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15 Best Diaper Bags That Have Earned the New-Mom Seal of Approval


Hours of schlepping prove it. 

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The best diaper bags will always rank high on the list of new-parent essentials, but good luck trying to find a cute one on the internet without completely losing your mind. Between the bulky messenger bags and kitschy cross-body totes that are hardly baby-friendly, the rabbit hole of unsatisfying options is enough to leave even the most determined shopper scrambling. 

So what makes for a standout diaper bag? Well, in addition to being roomy enough to hold an entire arsenal of baby products, it also has to have some kind of visual appeal since it's going to be around for literal years. Versatility is also key, as you're likely going to need a style that can function as a handbag, snack bag, milk cooler, and changing station at once. Bonus points if it's water-resistant and machine-washable too. Oh, and if you're really lucky, said convertible diaper bag will also be sturdy enough to hold up for future babies down the line. 

There's a lot to consider when picking out a diaper bag that's just right for you and your baby's needs, which is why we hit up real moms for their recommendations on styles that actually tick those boxes. After all, they know firsthand about the packing, unpacking, and endless schlepping that comes with newborn territory—and they're more than happy to pass on their invaluable knowledge. From unisex diaper bags to high-quality backpacks, below are 15 of the best diaper bags to buy yourself, or gift the new mom in your life.

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    Caraa Large Baby Bag

    I cannot, will not, live without this diaper bag. Seriously, the level of organization and compartments would make Mary Poppins jealous. Between the zippered pockets (plenty of them insulated for milk or snacks), removable changing caddy, convertible backpack straps, and stroller clips, this bag is really the gift that keeps on giving. Apart from its sheer utility, it's also genuinely cute (Kiki, the cool mom in Hacks wears it, and her style is top-notch) and goes with everything. It's pricier than most diaper bags, but mine paid for itself in the first year of use, and I plan to keep it on rotation long after my baby is out of nappies. —Shanna Shipin, contributing editor and mom of one

    $328 at Caraa

  • Courtesy of brand

    Skip Hop Diaper Bag

    This is a great weekend-slash-travel bag. It’s roomier than the daily backpack I own, and comes with removable mesh pouches as well as a diaper-changing pad. The main compartment has a few pockets to hold diapers and wipes but is mainly open, allowing for flexibility in packing how you want. The side pockets have nice magnetic closures and are big enough to hold multiple bottles. There are also a few other pockets and zippered compartments for other baby essentials you might want to throw in there. Another nice benefit of this bag is the ability to connect it to a luggage handle for easy transport, a feature we’ve used several times and is so important when there's so much to carry—including the baby! —Amy Pai, banking executive and mom of one

    $110 at Amazon

  • Courtesy of brand

    Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

    I knew that I needed a spacious backpack-style diaper bag, and this one easily fits everything I need for my newborn and toddler; plus, it's held up so well over the years. My favorite perks include the quick magnetic closure and the comfortable fold-out changing pad. I love this bag so much that I wear it even when I'm not with my kids and still get compliments! —Sarah Swanson, teacher and mom of two

    $189 at Amazon

  • Courtesy of brand

    Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack

    For anyone concerned their man would be hesitant to tote a tote, the diaper backpack is your answer. If it weren't for the wet wipes, binkies, and burp cloths tucked away inside, this Dagne Dover number would easily pass as a commuter's backpack or even gym bag. It's made of soft neoprene, comes in gender-neutral colors, and has plenty of pouches (because tiny baby gear requires tiny baby compartments). Apart from the sporty design, the best part is it comes with its own matching changing mat and anchors for your stroller. —S.S.

    $155 at Dagne Dover

  • Courtesy of brand

    Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack

    This is a great daily diaper bag since it's a backpack style with padded shoulder straps and offered in a neutral color so that both Mom and Dad can look stylish when carrying it. The various mesh pockets make it easy to pack up everything you’d need for an outing; plus, there’s room for my wallet, cell phone, and keys so that I don’t need to bring a separate purse. I also like that it fits easily in the bottom part of the stroller if I don’t want to carry it on my back.A.P.

