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BLW High Chair Position for Feeding and Why Sitting Independently is Important

I’m sure we’ve all done our fair share of browsing for the best baby led weaning high chair, looked at the different styles, and wondered if the real expensive ones are actually worth it. 

We might be browsing a lot of options, or have specific wants in mind. Maybe we’re looking at a toddler chair, a booster seat, a wooden high chair, or even a dining room chair that works with a booster seat we already have. 

The fact is, we know our baby needs someplace they can safely sit to eat when starting solid foods – they obviously can’t just sit in a regular chair! 

But did you know that there is an optimal position for feeding? Or that your baby needs to be able to sit upright independently for starting solids? Tip one: skip the high chair that reclines!

Let’s go over all you need to know about high chair positioning for your little eater. And know that whether you choose to start with purées or baby led weaning – my tips are the same!

One of the readiness signs for starting solids is that your baby can sit up in a proper sitting position, independently. This is true whether you decide to start with purées or baby led weaning. This usually happens right around 6 months of age, but can be different for every baby. 

In my opinion, it’s probably THE most important sign of readiness, mainly because it’s the biggest indication that they can eat safely without a high risk of choking.

While safety is always my number one priority, being able to sit up independently also means that feeding will be more successful

In fact, there are certain things that can be done with regards to positioning and support that actually help your baby advance in eating skills, stay in the high chair for longer, remain comfortable, and enjoy the process so much more.

But most parents that are just starting their baby led weaning journey are confused by what this actually means. Does this mean they have to be sitting upright for a certain period of time? Should I set a timer to see how long? How “independent” are we talking here (AKA can I support them in any way)? What if they topple over after a couple minutes?

These are all very valid questions.

Let’s start by explaining what the best position for starting solids is (for both baby led weaning and purées), and why it’s important.

The best position for starting solids with baby led weaning or purées

No matter what the particular high chair is that you choose to use, these are the key points you need to assess for, in order to ensure your baby is seated properly and safely. Therefore, the best position for starting solids with purées and baby led weaning, is one that allows your baby to:

  • Hold their head up straight and steady independently, without tiring themselves
  • Sit at a right angle where their bum and pelvis are positioned directly under their hips
  • Sit with their torso upright so their airway is unrestricted (no reclined positioning in the high chair needed)
  • Have their shoulders positioned just slightly in front of the hips
  • Have their arms unrestricted and free to move
  • Be able to lean forward, and turn slightly to the left or right without major restriction
  • Have feet supported with an adjustable foot rest

Alright, now let’s break down the reasons for all this.

Proper high chair positioning begins with allowing for independent head, neck and trunk control

First off, does your baby have the ability to hold their head up nice and still, independently, or do you have to support them? 

If you have to support them at all, your baby is definitely not ready to start using a baby high chair (or begin eating solid food). 

Even the most supportive high chair would require a reclined position for a baby that cannot hold their head up independently, and as we know now, that is not recommended.

Independent head control decreases choking risk

It’s important that your baby can hold their head steady and be able to sit upright with good trunk stability, so they can safely eat without running a high risk of choking on their food.

This is also why I mention that proper high chair positioning cannot include reclined positions, as this would give support to your baby’s head and neck, creating a false sense of security.  

Yes, your baby’s head will be still, BUT their airway is not completely open in this position, and a reclined position puts them at more of a risk for choking. That’s why this is not a position for baby led weaning or for purée feeding.

Head control also means they have more fine motor skills to successfully eat

The gross motor skill of holding their head, neck, and torso up steadily is needed in order for your baby to be able to practice their fine motor skills (like chewing, picking up objects, scooping with a spoon, etc.).

Without it, it would be very difficult to eat! 

Think about if you were to slouch back in a chair and have your head hanging over to one side or down low. It would be near impossible to eat properly – let alone learn how to do it for the first time! 

As my good friend and speech language pathologist Catherine at ChiKids Feeding says, “Stability at the hips = success at the lips!”. Independent movement of the jaw, lips, and tongue (which is absolutely key to being able to learn how to chew and move food around in the mouth) only happens when your baby develops the strength to hold their head, neck, and torso up first.  

It’s a sequential developmental process, so waiting for one to happen in order for the other to happen, is necessary.

