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Kid Friendly BBQ Recipes – For Fathers Day

Every Father’s Day, I try to get the kids involved in the kitchen. They love helping me plan the menu, picking out the ingredients, and preparing the meal. Once the ingredients are prepped and ready to go, Daddy gets to take over and do what he really loves – cooking everything on the bbq!

I absolutely love bbq’d food in the summer. My kitchen stays nice and cool, clean-up is a super quick, and I can cook dinner while watching the kids play in the garden. More often than not, my husband takes over bbq’ing duties, giving me a head-start on cleaning up. It’s win-win. Here’s a few of my favorite Father’s Day recipe. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Chicken Tenders are super easy for little hands to manage and are a great bbq recipe for baby led weaning. To make meat really tender for little babies to eat, start with tin foil, allow to cook until the chicken is white and almost cooked then take out of the foil and grill it gets lovely and browned but not blackened.

Find the recipe here: Sweet Tangy Peach BBQ Chicken Tenders

BURGERS! Is there a more Dad-designed food on the planet? I don’t think so. These allergy-friendly burgers are just as juicy and tasty as the original. The secret is…. chia seeds! Cooked on the grill, this recipe is a definite winner.

Find the recipe here: Burgers with no egg and no breadcrumbs

BBQ and Vegetarian food don’t always go in the same same sentence but when you have a vegetarian in your house, you have have some yummy recipe up your sleeve so that everyone can enjoy the day. These baby veggie burgers are perfect for babies, toddlers and and grown ups too!

Find the recipe here: Baby Veggie Burgers

This recipe is on our menu for this weekend! The word peri-peri just makes my mouth water! When it comes to spicy food, I make up 2 batches of spice mixture – really spicy (for Mum and Dad) and really mild (for smaller kids). Mild spice is good and it really introduces lots of flavour to their diet.

Find the recipe here: Peri Peri Chicken with Sweetcorn

My kids absolutely adore kababs. There is something about having their food cooked on a stick that makes them so happy.  In this recipe, colourful veggies and sweet pineapple are paired with tender chicken, brushed with a sweet sauce and grilled until caramelised.

Find the recipe here: Hawaiin Chicken Kabobs

This is probably one of the nicest bbq sauces I have ever tried and it is from the lovely Alyssa over at Simply Quinoa. You can adjust it to your own tastes but just as it is my kids LOVE it!

Find the Recipe here: Easy Homemade Vegan BBQ Sauce

Who doesn’t love corn on the cob? No hands? I thought so 🙂 In our house we fight over the corn and this recipe is by far the best one I have ever made. You can make it less spicy for small kids, and just leave out the salt. Did you know that corn on the cob is brilliant for babies, especially teething ones. It is so easy for them to hold and it works wonders for the gums.

Find the recipe here: Mexican Style Street Corn

A grilled dessert? Why, yes, of course! These Banana Split dessert nachos have all of the flavours of the original dessert, but made with wholesome ingredients. Made with crispy “chips”, sweet caramelised fruit, and a delightful strawberry sauce, this dessert will quickly become a family favourites!

Find the recipe here: Banana Split Grilled Dessert Nachos

Another family favourite for a hot day, this healthy “ice cream” is made with bananas and a brown-bread cone and is a really fun BLW recipe. This recipe has been shared over 1 MILLION times so that is really saying something! You have to try it 😀

Find the recipe here: Brown Bread Ice Cream Cones with Banana Nice Cream

Fruit on a Stick ALWAYS works wonders with getting kids eating more of it. If it’s on a stick they love it twice as much! These yummy fruit sticks from A Night Owl Blog are a firm favourite in our house. There is something delicious about bbq’d pineapple!

Find the recipe here: Grillied Pineapple and Watermelon Fruit Kabobs

If you have a favourite bbq recipe I would love to know! I am always looking for new ideas so pass them on!

Wishing all the lovely Dads a very happy Fathers Day! Hope you get a bazillion hugs and kisses this weekend.

Aileen xoxoxo

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What BBQ Foods Are Safe (& Unsafe) For Toddlers?

