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The baby food diet is a fad weight loss diet created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. The dietary plan makes use of pureed baby food and its low caloric content. The small jars of baby food can help maintain portion control, which could lead to weight loss in some dieters. The baby food can be eaten as a nutritious snack between meals or even as a meal replacement.

There is not any specific set of rules or guidelines for the dieter to follow while on the baby food diet. Some dieters choose to eat normal portions of regular food three times a day and snack on baby food. Others might choose to replace meals with three or four jars of baby food. There also are not any guidelines set for exercise in the baby food diet, but nutritionists recommend exercise along with dieting in order to lose weight effectively.

There are a number of benefits from the baby food diet. First of all, baby food is packed with vitamins and is free of additives. Baby food also does not contain any antibiotics or growth hormones. There are various flavors to choose from, and the portions are small, which can help dieters avoid the temptation of overeating. Some baby food products are gluten-free, and others are organic.

There are also some potential problems with the baby food diet. Some nutritionists believe that eating small portions of low-calorie baby food could result in binging later on in the day. Additionally, restricting caloric intake to less than 1,200 calories a day can slow the metabolism, which will encourage calories to be stored in the body as fat, which will act against weight loss. Also, some dieters might not feel full or satisfied eating only baby food, which involves very little chewing. Finally, most baby food products are extremely bland in taste, which might turn off many dieters.


The Baby Food Diet - Weight Loss Adviser

Do you ever feel the urge to just taste baby food out of a jar? Well, lucky for you because a dieting plan exists that is based mainly on baby food!

The Original Baby Food Diet is a short-term dieting plan based on substituting your regular meals with baby food jars or homemade baby food. It was introduced by Tracy Anderson, a celebrity trainer.

Keep reading to find out more about the Original Baby Food Diet!

The Original Baby Food Diet – How it Works

According to the Original Baby Food Diet introduced by trainer Tracy Anderson, you need to replace breakfast and lunch with 14 jars of baby food and then you can have a proper meal at dinner. In fact, Jennifer Anniston has also tried the Original Baby Food Diet and she lost 7 pounds on it! So, if you’re asking for baby food diet results, you have them right in front of you!

In addition, low-sugar tea and coffee are also allowed on the diet, so don’t worry, you won’t have to cut back on your daily caffeine supply like a baby.

Each jar of baby food contains about 30-100 calories and the serving size is very small (obviously, it’s for babies!), so you automatically exercise portion control and calorie control. If the average number of calories in a jar is 70, then you’re consuming about 1000 calories from the baby food jars. Your dinner should consist of a maximum of 500 calories so your total calorie count for the day becomes 1500. This helps you lose weight because the average caloric requirement of an active adult is 2000 calories per day.

An alternative version of the Original Baby Food Diet is to substitute only one meal per day with baby food while eating two normal meals per day. This means you’d be consuming about 7 jars of baby food, one light meal and one proper meal for the day. However, this plan isn’t intended for weight loss. According to a baby food diet review, this plan is for those who want to maintain their current weight.

Pros of The Original Baby Food Diet

The Original Baby Food Diet is a great diet for losing weight while getting nutritious food. Here are a few pros of following the Original Baby Food Diet:

  • According to a baby food diet review, it’s great for those who are always on their feet.

The Original Baby Food Diet doesn’t involve fancy meal preparations or complicated recipes. All you have to do is get ready-made baby food jars of the flavor you like and prepare just one meal for the day! It’s time-saving, unlike other diets that involve extensive meal planning, preparation and calorie counting.

  • It helps you practice portion control

According to a Baby Food Diet review, the best thing about eating baby food is that the baby food jars are tiny and you’re only likely to get through a maximum of one jar at a time. This helps you practice portion control. Once you start practicing portion control, you may even be able to continue this habit with your regular diet!

  • Baby food is great for your cholesterol levels

Baby food is low in fat. If you continue with the Original Baby Food Diet, you’ll be consuming a lower amount of fat than you would on a normal diet. Thus, baby food diet results include not only weight loss, but also an improvement in your lipid profile!

  • Baby food is nutritious

Baby food usually contains purees of vegetables mixed with mashed meat. Vegetables are great for you, which is why baby food is nutritious!

