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Shop Baby Alive Snacking Shapes: Baby Doll That Eats and "Poops", Pasta Maker, Reusable Doll Food Dolls & Accessories for Girls age 3Y+

Key Features

Baby Alive Doll includes A Pasta Maker That Lets Children Prepare their Own Pretend Snack for their Baby and then Feed Her .
Use Baby Alive Solid Reusable Doll Food, Put the Reusable Doll Food in the Pasta Maker, Turn the Handle and Out Pop Fun Pasta Shapes .
the Pasta Shaping Tray Doubles as A Plate for Easy Snack Time Use. includes A fork to Feed Her. Comb Baby Rooted Hair With Her Comb and Remove Her Dress to Change Her Nappy When She Finished Her Snack. .
Feed Baby Pasta Shapes With Her Very Own fork and She Eats Her Doll Food the Doll Eats and 'Poos' and then itS Time for A Nappy Change includes Two Nappies for Changing Time.


Baby Alive Snackin Shapes Baby is hungry for playful pasta fun! Kids can have fun playing chef by molding the solid doll food in the shaping tray and then sending it through the pasta maker. Turn the handle on the pasta maker until and pop! Out come special heart, bowtie and macaroni shaped pretend pasta pieces! It's so easy, kids will want to make pasta pieces again and again! When the pasta prep is finished, have fun feeding the baby doll with her very own fork. After eating her yummy doll food, she'll poop and will need a diaper change. With two cans of solid doll food included as accessories, kids can prepare different colors of pasta. She's a perfect baby doll for girls or boys, who can also have fun combing her rooted hair, posing her, and dressing her in her removable outfit.


Product Length: 10 cm

Product Width: 25 cm

Product Height: 36 cm

Product Weight: 800 g

Colour: Multicolor

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Content Inside: 1 Doll And 6 Accessories

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How can I get my Baby Alive to eat?

  • 2021-12-09
  • 153


  • How can I get my Baby Alive to eat?
  • Do you add water to baby alive food?
  • Can you feed any Baby Alive?
  • How do you feed a Baby Alive bottle?
  • How do you activate the Baby Alive?
  • What food can baby alive eat?
  • Which baby alive is best?
  • Can you feed baby alive real baby food?
  • How do I made my own baby food?
  • How do you feed a Baby Alive doll?
  • Do I need a baby food maker?

How can I get my Baby Alive to eat?

Once the doll is "ON" and activated, place the bottle or the spoon in her mouth to activate the sensor. If the sensor does not appear to be working, press the spoon or bottle down onto her lower mouth to initiate feeding.

Do you add water to baby alive food?

Simply pour powdered food packet into bowl (not included), add 3 teaspoons/15 ml of water, and mix. Kids can have fun pretending to feeding their baby dolls, like a real mommy or daddy would!

Can you feed any Baby Alive?

A: No, they do not. There are a variety of Baby Alive dolls and they have varying features. The My Baby All Gone eats, drinks, and potties. There are other, less expensive Baby Alives, though, that do not eat and drink.

How do you feed a Baby Alive bottle?

0:003:22Feeding NEW BABY ALIVE DOLL Her Bottle - YouTubeYouTubeInício do clipe sugeridoFinal do clipe sugeridoAnd I have herpies my bottle squeeze it and dip it in the water. And let go so that a water will getMoreAnd I have herpies my bottle squeeze it and dip it in the water. And let go so that a water will get in the bottle.

How do you activate the Baby Alive?

1:193:42Baby Alive - How to Care for Real As Can Be Baby - YouTubeYouTube

What food can baby alive eat?

To make the Baby Alive Food, mix together: 3 Tablespoons of baking soda, 3 Tablespoons of plain tap water, 1/4 tsp cornstarch and 1-3 drops of food coloring. Use yellow for bananas, green for green beans, etc.

Which baby alive is best?

