Playtex baby silicone food feeders

5 Best Silicone Baby Food Feeders To Buy 2020

A baby feeder is used to introduce solid food to babies without worrying about the risk of choking.

A food feeder looks pretty similar to the shape of a baby pacifier but much bigger than that.

The food feeder comes with either a mesh or silicone pocket where you fill your solid food in.

Every food feeder comes with a cover that closes at the bottom to hold the food inside the pocket.

The food feeders also feature an easy to grip handle for babies to hold and gnaw the food. Some food feeders have a cover that goes over the pocket for hygiene.

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How Do Baby Feeders Work?

Food feeders serve a pretty simple purpose and are not complicated to use.

  • Choose some age-appropriate food you want to feed your baby
  • Clean the baby feeder
  • Open the lid and put the solid food inside the mesh or silicone pocket
  • Close the lid, remove the cover (if your feeder has one)
  • Hand it over to the baby and watch them make funny faces while trying new foods.
  • Once they are done, dump the excess food, wash, dry and repeat.

Sounds simple, right? 

Are Food Feeders Good For Babies?

There are a million baby gadgets in the market today, and you are probably wondering if you need one more. Hear me out.

I swear the baby feeders are AWESOME! For the price they cost, they do a fantastic job, and babies enjoy them.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a baby feeder.

1. Teething:

If you have a teething baby, then you might already know that teething babies love to bite on everything. Baby feeders, especially when served with cold food, can be soothing to aching gums and relieve their teething pain.

If your baby has not yet started solids, then you can fill the feeder with frozen breast milk or formula ice cubes. 

2. Prevents Choking:

One of the scariest things that I faced while introducing solid food to my babies was when they started to gag or appeared to choke.

By using food feeders, you are not exposing your infant to big portions of food particles, which creates a safe feeding environment for them to try new food.

3. Develop Motor skills:

Food feeders encourage babies to practice self-feeding. It develops the hand-eye coordination that is needed to master spoon or finger feeding.

4. Keep Them Busy:

This has to be my favourite reason!

When I ran out of ways to keep them busy, I would just put some frozen fruit in the baby feeder and hand it over to them.

They happily enjoy their snack while I get some time to finish my work.

5. Sensory Experience:

Food feeders also provide a good sensory experience which babies love. It also instils a positive attitude towards trying new food.

Silicone or Mesh? Which one to Choose?

I am 100% team silicone, and I would highly be using silicone feeders because they are easy to clean and a plastic-free option to use.

Mesh feeders are a pain to clean, food gets stuck in between the mesh, and it is challenging to get them out.

I tried mesh feeders before; I was naive enough to try them with bananas. I let them sit on the counter before washing them.

Let’s say that I had to throw the mesh feeder away; I went and bought a silicone feeder and never looked back again.

If you still want to try mesh feeder, then munchkin ones are hands down the best.


Best Silicone Baby Feeders:



Boon is one of my favourite brands. They really care about their customers and only use safe materials to make their products.

Their silicone feeder is particularly my dearest. The feeder itself is made of soft, food-grade silicone with small holes through which your baby can taste the food.

It comes with a firm handle for babies to grab and enjoy their treat.

Boon feeder was perfect when we started with solids and was great relief during the teething phase.

Some parents complain that they find it small, I did not find it so and you can always refill and offer seconds if they want more.

I did find that my kids had a hard time getting any solid food like solid apples out of the boon feeder, so I always offerred food that were soft and juicy like berries.

2.Kids Me Food Feeder:


Kids me feeder comes very close to Boon feeder for me. For serving at home, I usually alternated between both Boon and Kidsme.

When I am out and about, Kidsme was the winner for various reasons.

1. Boon does not come with a cover, but Kids me does. You can easily keep the feeder closed, hygienic using the cap.

2. Kidsme feeder also comes with a hole between the handles that attach to clips or holders to prevent dropping on the floor.

3. Kidsme comes in two different sizes, medium and large; you can use the appropriate size based on your baby’s age.

4. My babies seem to love the double handle, and they found it easier to grab them with both the hands.

The sac itself is made from food-grade silicone and FDA certified. You can also buy replaceable silicone sacs to use instead of buying the whole feeder if you want.

The textured silicone sac is also great for teething babies. Seriously, it is a lifesaver when you offer chilled or frozen foods in this feeder.

Your babies will thank you and may even reward you with 30 minutes of fuss-free time. 

