Small empty baby food jars

24 Clever Baby Food Jar Crafts – It’s all about Repurposing!

I love glass jars of any kind because you can reuse and repurpose them in so many different ways, and they’ll last forever.

My friend is a new mother and she’s been handing over all her empty baby food jars to me because they’re just so small and cute and I love them!

I knew I had to find something to do with them before my stockpile became unmanageable, so I thought I’d let you in on the wonderful ideas that I found.

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  • S’mores in a Jar
  • Photo Globes
  • Storage Plaque
  • Paint Dipped Vases
  • Dyed Luminaries
  • Spice Jars
  • Mini Rainbow Cakes
  • Hanging Planter
  • Under-the-Shelf Storage
  • Topiary Treats
  • Small Storage
  • Lego Heads
  • Mini Pincushion
  • Nail Polish Remover Jar
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Candles
  • Chalkboard Paint Organizers
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Teacher’s Gift
  • Snow Globes
  • Kid’s Crafts Organizer
  • Snowman Ornaments
  • Nightlights
  • Hummingbird Feeder

S’mores in a Jar

Everyone loves s’mores right? This cute and tasty craft makes excellent gifts – you can hand over a few for people to warm up and toast in their ovens at home.

If you’re a real fan of this classic campfire treat, then you may enjoy this incredible s’more dip too!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – PharMa

Photo Globes

These are sort of like snow globes, except you actually put photos in the jars instead of snowmen or Santas.

These would look so cute all resting on your mantelpiece, or they could make excellent Christmas gifts when the time finally comes around.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DesignMom

Storage Plaque

When laid on their sides, these jars make excellent little storage compartments, so all you need to do is attach them to a plaque which you can then mount on the wall.

You can keep all your Q-tips, bobby pins, nail files etc. neat and tidy.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – OhHowCrafty

Paint Dipped Vases

Instead of having one large vase full of flowers, why not take a more modern and minimalist approach with a series of small paint dipped vases?

It’s such a simple thing to do, yet it can make such a big impact.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Apples&Onions and OhHappyDay

Dyed Luminaries

How gorgeous are these multicolored luminaries? They’d really brighten up your garden in the summer, especially if you’re having people over for a barbecue or just a nice evening out under the stars. There’s just something so magical about lights in the trees.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – InspiredByFamilia

Spice Jars

These small jars are just the right size to store spices and make your kitchen look a little prettier.

You can either paint the jars and just stand them somewhere, or you can attach magnets to the lids and store them on the side of your fridge for easy access!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – AtThePicketFence and Dav.I.Son

Mini Rainbow Cakes

I’m not quite sure why, but I just love eating treats out of jars. If you have a whole collection of these empty jars then you could use them to make these stunning little rainbow cakes – you’ll be happy about the portion size! They’re perfect for a kid’s party or even a baby shower.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MakeLifeLovely

Hanging Planter

I am in love with this project! The planter looks so beautiful with the bursts of color from the flowers, and adding in some tea lights would create lovely lighting, too. It’s such a great idea, and luckily it’s not too difficult a task!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MakeLifeLovely

Under-the-Shelf Storage

Physical space is sometimes a bit of an issue when it comes to storage, which is why I am so in love with this idea!

The handy jars can hold all your little bits and bobs, and since they’re tucked away, hanging underneath the shelf, they won’t get in the way.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CraftinessIsNotOptional

Topiary Treats

These jelly bean jars with charming little felt flowers are just so endearing! They make perfect little decorations for kitchen teas or parties, which double up to become party favors when the guests make their way home.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – SugarTotDesigns

Small Storage

These glass jars really make fantastic little storage solutions for any small items you may have from coins to hair clips to little sewing kits.

You can even use them to keep your jewelry safe when packing. All you need to do is make them look pretty and you’re good to go!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LovelyEtc.

Lego Heads

I can’t believe that I’ve never noticed that baby food jars have the exact same shape as Lego heads! What a revelation! I don’t even care what I store in these; I’m climbing up the Lego fandom ladder and making myself a whole population of these!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – HandmadeCharlotte and UniqueAndChicCreations

Mini Pincushion

A baby food jar is just the right size for an adorable mini pincushion like this with space for little buttons. And it’s such a quick, easy and cheap craft to make – you’ll only need a couple of minutes. You can also make these with empty pill bottles.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CraftPudding

Nail Polish Remover Jar

This little homemade contraption is wonderful for getting your nail polish off in a hurry. It’s really easy to make since all you need to do is shove some sponge into the jar and pour in the nail polish remover so that when the time comes, you can just rub each nail clean.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – BellaShoot

Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are fantastic because they help moisturize and soften your skin, and thanks to these little jars, you know have packaging for some soothing homemade body and lip sugar scrubs. Just make a nice label and you have the perfect gift!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CincyShopper and HonestlyWTF


Isn’t this just so creative? Someone had the clever idea of making a collection of candles in these little baby jars and it’s absolutely brilliant! You get to experiment with different scents, and you can play around with pretty decorations, too.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DearBeautifulYou

