Baby 1st birthday food ideas

65 First Birthday Party Food Ideas And Planning Tips

The best party food ideas that will be loved by kids and grown ups alike.

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You may be super excited about your baby turning one, and you want to host the best party to celebrate their first birthday. Tiny tots are your most important guests, and so your baby’s first birthday party food ideas must include exciting, colorful, and fancy options on the table. You need to do many things, including selecting a party theme, deciding on the guest list, buying gifts, and planning the food. If you are confused about the food, we can help you with the planning process by providing delicious snack and dessert ideas in this post. These creative ideas are sure to impress children and their parents alike.

What Kind Of First Birthday Party Are You Planning?

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You can come up with the food menu only when you have the basic idea of the birthday party.

  • Decide if it is going to be a small snack or high tea party, or you want to host a lavish lunch or dinner.
  • If you are planning for a simplistic evening party, then you can make a handful of items at home. Your family members or close friends could help you prepare some delectable recipes.
  • If it is going to be a big party, you may have to hire a caterer and plan a mixed menu. Make sure you find a well-known catering agency that specializes in making the best quality kid-friendly food items.

Who Are The Guests?

Having a guest list ready would make it easier to figure out the quantity and type of food to have at your baby’s first birthday party.

  • Will it be a small party with only family or friends?
  • Will you invite your close relatives and neighbors?
  • How many babies and toddlers would be attending the party?
  • How many teenagers or parents or adults would attend?

When you have the answers to these questions, you can plan the food ideas and serving size.

What Food To Include In The Menu?

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You need to think about the food categories based on the guest list. If it is a large party, then you may have to categorize the menu.

  • You need to include vegetarian and non-vegetarian items to fit the needs of all the guests.
  • In case you are inviting vegan friends, make sure you have vegan items on the menu.
  • You should also have a few types of desserts and drinks. Have colorful and delicious food items that please everyone attending the birthday party.
  • If there is a theme party, make sure that the food reflects the theme. For instance, if the party theme is “Frozen,” then try to have more blue food items and pictures of “Frozen” movie characters all around.

First Birthday Party Food Ideas

We have some mouth-watering food choices in every category to delight your guests, including the adorable children and the grown-ups.

Finger food and appetizer ideas

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Appetizers or starters are the first course of a meal. They should be tempting and light to give an excellent start to the party meal. Toddlers and children fill their tummies with starters as they are fond of them. Having a variety of options would be a good idea. We have a few palatable suggestions here.

  1. Fruits on skewers or fruit salad
  2. Vegetable and chicken nuggets
  3. Baby breadsticks with cheese
  4. French fries or potato smileys or potato wedges
  5. Cookies with cream or crackers
  6. Muffins and bagels
  7. Devilled eggs
  8. Egg mini muffins
  9. Roasted or steamed vegetables and dip
  10. Small sandwiches
  11. Cheesy garlic bread
  12. Chips and dips
  13. Cheerios
  14. Puffed snacks
  15. Wafers and pretzel
  16. Mini pancakes

Savory foods

The savory foods or main meal of the party should be delightfully flavorsome. The main items in the party menu should be filling and appealing to all the guests. There should be items for every guest, be it a vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or a health-conscious person.

  1. Pizza – vegetarian and non-vegetarian
  2. Cheesy macaroni with different toppings such as chicken bites, bacon, and veggies
  3. Vegetarian and chicken burger
  4. Quesadilla
  5. Grilled cheese sandwiches
  6. Barbecue sandwiches
  7. Crustless sandwiches
  8. Pasta with cheese and salad options or meatballs
  9. Vegetable noodles
  10. Taco pinwheels
  11. Casserole
  12. Small squared pizza bites
  13. Chicken tenders
  14. Chicken sliders
  15. Nachos filled with cheese
  16. Pizza rolls
  17. Cheese and garlic bread
  18. Stuffed or toasted kebabs
  19. Beef rolls with cheddar cheese
  20. Stromboli


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No party is complete without desserts. Your baby’s first birthday party should have desserts that become the talk of the party. Children and adults love trying out different kinds of sweet items, so we have covered a few delicious dessert ideas for you.

  1. Birthday cake (your baby’s favorite shape and flavor)
  2. Fruit salad or yogurt
  3. Ice cream of different flavors
  4. Jelly and custard
  5. Cupcakes
  6. Pops and candies
  7. Mini pies
  8. Ice cream cone cupcakes
  9. Ice cream sandwich
  10. Doughnut holes or baked doughnuts
  11. Mini s’mores
  12. Frozen treats or popsicles
  13. Assorted cookies
  14. Cheesecake pastries
  15. Frozen pops
  16. Honey waffles
  17. Marshmallow pops
  18. Fruit pies
  19. Macarons or ice cream sandwiches
  20. Fried ice cream

Drinks and beverages

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It’s your baby’s first birthday celebration, so make sure you are not having alcoholic drinks. There are some healthy and fruity options you can try and impress your guests. Remember, the party is more for the children than the parents.

