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37 of the Best Foods to Serve at a Baby Shower

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We all know that baby showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new family member, but they can also be stressful to plan. 

A lot goes into planning a big event, and you want everything to go perfectly. If you’re not prepared, your guests might leave hungry or thirsty!

To make sure everyone has a good time at your next baby shower, we’ve put together some food and drink tips that will help keep things running smoothly.

In this article, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to putting together the perfect baby shower menu, what foods to serve (and to avoid!), and some of our favorite baby shower recipes.

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Tips for Planning a Baby Shower Menu

Finger Foods are always a great idea – We especially love serving finger foods at baby showers because they’re easy for guests to grab and eat, and don’t make a mess!

Stick to Tried and True Recipes – A baby shower isn’t a great time to try a new recipe. Stay with what works and serve guests food they will love!

If you do want to try a new recipe, do a practice batch a week or so before the event.

Be Mindful of Food Allergies – Some guests might have food allergies or dietary restrictions, so keep them in mind when you’re planning the menu.

You don’t need to make every dish custom for them, but it’s a good idea to have a few options available so they don’t feel left out.

Keep it Pregnancy Friendly – there are many food restrictions that pregnant women have – like no raw fish (or sushi), no deli meat, etc.

It’s always a good idea to keep that in mind when you’re planning the menu for your baby shower and make sure there is plenty of food the mom-to-be can eat!

Don’t Overcrowd the Buffet Table – Make sure there is enough room in between dishes and that it’s a neat and appealing display, with enough food for everyone to get seconds!

To make extra room, you could keep plates, silverware, and napkins on a separate table.

Label Foods – Some guests might be unfamiliar with the foods your serving. Make a little label to put in front of each dish so guests know what everything is. We love these cute food label displays!

Consider a Potluck – If you’re looking to save some money, consider asking guests to bring a dish with them to share with the group. This is a great option for large families and people who have special dietary requirements.

Just make sure to ask them what they’ll be bringing in advance so that you can plan the rest of the menu around it.

Have Drinks at a Separate Area – Keep drinks separate from the food, so it doesn’t create a bottleneck around the food table.

You could also have drinks on a separate table or pour them into cups and let guests serve themselves.

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Keep the Party Going – If you’re serving food buffet-style, keep a platter of cut fruit in an available bowl for guests to snack on later if they need some more energy after eating!

Serve Water at All Times – In addition to other refreshments, make sure you always have water available for guests at all times. You could do regular water or even make it fancy and offer some infused waters or sparkling water!

Variety of Food – Offer a variety of food so guests have options. We like to have:

Protein option – like a cheese platter, little sandwiches, or meatballs

Vegetable option – Veggies and dip are a great option!

Snacks – Chips, pretzels, and other little grab-and-go snacks that guests can pick on. You could also have some dips!

Carbs – we love starch and carb options like bread baskets, rolls with butter, or pasta salad.

Drinks – water and other refreshments to serve with the food (or even some bubbly!)

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help – If you need any help with the baby shower food, don’t be afraid to ask. Most guests will be eager to pitch in and help you out if needed!

If you’re planning a large party, you could also cater some of the foods as well.

How to Set Up Baby Shower Food

Depending on your menu, there are a few ways to set up your baby shower food. You can either set up a buffet or make enough platters to be passed around. A few of our favorites are:

Long Tables – we love using long tables for buffet spreads. Our favorites to use are 5-6 foot long tables. 

Separate Table for Drinks – Keep drinks in a separate area (like a different table or bar) so guests have easy access to them and it doesn’t crowd the food area.

Buffet vs. Plated – Which is Better?

One decision you’ll have to make when planning a baby shower is whether you want food to be served buffet style or plated.

If you’re hosting a baby shower at home, we prefer to offer a food buffet style. Some guests will still want to be served, but most guests will be happy just grabbing food when they’re hungry.

Guests can also mix and mingle while they nibble on food!

If you’re hosting a baby shower at a restaurant or event center, we recommend plating up the food for each guest. It’s cleaner and more professional, as well as avoids long lines.

You’ll usually have a time limit at a restaurant or event center, so you want to make sure you have enough time to eat, play games and open gifts.

How Much Food Should I Have?

Generally, you should offer a few different food options for guests. We like to offer:

Small group (3-5 guests): 3 small appetizers, some snacks

Medium group (6-12 guests) 5 appetizers and snacks

Large group (13+ guests): 7-8 appetizers and snacks

Baby Shower Food Ideas

Baby Shower Desserts

Foods to Avoid Serving

While most foods are good options for a baby shower, there are also some foods you may want to avoid.

You don’t want to serve anything that will make people sick, so it’s always a good idea to check the list of foods you should avoid while pregnant.