Chalkboard Paint Organizers

You can store a whole lot of hair accessories (and other small items like craft supplies) in these little jars for some organized storage. And the chalkboard lids are genius, since you can reuse and relabel them over and over again.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MapleMemories

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Don’t these just look so much better than regular salt and pepper shakers? You can decorate them however you wish, and you can even make a whole collection of interesting flavored salts too!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – DreamALittleBigger

Teacher’s Gift

If your little one really appreciates his or her teacher and wants to express that, then get them to help you make these cute little gifts. We all know the custom of giving a teacher an apple, but I think they’d much prefer an apple-looking jar filled with treats!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – The36thAvenue

Snow Globes

One thing I’ve learnt is that it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas decorations and presents. So you can get a head start and make these lovely little snow globes. I’d love a whole collection of different ones showcased on my windowsills.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – CraftaholicsAnonymous

Kid’s Crafts Organizer

Make sure that your little one keeps all their crayons, markers, pencils and other little crafts neat and tidy with this simple jar organizer. The color coding makes it easier to keep everything in its right place, and plus, it looks so cute!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – MonkeySee,MonkeyDo

Snowman Ornaments

I love holidays and I love decorating for the holidays, but I much prefer making my own themed ornaments as opposed to purchasing. These happy little jars-turned-snowmen are perfect for Christmastime, and you can get the little ones involved in this too.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – StareIfYouMust and CrazyLittleProjects


Here’s another fun project that the kids can do – mini baby jar nightlights! The scraps of colored tissue paper give it a stained glass look actually; just imagine how gorgeous it would look to have a couple of these adding a soft, warm glow to your little one’s room.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – NothingButCountry

Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are so lovely to look at and have around, and luckily, they’re quite easy to attract with just some sugar water. You can make your own homemade birdfeeder from some clay and a baby food jar, and you get to decorate it however you like.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – BirdsAndBlooms

Springtime Glass Baby Food Jar DIY Ideas from Beech-Nut®

By Beech-Nut


Whenever spring rolls around, we love putting together fun arts and crafts for the family to work on to help add fresh ideas to your home and garden decor! These ideas come from Beech-Nut® Ambassador moms and mom bloggers, who have lots of creativity when it comes to #upcycling our glass baby food jars. Below are three ideas for spring DIYs; let us know what you think! And as always, tag us on Instagram @beechnutfoods to show us your work!


Beech-Nut® Bunny Vase


  • What you need:
    • White acrylic paint and paint brush
    • Sharpie black and pink markers
    • Hemp thread or ribbon
    • Some jellybeans to snack on while you wait for the paint to dry
  • What to do:
    • To peel the labels off our jars, fill a sink with your empty jars and cover with the hottest water possible. Pour in about half a box of baking soda, and leave overnight. Peel up the corner, and the labels should come off super easily!
    • Dry the jars and paint the outside with white paint. Let dry.
    • Draw on the bunny face using the permanent markers.
    • Add ribbon or hemp string for added decor, and then put flowers inside!
    • Idea credit: to our mom ambassador Becca Roberts


Earth Day Planter Jars

  • What you need:
    • Empty jars
    • Potting soil and assorted seeds
    • Toothpicks and permanent marker
    • Water & sunshine!
  • What to do:
    • This is a great DIY idea to do outside on the porch or at the park with kids. Give them empty jars and a small bag of potting soil, and then follow the instructions on your chosen seed packets to push seeds the right depth into each jar.
    • Top with a little water and add the popsicle stick to indicate the plant or veggie that’s coming!
    • Idea credit: mom blogger Food Allergy P. I.


Kentucky Derby Decor


  • What you need:
    • Empty glass jars
    • Pink spray paint
    • White paper or white acrylic paint
    • Letter stickers in a shiny color like gold
    • Southern charm
  • What to do:
    • See tip above for removing the labels from our honeypot baby food jars!
    • Put down some newspaper to protect your workspace. Then spray paint the tops & sides of the jar lids with pink.
    • While you wait for those to dry, you can either paint the inside of the jars with white, or place a piece of white paper inside to create a shadow-box effect.
    • Place your letter stickers on the outside of the jars, spelling D-E-R-B-Y or another phrase.
    • Make yourself a mint julep to celebrate horse racing season! The Kentucky Derby is run on the first Saturday in May in Louisville, Kentucky. A great excuse for a party, if you ask us!
    • Idea credit: NerdBabesCo, our fabulous friend Carrie who has an #upcycling shop on Etsy!



How to use empty baby food jars?

Are you a new mother? Then, probably, glass baby food jars appeared in your life, which the hand does not raise to throw away. There are already a lot of them in my house, so I propose to discuss how they can be useful to us.

I conducted a small survey of colleagues and friends on this topic. The results are as follows:

Lena keeps her branded adjika in jars - it is convenient to take it in such a container for a picnic, for example.

Stores dried berries for tea.

He also arranges small tasty gifts for his friends - homemade jam. Arranges in jars, decorates them and gives them.

The last idea caught my attention - I like to make homemade jam. I took note of such a sincere gift option.

