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Alicia Silverstone's baby-feeding habits dangerous, experts say

By Rene Lynch

Alicia Silverstone’s new video has much of America saying Ewwwwwww!

The “Clueless” actress who is known for her healthy, vegan cooking and animal rights activism, posted a video on her website Tuesday that shows her feeding her child. The clip has gone viral.

Why? It’s all in her method as she seemingly takes her maternal nesting instinct to a new level.

The video shows her feeding her child Bear Blu like he’s...a baby bird. She chews of his food and then -- how else to say this? -- deposits the masticated morsels in his mouth.

Now, before you chalk this up to some crazy Hollywood mommy trend (like “Mad Men’s” January Jones telling People magazine she dines on her baby’s placenta for strength), know that Sliverstone’s practice is not all that unusual.

Many parents will admit to biting something -- say, a hot dog -- into smaller pieces when a fork and knife aren’t handy to make sure their child won’t choke. And way back when -- long before supermarkets and Gerber and Playtex -- people used premasticated food to transition children from mother’s milk to solids.

In fact, some experts decry the trend away from premasticated food.

In a 2009 research paper entitled “Premastication: the second arm of infant and young child feeding for health and survival?” and published in the journal of “Maternal & Child Nutrition,” experts said the practice helped boost a child’s immunity. “Its abandonment, particularly in poor communities, has placed children at increased risk of inadequate nutrition and decreased ability to confront infections,” researchers wrote.

But others are criticizing Silverstone, calling the practice dangerous. Swapping food from mouth to mouth puts kids at risk of catching a cold and can contribute to tooth decay, or worse.

“Word is Alicia Silverstone chews her food for her child. Don’t follow in her footsteps,” Delta Dental of Iowa tweeted this morning. “You can pass dental disease!”

“Bacteria are passed when items contaminated with saliva go into a child’s mouth,” the insurance company warned in a recent press release. “Most parents don’t know they can pass harmful bacteria from their mouth to their baby’s mouth, which can put their child at an increased risk for cavities.”

Now, there are probably some of you out there wondering, “Why in the world would she post that video online?” Comedy writer Chase Mitchell thought the same, and tweeted thusly:

“We need a bold new strategy to get people talking about you again.” -- Alicia Silverstone’s publicist, yesterday morning

For her part, Silverstone says she loves feeding her 11-month-old this way, and you can see from the video above that he loves it too. “He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating.

Now that may be something that will make much of America say Awwwwww.


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Alicia Silverstone Online

Alicia Silverstone Online

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Baby Bird Feed – Alicia Silverstone – LB eats live Goldfish – Power 106.3 Double J in the Morning

LB from Double J in the Morning finds out what Alicia Silverstones kids probably tasted when his mom spit food in his mouth….. Listen live at xxx. Video Rating: 5/ 5

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Alicia Silverstone – Bear Eating Parody (feat. Lady Gaga) “The Edge of Glory”

Click thumbs up, rate this video and leave a comment below! Alicia Silverstone’s original video: A special thank you to: Jessie Williams who played Alicia Silverstone. Mark Logsdon for writing part of the lyrics and set support. Fan Mail - I want to hear from you! Jessica Frech PO Box 100031 Nashville, TN 37224 My Website Be my Facebook friend! http Follow my Tweets! Subscribe to my YouTube channel! com LYRICS Verse 1 There ain’t a reason that Bear Blu should chew his food Don’t chew chew baby (chew, chew baby) this way it’s easier for me to pass it through I need a mom that preps my meal, I like poached Pouched yeah baby (poached yeah baby) Wait on the ledge of my high chair when she comes I bite! Bridge 1 My mom thinks she’s a bird, chewing up my bean curd She’s gonna masticate, my food for me she is maternal nesting Chorus 1 I’m bein fed, like a birdy, just a praying for my first tooth Out on the ledge , like a birdy, while my Clueless mom’s preparing Moo Shoo I’m bein fed, bein fed, bein fed, bein fed, bein fed, bein fed, bein fed, I’m bein fed, like a birdy, and it’s feeding hour at the zoo I wanna be fed by you Verse 2 She’s swapping soup from her mouth to my mouth Chew chew baby she’s biting down on those greens just like a cow (Alright! Alright!) Now all my meals are being prechewn just for me Chew chew baby open your mouth cause it’s time for me to feed (Alright! Alright!) Bridge 2 It’s Hard to swallow grub Video Rating: 5/ 5

Click on the Thumbnail to watch the video
Or visit http://mdsnews. info/alicia-silverstone/alicia-silverstone-bear-eating-parody-feat-lady-gaga-the-edge-of-glory/


Alicia Silverstone of the stock market. Hit the bid.

