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Interview With Camila Alves McConaughey About Making Healthier Choices at Home

Find out what she and husband Matthew McConaughey love to cook together!

By Bethany Braun-Silva

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Camila Alves McConaughey, mom, model, and wife of actor Matthew McConaughey, launched her company Yummy Spoonfuls® with the mission to change the American food system. She and her partner Agatha Achindu want to emphasize that nutritious food can also be delicious.

Yummy Spoonfuls is frozen baby and toddler food brand made from selectively sourced organic food items. It contains no preservatives, additives, or fillers. Yummy Spoonfuls' founder Achindu and Alves McConaughey, co-owner and chief brand director, aim to change the way kids eat from their very first spoonful and create a simpler way to provide delicious, just-like-homemade food for babies and tots.

They recently launched their LoveUnprocessed website, which will host exclusive content and be the home for the Healthy Firsts council of Registered Dietitians sharing actionable, real-world advice on how to introduce foods and establish healthy eating habits throughout the first formative years. The site will also serve as the hub for Yummy Spoonful’s social community, where parents can share their own #LoveUnprocessed moments.

We talked with Alves McConaughey about how we, as parents, can start incorpating these healthy choices at home and what she and her husband, actor Matthew McConaughey, love to cook together. Check out the interview below:

What is your favorite thing to cook for your family?
One of my favorites is slow cooked beans. I always have a pot on the stove or a cooked batch in the freezer as a backup. It's a simple dish filled with fiber and protein; it takes me back to Brazil. I love sharing delicious and nutritious dishes that I grew up with as a kid with my own children. The kids absolute favorite is the honey chicken I make—but that’s a whole different story!

How can parents make healthier food choices at home?
A few things I like to follow at my home: READ the ingredient panel. This is so important—manufacturers have to list ingredients in order, from the highest to lowest amount. So even if the front of the box says "whole grain"—if you’re seeing one of the first three ingredients listed as sugar, you know it’s not really that healthy for you. The food industry can be very misleading with claims and advertising, and make you think you are getting something that you are not. That's why we make our food with zero additives or preservatives—what you see on the label is what you get. Stay away from over-processed foods as much as possible. Avoid any ingredients you can't pronounce—if it wouldn't be in your home kitchen, it doesn't belong in your store-bought foods.

If possible, always buy organic, and if you can’t do organic for everything, try and follow the EWG’s “Dirty Dozen.” Clean out your pantry and refrigerator: Have a checkup every so often and clear out any unhealthy items in your kitchen. If you know it’s not a good choice, keep it out of your home! Despite what they may say, kids will eat what they have at home. They will complain at first, but if you stick with the healthier choices, after a week or so they will understand that there will be no other options and their taste buds will get used to it. That way you control when there's a "treat day"—and make those moments feel special.

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What are some ways parents can use food to connect with their kids?
I love to cook with my kids and have been doing so for as long as I can remember! It is very important I believe to start involving them with "real foods" instead of just doing the cooking with them when it is cookies or cupcakes.... Get the kids involved and show them that cooking can be fun and creative. It's great to see what they come up when they start putting ingredients together. My oldest’s first love was grilled avocados!

Why should parents choose organic foods?
I don't think growing bodies should be exposed to toxic pesticides, added hormones, and antibiotics. There are so many unknowns when raising our kids, and if we can take steps to protect them then I think we should each do what we can.

How do you manage "me time" with three kids at home?
I am still trying to manage! If you have a secret I will take any recommendations you have! One thing I have learned is that I used to think that "me time" would require taking a vacation. The reality is that even if I take just couple hours once a week of doing something that is meaningful and replenishing, it makes a huge difference!

Do you and Matthew McConaughey have a favorite meal you like to cook together?
We usually split the cooking duties...but we always have fun creating something together when we do pizza competition parties with friends and family! We have been winners a few times in a row!

Tell us about the #LoveUnprocessed movement.
As parents, we’re constantly getting messages that we’re doing it wrong. We guilt ourselves for everything—whether it’s store-bought foods or screen time or having too many activities or not enough. What we really need is to let childhood be simple, and unprocessed. So we’re out to encourage and celebrate those unforced, natural moments with our kids and create a community of parents who value clean food, natural nourishment, and getting a little more time back to enjoy your family. Let us at Yummy Spoonfuls do the hard work for you!