Zhenya keeps medicinal ointments in jars. Also a great option, given the odor of such drugs, as well as their small volumes.

Anya uses the jars as a sugar bowl and salt shaker on long journeys. Or for a picnic. She also keeps beads for needlework in them.

I tried to use jars for leftover canned cod liver. And this, I tell you, is extremely convenient. Open canned food should not be stored for longer than a day, and it is imperative to transfer food to a container, preferably glass. And the baby food jars are perfect! Small, hermetically sealed (which is especially important in the case of products with the smell of fish), and then it is not a pity to throw them away.

I also put paper clips in one jar. There was an open package at home, now the paper clips are neatly stored in a jar.

Inspired by the opening horizons for the second life of jars, I began to look for other ways to use them. I searched websites and social networks. I confess, I am delighted with the fantasy of young mothers, and dads too!

How to use baby food jars

Use jar lids in children's educational games:

- stick pieces of colored paper on them and arrange them in containers by color,

- stick drawings with letters on them and add syllables and words,

- make a slot in the lid of the milk formula jar (or in a box of chips, for example) and put the lids into it, like in a piggy bank,

- make a fishing rod out of a pencil, string and magnet and arrange "fishing", collecting caps.

Use cans:

- for dipping the brush while painting with watercolors,

- for seedlings of flowers or greenery,

- as small vases for small wildflowers,

- for storing spices,

- as a home air fragrance: put a piece of cotton wool into a jar and moisten the cotton wool with a drop of perfume or essential oil. If you decorate a jar - it’s not a shame to replace the sachet and put it in a prominent place in the house,

- for needlewomen - to store small items such as buttons, beads, etc. in jars,

- use as a portion dish in candy bars that are so popular now at children's parties,

- colorize and turn the jar into a candlestick by putting a pill candle into it,

I found candle-tablets. It's a sin not to try, I decided. I’m not friends with paints yet, I found a satin ribbon. Half a minute to tie it, and voila! Modest, but also an option.

But finally I was subdued by such decor of the can.

Using a jar as a photo frame is original, isn't it?

And also, I think, it may not even be interesting to search for the use of jars or lids, but the process of decorating itself. Space for imagination, yours and your child!

How to decorate jars

• Spray paint or decorate with acrylic or stained glass paint,

• Paste over the jar with double-sided tape and roll in sequins or beads,

• Use the decoupage technique (stick a beautiful napkin with a pattern on the jar), since there is an abundance of materials for needlework on sale now,

• Stick lace, ribbons, fabric on the jar,

• Paste clippings from magazines or newspapers - looks very interesting.

• Wrap the jar with threads or decorative straws.

And then, together with the child, figure out what to put in a beautiful jar.

There is only one “but” in the active use of cans for various needs. Given the presence of a baby in the house, do not forget to check their inaccessibility for his ubiquitous little hands. Glass is beautiful, reliable and environmentally friendly, but dangerous. So, subject to safety conditions, cheers for jars!

Can you share how you use baby food jars? Do you leave or throw away? Decorate or use as is? Join the discussion in our groups VKontakte , Facebook and Instagram!

10 fun ideas for using baby food jars in everyday life

Families with small children must have a bunch of baby food jars and/or mashed potatoes. Many of them are simply thrown out as unnecessary. However, if you show creativity and imagination, these jars can be very profitable and useful to use in everyday life. Let's consider some options.



    Seedling pots

    Baby food jars are great for growing all kinds of seeds and seedlings. Pour black earth, fertilizers into containers and build a mini-version of the botanical garden.

    seedling soil

    Garden candlesticks

    The options here are only limited by your imagination. For a candlestick on the table in the gazebo (or on the terrace), decorate the jar with decoupage, pour some sand, seashells or river pebbles inside. And then install a candle in an aluminum sleeve.


    Pencil holder

    To make a beautiful container for children's table for pencils, pens, felt-tip pens, you will need a tin (or several) from baby food. To decorate it, use gift wrapping paper or colored cotton fabric. Wrap the jar and glue the edges. You can also wrap a piece of twine (ribbon) and tie a beautiful bow.

    colored paper

    Comb cup

    Take a glass or tin jar. Glue it completely with non-standard buttons of various shapes and sizes. Then cover with gold spray paint. It is advisable to apply 2-3 coats of paint.

    spray paint

    For towels

    Iron cans are painted with acrylic paints. For decorative decoupage, use napkins, decoupage cards, fabric. Glue paper or fabric edging tape around the top and bottom of the jar. Attach the finished containers with screws to a piece of plywood or chipboard and hang on the wall in the bathroom.

    decoupage wipes

    Organizer for men

    A great option if there are a lot of little things in the garage (nails, screws, bolts, nuts, self-tapping screws, washers, engravers), which are constantly scattered. Screw the bottom shelves of the lids from glass jars and sort all the little things. Screw the jar into the lid. Everything will be visible and always at hand.



    You will need a luminous paint prepared on the basis of a phosphor, which has the property of accumulating light energy during the day and releasing it at night.

    Learn more