I’ll do it if you need me to. I am your man servant. Le tme feed you the winners

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Hot News – Shila feeds JP – Chio, Shila, and Tingle in the Morning

find more here In response to Alicia Silverstone’s practice of chewing her baby’s food Wired 96. 5’s Shila decides to feed producer JP in the same fashion. mmm… watch more on Video Rating: 5/ 5

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Trying to be sexy part deux.


Hot News – Alicia Silverstone Bird Feeds Her Baby Chewed Food [Video].w

find more here WATCH FULL VIDEO AT THIS LINK:::: Alicia Silverstone Feeds Baby Chewed Food, Alicia Silverstone’s Bizarre Way of Feeding Baby,Celebrity Kids, Video, Alicia Silverstone, Alicia Silverstone Feeds Son Mouth-To-Mouth, Alicia Silverstone Pre-Chewing Son’s Food, Bear Blu, Pre-Chewing, Pre-Chewing Baby’s Food, Slideadbigshot, Celebrity News Video Rating: 5/ 5

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Hot News – Alicia Silverstone Feeds Baby Her Chewed Food!.

find more here WATCH FULL VIDEO AT THIS LINK:::: Alicia Silverstone Feeds Baby Chewed Food, Alicia Silverstone’s Bizarre Way of Feeding Baby,Celebrity Kids, Video, Alicia Silverstone, Alicia Silverstone Feeds Son Mouth-To-Mouth, Alicia Silverstone Pre-Chewing Son’s Food, Bear Blu, Pre-Chewing, Pre-Chewing Baby’s Food, Slideadbigshot, Celebrity News Video Rating: 5/ 5

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People are probably not gonna like this and he will never see my tweet but here it goes: Jared this was fucking rude. You’ve been a parent for a hot minute and you think you have the right to start criticizing other people’s parenting skills? No, dude, not cool. No one has the right to tell people how they should or should not raise their kids. There are obvious wrongs (physical and verbal abuse, teaching your kids to be hateful/judgmental etc.) but having your kid lick food out of your mouth is not one of them. So it skeeves some people out, so what? You wouldn’t choose to do that fine, but don’t start calling someone a bad parent because they are comfortable with things you are not comfortable with. I like you Jared but this was uncalled for. And tweeting this directly to Alicia? That was mad rude! There’s already a shitstorm surrounding her video I don’t think she needs any sass from you. All the hype surrounding Alicia and her kid is so annoying. So what her kid eats food out of her mouth? It’s her damn kid and she can parent them however she chooses, it is not abuse, it is not harmful, it is just unconventional. At first I thought “Maybe he knows her…maybe it’s just a bad joke?” however I do not think that is the case. Of course the pratice of premastication can be potentially harmful if the parent is harboring any disease or infection that can be passed on to the child. However, that risk factor exists in the case of breastfeeding as well. Both premastication and breastfeeding are at high risk for passing on HIV. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Alicia is not harboring anything that could be potentially harmful and she seems to know what she is doing. She’s vegan so she probably avoids anything overly processed or with a shit load of preservatives so I don’t think there’s really any risk of passing on craaaazy chemicals from the food she’s eaten to her child (as one “expert” tried to claim but they were being interviewed by FOX so…yeah self explanatory).  Bottom line: it ain’t anyone’s damn business. I’m not a huge fan of Alicia, I don’t like that she did ads for fucking PETA, but still people should back off. This method isn’t for everyone, just like breastfeeding isn’t necessarily a viable choice for everyone, but don’t shame and judge those who choose to do it. You find it gross fine but that doesn’t make her a bad mother. Basically, Jared, I am dissapoint.

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Alicia silverstone -

For articles of the same name, see Silverstone.

Alicia Silverstone is an American actress and producer born in San Francisco, California (USA).


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Alicia Silverstone was born on in San Francisco, of English parents in the Jewish religion. Her father, Monty, is a real estate agent and her mother, Didi, was a flight attendant. She is the youngest of Monty and Didi's three children, but she also has an English half-sister, Kezi Silverstone, a pop singer from her father's first marriage, and a half-brother, David Silverstone.

