Philips baby food processor review

Philips Avent 4-In-1 Food Maker (SCF875/01) Review

by Gert Mikkal

Last Updated on June 6, 2022

If you’re making food for your little one, then a food maker will save you a lot of time and energy. Philips Avent 4-in-1 food maker (SCF875/01) is a popular choice among parents as it’s effortless to use. Let’s check out this food maker and decide for ourselves whether it will also work for you. Or if you’re in hurry, scroll down to the summary section and read my final verdict.

All About Making Healthy Food Quickly

Preparing healthy food your little one involves peeling, chopping, steaming and mixing. You still have to peel and cut the ingredients, but a baby food maker will take care of the steaming and blending part.

You want the steaming process to be automated and effortless so you can leave the appliance unguarded. Sure, you could boil the ingredients, but steaming preserves all the valuable nutrients and is more beneficial for your kid.

Great food makers also have a powerful blender, so the puree doesn’t have large junks in it.

Philips Avent 4-In-1 Food Maker Review

We’ve touched the basics of best food makers, now let’s have a look at the properties of Philips Avent food maker (SCF875/01), sold also on Amazon.

Features at a Glance

  • Height: 13,4” (34 cm)
  • Weight: 4,6lb (2,1kg)
  • Capacity: It has a 1000 ml jar
  • 4-in-1: You can steam, blend, defrost and reheat with it
  • Steam, flip and blend: You don’t have to move steamed ingredients to a separate blender
  • The jar and blade are dishwasher safe
  • Easy to access water tanks
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • You also get: A spatula, a storage pit, a recipe booklet


The steaming process is automated. You put all the ingredients to a jar, turn the button (you can see it on a picture below) and wait for a distinctive beep that tells you when the food is cooked. If you steam meat, then it’s safer to cook 25 minutes, but some fruits (like apples) may take only 10 minutes.

Steam, Flip and Blend

I think it’s the most useful feature of this baby food maker. You can steam all the ingredients in the large jar and after that just lift the pot, flip it over and lock it in place. Now you turn the button again, and it blends the food in the same jar. The blender is powerful.

Defrosting and Reheating

You can make up to four portions of food on one go as it has a 1000 ml jar. After that, you can store the extra food in storage pots and easily reheat or defrost them when needed.

We have a microwave at home, and I didn’t find much use for this function. That said, these features are invaluable if you don’t have a microwave.

It’s worth noting though that the food maker comes only with one storage pit.

Easy to Clean?

We have used this product for over a year now, and in my experience, it’s not easy to clean. If you steam veggies then the jar, blade, and the lid will gather residue. Although we have washed it every time, after a year the plastic parts are discolored (as you can see from the picture below), and so the re-resell value of the food-maker is almost zero.  

On the picture you can see all the five items that you have to clean after every use.

Easy to Clean Water Tank

It may not seem like a big thing, but many food makers have a water tank that is hard to clean, and the residue water is hard to get out. As a result, you may soon have mold growing in it.

Philips Avent food maker doesn’t have such problems. The water inlet is 2,4” (6 cm) wide, it’s easy to pour residue water out, and it dries up really well.


Philips Avent food maker is built for 220V sockets used in Europe. Power transmission grids in the U.S deliver 120V to consumers. It means that you have to buy a transformer if you want to use this food maker in the U.S.

“ We have used this product for over a year now. Although Philips Avent food maker is not very easy to clean, it’s otherwise a great product. It’s straightforward to use and the steam, flip and blend feature will save you a lot of time. I’d still buy this food maker again”


Philips Avent 2-in-1 (check the latest price on Amazon) is a steamer and blender. So if you don’t need the reheating and defrosting features, then it’s a good option. The jar is smaller (450ml) than that of the 4-in-1 though so you can make less food at the time.