13 Best Baby Alive Dolls Of 2021

  1. Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll. ...
  2. Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy Brunette. ...
  3. Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye Doll. ...
  4. Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby Doll. ...
  5. Baby Alive Magical Scoops Blonde Baby Doll. ...
  6. Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Doll. ...
  7. Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Noodles Baby.

Can you feed baby alive real baby food?

  • Do not feed your Baby Alive doll with real baby food because this will make your doll smell bad. Also, it might attract insects and small creatures. If you clog your baby alive because you used too much baking soda... Use Apple cider vinegar! Give your baby a rinse with water and then go to the bottom.

How do I made my own baby food?

  • Clean your workstation. Always wash your hands with soap and water before making baby food. ...
  • Prepare the ingredients. ...
  • Add flavor in a healthy way. ...
  • Safely feed and serve. ...

How do you feed a Baby Alive doll?

  • Feeding The Baby Alive Doll. To feed the Baby Alive, you take one of the packets of mix and add water to it. Then, using the special spoon (has a magnet in it) to feed her, she will begin talking to you as you feed the Baby Alive Doll.

Do I need a baby food maker?

  • If you're set on making your own baby food, you absolutely don't need to buy a specialized baby food maker if you already have a food processor at home. In fact, you can do everything 100% by hand and still make great home-made foods for your little one. Jul 4 2019

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Hunger of angels: a three-month-old child died due to feeding semolina | Articles

In the Vladimir region, a three-month-old baby died due to improper feeding. The child was taken to intensive care with signs of exhaustion and intestinal infection. The Investigative Committee has already opened a criminal case against the mother of the deceased. It turned out that almost from birth the baby was fed semolina, and when his health deteriorated, the mother ignored the symptoms and did not call the doctors. nine0004 Over the past few months, this is not the first criminal case against mothers who brought their children to exhaustion, but often doctors' attempts to save a child from exhaustion cause violent public indignation. Why doctors trying to protect children from irresponsibility or strict nutritional principles are accused of bias and cruelty - Izvestia understood.

Unprepared for life

Criminal case initiated on the fact causing death by negligence against a 23-year-old resident of the Aleksandrovsky district. After giving birth, she, along with her newborn son, moved to the city of Karabanovo, but did not register at the clinic. The boy was born absolutely healthy in February 2020.

- According to the mother, she breastfed the child, he put on weight. Then mixtures appeared in the diet. At the same time, the suspect reported that the baby often cried, so instead of a full meal, she fed him semolina. nine0003 After moving to the city, the child was not registered in the clinic and thus was left without proper medical supervision and patronage. Even when the boy’s health worsened and vomiting began, his mother did not immediately seek medical help ,” said Irina Minina, a representative of the TFR department for the Vladimir Region.


Photo: RIA Novosti/Igor Zarembo

In May, the child was taken to the intensive care unit with signs of exhaustion and an intestinal infection. Despite the assistance provided, the baby died. nine0004 According to the doctors, death was due to the body's reaction to protein-energy deficiency caused by malnutrition. In just a week, the child lost a kilogram of weight.

Gennady Prokhorychev, Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Vladimir Region, told Izvestia that his mother was brought up in the Alexandrov boarding school, then she entered the orphanage of the Holy Trinity Monastery in the village of Makhra, and then entered college.

— Unfortunately, I have known this mother for a long time. Speaking with mother Ambrose, who raised the girl, I found out that she did not study well, but then she began to walk, did not study well in college, gave birth to her first child, gave it to the Orphanage in the city of Alexandrov in 2018 at the age of three months with this wording - due to a difficult life situation. Then her situation was really difficult, there was no apartment, - Prokhorychev explained.

Shortly before the birth of her second child, a young mother received an apartment, but she could not cope with everyday life after her graduation from the children's institution. The fathers of both children of the girl - natives of Central Asia - did not take part in the upbringing of children.

— It often happens that children from orphanages, orphans, are not ready for life, they think that everyone owes them everything. In the orphanage at the Makhrishchensky monastery, she lived on everything ready , all the conditions for life were created there, the girls visited Israel, Italy, rested. And when the young girl graduated from the nine classes of a rural school in Makhrino, she began to lead a free life, - added the regional commissioner for human rights.


