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The 5 Best Bottles for Rice Cereal in 2022 -

Being a mom, feeding your baby is one of the hard nuts to crack and there’s no doubt about it. If your baby is 4 to 6 months old, you can feed him liquid solids like rice cereal and for that, you need special kinds of feeding bottles. 

Feeding your baby rice cereal in a bottle makes your job easier. It requires less effort and time. To make the feeding process more convenient, I’m presenting here the best bottles for rice cereal. The following section of this article helps you to find the right rice cereal bottle for your baby.

So, without any delay let’s jump in, shall we?

Editors Choice: 3 Best Rice Cereal Bottles

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2nd Runner Up

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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle

Baby Mate for Cereal and Baby Food

Sassy Baby 100% Silicone Nipple and Spoon


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1st Runner Up

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Product Title

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle


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Baby Mate for Cereal and Baby Food


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2nd Runner Up

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Sassy Baby 100% Silicone Nipple and Spoon


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5 Best Bottles for Rice Cereal Guides


Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle

When it comes to choosing the best bottle for rice cereal, Tomme Tippee’s this bottle ranks top on the list because of its outstanding design. 

This bottle is made up of BPA and phthalate-free materials which are completely non-toxic for your baby.

Why We Select It

The holding capacity is 340 ml (11 oz) which means it can hold enough food for an older infant. You’ll find the quantity marking on the bottle. However, the marking washes away very quickly. 

The main attraction of this bottle is the Y cut nipple which provides a natural breastfeeding-like experience to your baby. The nipple flows the food like rice cereal and other solid liquids without any mess. 

The nipple is made from silicone and it’s so soft that it feels like skin. Moreover, the easy latch nipple brings a nice transition between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. The manufacturer puts their all efforts to make the experience similar to actual breastfeeding.  

Moving next, the bottle has an anti-colic valve that prevents excessive airflow. The feature ensures the comfort of the baby and saves from fussy feelings.

Lastly, this bottle has only 3 parts and is effortless to assemble. Although the bottle is large it’s easy to hold. The opening part is wide which helps the moms to clean the bottle without any hitch. 

Key Features

  • Y-cut, easy latch nipple
  • Very soft silicone made smooth nipple
  • Anti-colic valve for preventing excessive air ingestion 
  • Easy to clean
  • Free from BPA and phthalate

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2. Sassy Baby Food Nurser Rice Cereal Bottle

This bottle from Sassy comes with a set of 2, one with a nipple and the other with a spoon. You can feed your baby with a spoon or a nipple according to your baby’s preference. The spoon that comes with the bottle is the perfect way to feed rice cereal to your baby.t? 

Why We Select It

The bottle is durable and handy in shape. It can hold around 118 ml and is made up of BPA-free plastics which is safe for your baby. 

Sassy tried to make the bottle attractive to a baby, they used multicolor which grabs the attention of a baby easily.  

The nipple and spoon are made from silicone to maximize comfort. Also, the materials used are not harmful to your baby. However, few people claimed that the nipple is slightly hard. 

There’s a vacuum disk inside that keeps the air out and moves the food without getting clogged. You should appreciate the manufacturer for this unique design. They tried to make the baby feeding process easier.   

This bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe, so cleaning the bottle may not be a big deal for you. Moreover, this bottle comes with a travel cover. So if you’re going outside, you don’t need to worry about food leaking or spilling. 

Key Features

  • BPA-free materials
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Comes with silicon made spoon and nipple
  • The overall design is convenient for feeding
  • Travel cover prevents the leakage

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Termichy Baby Cereal Feeding Bottle

Being a mom, you may look for different features in your baby’s feeder, don’t you? I’m pretty sure this feeder set from Termichy can fulfill plenty of them. This feeder set consists of a silicone pacifier and a squeeze spoon feeder.

Why We Select It

From the building materials to prevent leakage, the manufacturer has done a good job. The feeder is made up of higher food-grade PP+ silicone and is completely free from BPA materials. The building material ensures the bottle is safe for your baby.

If you’re tired of refilling the bottle, then this bottle could be a decent choice for you. The fruit feeder can hold 30 ml and the spoon has a large capacity of 90 ml which ensures that you don’t need to refill the bottle frequently. 

The bThe bottle is easy to use and squeezable. You don’t have to hold the bottle downward all the time. By squeezing the bottle, the rice cereal moves forward and comes out on the spoon. Also, there’s a safety filter that helps to prevent your baby from choking.

The additional features will also mesmerize you. It has anti-leak and anti-lost features. So, you might not face any food leaking or feeder missing issue. The feeder is a good choice for outdoor usage. Besides, the bottle is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.   

However, this bottle is perfect for semi-solid foods rather than milk or other liquids. That’s the drawback we’ve heard from the customers about this bottle. 

Key Features

  • Made of high-grade PP+ silicone 
  • BPA free
  • Has a large capacity
  • Squeeze design
  • Comes with a sealing cover and pacifier clip 

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4. Gaodear Baby Bottle for Cereal Feeding

This feeding bottle is another product to make the feeding process less stressful for moms. 

This bottle can hold 120 ml of food which means you don’t need to refill it repeatedly. Besides, the manufacturers used high-quality food-grade silicone (BPA and PVC free) to make these bottles. If you are looking for a toxin-free bottle, then it can be on your list.

Why We Select It

Since the bottle is made up of high-quality materials, you can use boiling water to disinfect it. Hopefully, the boiling water won’t cause any damage to the bottle. 

Also, it’s dishwasher safe which means you don’t face any mess to clean the bottle. The bottle has several parts which are easy to assemble and clean.

The spoon is made from silica gel which makes the spoon so soft for an infant. The nipple also comforts the baby when you put it inside the baby’s mouth. The nipple and spoon are so well made for making the rice cereal feeding more comfortable.

Traveling with a feeder bottle sometimes creates anxiety among moms. Because there’s a chance of food leaking and spilling. Thanks to the sealing disc of this bottle which prevents the leaks.

Lastly, this bottle can perform versatile roles. You can feed your baby eggs, milk, porridge, rice paste, or other solid liquids with this bottle as well.  

Key Features

  • Constructed with safe materials (BPA free)
  • Has a large capacity of 120 ml
  • Soft nipple and spoon
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe 
  • Easy to clean
  • Adequate leakage prevention system

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5. Baby Mate Infant Feeders for Cereal and Baby Food

Like other rice cereal bottles, this is also one of the most favorite bottles among moms. The overall design is truly appreciable. It’s handy, easy to hold, and squeezable.

The high-grade silicone makes this bottle squeezable and you don’t have to hold the bottle downward all the time. Thanks to the manufacturer. You can use your other hand to do any work if you’re a busy mom. Baby feeding seems easy, isn’t it? 

Why We Select It

The materials used to make this bottle are completely safe for your baby. They’re obviously BPA-free and especially the cap which is also made from food-grade polypropylene cap. You can use the cap as a measuring cup as well to feed your baby the proper amount of nutrients.  

Moving next to the spoon which is super soft for your baby’s teeth and gum. The spoon ensures your baby’s comfort and won’t make him fussy.  

If you move with the baby, don’t worry about food leakage. The tight-sealing cover prevents food from leaking and creating a mess. Also, the food stays well for a long time because of the materials used in this bottle. So, as a mom traveling and feeding your baby will be more convenient for you.

Lastly, the bottle is easy to clean with the cleaning brush which is also included in the package. Besides, the bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe. So, disinfecting and cleaning your baby’s feeding bottle won’t be a tough job for you.

Key Features

  • Made up of high-grade silicone 
  • BPA free
  • Cap is made from food-grade polypropylene
  • Holds up to 120 ml
  • Squeezable bottle
  • Ease of cleaning

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How to Choose Best Bottles for Rice Cereal?


