia shares with readers her experience of maintaining good physical shape, talks about the exercises that help her in this herself, and offers recipes for delicious and healthy dishes.
"It's stupid to go on a diet, not to allow yourself to enjoy food," says Yulia. "A sense of proportion is important here - you can eat everything, but a little bit." nine0013


This book is about drinks: "Life without water is impossible, and without pleasant tea-coffee-juice-wine and other champagne is very boring!" - says Yulia Vysotskaya and shares with readers the recipes for those drinks that she serves to her family and friends at home.


In this book Yulia Vysotskaya tells that baking is her forte and most of all in the kitchen she likes to cook from dough.
This love is expressed in creativity, says Julia and offers exactly those recipes that are always obtained by everyone. nine0003


In this book, Julia Vysotskaya reflects on why no one pays attention to soups as a separate dish, and argues that if you show a little more imagination in cooking soup, it can become a real culinary masterpiece!

Vkusnye zametki

"Vkusnye zametki" by Yulia Vysotskaya is not just a book for writing down culinary recipes, but a kind of nostalgia for the past: a notebook forgotten in the kitchen, covered in my mother's handwriting, the smell of pies, the whole family at the dinner round table - such Everyone has memories! nine0013 "Delicious Notes" is an occasion to return to happy, carefree days, write down a couple of recipes or cook something from those dishes that Yulia herself put here.

We eat at home every day

The third collection of recipes from the TV program "We eat at home!" (season 2006-2007) is addressed to those who, in our modern hectic life, still finds time to cook for their loved ones.
Includes recipes that don't take a lot of time and don't get worse after a couple of days in the fridge. nine0013 Yulia Vysotskaya calls these dishes “lifesaver”, arguing that even food for every day should not be boring!

Rice, pasta and more...

In this book Yulia Vysotskaya calls to reconsider the attitude to rice and pasta only as a side dish. And fragrant rice, and pasta, and buckwheat, and lentils and beans, which are not so common on our tables, can perfectly act as a light main course!


This book is about salads. nine0013 Salads can be made from anything, they should not be too complicated, says Yulia Vysotskaya and encourages readers to fantasize, replace ingredients, create their own masterpieces.


This book is made up of recipes for hot dishes.
“When we cook for the whole family, hot meals are the most important,” says Yulia Vysotskaya, “they are the basis of a family dinner that unites family members and maintains family traditions.”


In this book, Julia Vysotskaya advises treating desserts not as an ordinary dish, but as a real delicacy that you can sometimes afford.

Therefore, it is not at all necessary to flatly refuse sweets - you need to choose a recipe, cook something tasty and treat yourself and your loved ones.


This book is about vegetables sold in our shops and markets. Julia Vysotskaya talks about which ones are worth buying and which ones are better not to spend money on, and shares her experience in preparing a variety of vegetable dishes. nine0003

We eat at home all year round

The idea of ​​the second collection of recipes from the TV program “We eat at home!” (season 2004-2006) - right food, right place and right time.
There is no traditional division into salads and hot dishes here - all recipes are correlated with the seasons.
"Apricots should be eaten in August, and pastries with vanilla and nuts - in January, dumplings with cherries - in Ukraine, and satsivi and khachapuri - in Georgia," says Yulia Vysotskaya.


The book is based on the script by Andrey Konchalovsky and Dunya Smirnova for the film "Gloss".
“I wanted to write a novel in the style of pulp fiction, imitating it, and this is what happened,” says Yulia Vysotskaya, “
It is desirable to read it in public transport, in line to the dentist or to the hairdresser, and if you, lamenting about the money thrown away, read this creation almost to the end, then you need to finish reading it at home, in the toilet, so that later you can leave the book there, by the wall , along with other favorite works of the verbal genre. So, have a nice wasted time…”

We eat at home. Recipes by Julia Vysotskaya

The first collection of recipes from the TV program "We Eat at Home!" (season 2003-2004) has long become a culinary bestseller in Russia. The dishes prepared according to these recipes are original and simple, besides, they have been tested in practice not only by Yulia Vysotskaya, but also by numerous admirers of her work.

20 snacks for a child at school from Eat at Home. Cooking articles and life hacks

With the advent of September, many parents have additional chores in the kitchen. After all, if a schoolchild grows in a family, his nutrition should be balanced. This also applies to snacks, which are always relevant for energetic and active children. Homemade food will help you avoid buying snacks with a dubious composition and will certainly bring more benefits. Most often, the preparation of the simplest recipes takes no more than an hour, they can be made in the evening and even several days in advance. In the selection you will find simple and affordable recipes, get inspired and delight your students. nine0003

Cheese Muffins

Delicious Cheese Muffins are the perfect snack for your child at school, on a picnic or on the road. Baking will be delicious both warm and cold.