  1. Lemonade or fruit smoothies
  2. Hot chocolate
  3. Vanilla milkshake
  4. Fruity cocktails
  5. Citrus punch
  6. Iced tea with fruit flavors
  7. Hawaiian drink
  8. Rose milk
  9. Yogurt smoothies

Tips For Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday Food Menu

The first birthday is a big deal for parents, thus planning would make your job easier. We have some general tips for you here.

  • Get child-friendly glasses, plates, and cups made of eco-friendly and high-quality food-grade material.
  • Keep fresh, high-quality, and hygienic food only. If you are ordering food, then go with the best caterer or restaurant.
  • You can ask the parents if their children have any food intolerances or food allergies.
  • Do keep in mind your guest’s preferences, like those related to religious or other food choices.
  • Don’t keep choking hazards, including nuts, grapes, hard lollies, popcorn, or hard candies on the table.
  • Keep an eye on what the children are sipping and munching on. See that toddlers and babies are not consuming fizzy drinks or caffeinated beverages.
  • Choose a cake flavor that is liked by both children and their parents. Try to have an eggless cake so that most of the guests can relish it.
  • Make tempting and colorful foods so that children enjoy them.

1. How much should I spend on a first birthday party?

It entirely depends on you. If you want an extravagant party with all your friends and family, you may spend around $1000 or more. If you want a quiet and intimate affair with only your near and dear ones, you can cut the expenses and spend less than $300.

2. What time should a first birthday start?

Consider your baby’s sleeping time and active hours before hosting a birthday party. Depending on that, you can throw a party in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Make sure to pick a time convenient for you and your guests.

3. Can I feed my baby cake on their first birthday?

Yes, a small piece of cake would not harm your baby. However, chop the cake into tiny bits before feeding it to your baby to avoid choking hazards. Also, if you love baking, you can make a homemade cake using healthy ingredients to introduce to your baby.

For every new parent, their baby’s first birthday is one of the most awaited events. While you could be excited to organize a grand party for your little one, it would help if you plan for the event, follow a schedule, and keep things systematized. The variety of food and a delectable menu is a must-have for the party to be enjoyable and remembered. Take cues from these first birthday party food ideas to include the most delicious and exciting food items on the menu. Also, do not miss out on clicking adorable pictures of your munchkin and the event to relish the memories later.

Key Pointers

  • Decide on the first birthday party theme, followed by the guest list and the menu.
  • You can plan appetizers, main course, beverages, and desserts for a large party.
  • You may have different options for your guests’ preferences for vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian food.

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Originally Published: May 10, 2019

Camille Berry

Part of the third generation in a family of restaurateurs, Camille was born with a passion for cooking and food. She embarked on a career in hospitality where she excelled as a sommelier and wine director. This hospitality experience has given her a wealth of first-hand knowledge about how to pair all manner of drinks with food—plus some serious kitchen skills. These days, she's hung up her wine key in favor of a pen and covers all aspects of food and drink.

best tips and recipes

Behind the first year - the most important, the most eventful in the life of the crumbs and his parents! And although there are still many sleepless nights ahead, knocked down knees, snotty noses, all the same, most often moms, dads, grandparents will remember this first difficult and happy year.

For many mothers, the question of what to cook for the first birthday of their child is of great interest. The festive menu will largely depend on the composition of the guests - how many adults and children will be.

If you are planning to invite several of your friends with babies of about the same age, it is better to organize a separate area for children. It should be understood that it is unlikely that they will all sit quietly at the table - rather, they will like to crawl somewhere, play, gnaw something. Therefore, it makes sense for them to prepare a separate table covered with festive delicacies and small dishes.

  • How to make a menu for a baby's first birthday?
  • What to cook for a year?
  • Tips for organizing a festive table
  • Cake for a one-year-old baby
  • Delicious cake recipes

How to make a menu for the first birthday of a baby?

For kids under three years old, it is not worth overloading the menu with an abundance of products. Children of this age do not tolerate the abundance of food and various combinations of foods. This can cause them an attack of tummy pain, increase gas and colic, and cause indigestion.

For kids, the holiday itself will become more important than what dishes are on the festive table. Most likely, in many years he will not even remember how the celebration went. Just try to give your baby more joyful emotions on this day.

Call close relatives or friends with babies around the same age. This will greatly simplify the preparation of the menu for children.