Stages of development required for safe eating in high chairs

The best position for starting solid foods is based on the 90-90-90 rule

As mentioned earlier, your baby needs to be positioned in a high chair in a way that keeps their bum directly under their hips, and their shoulders slightly in front. 

In addition to actually being successful at eating, having the head align over the shoulders and having the core strength to keep the torso upright and open, means your baby’s airway is open as well. 

Therefore, food can be easily directed down the right pipe (esophagus), rather than the wrong one (airway)…thereby reducing the risk of choking!

Occupational therapists call this the 90-90-90 rule.

Meaning, your baby should have a 90-degree angle at their hips, a 90-degree angle at their knees, and a 90-degree angle at their ankles while sitting in an infant high chair for baby led weaning or purées.

This is why I would never recommend using a Bumbo floor seat for your baby at meal times (or for “helping” your baby sit). 


Because when your baby sits in a Bumbo floor seat, take a look at your child’s posture, and specifically, how their head, neck, trunk, and pelvis are aligned. 

Notice how their bum is positioned below and behind the hips, which compresses their torso (hello choking risk and regurgitation of food!), and constricts movements of their hands and body.

If you want to use a floor seat, or an infant positioning seat, to help your baby develop those core muscles that they need to be able to sit up independently, please opt for the Upseat over Bumbo floor seats. 

The Upseat is designed with the help of physical therapists, and actually promotes proper upright posture, healthy hip development, and allows your baby to continue to move their upper body – crucial for feeding! 

It does come with a removable tray as well, so you can use this seat for feeding, if you choose. When it comes to using a baby chair seat for practicing sitting independently, I’m always going to recommend the Upseat. 

And, it’s safe to begin using from around 4 months when your baby has developed head and neck control, so you can start developing those necessary muscles to be ready for solids around 6 months of age!

I know that floor seats are so convenient for parents, and I genuinely love The Upseat so much that I did get a coupon code for you to use as well! Enter in code MYLITTLEEATER10 at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase.

High chair foot rest for foot support

Finally, babies should have their feet supported by some type of adjustable foot rest when eating in their baby led weaning high chairs. As you can see in the above image, the Ikea Antilop high chair has been modified to add on foot support because it really is so important. 

Here’s why….

Think about if you were to eat off a really tall bar stool.  

Ever notice how you automatically wrap your feet around the pole, or on a bar, to provide stability and comfort?

You wouldn’t be able to concentrate on a fine motor activity (like eating) if you had dangling feet with no support. And it would certainly be harder to maintain good posture and core strength. 

Babies and toddlers are the same. Having no support for your baby’s feet means that it requires so much more focus to just sit up – let alone having to concentrate on learning a new task, like eating!

Unrestricted arm movement in baby led weaning high chairs

Speaking of restricting movement…when your baby sits, we want their arms to be unrestricted and for them to be able to lean forward, as well as for them to be able to angle their body ever so slightly to the left and to the right without feeling struggle or strain. 

This is for a couple of different reasons: 

1) Leaning slightly forward and having good range of motion with their arms, actually makes grabbing pieces of food easy for self-feeding.

2) Most babies can use their body language to communicate and tell us if they want more (they’ll lean in for a bite), if they’re full, bored, tired or don’t like it (they’ll turn away). 

These are key communication strategies that are all part of allowing your baby to be an active participant in feeding (which allows us to be responsive to their needs) – a key factor in my Baby Led Feeding method.

A few tips for making sure you get proper high chair positioning

1. Make sure the back of the high chair is set to a fully upright position

NEVER FEED YOUR BABY IN A RECLINING POSITION (even if your blw high chair has this ability). 

As I mentioned above, if they’re in a reclined high chair, they’re at an increased risk of having a piece of food get stuck in their airway and cause choking. 

It’s also not very comfortable. Imagine if you had to do an ab crunch every time you wanted to lean forward and grab a piece of food!


Use a rolled up towel to fill in any gap between your baby’s back and the back of the high chair

If you find that even when they’re fully sitting upright in the blw high chair, your baby has a large gap between the back of the high chair and their back (see first photo above). Or, it still looks like they aren’t sitting in a 90 degree hip to torso position, placing a folded towel between the back of their shoulders and the high chair back works well. 