Common Foods to Avoid While Pregnant:

Fish and Seafood – you shouldn’t eat raw fish or undercooked seafood (sushi, ceviche, etc.) because they can contain parasites that can make you sick. Make sure to cook seafood well before serving.

Unpasteurized Food – unpasteurized food (like juices and milk) could have bacteria which is dangerous to eat during pregnancy, so stick with pasteurized options.

Raw/Rare Meat – Especially avoid raw or rare meat because they can carry a type of bacteria called listeria which can harm your baby.

Pate – Pate can contain listeria, so it’s best to avoid it while pregnant.

If you want to serve pate at a baby shower, make sure to heat it up until steaming before serving, so the heat kills any bacteria.

Raw/Undercooked Eggs – Make sure to cook eggs thoroughly before serving.

Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables – You should always wash fruits and vegetables before eating them so that they don’t contain harmful bacteria or dirt.

Deli Meats – This is another tricky food because deli meats are usually served cold or at room temperature, but you want to be careful about eating deli meats during pregnancy.

If you do choose to serve them, make sure to heat them until steaming so they’re safe to eat.

Final Thoughts

With a little planning, you can easily throw a baby shower and make sure everyone is happy and well-fed!

We hope these tips and recipes help you throw an amazing baby shower!


37 Crowd-Pleasing Baby Shower Food Ideas

Planning a baby shower is lots of fun, especially when it comes to brainstorming food ideas. Whether you’re looking for food ideas that match your chosen baby shower theme or you’re just looking for quick, easy, and flavorful options that everyone will love, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our 37 baby shower food ideas, including savories, sweets, and thirst-quenching drinks.

9 Tips and Ideas for Planning a Baby Shower Menu

When planning a baby shower, you can be as creative as you like with the food ideas, but it’s also important to consider some practical aspects.

As the host, you’ll have a lot to take care of, including decorating the venue, so it’s good to plan food that is quick to make and easy to serve and eat.

Here are some tips to help you think about the types of food to choose, how to serve it, and more:

Savory Baby Shower Food Ideas

Whether you plan on having only finger foods or an entire menu at the baby shower, here are some ideas for the savory food:

Baby Shower Dessert Table Food Ideas

Besides having a baby shower cake as a centerpiece, you may want to have a dessert table with an assortment of other sweet offerings. Here are some ideas for crowd-pleasing sweets and desserts:


Beyond serving the usual wine spritzer or sparkling wine at the baby shower, consider some alcohol-free drinks, like mocktails, punch, and homemade sodas:

The Bottom Line

You’ll no doubt have lots of fun planning and serving the food for the mom-to-be’s baby shower.

If you’ve decided to prepare most of the food, round up some of the mom-to-be’s friends and family to help. Make it easier on yourself by using some store-bought elements, too. You could also make some of what’s on offer but ask each guest to bring a small plate to share.

Set up food and dessert tables so that guests can serve themselves buffet style, and stick to foods that aren’t too messy to eat while standing up and mingling.

If you have a set theme, you can tie the food into the theme by using colored frosting, or by piping lettering onto foods like “Oh, Baby!” Cookie cutters are your friend! Cut everything from brownies to sandwiches into shapes that match the theme. You can also connect the food and drinks to the theme based on the colors you choose for the straws, napkins, and cupcake liners.

Having a chocolate fondue fountain or a soda bar can create an interactive element that guests will love.

Have fun with it! Your options are endless, and you might find you really get into it once you get started. And, always remember, no matter what food and drinks you serve, your guests — especially the guest of honor — will really appreciate your efforts and thoughtfulness.

While you’re here, check out our baby shower checklist to double-check that you’ve covered everything for the upcoming event.

Classic lazy cottage cheese dumplings recipe with photo step by step and video

Classic lazy cottage cheese dumplings

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Composition / ingredients


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Step cooking

Cooking time: 20 min PT20M
  1. Step 1:

    How to make classic lazy cottage cheese dumplings? Prepare food. Cottage cheese is suitable for any fat content, but the tastiest dumplings are obtained from fatty, rustic cottage cheese. The amount of flour is approximate, it can take more or less, it depends on the moisture content of the cottage cheese.

  2. Step 2:

    We prepare the dough for dumplings so that it does not boil soft during cooking. Take a bowl, put cottage cheese in it. It is not necessary to wipe it through a sieve, even if it is grainy. After all, these are lazy dumplings. Everything is done quickly and simply. Crack an egg into the curd, add salt and sugar. nine0003

  3. Step 3:

    Mix the quark and egg until smooth.