Holy Trinity Stefano-Makhrishchi Convent


According to him, after graduating from college, the young mother was left completely alone and was not adapted to life outside the walls of the institution. nine0004 A social worker was supposed to work with her and help her adapt to normal life outside the shelter. The guardianship authorities led the young mother after she decided to give her first child to the Baby House. At that time, the child was three months old.

- She again counted on the fact that the state would raise him, she was raised that way. I called the baby's house, they said that the child, who is now two years old, she came to see him once every three months. This is not enough, of course, but still she visited him. Then she gave birth to another child. My question is this: where did the break in interdepartmental cooperation occur? Perhaps the weak link is pediatricians. Because as soon as the child is born, a visiting nurse from the clinic comes to the house, - the children's ombudsman suggested. nine0009

It is now the task of the investigation to figure out whether this mother was visited after the birth, whether competent persons monitored the child's health. The mother herself, in case of proof of guilt, will face criminal liability of up to two years in prison. In addition, she will be deprived of parental rights for the first child, who is now in a boarding school, which means that the boy will be able to be adopted or transferred to a foster family.


Photo: TASS/Vladimir Gerdo

— The girl has no maternal feelings, and, most likely, the death of the child occurred because of her carelessness, perhaps the baby had an infection, this will also be established by the investigation. Any mother, if something is wrong with the child, will call a doctor, but she did not have such thoughts. This suggests that she herself was not adapted to life. She prepared her own fate for her children. By the way, her sister is in the same shelter, she had a brother who was adopted. Their mother drank them, and the children were taken away from her,” Prokhorychev summed up. nine0009

No alternatives

Children's doctors unanimously declare that during the first six months of a child's life, no other food than breast milk or special infant formula is allowed . Ignoring this simple rule costs children their lives. In the Amur region in December last year, a young mother was prosecuted after the death of a child due to feeding with powdered milk. In an attempt to save on formula, a 24-year-old woman bought a powdered milk substitute that was not meant for baby food. Due to malnutrition, the girl developed pathologies incompatible with life. nine0004

An investigation by the Investigative Department of the Amur Region revealed that a young mother did not have enough money to buy baby formula and she assumed that ordinary powdered milk would be suitable for baby food. As the investigators found out, the health workers did not talk to the woman about the inadmissibility of this type of food for the baby.

Before the age of five months, any alternative to breast milk or formula can cause irreversible harm to children's health. And experiments in this area can be expensive. nine0009


Photo: TASS/Alexander Ryumin

- Neither rice water, nor semolina, nor any other porridge can be used for supplementary feeding of children in the first five months of life. If the child is underweight, you need to consult a pediatrician, find the cause of the problem and choose the appropriate treatment. In any case, what we can do is to add adapted breastfeeding formulas or expressed breast milk to breastfeeding, to help the mother in the organization of breastfeeding. nine0003 The child's intestines are not adapted to receive whole milk - cow's or goat's, as well as in the form of whey, in cereals, therefore only an adapted milk formula is suitable as an alternative, if breastfeeding is not possible , - explained in an interview with " Izvestiya, candidate of medical sciences, neonatologist, Federal State Budgetary Institution National Medical Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after academician V.I. Kulakov" Anna Levadnaya.

On the green wave

In February, in the Stavropol Territory, doctors seized a child and took him to the hospital in a state of extreme exhaustion. The girl was diagnosed with anemia, muscle atrophy. At a year and a half, she weighed only 6.3 kg and could not walk. Before the seizure, doctors tried to talk to mother Svetlana Kondrashkina about the need to introduce complementary foods into the child's diet, but the 46-year-old woman insisted on her diet, which excludes eggs, dairy and meat products. nine0009

Kondrashkina did not see a problem in the fact that the child had a critical body mass, and explained this by the fact that in childhood “she was also thin.” Until the age of one and a half, the child's diet was based only on breast milk, vegetables and fruits. The doctor insisted on the hospitalization of the child, but already in the hospital the mother wrote a refusal of blood transfusion, considering this procedure, as well as taking any medication, dangerous for her daughter.