This gives them support and makes it less work to eat by keeping them forward a bit (see second photo above). It could be way too uncomfortable, and tiring for them, to have to use all that core power to maintain an independent, upright position for an entire meal. 

In the same way, if they’re bum is so far back in the seat in order to keep their back up against the back of the high chair, then every time they want to lean over and grab a piece of food, they’d be using lots of ab power – which is also exhausting.  

Placing a towel in between their back and the high chair means they can still sit upright, but closer to the tray.

3. Use a rolled up towel to wrap around baby’s hips to support them and prevent them from sliding or toppling over

As you can see in the first photo above, this baby actually kept sliding forward in her baby led weaning high chair. This was fixed by wrapping a towel around either side of her hips to fill in the gaps on either side, and secure her more in place (seen in the second and third photos). 

This is also a good trick to use if your baby gets tired after a few minutes of completely independent sitting, and starts to topple to one side or another. 

Helping them sit with assists like this to help them last through the entire meal is totally fine, as long as they still have free range of motion in their torso and arms.

4. Ensure that your baby’s high chair tray is positioned about halfway between their belly button and the breast

Adjusting the high chair tray so that it’s positioned halfway between your baby’s belly button and breast will ensure that they can rest their elbows comfortably on the tray. This will allow them to reach for things easily, and gives their hands something to rest on during the meal.

5. Ensure there’s proper foot support on the infant high chair

This can either be from a high chair with built-in, adjustable high chair foot support, or you can set up your own using a cut pool noodle (see here). Or by attaching a tea towel across the bottom of your baby’s high chair (like this one here). 

Babies eat so much better, and are way more comfortable, when they have something grounding them to help provide them with that core stability in their high chair.

Positioning your baby for feeding (in a nutshell)

To sum it all up, knowing when it’s safe for your baby to sit in a high chair really depends on their readiness to do so. Remember that this process can only be done when they’re developmentally ready, so don’t rush it! 

And make sure that when your baby sits in a high chair, they’re sitting using the 90-90-90 rule, and never reclining backwards.

If you found the tips I gave here helpful, you’ll love all the tips I have for you on my Instagram page! And if you’re looking for a complete plan for how to feed your baby purées or finger foods, the baby-led way, take the Baby Led Feeding online course to walk you through everything you need to know, step-by-step!

Happy feeding!

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10 Best High Chairs for Baby-Led Weaning (BLW)

Looking for the best high chair for introducing solids to your baby through baby-led weaning? Check out our favorite high chairs for baby-led weaning and find one that’s right for you!

Introducing solids to our daughter was one of the most exciting milestones for us as parents. We love food, enjoying meals around the table, and trying new recipes and flavors so we were really excited to start solids once Evelyn was ready for them.

I had researched baby led weaning vs purees and decided I wanted to try the baby-led weaning route. It just seemed so simple and I had heard it could help prevent picky eating.

That was a huge benefit of doing baby led weaning!

It seems like sleep problems and meal problems are at the top of most parents struggles. We had tackled sleep by following a consistent routine and doing eat play sleep, so I was hopeful that meal time didn’t need to be a battle either.

Baby-led weaning seemed to be the way. You can learn what is baby led weaning here!

We implemented it when Evelyn was around six months old and absolutely loved it! I am so glad that we used that method to introduce Evelyn to solid foods. And for the most part, meals with her are easy now. (Hey, she’s still a toddler!)

One of the things I hadn’t anticipated with baby-led weaning was choosing an appropriate high chair.

I had registered for our high chair when I was pregnant with Evelyn, and honestly wasn’t even thinking about starting solid foods at that time. The one we used for Evelyn just had way too many cracks and crevices and made cleaning difficult.

The one caveat about baby-led weaning is that it is MESSY. And you don’t just get a messy baby—the floor, the table, the high chair, it’s all a mess!

So now that we are thinking about baby number two, I started my research to get a new high chair, one that would be way easier to clean with baby-led weaning.

Things to Look for a in a High Chair for Baby-Led Weaning

Here are some of the different factors to look for when choosing your high chair for baby led weaning!


Many parents are concerned with choking and baby led weaning, so finding a good high chair is essential! Make sure your baby can sit upright so she can feed herself safely and clear her food if need be.