  4. Step 4:

    Start adding the flour bit by bit, mixing after each batch. The dough should eventually become thick and gather in the center of the bowl. But do not overdo it, you don’t need to make it too steep - the dumplings will turn out floury, not cottage cheese. I had purchased 5% fat cottage cheese, it took exactly three heaping tablespoons of flour. If your cottage cheese is very wet, add more. nine0003

  5. Step 5:

    Flour the table or work surface. Take a small portion of the dough. Dip it in flour and roll it out into a long sausage shape 2-3 cm wide.

  6. Step 6:

    Cut the sausage into strips about 1 cm wide. I always cut a little obliquely to make diamonds. My mother used to do this, and she spied on it in kindergarten. Transfer the finished portion of dumplings to a board sprinkled with flour. Make the rest of the dumplings in the same way from the whole dough. nine0003

  7. Step 7:

    Bring water to a boil in a small saucepan or saucepan, season with salt. Throw a portion of dumplings into the water. Do not leave everything at once - they will cook closely and they will stick together. Stir so that the dumplings do not stick to the bottom. Boil the dumplings for a minute after they float to the top. You don't need to cook it longer - they can fall apart.

  8. Step 8:

    Remove the dumplings to a plate with a slotted spoon. Immediately add the next portion and cook it in the same way. Serve the dumplings hot with butter or sour cream. They are quite a bit sweet, you can serve them with condensed milk or jam. I like dumplings sprinkled with sugar on top. nine0003

Without false modesty, I can say that I can cook lazy dumplings. I've been doing them for a long time and all the time. With experience, it came how much flour should be put in so that they do not fall apart and become hard. I'm sure it will work for you too!

It is important to carefully consider the choice of cottage cheese. A poor-quality product can spoil the finished dish, as it directly affects the texture, taste and final result. Choose fresh, natural cottage cheese, without impurities, signs of spoilage (unpleasant smell, heterogeneous color, separated whey). Do not forget to pay attention to the consistency (dry, wet, smooth or grainy, soft or pasty), as well as the fat content of the product. nine0003

Be prepared for the fact that you may need more or less flour than indicated in the recipe. Focus not on the amount of flour, but on the desired consistency of the dough. To avoid mistakes, read about flour and its properties!

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Calorie content of products that can be included in the dish

  • Chicken egg - 157 kcal/100g
  • Eval protein - 45 kcal/100g
  • Egg powder - 542 kcal/100g
  • Evacal yolk - 352 9000 kcal/100g
  • ostrich egg - 118 9000 kcal/100000 kic
  • Cottage cheese 40%fat - 466 kcal/100g
  • cottage cheese 20%fat - 233 kcal/100g
  • cottage cheese 18%fat content - 226 9000 kcal/100g
  • cottage cheese 10% fat content - 156 kcal/100g
  • Curd fat -free - 75 kcal/100g
  • Cottage cheese with sour cream - 260 kcal/100g
  • Fruit cottage cheese - 9000 147 9000 kcal/100g
  • Soft dietary dietary diet - 170 9000 kic
  • Vitalinia cottage cheese - 64 kcal/100g
  • Cottage cheese "Morning" ("Danon") without sugar - 91 kcal/100g
  • cottage cheese - 156 9000 kcal/100g
  • Supply -Pesok - 666666 398 kcal/100g
  • Sugar - 398 kcal/100g
  • Salt - 0 kcal/100g
  • wheat flour - 325 kcal/100g
Calorosa of products: Comelands, eggs, sugar, soil, soil , Wheat flour

56 atmospheric films about Christmas and New Year!

1. Die Hard 1 (1988) and 2 (1990)

As my husband says, this is the best New Year's movie (after Home Alone, of course). I did not argue with him, and added to my list. This is a New Year's action movie, it seems to me, the only one of its kind)

In a super-modern skyscraper in Los Angeles, police officer John McClain is engaged in a deadly fight with a gang of political terrorists who have taken two dozen people hostage, including his wife. It all started with the fact that the guy came to the city to his wife, ended up at a Christmas reception, and ended in a real war ...


2. Christmas Holidays (1989)

Kind family film about Christmas). This is a classic among Christmas movies! nine0003

The Griswolds are celebrating Christmas. The time when gifts are given, hymns sound, the lights of the Christmas tree twinkle joyfully ... But wait a minute: this tree does not twinkle at all. She's on fire! Christmas is a great time for Clark Griswold and his family. Clark is a natural disaster that can hit you at any moment. Now Clark wants to give his family "the most fun old-fashioned Christmas family holiday ever. who were, are and will be. Well well! It's hard to believe until you see everything with your own eyes. 25,000 light bulbs on the roof of the Griswold house. An exploding turkey on the table... What a Christmas! nine0204


3. Home alone (1990) and 2 (1992)

Classic. I wanted to make a selection without him, but my hand did not rise. No Christmas is complete without it. And I know that there are opponents who are tired of this film .. I'm not one of them) If you are, then just skip it. ... one of his children. The young creature, however, is not lost and demonstrates miracles of ingenuity. And when the robbers get into the house, they have to regret more than once the meeting with the cute baby. nine0204


4. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Favorite movie of many, and mine too. Hundreds of women from all over the country respond to this call, and only one of them understands - the father of the child and she - are meant for each other, even if there are hundreds of miles between them. And it does not matter that she is engaged, and her new chosen one does not yet know about her. His only and distant one is waiting and looking for him, having fallen in love with the first sound of his voice. nine0204


5. Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

Wonderful kind film!

