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Nestlé is flying baby formula into America as shortage continues

Mother describes 'anxiety provoking' search for baby formula

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Mother describes 'anxiety provoking' search for baby formula


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New York CNN Business  — 

Nestlé is rushing baby formula into the United States via airfreight in a bid to ease a nationwide shortage that is unnerving parents around the country.

In a statement to CNN on Tuesday, Nestlé said it is flying in some baby formula produced outside the United States, including Gerber Good Start Extensive HA from the Netherlands and Alfamino from Switzerland.

Nestlé said it prioritized those products because they serve a “critical medical purpose” as they are intended for babies with cow’s milk protein allergies. The company had already been importing both of these formulas, but Nestlé said it is now expediting shipments to America.

“We moved shipments up and rushed via air to help fill immediate needs,” the company said in the statement.

News of the decision to fly formula into the United States was first reported by Reuters.

Nestlé said that Gerber is a “small player” in the infant formula market in the United States, but it is committed to doing “everything we can to help” get parents and caregivers the formula they need.

Powder baby formula

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Abbott agrees to consent decree with FDA, could restart plant within 2 weeks, pending court approval

Beyond airfreighting some formula, Nestlé said it is running formula factories at capacity and accelerated product availability to retailers, online sellers and hospitals for the most vulnerable.

The Biden administration is stepping up its coordination with the industry to try to address the shortage.

“The White House is having ongoing conversations with the four major infant formula manufacturers – Reckitt, Abbott, Nestle/Gerber, and Perrigo – to work with them to identify transportation, logistical, and supplier hurdles to increasing production of formula at their US- and FDA-approved facilities, to expand the amount and speed of FDA-approved formula being shipped into the country, and ensure that formula is quickly moving to retailers from factories,” a White House official said Monday.

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Nestle started supplying infant formula to the US from Europe due to shortages



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Nestle began supplying hypoallergenic infant formula to the US from Switzerland and the Netherlands. It is reported by Reuters.

"We have chosen these products because they serve a critical medical purpose as they are intended for children allergic to cow's milk protein," the company said in a statement. nine0003

Nestle has already imported mixtures. Now the company has announced an increase in the supply of goods and their shipment by air.

The shortage of formula in the United States began after formula manufacturer Abbott Laboratories recalled dozens of infant formulas in February following infant deaths. The company's Michigan plant is likely to resume operations within two weeks.

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The Pentagon took over the delivery of baby food from the EU to the USA - DW - 05/23/2022

Baby food delivered to the USA on a military plane Photo: Jon Cherry/Getty Images


Natalia Koroleva

May 23, 2022

There is a severe shortage of infant formula in the United States due to supply chain disruption and a Michigan factory closure. The scarce product was brought on a military transport plane from Germany.


A US military aircraft loaded with more than 31 tons of scarce infant formula landed in Indiana on Sunday, May 22. It arrived from the American air base "Ramstein", located in the west of Germany, in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The baby food brought in is enough to fill more than half a million bottles. nine0003

Out of stock - for a variety of reasons

There has been an acute shortage of infant formula in the US for several months now. The reason for this is a number of circumstances. Initially, dry baby food production declined due to supply chain disruption and staff shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then in February, US pharmaceutical company Abbott was forced to close a Michigan baby food plant after the death of two babies.

The tragedy allegedly occurred due to infection with pathogenic bacteria.

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