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How Camila Alves McConaughey's Kids Said Alright to Healthy Eating

Watch: Camila Alves Gets "Brazilian Street" With Her Kids - Mom2Mom

Camila Alves McConaughey admits, she hasn't always set the perfect example for her three kids.

And one day, they totally called her out.

"They caught me," she told E! News, remembering the time she was busted sneaking chocolate out of her hiding place on a high shelf in the pantry. "And they're like, 'What are you doing?'"

Hand in the proverbial cookie jar aside, Alves was quite proud of them, since the main reason they thought it was a big deal was because their mom had already done that good of a job teaching them about healthy eating.


Stars' Favorite Foods and Drinks

"Actually, they inspired me to go, 'You know what? I can't keep doing this, this is not OK,'" Alves said of sneaking sugar. "They encouraged me to go ahead and find better versions, so now my go-to is vegan chocolate. It still gives me my fix but it's better for me."

That teachable moment for everyone is reminiscent of the plot of the 39-year-old entrepreneur's first children's book, Just Try One Bite, co-written with Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Mike Boldt, which flips the script on the picky eater trope.

"We gave all the power to the kids, the kids know best, they're actually getting on the parents," Alves explained of the premise, in which three siblings are trying to convince their mother and father to set aside the ice cream and just try a bite of broccoli.

And though Levi, 13, Vida, 12, and Livingston, 9—all of whom have gone through "different stages at different times" with food, Alves shared—don't generally have to remind their model mom and Oscar winner dad, Matthew McConaughey, 52, to eat right, they have been empowered to make their own informed choices (within reason) when it comes to snacking.

Alex J. Berliner/ABImages via AP Images

"That's what I do in my household," Alves shared. "When the kids want to have something that's not good for them, I go, 'Hey, I'm not going to tell you not to have it. But look at the ingredient panel.' They go in and they start looking at it and I go, "Well, does it all sound like stuff that you would have in your kitchen? Does it all sound like stuff that you want to put in your body?'"

She recalled sports drinks being on of their first topics of conversation in this vein. "We were talking about food coloring and all of that" and she told them, '"Look, 'Red 40,' I know it sounds fun, but do you know what that is? Nobody does!" 

So she turned that into a contest, offering a prize to whomever found out what it was first.

And "they still have it," Alves added, noting that she hasn't banned red food coloring or other fun, albeit less nutritionally dense, ingredients from the house. Rather, the kids know that, if they want something, they need to be aware of what's in it. "We're in no way, shape or form perfect in the household," she said. "But we try to create a balance with knowledge."

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However, not knowing what was in something did get Alves to eat mushrooms, a food she had always despised with a passion. "You couldn't pay me enough to eat them," she quipped. (She draws the line at fish, though, revealing that she's never even tasted the salmon dish she makes that her husband likes so much.)

But after sampling and loving a vegetarian Bolognese prepared by Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, who did a Chef Series video for Alves' Women of Today (where you can find that recipe and more), she was shocked—shocked!—to find out she'd been happily scarfing down mushrooms.

"Ever since, that opened up my palate to try different ways of having mushrooms," Alves, who then tried it out at home (where it was shirtless husband-approved) explained.


Knowing just one savvy preparation can get a person to embrace new foods, giving more families the tools to make more nutritious choices has become a priority for the busy mom.

"It just became so clear to me how important it is to start the conversation early on, and how easy it is," she told E! "So much information is now accessible and there are so many things you can do that are actually simple changes. It doesn't have to be that hard or that difficult."

Acknowledging just how much information is out there, helpful and otherwise, she continued, "A lot of books say what you cannot do, and a lot of books go to the science of it or say you 'eat this, don't eat that.' But I haven't seen a book that makes it fun and funny and gives the kids the power and is not judgmental. "

Enter Just Try One Bite, which also features the kids getting to tell their parents, "In your face, Mom and Dad." (Which had to have been a perk for Levi, Vida and Livingston, who narrate the audiobook along with Mansbach's daughters, the eldest of whom inspired his most famous work, 2011's Go the F--k to Sleep, when she was 2.)