When it comes to buying a rice cereal bottle, you should go for a high-grade silicone-made bottle. To disinfect or clean the bottle, you need to use boiled hot water and a high-grade silicone bottle bears the heat pretty well. 

So, the bottle and nipple both must be made from silicone. It reduces the health risks of your baby. 


You should determine the size of the bottle based on your purpose. Normally a 90 ml bottle is handy and it can hold enough food for your baby. 

However, if your baby is a little bit older, a 120 ml or larger bottle can be more appropriate.   


A squeezable bottle helps moms to get rid of holding the bottle downward while feeding. Normally this feature comes in silicone-made bottles because silicone is a very soft material. 

If you don’t want to hold the bottle all the time, a squeezable bottle can be a great choice for you. Your job is just to squeeze the bottle, the food will move forward automatically.

Leakage Prevention

Spilling or leaking food from the feeding bottle is so annoying, isn’t it? That’s why while buying a feeding bottle you should get the one that has a sealing cover. The cover will prevent the food from leaking from the bottle and you can avoid any messy situation. 


We all know that babies are vulnerable to germs and they can be found even in feeding bottles. That is the reason why you should keep the feeding bottle clean. 

When it comes to cleaning the bottle, you should use boiling water. So, while buying a bottle make sure the bottle can endure high temperature and is easy to clean. 


The rice cereal bottle for babies should be free from toxic materials and BPA. The BPA-free materials can save your baby from health hazards caused by chemicals. 

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Best Bottles for Rice Cereal: FAQs

Is it safe to put rice cereal in your baby’s bottle?

It’s safe to put rice cereal in your baby’s bottle. Your baby’s food should be plain and rice cereal can be a great choice. However, you should not feed your baby excessively, it may cause him to choke.  

When can you start feeding a baby rice cereal?

When it comes to choosing the food for your baby, you need to be extra careful. Normally you can start feeding a baby rice cereal when he is 6 months old. Few babies eat solid-liquid foods when they are 4 months old. So it actually varies from baby to baby but the ideal age to feed a baby rice cereal is 6 months old.  

How many times a day should I feed my baby rice cereal?

You should feed your baby rice cereal once or twice a day. When your baby just starts to take solid-liquid foods, you can feed him rice cereal especially after being breastfed or bottle-fed. To make him familiar with the rice cereal you can add 1 or 2 spoons of rice cereal to the feeding bottle.

Does cereal in the bottle help the baby sleep?

No, cereal in the bottle doesn’t help the baby sleep. You can feed your baby cereal when he’s 4 to 6 months old for more nutrients. But don’t think it’s a bedtime snack that will help him to sleep better. It’s a misconception and if you feed your baby excessive rice cereal he might choke at night. 

Final Verdict

There’s no doubt how challenging it is to feed your baby. Few babies are so reluctant to eat that it takes 1 to 2 hours to feed them. But the fact is they need proper nutrition as they’re growing up. To ease the feeding process, rice cereal bottles are a great relief for moms.

I know as a mom, you always try to pick the best thing for your baby. And I tried to make this journey easier for you. I’ve picked the 5 best rice cereal bottles for your baby. No doubt there are other bottles too but trust me, these 5 bottles can do the job efficiently and they’re well recognized among the moms. 

Hopefully, this post will help you to pick the right bottle for your baby and the baby will be happy and satisfied. 

Happy feeding!

Table of Contents

The Best Bottles for Rice Cereal

Adding rice cereal to your child’s meal is often recommended by the doctors in case your child is having a reflux problem. Mixing cereal with food helps to stop breastfeeding faster. But in this case, you need something to hold onto this cereal without destroying the nutrients. And nothing can be better than a bottle with a useful cap. What’s best is that these bottles can come in real handy when you are out traveling or visiting your relatives or friends.

Though you can find many bottles available in the market, not all of them are safe for your child’s health. And we know it’s hard to figure out which one you should buy that will not be harmful to your child.

So, we have done the research for you and made a list of the best bottles for rice cereal.  Hope you will find these as a safe stuff for your child. 

#List of the Best Bottles for Rice Cereal – Our Editor’s Pick:

# Preview Product Rating
1 Sassy Baby Food Nurser – 4+ Months Set of 2- 4oz 100% Silicone Nipple and Spoon BPA-Free Buy on Amazon
2 Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle, Y-cut Bottle Nipple, BPA-free (11oz, 3. .. Buy on Amazon
3 Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Flow Baby Bottle Nipples – 2pk Buy on Amazon
4 Dr. Brown's Original Nipple, Y-Cut (9m+), 6 Count Buy on Amazon
5 Gaodear Baby Food Feeder Silicone Squeeze Rice Cereal Bottle, Soft-Tip Dispensing Spoon with Brush. .. Buy on Amazon

Top 10 Best Bottles for Rice Cereal Reviews

1. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle for Rice Cereal


Based on the research, our first pick is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle. Tommee Tippee is a world-famous child care brand in the United Kingdom. Recently, they have come up with a super wholesome breast-like Y-Cut Nipple cereal bottleDistinctive features of the bottle make it one of the best rice cereal bottles ever!

The bottle comes up with a silicone-based Y-cut Nipple, an anti-colic valve, and a cap to cover the food. Since the baby would use the bottle regularly, the material of the bottle is an important issue to consider. Both the bottle and nipple are made up of silicone and are completely BPA-free. Moreover, the bottle can hold 11oz while its anti-colic valve prevents air ingestion to keep the baby comfortable.

Another feature of this cereal bottle is it provides different flow rates to relieve the baby from choking. These wholesome features provide this rice cereal bottle consistent praises with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon.

Despite versatilities, a few people did have some issues with it. Their biggest complaint was that the hole of the nipple is quite big which can cause the leakage of the cereal and suffocation of the babies after feeding.

  • Y-cut Nipple is flexible to be adjusted with condensed formula.
  • Its silicone-based nipple is similar to skin, allowing baby with breastfeeding feelings
  • The super-sensitive anti-colic valve prevents excessive airflow which will rescue the baby from gas and fussiness.
  • Easy to hold, an easily washable way, an affordable price will surely make the bottle attractive 
  • The bigger hole in the nipple can cause fast cereal leakage which is difficult for babies to handle.
  • Requires several trials to get the perfect consistency of the flow.

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2. Sassy Baby Food Nurser Rice Cereal Bottle


This time we come up with another famous brand named “Sassy Baby Food Nurser Cereal Feeder.” When you want your baby to start having solid foods, but if your baby is not comfortable with a spoon, this rice cereal bottle will help you in a big way! 

The bottle comes in a set of 2: 4oz Nurser Bottles; one bottle with a spoon and one bottle with a nipple. So, you can easily feed the baby by altering the spoon and the nipple and obviously without any mess! 

BPA-free plastic made bottle makes it somewhat different from the previous one which allows the cereal bottle more durable, hygienic and ensures optimal flexible usage. Baby’s contentment is ensured by the silicone nipple while its anti-colic valve prevents air ingestion to protect the baby from fussiness. 

Many users have said that the varieties of the color, easy way of cleaning just even at $10.18 make this 9.00 x 7.00 x 9.00 inches rice cereal bottle one of the best bottles for rice cereal for them ever! Unfortunately, a few people mentioned that nipples seem to be harder and get sticky.