Include in the menu:

  • a couple of snacks;
  • hot dish;
  • dessert.

Even a simple carrot salad can be served as an appetizer, but it is better to supplement it with chopped dried apricots and season with sour cream. For older kids, crackers with chicken or fish pate, garnished with slices of thinly sliced ​​cucumber, are perfect.

Babies aged 2-3 love to eat canapes, sandwiches. Choose fresh and soft breads. It is better to give preference to white wheat bread, as it is easier to digest. Top the canapes with boiled chicken pieces and fresh vegetables. Put on skewers all the ingredients for canapes one by one, put the food on a beautiful plate. Kids will love the original design of the dish.

For hot dishes at this age, it is better to use familiar products, but with an unusual method of preparation. Instead of soup with turkey and boiled rice, prepare baked minced turkey rolls stuffed with vegetables, serve boiled rice as a side dish. Such new combinations of familiar products will not harm the child's body after a feast.

For desserts, opt for light milk-based soufflés or puddings. They are easy to prepare at home too. To do this, boil milk, add sugar and pre-swollen gelatin. Pour into molds and refrigerate until completely cool. These milk puddings can be garnished with chopped fruit or strawberries. Insert a candle into the dessert for the birthday man and light it. This is sure to please the baby.

What to cook for a year?

When preparing a festive treat, you will have to combine adult dishes and the children's menu of a one-year-old baby and his friends. There can be many options for such a table:

  • a beautifully set tea table with a cake or mini-cakes;
  • small buffet (sandwiches, meat rolls).

Two cakes can be prepared: one adult for guests, the other for a child according to a special children's recipe, for example, from porridge with yogurt filling.

When organizing a menu for a children's party, choose an appetizer, main course and dessert. If your child loves fruits and berries, prepare a fruit bowl with chopped fruits.

As a snack for a one year old child, crackers with cottage cheese and chicken filling are perfect. To do this, grind the boiled chicken fillet to the state of minced meat, mix it with cottage cheese rubbed through a sieve. Spread the paste on regular crackers. Garnish with small cracker crumbs.

For main course you can cook roasted turkey meat balls with complex garnish. To do this, prepare meat balls from minced turkey and bake in a heat-resistant form in the oven with a creamy sauce. As a side dish, prepare mashed cauliflower and potatoes. To make mashed potatoes of a beautiful color, you can add boiled egg yolks to it and grind it.

For dessert you can make milk-rice pudding with raisins. For babies 2-3 years old, if desired, you can add a little vanilla or cinnamon, as well as citrus zest.

As a drink , kids can be offered any berry juice or compote (better prepared at home). Purchased carbonated drinks should be discarded, they contain too much sugar and dyes. A wonderful choice would be blackcurrant or strawberry juice.

Tips for organizing a festive table

Organizing a children's holiday table for babies causes a lot of trouble and questions for mothers.

To make it easier to prepare for an important family celebration, use the following tips:

  1. Try to plan and prepare the menu for the children's party in advance. Consider in which supermarkets and stores you will buy food for the holiday table. Write down the meals and necessary products in the diary. So you can not only create a menu, but also calculate in advance the approximate costs of organizing a holiday.
  2. Buy only the freshest products. Never buy food months in advance! Check the expiration dates, especially carefully monitor the shelf life of fermented milk products.
  3. Cook at home. For children under the age of three, try not to buy ready-made salads and hot dishes. So you protect your kids from possible food poisoning after the holiday.
  4. Don't include new foods or ingredients on your holiday menu. If your baby has never tried fish or seafood before the holiday, you should not include them in the menu. The result may be a trip to the hospital with a severe allergic reaction, rather than blowing out candles on a birthday cake. Use only those products that your baby has been familiar with for a long time.
  5. For babies in their first year of life, try to cook familiar meals on their birthday. You can cook a daily dish, but in a new version. This will avoid the appearance of indigestion or colic in the baby after the holiday.
  6. It is better to plan the celebration for lunch time. Focus on normal times. For one-year-olds, be sure to consider the regimen. If your little one usually sleeps in the afternoon, he will almost certainly want to rest on his birthday too.
  7. Do not overload the menu with an abundance of dishes. It is better to prepare a good table for relatives, relatives and friends who will come to congratulate the baby on his birthday. For crumbs, a couple of types of snacks, hot and light dessert are more suitable. You can supplement the menu with fruits.
  8. Observe portion sizes. Do not offer a birthday person a double serving in honor of his birthday. This will only harm the baby and can cause abdominal pain, impaired stool. Stick to your normal diet even on your birthday. For kids under the age of three, this is very important.

Cake for a one-year-old baby

A birthday treat should include those products that he has already “mastered”, just the dish needs to be festively decorated. Put 1 candle on the cake (note that the baby will blow it out with your help).