Matthew McConaughey's Memoir Bombshells

The book "really represents the power that, if you give it to the kids, they will grab it and run with it," Alves said. "I've seen it happen in my own household. So if parents can have fun with it, I think it's awesome. And overall it's just a great conversation to have."

Again, she emphasized, "We do a balance. It's not about being perfect. You can still have your ice cream now and then, just not every day. You can still have your doughnut holes."


Camila Alves McConaughey Shares Her Favorite Women-Owned Businesses on Amazon Handmade

Her Texan husband came from a household where they talked about such things, so he got the memo early about enjoying sweets in moderation, Alves explained.

But though the Brazilian-born Alves, who moved to Los Angeles when she was a teenager, hailed from a family of farmers, she continued, and their "connection with food and where it comes from is really strong, we never talked about sugar. It was free-for-all sugar, and what do I struggle with now, as an adult? Sugar."

That being said, she noted, "I'm not here to tell any parents what to do. I'm not here to tell them to follow a certain diet, to follow a certain direction on how to feed their kids. But I am here to tell them that the conversation with kids about healthy habits and how food interacts within their body is a very important conversation to have. And if we start that early on, then most likely you are setting your child up for life-long good habits."

Just Try One Bite is on sale Tuesday, March 22.

We independently selected these deals and products because we love them, and we think you might like them at these prices. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

Just Try One Bite by Camila Alves McConaughey & Adam Mansbach

This children's book is a total role reversal with picky eater parents getting confronted by their kids about their lack of healthy eating habits.


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Matthew McConaughey biography, age, height, wife, new movie, movies, TV shows and net worth

Famous People In The Usa

Matthew McConaughey biography

Matthew McConaughey, born as Matthew David McConaughey, is an American actor and producer. He is best known for his striking role in the coming-of-age comedy Dazed and Confused (1993). He also appeared in the slasher film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994), A Time to Kill (1996), comedy More Life (1996), Steven Spielberg's historical drama Amistad (1997), sci-fi drama Contact. (1997), EDtv comedy (1999) and war film U-571 (2000).

McConaughey became best known in the 2000s for roles in romantic comedies including The Wedding Planner (2001), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), Fail (2006) ), "Fool's Gold" (2008) and "Ghosts". Past Girlfriends (2009). Matthew has been in dramatic roles since 2011, including Lincoln's Lawyer (2011), Bernie (2011), Killer Joe (2011), Newsboy (2012), Dirt (2012), Magic Mike (2012), Wolf from the Wall. Street (2013), Interstellar (2014), Sea of ​​Trees (2016), Jones Free State (2016).

Matthew was a critical success in 2013 and 2014. He portrayed Ron Woodroffe, a cowboy diagnosed with AIDS, in the biopic Dallas Buyers Club in 2013. It earned him an Academy Award, a Critics' Choice Award, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award, including Best Actor. awards and nominations. He starred as Rust Cole in the first season of the HBO crime drama anthology True Detective in 2014, for which he received a Critics' Choice Television Award and a TCA Award, and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Film Actor Award. Guild Award.

Beyond Film In 2016, Matthew became Creative Director of Kentucky Bourbon Distillery, Wild Turkey. Since then, he has directed numerous commercials and short clips. He also starred in several commercials.

Matthew McConaughey Age

Matthew was born November 4, 1969 in Uwald, Texas. As of 2019, he is 50 years old.

king of homemade wife

Matthew McConaughey Height and Weight

Matthew is 6 ft 0 in (183 cm) tall and weighs 181 lbs (82 kg).

Matthew McConaughey's family

Matthew was born in Uwald, Texas. He is the daughter of Mary Kathleen, a former kindergarten teacher and writer who taught McConaughey. His mother was from Trenton, New Jersey. Matthew's father, James Donald "Jim" McConaughey, was born in Mississippi in 1929 and grew up in Louisiana, where he ran an oil pipeline supply company. He played for the college football teams Kentucky Wildcats and Houston Cougars. Jim was drafted in the 27th round of the National Football League by the Green Bay Packers at 1953 year. He was released before the start of the season and never played in an official NFL league game.