Cons of The Original Baby Food Diet

The Original Baby Food Diet is a short-term diet that you can only continue for a few weeks! Here are a few cons of The Original Baby Food Diet that make it hard to follow the diet in the long run:

  • It’s expensive

If you’re buying 14 jars of baby food every day, you’ll definitely get a dent in your pocket! A jar of baby food can cost about $1-$2. Making your own baby food at home can be very time-consuming but will save you money. Either way, it’s still a con.

  • It has a lot of limitations

Diets that have limitations and restrictions don’t work very well in the long run because they require you to make major lifestyle changes, which can become very impractical. Of course, you can’t live on baby food your whole life!

Moreover, baby food tastes pretty bland so you won’t get those kick of spices you long for!

Although the Original Baby Food Diet reviews suggest that it’s hard to stick to, there are a few tips you can use to make the diet more palatable. Read the next section to find out more!


Additional Tips for Following the Original Baby Food Diet

According to a baby food diet review, baby food jars have a very bland taste and it can be pretty hard to chew them. Here are a few tips that will help you stick to the Original Baby Food Diet:

  • Add some herbs or spices to your baby food jar. Try not to add salt, though, because baby food already contains a lot of salt.
  • Explore different baby food flavors and get the ones you love the most! Changing flavors can also help your taste buds.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a vegan. Can I start the Original Baby Food Diet?

Yes, there are many vegan options for baby food. Make sure you read the labels carefully.

I am allergic to gluten. Can I start the Original Baby Food Diet?

Yes, just make sure you read the labels on your baby food jar to make sure it’s gluten-free.

After how long will I be able to see baby food diet results?

It takes about 3 weeks to see significant baby food diet results!

So, what are you waiting for? Try out this diet today and see if it works for you! After all, baby food diet results suggest you can lose about 10 pounds with this diet!

Baby food diet - diet

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The authorship of this weight loss technique is attributed to both the French fashion designer Hedi Slimane and fitness trainer Tracey Anderson. However, the baby food diet has several options, so both statements have the right to life.


  • Variant no. 1
  • Variant no. 2
  • Sample menu
  • Variant No. 3
  • Contraindications
  • Proper completion of the diet
  • Reviews

Variant No. 1

This infant food diet allows for everything in this category, including infant formulas, instant cereals, and sweet fruit-and-cream purees. The only condition is the observance of the calorie content of the diet - you can eat no more than 1000-1200 kcal daily. So you can eat no longer than 7-10 days. Despite the fact that you can eat almost everything, you will not be able to get the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients, since the portions will be minimal and completely insufficient for an adult. During the diet, it is recommended to reduce physical activity.

Option no. 2

This diet is based on baby food packaged in jars and boxes - high-calorie dry mixes should not be. High-calorie canned foods containing semolina, rice, cream additives, and a large amount of sugar are excluded. You can eat fruit, vegetable, meat purees, curds, juices and other healthy baby foods. This diet is very convenient - you can stick to it both while on vacation and on working days. There is no need to cook anything. Baby food contains useful components. It contains a minimum amount of salt, fat, preservatives. A plus is the variety of assortment of children's dishes. It is convenient that the exact number of calories is indicated on the jars (this makes life much easier). So that children's portions do not seem too small to you, you can eat them using a coffee spoon. The diet takes 1 week, weight loss over this period of time is 4-5 kg.

Sample menu

In the morning, eat a portion of porridge packaged in jars (for example, oatmeal with apple and berries or wheat porridge with apple and pear). The calorie content of 100 g of such a product is about 65 kcal. Please note that some cereals contain cow's milk. If you have an intolerance to this product, pick up porridge with water. After 1.5-2 hours, eat a serving of fruit or vegetable puree. For lunch, treat yourself to a meat or fish puree with a vegetable side dish (like broccoli). Snack - children's cottage cheese or fruit puree (you can replace it with juice). Dinner - a serving of baby puree from poultry meat and vegetables. The diet can be changed at your discretion - it is only important to eat fractionally.

If you follow this diet, you should also not actively engage in sports - only gentle exercise is allowed. It is extremely important to drink plenty of fluids (priority to water). The calorie content of the diet is about 1000 kcal.

Option no. 3

This diet takes only 3 days. You can eat only fruit and vegetable purees without sugar. During the day, you can eat 8-10 jars of 100 g. You need to drink water and unsweetened green tea. Weight loss during unloading - 2-3 kg.