Little children sincerely believe in miracles and always wait for the most magical holiday of the year with bated breath. And six-year-old Susan, who does not have a dad, does not believe that Santa Claus is a real wizard. Mom long ago revealed to the girl his “secret”. And although Susan, like all the guys, makes her Christmas list for Santa, she does not expect to receive the most desired gifts in life: a new house, dad and little brother. But a miracle happens after a meeting with Santa Claus in a large New York department store "Cole". Susan understands that Santa is the real one, and her cherished dreams will definitely come true ...


6. Richie Rich (1994)

A funny and kind movie to watch with the family.. And of course the dearest Macaulay Culkin (from Home Alone).

As the sole heir to Mr. Rich's wealthy fortune, his son Richie lives in a world of unimaginable luxury. He has everything that a boy of this age can dream of, everything that money can buy. But this greenhouse life is in danger. The insidious swindler Lawrence van Doe decided to pocket the entire state of the Riches and has already come up with a cunning plan. And while the older Richies are traveling somewhere in the sea on their yacht, young Richie, with the help of new friends and a faithful dog named Dollar, reveals the plan and saves the family property. For himself, Richie discovers one truth - true friendship is worth much more than his entire fortune. nine0204


7. Santa Claus (1994)

A kind and sweet film about a good-for-nothing Santa Claus)

On Christmas night, toy salesman Scott Calvin accidentally pushes a strange old man off his roof. To his incredible surprise, he also discovers a parked reindeer there. While the stranger is helplessly floundering in a snowdrift, a curious Scott jumps into the saddle - and finds himself at the North Pole, where the head elf convinces him to take the place of Santa Claus, who is currently lying near Calvin's house and cannot perform his duties. He agrees, but it's one thing to put on a suit and dance with the kids, and quite another to be a real Santa when you actually grow a beard, a belly, and your hair turns gray in front of your eyes. He had never had such a merry Christmas...


8. A Present for Christmas (1996)

Schwarzenegger as a naughty dad. How have you not watched yet?

Terribly busy father is constantly late for family events. After yet another “absence” for his son’s karate performance, he promises to buy him a super-toy for Christmas – Turboman, and, naturally, in the bustle of Christmas troubles, he safely forgets about the promise. And so the feverish race for the said toy begins on the very last day. But there are too many who wish, and there are just nothing left of toys. nine0204


9. The Family Man (2000)

Nicolas Cage in the lead role faces a difficult choice.. What would he prefer? Become a family man and work as a tire salesman or be the president of an investment company and drive expensive cars?

Fate in the guise of a black Santa makes Jack a difficult choice. He can be the president of an investment company, live in a luxury apartment, drive the latest Ferrari, and still be a bachelor. Or maybe become a family man, but work as a tire salesman, buy clothes in a supermarket and drive a minivan. nine0204

. 10. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001)

The life of ten-year-old Harry Potter cannot be called sweet: his parents died when he was barely a year old, and only pokes and slaps come from his uncle and aunt, who took the orphan to raise. But on Harry's eleventh birthday, everything changes. A strange guest who unexpectedly appeared on the doorstep brings a letter from which the boy learns that he is in fact a wizard and accepted into Hogwarts, a school of magic. And in a couple of weeks, Harry will rush on the Hogwarts Express train towards a new life, where incredible adventures, true friends and, most importantly, the key to unraveling the mystery of his parents' death await him. nine0204


11. Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)

A wonderful comedy about the unlucky and clumsy Bridget. Men usually do not like this movie, so ladies, watch it alone with a can of popcorn or gingerbread))

Bridget Jones starts a diary to describe her achievements and victories: how she will get rid of extra pounds and bad habits , as well as establish a personal life. Parents want to marry her to the son of neighbors, the modest Mark, and Bridget is crazy about her irresistible boss Daniel. Unexpectedly, the choice is not at all easy. nine0204


12. Noel (2004)

Amazing cast. For that alone, you can watch this movie.

Christmas in New York is the most wonderful time of the year. Thousands of Christmas trees are lit throughout the city, creating a sense of peace and happiness. However, for some people this is not enough, they are waiting for something incredible, magical, to escape from everyday hardships and worries.