3. Ashtonbee  Baby Feeder:


AshtonBee Feeder looks pretty similar to Kidsme. AShtonBee also comes with a cap to cover the silicone sac and a safety lock that ‘clicks.’

Ashtonbee is marketed as a silicone feeder and pacifier because it clams your child down during teething pain.

The silicone sac itself is food-grade silicone that is free of BPA, Lead, Petroleum, Phthalates, so it is safe for your baby to nipple.

4.Nature Bond Fruit Feeder:



If you dislike the idea of buying different size feeders as your baby grows and wondering if there is a product that grows with your baby, then Nature Bond food feeder is where it is.

You get two pack baby feeders, and it comes with 3 different pair of sizes-small, medium and large.

The sac is made of food-grade silicone that is BPA Free, Latex Free, Phthalates Free, and Lead-Free.

Nature bond feeders come in fun colors (think candy!) that your kids will love.

5. Moss and Fawn Forage Feeder:



We at ANM, love supporting mom businesses and that’s why this brand is special to me. Sofia, the owner of Moss and Fawn, sent me her forage feeder to try and I loved it.

Please note that I only received the product for free; I was not compensated to write this post; all opinions are my honest views.

The product comes with a feeder and three silicone sacs that grow with your baby.

The forage feeder comes neatly packed in a cloth bag and also contains a booklet that guides on how to use the feeder and offers suggestions on best foods to try.

I love the company how this brand believes in sustainability and makes a conscious choice at every step of making the product.

Their packaging is recyclable, the booklet is printed in a wind-powered facility, and printed with vegetable ink on recycled paper.

They also use 100% cotton bags to pack their feeder and 100% natural wood strands as filling that are easily compostable.

The forage feeder is made of safe, non-toxic food-grade silicone, tested free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates, and Lead and is also FDA and CPSIA compliant.

Yay! for this company for looking out for your baby and the environment.

Let’s Wrap Up:

Silicone feeders are safer and easier than using mesh baby feeders, in my opinion. They are perfect to introduce solid foods to your baby and works wonders during teething.

Not all silicone feeders are made the same, though. It is important to look for one that is made with food grade silicone without any fillers.

Also, I highly recommend using a one that is free of unwanted chemicals like BPA, phthalates, lead and pvc.

Considering all the above points,

Here is my list of Best Silicone feeders to Buy (2019):

  1. Boon Silicone Feeder
  2. Kids Me Food Feeder
  3. AshtonBee Feeder
  4. NatureBond Food Feeder/ Pacifier
  5. Moss and Fawn Forage Feeder.

Did you use any food feeder? Which one did you use and how did you like it?





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Ultimate Guide to Baby Feeders: Mesh and Silicone

You may have seen baby feeders, whether mesh or silicone, and wondered what they are for. They are a great tool for feeding babies and toddlers—and are especially awesome for teething relief. There are many on the market though, so today I’m sharing the best of the best.

Baby Feeder

A baby feeder is made up of an easy-hold handle and a little pouch with lots of holes. The idea is that the holes allow some of the flavor and texture of the food to come out, without the concerns that may come with larger pieces of food.

This means you can worry less when it comes to choking risks.

One thing to keep in mind: They don’t allow babies to have the full texture experience of the food—since the texture is mostly the mesh of the feeder. That means you don’t want to use one of these for every meal (or even most meals).

Lots of exposures to lots of textures helps babies and toddlers gain confidence in handling all sorts of foods, which can make feeding kids a lot easier over the long run.

But an infant feeder can be a handy tool to have in the mix, especially if on the go, starting to transition to baby food, or trying out a new food that has you a little nervous.

And they are a great way to offer cold teething relief to soothe baby’s gums.

Baby Fruit Feeder

Many people like to use baby feeders to offer fruit, either fresh or frozen, since the product is a safe way for baby to suck on and explore the flavor of a wide range of fruit.

TIP: Another name for this is Baby Fruit Pacifier.

Best Baby Food Feeders

Below are my top picks for infant feeders chosen for ease of use, durability, and ease of care (as in washing!). There are different materials listed, as well as specific information on each product.

Best Mesh Feeder

Munchkin Baby Feeder, sold in a set of two. (Or choose the ones that come with travel caps.)

This baby feeder has a streamlined, simple design of a mesh bag for the food and a ring for baby to hold onto. Small, digestible pieces of food come through so baby is getting some nourishment (and comfort if using for teething) without the risk of choking. It’s about $7 for two of them.