  • The multicolor bottle will easily catch your baby’s attraction
  • The plunger inside the bottle helps to push the solid food towards the filter which makes the food more convenient for the baby.
  • The lid on the top helps to prevent the leakage of the food
  • The vacuum disk prevents air ingestion and keeps the food intact
  • Some babies can find the silicone nipple harder to suck
  • Sometimes you may find the plunger too tight to move on 
  • Gets sticky 

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3. Termichy Baby Food Rice Cereal Set


Struggling with your baby to feed additional foods? Don’t worry. In this regard, the “Termichy Baby Food Feeder Set” is our third choice. This set comes up with a silicone pacifier feeder and a squeeze spoon feeder for Infants0. Moms don’t need to re-fill the bottle frequently as the fruit feeder is 30 ml capacity while the feeder spoon has a large capacity of 90ml.

You will also get a sealing cover and a pacifier clip along with the set to prevent food leakage. The squeeze designed bottle is also convenient for self-feeding habits. Moreover, it is safe due to higher-quality food-grade PP+ silicone and is completely BPA-free. Anti-leak, anti-lost, and dishwasher safe opportunities will give you additional features.

The babies will surely find this 8.27 x 4.29 x 1.89 inches pink bottle very eye-catching and will be eager to feed. While many people who used this cereal bottle were extremely happy with the features of the bottle, affordable price, and higher quality, a few people were disappointed.

Among the most notable complaints, a few people said that the filter and spoon are perfect for semi-solid food, not for fully liquid food like milk.

  • Super easy to use! Pour puree inside, squeeze it and it will come out on the spoon.
  • The large container will rescue you from filling the feeder again and again.
  • Its safety filter will safe your baby from being choked
  • Lightweight, easy to clean
  • Can not use pacifiers without a container.
  • Not perfect for fully liquid food like milk, thinned yogurt Bottom of Form

Buy on Amazon

4. Burabi Baby Squeeze Feeding Spoon with Replacement Rice Cereal Bottle


The Burabi Baby Squeeze Feeding Spoon with Replacement Feeder Nipple is another micro-wave safe, BPA, and Phthalates-free rice cereal bottle, with a few key differences from the previous one. The reason why this bottle is most popular is that the cereal bottle is certified by the CPSC Product Safety Regulations. Therefore, parents can be tension free regarding the health of their babies.

Two ways of feeding facilities with one replaceable spoon and one replaceable nipple, make it convenient for both liquid and semisolid foods. To protect the baby’s soft gums and ensures a healthy oral condition the spoon is designed with soft silicone. Moreover, it is an easily portable, light-weight bottle with a capacity of 3oz.

With a lucrative outlook, this little light-pink cereal bottle sizes only 11 x 2.7 x 2.4 inches. You will find this bottle in food-grade silicone material which completely BPA-Free, Phthalates-Free. With these distinctive features, the cereal bottle has got a 4.5 rating out of 5.

Despite these lucrative features, many users have said that the squeeze spoon stains easily with homemade baby food which may seem confusing. But it is to assure you that it will not change the quality of its performance.

  • Provides two ways of feeding facilities. 
  • Easiest to clean, affordable price
  • The upper cap will protect the spoon while you are not using it.
  • Micro-wave safer
  • Not suitable for older babies as the spoon is too bendy.
  • Some may find the hole too small for the food to come out

5. Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle for Rice Cereal


Podee Hands-Free rice cereal bottle comes up with two plastic bottles to alter often. One of the best sides of this cereal bottle is that it will help your baby get used to self-feeding. Instead of the typical horizontal feeding design, this bottle allows a vertical feeding facility that helps to prevent the baby’s colic, gas build-up system. This feature indicates that this cereal bottle is mostly suitable for babies who are at least 3 months plus.

The complete package comes up with 2 sets of bottles, long-straws, and lids. The elephant printed 19 x 2.48 x 1.26 inches bottle will easily be able to attract the babies. With the long straw, the baby can easily feed even in the car!  

Moreover, the cereal bottle is Phthalates Free, BPA Free, Lead-free. It can contain 9 oz which is enough for babies over 3months. Its anti-colic feeding system prevents air ingestion and keeps the food intact. 

 With a 3.8 rating, this cereal bottle is our 5th choice. However, some users have placed complaints that the straw is not enough spacious for a formula to come out. Therefore, the babies need to suck harder which makes them tired.

  • Perfect for self-feeding practice. 
  • Its anti-colic system prevents air ingestion leaving your baby relaxed after feeding.
  • Easy to clean the bottle
  • Suitable for the babies who can sit.
  • Not wholesome for formula and struggles to come up through the straw.
  • The baby can get tired since the hole of the straw is small 
  • Cleaning the straw requires little struggle.

Buy on Amazon

6. Avima 12 oz Anti Colic Infant Bottles For Rice Cereal


“Avima 12 oz Anti Colic Infant Bottles” is one of the best rice cereal bottles of Avima company. The rice cereal bottle comes in a set of 3 being 12 ounces in size. Each bottle is made up of Polypropylene while the nipple is made of silicone.

What makes Avima more acceptable to the user is its BPA-free, Phthalate-free, Latex-free, Lead-free feature. If you are looking for something durable, easy to use, hygienic, and are willing to pay more for it, you can check out this rice cereal bottle

The reason why this cereal bottle is most popular is that the bottle can adjust with the flow of milk according to the baby’s feeding pace. Its anti-colic system prevents colic, gas, and spit-up. Each bottle consists of only 4parts. They are easy to assemble and disperse as well. So, it’s really easy to clean this light-weight bottle. 

12 oz sized capacity is perfect for babies over 9 months. Manufacturer provides an embossed fl oz scale with the bottle to measure.

With these advantageous features, the bottle has secured a 4.4 rating out of 5 on Amazon. However, a common complaint of this cereal bottle is that the hole of the nipple is small. Therefore, the babies have to do struggle to get the food.

  • The soft silicone made nipple will give the child an experience of breastfeeding.
  • The bottle allows several flow rates. So, you can use the same bottle as your baby grows up. 
  • Lightweight, easy usage, flexible assemble 
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Not suitable for microwaving
  • The nipple has a small hole that needs more effort to get the milk.
  • Higher price


Buy on Amazon

7. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Added Cereal Baby Bottle for Rice Cereal


Tommee Tippee makes another appearance on our list and for good reason. While slightly similar to the one we mentioned earlier, this rice cereal bottle is particularly great for growing babies who want more volumes of the bottle and prefer thicker formula. 

This cereal bottle is provided with the most breast-like nipples ever with an anti-colic valve. It is BPA, Phthalates free, hence health safety. This 340ml bottle is only 7 x 3.3 x 3.4 inches and hence, easy to hold the bottle. When its Y-cut silicone-made nipple ensures the top-notch flow of thicker liquids without any clumping, the anti-colic valve prevents air ingestion.

If you want to give the baby a thicker formula, it would be one of the best rice cereal bottles to make your money worth. Moreover, its flexible usage, less price, an easy cleaning process will attract you to buy it. However, many people commented that the bigger hole of the nipple makes their infants choking.

  • Ensures the optimum flow of thicker liquids without clumping
  • The 340 ml bottle is an appropriate amount even for older babies
  • The lucrative bottle provides you with the opportunity to hold it in three ways.
  • Affordable price, easy to clean
  • The hole of the nipple is bigger. Hence, your baby can choke.

8. Aoffer Silicone Baby Squeeze Cereal Cereal Bottle Set


 This time we come up with another famous brand named “Aoffer.” This brand is most well-known for its rice cereal bottles. Their Newborn Toddler Food Supplement Bottle Set comes up with a bottle, a spoon, and a cap. Silicon made bottle and spoon make this bottle set durable and obviously BPA Free.

 The silicone-made spoon is beneficial for the transition babies who are turning their food from pure liquid to semi-solid food. Moreover, the soft-silicone spoon will not irritate the baby’s soft-gums. Preserving the left-over food becomes easy with the added cap.

 The 7.83 x 2.17 x 1.85 inches rice cereal bottle can hold 90 ML which is perfect for babies over 6 months. You don’t need to worry about assembling and dispersing, as it’s as simple as water! Besides, it is dishwasher safe, light-weight, hence travel friendly.