The cake can be baked in the form of a unit or an animal.

You can make charlotte or modify carrot or rice cake recipes to keep ingredients to a minimum. You can make “cakes” from fruits: cut a melon, an apple, a kiwi into circles, fasten them with a skewer, up - a candle.

Delicious recipes for cakes

The base of the cake is “Nizhenka” biscuits or any other children's muffin. The cookies are dipped in the milk mixture, laid out on a plate, then cottage cheese or fruit puree is put (what your baby already eats), then fruits (bananas, kiwi, tangerines - again, what the child eats and what is not allergic), then cookie. It all depends on your imagination.

Sometimes cottage cheese and fruits give a lot of juice, then each cookie does not need to be soaked or dipped!

You can cook apple marmalade for the cake:

Squeeze juice without pulp from 500 grams of green peeled apples. Cook without sugar over a fairly low heat for 40-50 minutes, until a good brown color appears (to drip down a spoon). Pour the resulting marmalade cake.

The cake is ready!

Important! Don't forget to put one candle on the cake!

Decorating a children's table is easy: all dishes can be arranged in a convenient order. The menu of one-year-old children is not very diverse: juices in sachets; baby cookies; pieces of fruit; fruit curds with different fillings.

Kids will not come to the holiday to eat: they will be fed at home by their mothers. However, it is necessary to create a festive atmosphere and decorate the table! Let the menu be modest, but the kids will have fun this birthday. The main thing is that the food is not hypoallergenic: this is the main condition.

There is no better idea for a buffet table for this day. Please note that guests are unlikely to sit in one place on their birthday: everyone will be on the move. Therefore, the table must be set so that any dish can be taken on the go with your hands.

How to decorate a table for a 1 year old child's birthday?

The first birthday is a special holiday not only for the baby, but also for the parents. Behind was a whole year spent together and completely changed life. The culprit of the festival is still too small to understand the significance of this day, and he will not like excessive fuss at all. Therefore, the holiday will be organized mainly for parents and guests. And the birthday boy with invited peers needs to provide comfortable conditions so that the kids do not cry and are not capricious.

How to arrange the first birthday

The best way to organize a holiday is at home, the environment familiar to the child will be the most suitable. To create a festive atmosphere, the house must be decorated. In advance, you can prepare interesting wall newspapers with photos of the baby or colorful collages. And in the very central place on the wall stretch a bright congratulatory inscription. Helium balloons are also a great party accessory. They will definitely please guests and will not leave indifferent little crumbs.

Despite the fact that the birthday boy will not yet be able to explain to his parents what kind of birthday present he wants, his choice should be taken responsibly. It is advisable to think in advance what will surely please the baby. It can be an interesting, educational toy, a soft doll or a large colorful book. You should not buy things "for growth", for sure the invited guests will take care of this themselves.

How to decorate a table for a children's birthday

A festive table is one of the highlights of a birthday. If you think in advance how to decorate a table for a child's birthday for 1 year, you can buy such pleasant little things as:

  1. Beautiful tablecloth, preferably paper or oilcloth. It is better to abandon the usual plain tablecloth with ruffles, because a children's holiday requires colors and vivid emotions. Therefore, large peas on a bright background or the image of cartoon characters will be very out of place;
  2. Bright themed napkins matched to the tone of the tablecloth;
  3. Utensils, ideally disposable. Firstly, no one can break it, and secondly, you can choose the most suitable color and images;

Festive hats that can be left in empty, spaced plates, sure to tempt guests to try them on. It is also necessary to buy a cap and a festive butterfly for the birthday man, which will come in handy at least for the time of photo and video shooting.

Festive table menu

The table menu for the most part will depend on who is invited to the holiday, because the diet of a one-year-old baby is rather monotonous. Therefore, it is best to focus on the guests. And for the birthday boy, prepare suitable food in advance.

One of the options for serving food can be a kind of buffet. Favorite salads can be portioned into tartlets, and fruits can be served in waffle cones or cups. Many varieties of canapés made from vegetables, cheeses, meat and seafood will not only be tasty, but also a bright addition. Mini-kebabs on skewers are ideal for hot dishes. With such a serving, even the invited children, older than the birthday man, but no less capricious, will not remain hungry.

The main dish of the birthday, of course, will be a cake. In order to save time, you can buy ready-made, but do-it-yourself does not compare with any other. Mastic will serve as an excellent decoration, which can not only cover the entire cake, but also make a variety of figures. Before serving the cake on the table, there must be a one in the center, symbolizing the baby's first important step in life.

A child's birthday, and especially the first one, should be a bright, memorable event.

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