Detailed recipe.

Baked Bread Bun Sandwich

Any round bun is suitable for making a sandwich, you can take pastries made from whole grain flour, with bran and cereals. You can also vary the topping as you wish. Your student will be delighted with such a treat! nine0003

Detailed recipe.

Dried Fruit Bars

The key to proper nutrition is wholesome snacks. We offer to prepare bars from dried fruits and nuts. Store this treat in a cool, dry place in an airtight container.

Detailed recipe.

Oatmeal biscuits with honey

Very tasty, fragrant honey biscuits, at the same time moderately sweet. Suitable for a snack, a light breakfast with milk, tea and as a school companion. Bake in just 15 minutes and delight your family! nine0003

Detailed recipe.

Buns with sausages

Buns are very tender and rich, reminiscent of brioche. And if you bake sausages in them, you get a great snack for a child to school. If desired, sausages can also be prepared at home in advance.

Detailed recipe.

Healthy sweets

What can children do without sweets? Be sure to spoil them with such treats, but make sweets at home from natural and healthy products. For this recipe, you will need dried apricots, prunes, walnuts, and use coconut flakes as a breading. nine0003

Detailed recipe.

Cheesy Chicken Sandwich

Chicken thighs, veal or turkey slices are perfect for this sandwich. The meat can be cut into small strips, then it will cook faster. It makes for a very tasty snack!

Detailed recipe.

Lemon Bars

Lemon pastries are perfect for autumn. It is rich in vitamins C, A, B 1 , B 2 and mineral salts. Bars are tasty and fragrant, especially good when served cold with tea. nine0003

Detailed recipe.

Snack muffins with cheese, sausage and green peas

We make the dough for such muffins on kefir, and in the filling we take green peas, boiled sausage and hard cheese. The recipe is good not only for the speed of preparation, but also for the ability to change fillers. This is useful when you need to dispose of leftover food from the refrigerator or if the child prefers a particular ingredient.

Detailed recipe.

Carrot cakes

We offer to replace store-bought desserts with healthier ones and products that you can be sure of. Carrot cakes also come in handy if a school holiday is coming up.

Detailed recipe.

Raspberry muffins

Delicate soft muffins can be topped with absolutely any filling. It can be other berries or fruits, cut into pieces, peanut or chocolate paste, boiled condensed milk. And without filler they are good.

Detailed recipe. nine0003

The most delicious glazed curds

The secret of delicious glazed curds lies, of course, in quality products. The cooking process will not cause difficulties, just follow the detailed recipe.

Detailed recipe.

Cottage cheese rolls with filling

Cottage cheese is often added to baked goods, so in our selection you will find several recipes with this ingredient. Let's start with bagels. The set of products for the dough is as simple as possible: flour, cottage cheese, butter, sugar, baking powder. The filling can be different, the most affordable option is to use your favorite jam. nine0003

Detailed recipe.

Cheese Waffles

If you happen to own a waffle iron, don't miss this recipe. Fragrant ruddy waffles are prepared with rice flour, soft cottage cheese and cheese.

Detailed recipe.

Curd biscuits “Shells”

Delicate curd biscuits will please both children and adults. You can do it not just with sugar, as indicated in the recipe, but add your favorite berries, 1-2 pcs. in every cookie. The taste will only get better!

Detailed recipe.

Milk slice

Another version of a homemade dessert that a child can treat to school friends. For cooking, you need a powerful mixer and a little time. Make a treat in the evening and refrigerate, and in the morning simply cut into portions and wrap up with you.

Detailed recipe.

Lavender biscuits

Coconut and lavender flavored crumbly biscuits will surely be new to young households, but they will definitely like it. If you have not prepared such pastries, take note. nine0003

Detailed recipe.

Cottage Cheese Casserole with Cherry Sauce

Everything is as easy as shelling pears here: mix the ingredients, bake, and you're done! And what is the result ... Cottage cheese casserole is tender, like a cloud. And be sure to cook the cherry sauce. Real jam!

Detailed recipe.

Cantucci - Italian biscuits

Italian biscuits for when your child wants to crunch. Baking contains almonds, which is especially useful for a student. nine0003

Detailed recipe.

Juicy Apple Pie

The bulk apple pie is very juicy and moderately sweet. Its texture is more like a light fluffy pudding. Put a couple of pieces in a container and be sure that your child will not be sad at recess.

Learn more