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Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children

Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) | NYS Department of Health (NYS DOH)

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WIC provides free healthy food and services to low-income women and their children, including nutrition counseling, breastfeeding support, health education, and referrals to other programs and services.

  • WIC staff will talk to you and determine which food packages are right for you and your children.
    • The New York State WIC Acceptable Foods Guide lists the food you can buy using WIC.
    • NYS WIC participants can buy food using an Electronic Benefits Transfer card called eWIC. It's like a debit card and makes food shopping easier for WIC families.
    • Food must be bought at stores that accept WIC.
    • If you choose not to breastfeed, your infant will be provided one of the formulas on the New York State WIC Approved Formulas list.
  • You do not need to be a US citizen to receive WIC.

Who is eligible

You or your child may be eligible if you can answer yes to these questions:

  1. Are you one of these?
    • pregnant
    • a mother of a baby up to six months
    • a breastfeeding mother of a baby up to 12 months old
    • a parent or caregiver of a child up to age five
  2. Do you live in New York State?

If you already receive SNAP, Medicaid, or TANF benefits, you may be eligible for WIC.

What you need to apply

To apply for WIC, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Proof of identity for each person applying.
  • Proof of where you live. Must show your actual street address, not a PO box.
  • Proof of income for each household member who works; documents must be for the last 30 days or proof of your participation in Medicaid, SNAP, or TANF.
  • Immunization records for infants and children.
  • Confirmation of pregnancy.
  • Any WIC Medical forms completed by your health care provider

How to apply

  1. Find your local WIC agency, or call the Growing Up Healthy Hotline at 800-522-5006 and ask for the location nearest to you.
  2. Call the WIC agency where you wish to receive services and make an appointment.
  3. Refer to this document of records to bring to your appointment
    • The WIC agency will tell you if you need to bring this WIC Medical Referral Form completed by your health care provider.
    • If your child has special dietary needs, your health care provider may provide a completed Medical Documentation Form for you to bring.
  4. A qualified WIC staff member will complete a short assessment during your appointment for all family members applying for WIC. This screening includes a finger stick blood test, height and weight, and a discussion of your health and nutrition concerns.
  5. Each person applying for WIC must be present at the local agency at the time of certification.

How to get help

Visit the website

Visit the WIC website to learn more.

Call 311

Ask for Women, Infants, and Children assistance.

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Updated March 15, 2022

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VZGLYAD / American babies deprived of baby food :: In the world

October 12, Wednesday | Last updated 09:45 | vz.ru


Valentin Egorshin/TASS

Shares of the most important player on the Russian stock market - Gazprom - collapsed by more than 20% on Monday. The Russian stock market followed, too, flew down. All this is explained by the fact that Gazprom is preparing to pay out record dividends in its history. And naturally, there were more people who wanted to run into the last car and become a shareholder of the company. Will Gazprom be able to return to the previous value? Details. ..

  • Oil fell on the risks of a recession
  • The United States intends to continue selling oil from the reserve to reduce prices
  • The IMF has improved the forecast for Russia's GDP in 2022

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REUTERS/Pavlo Palamarchuk

On Tuesday, Russia launched new missile attacks on Ukraine. The targets again became thermal power plants, railway junctions and even Starlink communication terminals, developed by Elon Musk and used by the Armed Forces for data transmission and communication. However, not a single rocket fell on some regions of Ukraine during two days of massive shelling. What is it connected with? Details...

  • G7 'Observers' warned of threat to become military targets in Ukraine
  • The dollar strengthened against the ruble
  • Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled two districts of Donetsk

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Konstantin Mikhalchevsky/RIA Novosti

How does the Crimean bridge live a few days after the terrorist attack? To what extent are the special services, officials and volunteers coping with the situation? How did the inspection procedures change, and most importantly, what made it possible to restore traffic on the bridge so quickly? All this was found out at the scene by a special correspondent of the VZGLYAD newspaper. Details...

  • FSB prevented the SBU terrorist attack at the transport terminal in Bryansk
  • The FSB showed a video of the preparation by Ukrainian intelligence of a terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge
  • An officer of the Russian Armed Forces spoke about the work of air defense in the Zaporozhye region

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Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

Experts calculate the damage caused to the Ukrainian energy system by massive missile strikes by Russian troops. It turned out that these strikes were not at all aimed at driving Ukraine into the 18th century and completely depriving it of electricity. Their number and goals are finely tuned for a completely different task. Details...

  • It became known about the explosions in the Nikolaev region
  • In the United States, they spoke about Biden's "miserable attempts" in connection with the energy crisis
  • Biden advised Zelensky how to ask for money

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Elena Yakimova/TASS

The famous Crimean bridge connecting the peninsula with the main territory of Russia was struck. This state of emergency is already being called a terrorist act, and Ukraine has actually acknowledged its responsibility for it. In other words, Kyiv itself equated itself with terrorists undermining civilian infrastructure. Details...