. nine0003

13. Survive Christmas (2004)

Funny and in places just incredibly stupid film. This can only be on the TV screen)) Or not?

Rich man Drew Latham's disgusted routine brings him to his childhood suburban home for Christmas. And even the fact that the house is now inhabited by other people cannot spoil Drew's mood. For a substantial reward, he offers the Valko family to become his relatives for a while, and he himself dreams of celebrating the holiday in their circle. However, not all of his new relatives are dizzy about money, and the Valkos themselves seem to be a rare family of psychopaths...


14. Christmas with Losers (2004)

Losers are about them. A film about how one married couple hates Christmas, but what to do when Christmas still has to happen in their lives?

Luther and his wife Nora hate Christmas and all the fuss associated with it. This year, they are determined to ignore it and are going on a Caribbean cruise. But it was not there! Trying to run away from Christmas causes consequences that they could not even dream of. nine0204


15. Real Love (2005)

A film about true and sincere love.. Must-see!

Love unforgettable and unattainable, regrettable and ecstatic, unexpected and unwanted, uncomfortable and inexplicable, inelegant and unequal. Love truly rules all around. From a prime minister who instantly fell in love with an employee of his apparatus, to a writer who fled to the south of France to mend his broken heart...


16. Hello to the family (2005)

Sarah Jessica Parker as everyone's beloved son's unloved bride) Oh, something will happen ...

The Stone family celebrates the Christmas holidays. The head of the family Kelly Stone and his wife Sybil have five children. This time, their beloved son Everett Stone brings his fiancee Meredith to the house. The girl is beautiful and successful, but everyone is against her union with Everett.

. nine0003

17. Welcome or No Neighbors (2006)

Do you want your house to be visible from space? Buddy wanted this too) But what if the neighbor doesn't want it? War or cooperation?

It's time to declare martial law on Christmas Eve in a small North American town: one of the residents decided to decorate his house with illumination that could be seen from space. This did not please the villagers and especially his nearest neighbor. Fighting is ready to destroy the city. However, in the end, the warring parties discover the true value of Christmas. nine0204


18. Exchange Vacation (2006)

One of my favorite films. An English village or a house with palm trees in California? What would you choose? I'm definitely a house in the suburbs of England)

Iris Simpkins, author of a popular wedding column in the London Daily Telegraph, lives in a charming cottage in the English countryside. She is in love with a man who loves another. Far away in Southern California lives Amanda Woods, the owner of a thriving advertising agency that creates commercials for films. She suddenly discovers that the person she loves is cheating on her. nine0204

Two women who do not know each other and live 10,000 kilometers apart find themselves in a similar situation. And they find each other. On the Internet, on a vacation rental site. Before Christmas, Iris and Amanda decide to take a break from their problems by agreeing to switch continents and stay with each other for two weeks. Iris moves to Amanda's house in sunny California, and Amanda arrives in the English province covered with snow ...


19. Four Christmases (2008)

Make it incredible! To visit 4 different places in one holiday, and at the same time, what would no one guess? Unrealistic you say! Well .. it is. to four different places…


20. Frozen from Miami (2008)

Do you like the Bridget Jones Diaries? Then you will love this movie. Only here Rene is a successful woman. The truth gets into the same ridiculous situations)

Lucy Hill loves luxurious dresses, expensive cars and she likes to climb up the career ladder. Once, from her native hot Miami, she was sent on a business trip to cold Minnesota. To complete the task, Lucy must adapt to the harsh climate and the locals who are not going to give her a warm welcome. nine0204


21. A Christmas Tale (2008)

A French film about a difficult family. Abel is an elderly couple. At Christmas, their children should gather under the roof of their father's house all together for the first time in six years. Eldest daughter Elizabeth arrives with her withdrawn and unsociable child, Paul. Henri, the black sheep of the family, brings a mistress. The youngest of the sons, Ivan, arrives with his devoted wife Sylvia and two children. Another expected nephew Simon, the son of the deceased brother of Juno. But on the agenda there will be not only a holiday in a warm family circle. For Juno, who has been diagnosed with leukemia, this Christmas could be her last. Elisabeth and Henri can't stand each other for many years, they will have to reconcile. In the past of Sylvia, there is some sinister secret that she has to find out. nine0204


22. A Princess for Christmas (2011)

Not a fairy tale, but also a film with an almost unbelievable plot! Who wouldn't want a prince's husband? Well, certainly not the main character)

After the death of her sister, Jules became the guardian of two nephews - a seven-year-old girl and a teenage boy. Jules is forced not only to feed and dress them, but also to give care and attention, because now she replaces their mother. On the eve of the Christmas holidays, the family goes to Europe at the invitation of their grandfather, whom no one knew about. There, Jules and her nephews will find many pleasant surprises and interesting meetings. nine0204


23. "Old" New Year (2011)

A film with three different storylines about people living in New York!