David and Tamela Mann net worth

Matthew's parents married three times and divorced twice. He is the brother of two older brothers, Michael and Patrick (who was adopted). His brother Michael, nicknamed "Rooster", is a self-made millionaire who starred in the CNBC documentary series The West Texas Investor Club. Since 2018, he has been on the A&E reality show Rooster & Butch with Wayne (Butch) Gilliam. Matthew's ancestry includes English, German, Irish, Scottish and Swedish, and his Irish ancestry comes from the Cavan/Monaghan area. He is related to Confederate Brigadier General Dandridge McRae. He had a Methodist upbringing.

Is Matthew McConaughey married? Matthew McConaughey Wife

Matthew met Camila Alves in 2006. They got engaged on December 25, 2011 and married on June 9, 2012 in a private Catholic ceremony in Austin, Texas, where they reside. The couple have three children: sons Levi Alves McConaughey, born July 7, 2008, and Livingston Alves McConaughey, born December 28, 2012, and one daughter, Vida Alves McConaughey, born January 3, 2010.

Matthew McConaughey New Movie

  • gentlemen-2020
  • Serence 2019
  • Beach Bomge 2019

Matthew McConahi 2019

Matthew officially became a professor at the Department of Communications Moody in his alma-mother, Uta-Ostin, in 2019 G .; since 2015 he has worked as a guest instructor. The first two sessions were dedicated to filming. Free State of Jones .

Matthew is a long time fan of the Redskins and started following the team because of Chris Hangburger and his Indian support in cowboy and Indian westerns. He even claims to have attended the last Redskins game at RFK Stadium and the first game at Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, as well as the first game at the renamed FedEx Field. He is also a lifelong fan of the Texas Longhorns, his alma mater's team. He became a minority owner of Austin FC in 2019, a Major League Soccer team due to start playing in 2021.

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Matthew McConaughey Movies | Matthew McConaughey First Movie

Movies from 2011 to 2019

  • 2019 - Serenity Films not yet released as Baker Dill
  • 2019 - Beach Bum Films not yet released as Moondog
  • 2018 - White Boy Rick - Vershi Sr.
  • 2017 - The Dark Tower - Walter Padic
  • 2016 - Jones Free State - Newton Knight
  • 2016 - Kubo & Two Strings - Beetle/Hanzo (voice)
  • 9004 - Sing as Buster Moon (voice)
  • 2016 - Gold - Kenny Wells
  • 2015 - Sea of ​​Trees - Arthur Brennan
  • 2014 - Interstellar - Cooper
  • 2013 - Dallas Buyers Club - Wall Street
  • - 9004 c3 Mark Hanna
  • 2012 - Dirt like dirt
  • 2012 - Magic Mike - Dallas
  • 2012 - Ward Jansen Ward Jansen
  • 2011 - Mickey Huller
  • - Danny Bak Davidson
  • 2011 2011 joe cooper0049
  • 2008 - Surfer Dude - Steve Addington
  • 2006 - Launch Failed Like Tripp
  • 2006 - We're Marshall - Jack Polish
  • 2005 - Sahara - Dirk Pitt
  • 2005 - Glorious Desolation Like El3D Bean (voice)
  • 2005 - Two for the Money - Brandon Lang
  • 2003 - How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Benjamin Barry
  • 2003 - Tiptoe - Steven
  • 2002 - Fragility - Fenton / Adam Meiks 9004 9004 9004 talk about one thing like Troy
  • 2002 - Kingdom of Fire - Denton Van Zan
  • 2001 - Steve Edison organizer

Films from 1992 to 2000

  • 2000 - U -571 - Lieutenant Andrew Tyler
  • 1999 - EDTV - ED Pekure
  • 1998 - Newton Boys - Willis Newton
  • 1998 - Making Sandwiches - Bud Hoagy
  • 1998 - Rebel
  • 1997 - Contact as Palmer Joss
  • 1999 - Friendship - Roger Sherman Baldwin 9004
  • 6 - Lone Star - Buddy Deeds
  • 1996 - Time to Kill - Jake Brigans
  • 1996 - Bigger Than Life Like Tip Tucker
  • 1996 - Scorpion Spring - El Rojo
  • 1995 - Boys on the Side - Officer Abe Lincoln
  • 1995 - Glory Daze - Truck Tenant
  • 1994 - Outskirts Angels - Ben Williams
  • 1994 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation - Wilmer Slaughter
  • 1993 - My Boyfriend Is Back as Guy #2
  • 1993 - Stunned and confusing - David Wuderson
  • 1992 - Chariots Chikano
  • TBA - TOFF Guys films, which have not yet been released