  • An explosion occurred in Melitopol
  • School in Yakutsk received a message about "mining"
  • Dogs mauled to death a little girl in Sochi

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The problem of inflation for the United States is even more serious than the problem of public debt
Alexander Razuvaev, independent stock analyst

Every cloud has a silver lining - against the backdrop of sanctions, by and large, we don't care about the Fed's rate and American debt. Russians need to earn, spend and invest in rubles. Details...

Ukrainian culture as proof of our rightness
Andrei Polonsky, writer, historian

The current Ukrainian nationalists and Russophobes are ridiculous and disgusting in their malice and hatred. Their Russophobic myth will be overthrown, propaganda pathos will inevitably be washed away by time, and the music will continue to sound, overcoming any prohibitions and boundaries. Details...

Talk: 21 comments

Space once again became the hope for the future
Sergey Khudiev, publicist, theologian

War is always followed by peace, and we all continue to live on this planet - and someone should lay the foundations of this world right now. And people who rise together beyond the earth's atmosphere are doing just that. Details...

Talk: 8 comments

  • Ukrainians outraged by Zelensky's New Year's address
  • New cases initiated on the fact of the attack on the National Guard at an illegal rally in Moscow
  • The head of VTsIOM called the Russians "yearning individualists"

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    Russia launched a massive missile attack on the infrastructure of Ukraine

    On Monday it became known about a massive missile attack on the military and civilian infrastructure of Ukraine. The largest number of arrivals of high-precision projectiles fell on objects in the territory of the Kiev and Lviv regions. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the target of the strike was achieved, all designated objects were hit


    Russian Anna Kikina went to the ISS on the ship Crew Dragon

    On Wednesday, Russian woman Anna Kikina, as part of an international crew, went to the International Space Station (ISS) on the US spacecraft Crew Dragon. The launch took place from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral. This is the second flight under the agreement between Roscosmos and NASA


    Both Nord Stream gas pipelines are disabled

    Three gas leaks were discovered on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. European officials consider sabotage one of the most likely causes of the damage. In Sweden, two powerful explosions were reported in the areas of emergency


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      own news

      It was decided to create a book restoration center in Kirov

      Russian Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova discussed the prospects for creating a regional book restoration center on the basis of the AI ​​Herzen Library with Alexander Sokolov, head of the Kirov Region.



      own news

      Celebrations in honor of the 350th anniversary of Peter I were planned in the Tver region

      Events in honor of the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I in 2022 were included in the list of cultural development of the Upper Volga region, the government of the Tver region reported, where they considered the implementation of the national project "Culture".



      own news

      Named the timing of the creation of model libraries in the Stavropol Territory

      Model libraries will open in Blagodarnensky, Georgievsky and Levokumsky districts of Stavropol in 2022 under the national project "Culture", said the Minister of Culture of the region Tatyana Likhacheva.


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        Will the army of Belarus take a direct part in the special operation in Ukraine?

        • Yes

        • No

        • Do not know

        Is it worth introducing similar measures against Ukrainian music in Russia in response to the ban on Russian music in Ukraine?

        • Yes

        • No

        When do you expect the completion of the special military operation in Ukraine?

        • Until the end of 2022

        • Until summer 2023

        • Until the end of 2023

        • After 2023

        • Difficult to answer

          Go to section. ..

          NEWS OF THE TIME: FSB showed a video of Ukrainian intelligence preparing a terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge

          The Baltic States and Belarus play their own game with Ukrainian grain

          What threatens Russia with the Greco-Iranian tanker wars

          America plunged into an unprecedented crisis for her, affecting the most defenseless members of society - children. Millions of little Americans were left without specialized food; baby food is almost impossible to find in stores. New York has even declared a state of emergency because of this. What are the reasons for what is happening and why do American politicians remember about Ukraine because of this?

          Just a few years ago, such news could only appear in the pages of a fantastic literary work or in the script of a disaster movie. But the rapidly changing world has accustomed everyone to the fact that the most impossible stories become reality. A few days ago, the mayor of New York, one of the largest cities on our planet with a population of over 18 million, signed a decree declaring a state of emergency on its territory.

          The reason for this decision sounds shocking - the lack of baby food in the city. An even bigger shock for Americans for months now is that the lack of baby food is acutely felt throughout the United States. Americans are horrified to realize that their youngest fellow citizens lack the food they need to survive.

          "The nationwide shortage of infant formula is causing unimaginable pain and anxiety to families across New York City, and we must act now," Mayor Adams said in a message to the city's residents. “The emergency order will give us the opportunity to crack down on any retailer who wants to capitalize on this crisis by driving up the price of this product. Our message to mothers and families struggling is simple: our city will do everything in its power to help you through this difficult time.