Homia Dansa 8 in 1 Food Maker (check the latest price on Amazon) is a great food maker for parents living in the U.S. It works with 120V, so you don’t need a transformer as with Philips products. It’s also less expensive, and you get all four features. I actually consider it the best option out there and you can read a more comprehensive review here.

Pros & Cons at a Glance


  • Very easy to use
  • Has all the features you need to make healthy food for your little one
  • The jar is big so you can make many meals at a time
  • The water tank is easy to clean
  • It has a nice modern design and it doesn’t take much space


  • It’s not easy to clean (except for the water tank)
  • It’s on the expensive side, and so it’s disappointing that you only get one storage pit

Philips Avent 4-In-1 Food Maker (SCF875/01) Review in Summary and Recommendations

Philips Avent food maker is a high-quality product that has an automatic steaming process and lets you effortlessly blend ingredients after that. You can use it for reheating and defrosting as well. It has a sleek design and doesn’t take much space on your kitchen countertop.

This all said, I think it’s rather expensive and quite hard to clean. Additionally, you’d need a transformer if you live in the U.S. As a result, most parents are probably better of if they choose the Homia Dansa 8 in 1 Food Maker instead.

Buy Homia Dansa Food Maker From Amazon

Philips 4-In-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker Review

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The Phillips Avent 4-in1 baby food maker has its positive points. You can achieve all four functions - steam, blend, defrost and reheat - in the same jar, which reduces the need for space, storage, and washing up. 

It's also a sturdy machine that doesn't feel easily breakable, and there were no major issues with either steaming or blending, which is why we've included it in our roundup of the best baby food makers . 

Unfortunately, the defrosting device is pretty much unusable due to its small size and rigidity, and the device itself looks very old-fashioned. While probably not the best choice for house proud parents, or those looking for something that can defrost frozen foods, it could suit someone looking for a no-frills machine that can blend, steam and sterilise. 

  • VIEW NOW - AMAZON - £149.99


(Image credit: Philips Avent)

Weighs: 2.47kg | Suitable from: 6 months +

The Philips Avent’s design is quite dated. Its current competitors, with touches like chrome bases and gold finishings, make the Avent’s white plastic and green-tinged grey jug look old-fashioned at best, and a little ugly at worst.  

There is also no digital display- in its place you’ll find a circular button that can be turned to indicate settings and programme. As such, it wouldn’t suit a kitchen-proud parent looking for something attractive to sit out on the side for a few years. 

However, if design and colour is unimportant to you, there are other pros that go some way to making up for it. For example, it might be a good choice for those prioritising space-saving, as it is tall rather than wide.

Comfort and features

The four functions of the Phillips 4-in1 - steam, blend, defrost and reheat- can handily all be done in the same jar, which holds a capacity of 1L. This is amongst the biggest capacities of the baby food makers reviewed, making the device good for batch-cooking and larger families. 

Effective steaming happens in 20 minutes, making the butternut squash wedges I’d oven-cooked the day before for my own dinner suitably fluffy and soft for my baby. 

Once steaming is done, you lift and flip the jar then lock it in place to blend. Steaming sounded like a kettle, with a similar volume level, and blending wasn’t too noisy, but I was very disappointed to try the defrost function. This has to be done using a white plastic disc, which is filled with whatever you need to defrost and placed into the jar. However, the disc is both small and rigid, meaning anything frozen would likely be unmalleable enough to get into it.

Value for money

The Philips 4-in-1 could suit someone looking for a basic machine that can do multiple things with just one jug. After all, we all like to save on washing up when we can! 

However, the defrost function is flawed, and there are a wide variety of far more attractive machines on the market now. It is also missing some features that you might expect for the price- a digital display, the ability to leave the machine to blend, and even measurements on the jug. 

On the plus side, it does come with a Healthy Weaning guide (though only the first few pages of a pretty weight book are in English), and a white plastic spatula with a hook for mixing.

Grace Holliday is a freelance journalist, travel writer and part-time journalism lecturer. She is also a proud northerner and mum-of-one.

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