Best Silicone Feeder

Boon Silicone Feeder

This baby feeder, which is priced at under $6, is made from durable silicone and can be used with fresh or frozen foods. The interior stem forces food toward the tiny holes in the feeder and the small handle is sized just right for baby’s little hands.

Kidsme Baby Feeder

Baby Feeder Pacifier Combo

Kidsme Food Feeder

This popular Kidsme feeder has a replaceable silicone pouch that comes in two sizes, so you can adjust and replace as your child grows. It has a unique handle style that some babies may prefer and can be used as a pacifier too. It’s usually priced around $15 and is recommended for ages 4-24 months.

What baby foods should I put into a baby feeder?

Here are some fruits that are good to serve in a baby feeder:

  • Raspberries, fresh or frozen
  • Strawberries, fresh or frozen
  • Blackberries, fresh or frozen
  • Cantaloupe
  • Honeydew
  • Banana
  • Mango, fresh or frozen
  • Roasted sweet potato
  • Roasted butternut squash
  • Ripe fresh pear
  • Fresh cucumber, skin removed
  • Watermelon
  • Cooked red meat such as steak
  • Frozen grapes (These are NOT safe served to a child this age in any other way as they are a choking risk. They are fine served inside the feeder, though.)

TIP: You can use frozen fruit or ripe fresh fruit that’s soft and easy to gum. Avoid any fruits or veggies that are very hard as baby may be frustrated by that texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can baby use a mesh feeder?

Babies can use an infant feeder soon after starting solids around 6 months, or when they can easily hold it and bring it to their mouth.

How do I use a baby feeder to help with teething?

If you fill the feeder, whether mesh or silicone, with frozen fruit, you can soothe teething in infants who are eating solids or in toddlers. It’s cold and yummy, yet requires no real work for the child to suck on, so it’s comforting.

Are all of these baby feeders BPA-free?

Yes, if you choose a mesh baby feeder or one made from silicone, they are BPA-free.

What’s the best way to clean a baby feeder?

Try using a bottle brush or just running water to clean out the mesh. It should be fairly easy to clean if you avoid letting it sit too long with food in it!

Are baby feeders good for babies?

The one downside could be that if you rely on them too much, the child learns the texture of the feeder, rather than of the food. This can make it harder for a child to learn to move actual food around in their mouths and harder for them to accept a range of textures in the future when you don’t want to be using the mesh feeder as much.

Because of that, I recommend using this product at limited times such as when on the go at a restaurant or to help sooth a teething infant, baby, or toddler.

This is not recommended as a way to feed your child at every meal.

If you are worried about choking, review this information on toddler choking and trust that if you serve foods that are easy to squish between your fingers, baby is sitting down at meals, and you are with them, they will learn to eat like so many other kids who have gone before them!

You May Also Like

  • Best Baby Puffs
  • Favorite Sippy Cups
  • Best Snack Containers
  • Best Lunch Boxes
  • Favorite Suction Bowls
  • Top High Chairs

I’d love to hear your thoughts on baby feeders in general or on these specific products, so please comment below to share!

This post was first published May 2019.

Bird feeders: sizes, types, selection rules


  • Why do we need feeders?
  • Types of feeders
  • Selection and installation guide
  • Things to remember
  • Which feed can be used
  • Useful findings

"Small little birds are chilled,0022

and Blizzard with a roar frantic Knights Svetnoy

Remember these lines from Yesenin's poem? In winter, birds have a hard time. Lack of food becomes a problem. Food is needed in order for the body to produce heat. Ornithologists have calculated that in frosts 90 percent of birds die from lack of calories. The task of a person is to come to the aid of birds. One feeder , hung behind a window or on a tree, provides food for several hundred birds.

Why do we need feeders?

1. This is to help flying friends get the food they need for life.

2. Making or attaching feeders together is an excuse to spend time with your family.

3. Children will be happy to follow the replenishment of food . This will teach a responsible attitude towards our smaller brothers.

4. Knowing that there is a feeder on your site, the birds will fly in in the summer and protect the trees from insects

5. Feeders can become a beautiful element of decor in the garden.

6. For pecking feed Birds are interesting to watch for both children and adults.

When we were kids, we made bird feeders out of milk cartons. Today, it can be made from a variety of materials or you can choose a ready-made version that will decorate your backyard or apartment window.

Possible materials are wood, metal, cardboard, plastic, plywood.