          Fighting speculators under the introduced state of emergency, the authorities are threatening to act harshly. New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Welfare (NYDCWP) Commissioner Vilda Vera Mayuga is urging residents who notice significant increases in the price of, or illegal sales of, infant formula to immediately report them to the special short number 311. Explained that "overpriced" means a price that is 10% or more higher than what a resident of the city could have purchased a similar product in the period from 30 to 60 days before the declaration of a state of emergency. What measures will be taken against unscrupulous sellers, the department does not report.

          New York was the first city in which the situation with a vital product required the introduction of such drastic measures as a state of emergency. However, the situation in the city and the state of the same name is not unique to America today - infant formula is not available in almost the entire country, having previously jumped in price by 40% by early April.

          The shortage of baby food stocks that began in 2021 has reached critical levels this year in the states of Iowa, North and South Dakota, and Missouri. In Tennessee and Texas, out-of-stock rates are already in excess of 54% and continue to skyrocket thanks to the growing panic in the country. In another 26 states, more than 50% of stocks are already missing, while back in January 2022 out-of-stock was 23%.

          But in February thunder struck. Abbott Laboratories, the world's largest baby food manufacturer, has suspended production and recalled a huge batch of infant formulas produced by it, known throughout the world Similac, because of the pathogenic bacteria found in them that are dangerous to children's health. The scandal took on such serious proportions after several children were hospitalized after drinking Abbott formulas. An investigation is currently underway into whether the deaths of at least two babies were related to the use of Abbott products.

          It should be noted that the baby food market in the US is problematic due to its steady decline. According to US Census Bureau estimates released in March this year, in half of all states and almost three-quarters of all counties between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021, deaths exceeded births. Studying statistics with a longer time period of coverage is also disappointing for Americans - since the mid-2000s, the number of newborns has been declining every year, with the exception of a short-term surge in 2014.

          At the same time, the US baby food market is virtually monopolized by several large manufacturers. Abbott, founded back in 1888, has been among the industry leaders for many years. Summing up the past year, Abbott Laboratories CEO Robert Ford called it "an outstanding year for the company." Indeed, the company's profits rose steadily, with a net income reported in the final report to investors of $7.07 billion.

          With about 40% market share, along with Mead Johnson and Nestle, the company participates in the government's nationwide WIC program for women, babies and children. This program provides supplemental nutrition for expecting mothers, women who are breastfeeding from low-income families, and children under the age of five. It is also under this program that about half of all infant formula in the United States is sold.

          The cessation of production of mixtures under the Abbott brand, therefore, did not hit the investors in the first place, who managed to share considerable profits. First of all, the most vulnerable categories of the population of the states - women, children and low-income families - became victims of the acute shortage of baby formula. American doctors are sounding the alarm - the number of food poisoning in infants is growing rapidly, as parents from poor families are trying to make substitutes for mixtures from dairy products in artisanal conditions. Obviously, no one controls the shelf life, sterility, and the very safety of the ingredients used for the digestion of children.

          Parents facing the dire prospect of infant hunger are trying by all means to find some alternative to a product that is disappearing from the shelves. Within a few weeks, the flow of Americans back to Mexico was established - in this neighboring country of the United States, baby food has not yet become a shortage. Due to logistical and customs difficulties, it is not necessary to count on mass deliveries of the "formula" from Europe. There is no certainty that the EU countries, which continue to “shoot themselves in the foot” with the sanctions war, will be happy to share strategic reserves.

          It is not known how long the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) - the US federal agency responsible for monitoring the safety of goods in the sale of food and medicine - will deal with the elimination of Abbott's production problems: according to some forecasts, this will not happen before July. At the same time, realizing the scale of the crisis and the need to increase the supply of mixtures to the United States from abroad, the agency announced that until November 14 it will temporarily change its extremely strict rules and will consider the possibility of importing products of each manufacturer individually, at its discretion.

          The Biden administration, extremely concerned about the proxy war with Russia and the process of creating new alliances against China, by all indications, does not yet fully realize the scale of the crisis that could erupt in connection with the current situation.

          The steps taken so far have not brought a positive result, but rather, on the contrary, have caused even greater irritation of the Americans. Several hundred containers delivered by US military aircraft from the German Ramstein base, another strategic operation "Flying Baby Food" to deliver children's "formula" can only temporarily moderate the panic of parents and plug gaps in the food collapse.

          The strategic solution to the problem lies on a different plane. The few congressmen who opposed the allocation of huge funds under the so-called Lend-Lease Act in defense of democracy in Ukraine also appealed to the US president to finally pay attention to him.