From the age of 12 she took drama lessons. After only a few lessons, she caught the attention of Caroline Kessler, who asked her to be her agent. nine0003

His first screen appearance is a commercial for Domino's Pizza. She is a student at San Mateo High School in California where she works as a cheerleader. Along with this, she starred in the television series The Wonder Years Heart (The Wonder Years) . After the success of The Crush , she was released at the age of 15 to start her career as an actress and producer.

She starred in 3 Aerosmith music videos: Cryin' , Amazing and Crazy in 1993-1994.

She had her biggest success in 1995 with Clueless , during which she started her own production company First Kiss Productions .

Around the time we find her as Batgirl in Batman & Robin , People magazine unfairly lashes out at her to taunt her about her weight issues. The first role eludes him also in the new American version My father, this hero , the producers think she's too big.

In 2000, she was one of the leads in the independent film The Lost Love of Sorrow , adapted from the play of the same name by William Shakespeare, which premiered on screen and premiered out of competition at the Berlinale 2000.

In 2002, she played the role of a villain in the film adaptation of the Scooby-Doo cartoon alongside Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar. This family comedy performed well at the box office, but was not well received by critics. At the box office, it becomes 15- m hit 2002 .

In 2003, she landed her first role in the television series Miss Match , which was deprogrammed by NBC after only 11 episodes.

In 2005, she helmed Beauty Salon alongside Queen Latifah which was a hit with over $37.2 million.

In 2016, along with James Franco and Christian Slater, she co-starred in the independent film King Cobra , which is an adaptation of Andrew Stoner and Peter A. Conway's book The Cobra Killer , which tells the life story of Brent Corrigan, as well as the 2007 murder of Brian Kočiš, founder and producer of the gay pornographic film label Cobra Video, which found the actor. The film was selected in the Midnight category and screened at the Tribeca Film Festival at . Also that year, she starred in the independent film Catfight to great reviews.

At the same time she is acting in an independent film Qui garde le chien? with Ryan Kwanten released on September 13, 2016 in the US to good reviews.

In 2017, she starred in the independent film The Killing of a Sacred Deer with Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman which received critical acclaim and grossed $6 million in revenue.

In 2018, she reappeared on movie screens in 2018, playing opposite Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda in the comedy Book Club , where a group of women get a makeover while reading James's Fifty Shades of Gray .

Private life

In 2005, she married Christopher Jarecki, the singer of STUN, whom she married in Lake Tahoe at Lake Tahoe. .

At , she gives birth to their first child named Bear Blu Jarecki.

This causes controversy in posting a video of her practicing pre-chewing (in) his son. nine0003

On , Alicia and Christopher announce their divorce after twenty years of marriage and twelve years of marriage.

She speaks fluent French.

Political views

Silverstone is known as an animal rights and environmental activist. She wanted to become a vegetarian at the age of eight, but it took her years to completely give up meat. After all, I thought, if I'm not ready to eat a dog, I shouldn't eat animals at all. " nine0003

She also contributed by donating $500,90,195 90,134 to Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich in the 2004 election. She also supported Barack Obama's presidential candidacy.