It is believed that a diet on baby food only brings benefits, but this is not entirely true. Periodically, information slips that portioned baby food contains genetically modified products (in particular, the information concerned the Nestle company). If you are going to resort to a diet, carefully approach the choice of food. The diet will not benefit those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract (peptic ulcer, gastritis). With caution, you should resort to it in the presence of any chronic diseases - the diet weakens the body, which means it increases the risk of exacerbating the existing problem. Long-term observance of the "children's" diet, threatens to disrupt metabolic processes.

Proper completion of the diet

This method of losing weight does not guarantee a lasting result - having lost 4-5 kg, you will soon find that the weight has returned to its previous level. To avoid this, increase the calorie content of the diet gradually. The first days after the diet, replace dinner with baby food. Try to eat as little salt and sugar as possible. Give up muffins, fatty foods, smoked meats and alcohol.


The baby food diet quickly loses weight, but not everyone likes it. The fact is that complementary foods, as a rule, have a rather bland taste, are quite expensive, and saturate for a short time.

is it possible to eat mashed potatoes in jars and lose weight

Studying the range of baby food is amazing: it seems that these babies get the best. Still, modern children can have mango puree for breakfast, eat horse meat with vegetables for lunch, and dine with organic chicken with rice. Why shouldn't adults eat this delicacy too? It turns out that the baby food diet exists and has already gained popularity among Hollywood stars.

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The baby food diet was popularized by Tracy Anderson, an American fitness trainer who has worked with many celebrities. She suggested that those who want to get rid of extra pounds and keep themselves in shape should pay attention to jars of baby puree. Wiz Reeserspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga followed this diet at various times.

There are many advantages of such a diet, but such a diet also has enough disadvantages. We figure out what outweighs and to whom such a diet can suit.

How can you lose weight on baby puree?

There are several variations of this diet. The strictest option does not involve the use of any other products - only mashed potatoes, no juices, curds and other products. It is optimal to use only mono-products, which means that, most likely, you will have to limit yourself to mashed potatoes for the smallest ones, because jars for older children already contain mashed potatoes from several components.

It is recommended that you consume no more than 1200 calories daily. Considering that one jar contains up to 100 kcal, you will need quite a lot of such jars for one day. It is quite possible to lose weight on baby food - following a diet for babies can provide a loss of up to 5 kilograms per week.


An easier and simpler option is to substitute baby puree for several meals or use baby food for a quick snack.


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What are the benefits of a baby food diet?

Such a diet can bribe with its simplicity - you don't need to count calories, because all the data is written on the jar. There is no need to waste time on cooking, serving and studying the composition, and the products for babies are so diverse that such a diet cannot be called boring. Do not forget about the quality of the products - baby food meets the highest standards, and therefore definitely does not contain harmful additives, artificial colors and incomprehensible ingredients.

In general, when choosing food for the little ones, you definitely will not buy pizza for babies or baby fries in a jar: the assortment will be healthy and healthy. Take at least mashed broccoli or green peas.

Weight loss on such a diet is more than real: the absence of harmful products, calorie restriction, portions adjusted to the gram will help get rid of extra pounds.

The baby puree diet: diet cons

It is quite obvious that for most of us, baby food as a permanent diet is not suitable - this system can serve to unload for a week or two. Abuse of a strict version of the diet can harm rather than improve the body.

If you follow such a diet, you will have to eat food without spices - salt, pepper and other seasonings are not added to monocomponent purees. Surviving more than two weeks on unleavened food is not so easy.

In addition, it is worth remembering that protein, whole grains, fiber and proper fats enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids are not enough in children's products - they are enough to provide everything a baby needs, but they are not enough for an adult. Long-term adherence to such a diet can lead to digestive problems.

For those who have already experienced certain diseases of the digestive system, the use of baby puree in large quantities should be completely abandoned. Also, the diet is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, those who suffer from anemia, have problems with pressure.

Another important factor is the high cost. A two-week sitting on baby puree will cost a pretty penny, because you will have to eat the contents of 10-15 cans every day, which will cause both the body and the wallet to lose weight at the same time. We also note the environmental aspect - such a huge number of empty jars will quickly accumulate in your house that the question of their proper disposal may arise.

Baby puree: yes or no

Feedback from those who have already tried the baby puree diet is mixed. Some say that such a diet really allowed them to throw off those extra pounds, while others note a constant feeling of hunger for one or two weeks of “canned” nutrition. Many simply yearned for "adult" food, wanting to chew on pieces of food and not only absorb certain foods, but enjoy the very process of eating.

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