Moringa baby food

How to give Moringa Leaves for Babies

Drumstick or Moringa leaves are known for their health benefits. Find out all about how to give moringa leaves for babies, along with recipes to try.

Nutritional Benefits of Moringa Leaves

How to give Moringa Leaves for Babies

Moringa Recipes for Babies

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No idli or dosa combo is complete without sambar, and no sambar is complete without drumsticks!! Drumsticks, also known as ‘murungai’ are one of those vegetables that give sambar its personality, and takes its nutritional quotient to another level. Murungai means ‘twisted pod’ in Tamil, probably due to its long, twisted shape full of seeds inside.

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is a vegetable that grows quickly and without difficulty and retains most of its nutrients in its leaves. Moringa is being recognized as a superfood the world over, because of the dense concentration of various nutrients (over 90 nutrients) in just a small quantity. Due to this, Moringa is considered one of the best ways to fight malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency in several parts of Africa.

Murungai or Moringa is grown in many homes across India, and it has an important place in traditional medicine. All parts of the plant are used, including flowers, fruit, roots, bark, seeds and leaves. But today, we’re going to be talking about the moringa leaves for babies – when they can have it, how they can have it and its nutritional benefits.

Nutritional Benefits of Moringa Leaves

  • Fights inflammation and has immunity boosting benefits
  • Rich in dietary fiber; prevents constipation and promotes regular bowel movements
  • Excellent source of iron, containing 11% of the RDA
  • Rich in amino acids, an essential protein component that plays a crucial role in growth
  • Is good for the eyes with a high Vitamin A content – about 9% of the RDA
  • Plays a role in healthy skin and hair; is also applied externally for skin health
  • Rich in antioxidants that fights free radical damage and may even stop cancer
  • Contains elements that help lower blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Acts as a detoxifying agent, particularly for the liver and kidney
  • Contains anti inflammatory properties that fights infection and aids recovery and healing
  • Is a great lactose-free option for calcium
  • Can protect against toxic elements in food and water

To put the exact concentration of nutrients in perspective, here is a comparison of Moringa with other foods – it contains:

  • Seven times more vitamin C than from oranges
  • Twice the protein and Four times the calcium in milk
  • Four times more vitamin A than from carrots
  • Three times more potassium than from bananas

Moringa leaves have immense health benefits for babies but are difficult to digest if given directly. The slightly bitter taste may also put them off.

Due to this, it’s recommended to start with a strained soup of moringa leaves after 6 months. Please follow the 3-day rule to make sure your baby has no trouble digesting it. Once you are sure your baby has no trouble with moringa leaves soup, you can introduce moringa powder in your baby’s diet. Go slow and increase the quantities very gradually or it could be an overload on baby’s gentle digestive system.

Moringa powder is made after the moringa leaves are washed, dried, dry roasted and ground. In most western countries, powder and capsules are the only way to get the nutrients of moringa. Moringa powder is considered to be much more nutritious than fresh leaves since it has a more dense concentration of nutrients; in fact it enjoys the status of a superfood in many nations. For babies over six months, moringa powder can be added breast milk or formula.

After your baby’s first birthday, you can introduce moringa leaves slowly. Start with leaves that are very tender, since they are easier to digest. If you can’t find tender leaves, be sure to pressure cook or steam the leaves till very well cooked, since the leaves take a while to become soft. Even then you may have to grind them to a puree.

When sourcing moringa leaves or powder for your baby, be very careful to get them from organic sources. Moringa leaves can get easily contaminated with genetically modified organisms or pesticides, so a reliable source cannot be compromised on. Wash the leaves several times to get rid of any soil or dirt. Use only the leaves of the plant; the roots contain toxic substances and are not recommended for consumption.

Moringa Recipes for Babies

1. Moringa Leaves Soup – This is the easiest way to introduce moringa leaves in your baby’s diet. GK Food Diary has a simple recipe that you can customize by reducing the spices if you like. You can also use this soup as stock when cooking for older children.

2. Moringa Oatmeal Puree – In this recipe from Mama Loves, you can use Moringa powder instead of the leaves and organic oatmeal to make this healthy and wholesome puree.