          Georgia Republican Party member Marjorie Taylor Greene, voting against this adventurous project in Congress, told her colleagues and the president, “We have $40 billion, but no baby food for American mothers and babies. There is an unknown amount of money for CIA activities in Ukraine, but no food for American babies and mothers. There are $54 million in spending to fight COVID-19for Ukraine, but no food for American babies and mothers. There is $900 million for nonprofits in Ukraine, but no food for American babies and mothers. There is $8.7 billion in economic support and funding for Ukraine, but no food for American mothers and babies… The American people do not support paying for the constant US interference in the foreign affairs of other countries while our own government is ruining our country.”

          Will the voices of hundreds of thousands of American women and mothers be heard if the threat of child hunger ceases to be an emergency within the boundaries of New York alone?

          Watch more videos on the YouTube channel VZGLYAD

          Media news2

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Media news2

Media news2

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Price Issue: Why New York Declared a State of Emergency Over Infant Formula

New York City declared a state of emergency over a shortage of infant formula after the factory of their largest manufacturer, Abbott Nutrition, was temporarily closed. Forbes Life understands why the city authorities took this measure and why there could be a shortage

On May 22, it was reported that New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in the city due to a nationwide shortage of infant formula milk caused by product recalls and a temporary closure of the production line of Abbott Nutrition, one of the largest suppliers baby food in the USA.

This decision of the authorities will help to keep prices for baby food, avoid markups and speculation in the market in a situation where problems with the supply of mixtures are observed throughout the country. They are now in short supply at more than 40% of market demand, and the closure of Abbott's Michigan plant after reports of four cases of infant bacterial infection exacerbated the situation. This not only reduced production, but also disrupted supply chains among other manufacturers in most US states, and New York was no exception.

Mayor Eric Adams promised mothers and families that "the city will do everything in its power to help get through this difficult period." As part of the New York City Mayor's Executive Order, the City's Department of Consumer and Worker Protection is empowered to crack down on retailers if they try to "capitalize on this crisis."

State of emergency ( - Forbes Life ) is a fairly common practice in the United States that allows the leadership of a city or state to gain more power in making economic decisions, to a greater extent control the business. For example, a similar decree was introduced by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, when stores began to increase prices for hand sanitizer and masks.

If in everyday life the city authorities cannot dictate at what price to sell infant formula or any other essential goods, then the introduction of a state of emergency is a clear signal for society and business, a New York resident, journalist and author of the YouTube channel told Forbes Life “Once Upon a Time in America” by Alina Polyanskikh: “Such decrees clearly show that now we are in power, you obey us and follow our orders, and violators will subsequently be held accountable.

Related material

So, in 2012, the devastating hurricane Sandy passed through New York, a few days later the city's residents faced an acute shortage of gasoline, the lack of fuel after the hurricane led to many hours of queues. To avoid sharp price hikes, New York authorities have decided to introduce a state of emergency. The US Department of Defense deployed five mobile filling stations within the city, where motorists could fill up with 40 liters of gasoline for free.

Deliveries were accompanied by logistical costs - transport had to make a serious "detour" to bring fuel to the city. In this regard, a slight increase in the price of gasoline followed - sellers sought to cover additional costs and at least break even. As soon as the consequences of the hurricane were eliminated, lawsuits began against the owners of gas stations that violated consumer rights. “This is standard American practice: the business of the authorities is to prevent and introduce restrictive measures, the task of business is to obey, and if it refuses to cooperate in a difficult time for the city and the country, then the consequences will be inevitable. The introduction of a special provision is primarily an economic reality for the United States, associated with financial benefits and costs, ”recalls Polyanskikh.

According to the journalist, the decree adopted by Adams helps the city authorities in two directions at once - the price issue turns into a reputational one. For the mayor, this is also a matter of reputation - Adams now looks like a fighter for children, sharing the feelings of any mother who cannot feed her child.

Although this measure does not speed up shipments, it will allow for the distribution of goods to be regulated. Thanks to the state of emergency decree, baby food will be distributed in a strictly defined order: the mixtures will first be sent to hospitals and social institutions. And already the second wave will go to the shelves of pharmacies and shops. Thus, the most vulnerable groups of the population will have guaranteed access to baby food, and those who have the financial means will not buy out all the supplies. In addition, the option is still available to bring the child to any hospital in New York to be fed there.

Related material

“Now, as soon as the dust settles, the main topic for discussion will be the question of how such a situation became possible at all — why it was not foreseen, not calculated, and this question will be addressed not only to suppliers,” says Alina Polyanskikh.

At the federal level, the government took emergency action against nutritional deficiencies last week - President Joe Biden resorted to the Defense Production Act, which allows businesses to be forced to carry out specific orders, now suppliers of ingredients needed for infant formula are required to send them to manufacturers of the final product. In 2020, during the pandemic, the administration has already invoked this law to increase the production of ventilators and protective equipment to combat COVID-19.

Learn more