The heroes of the film are the inhabitants of the city that never sleeps. New York on the eve of the New Year will intertwine the lives of several heroes: an elderly man dying in a hospital, a secretary who decided to fulfill her promises to herself, the producer of the famous New Year's show in Times Square, a man who generally hates this holiday. nine0204


24. A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

Movie musical starring Bill Murray. And also: Paul Shaffer, Michael Cera: George Clooney: Miley Cyrus and many others!

Bill Murray is throwing a holiday party on his TV show, but just at that time, a snow storm hits New York, putting the guests in doubt. But, as often happens on Christmas Eve, dreams come true and all the invited people come. nine0204


25. Love the Coopers (2015)

What could be more interesting than a family New Year's movie! Although it does not have the highest ratings, this is one of the wonderful films about Christmas.

Charlotte Cooper decided to gather all the members of her family around the festive Christmas table. And this is a whole clan - four generations. And it so happened that on the eve of the holiday, guests find themselves in different situations: sad, funny, and some completely absurd. In the end, a real family scandal unfolds at dinner. And besides, there are uninvited guests. And one more member of the family, the dog Rex, is watching all the turmoil. And he has his own view of what is happening. nine0204


26. Maggie's Plan (2015)

A very interesting film with a complicated plot. Oh Maggie, it's not easy for her.

Maggie wants to become a mother and plans to resort to artificial insemination, but her plans are thwarted when she meets anthropologist John, who is in an unhappy marriage to Georgette. Maggie marries John, but after a while she begins to feel unhappy, and she comes up with a new plan. nine0204


27. Christmas Legacy (2017)

A very kind and romantic film from Netflix with a banal but kind storyline and a charming Jake Lacy in the title role. What amazing Christmas decorations!

To inherit a multi-billion dollar company, eccentric Ellen must fulfill a series of unusual conditions from her father: deliver Christmas letters to Snow Falls, the city where her parents grew up, while spending only one hundred dollars. In an unfamiliar place, she has to overcome many difficulties, learn a lot about the world of ordinary people, and also find her true love and comprehend the spirit of Christmas. nine0204


28. 48 Christmas Wishes (2017)

A good family Christmas movie from Netflix!

About Santa's young helpers who leave the North Pole for the first time in order to save people's faith in kindness and Christmas.


29. Wedding for Christmas (2017)

Kind and beautiful film for girls!

Wedding planner Kelsey Wilson throws a lavish wedding for her cousin. Everything is going smoothly until the handsome Detective Connor McClain shows up. Hired by an unknown person, Connor quickly ruins the upcoming wedding and wins Kelsey's heart. nine0204



30. Pottersville (2017)

A wonderful film that evokes pleasant Christmas emotions. Here it is, a Christmas miracle that makes you believe in people and good deeds! Quite an ordinary story about an ordinary seller in a provincial town, but with a good heart and intentions! This film will definitely give you a great mood for the whole evening!

Boring shop owner Maynard Greiger comes home and witnesses the betrayal - his wife and her lover, the local sheriff, have fun dressed up as hare and wolf figures. The frustrated hero gets drunk, puts on a gorilla costume and goes to the city to rampage. On a hangover morning, he learns that he has created a real Christmas miracle: now everyone is sure that the city was visited by a snowman. nine0204


31. Prince for Christmas 1 (2017) and 2 (2018)

It would seem that another movie about Christmas and the prince. In general, it is. But it's great to see another kind and sweet movie, isn't it?

On Christmas Eve, aspiring journalist Amber travels to the kingdom of Aldovia to report on the accession of the crown prince. Having cunningly lingered at court, she will try to find out the whole truth about the future king - after all, so far the secretive heir is known to the press only for loud breakups with girls. nine0204



32. Family Robbery (2017)

This movie is not so much a Christmas movie as it is about winter and mountains. Stunning landscapes of Courchevel and funny Jean Reno in the lead role!

Angela and Angelica are two completely different girls who have nothing in common. Except, perhaps, their father, whom they never met. And then one day he appeared in their lives. An international thief decides to make up for lost time by forming an insane team with his daughters to pull off the heist of the century. And everything would be fine, only Patrick's brilliant plan fails, and everything does not go according to the planned scenario ...



33. Goals for Christmas (2018)

Another kind and romantic New Year's film, but shot in stunningly beautiful mountain locations! And a lot of beautiful and delicious food in the frames.. All lovers of culinary films - to watch)

The famous chef Shane Roark comes to a small ski resort and gets a job at a local restaurant. Talented manager Clara Garrison is not at all excited about the appearance of a star and is more focused on her goals and projects. Will fate bring them together or will the two spend Christmas alone? nine0204


34. Holiday Calendar (2018)

Another TV movie from Netflix that you are unlikely to find in other New Year collections! Kind and romantic, as in the best Christmas traditions!