3. Minty Moringa Pea Soup – This soup from Aduna is slightly heavier than the basic moringa leaves soup but is quite hearty for the winters. You can skip chickpeas if your baby has trouble digesting it. Use homemade vegetable stock to keep it healthy and wholesome.

4. Moringa Rice Porridge – This porridge from Aduna makes a wholesome meal for older babies – just skip the garnishing ingredients. The garlic and pepper add lots of healing benefits from spices and the coconut cream adds the requisite creaminess and makes it lactose free.

5. Green Smoothie: Make your regular green smoothie healthier by blending together yogurt, soaked/cooked oats, ginger, flaxseed, moringa powder and frozen kiwi fruit slices.

6. Moringa Banana Smoothie – This is an excellent lactose-free smoothie recipe from A Healthy Leaf that even babies can try. Start with 1/2 tsp of moringa powder before taking it up.

For older kids, you can cook moringa leaves with scrambled eggs or pasta. They can also be added to dal or sambar. You can also add moringa powder to idli/dosa batter or into paratha dough. You can also steep it with your regular green tea. Even if it’s just a spoon of powder, you can instantly take up the nutritional level of the dish by several counts.

You can get organic Moringa powder here.

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10 Health Benefits Of Moringa For Kids (Recipes Included)


Moringa leaves are a superfood that a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. We tell you why you should start eating moringa and how you can cook them so everyone in the family loves it.

For a while now I kept hearing and reading about Moringa but hadn’t really used it. It’s only recently that I added this superfood to my family’s meal plan.

Moringa/Sahijana/Murungai or Drumstick Tree are some of the names it’s known by. All parts of the plant are used, including flowers, fruit, roots, bark, seeds and leaves.  The moringa leaves retain the vitamins and minerals when dried and are extensively used in India and Africa in feeding programs to fight malnutrition. 

Did you know that the leaves of this tree are a superfood and have nutritional value –

  • 3 times the iron than spinach
  • 4 times the calcium in milk
  • 3 times the potassium of bananas
  • 7 times the Vitamin C of oranges

Its also super rich in magnesium, Vitamin A, B Complex Vitamins, copper, manganese, and zinc. Yes! I’m wondering why I didn’t start eating this earlier.

The benefits of giving moringa leaves include

  • Boost energy level
  • Improve the immunity
  • Detoxify the kidney and liver
  • Excellent for memory & emotional health in children and adults
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Rich in amino acids 
  • Good for the eyes since it is high in Vitamin A 
  • Rich in dietary fibre
  • Topical use of moringa powder can help heal wounds, scars and rashes
  • Aids lactation and improves the quality of breast milk 

While drumsticks are commonly used in sambhar and other vegetable preparations, moringa leaves are slightly bitter in taste and may not be something babies like instantly. You can add 1/2 Tsp of moringa powder to their food or milk to start off with till they develop a taste for it.

Normally healthy homemade grain cereals are what the babies normally eat. But you can give them moringa powder too. The baby should be over a year old before you start adding fresh moringa leaves to their food. Moringa powder, however, can be added once they turn 10 months. 

You can make moringa powder very easily at home. We have included that and other comfort food recipes that you can introduce your family to. So scroll down to start cooking with moringa for your family and helping them stay healthy. If you don’t want to go through the task of making adding it to a recipe, you can sprinkle the moringa powder over your food in place of hard dhania. No one is any wiser and you get the benefits! 

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Scroll down to access some super easy and healthy moringa recipes- you know you are going to love this! Go ahead, read on! 

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Moringa - your way to longevity and good health!

Most people today are looking for ways to stay healthy, fit and young for as long as possible. And in pursuit of this, they absorb a huge amount of drugs, do a lot of expensive procedures. But such efforts do not always bring results and benefits. But nature is smart. She herself decided to take care of everyone who wants to achieve such important goals. Our nature offers a unique plant - moringa, which can help overcome diseases and be a great helper for those who follow the path of proper nutrition and longevity. nine0003

For many, the name "moringa" is completely new. What is this plant? This is a tree that is not yet very well known to the general public, but every year it becomes more and more popular. The tree was "born" in India, but grows in very dry regions of Africa, Thailand, and the Philippines. Although those trees that "live" at the foot of the Himalayas are of particular popularity and value. They are saturated with clean mountain air, grow in ecologically clean parts of the planet. And what can we say about the miraculous energy that literally permeates every tree. nine0003

Moringa is a tree distinguished by its rapid growth. In ten months, it can grow from a small crumb to a three-meter handsome man. The tree has green leaves, beautiful flowers and fruits with oily seeds inside.