 With these highlighting features, this rice cereal bottle gets consistent praises on Amazon and has secured a 4.5 rating out of 5. While, a few people are disappointed by the fact that, the bottom part of the bottle is not spacious. Therefore, the cereal can get leaked and everything will be messed up.

  • Silicone made nipple is convenient for the baby 
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Travel friendly 
  • Easy usage, affordable price, and cruelty-free
  • The bottom part of the bottle is not expanded. Hence, it can roll down anytime.

Buy on Amazon

9. Gaodear Silicone Squeeze Feeding Rice Cereal Bottle


Gaodear Silicone Squeeze rice cereal bottle is another excellent option for infants. The blue color package consists of a bottle, a feeding spoon, and a cover. Natural silica gel is being used to make this gel which is completely BPA and PVC free and therefore, healthy.

Here, the soft silicone spoon is favorable for the baby’s soft oral health and the ergonomic shape is easy to squeeze, down to the last bite. The containing capacity of the bottle is 4oz. Moreover, the cap provided with the cereal bottle can be used as a measuring cup.

One feature that makes Gaodear bottle different from the most similar item is its high-temperature resisting capability, which is up to 250 degrees Celsius. This particular feature also makes this cereal bottle one of the best rice cereal bottles ever.  The low price, dish-washer safe, micro-wave safe, ease, and flexibility of use make this cereal bottle especially attractive. 

Unfortunately, for a small handful of people, they did find this cereal bottle so flimsy. As the bottom part of the bottle is too soft to hold, it may tear if roughly used.

  • A tight seal around the cap neck and sealing disc prevents leakage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Easy to clean
  • The food can get leaky when you tilt so hard
  • Not enough durable 

Buy on Amazon

10. Infant Baby Silica Gel Feeding Bottle with Spoon Newborn Toddler Food Supplement Rice Cereal Bottles


TanQiang is known by many people to make excellent baby products. It is another dependable name when it comes to rice cereal bottles. They pride their “Infant Baby Silica Gel Feeding Rice Cereal Bottles” on being easy to use to feed the babies.

This bottle is a darling tool to feed infants from newborn to over 6 months in a very handy way. The BPA-free bottle is provided with a silicone-based spoon which is 2 cm wide and with a cover. TanQiang provides this 5 x 2.2 x 1.5 inches rice cereal bottle with three colors: blue, pink, and white.

With 3.98 ounces weight, it can hold 90 ml/3oz cereal. Any baby over 4 months can easily take this bottle for regular use. It is also significant for flexible usage, an affordable price, and a heat resistance capacity of up to 120 degrees Celsius.

As reliable as this cereal bottle may be to their legion of loyal customers, quite a few people, say that the bottom part of the bottle is too narrow to be stuck on the table. However, the huge customers of this product have made the bottle one of the best rice cereal bottles with a rating of 3.7 out of 5.

  • Tight seal and cap prevent food leakage and protect the food from dust
  • Convenient for one-hand operate, easy usage 
  • dishwasher, steam, and microwave safe
  • The bottom of the bottle is only 5cm which can lead to falling.

Comparison Table for Baby Feeder

Product Title


Nipple Type

Age Range


Baby Bottle for Rice Cereal

Tommee Tippee

2 Count


Y-Cut Nipple

Nurser Rice Cereal Bottle

2 - 4oz


Y-Cut Nipple

Termichy Baby Food Rice Cereal Set



Anti-Colic Self Feeding Baby Bottle

Hands Free

8 Ounces



Bottles For Rice Cereal

12 Fluid Ounces



Cereal Bottle Set



Dispensing Spoon

Squeeze Feeding Rice Cereal Bottle


120 Milliliters


Spoon feeder

Little kid

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Is it bad to put rice cereal in a bottle?

Most experts recommend starting solid foods for your baby around 4-6 months aged and cereals are an excellent first food. Parents usually mix these cereal products with breast milk or formula to make a soft, mushy puree that’s easy to digest.

Most moms and dads feed cereals to their babies by pouring them into a bottle.
A baby’s gastrointestinal system isn’t thought to be prepared to process cereal until about 6 months aged.
So, you’ll feed cereal to your infant at the age of 6 months.

2. Do you need a special bottle of cereal?

As the fluid kind of oat is thicker than milk and ordinary fluids, you might truly want to search for a grain nursing bottle that capacities an especially planned areola spoon that immediately puts food into the mouth of your child.

3. Does cereal in the bottle help the baby sleep?

It’s more of a fable than a true remark. If your child is 6 months previous and eats regular diets, he/she will have to be able to sleep at night with no drawback unless there are other issues. However, should you feed cereal properly earlier than sleep, this could make him/her gain weight.

4. When should I clean and replace baby bottles and nipples?

You should be more careful about babies’ health. After every feed, you should clean bottles and nipples. And every three to six months you should replace your baby feeding bottles.

Unlike bottles, nipples also should be replaced frequently. The rule of changing nipples is every two to three months. If you notice that the nipple has tears, thinning, or discoloration, you should toss it.

5. How do I introduce rice cereal to my baby?

Breast milk or formula is that the one food your new child needs. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months after beginning.

But via ages 4 months to six months, maximum young children are able to start out eating forged meals as a complement to breast-feeding or formula-feeding. During this point, young children normally stop the utilization of their tongues to push meals to call at their mouths and begin to expand the coordination to maneuver solid meals from the doorway of the mouth to the rear for swallowing.

Final verdict

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Foreigner - Stories (Leonid Andreev)

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  • Protection (one day)
  • from the life of the headquarters of Kablukova
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A foreigner


From eleven o'clock in the morning until eight in the evening, student Chistyakov went to class and only once a week, on Wednesdays, when classes with students began later, he dropped in for a minute at the university to check in at the pedal. He never went to lectures and did not even know where the classrooms for second-year lawyers were located, since he did not like professors very much and next spring he was going to go abroad forever - to live and study there. For this very purpose, he got so much work and saved up money, and in the evenings, returning from lessons, he studied German. He decided to settle in Germany, in Berlin; his old friend had been living there for a year now and writing long and enthusiastic letters from there. And in each letter he persistently called him. nine0005

But it happened in the evenings that something roared in Chistyakov's head, like water falling from a mill wheel; the unpleasant faces of the disciples flickered before the weary eyes, and the left side hurt badly. Then it was impossible to study, and he either went to bed, counted the accumulated money and dreamed of his life in Berlin, or went down to the sixty-fourth room, where students from all over the "North Pole" usually gathered in the evenings - that was the name of the rooms, in whom he lived. He did not like the students who gathered there, just as he did not like everything that surrounded him: he did not like the streets along which he walked, he did not like the room in which he lived, he did not like the whole unsettled, chaotic, barbarously rude and meaningless life. Even worse than the barbarians seemed to him the people whom he saw everywhere, on the streets and in the houses: the barbarians were bold, but these only did not respect either themselves or others, and often a terrible ghost of stupid violence and senseless cruelty grew up between them. But the realization that he would soon leave them forever, see other, good people, live a real, settled and good life, reconciled him with the remaining people and caused a strange sadness and quiet regret. And when he came to them, tall, with a narrow and sore chest, with a bloodless face of a faster and feverishly shining eyes, his quiet “hello!” sounded like a sad "goodbye!". nine0005

And downstairs, in the sixty-fourth room, it was always so fun, carefree and noisy. Because they drank a lot of vodka and smoked in the room, they sang and shouted a lot, they slept on the floor and on the sofas, the air in it was gray, heavy, it smelled strongly of alcohol and herring, and disorder always reigned, so strong and invincible that he sometimes seemed special. And the owners of the room, Vanka Kostyurin and Panov, looked like their own room: disorderly and firmly established in their disorder, in the morning they drank vodka or beer instead of tea, were awake at night and slept during the day. nine0005

They had very little property, but there were always a row of empty bottles on the windows, ranging in height from a quarter to a hundred, and a tambourine and a triangle hung on the wall, and there was a good harmony. Since one of the roommates, Serb Rajko Vukic, one night walked with a tambourine along the corridor and terribly frightened all the tenants who thought about the fire, every evening at eleven o'clock the bellboy Sergei came and took away the tambourine until the morning. And in the morning he would bring it along with a couple of beers, and the long-whiskered Vanka Kostyurin, very gloomy in the mornings, sang a short song on a tambourine - also for some reason very gloomy. And then the harmony crumbled into a sonorous and cheerful trill - and a stupid and incomprehensible day for Chistyakov began. nine0005

When in the evening Chistyakov came to the sixty-fourth room, narrow-chested, sickly, bearing the traces of a day's work and a strictly defined life goal, the company greeted him with slight mockery and hostility.