You also want your baby to be comfortable in her chair so that she enjoy meal time. Choose a chair that fits baby comfortably.

Easy to clean

You want a high chair that is easy to wipe clean after every meal. Steer clear of anything with fabric or material that isn’t easily wipeable.

Simple design

Avoid chairs that have a lot of cracks and crevices. Food will get stuck in every single one of them and it will be impossible to clean. A chair with a simple design and clean lines is a good chair.

Can be pulled up to the table

Part of doing baby-led weaning is introducing family meals to your baby. Everyone eats together! Get a high chair that can be pulled up to the table for family meals and doesn’t sit baby in a corner by herself. (Nobody puts baby in a corner!)


Many babies show signs of readiness for baby-led weaning around 6 months of age. And many toddlers will stay in a high chair until around two years old or older (if you’re lucky). High chairs are a great baby product to save and use for additional children. Get one that you can use for many years as a family.


The kitchen is a central part of many people’s homes. Get a high chair that you don’t mind being in the center of your kitchen. This might mean getting a chair that integrates into your existing decor, or finding a chair that can be easily tucked into a corner when not in use.

Okay, here are some of our favorite high chairs for baby-led weaning! Click through the links to see each one and find one you like!

Top 10 High Chairs for Baby Led Weaning

Primo Cozy

I love the fact that this chair folds in half for easy storage. Tuck it away when guests come over and bring it back out for family meal time. The ergonomic design and 3-point safety harness keeps your baby comfortable from 6 months to 3 years old.

Stokke Tripp Trapp

This chair from Stokke has a cult following and for good reason!

It took me the longest time to figure out how this chair worked! The seat and footplate are adjustable so you can use this chair from birth to adulthood. Seriously, it can hold an adult up to 242 pounds! Maybe your baby will want to take this chair to college with them!

Ingenuity SmartClean

This 3-in-1 high chair grows with your child. It starts as a full high chair and transitions to a booster seat, and eventually a toddler chair. The material is wipeable making it easy to clean. You can put the tray in the dishwasher and the straps in the washing machine if they start to get grimy.

4 Moms

The one-handed magnetic tray on this chair is genius and serves two purposes. It helps guide the tray in place with a magnetic attachment so mom can easily do it with one hand. It also helps keep baby’s food in place by “sticking” to the bowl or plate of the same brand on top of the tray.

IKEA Antilop Chair with footrest

This is a very popular high chair that moms recommend for baby-led weaning. The simple design of this chair makes it SO easy to clean. You can wipe it down after meals in a flash. Some people even claim they stick the tray in the dishwasher to clean it!

You can get it pretty inexpensive at IKEA. But if you don’t have an IKEA near you, there are other options.

The footrest can be added (sold separately) and gives baby a place to put their legs and can make this chair more safe. Definitely one of the best high chairs for baby led weaning!


A modern high chair that is perfect for baby-led weaning. The footrest is adjustable to 7 different positions so it can grow with your baby, all the way up to 12 years old! I think the chair part is so cute as a big kid chair as well!

Boon Flair

This modern and bright chair comes in different colors that make meal time fun! The pedestal base makes it easy to fit under tables as it glides smoothly in all directions. Moms love that it doesn’t have any cracks or crevices and is easy to clean.

INFANS Folding Chair

This sleek chair folds down compact and is easy to clean. It’s lightweight and the cute design looks good in any kitchen. I love that it converts to a smaller chair later that can be used at a child’s desk or table for coloring!

Abiie Beyond

Similar to the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair, this wooden high chair grows with your baby, up to adulthood. The seat adjusts easily without using any tools. It has a 3-point or 5-point harness so your baby can enjoy meal time safely and several different seat color cushions so you can choose your favorite.

IKEA Langur

Another point for IKEA! This high chair includes the footrest and can grow with your child into a regular chair. The simple design makes it easy to clean up each time you feed baby.

Which high chair is your favorite? Did you do baby-led weaning and have an easy-to-clean chair? Share in the comments to help other moms out!

Baby-Led Weaning Meal Plan

If you’re looking to get started with baby-led weaning, grab the family meal plan from Family Style Nutrition. It has meals you can make for your family while following the BLW principles!

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TOP-7. The best highchairs for feeding (from 0 months, from 6 months). Rating 2020!

