Monster baby feeding game

Feed The Monster { Fine Motor + Color Game}

by Alexa

DIY toys are my favorite toys! And fine motor skill toys are my second favorite, so if you can have both of them in one toy that is a double win for me.

Feed the monster is all about working eye-hand coordination and cognitive development. All you need is a tin can and some Popsicle sticks.

DIY toys are fun and easy to make. You can use it as an opportunity to teach more than one lesson at a time. Create a few of these monsters with different size shapes for the mouth to increase the challenge.

Toys that offer a learning opportunity are toys that your child will use more often than those which don’t. This is why I love open-ended toys and toys that offer that type of fine motor skill and cognitive development. This DIY Toy does just that!

This game is also a great game to practice color recognition. Around one year old, you can start introducing sorting and learning colors and this is a super fun activity to do just that!

My son has played with this toy since he was 10 months old and he is two years old now and still enjoys it. We have created challenges to keep his interest.

So how can we make a toy at home that can work on fine motor skills? well, simple! all you need is two things.

Materials Needed

  • Popsicle sticks (colors are optional but encourage for toddlers who are learning their colors)
  • Container with a soft lid (like the oatmeal tub, or Cheetos tub)

Oh, yes, you will need scissors to cut the mouth and paper to create the eyes.

Objective: Use a hands-on learning activity to work on fine motor skills

  • Collect a container with soft lid, it can be a box of oatmeal, yogurt, or like me a box of Gerber puffs.
  • Cut half a circle on the lid to create the mouth using scissors.
  • Create some eyes cutting two circles on a white piece of paper and color two black dots in each fo the pupils
  • Glue the eyes to the lid over the mouth.

Feed the Monster: Game for Babies

The idea of the game is to place the Popsicle sticks inside the container.  

Do the I show you, we do it, now you do it technique.

Show your baby how to insert the Popsicle sticks into the container.

Do it together. Let your baby insert some, and now you insert some. Play together and celebrate together when your baby is doing it correctly.

Independent play. Now, that your baby knows how to play, it is time for you to step away but keep an eye at a distance, let him/her figure it out, investigate and independently play.


Feed the monster doesn’t have to be played with just popsicle sticks. You can feed him anything! Your baby doesn’t want to eat? feed the monster first, then offer the next spoonful to your baby and see how quickly he/she starts accepting food.

Invite your baby to play by handing him/her out each stick and “feed the monster” 

Feed the Monster: Game for Toddlers

The idea of the game is to place the popsicle sticks inside the container.  For toddlers, this is a great game to learn colors.

Do the I show you, we do it, now you do it technique.

Show your toddler how to insert the popsicle sticks into the container. You can name the color each time you grab one stick and place it inside the monster. Let your toddler insert some sticks and see if he can identify the color. Say “Can you feed the monster the YELLOW stick”

Do it together. Let your toddler insert some sticks as you name what color they picked. then take turns. Play together and celebrate together when your toddler is naming and feeding the monster.

Independent play. Now, that your toddler knows how to play, it is time for you to step away but keep an eye at a distance, let him/her figure it out, investigate and do some independently play.


Feed the monster doesn’t have to be played with just popsicle sticks. You can feed him anything! pom-poms, scoops of rice or pasta, and even small carrots. Anything goes!

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Are playing with monster toys dangerous? Should I buy monsters for my child?

Toys make the childhood of any child bright, unique and unforgettable. For the crumbs, new and unknown things are always interesting. Baby dolls, teddy bears and hares, soldiers ... The house where the child lives is slowly filled with objects of the toy industry. nine0003

But at some point in his life, the baby begins to show interest in monster toys . And then anxious parents grab their heads - buy or ignore requests? Allow to play or establish a strict ban? What is the point of monster toys? Why are they so attractive to children of different ages and genders?

The modern millennium opens up a wide variety of scary toys for the world. These are the heroes of cartoons, newly minted comics and films. nine0003

Among the variety of toys, the most popular ones stand out.

Dolls & Humanoid Monsters: Dracula Vampire, Monster High Dolls, Spiderman, Batman, X-Men Movie Characters, Star Wars, Ben 10 Cartoon Characters.

Funny Monsters "Monsters Inc", "Monsters University" and "Monsters vs. Aliens", Stitch, Swampsters, monsters of the fictional world of Monsterism.

Robots: transformers, Wally, iron man and characters from the cartoon "Almighty Rangers".

Animals: Gremlins, Godzilla, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shrek, Gormites cartoon characters.


Store shelves are full of variety. On them you can always find children's toys for every taste. Parents should not worry if the child has found his favorite monster hero among them, it's not so scary.

Are playing with monster toys dangerous?

Toys should always be age appropriate.

Children under 3 years of age are not recommended to play with scary toys. At this age, the child's psyche has not yet formed, he does not understand well what is good or bad. Therefore, monster toys can have a negative impact on development.

Today's children's heroes, such as transformers, are very similar in appearance, and it is difficult to determine which of them is on the side of good or evil. The child needs a visual and clear explanation between good and bad, good and evil. Otherwise, it may lead to the loss of the boundary between these concepts. nine0003

Children over 6 years old monster toys do not pose such a threat. The child already well recognizes good and bad, can control fear, the psyche is formed at this age.

Through play with monster dolls the child can act out negative life events. Reflecting their own aggression and fear in such toys, children learn to recognize and control them, to transfer the negative not to the object that caused it, but to a terrible toy.

But you shouldn't leave your baby alone with such toys. He must be under the supervision of his parents during the game. Even better is to play with your child. It is better to store scary toys out of sight in the children's room, and bring them with you before the game. If one of the toys causes fear in the child, it is necessary to get rid of it. nine0003

It's not worth it to follow a child's lead, systematically replenishing the arsenal of horror films. In everyday life, a child should have various toys, and not only

It is not worth banning monster toys for a baby. This can lead to the fact that he will draw a terrifying expression on the muzzle of a good rabbit, breaking it on purpose. And the rabbit itself will turn from a good animal into some kind of destructive villain. In this case, the baby may no longer distinguish between good and evil, good and bad deeds. nine0003

Games with monster toys also have a lot of positive aspects for the development of the child.

What are the benefits of playing with monster dolls?

Playing with monster heroes , the baby develops fantasy, imagination. The child can evaluate and realize bad deeds from the outside. To see yourself in your hero, to understand when he does the same bad thing. Games with monster toys teach the baby perseverance, courage, nobility, opposition to the bad.

During such fun, children learn to recognize personal aggressiveness and fear, begin to control them, overcome negative emotions. The child in these toys conquers his own fear, destroying the bad hero in the game.

Transforming robots, like any other construction set, help develop fine motor skills and quick wits. They are taught to deal with difficulties, since even an adult is sometimes very difficult to transform a robot into a car or plane.

The little one plays the victory of good over evil in games with scary toys. He learns to recognize the bad and overcome it, while he himself ceases to be afraid of evil. Often it is monster toys that act as defenders of humanity. nine0003

Watching a child play with monster toys, one can always understand whether the kid supports the ideals of kindness, whether the little one will give the villain a chance to correct himself, thereby showing his own kindness.

Or the toy is used to humiliate and bully other toys.

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