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Baby Alive Doll Accessories Refill, 10 Powdered Doll Food Packets, 5 Doll Diapers, Spoon - Doll Accessories Refill, 10 Powdered Doll Food Packets, 5 Doll Diapers, Spoon . Buy Dolls toys in India. shop for Baby Alive products in India.

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Baby Alive Doll Accessories Refill, 10 Powdered Doll Food Packets, 5 Doll Diapers, Spoon (Multicolor)

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    • Made of Plastic
    • Age: 3+ Years
    • Width: 6. 3 cm
    • Height: 15.5 cm





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  • Specifications


    • Doll Accessories Refill, 10 Powdered Doll Food Packets, 5 Doll Diapers, Spoon
    • Dolls
    Minimum Age
    • 3 years
    • Plastic
    Battery Operated
    • No
    Battery Type
    • No batteries
    Ideal for
    • Baby Boys & Baby Girls
    In the Box
    • 11


    • 6.3 cm
    • 15.5 cm
    • 204 g

    Important Note

    • The colour of products that come in an assortment, or some parts of the product, may be different.

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    Methods for determining the quality of milk

    Milk contains all the necessary nutrients for the life and growth of any healthy person. When proteins are broken down, substances that calm the nervous system are also formed. The main supplier of milk is a cow. With the development of civilization, this animal is suffering more and more from humans. Exterior standards, breed standards, life expectancy have been set for her; she has turned into a mechanism that gives milk. Her diet includes chemicals and waste. Content translated to concrete or ceramic floor. Her life glimmers due to the energy of youth. And it may happen that before death no one will ever give her a simple apple. A cow in a private backyard is the exact opposite. Accordingly, milk from these cows differs both in smell and taste and in usefulness.

    But this time I want to focus on the worse situation with milk processing. The most powerful machines for cooling and transportation have been invented. Louis Pasteur proposed pasteurization, but a modern manufacturer does not need it, he needs money. Bought, sold. If not for sale, he advertised that this is the best product with a bunch of medals. Therefore, in Moscow and other large cities such a situation has developed that it is extremely difficult to find pasteurized milk. This is the fault of not only the manufacturer, but also the consumer. Ordinary powdered milk cannot be called milk as it does not have the same properties.

    Its main drawback is that powdered milk cannot be converted under the action of lactic acid microorganisms into normal curdled milk with curd mass and whey. This suggests that the enzymes of lactic acid organisms could not cope with this product. The digestion of a small child under 10 years old will not be able to overcome this product in the same way. It should be noted that there are better and more expensive ways to dry milk (for example, vacuum freezing), but it only ends up in baby food and costs a lot of money. Everything else is hot air drying with the addition of dextrin or even worse starch. Drop alcohol iodine into a spoon with milk, kefir, or cottage cheese and you will find out what you are eating. The brown color of iodine turned pink (reddened) - dextrin, turned blue or turned purple - starch. The brown color turned black - a lot of starch. Large producers, even in summer, when there is enough milk, when milk sours very quickly, still add powdered milk with starch to kefir. And as a result, after the consumption of such a product, a violation of the microflora in the digestive tract, which no microbial supplements can correct. This product can be fermented by either yeast or aggressive forms of bacteria, who do not care what to consume in food, your digestive tract or "milk" broth. Normal milk, when pasteurized and sour, can be more beneficial than a gourmet product with microbial additives, flavor and fruit. There were times in southern countries when meat was stored in sour milk. If you do not believe your eyes, then compare kefir from other non-Moscow regions.

    Circumstances in large cities are such that the children of even rich people cannot get normal milk. The generation of the nineties and later will not grow up healthy in the city. As long as the milk trucks from the provinces do not go, the situation will not change.

    Separately, we should dwell on powdered milk for breastfeeding. The technology for preparing these mixtures is difficult to guess, dextrin is prescribed almost everywhere, but one circumstance is alarming - the craze for microadditives. Everywhere they try to pour selenium (Se), probably its salts. What is the selenium mafia? Hidden poisoning of children or a tribute to fashion? Selenium belongs to the arsenic group, its compounds are similar to arsenides in chemical properties and have the same toxic effect on living organisms. In cities where selenium fumes were emitted during production, children went bald. And now this element is used by everyone, as if it were sugar. If this element is used by enterprises with high technological discipline, then you can still believe that there will be no harm. But even provincial poultry farms take selenium, where operators without education come to the workshops in the morning with a "sore head", and mixers are not much different from a worker with a shovel. Even a technologist with a higher education has no idea how to distribute a gram for several tons of feed and divide it into a million servings. YOU DO NOT KNOW?! CAN'T DO GOOD! DO NOT TAKE! In Russian reality, the opposite is true.
    Selenium-free baby food is rare. The Bonn milk formula has remained true to its traditions, there is no selenium in it. Other manufacturers of baby food have no head. Obeying the general fashion, in order to make a profit against the background of general advertising, every product for a small Russian is saturated with selenium.


    1. Buying PASTEURIZED milk, we stimulate the production of the Russian peasant. Even sour pasteurized milk is good for the digestive microflora.
    2. We check the quality of microflora. Pour the milk into a sealed jar. At a temperature of +20, souring to a curdled clot in three days. The absence of bitterness, with sufficient acidity, indicates the good quality of milk and microflora. Souring in the refrigerator worsens the quality of curdled milk.
    3. We check the presence of dextrin or starch in milk (kefir, cottage cheese), for this we drip one drop of iodine. The brown color should not change.
    4. Possible disadvantages of pasteurized milk: milk is overheated (sterilized) - boiled taste, milk is bitter (in summer) - grass is bitter on the pasture (wormwood, rapeseed, etc.), putrid smell of milk - cows suffer from stomatitis, smell of smoke - fragrance is added during processing , the smell of tractor burning - the milking machine is evacuated by the tractor engine. When water is added to milk, the specific gravity changes, it is measured with a hydrometer, or when soured, yogurt quickly separates with a small amount of protein clot.

    Eat milk and be healthy!

    SPAR Supermarkets Live Food departments – the embodiment of care for Novosibirsk residents

    Special projects

    Through its own production and quality laboratory, the company, led by project manager Monika Khapova, is creating a trend towards a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

    The SPAR supermarket chain has recently entered Novosibirsk, but has already managed to inspire the city's residents to awareness, proper nutrition, and responsible attitude to the environment. Is this your mission?

    Our company sees its responsibility in creating a healthy food culture - we strive to offer a wide range of quality, healthy products. All products are tested in our laboratory, which allows us to control the quality of products and constantly improve it.

    Concerned about the compliance of products with safety norms and standards, we reached the national level: together with the deputies of the State Duma, we achieved the introduction of a law restricting the sale of genetically modified products in Russia. Therefore, today we can say that our mission is to ensure the safety of products in the country.

    SPAR has an entire department dedicated not only to healthy eating but also to sustainable products. It turns out that you go further and form a trend towards awareness and environmental friendliness?

    Yes, it is. In addition to healthy products and dishes of our own production, the assortment of the Live Nutrition department includes dietary supplements, cosmetics, eco-friendly household and hygiene products, eco-friendly products for children and much more. Thanks to the quality laboratory, we carry out strict control of raw materials and produce safe products with a pure composition that fully meets eco-, bio-, organic standards. In general, Live Nutrition is one of the first Russian eco-projects that implements the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle on a retail scale. In the modern world, following the principles of a healthy lifestyle is more than just a trend: this approach allows you to improve your health and ensure a high quality of life for many years to come.

    Our responsibility is the formation of a healthy food culture

    How are the principles of a conscious attitude to the environment implemented in the Living Food project?

    We are actively developing in this direction. As part of the Live Nutrition project, we are trying to use eco-friendly packaging and packages, and we plan to completely switch to eco-packaging and transfer the entire company to it. At the moment, the issue of plastic pollution is acute all over the world - more than ninety percent of the plastic produced is not recycled. This should be a point of growth for all of us. Separate waste collection, recycling, converting them into recyclable materials and energy will allow humanity to avoid an environmental catastrophe.

    You are a nutritionist by profession. Can you give advice on proper nutrition?

    In my opinion, a conscious choice should not be limited solely to nutrition, because with our thoughts and actions we create our own reality.

    Learn more