Author Anatoly Vorontsov Reading 9 min. Views 27.4k. Posted by Updated

Greetings! In today's review, I will talk about high chairs designed for babies from birth or from 6 months of age. This item is indispensable for every family in which a baby was born, because with its help you can feed the baby, leaving the mother's hands free. A child can be seated in a regular high chair starting from the age of six months, but there are models designed for babies from the first days of life. Such high chairs are first transformed into a rocking chair, and after the baby learns to sit, they become a high chair.

Happy Baby Berny V2
    60 months to 3 years;
  • Maximum child weight 25 kg;
  • Height - 103 cm;
  • Width - 59 cm;
  • Depth - 80 cm;
  • High chair weight 12 kg;
  • Functions - wheel lock;

I open today's selection with a stylish, comfortable and practical highchair for feeding babies from the Happy Baby brand. The model is intended for feeding children from six months to 3 years. The chair has three positions of the backrest and 3 positions of the table, it can be adjusted in height of the seat, footrest and steps. It is especially comfortable for children to be in the “chaise lounge” position. The basis is an all-metal frame without sharp corners and adhesions. Berny V2 can withstand an increased load of up to 25 kg. To give stability, the front wheels do not turn, and the rear wheels provide mobility and are equipped with a brake mechanism. The seat is made of eco-leather, and the soft pad on which the baby sits directly is equipped with a removable cover that can be easily removed for washing.

On the back of the back there is a pocket for toys or hygiene products. Older children will be able to independently climb onto the chair with the help of a step, which also has 3 positions. This model is made taking into account all modern trends, it comes in 3 discreet color options - milky, light brown and dark green.

Stokke Tripp Trapp
  • From 6 months;
  • Chair for life;
  • Made of wood;
  • Maximum child weight 110 kg;
  • Height - 78 cm;
  • Width - 46 cm;
  • Depth - 49 cm;
  • High chair weight 7 kg;

Next in the top of the range is Stokke's iconic Tripp Trapp Highchair. The model is made of solid beech or oak, and covered with safe paints and water-based varnish. The chair has a classic design that has been popular for decades and will probably never go out of style. The ergonomic design makes it possible for the child to be at the common family table, starting from the age of 6 months. To do this, you will need to purchase a special chair for the basic configuration. The stable footrest provides support for the child and gives a comfortable fit. The footrests and seats are adjustable in height, which provides support for the back and legs of the baby at any age. The extra strong design allows it to withstand the weight of an adult up to 110 kg. Numerous reviews confirm the reliability and safety of the Tripp Trapp chair, parents like the convenience and comfort of daily use of the high chair for feeding babies and older children.

The model is presented in a variety of colors, you can choose the one that will suit any interior. You can always purchase additional accessories to the basic configuration. It is especially worth noting that the European manufacturer is so confident in the quality of its product that it provides an extended 7-year warranty. from birth

  • Frame material - steel, plastic;
  • Maximum load - 15 kg;
  • Height - 105 cm;
  • Width - 55 cm;
  • Depth - 76 cm;
  • Weight - 7.6 kg;
  • Another great highchair, which I included in the TOP, is presented by an Italian manufacturer. It is remarkable in that it can be used immediately after the birth of a child and then transformed at each stage of his growing up. At first it serves as a cradle, then as a place for eating, and then as a dining chair. The model is equipped with wheels built into the legs of the chair, so moving it around the room is not difficult. The height of the seat back can be set in seven different positions, and its possible inclination - at five different angles. For an older child, a footrest is provided at the bottom, which has 3 positions. The frame of the chair is made of metal with plastic parts that have soft rounded shapes that exclude the possibility of injury. By the way, choosing this chair model, you can consider two upholstery options - eco-leather and polyvinyl chloride. Both of these options are environmentally friendly and do not cause allergies.

    In the reviews, buyers note the durability and ergonomic design of the chair. The safety of the child is also important to parents, which is achieved thanks to the front anatomical limiter and the five-point seat belt. This model is the best combination of price and quality.