– A foreigner is crawling! – proclaimed Vanka Kostyurin.

And the students laughed, because with his whole face, long hair, blue shirt peeking out from under his jacket, Chistyakov least of all looked like a foreigner. Yes, and his dialect was the most Great Russian: soft, rounded and thoughtful. nine0005

Students did not like him because he was completely indifferent to their life, did not understand its joys and looked like a person who sits at the station waiting for a train, smokes, talks, sometimes even seems to be addicted, but he himself does not reduce eye from the clock. He did not say anything about himself, and no one knew why at the age of twenty-nine he was only in his second year, but on the other hand he talked a lot and in detail about abroad and life there. And to everyone he saw for the first time, he reported with quiet delight somewhere and once heard the news: that in Christiania, on the best square, the people erected two beautiful monuments: Bjornson and Ibsen, while the latter were still alive, and when Bjornson and Ibsen pass through the square, they see their image cast from eternal iron and bronze, and they rejoice in the love of the people so much that they both cry. And as he told this, Chistyakov looked away, and his eyelids filled with tears and reddened. nine0005

He willingly talked about how much money he had saved up for abroad - two hundred and twenty rubles, and once he even bothered all the students with a complaint about how vilely they had treated him in one lesson, cheating him for eleven rubles. So, they took it and calmly cheated, and when he began to demand, they first laughed, and then they kicked him out.

- After all, this is hard-earned money! he said with anger and anguish. “After all, maybe they cost me two years of my life!”

- Well, don't whine, I'm tired! Vanka Kostyurin told him. - Do you want us to collect these eleven rubles among ourselves? nine0005

He offered this from the bottom of his heart and was very surprised and offended when Chistyakov indignantly rejected the offer.

– You are not a comrade! - said Kostyurin reproachfully, and everyone agreed with him that Chistyakov was not a comrade. This was also evident from the contemptuous indifference with which he treated all student interests: no matter what important happened, no matter how excited the people in the sixty-fourth issue, he was silent, absently drummed his fingers on the table, and if the debate dragged on, started yawning and left to study German. nine0005

– I'm not from here! - he said with a playful apology, but in his joke there was a terrible and for some reason very offensive truth. And it was unpleasant to feel that they did not know at all this narrow-chested man who was so directly moving towards his goal and did not want to say where so much strength and determination came from in his sick chest.

And Vanka Kostyurin especially disliked him; he himself wore high boots, and in the summer in the countryside a coat, respected everything Russian, vodka, kvass, fatty cabbage soup and peasants, and tried to speak in a rough voice and in a common folk way: instead of “it seems” he said “seem” and often used the word “just now” . And he did not understand Chistyakov's stubborn desire to go abroad and for some reason ranked him in the same category of phenomena as white gloves, constant sobriety, visits and fashionable boots; and two other names given by him to Chistyakov were: "aristocrat" and "dog old age." The rest were indifferent to everything Russian, willingly scolded him and told Chistyakov that they themselves would go to study and live abroad if they had money. And he persuaded them, proved that money can always be obtained, he was worried, but then peered into their good-natured, half-drunk faces, remembered their whole lazy, dissolute life - and indifferently fell silent. Somewhere in a corner, on a rumpled bed, he sat down and looked out from there with shining and distant eyes, so pale, narrow-chested and resolute. nine0005

And the rest lived cheerfully and carelessly with all the carelessness of youth and health, as if they had neither yesterday nor tomorrow, nor the damned questions that the damned reality brings with it. Broad-shouldered, hairy, thick-necked Tolkachev, with small and dull eyes, showed the strength of his muscles, lifted weights and forced everyone to look at him and admire: he was a member of the gymnastic society, recognized only strength and openly despised the university, students, science and all sorts of questions . And many hated him, but were afraid of his monstrous strength, his rudeness, which stops at nothing, and even behind his back did not dare to speak ill of him. And when someone, out of patience, began to argue with him, he always began the argument with the words:

– Of course, everyone is free in their beliefs, but you, Kostya, are hardly right...

But he did not understand this delicacy and calmly ended the argument:

– Well, it’s worth talking to you fools. If it were my will, every day I would fight all of you in the stable.

And everyone pretended that he was joking and laughed. Master Panov was chopping onions for herring and weeping; Serb Raiko Vukic, short, lean, wiry, hook-nosed, with a sharp cleft chin, on which spiky stubble protruded, and with a drooping mustache, looked at the vodka, was silent and waited for it to be poured. This Raiko was a weirdo. When sober, he was silent, and when he drank a little vodka, he would start talking passionately and stubbornly about Serbia in a funny and broken language - some petty and uninteresting things: about parties, about radicals and Turks, about some nasty and terrible man Bodemlich and more about something. And he praised small and inferior Serbia so much that everyone died with laughter and deliberately teased him. nine0005

– My God! Vanka Kostyurin was surprised. - He talks about Serbia, but it's all about this herring. The Turk will take it and swallow it.

- Choke! Raiko objected, bristling his mustache, chin, sharp eyes, his entire prickly and sinewy figure.

– And he will spit out: what rubbish, he will say!

Raiko flared up, cast an angry glance around the audience and savagely threw:

– Donkeys!

And went to his room. The comrades laughed, and Chistyakov, smiling sadly, thought what a really small and sad country of fervent and weak people, constant disarray, something petty and pitiful, like the game of children in soldiers. And he felt sorry for little Raiko and wanted to take him abroad so that he could see a real, broad and intelligent life there. nine0005

When the bottles were half empty, the students began to sing, play the harmonium, and send someone for Raiko, who was considered a tambourine expert. Raiko would appear and murmur grimly, his eyes burning like those of a wolf and as sharp as the sting of a wasp. If it became very cheerful and heated blood began to shake through the veins, Vanka Kostyurin jumped up, twitched his shoulders and danced Russian. Cumbersome and clumsy, he was light in his dance and rushed around the room like a feather: he beat out a frequent fraction with his heels, squealed, hooted, and the whole room seemed to spin and tremble from the knock, the flooding sounds of harmony and the choking growl of the tambourine. And the eyes of all those who were watching gleamed, their arms and legs twitched, and someone stepped into a corner, waved his hand with hopeless delight, and from somewhere in the depths exhaled a languid and sweet: eh-h! And they all seemed to Chistyakov like crazy people. nine0005

Having finished the dance and panting heavily, Vanka Kostyurin asked Raiko:

- Come on, Raiko, show me how you dance. They probably don't know how.

- They don't know how, but they know how better.

- Show me, don't be afraid! I know you dance well.