    $70 $34 at Amazon

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    Herschel Supply Co. Strand Diaper Tote Bag

    I love this one because it doesn’t scream “diaper bag” but is super functional! Love that it has two insulated pockets for bottles and a nice amount of storage. The two separate pockets inside help keep it organized, but still leave enough room to just throw stuff in the bag when you’re in a hurry! —Sierra Enticknap, mom of one

    $110 at Amazon

    $110 at Nordstrom

    $110 at Herschel

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  • Courtesy of brand

    Riley Versa Oh Baby Bag

    I love the Riley Versa Oh Baby shoulder bag: It's sleek and stylish, and totally doesn't look like your typical diaper bag, so you can extend its life span by using it as a travel bag way past the baby years! It has tons of easy-access pockets and two removable insert pouches to help you keep your smaller items organized—way better than frantically digging for lost pacifiers when your baby is screaming.  The company also donates a portion of its proceeds to the Children's Defense Fund, and I love a product with a higher purpose beyond profit. —Amanda Blechman, registered dietician and nutritionist, and mom of two

    $295 at Riley Versa

  • Courtesy of brand

    Honest City Backpack

    I love the Honest Vegan Leather Diaper Bag. It has separate compartments, which are the best part because you can put snacks in one area, diapers in one area, and a change of clothes or dirty clothes in another. There's also a changing pad in there, so you don't have to put the babes on gross surfaces. —Alexandra McCormick, publicist and mom of one

    $150 at Honest

  • Courtesy of brand

    Caraa Changing Sling

    Some moms don’t want to fuss with a shoulder strap or top handles, and I get it. Especially if you’re welcoming a little brother or sister, you’ll want two hands, arms, and legs free (and then some) to chase your toddler and carry your new arrival. If that sounds familiar (or like your future) look no further than this genius cross-body bag. Yes, it’s essentially a souped-up fanny pack, but does that not sound like a multitasking parent’s dream? If you’re familiar with Caraa’s best-selling Diaper Bag, this is just as expertly designed to accommodate the essentials. There’s a magnetic front pocket for wipes, a changing mat in the large main pocket, a smaller pocket for your phone, and two scrunch pockets for bottles. It’s like a hands-free Transformer that takes care of babies. —S.S.

    $198 at Caraa

  • Courtesy of brand

    Birdling Backpacker

    We chose this bag because it doesn't look like a diaper bag. It's neutral-toned and unassuming in that Herschel backpack kind of way. And the inside is extremely handy for baby things. In the central compartment, I keep a travel white noise machine, stacking cups, a swaddle, some Lovevery cards, and a little music player. Then, in one of the side compartments, I keep all the diaper essentials. On the other side, there are two more compartments. I stick a travel first aid kit in one, and then currently there's a pair of disposable latex gloves—to give you an idea of when during the course of the pandemic I gave birth. In the front pocket we have a little bottle of hand sanitizer. Lastly, there are two bottle holders on either side of the bag. This has been clutch for feeding on the go—I can have a thermos of milk in one and a bottle in the other. Before our baby transitioned to whole milk, I'd keep a bottle with powder formula in one and a thermos of warm water in the other. In short: It's a backpack/tote that doesn't look like a diaper bag, even though it's painfully obvious it's a diaper bag because...we have a baby. —Maura Lynch, writer and editor and mom of one

    $68 at Birdling

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  • Courtesy of brand

    Eddie Bauer Bridgeport Places & Spaces Diaper Bag

    This Eddie Bauer backpack with adjustable straps is clutch when packing for outings with our little one. It has roomy interior pockets plus exterior pockets for baby wipes, insulated side pockets for baby bottles, and a changing mat. There may be a better designer diaper bag out there, but this one gets the job done. —Katelyn Margaret, sales associate and mom of one

    $44 at Target

  • Courtesy of brand

    L.L. Bean Everyday Lightweight Tote

    We had a more traditional diaper bag tote before that we didn't like—it had so many pockets that it was actually difficult to find things. Then I found this roomy tote from L.L. Bean: It's cheap, light, waterproof, durable, and easy to clean, so I'm not worried if I have to put poop-blowout outfits or dirty spoons in it. And it fits a lot. We end up bringing this—filled with diapers and diaper cream, baby wipes, extra outfits, bottles, and toys—to our outings. —Kimberly Levine-Pai, ob-gyn and mom of one

    $30 at L.L. Bean

  • Courtesy of brand

    ErgoBaby Anywhere I Go Backpack Diaper Bag

    The insulated bottle pockets on this bag are amazing to keep milk, formula, and snacks cool on the go. There’s also an outside pocket that can serve as a makeshift wallet, limiting the amount of stuff I need to carry. Not to mention, the color is appropriate for any season—and it's dad-approved! —Kristin Cunningham, health care sales and marketing specialist and mom of one

    $40 at Walmart

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    Chloé Logo Canvas Diaper Bag

    Chloe’s Woody tote, but make it a dream diaper bag for new moms. Don’t let the minimalist exterior fool you: This bag is made of durable but lightweight cotton, with a top handle reinforced by leather trimming—because you know diaper bags are never not stuffed. My favorite features are the top-snap opening to stop bottles from making their great escape, and the fact that it has (inner and outer) scrunch and zip pockets. Many bags come with a changing pad, but this one has a detachable pouch to boot. It’s not available until October, but I’m sensing this will be the It bag added to baby registries everywhere. —S.S.