Basic types feeders :

1. Suspended. Such models are hung on a tree branch. They have an elongated shape and mesh sides, from which it is convenient for birds to get food . It is desirable that feeder be wide enough to accommodate several birds.

2. Platforms . They are a flat plane on which feed . Such feeders have a number of disadvantages - the grains get wet in the snow and rain, scatter from the wind.

3. Trays. Pallets with sides and a roof are not only a place to eat, but also protection from the weather.

Feeders-trays and trays are large, so a dozen birds can eat on them at once.

4. Peelers. Designed for small birds. In such feeders it is better to put bread, which will be held by a metal mesh. Birds will peck out food from the cells.

5. Hoppers. They are small in size, so feathered friends will have to queue up to peck at the grain. There are models with automatic grain feeding, which is practical, since the feed will not scatter.

6. Cottages. A suitable option for a summer cottage. These are flat areas with a roof, so the bird's meal will not be spoiled by moisture.

Selection and installation guide

1. Decide where feeder will be installed. Small options are suitable for the apartment window - peelers, bunkers, hanging ones. Large ones will look good on the plot - houses, trays, platforms.

2. Locate the "refectory" in a place where food will not get wet from snow or rain. If this is not possible, consider options with a roof.

3. Birds can be easy prey for cats and small predators. Feeder must be installed so that the animals cannot reach it.

4. The product must be well reinforced. You can screw it to a tree, but there is a chance of damaging the trunk. Much more efficient to attach feeder to a free-standing pole, which must be well dug into the ground.

5. If you are going to install a feeder in the forest, but do not have the opportunity to add feed daily, choose models with automatic grain feeding.

Things to remember

1. Birds find food thanks to their sharp eyesight. Feeder must be bright. Another way to attract attention is to hang a bright ribbon on it.

2. When making a "dining room" on your own, give preference to safe materials. Staining is permissible only on the outside - lacquer or paint contains toxic substances.

3. It is more difficult for large birds to find food than for small ones. Sparrows love to swoop down on food in a flock and quickly peck everything. If you do not have time to constantly replenish feeder , choose smaller models, such as hoppers. Only one bird can eat at a time.

Which food

can be used

It is recommended to feed the birds with grains and some types of natural food.


  • wheat, millet, oats;
  • frozen or dried berries;
  • bread crumbs;
  • fat - for tits;
  • pumpkin and watermelon seeds;
  • sunflower seeds.

Not recommended:

  • moldy bread;
  • rice, buckwheat;
  • chips;
  • fruit and vegetable peel;
  • certain kinds of nuts;
  • fried and smoked natural food.

If you are afraid of making a mistake with the choice of ingredients, you can purchase ready-made bird food . A mixture of grains, dried vegetables and fruits contains all the necessary nutrients that will saturate the body of birds.

Useful conclusions

  • in winter it is difficult for birds to get food without human help;
  • feeder you can make yourself or choose a ready-made option;
  • "dining room" for winged birds must be protected from predators, snow and rain;
  • Not every kind of food is good for birds. Opt for prepared foods containing grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

We also recommend

Bird feeder / Events / Kindergarten / Kindergarten Sunshine

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Municipal preschool educational institution combined kindergarten "Solnyshko"

Bird feeder

"Feed the birds in the winter - they will serve you in the spring" - says a Russian proverb. That is why since ancient times in Rus' people have made feeders for wintering birds. If you hang feeders on the site in winter and feed the birds, in the summer they will thank you a hundredfold.

In our kindergarten in December, an environmental action called "Bird Feeder" was held. Parents were invited to make a feeder with their own hands. Parents gladly responded to the offer to help the starving birds, and for a while they became architects, builders and designers of "bird canteens". All feeders were made with soul. It can be seen how the parents showed their creativity, imagination and skill. The material that was used to make the feeders is varied: waste material, plastic bottles, wood, juice and milk bags…

The children brought feeders to the group with pleasure and even pride. Everyone wanted to share their impressions of how they made feeders with their parents.

Feeding troughs were hung on the territory of the kindergarten. Educators, together with the children, put food for the birds every day and watch those who flew in for lunch in their "bird canteens". Seeds, bread crumbs, grain, pieces of bacon, millet - this is the menu that we offer for birds. teach children kindness. Teach them to take care of the birds, watch them, experience the joy of knowing that you can save the birds from death. To give children basic knowledge about what birds are fed in winter.

And maybe there will be more sonorous singing near our houses, and the world in which we live will become a little better.

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