A talented photographer inherits an old advent calendar that can predict the future. Will this magical calendar lead her to love?



35. In the place of the princess (2018)

Kind, romantic and a bit fabulous New Year's film for girls!

A week before Christmas, Margaret, Duchess of Montenaro, changes places with Stacey, a "commoner" from Chicago, who looks exactly like her. With the help of Santa's helper, Margaret falls in love with Stacy's employee, and Stacey falls in love with Margaret's fiancé, a noble prince.


36. Pre-holiday fever (2019)

Another New Year's novelty from Netflix) Beautiful, funny and family-friendly!

After a sudden layoff, a popular radio DJ moves in with his aunt, along with his four spoiled children, and plans to return to work.



37 Let It Snow (2019)

Another Netflix TV movie. Naive, sometimes stupid, but still interesting and kind in Christmas! A film about young people, everyone has their own life, their own problems, they are different, but something unites them - friendship! nine0003

An unexpected snowstorm on Christmas Eve takes Greytowners by surprise: trains stop, cars get stuck in the snow, and people try to ride out the bad weather at home. And only a brave girl gets out of the express train stuck in the snow to sit in the silence of a small diner where waffles are baked. She has no idea that her act was the first link in a chain of events that will change many lives: one girl falls in love with a charming stranger, three friends win the Waffle Race, and the fate of a miniature pig will be in the hands of a barista in love. nine0204


38. Christmas for Two (2019)

A film that you will not find on the Internet yet, since it just came out and is now in theaters! But suddenly, you didn't know about this movie premiere and want to go)

Kate, who works in a Christmas shop, is a heavy drinker and has long since given up worrying about her own life. But everything changes after meeting the sweet and charming Tom.


. 39. A Prince at Christmas: The Royal Child (2019)

Christmas is coming in Aldovia and the royal child is on its way. Amber and Richard receive royalty from a distant kingdom to renew the sacred truce. But when the draft of their pact suddenly disappears, the world is once again in peril, and an ancient curse threatens their family. nine0204


40. In the Place of the Princess: New Life (2020)

Continuation of the kind, romantic and slightly naive (well, or not slightly :)) movie about a princess and a girl who looks like her like two drops!

About the first part: A week before Christmas, Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro, changes places with Stacey - a "commoner" from Chicago, who looks exactly like her. With the help of Santa's helper, Margaret falls in love with Stacy's employee, and Stacey falls in love with Margaret's fiancé, a noble prince. nine0204



41. A Couple for the Holidays (2020)

Here's a new movie with Emma Roberts. The beginning is not even bad, then it gets worse .. But in general, it’s still quite a worthy film about Christmas and some other holidays. The original title of the film, by the way, says this: Holidate)

They don't know each other, but they are tired of spending their holidays alone. The two then decide to maintain a platonic relationship year-round. Just don't tell your heart. nine0204


42. The Elusive Scent of Love (2021)

Released on NETFLIX a month and a half before Christmas in 2021, the romantic comedy Love Hard tells the story of thirty-year-old writer-journalist Natalie (Nina Dobrev). This film is a great opportunity to plunge into a beautiful fairy tale.

After meeting her perfect guy on a dating app, a Los Angeles writer flies across the country to surprise him for Christmas, only to find out she's been scammed. nine0204


43. Castle for Christmas (2021)

New movie from Netflix. If everything has already been reviewed, then you can proceed to this.

To avoid scandal, the best-selling author travels to Scotland, where he becomes enthralled with the local castle and meets its surly owner, the duke.


44. Harry Potter 20 Years Later: Return to Hogwarts (2022)

The actors of the great franchise meet at the school of magic. Archival footage, rare interviews and nostalgic atmosphere

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson will meet their colleagues and find themselves at Hogwarts for the first time in years.

45. In the Spirit of Christmas (2022)

Three spirits of Christmas are trying to fix the bad publicist Clint Briggs.

This hilarious film is based on Charles Dickens' 1843 novel A Christmas Carol. The novel tells the story of miserly old man Ebenezer Scrooge who is turned into a kind man after being visited by the ghost of former business partner Jacob Marley and the spirits of past, present and future Christmas in an attempt to save his soul from the greed and isolation that consumes him. This comedy isn't the first film adaptation of the novel, but it's the first time the story is told from the perspective of ghosts, giving viewers a fresh take on the classic holiday tale. nine0204


46. A Christmas to Remember (2022)

American Christmas is an upcoming romantic comedy film directed by Janine Damian, in her directorial debut, from a screenplay by Damian, Michael Damian, Jeff Bonnett and Ron Oliver. This is Lohan's first role in a major production in more than a decade after a series of career setbacks while recovering from addiction and legal troubles.