But moringa is not just a pretty tree. It has a number of properties that make it practically a "growing pharmacy" that can help get rid of many diseases. Moringa leaves contain:

  • Vitamin C, A, E
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Antioxidants
  • Folic acid
  • Selenium
  • Chrome
  • Manganese
  • Betacarotene
  • Chlorogenic acid

Dried leaves of this plant are especially valued. Because the content of useful trace elements and substances is huge. This is a real "superfood", because only in such leaves there is a huge amount of vitamins of different groups. What a person should get from vegetables, eggs, bananas, oranges, milk, he can "take" just by taking moringa. nine0003

Very useful is the bark and root of the plant. After all, these are products that can be used for food, as well as for the prevention of diseases of the lungs, kidneys, rheumatism, and digestive problems. In practice, flowers, tree sap and seed oil are also used. Usually juice and oil are used to treat dermatological diseases. Leaves, flowers and roots are also used even to treat tumors. This remedy is also used as an auxiliary in the treatment of certain mental disorders. nine0003

Eternal youth with moringa

This plant is a treasure trove for those who want to keep beautiful skin, complexion and hair longer. Helps in this oil, which is extracted from seeds. They can treat acne, wrinkles, inflammation, rashes, dermatological diseases, hair loss. It is perfectly absorbed into the skin and makes it incredibly beautiful.

This oil will perfectly cleanse pores, make out fine wrinkles, and make deep ones less noticeable, restore damaged hair, and if applied before sunbathing, you can get an excellent even tan. Today, many well-known cosmetic brands use moringa to create the most modern and effective lines of cosmetics for skin and hair care. nine0003

Where can I get it?

Yes, moringa is a godsend for anyone. It can even be eaten in its pure form. For example like:

  1. Tea - moringa leaves are good to brew, after drinking the tea, you can even eat them. After all, all vitamins are preserved
  2. As additives for soups, vegetables, stews, rice, second courses. Dry leaves or tree powder should be added to almost all dishes, but only at the end of cooking. So you save more nutrients. nine0014
  3. Salad. It will be simple, tasty and at the same time quite ordinary, so everyone will like it.
  4. Cocktails. Dry leaves can be crushed. But this is a fairly concentrated remedy, so it must be used with caution.
  5. Fresh leaves - a great salad. They can be eaten raw, sprinkled with boiling water a little (like spinach), you can fry them or decorate ready-made dishes with them. They are incredibly useful in their pure fresh form.

Of course, this tree does not grow here, but anyone can get the maximum benefit from it simply by purchasing moringa capsules or powder. It's available. And regular intake of these drugs will help lower cholesterol levels, stop the aging process, speed up metabolism, improve bowel and stomach function, help get rid of excess weight, and relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue. Also, these drugs help increase brain activity, improve sleep, relieve stress, help to stay healthy and alert. In general, moringa capsules or powder can qualitatively improve a person's life, help him cope with health problems, and are also an excellent prevention of many diseases. nine0003

Buying Japanese-made moringa, you can be sure of its quality and benefits. After all, everyone knows how zealous the Japanese are about their health, how they follow all the latest trends and are literally “obsessed” with natural products. Therefore, they process moringa under sterile conditions using the most modern technologies. They are working on this stubbornly and completely, strictly controlling the quality of products, all stages of processing, packaging. Therefore, the highest class of the final product can be guaranteed. A convenient and safe packaging allows you to save all the useful properties of moringa. nine0003

Moringa is a great way to prolong youth and preserve your beauty without using expensive drugs, plastic surgery or swallowing handfuls of "chemical" substances.

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Coming up with Christmas gift ideas gets harder every year - it often feels like friends and family already have everything they might need. In such cases, it is worth turning in an original way: many of your friends should really like edible Christmas gifts. nine0003

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