TV show

  • 2015 - Saturday evening as the host
  • 2014 - True Detective - Rustin "Rust" Cole
  • 2010–2012 - East and End - Roy McDaniel
  • 2003 - Saturday Night Live as host
  • 2003 - Liberty: US History as Fenno Hoffman / Alexander H. Stephens
  • 2000 - Sex in the big city - himself
  • 1999 - Tsar Mountain - Red Tidbodo (Voice)
  • 1992 - Unsolved Secrets - Larry Dickens

Matthew McConahi Best Films

  1. Interstellar Club
  2. Square (2013)
  3. Mud (2012
  4. Lincoln's Lawyer (2011)
  5. Time to Kill (1996)
  6. Killer Joe
  7. Magic Mike
  8. We Marshall (
  9. ) Friendship ()97)
  10. How to lose a guy in 10 days

melodrama Matthew McConahi

  • How to lose a guy in 10 days
  • Refusal of launch
  • Wedding organizer
  • Goyda
  • gold
  • returned
  • Lone Star

Matthew McConaughey Net Worth

Matthew's net worth is estimated at $95 million. He made a fortune from a brilliant acting career as well as advertising deals.

Matthew McConaughey Dazed and Confused

Matthew starred in Richard Linklater's film Dazed and Confused. is a teen comedy film written and directed by Richard Linklater. It features a large ensemble of actors who would go on to become stars, including Jason London, Ben Affleck, Mil Jovovich, Cole Hauser, Parker Posey, Adam Goldberg, Joey Lauren Adams, Nicky Catt and Rory Cochrane. The plot follows various groups of Texas teenagers on their last day of school at 776 year.

Matthew McConaughey Hair

Matthew McConaughey before and after

Matthew McConaughey Space movie | Matthew McConaughey Bald

This is an epic 2014 sci-fi film directed, co-written and co-produced by Christopher Nolan. It stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Bill Irwin, Ellen Burstyn and Michael Caine. Set in a dystopian future where humanity is trying to survive, the film follows a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole in search of a new home for humanity.

how old is Erin Christiansen Tucson

Actor Matthew McConaughey

Matthew began working in television commercials, including the Austin American-Statesman, a daily newspaper in Austin, Texas, which is considered his first acting role. Line: "How else can I keep up with my horns?" - a nod to his favorite Texas Longhorns sports teams - gave the local community a glimpse of the young actor before he was cast in Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused. At 19In '92, he landed the role of Joe in Trisha Yearwood's "Walkaway Joe" video.

how old is Tom Oars' mother

After several smaller roles in Angels on the Outskirts, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, Boys on the Side, and the television series Unsolved Mysteries, McConaughey had his big break as lawyer Jake Brigans in A Time to Kill ( 1996), based on the novel of the same name by John Grisham. Matthew starred in other films in the late 1990s including Contact, Amistad, Newton's Boys, EDtv and U-571, and has since starred in many films.

Matthew McConaughey Workout

Here is Matthew's Monday workout routine. On Monday, Matthew does abs and cardio for the legs. Do circuit 1 and circuit 2, then repeat each circuit 2 more times. Then go to scheme 3 (cardio). Gunnar Peterson will switch the rotation in each exercise of the circuit.

McConaughey does chest, shoulders and cardio as part of his workout routine on Tuesday. Do circuits 1 to 3, then repeat each circuit 2 more times. Then go to scheme 4 (cardio). Gunnar Peterson will change the rotation of each exercise in the circuit.

Matthew McConaughey's Diet

In addition to his varied regular workouts, Matthew's diet is high in high fiber (low starch) vegetables, sustainable proteins and moderate amounts of healthy fats. Matthew is best known for his dieting role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club in which he reportedly lost 50 pounds by eating lots of fish and vegetables.

Since then, Matthew has returned to promoting a "balanced 80/20" lifestyle, which at its core also promotes paleo (i.e. diet, not lifestyle) - including a daily glass of wine and whey protein shakes between meals to support his active lifestyle.

Photo by Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Poster

Posters by Matthew McConaughey

Not in body, but in deed.