  • 1993: crush by Alan Shapiro: Adrian in DVD version / Doriane in VHS version
  • 1995: Babysitter by Guy Ferland: Jennifer
  • 1995: Memories of the Beyond (Vault ) Brett Leonard: Regina
  • 1995 : Supervised Investigation ( True Crime ) Pat Verducci : Mary Giordano
  • 1995 : Le Nouveau Monde Alain Cornot : Trudy Wadd
  • 1995: Clueless by Amy Heckerling: Cher Horowitz
  • 1997: Excess Baggage , Marco Brambilla: Emily T. Hope
  • 1997 : Batman & Robin Joel Schumacher : Barbara Wilson / Batgirl
  • 1999 : First Issue ( Blast from the Past ) Hugh Wilson : Eve
  • 2000: Peines d'amore perdues
  • 2002: In the Heart of Rock ( Global Heresy ) Sidney J. Fury: Natalie Bevin
  • 2002: Le Casse ( Scorched ) by Gavin Grazer: Sheila Rilo
  • 2004: Scooby-Doo 2 , Raja Gosnell: Heather Jasper-Howe
  • 2005: Beauty Salon , Bille Woodruff: Lynn
  • 2005: Silence Becomes You by Stephanie Sinclair: Purple
  • 2006: Alex Ryder: Stormbreaker ( Stormbreaker ) de Geoffrey Sachs: Jack Starbright
  • 2008: Tonnerre dans les tropiques 0046
  • 2011: Revisited Fight for Your Right , short film by Adam Yauch: Cafe Patron
  • 2011 : The Art of Getting By Gavin Wiesen (of) : M me Herman
  • 2011: Pickler Family ( Butler ) Jim Field Smith: Julie Emmett
  • 2012: Vampires of Heckerling : Hoot
  • 2013 : Ass Backward , Chris Wilson : Laurel
  • 2013: Gods Misbehave , Mark Turtletaub: Kate
  • 2014: Angels in Stardust by William Robert Carey: Tammy
  • 2015: Jungle Shuffle by Taedong Park & ​​Mauricio De la Orta: Sasha (voice)
  • 2016: King Cobra , Justin Kelly: Jeanette
  • 2016 : Catfight by Öner Tekel : Lisa
  • 2016: Who is holding the dog? ( Who gets the dog? ) Hugh Botko: Olive Green
  • 2017: Tribes of Palos Verdes by Emmett Malloy and Brendan Malloy
  • 2017: The Killing of a Sacred Deer by Yorgos Lanthimos: Martin's mother
  • 2018: Book Club ( Book Club ) Bill Holderman Jill
  • 2019: The Lodge by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala: Laura
  • 2020 : Valley Girl by Rachel Goldenberg : Adult Julie Richman

The television

  • 1992: Heart of the Wonder Year ( The Wonder Years ) (TV series): Jessica
  • 1993: Passion Enflammée ( Torch Song ) (TV episode): Delphine
  • 1993: Scattered Dreams (TV): The Phyllis Herald
  • 1994: Cool and Crazy (TV movie): Roslyn
  • 1995 : Investigation under control (Phone): Mary
  • 2001: Sourire d'enfer ( Braceface ) (TV series): Sharon Spitz (Charlotte Spitz in French)
  • 2003: Miss match (TV series): Kate Fox
  • 2005: Queen Bee (TV): Beatrice
  • 2006: The Shine of Love
  • 2007: Singles Chart (TV series): Georgia
  • 2008 Bad Mother Hanbook (TV Movie): Karen
  • 2011: Children's Hospital (TV series): Kelly
  • 2012 : Compound (TV series): Eden
  • 2020: Babysitters ( Babysitters Club ) (TV series): Elizabeth Thomas Brewer
  • 2021: Masters of the Universe: Revelation ( Masters of the Universe: Revelation ) (animated series): Queen Marlena (voice)
  • nine0049


    • 1993: Carol's Eve : Debbie
    • 2002: The Graduate : Elaine

    Video clips

    • 1994: Cry (Aerosmith)
    • 1994: Amazing (Aerosmith)
    • 1995: Crazy (Aerosmith)

    As a producer

    • 1997: Excess Baggage
    • 2001 : Hell smile (TV)


    • In order to manage her acting career on her own, she was emancipated at the age of 15 .
    • She is one of the biggest supporters of PETA, the American Animal Welfare Association.
    • She is known to have always refused nude photos, as well as nude scenes from cinema or theater. So when she starred in 's Broadway Laureate, she demanded to wear underwear in a normally nude scene. nine0046

    Francophone voices

    In France, Claire Guyot is the regular French voice of Alicia Silverstone. Natalie Renier doubled it twice.


    • Claire Guyot in:
      • Crush
      • Batman and Robin
      • Beauty salon
      • Thunderbolt
      • Oil
      • Killing a sacred deer
    • Natalie Renier at: nine0042
    • Compound (TV series)
    • Catfight
  • Sylvie Jacob in Babysitter
  • Sowan Delanoe in Souvenirs from the Underworld
  • Anneliese Fromont in Clueless
  • Natalie Spitzer in investigation under control of
  • Marjorie Franz in Excess Baggage
  • Aurélia Bruno in first walk
  • Celine Maud in Miss Match (TV series)
  • Veronica Desmadryl in Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
  • Sarah Viot at Book Club

In Quebec


  • Violetta Chauveau in:
    • Love at first sight
    • Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
    • Recipe for success
  • Aline Pinsonno at:
    • Batman and Robin
    • Thunderbolt: The Adventures of Alex Ryder

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