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30 Ready To Pop Baby Shower Ideas's Details

Are you expecting a newly born boy or girl to pop out sometime soon? If you are interested in hosting a "ready to pop" baby shower, then you are in the right place. This is a perfect theme because there is so much versatility with what you can do. There are so many ideas you may not have realized fit perfectly into the “ready to pop” theme! Stick around and continue reading if you want to learn how to be fully prepared to host a baby shower using this theme. 

Ready To Pop Baby Shower Decorations

In order to make the setting of the party more enjoyable, you must be sure to decorate it while keeping the theme of the baby shower in mind. Decorations are vital when making a themed baby shower more immersive and fun. Luckily, we have some good ideas for decorations with this specific theme in mind.

1. Ready To Pop Banner

In case guests haven't figured out the theme of your baby shower by the rest of your decorations, you can always hang a Ready To Pop banner to let them know what's poppin'.

2. Popcorn Boxes

What better decoration than one that is useful for your baby shower-themed food? Since popcorn will be the main star for your themed food, why not step it up a notch and get some classic popcorn boxes so everyone can have their own portion? Not only are these affordable and a simple way to boost decorations, but they can be a fun souvenir to hang onto!

5. Popcorn Bar Banner

If you end up setting up a popcorn maker, be sure to purchase a handy popcorn bar banner to let party-goers know where the popcorn is in a stylish way.

4. Champagne Balloon Decorations

Popping champagne is appropriate for a party, at least for the family members of this particular occasion. That's why you'll want to liven up your event with some fun champagne balloon decorations!

5. Balloons

What is an effective decoration that can also pop? Balloons, of course! Now, this is how you throw a baby shower on a budget!

Ready To Pop Baby Shower Favors

Party favors are a must at every good baby shower. Ready to pop themed favors may be hard to come up with at first, so luckily I have compiled a list to save you time!

6. Cake Pop Favors

One way to send home the party is to attach favors to things your guests interact with. A great utilization of this tactic would be attaching cake pop tags on the sticks of your homemade cake pops that display the theme of your party proudly. You can customize your cake pop tag however you like, with however many or little details about the event you please. You could also consider purchasing cake pop tags premade.

7. Toy Party Poppers

Toy party poppers offer a great way to wrap up an awesome event, even if they may get a bit messy with all the confetti. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this fun favor!

8. Popcorn Favor Boxes

Another great thing about supplying popcorn boxes for your “ready to pop” baby shower is that you can use them as a favor box at the same time. One way to do this is to order custom-made popcorn boxes that showcase the theme of your baby shower and use them to put your party favors in. Another way to do this is to print out your own custom design and glue it onto the plain popcorn boxes we listed earlier in this article. This is perfect to put all your favors and take-home gifts in.

9. Popcorn Balls

Popcorn balls are a sweet treat that can be taken home as a favor and beautifully represent the theme of the party.

10. Custom Balloons

Customize balloons to send home as a party favor! These balloons aren't meant to be popped, they are meant to be kept as a decoration or collectible.

Ready To Pop Baby Shower Food Ideas

Is it really a themed baby shower without matching food and beverages to go with it? One of the best ways to impress your guests and have fun all while staying true to the theme is to customize your food. Here are some great food ideas that follow the “ready to pop” theme perfectly.

11. Popcorn

Nothing says “pop” like some freshly popped popcorn, am I right? This party food is as simple as popping in the microwave and pouring in the bowl, not to mention it works perfectly with the theme. If you want to step it up, look into purchasing your very own popcorn maker! Not only is it less expensive than you’d think, but it adds great depth to the aesthetic and theme of your party! Who doesn’t like popcorn?

12. Cake Pops

You might be starting to notice a trend here! Cake pops make for a portion of great food for this themed baby shower for the same reason as popcorn; they have “pop” in their name! Anyone familiar with these foods will appreciate the effort that went into maintaining the theme. Plus, cake pops are absolutely delicious, and any normal person would be looking for an excuse to eat one. Cake pops are surprisingly easy to make; it is essentially just a more entertaining way of making a cake. I recommend colored bling cake pop sticks to really make your cake pop "pop"!

13. Soda Pop

Imagine you have just finished eating your delicious salty popcorn, paired with a delightfully sweet cake pop, and now you are parched. You are going to have to quench your thirst with a pop-themed beverage: soda pop! We couldn’t leave out the beverages on this list! How could pop not be the perfect beverage for a Ready To Pop baby shower?


Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers might be the most delicious dish on this menu! If you do not mind a little heat, a jalapeno popper is a truly decadent experience. What truly makes great jalapeno poppers is the quality of your peppers. Make sure to find the freshest peppers that are available for this dish! Once you've got your peppers secured, all you need to do is decide on your fillings/ toppings. Do you want it bacon-wrapped? What kind of cheese do you want to put it in? Do you want to use low-fat cream cheese?

All of these questions are important and are situational depending on your party guests. If you are not too worried about the specifications, you can follow this great jalapeno popper recipe from Dinner At the Zoo. And if you're not confident in your cooking skills? You can always pick up some yummy jalapeno poppers chips or cheese curls instead.

15. Popsicles

Popsicles are a great low-effort food option for your Ready To Pop baby shower. Just purchase a variety of popsicles at the grocery store and keep them in your freezer until you are ready to use them!

Ready To Pop Baby Shower Games and Activities

Spice up the fun at your Ready To Pop baby shower by including a plethora of games to play! Games will make for a great source of entertainment and keep your guests busy.

16. Popcorn (Trampoline)

This game only applies to couples and ones with access to a trampoline. One very silly way of “testing” the love of the nonpregnant partner during a bridal shower is to play popcorn on a trampoline. To play, the husband must join 5 others on the trampoline. The husband will then go into a fetal position, and curl up as tightly as he can. The remaining 5 party members will start bouncing around, attempting to make the nonpregnant partner release their grip. If they can stay curled up for a minute straight, they win. If they win, the saying is that the baby and relationship will be healthy and last.

17. Donkey Pop

Think pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey but with a balloon as the objective. The player will be blindfolded with a needle, attempting to pop the balloon without seeing it.

18. Bubble Blowing

Who doesn't love to blow bubbles? This simple activity will be entertaining for all guests. Simply purchase some individually-sized bubble bottles, and let your guests watch them come to life, float and pop!


Balloon Piñata

Did you know you can use balloons as piñatas? Just fill up as many balloons as you want with candy or other prizes and tie them to a wall. You can let each kid pop a set amount of balloon piñatas.

20. Hop to Pop

This balloon game is exciting for all ages because it involves winning prizes anyone can enjoy! Write out individual numbers on paper, cut them up, and place them each inside a deflated balloon. Once each balloon has a number inside of it, blow the balloon up using your preferred method of inflation and tape them to a ceiling or a slightly high reaching area of the party. The way to play is to hop up with a pin to pop a balloon, and you win a prize based on the number you get. Be sure to assign a prize to each number before playing. Prize ideas can include money, candy, joke prizes, and anything you can think of!

Ready To Pop Baby Shower Party Supplies

21. Ready To Pop Sticker Labels

Some cute Ready To Pop sticker labels can provide you with a way to reinforce your party theme, wherever you decide to put them. Whether you stick them on gift bags, plates, or table decorations, using themed sticker labels will remind guests why your party "pops!"

22. Mini Food Serving Cups

To continue with the theme of having a holder or container with your pop-themed foods, consider grabbing some mini food serving cups! For those that do not want to eat an entire popcorn box-sized portion, they can stick to putting their food in these useful serving cups. They are also the perfect size for kids!

23. Colorful Straws

One way to emphasize your pop-themed beverages is to use straws that have colors that pop! An item does not need to have the word “pop” in its name to follow the theme. Vibrant colors definitely pop!

24. Colorful Wrapping Paper

Step up your color pop game by getting some colorful wrapping paper to wrap objects such as your table, popcorn boxes, and baby shower gifts from guests. Yes, you can buy this wrapping paper, ask your guests to bring the gift unwrapped, and set up a separate room for guests to wrap their gifts with the matching wrapping paper. This way, once all the guests are done wrapping their presents, you can get a wonderful photo of all of the matching presents nicely organized. 

25. Baby Shower Theme Napkins

With all of the tasty treats your guests will be consuming, you're going to want to purchase some cute baby-shower-themed napkins. These are a fun but practical way to liven up your party and add an extra special touch to your decorations.

Ready To Pop Baby Shower Invitations

The best theme parties all start with the same thing, the invitations! There are a few different ways that you can make these invitations. You can print personalized ones at home or a printing shop, you can use email to send personalized e-vites (check out various options here), or you can fully customize them by hand. No matter which option you choose, here are some cute and ideas and taglines. Once you have your invitations down, be sure to focus on which party supplies you will be needing.

26. Ready To Pop Baby Shower Etsy Invite

If you want a creative and handmade invitation but simply don't have the time or artistic talent, Etsy has so many wonderful options for your baby shower!