A very talented event organizer who handles difficult clients with ease. This time, she will have to help the son of the CEO arrange such a Christmas to please the mayor of the city himself and save his company. But what if she manages to arrange her own life too? nine0204


Tales not only for children!) New Year's fantasy films and cartoons!

47. The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

The plot of the film The Grinch Stole Christmas was based on the book by the famous American children's writer and cartoonist Theodore Seuss. The action takes place in the fabulous town of Ktograd, where the most beloved and long-awaited holiday is Christmas.

Once upon a time there was a little man in the town of Ktograd, and his name was the Grinch. He was all green and hairy, no one liked him. The Grinch was offended by the Ktovichs and went to live on a lonely mountain blown by all the winds. Sat there in his cave and angry at the whole world. The Grinch hated Christmas the most. While the entire population of Whograd was having fun with all their hearts, the barometer of the already always bad mood of the Grinch showed something terrible. Every Christmas became a terrible torture for the green hermit. And then one day the evil inhabitant of the mountain decided to end this holiday once and for all. While the carefree Ktovichi slept sweetly on the eve of the holiday, the treacherous Grinch decided to steal their Christmas from the townspeople. nine0204


48. The Chronicles of Narnia (2004)

Incredibly beautiful and interesting film. Probably it was after him that all the children wanted a secret room in the closet)

Suddenly, on Christmas Eve, a boy who did not believe in the existence of Santa Claus gets the opportunity to go to visit him at the North Pole. While traveling on the Polar Express train, the young hero makes new friends and learns a useful lesson.


49. Lonely Santa wants to meet Mrs. Claus (2004)

Christmas and New Year's films are created to bring a good mood to the Christmas holidays. And this movie is just that. Kind and funny!

Beth Andrews is a single mother who has lost faith in love and miracles. And her son asks for a new dad as a Christmas present. At this time, Nick arrives in California. His father is Santa Claus, but he is retiring, and Nick must replace him, and for this he needs to get married. nine0204


50. Meet the Santa Claus family (2005)

The second and no less wonderful part about how Santa Claus meets Mrs. Claus)! The same actors and a very clear and consistent development of the plot

Santa Claus' heir Nick has to fulfill his father's holiday duties for the first time. Eleven days remain before Christmas, when Nick and his chosen one Beth are faced with numerous difficulties and organizational problems. nine0204


51. A Christmas Carol (2009)

A film about a miser who receives Christmas spirits at night.

deep cleansing experience. Mr. Scrooge is a financier/money changer who has devoted his entire life to accumulating wealth. He despises everything except money, including friendship, love, and the Christmas holidays. nine0204


52. The Polar Express (2009)

The Polar Express is a train that will take you to Santa's house, but the road is not fast. -Klaus, gets the opportunity to go to visit him at the North Pole. While traveling on the Polar Express train, the young hero makes new friends and learns a useful lesson.

. nine0003

53. Olaf and the cold adventure (2017)

A wonderful cartoon with a cute snowman Olaf and a reindeer Sven.

A resilient snowman teams up with Sven the reindeer to bring a holiday to his friends. Since the gates of the royal castle have again become open to all the inhabitants of Arendelle, this is the very first Christmas holidays. On this occasion, Anna and Elsa prepared a big holiday for their townspeople, but how surprised they were when every single guest unexpectedly gathered home immediately after the start of the celebration to enjoy the holiday with their own families. But Anna and Elsa did not have Christmas family traditions. Olaf couldn't let his friends be sad at Christmas and, with the help of Sven, set off on a journey through the kingdom, going into every house in search of the best holiday traditions and customs. nine0204


54. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)

We are looking forward to the new film, which is about to premiere (December 8th)!

Having received an unusual present for Christmas, young Clara sets off on an exciting journey through mysterious places: the Land of Snows, the Land of Flowers and the Land of Sweets. But the girl also needs to get to the fourth kingdom, where she will have to face a whole army of mice led by the incredibly dangerous Mouse King. nine0204


55. The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

A new, bright, interesting and fabulous film about Christmas and Santa!

On Christmas Eve, siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce are going to film Santa's appearance. A daring idea turns into an extraordinary adventure that children could not even dream of. Together with loyal elves and magical flying reindeer, they help Santa save everyone's favorite holiday. nine0204


56. The Knight Before Christmas (2019)

A kind, romantic and slightly magical movie from Netflix. Starring Vanessa Hudgens. And with her, New Year's films are always beautiful and pleasant). You can already find it with Russian subtitles.

Medieval knight Sir Cole travels to present-day Ohio, where he meets Brooke, a schoolteacher.

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