Photo: TASS/Valery Sharifulin

Doctors applied to the juvenile commission, which issued a decision to restrict parental rights. After a criminal case was opened against Kondrashkina, her supporters became more active in social networks. The star vegetarians also supported the woman: TV presenter Irena Ponaroshka, singer Sasha Zvereva and pseudo-healer blogger Katya Chi (Katia Txi) , who became famous for “treatment” of oncology with diets and conversations with the disease. Activists insist that in the situation with Kondrashkina, we are talking about juvenile justice and medical arbitrariness, but not about saving an emaciated child. nine0009

In fact, the reason for the seizure was that in a critical state for the child, the mother did not see any reason for concern and urgent revision of the nutrition system, and put her own principles above the well-being of her daughter. The woman could be associated with the dubious Roy Blago movement, whose supporters virally spread messages about the innocence of Sveta's mother, participants in the all-Russian project Children Must Live found out.

- We got the impression that this is some kind of closed organization of a sectarian type, with mystical logos and its own ideology. How often have you seen a little-known organization buy a woman an apartment in such situations? Until recently, Kondrashkina herself worked as an English teacher in a paid gymnasium; she is not a poor college teacher, as they are trying to present. nine0003 We were contacted by three people who were in the same department of the hospital and saw the condition the child was brought in: she was pale, did not get out of bed and could not walk. Already in the hospital, Kondrashkina went on a hunger strike and threw tantrums when the child was prescribed medication. Those who invest in Sveta's cause are mostly people from other regions who have not delved into the details of history. It was people unfamiliar with the situation who began to blame the doctors who saved the child from death , - said project manager Ekaterina Sereda.

Svetlana Kondrashkina

Photo: vk. com

After the publication of the post about Kondrashkina, the “Children Must Live” community began to receive dozens of letters and messages from residents of Kislovodsk who personally knew Sveta’s mother or were in the hospital, where they brought the emaciated girl. Among other things, Kondrashkina's acquaintances told about her eldest daughter, Lisa, who, after reaching the age of majority, moved to another city and stopped any communication with her mother. As a child, the girl was malnourished and complained to her neighbors that her mother kept her on buckwheat porridge and potatoes. nine0004

Physicians consider a diet free of all animal products to be detrimental to babies, while vegetarianism is acceptable under the strict supervision of a pediatrician.

— From about five months old, the baby's intestines are ready to accept unadapted food, so you can start feeding. If the parents are vegans or vegetarians, they often want to accustom the child to this style of eating. We do not recommend veganism, but vegetarianism can be practiced, but under the strict supervision of a doctor,” Levadnaya added. nine0004

Try to be nice

If the court finds that malnutrition has affected the health of the child, then this can be attributed to abuse, unacceptable forms of education, says Alexander Spivak, chairman of the board of the National Foundation for the Protection of Children from Cruelty.

— Abuse is not only direct and physical violence, but also any neglect of the important vital needs of the child, this also applies to catering . However, it is not always necessary to take the child away from the family if the parents are followers of certain diets, specific teachings about nutrition, such as prano-eating. First you need to make an attempt to work with the family, try to convince them to match their needs with the needs of the child, to prove that children should eat right, Spivak notes.