Everyone was persuading, and Raiko, looking around fearfully and angrily, put down the tambourine. Then his face became ferocious and bloodthirsty, and he made several strange, impetuous and prickly movements - as if he was not going to dance, but to choke, scratch and kill. Without music, serious, a little scary, he looked so much like a little savage that everyone burst into laughter, and Raiko again swore in an offended way and left. nine0005

"How rude they are!" thought Chistyakov, and he felt sorry for little Raiko, who loved his little homeland so much.

There was a student Karuev in the sixty-fourth room, always even-tempered, always cheerful and slightly arrogant. Under him, everything changed somewhat: only good songs were sung, no one teased Raiko, and the strongman Tolkachev, who knew no bounds either in impudence or in servility, helpfully helped him put on his coat. And Karuev sometimes deliberately forgot to say hello to him and forced him to do tricks like a learned dog:

- Come on, meat, raise the table by the leg!

Tolkachev smugly raised.

– Come on, bend the two-kopeck piece.

Tolkachev bent over and bashfully said:

- And my dad could tie a poker into a bow.

But Karuev no longer listened to him and went to talk to Chistyakov, who was sitting alone. With him he was always serious and pitifully attentive, like a doctor, and when he talked, he looked close and kindly into his eyes. But Chistyakov also felt sorry for him and constantly invited him abroad. nine0005

– How are you going? Karuev asked.

- Two hundred and twenty collected. Another hundred and eighty is missing. And you? Chistyakov smiled.

– I don't. It will be hard for you there, my dear. Your health is yours...

– The climate is good there.

- That's how it is, but still it would be better to go to the Crimea...

Chistyakov's pale face became even paler, and his eyelids turned intensely red. Trembling with pain and horror, as if a foreign country was being torn from his heart, he whispered with anguish and despair:0005

– I will die here. I will die. Lord! There are people, there is life, but here…” He waved his hand hopelessly.

- Well, well! Karuev reassured him. - And go with God, if you want.

“There, you know,” Chistyakov whispered tenderly, “there, in Christiania, a monument was erected to Bjornson alive. And Ibsen. And every day they… walk by and see it. Lord! If only I could touch that noble land, if only I could breathe in that air once!... My chest is weak, consumption, they say, maybe. I would die there. nine0005

Karuev gently stroked his knee.

You will not die. You will outlive us! And it must be that life has broken you quite a bit. See nerves.

– Nerves! Chistyakov smiled. “Not nerves, but here,” he poked his chest, “that’s where your life sits with me!”

And he began to tell how cheap everything is abroad, and people are only expensive. Not like ours: everything is expensive, but people are cheap.


Life became more difficult for Chistyakov in the second half of the year. His strength decreased, his left side hurt more often, and in the lessons he was easily irritated, and the students were stupid, impudent and lazy. And among the students in the sixty-fourth issue it got worse. There was a story that everyone soon forgot, but Chistyakov could not forget, it struck him so painfully. It was back in November: strongman Tolkachev hit Vanka Kostyurin in the face, having quarreled with him for something. It was late in the evening, they were standing in a crowd in the yard, everyone was very drunk and vaguely understood what was happening. nine0005

– What are you doing me for? shouted Kostyurin.

- But for what! - Tolkachev said and struck again so that Kostyurin leaned over in two, barely stood on his feet, and blood appeared on his teeth.

Everyone frowned, shouted, but no one dared to intervene, and only Chistyakov, with a hysterical cry, rushed at the huge Tolkachev and awkwardly hit him, bruising his thumb. Then something heavy, like a pound weight, fell on his head, he fell, and when he got up, everyone stood in a circle and jumped on Tolkachev, but did not beat him, but only shouted. But still, he was a little scared and made excuses, shifting all the blame on Kostyurin; the latter spat out black saliva on the snow and said:

- Brothers, is it possible!

And ten minutes later they were reconciled. They stretched out their hands and kissed, and Chistyakov clasped his hands and wept from pain, grief and anger.

– Lord! They beat him, and he kisses! After all, this is meanness!

– What about you? Tolkachev asked over his shoulder. “Do you want me to throw it over the roof?”

– Foreigner! - Kostyurin said contemptuously, and everyone, clamoring and laughing, moved to the gate, and Chistyakov went to his room, lay down and wept for a long time in the dark. Violence, injustice, like a cloud, stood over him, and wonderful and bright lands seemed to him a distant, inaccessible paradise. "If only I could die there!" he thought, mortally yearning. nine0005

The next day Kostyurin felt ashamed, and for the first time in the entire time of our acquaintance he came to Chistyakov's room, looked around for a long time and embarrassedly and praised the room.

– How wonderful it is here! Like a nun! - he said, and then immediately burst into tears, and large bright tears rolled down his long, twisted mustache and dripped onto the red cloth of the dirty numbered table. A week later, everything was forgotten, and Tolkachev again showed the strength of his muscles and made them admire them, but now Chistyakov could not look at his red thick neck and huge fist without horror and felt in his presence as defenseless and weak as a chicken in front of a hawk. A brute and blunt force stood menacingly before him, and there was no defense in anything. Still, he stopped shaking hands with Tolkachev, but he met this with contemptuous and sincere laughter and often spoke to him:0005

– Well, a foreigner! Will the devil take you abroad soon? Hurry, otherwise I'll get together somehow and feel your ribs.

Chistyakov was scared; he was silent and thought: "He does not even understand that it is indecent to speak to a man who does not shake hands. " And Tolkachev laughed:

– Don't be afraid: I'm joking. Why do I need you, old dog!

And everyone sighed with relief, because they were afraid that Tolkachev would really beat him, and sometimes they persuaded Chistyakov to make peace. nine0005

“After all, he is a good fellow,” they said half-sincerely, since they did not dare to tell the truth about Tolkachev behind their backs and did not dare to think it. And only one Karuev approved of Chistyakov and almost stopped visiting the sixty-fourth issue.

Money was accumulated two hundred and ninety rubles, and there was hope that by the spring, by the month of April, Chistyakov would collect all four hundred. He would have had more, but at one lesson with the merchant they again lacked ten rubles, although they promised to pay, and in addition, he gave fifteen rubles to Raiko, who received almost nothing from home and was supported by the money of his comrades: for his share in the apartment contributed by Vanka Kostyurin. With money in his pocket, Chistyakov became calmer and more confident. For whole evenings he sat in his room, dreaming about how good he would live abroad, and had already begun to pack some small things. And when he put it to bed, his heart was filled with a quiet, transparent and pure, like spring water, sadness - about something distant, unknown and sweet, and it constantly seemed that he was forgetting to take something with him, something very important and expensive. , without which he will have a lot of trouble. nine0005

He began to treat his comrades more gently, he did not get angry with them and only regretted them. He regretted that they were staying with the terrible Tolkachev; I regretted that they drink like that and their whole life will be dull, dreary, like others, and they will not achieve anything of the good that they sometimes dream of. A strange, unsettled, nightmarish life, like a wild dream, will devour them, as it has devoured thousands of others, and their attempts to arrange a different, better life will be in vain. And he was especially sorry for the energetic and courageous Karuev, who beats his head against the wall and has lately become very gloomy and uneven. nine0005

- Let's go! - persuaded Chistyakov.

– Where to? Karuev didn't understand.

- Yes, abroad.

Karuev answered irritably:

– I thought that! – but then he caught himself and politely added: – Of course, go. Why are you sitting here? Treat yourself there, move your nerves.

– I want to spend the summer in Switzerland.