Reboot Diagram by Matthew McConaughey | Person | culture

Matthew McConaughey.

“Life after forty is just beginning” – this phrase from the film “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears” can be applied to history actor Matthew McConaughey . In the early 2000s, a tall blonde with a sculpted torso drove romantic comedy lovers crazy. It would seem that rest on your laurels and collect the cream in the form of advertising contracts. But McConaughey turned out to be smarter than everyone thought - and in a few years he updated the version of himself to perfection. finds out how he did it.

Step 1: Get it right

Matthew McConaughey was born November 4, 1969 in Texas. He did not plan to leave his native land, he dreamed of becoming a good lawyer, but in his last year at the university he suddenly changed his mind in favor of the acting profession. Starting with commercials, McConaughey managed to attract attention directed by Richard Linklater . The role in the film "Dazed and Confused" did not bring big fees, but the tape received the approval of professionals - Quentin Tarantino included it in his list of 12 greatest films. After that, for several years in a row, Matthew McConaughey took on everything that was given: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” in 1994, “The Star of the Sheriff” and other films in which no one will remember the actor now.

Real audience success came to McConaughey after the release of the adventure thriller "Sahara", where a sultry beauty became his partner Penelope Cruz . Tanned and curly-haired, McConaughey looked so good against the background of the sands that the producers realized: here he is, our new sex symbol. More to come: "The Wedding Planner" from Jennifer Lopez , "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" and "Fool's Gold" from Kate Hudson . So the role of the hero-lover was firmly attached to the actor, which was very difficult to get rid of.

Matthew McConaughey in the movie Sahara. 2005 year. Shot from the film "Sahara"

Step 2. Stop and think

At some point, the actor realized that he couldn't continue like this. He consulted with his wife - he warned that he would have to tighten his belts - and for six months in a row he refused all the same types of roles. Gradually, the flow dried up, for a whole year and a half McConaughey sat without work at all. A ticket to a new life was a call from William Friedkin with an offer of a role in Killer Joe. Play an ugly character? Exactly what is needed!

“Killer Joe is probably the most annoying person I've ever played in my life. This, in general, was all the interest, ”explains Matthew McConaughey.

2012 was a turning point for the actor: three films with his participation were released, one better than the other. "Super Mike!" Steven Soderbergh's , The Paperboy Lee Daniels , Mud Jeff Nichols - these were difficult roles that McConaughey coped with perfectly.

“Could I have played the same three years ago? Of course, but no one would just call me, - says the actor. “In general, they looked at me with a fresh look - and this happened thanks to that pause, the fact that I closed my own brand, made everyone forget a little about the template by which I was measured.”

Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe. 2011. Shot from the movie "Killer Joe"

Step 3. Work without looking back

For two years in a row, Matthew McConaughey plowed like an ox. In 2013, the Dallas Buyers Club was released, in which the actor played a simple hard worker who fell ill with AIDS and decided to fight the circumstances. For this role, Matthew lost 17 kilograms - in the person on the screen it was hardly possible to recognize the handsome man from those same rom-coms full of health. The professional community highly appreciated the works of McConaughey: for the "Dallas Buyers Club" he received an Oscar, leaving himself with nothing.0312 Leonardo DiCaprio . Another confirmation of Matthew's talent was the True Detective series, the main television event of the year.

McConaughey himself admits that, of course, it is pleasant to receive awards, but he does not work for them. “I just want to keep playing roles that excite me and in films that I would watch myself. The fee is also great, who would argue, but interesting experience is more important to me now, ”he explains.

Step 4: Enjoy

Matthew McConaughey's schedule is jam-packed with five major projects planned for the coming years. But this does not prevent him from finding time for hobbies and family. Few people know about the actor's passion for linguistic research: he independently collected a collection of 800 proverbs, couplets and aphorisms. And McConaughey's family is large and friendly: a beautiful wife Camila , providing him with a "reliable rear", and three children, whose birth the actor calls a miracle.

Matthew McConaughey in the movie Interstellar. year 2014. A frame from the movie "Interstellar"

Man himself is the blacksmith of his own happiness, McConaughey proves and formulates his recipe: "Tune in to your own frequency. Each of us has one on which everything turns out. The main thing is to find it and then not stray from the course.

Matthew McConaugheyHollywood ActorsHollywood

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