If no amount of persuasion and preventive measures convince parents to take care of the health and well-being of their own child, then the competent authorities should intervene, adds the chairman of the National Foundation for the Protection of Children from Cruelty. nine0004


Member of the Coordinating Council under the Government of the Russian Federation for the Implementation of the Decade of Childhood, Chairman of the Board of the National Foundation for the Protection of Children from Cruelty Alexander Spivak

Photo: RIA Novosti/Nina Zotina

— Of course, it is difficult to find out about cases of abuse. Vigilance should be shown by citizens, neighbors, social workers, teachers, and if the child is just a baby, then patronage nurses or pediatricians, and contact the guardianship authorities, the expert concluded. nine0009

Stories about the death of children from starvation or exhaustion always cause a flurry of emotions in society. Of course, it is impossible not to feel sympathy for mothers who do not receive support on time or are not in the proper condition to apply for it, notes Anastasia Kochenkova, psychologist, vice president of the Chance Charitable Foundation.

- In the field of popular psychology, a large number of materials are published on breastfeeding, which causes confusion for new mothers . At the same time, there are no scientific works that address the topic of how the changes of recent decades affect the child's personality. The case of Svetlana Kondrashkina is beyond the competence of psychology, this is for psychiatrists. It is interesting to know what the sanity examination will show, - the psychologist believes.

Breastfeeding is considered one of the most sensitive and controversial topics in the maternal environment. There are two diametrically expressed positions: some women advocate exclusive breastfeeding, others defend their right to decide how to feed their child. nine0009

— In the first year of life, the symbiosis of the mother with the baby continues, the mother identifies herself with the baby and vice versa. Without maternal care, which is expressed in feeding, the baby will not survive or will be deprived, that is, will not be able to experience affection. But there is a downside - excessive care also deprives, - adds the psychologist.

Photo: Depositphotos

However, in a number of cases, the mother cannot complete the process of feeding, and thus remains in symbiosis with the child, inhibiting the process of infantile separation. nine0003 Current guidelines focus on the child's psychological needs for feeding. But sometimes this leads to a shift in the logical focus: the needs of the child are overestimated to the detriment of the needs of the mother, who refuses to interrupt the symbiosis. This loses the basic idea that the child should first of all be fed and alive, and not fed at any cost in the way preferred by the mother.

We see sad tragic stories when, under the auspices of love, the health of a child is completely neglected, when fanaticism obscures the eyes and a woman falls out of reality, when a fantasy idea of ​​the life-giving power of milk, which can save from any misfortune, blocks what that the child is not gaining weight and, accordingly, cannot develop. nine0004 And the woman doesn't see it. After all, she is in a psychotic state and believes that she is doing good. Of course, you should not leave women without support, because the idealization of motherhood is necessary, but let's leave it for literature and cinema, real motherhood does not exclude the dark side. During pregnancy, a woman regresses to the early stages of development, internal conflicts dormant until that time wake up, and all this does not go anywhere on its own in certain situations, but only gets worse, Kochenkova summed up. nine0009


How to arouse a child's interest in the process of eating.

Pedagogical Complementary Foods – Santerra Public Foundation

Description: What to do to make a child interested in adult solid food, want to try it, so that enzymes gradually begin to be produced in him, which will allow him to digest a new type of food. To form a child's food interest, it is recommended to use pedagogical complementary foods.

Author: Downside Up Charitable Foundation, Zhiyanova Polina Lvovna

Copyright holder: Downside Up Charitable Foundation

All of the available articles on feeding order, how to hold a spoon, and how to learn to chew are just practical techniques that are used to train a child to keep his tongue in his mouth or start chewing . These techniques do not completely guarantee the accustoming of the child to solid food. The main condition for accustoming to solid food is the child's interest in "adult" foods, his desire to independently pick up and try. You know that a child picks up toys, puts them in his mouth and nibbles. Why do you think he can't do the same with bits of food? He doesn’t do it, it means he doesn’t want to, and if he doesn’t want to, and you do it to him, he perceives this situation either as violence and protests, or allows you to feed him, and refuses to participate in the process of eating himself. In addition, by teaching a child to eat without feeling hungry, you run the risk of forming an uncontrolled meal in the child, and then in the adult. This is especially worrying because teenagers and adults with Down syndrome are often overweight. nine0009

What to do to make a child interested in adult solid food, want to try it, so that he gradually begins to produce enzymes that will allow him to digest a new type of food. To form a child's food interest, it is recommended to use pedagogical complementary foods.