    $484 at Harrods

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  • Courtesy of brand

    Hap Tim Multi-Function Large Baby Diaper Bag

    I love this diaper bag! It's a backpack style and huge, so I could fit all the baby gear for three kids under three, a.k.a. #3under3. It's held up way better for multiple kids than my original, super-expensive one. —Amy Vanden Boogart, curriculum specialist and mom of three

    $44 at Amazon


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Why mothers choose frameless furniture

Caring mothers always choose the best for their babies: in clothes, food and furniture. We are very glad that mothers like our pear chairs and often appear in houses where children live!

Bean bag, having appeared in a child at a young age, can serve him for a long time and go through all stages of development with the baby. Thus, frameless furniture will live next to children for several years and will become a favorite thing in the house. On it, the child will be able to make the first discoveries, exploring the space when he is only a year old. And then with pleasure to watch cartoons, read books at an older age.

Why else do moms buy frameless furniture? Consider the reasons:

1. Furniture is safe.

Frameless furniture is called so because it does not contain a rigid frame. Therefore, it does not pose a danger to children: they will not hit hard parts, they will not be able to fall off the seat of the bag or drop it on themselves, as sometimes happens with chairs. There are also no sharp corners on frameless furniture, which is important at any age. And the absence of small details allows the use of frameless furniture from a very young age.

2. Suitable for feeding.

Frameless furniture helps to relax muscles, take a comfortable posture while sitting, comfortably position your back, neck and head. Therefore, it is the ideal furniture for breastfeeding babies. A young mother will be able to sit perfectly on the armchair and feed the baby without experiencing any inconvenience.

3. Easy to care for.

All mothers know how difficult it is to keep things clean in a child's room. But caring for frameless furniture will not give you trouble! All furniture on the site has an external cover that can be easily removed. The outer cover can be easily machine washed with ordinary powder and dried at home. It can be washed several times a month as it gets dirty and put on the chair again. Thus, in the room the kids will always have comfortable clean furniture.


Provides comfort.

Frameless furniture designed to provide people with comfort while relaxing. Soft fabric, modern ottoman filler, frameless base make this type of furniture ideal for relaxation. Sitting on a beanbag chair or on a cushion chair, the child will be able to relax between games, take a break between classes and recuperate.

5. She decorates the interior.

Frameless furniture always looks very stylish and original. Therefore, it is invariably the highlight of any interior. Moms who are attentive to the arrangement of the children's room often choose bag chairs, floor cushions or knitted poufs. Our site presents a huge number of different colors of furniture, which allows you to choose the perfect option for every child's room!

6. Easy to carry from place to place.

Frameless furniture, be it a pear chair or a triangular chair, weighs very little. This means that it can be easily moved from place to place. Therefore, families like to use such furniture. Children can easily take chairs to their games and carry them wherever they want. And parents will be able to read fairy tales to their children in the evenings in the armchair, and then take it with them to the living room and watch movies or read magazines on it.

Knitted round pouffe is also very light and can be carried from place to place even by a child.

7. Oksford pouffes can be used outdoors.

We have a range of furniture made from Oksford fabric on our website. This material is specially designed for outdoor use. Therefore, he is not afraid of splashing water, stains from grass, earth, berries. Things made of Oksford fabric can be safely taken out to the balcony, to the terrace, to the backyard. And this furniture is ideal for use by kids. After all, all stains from paints, food, juices are easily removed from it with a damp cloth. Many mothers appreciate this quality and choose Oksford chairs for their home.

8. Frameless furniture develops imagination.

Frameless furniture is perfect not only for relaxing, but also for playing. Children instantly come up with many games with a bean bag, make it a mountain, a castle and various wonderful things. The chair can be placed, laid horizontally, twirled, as you like, and create from it what the children want!

Here are just a few of the reasons caring moms choose frameless furniture.

Always yours,
SUPERPUFF Mom course project (preparation courses for pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood)


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