Ready to Pop Baby Shower Amazon Invite

You can also find some amazing invitations on Amazon! Get tons of invitations delivered to your house quickly, and for a great price! Be sure to include any appropriate venue information with each invite.

29. Customizable Baby Shower Invitations on Etsy

Not satisfied with the customizable invitations Amazon has to offer? You'll surely find an adorable customizable baby shower invite on Etsy.


The “ready to pop” baby shower theme is truly a great time where very little could go wrong. It is such a classic theme and yet it seems as if it has not been around lately. I would argue now is the perfect time to be using this theme for your baby shower before it becomes trendy and everyone starts doing it again!

There is so much more you can customize with this theme so you are not limited to just this article! If you explore the internet you will find many outlets and platforms that sell decorations and favors in whatever theme you are looking for! Task lists are a great help for keeping your party organized. Amazon and Etsy are great places to start if you are looking for something specific. Get creative and have the best time you can when celebrating the coming of your new baby! 

Written by John Watson; Contributor: Alessia Martire

Ready to POP Baby Shower Ideas

You are here: Home/ Themes/ Ready to Pop Baby Shower Ideas

It’s no secret that a mama-to-be feels like she is going to pop any second!

This is the perfect opportunity to throw a ready to pop baby shower!

The fun will start as soon as the guests start poppin’ in for this fun baby shower celebration!


Once you have an idea of who you are inviting to the shower, it’s time to think about the invitations you will be popping into the mail.

Save your gas and some time by poppin’ tags online with small businesses on websites like Etsy.  Not only can it be cheaper than buying them in a store, but for one set price, you get a high-quality, personalized digital file and can print as many as you need!

Here is an invitation design that will make your eyes pop out of your head, and it comes at a small price, too!  This invite from PetitePartyStudio on Etsy costs only $15. 00 and is the perfect invite for your Ready to Pop party!


How do you make the baby shower really pop?  With cute decorations, of course!

Think about anything that pops, or anything associated with popping:  Round things, balloons, bubbles, and popcorn!  As far as colors and patterns go, these are solely up to you!  Polka dots are a must, but mixing these with stripes or chevron prints can make it more fun.

Be creative and have fun while decorating, here’s a few ideas to get the thoughts poppin’:

  • Popcorn garland:  No longer just a Christmas decoration, but this is a very easy DIY decoration, and it’s cheap!
  • Balloons galore:  Have lots of helium-filled balloons that coordinate with your chosen colors, and also blow up balloons with oxygen and have them drooping from the ceiling at different heights.
  • Dots, dots, dots!  Dots of many sizes and coordinating colors should adorn the walls, tableware, ceiling, floor, and wherever you can put them!


When it comes to food for a baby shower, your guests will literally eat til popping point.  For a ready to pop baby shower, this couldn’t be anymore appropriate!

Consider these fun ideas for food:

  • Popcorn bar:  Have a smorgasbord of every type of popcorn you can make or find.
  • Cake pops:  Well the name says it, it’s cake on a stick, dipped in chocolate and drizzled in pretty colors to match your theme!
  • Stuffed shells:  Not exactly a “pop” treat, but you need a main course food item; they are stuffed, and that’s close to popping!
  • Get popped punch:  Choose any flavor punch you desire, add some free floating fruit, and don’t forget a pop of liquor!


Ready to pop baby shower games should totally coordinate with the theme!  What games get you poppin’ at a baby shower?  Well, here’s a few ideas!

  • Jump n’ pop:  Before blowing up balloons, place a piece of paper in each one with a number on it, folded up.  Hang them from the ceiling, so that they double as a decoration.  Each guest gets a pin to pop one, and all of the numbers coordinate with prizes so everyone wins!
  • Ball race:  Sitting on yoga balls, each person competes in a bouncing race across the room, if their bum comes off the ball, they are disqualified.  The first person to the other side of the room wins a prize!
  • Pop the water:  Before the shower, water balloons are filled up, each containing a mini baby item, such as those little plastic, confetti-type bottles and binkies.  Only one water balloon contains a mini baby though, who’s going to be the lucky one?


What pops in, must pop out and all good things eventually come to an end.  Be sure to thank the guests and send them home with something they will all love!

Whether it’s a delicious cupcake or a fancy cake pop, you can’t go wrong with food when it comes to anything baby shower!  Especially a little bag of gourmet popcorn… mmmmm!

Special thanks to our friends at Petite Party Studio for this adorable design!

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