WHAT IS "FOOD INTEREST" and how to maintain it during weaning. Many nutritionists recommend the use of pedagogical complementary foods, which are based on a child's natural, instinctive interest in food. Pedagogical complementary foods begin to be introduced quite early, the first stage can begin after 6-8 months and take place simultaneously with breastfeeding or bottle feeding. At this age, responding to the child's interest in adult food, the mother puts microdoses of food in his mouth, without the goal of feeding the child. A microdose for soft food is about as much as a mother can fit between the pads of her thumb and forefinger, if she squeezes them, or on the tip of a teaspoon. For liquid products - one sip, poured into a small cup on the bottom. The child sits down to eat at the table with his mother 5-6 times a day. You can start with cottage cheese or porridge, with yogurt or cheese. At a time, we give no more than two or three microdoses the size of a few grains of rice, then gradually increasing the portions. You can give the child a dryer or a cracker in his hand. At this age, there is no need to strive to dramatically increase doses in order to feed the child. These are tests when the child gets used to food, and you can understand if he has allergies. Therefore, expand the range of products and offer everything that the child will eat after a year: meat, cheese, fish, rice, buckwheat, pasta, eggs, vegetables, etc. Remember that during the introduction of this food, the child must remain active food interest. If he has already learned to grab small pieces, stop putting them in his mouth yourself, and put everything that you want to offer the baby in front of him on a tray. nine0009

The second stage assumes that some type of food from the commercial food can be used as a complete meal. Focusing on the food interest of the child, food is selected, which is gradually brought to a volume that the child can already eat. For example, it can be cereals, vegetables, bananas, meat, an omelette can be offered by the year, etc. At this stage, it is very important to continue to maintain the child's interest in food and encourage him to eat independently. Don't give him food unless he asks. Don't spoon feed him. Do not offer food yourself unless absolutely necessary. You can chew appetizingly in his presence or just tell him that you are sitting down to breakfast. The last stage is the transition to an adult diet. What are its features? The kid completely switched to the general diet. He sits on a separate chair at a common table. Uses cutlery independently. Maintains cleanliness while eating. Practically does not need outside help for drinking and eating. He still has an active interest in food. nine0009

To summarize, briefly listing the rules of pedagogical complementary foods: BASIC RULES FOR THE INTRODUCTION OF FOOD The child eats at the common table, together with everyone, observing the rules of behavior at the table, for example, it is not allowed to play with food, there should not be toys on the table .. Adults do not offer a child to eat another piece for a grandmother, and dancing with a tambourine is not satisfied J Adults begin to eat themselves and eat with appetite. The child is not offered sweet drinks and carbohydrates (biscuits, waffles, crackers) before and during meals. During meals, the child receives drinks in small portions. The amount of food eaten increases only depending on the "requests" of the child. Foods from which the child can bite off or break off a piece, but cannot chew, should not be given to the hand. For example, you can give half an apple, from which the baby “saws off” small pieces with his front teeth, but you can’t give an apple slice, from which you can bite off a large piece. The child is taught to use cutlery. A fork is easier to use than a spoon, and viscous food is easier to scoop into a spoon than liquid food. We teach the child to eat carefully, for this we first wipe his face and hands ourselves, and teach him to do it on his own. If the child is tired, stopped eating, do not keep him at the table. Between feedings, do not give your baby food, especially sugary drinks and carbohydrates. If a child violates the rules of behavior at the table: throws food, knocks with a spoon, screams - you don’t need to scold him, but after a few warnings, you just need to take him out from the table, and continue eating yourself. With age, choose a chair for the child that will allow him to leave the table himself. Teach your child to wash their hands before eating, and after eating, if necessary, “wash” traces of activity

We bring to your attention new materials on complementary foods with examples of the daily menu ( Complementary foods. General information The timing of the introduction of complementary foods depends on a large number of factors. First of all, they begin to give complementary foods to children who are on artificial and mixed feeding. Usually, it is 5-5.5 months. Breastfed babies should not be introduced to complementary foods before 6 months of age.