– Here, here! What better, - praised Karuev and politely, as if he was unfamiliar, said goodbye to Chistyakov. He also left for a while. nine0005

In mid-March, one of the owners of the sixty-fourth issue, Panov, was celebrating his name day and called Chistyakov. We were already on wheels, and when Chistyakov left the last lesson, he smelled of comforting freshness and the first warmth of spring. "Soon!" - he thought, and his heart fluttered like a bird, and something sad and sick grew in his soul, like all those who leave for a long time, forever, - and drowned in a wave of wide joy and triumph. The night sky over the city was black, and huge white flakes of clouds were mysteriously flying across the sky, like giant white birds. They rushed in one direction, and in their quick and silent flight there was a mighty call for the same free and happy flight. "Soon! Soon!" thought Chistyakov. nine0005

The people had already gathered a long time ago when he came to the rooms; vodka and tea were already drunk, and everyone was going to sing. Chistyakov sat wearily in the corner, on top of his overcoats folded in a heap, and looked at the audience with friendly sadness: in just a month he was leaving for a long time - forever. They sang two student songs in chorus, and then three stood out: the conservator Mikhailova, who had a good soprano, the birthday man himself, who sang in a strong and beautiful bass, and another blond student, a tenor. Silence came, and the bass sang lonely and slowly, and Chistyakov shuddered: the song was so unexpectedly good:0005

Quiet but-o-o-chi to all weary. ..

Majestic, powerfully restrained sounds were imbued with solemn peace, great sadness and love: someone big and dark, like night itself, someone all-seeing and therefore, pitiful and infinitely sad, quietly enveloped the earth with his soft cover, and his powerful and restrained voice should have reached its extreme limits. "My God, it's about us, about us!" Chistyakov thought, and he reached out to the singers.

And when the last sound died away, a sonorous tenor entered and repeated - as if the earth responded to pitying and affectionate words, and her prayerful speech breathed a plea:

with the same majestic sadness and peace, a languid, courageous bass flowed in space:

All day long, not knowing its rest ...

Something sparkling and precious, like tears, fell from a high sky and pierced the darkness of a wide, thick bass and a gentle hot moan mingled with the cries of the earth:

Who bought their own by labor!..

“My God, my God! After all, she sings! thought Chistyakov, peering into the girl's pale face. “Oh dear, this is about us, about us!”

And all three, mingling their voices, piercing each other with them, merging into one majestic, mournful harmony, repeated: Then other melancholy songs were sung, but Chistyakov did not hear them, and everything in him trembled with infinite pity for himself, who worked tirelessly all day, for someone impersonal, big, in need of peace, love and quiet rest. nine0005

He was brought to his senses by a cheerful and noisy conversation around Rajko Vukic. They teased him again, but he, beyond his usual, was silent, and only his eyes, sharp as the sting of a wasp, darted from one to the other, and his bristly cleft chin moved.

“What, Raiko,” asked Vanka Kostyurin, “do you all have crocheted noses like yours?”

Raiko answered slowly:

– The other day, a Serb, Boiovich, was stabbed to death at the border. The Turkish were slaughtered.

And everyone clearly imagined a slaughtered Serb, some kind of Boiovich, who has a deadly yellow and hooked nose, like Raiko's, and a wide black wound on his throat. It was unpleasant, and Kostyurin said with a mock laugh:

- How important! There's still a lot left.

Raiko bristled, turned pale, and the thorns on his split chin quivered. And when he spoke, his voice was metallic and harsh.

- You are a deceiver. Why are you dancing Russian? You have no homeland, no home! You are a pig. nine0005

But Chistyakov answered, as if the reproach had been directed at him. Silently and calmly, he said:

– Do you, Raiko, love Serbia?

- Well, yes, I do.

- Ah!

Everyone was silent - and, grabbing a round table knife, shaking it in the air, Raiko shouted wildly:

- I'll kill you! Oh how evil I am! How my heart hurts! Oh, how it hurts!..

He threw the knife against the wall with force, and the knife hit flat and bounced off with a clang. Raiko went out without looking.

Half an hour later Chistyakov went after him; he felt sorry for little Raiko, who loved his little homeland so much that had mortally offended him. When he was still walking along the long, semi-dark corridor, lost among identical, similar doors, some strange sounds touched his ear, similar to a howl or a cry for help. On the other door was an inscription in chalk: "Raiko Vukic", and from there came these strange and now loud sounds. There was no answer to Chistyakov's knock, and he went in, vaguely recognizing against the light background of the window the small, sharp figure of Raiko: he was sitting on the windowsill, in the dark, and singing in an unusually high guttural voice. nine0005

– Raiko! Chistyakov called quietly.

But Raiko didn't hear. He did not hear the door slam, he did not hear Chistyakov's steps and his voice; he looked at the high brick wall with a black stripe of smoky soot and sang. He sang about a distant homeland; about her dull suffering, about the tears of orphaned mothers and wives; he begged her, her distant homeland, to take him, little Raiko, and bury him with her and give him the happiness of kissing the land on which he was born before his death; he sang about cruel revenge on his enemies; about love and compassion for the defeated brothers, about the Serb Boiovich, who has a wide black wound on his throat, about how his heart hurts, little Raiko, separated from his motherland, unfortunate, suffering homeland. nine0005

Chistyakov did not understand the words, but he heard sounds, and wild, rough, spontaneous, like the groan of the earth itself, more like the howl of an abandoned lonely dog ​​than a human song - they breathed such hopeless longing and burning hatred that it is not necessary there were words to see the bloody heart of the singer.

Raiko's voice died away on a high, piercing note, and they sat silent for such a long time. Then Chistyakov came closer and saw dry and vicious eyes burning like those of a wolf. nine0005

– Raiko! he said. - You have not been to your homeland for a long time; go there, I'll give you money. I have extra.

“There is a house there,” Raiko said thoughtfully.

- Which house?

– So. The house is worth it. Don't you know what a house is like? Ordinary. And when a cart goes past him, she creaks: wai, wai.

– Take the money, Raiko.

“Don't bother me,” Raiko said. - Don't interfere, please. Go to yours, and I will be alone. My heart hurts a lot. nine0005

But Chistyakov did not go to his friends; he went to his room, sat on the windowsill, like Raiko, and began to look at the sky, in which he read something good today. The gigantic white birds still flew mysteriously and silently, and between them the bottomless sky turned black with gaps, but now this happy flight was alien and cold, and it did not say anything to a thoughtful person.

"Here I am flying!" Chistyakov thought, trying to recall the recent feeling of freedom and lightness, but another vague and imperious feeling grew in his chest, and beat and trembled like a trapped bird. And he understood what it was: he passionately wanted to sing like Raiko, and also sing about his homeland. And he was glad that he understood, smiled and quite clearly felt the sounds of prayer locked in his chest and hot, sonorous tears. He opened his mouth - but it became embarrassing that someone could come up and find him singing, and he locked the door with a double turn of the key. And back, to the window, for some reason he walked on tiptoe. nine0005

– Well! - he said to himself and sang something without words - and the sound that swept through and died in miserable writhings was so liquid, so basely indecisive, that Chistyakov became frightened. “Words are needed, it’s impossible without words,” he hastily justified himself and began to look for words; and many words flashed through his brain, but among them there was not a single one born of love for the motherland. He strained all his memory, all his imagination, searched in the past, searched in the books that he had read - and there were many sonorous and beautiful words, but there was not a single one with which the suffering son could turn to his motherland. He felt it closely, he almost saw this word and knew how it differed from others: all other words are flat and poor, like beggars on the porch, and this one is doused with blood and tears, like hot coal, and bright, like heavenly fire, - and couldn't find it. And he felt himself so empty and poor, like the last beggar, the very last beggar, whose soul is callous, like an alms thrown to him. nine0005

– Oh my God! Oh my God! he whispered in horror. - Yes, how is it? Because I'm a good person! I am a good person!

