Alicia silverstone feeds baby video

Alicia Silverstone's baby-feeding habits dangerous, experts say

By Rene Lynch

Alicia Silverstone’s new video has much of America saying Ewwwwwww!

The “Clueless” actress who is known for her healthy, vegan cooking and animal rights activism, posted a video on her website Tuesday that shows her feeding her child. The clip has gone viral.

Why? It’s all in her method as she seemingly takes her maternal nesting instinct to a new level.

The video shows her feeding her child Bear Blu like he’s...a baby bird. She chews of his food and then -- how else to say this? -- deposits the masticated morsels in his mouth.

Now, before you chalk this up to some crazy Hollywood mommy trend (like “Mad Men’s” January Jones telling People magazine she dines on her baby’s placenta for strength), know that Sliverstone’s practice is not all that unusual.

Many parents will admit to biting something -- say, a hot dog -- into smaller pieces when a fork and knife aren’t handy to make sure their child won’t choke. And way back when -- long before supermarkets and Gerber and Playtex -- people used premasticated food to transition children from mother’s milk to solids.

In fact, some experts decry the trend away from premasticated food.

In a 2009 research paper entitled “Premastication: the second arm of infant and young child feeding for health and survival?” and published in the journal of “Maternal & Child Nutrition,” experts said the practice helped boost a child’s immunity. “Its abandonment, particularly in poor communities, has placed children at increased risk of inadequate nutrition and decreased ability to confront infections,” researchers wrote.

But others are criticizing Silverstone, calling the practice dangerous. Swapping food from mouth to mouth puts kids at risk of catching a cold and can contribute to tooth decay, or worse.

“Word is Alicia Silverstone chews her food for her child. Don’t follow in her footsteps,” Delta Dental of Iowa tweeted this morning. “You can pass dental disease!”

“Bacteria are passed when items contaminated with saliva go into a child’s mouth,” the insurance company warned in a recent press release. “Most parents don’t know they can pass harmful bacteria from their mouth to their baby’s mouth, which can put their child at an increased risk for cavities.”

Now, there are probably some of you out there wondering, “Why in the world would she post that video online?” Comedy writer Chase Mitchell thought the same, and tweeted thusly:

“We need a bold new strategy to get people talking about you again.” -- Alicia Silverstone’s publicist, yesterday morning

For her part, Silverstone says she loves feeding her 11-month-old this way, and you can see from the video above that he loves it too. “He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating.

Now that may be something that will make much of America say Awwwwww.


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Alicia Silverstone feeds her son like a bird

Alicia Silverstone, who we expect to see in the film "Games of the Gods", received an immediate reaction to her recently published method of feeding a child. The 35-year-old actress recently shared how she feeds Sharon Stone's pet son, Bear Blue, on health food website She accompanied her post with a video in which she personally chews food before sending it to her 10-month-old baby from mouth to mouth. nine0004 "I feed Bear mochi and small pieces of vegetables from the soup... out of my mouth. It's his favorite... and mine. It literally crawls across the room and attacks my mouth if I eat," writes the former movie star "Clueless" and "Blast from the Past" in his post. She also elaborates: "This video was made about a month or two ago when he was a little clumsy. Now he's grabbing my mouth to get food!" Most of her fans reacted positively to the post. "I've never thought about this before but this is the cutest way to breastfeed my baby! Mine is 7 months old and I think I'll try this method," wrote one. Another said: "I think this approach to feeding is incredible. Alicia, you are amazing. Raise your boy how you see fit and don't think what others will say. I applaud you!" nine0004 However, some did not share these sentiments. "I don't think this is a healthy way to feed a child. Children should learn to eat with a spoon. We are not birds, we are people." Another fan commented: "What happens when he gets a little older and sees someone eating? It will be quite embarrassing if Bear comes up to them and tries to eat what they are already chewing." Nutritionist JJ Virgine weighed the information carefully and told Fox News, "It looks like she's going to the extreme of trying to feed him like a bird." The Freaky Eaters star added, "While this could help start the digestion process in her mouth, it's also a way of transferring bacteria, which is full of her mouth. I think it's better to put it on a food processor and a spoon!" nine0004

06:26, 29 March 2012

Author: ylsyls

Comments starting on behalf of the son.


of course you will forgive me I myself had a toothless child myself but it’s just buee Yes, and all familiar mothers do this for small toothless children. I don't see anything wrong. And then I read the comments and I am in shock - everyone is so progressive, my mother is dorahaya

Any doctor will say that the oral cavity is the "dirtiest" place, even in the ass and on the hands there is not such a quantity and variety of bacteria. Never understood moms licking nipples on bottles, pacifiers and chewing (fu). I didn’t have a blender yet, I pounded soups and borscht for the child with a fork.


The 21st century is full of blenders and nibblers and all sorts of other auxiliary devices, why do this? She would have given him chewed bread in a rag instead of a pacifier, as in the 18th century. nine0013

Alicia Silverstone feeds her son like a bird - Psychology


The actress gives her child food in a very extravagant way: first she chews the food herself, and then spits into her son's mouth.

Moreover, the baby's diet consists of dishes of Japanese cuisine.

The actress gives the child food in a very extravagant way: first she chews the food herself, and then she spits into her son's mouth. Moreover, the baby’s diet consists of Japanese dishes.

April 5, 2012 21:48

Alicia Silverstone decided to share with the world the joys of motherhood and the extravagant way of feeding her son Bear Blue. However, instead of sighs of tenderness, her video posted on the Internet caused viewers to experience nausea. And it's not even that she feeds a 10-month-old baby with Japanese dishes like miso soup, grated radish and rice cakes wrapped in nori seaweed, but how she does it. And Alicia does it like a bird, and in the literal sense of the word: she first chews the food, and then spits into her son's mouth. nine0013

At the same time, Silverstone assures that Bear is delighted with such feeding and does not let her pass when she eats, demanding to immediately share the food with him. The only dish that the boy is unlikely to ever try in such a form chewed by his mother is meat: the actress is a well-known vegetarian.

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