Types of complementary foods Complementary foods: Porridge Vegetable puree Meat Items 1 and 2 can be interchanged. If you decide to start introducing complementary foods in summer or autumn, it is better to start with vegetable puree, because there are plenty of fresh vegetables at this time of the year. How to introduce complementary foods Gradually. Introduce each new product, starting with a drop, gradually increasing the volume to the full. If the child does not feel well - the tummy hurts, for example - cancel complementary foods, wait at least 5-7 days and start again with a drop. If the child does not like complementary foods, and he refuses to eat them, do not force, change the product or postpone the introduction of complementary foods for a week or two. Give complementary foods before breast milk or formula. By increasing the volume of complementary foods, reduce the volume of the mixture by the same amount. How and what to cook for complementary foods Cook porridge, as porridge is usually cooked, just make it thinner and use not ordinary cereals, but ground - oatmeal. Try not to give semolina porridge until 8-9 months- It is very rich in carbohydrates. Vegetable puree: Simply boil vegetables (zucchini, carrots, for example) and puree them. Meat: boil lean beef, pass through a meat grinder, add to vegetable puree.

How to make your own cottage cheese for feeding. In 1 liter of raw cold milk, add 10-20 ml. 10% calcium chloride (sold in pharmacies). Boil milk. Let it cool, and then strain through cheesecloth or a fine sieve. How to cook broth for a baby Take a piece of lean beef (chicken), pour cold water, bring to a boil. Then drain the water, rinse the meat and fill it again with cold water. Salt. Cook until done. The broth can be used to make soups and vegetable purees. Porridge in complementary foods Use oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, corn, three-grain, four-grain, etc. “White” cereals (semolina, etc.) are not worth it - this is a high-carbohydrate food, it is better to avoid it for up to a year and a half. How to cook porridge Boil milk When you are just starting to introduce complementary foods, for the first couple of weeks it is better to dilute the milk in half, then, if everything goes well, you can not dilute it. Pour sugar into the milk to taste and cereals (it is better to use flakes, not whole grains. At 0 5 liters of milk - 2 teaspoons of sugar and 2-3 tablespoons of cereal. Cook until cooked. When you are just starting to introduce complementary foods, ready-made porridge can be rubbed with a blender, but try not to feed the child with pureed porridge for a long time - let him learn to chew. Already in a bowl you can add a little butter or vegetable oil

Vegetable puree. For vegetable puree, you can use any vegetables commonly grown in your area. You should not start introducing products that are exotic for your region in the first year of life. Boil the vegetables in salted water until fully cooked, and then grind with a blender. In the first week of the introduction of vegetables, it is worth mashing the consistency of thick sour cream, adding mother's milk or a mixture. But try not to feed the child with homogeneous food for a long time - let him learn to chew. Add any vegetable oil to vegetables. And don't forget to feed your baby. This will help avoid the constipation problems that often accompany the introduction of complementary foods. "Canned" baby food in complementary foods Advertising canned food puts pressure on the brain of parents, claiming that with its help they will have more time to communicate with the child, etc. etc. But, if you think about it, do you want your child to eat in a canteen? Which is better - a cutlet from the canteen or a cutlet made by mom's hands? Canned food makes sense to use on a trip. Feeding them to a child with a living mother and a stove in the kitchen seems rather ridiculous. Meat in the baby's diet, the third complementary food is meat. You can use lean beef, lamb, rabbit, chicken. Avoid lamb, goose, duck, pork - all this variety the baby can not yet digest. It is worth starting the introduction of meat with meat puree - boil a piece of meat in salted water, grind it with a blender, season with broth, you can mix it with vegetable puree. When the child will willingly eat more and more dense food - it's time to make meatballs, cutlets. Make them the same as you would for yourself, but use less spices, onions and garlic.

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