    Nuovita Futuro
    • 6 months to 3 years;
    • Frame material - metal, plastic;
    • Maximum load - 15 kg;
    • Height - 105 cm;
    • Width - 55 cm;
    • Depth - 65 cm;
    • High chair weight 9.1 kg;

    Today's review continues with a highchair for feeding babies from 6 months to 3 years from the Nuovita brand. One of the main advantages of this model is the possibility of individual adjustment of the seat. This is provided by the following options: 5 seat angles, 7 seat heights, 2 tray positions and 3 footrest positions. The legs of the chair have 4 wheels, 2 of which are equipped with locks. By the way, the peanut will not be able to open the latches on its own, this action is available only to an adult. I would especially like to note that the tray detaches from the countertop without any problems and can be placed in the dishwasher. The removable eco-leather seat cover is easy to clean with a cloth or sponge.

    In terms of safety, this model meets all accepted standards. Robust design, five-point harness, reliable knots and fasteners exclude both the fall of the baby and accidental breakage. To all this, parents note the ease of use and ease of use of such a chair. When folded, it takes up very little space and is therefore easy to clean and transport in a car. Stores offer a huge number of possible colors for this chair model.

    Chicco Polly Magic Relax
    • 0 months to 3 years;
    • Frame material - metal, plastic;
    • Maximum child weight 15 kg;
    • Height - 106 cm;
    • Width - 53 cm;
    • Depth - 83 cm;
    • High chair weight 13 kg;

    The next model in my top selection is a multifunctional 4-wheel high chair for children, which can be used from birth to 3 years. This product is designed and manufactured by the famous brand Chicco. At first, it can be used as a deck chair for a newborn baby. The model is remarkable in that it has an arc with multi-colored toys and the baby can examine them and then play with them in a reclining position. Toys are made of high quality soft fabric. The reversible pad and adjustable backrest ensure your child is comfortable in any position. I will especially note that one side of the seat insert is intended for the summer season, and the other for winter days. On the "summer" side, the child will not be too hot, because the fabric passes air well, and the "winter" side, on the contrary, will make the chair warm and cozy.

    When the baby learns to sit, the high chair acts as a place to feed the baby. Crockery and cutlery are located on a removable table, which can be easily removed for washing. And when the baby grows up, the table can be completely removed and the chair can be moved to the common table for a joint dinner.

    Based on reviews, most parents love the stylish and trendy design of the Polly Magic Relax. Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors for this model to choose from.

    Peg-Perego Siesta Follow Me
    • 0 months to 3 years;
    • Frame material - steel, plastic;
    • Maximum child weight 15 kg;
    • Height - 106 cm;
    • Width - 53 cm;
    • Depth - 83 cm;
    • High chair weight 13 kg;

    Another top model from the Italian manufacturer is the Peg-Perego Siesta Follow Me chaise lounge. During the first months of a child's life, the chair is used as a comfortable deck chair, and after six months - as a high chair for eating and playing. The chair has three positions: lying, half-sitting as in a chair and fully seated. The adjustable footrest has three positions. The Stop & Go system makes it easy to move the chair from one room to another by pressing a special button. It is noteworthy that the wheels are rubberized and therefore the chair rides almost silently and does not scratch the flooring. The table is removable, after feeding it can be hung on the rear legs. In general, this is a very well thought out chair model, besides it is multifunctional and ultra-compact.

    Apparently, this model is the leader in the number of positive reviews in the network because of its reliability, safety and comfort. Safety belts covering the body of the child in 5 points, plus the presence of an anatomical limiter between the legs, guarantee parents complete confidence that the child will remain in place. The Siesta highchair is equipped with an innovative braking system. The point is that the kid will not be able to unlock it on his own. This feature is only available to adults.

    Peg-Perego Tatamia Follow Me
    • From birth to 3 years;
    • Frame material - steel, plastic;
    • Maximum load - 15 kg;
    • Height - 103 cm;
    • Width - 59 cm;
    • Depth - 87 cm;
    • Weight - 14 kg;