By Alexandra Sakellariou

Not every barbecued food is okay for young kids.

Credit: Shutterstock

Barbecues are great for families looking for a tasty and hassle-free meal. You can cook almost anything on it, and often in less time than an oven or stovetop would require. Hosting a cookout is also a great way to socialize in warmer months. The kids can play outside, while the parents converse as the food cooks.

But if you have young children, it’s important to think carefully about what type of food you’re barbecuing. Not every barbecued food is safe for young kids. Below, we look at some of the most common foods to prepare on the barbecue and whether they’re safe for babies and toddlers.

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Safe: Burgers

via The Daily Meal

You may be surprised to learn that even babies can enjoy a burger – a diced-up one, that is. According to Solid Starts, babies can be introduced to ground beef as young as 6 months old. Be sure to get the go-ahead from your doctor. Serve it to them in age-appropriate pieces and monitor them as they eat.

Once your child is a toddler, you’ll still want to serve the burger to them in small pieces. Consider cutting it up into 4 to 6 pieces, which they can easily grasp with their thumb and pointer finger. The younger the child, the pickier they tend to be about flavors. Avoid adding too much seasoning to the barbecued burger and go easy on the condiments.

Not Safe: Corn On The Cob

via Pexels

Corn on the cob made on the barbecue can be a yummy (and healthy) treat, but it’s not appropriate for very young children. What to Expect warns that corn kernels can be a choking hazard for kids under 18 months. As an alternative, you can serve mashed or puréed corn for a similar taste.

Even if kernels are no longer a choking hazard, your toddler may not be able to eat them off the cob easily. They may become frustrated or hesitant to keep eating their meal. It’s better to remove the kernels from the cob, so they can eat it hassle-free with a spoon. However, your child should be at least 2 years old before eating whole kernels.

Safe: Ribs

Via Flickr 

You may assume that ribs are a no-go for babies and toddlers since they’re still on the bone. But with proper monitoring, they can actually be a safe and enjoyable barbecue treat for your child.

In general, ribs are okay to introduce to your child as soon as they’re ready for solids, which is usually around 6 months old. They’re less of a choking hazard than chunks of meat since it’s not easy for a young child to pull off a lot of meat on the bone. Also, ribs are good for teething and improving dexterity as your baby learns to hold on to the bone.

Like any food, your child needs supervision when enjoying ribs. Also be careful not to add too much seasoning when preparing them on the barbecue, as the flavors can be overpowering to young kids.

Not Safe: Hot Dogs

Hot dogs may be a classic (and easy) barbecue food, but it’s something your child shouldn’t have until they’re older. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics warns children under 4 years old should never have a hot dog.

It's the size, shape, and texture of hot dogs that make them one of the biggest choking hazards. Due to their long, cylindrical shape, a bite of a hot dog is usually the size of a quarter – which is the perfect size for it to get lodged in your child’s throat.

If you’re firing up the barbecue with young children around, avoid hot dogs completely. Your toddler is too young to understand why they’re not safe, and they’ll get frustrated seeing other people eating them when they can’t. There’s also a risk they could grab one off someone’s plate and take a bite while no one is looking. It’s best to avoid hot dogs entirely.

Safe: Pulled Pork

Via Flickr 

If you’re looking for barbecue-safe meat to offer your toddler, consider pulled pork. This is generally okay for children ages 1-year-old and up but be sure to get your doctor’s go-ahead before serving it to your child for the first time. Ensure the pork is shredded, chopped, or pulled, so it’s easy for your toddler to chew and lessens the choking hazard risk.

Pulled pork is great for young kids because they can practice biting and tearing. Not only does this teach them valuable skills, but can also keep them entertained. Like other barbecued meats, don’t go overboard on the seasoning, or it could be too much for your toddler.

Remember, the safety of food for your child doesn’t always depend on their age. Their skill level also plays a part. It’s always wise to speak with your child’s doctor before introducing a new food into their diet. They can give you more information on what’s safe and what should be avoided, and the best methods for introducing them to your child.

Sources: Solid Stars, Solid Starts, What to Expect, USA Today,

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