And he thought that he would find what he needed sooner if he began to write. Breaking matches with trembling hands, he lit a candle, furiously threw a German textbook off the table, and pondered over a sheet of white paper. And hesitantly, stammering, his hand led him out:


And stopped. And she repeated more firmly:


And quickly, in capital letters, he finished:

"Forgive me!"

Chistyakov glanced at what was written and fell face down on the paper and wept out of pity for his homeland, for himself, for all those who toiled and knew no rest. And he was afraid that he could leave for a long time, forever, and die there, in foreign lands, and with his fading hearing catch someone else's and alien speech. And he realized that he could not live without a homeland and could not be happy while she was unhappy, and in this feeling there was a mighty joy and a mighty, spontaneous, thousand-voiced sorrow. She broke the fetters in which his soul languished; she merged it with the soul of an unknown, many-faced suffering brother - and it was as if a thousand fiery hearts fluttered in his sick, exhausted chest. And in hot tears he said:

– Take me, motherland!

And downstairs Raiko sang again, and wildly free and bold were the angrily yearning sounds of his song.

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Were in this hotel from 04/01/2012 to 04/15/2012. I am writing the facts, and it is up to you to decide whether to go to this hotel or pay extra and relax in another hotel. nine0002 So:
The all-inclusive system operates from 10:00 to 23:00 (alcohol), meals: breakfast from 07:00 to 10:00, French fries on the beach from 12:00 to 13:00, lunch from 13:00 until 15:00, dinner from 19:00 to 22:00. If you arrived after 22:00 (after the restaurant closes), you will be fed in a paid restaurant (for free), but only if you ask for it, no one will offer you. If you have a plane before breakfast starts at the hotel, dry rations will be waiting for you at the reception, you need to pick them up yourself, no one will remind you. nine0002 The hotel has a five-story new building, which is renovated, new furniture; rooms in a building above the central hall, there was once a small repair, furniture was updated in some rooms, there is no safe; and two-story bungalows for 4 rooms, there are small 1-2-bed rooms with a balcony / terrace and without all this (only a window), there are apartments with a living room and two bedrooms, bungalows are the oldest buildings, some of them have a small cosmetic repair and slightly updated furniture, and in some everything is very old, there is no safe, at the time of our presence, 4 bungalows were being renovated, and all this construction was bordered by a view of palm trees. nine0002 Settlement starts from $50, and then you can bargain. (some get divorced, some get divorced for $100, some don't give a penny and, thanks to the scandal, live in good rooms). You just remember that when buying a ticket, you indicate the size of the room and it is by no means 15 square meters, but there are such ones here.
The hotel has 2 swimming pools (children and adults-120 cm deep) at the reception and 2 swimming pools (children and adults 160 cm deep, 40m long and 20m wide) closer to the beach. The pool bar is not open yet. Pools are clean, washed and cleaned every other day, chlorinated every day at 17:00. nine0002 Breakfast, lunch, dinner take place in one dining room (Green House), which is located at the reception, until 10:00 in this dining room you can take only water, Jupi, coffee, tea. Alcohol from 10:00 to 23:00 in this dining room, at the reception bar and at the beach bar.
Means the place of eating: Tablecloths in the dining room are changed once every few days, or in the event that it is FULLY flooded. In all other cases, crumbs and food debris are brushed off from it, or the tablecloth is turned inside out and back several times. From the serving cutlery, pepper shaker (hodgepodge not on all tables) and a paper napkin (only one per person). There are a lot of tables, but if the hotel is completely full (which we actually had), there were not enough tables for everyone. The waiters were in no hurry to serve the empty tables, people with full plates dragged the staff to give at least cutlery. Dirty dishes are carried away, of course, instantly, but not because it is necessary, but because it is sorely lacking (no plates, no cutlery, no glasses). As for washing dishes: I didn’t see how the plates are washed, but the bottom of the plates is always greasy, and the glasses are washed right in the dining room bar in the dishwasher without detergents and degreasers in slightly warm water. In the bar at the reception, the bartender rinses the glasses just under the tap. Before you drink, you need to wipe the glasses with alcohol wipes, or something. In the early days, I neglected this advice, which was given to me by the guests who had a rest here, and immediately earned a stop (herpes), in principle, every fifth person went here with these inflammations on the lips. The food is quite simple, what was not eaten for dinner was exhibited as an addition to breakfast. For lunch, in addition to potatoes, soup and several types of salads, there were two types of meat dishes (one of them is chicken all the time). For dinner every day there was a barbecue (either fish, then meatballs, then chicken). There was no fruit for breakfast, but for lunch and dinner dates, oranges (sometimes slightly rotten and cut off), very green melon, 2 times passion fruit and 3 times tangerines. In general - pancakes (dinner), boiled vegetables, pasta, eggplant cutlets, sometimes fried fish, eggs, a kind of yogurt (for breakfast), sour feta, cheeses, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, soups, Lola Rosso lettuce and a few small variations. There are no pastries, except for unleavened rolls (only for breakfast there are several types). Desserts (similar to cakes) are simply not possible, but it’s worth a try to make sure of this. Alcohol, of course, is not a fountain, but in principle, as elsewhere, but in this hotel it is also slightly diluted, so you will not be able to get drunk. Beer is poured from bottles, beer is good, drink to your health. nine0002 Alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks from 10:00 to 23:00 could be taken from the bar near the reception. The glasses were washed there right under the tap, but in the evening they are not there. You need to come with your glass to pour it there.
In the bar on the beach (10:00 to 17:00) everything was poured into disposable cups, but 1 bartender works there (sometimes a security guard helped) and there is always a line of 20-25 people. Cold drinks were there only in the morning, then everything was warm. Very dirty!!!
The rooms are cleaned equally badly for money and without them. Advice - take a domestos and a rag with you, as you move in, wipe everything. I had the imprudence to observe the ritual of cleaning the room - they wiped the toilet with a rag, they wiped the bathtub and, with it, the sink and countertop, I wanted to look further, but the cleaner asked me to leave (it was someone else's room, I passed by and decided to look at the cleaning). nine0002 Take shampoos, gels, soaps with you. It doesn't exist here. There is only an incomprehensible substance in the hinged soap dispenser. Girls, if you have long hair and you can’t do without a hair dryer, take your own, as the power of the local hair dryer is 1200, this is not enough for styling.
There are no safes in the rooms. There is only in the new five-story building and at the reception, the cost is $ 1 per day.
The territory is large, quite picturesque, there is a place to sit, walk, breathe.
Every evening they poison mosquitoes, this is acrid smoke, the windows should be closed, and you are advised not to be in the epicenter of this, it will be bad for a long time (if it were not poisoned, there are hordes of mosquitoes here). nine0002 The beach is wide, dirty, with me only once it was raked, the garbage from the pots is taken out as it gets dirty (about 1 time per 1 day). The beach is really dirty! In the sea, you can watch ice cream wrappers (by the way, it is given only to children at certain hours). On the beach there are heavy iron sunbeds, some with broken wheels and old mattresses. Plastic sunbeds and newer mattresses are by the large pool. Near the hotel there is a pier for yachts, the view is certainly beautiful, but at times there was a film on the water (fuel seepage), and I saw how the yachts are washed, and the water flows into the sea. nine0002 Animation: Animation is a little Russian speaking, I counted 5 people. During the day, yoga, water gymnastics, and volleyball are held. In the evening from 20:30 to 22:00 in the amphitheater children are entertained with a disco and competitions, from 22:00 to 23:00 a program for adults, an entertainment program sometimes with invited dance groups. Some of the topics of the program are male striptease, Miss Hotel, belly dance, comedy performances, oriental pair dances (the program is repeated every 7 days).
Service staff: cocky, constantly talking to each other while serving guests (in many hotels this is prohibited, so as not to arouse suspicion among vacationers that they are discussing them), rude gestures.

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