    And, finally, the most luxurious model of a multifunctional highchair from the already known Italian brand Peg-Perego. The manufacturer declares the model at the same time as a comfortable deck chair, a relaxing rocking chair, a multifunctional and ultra-compact chair. It is distinguished from analogues by a solid design with a wide base, equipped with wheels, which allows you to move the highchair around the house. On the folding basis the container with toys or things of the kid is placed. The chair can be used from birth, because the adjustable backrest allows you to place the child in a reclining position. Also for the smallest children, the chair is equipped with an additional panel for playing with rattles, which can be easily removed if necessary. The chair is adjustable in height by 9positions and has an adjustable backrest angle - more than 150 °.
    Table with tray-top is designed to be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. It also comes with a bottle holder. On a large double tray, it will be convenient for the child not only to eat, but also to play their favorite games. And parents at this time will be completely calm for the safety of their child. After all, the model is equipped with a seat belt system and an anatomical limiter for the legs, which will hold any fidget. Ergonomically, they are thought out so that they do not constrain the movements of the baby and do not cause him any discomfort. Removable highchair covers are made of high-quality eco-leather, it is very convenient to wash them.

    I would especially like to note that the chair folds compactly like a book, even with one hand. When folded, this chair can stand without support in any far corner of the room. The color range is presented in the following colors: white, beige, brown, red, gray, green.

    Dear parents, tell us in the comments, which features in the highchairs do you need the most? Share your opinions in the comments! I will be glad to your answers!

    High chair, when can I start?

    When can your child sit in a high chair?

    Every baby will be a little different, but most parents can expect their little one to be ready to sit in a high chair between 4 and 6 months of age.  You may be able to start a little earlier with a reclining highchair.

    Many parents look forward to this time because moving into a chair can free you up a bit in the kitchen and at the table. It also allows your child to participate in some family activities, which is very beneficial for social development. In order to know when the time is right, there are a few key things to look out for before putting your baby in the high chair.

    Each chair manufacturer has an age recommendation for each chair. Most recommend waiting until your baby is 6 months old before using a high chair. This is a good starting point, but you need to make sure your child is ready. After all, every child develops at a different rate. For security reasons, take your time.

    It's easy to tell when your baby is ready to sit upright. Her physical development between 4 and 6 months should begin to show that she can sit well with some support. When seated, it should show fairly good stability and control, with only a slight sway. The ability to hold your head is also necessary.

    Using a highchair with a reclining backrest

    If your child has not yet reached this stage and you want to start using a highchair, consider purchasing a reclining highchair. They can also be used vertically, so you'll get a lot of use out of them as you grow.

    Many parents find the recumbent position to be convenient as a resting place for their child. Perhaps a reclining highchair makes for a nice seat with a view while Mom or Dad cooks dinner. It can also work for those rush moments when you bottle feed your baby with one hand while eating dinner with the other.

    It is not recommended to use the lying position when you start feeding baby food.

    Choose a good quality high chair

    Whether you choose a reclining chair or a standard high chair, be sure to explore all the options. You want something strong and durable for at least two years of use. It should also be easy to clean and use. In the prone position, a five-point safety harness is a must for young children. When seated, a well-secured seat belt should be used.

    Be sure to write down the brand and model number of your child's high chair after purchase. It's also a good idea to register it with the company. This is a simple step you can take in case a manufacturer has recalled a product for safety reasons or for any other reason and will allow you to take immediate action.

    Putting your baby on a high chair

    A great tip for starting solid foods is to teach your baby to sit on a high chair a few weeks before you start eating solid foods. Let her take the chair for a "test drive" and let her settle into her new throne. Give her a plate, cup, and spoon to play with and you'll have one less obstacle when it's time to start.

    As important as it is for the child to feel comfortable in the high chair, it is equally important that anyone who will look after the child during meals is familiar with his work.

    • Is it foldable and where is the locking mechanism?
    • How are the seat belts adjusted and secured so that the child does not slip out?
    • How fast does the tray come off?
    • Is it easy to make a child sit down and get up from a chair without touching the little fingers of any of its parts?

    This is not something you want to learn when a child is sitting in a chair. These are also things that you will want to show to everyone who will be around at the time of the baby's meal.

    Highchairs on wheels are very convenient, especially if one of the parents is alone at home with the child and needs to perform several tasks at the same time while the child is eating. Be careful to test the wheel lock mechanism and know how to do it on the fly.

    For some infants, engaging in social interaction while eating is key to ensuring that everyone can eat in relative peace. Make sure the chair is set up so that the child can see you and feel like part of the party, but not within reach of hot or sharp objects on the table.

    Highchair Safety Tips

    When transferring your baby to a highchair, remember a few important safety tips: