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Baby Food Warmers | For Baby Bottles & Jars

Baby food warmers for baby food at the right temperature

With a baby food warmer, you can easily warm up baby food in bottles and jars. These practical helpers are easy to use, easy to transport and always heat your child's meals to the right, ready-to-eat temperature. Here you can find selected baby food warmers for gently warming up pureed and liquid food for your baby.

Ready-to-eat baby food for on the go

For you as a new mom or proud dad, there is nothing better than going on trips with your baby and exploring the world together. Whether taking a stroll through the park with a pushchair, visiting grandma or taking a trip to the zoo, ready-to-eat and easy-to-warm baby food is an essential part of your little one’s basic equipment. Because especially when you are out and about, it can be difficult to boil water or heat up pureed food for your child. A high-quality thermos bottle or a baby food warmer for on the go make it easier for you to prepare baby food quickly if your child cannot wait to get their food.

Advantages of a thermos flask or a baby food warmer are:
  • They provide boiled water at any place.
  • Food and water remain hot or warm for a longer period of time
  • A baby food warmer ensures quick warming up of food to the right temperature
  • Due to the compact size the baby food warmer or vacuum flask are particularly easy to transport and thus perfect for on the go

Baby food warmer – ideal for liquid and pureed food

When children are hungry, things usually have to happen very quickly. Ready-made baby food in jars is a suitable alternative - thanks to organic quality and strict controls, only the best is served this way. A baby food warmer, such as the AVENT Electric Express Bottle Warmer is just the thing. Warmed up gently, the important nutrients in your child’s food are retained.

In our online shop we offer a wide range of baby food warmers by manufacturers such as NUK and Avent. These products feature a high level of workmanship and thus are perfectly suitable for daily use and help you master life with a baby or an infant easily. You can choose particularly compact devices that can be stored in the shopping basket of your pram so that they are easy to reach whenever they are needed. If you are looking for a baby food warmer you can use at home, you might want to get a model with more comprehensive equipment. Baby food warmers are perfect for warming baby food as well as purees to the right temperature and for holding this temperature if required. The latter feature is particularly important for when your little one is a slow eater and you are required to keep their food warm for a longer period of time. In case you are in a hurry, devices such as the NUK Thermo Express Bottle Warmer ensure that the food for your little one is ready to eat within a few minutes. Thanks to baskets or pliers for bottles and jars you can easily remove the warmed food without getting burned.

Vacuum flask and vacuum insulating container – being provided with warm water everywhere you go

Warm water is indispensable for everyday life with a baby – whether that be for preparing your little one’s food or for washing your child. However, if you are away from home, there are many situations in which is it impossible to heat up some water. That is why, it is super convenient to have a vacuum flask or other vacuum insulating containers that are suitable for baby bottles in which you can keep warm or hot water ready for use. The heat-insulating features of a vacuum flask or an insulating container for bottles ensures to maintain the temperature of the water in the bottle so that it stays hot or at least warm for many hours. The temperature the water had when it was filled in the bottle is important. Apart from a baby food warmer you should always be equipped with a vacuum flask or insulating container. Our online shop on offers vacuum flasks that are available in different sizes as well as insulated bags which are suitable for storing several baby bottles. Here, we also offer brand-name quality by NUK and Avent, as well as by many other prestigious manufacturers such as Chicco and BÉABA.

Buy high-quality baby food warmers on kidsroom. de

In our range you can find everything you need to prepare baby and toddler food on the go and at home. When it comes to buying such devices, the renowned manufacturers NUK and Avent have been among the most sought-after suppliers on the market for decades. Their products are characterised by high quality and functionality, as well as simple and safe handling. This makes it much easier for you to prepare meals for your baby anytime and anywhere. Do you have any questions about our baby food warmers and want to know which device is the right one for you? We are happy to help you.

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Bottle warmers, sterilizers Philips Avent, Chicco, Tommee Tippee, Babymoov

Do I need a sterilizer or bottle warmer? After the birth of a baby, the issue of feeding becomes one of the main ones for parents. And it doesn’t matter if the child is artificially or breastfed - disinfection of nipples, bottles, teethers, baby utensils is necessary. The choice of bottle warmers and sterilizers from Philips Avent, Chicco, Tommee Tippee, Canpol babies in terms of price, size, and feature set is huge. Which one to buy?

Bottle warmer: which one to choose

Modern bottle warmers can not only bring the contents of a baby bottle to the optimum temperature, but also keep warm for a long time. Among the proposals of manufacturers there are classic bottle warmers and with a sterilization function (2 in 1).

The bottle warmer is a simple plastic bowl and built-in heating element. Modern appliances evenly increase the temperature and do it quickly. The principle of operation of the bottle warmer: the elements heat the water in the bowl, and that, in turn, transfers heat to the contents of the baby bottle. The heater can be controlled mechanically with a handle, touch-sensitive with buttons and digital with a display.

Considerations when choosing a bottle warmer:

  • pay attention to bowl size, warming modes, temperature control,
  • fit in a bowl),
  • if the warmer has a frozen milk heating mode, the manufacturer indicates this in the instructions,
  • in order not to accidentally overheat the contents of the bottle, the heater must have an auto-off function,
  • the heating indication can be light and sound,
  • there are models that combine a heater and a sterilizer.
The advantage of the bottle warmer is the gradual increase in temperature. This allows you to save the nutrients and vitamins of the contents of the baby bottle.

Which bottle warmer is better

According to experienced parents, when choosing a warmer for baby dishes and accessories, you should focus on trusted companies: Philips Avent, Chicco, Tommee Tippee, Babymoov.

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Warmer

Always the perfect temperature for your baby bottle. Convenient temperature control and uniform heating, which takes no more than 4 minutes. If you have Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles and jars, this Tommee Tippee Baby Food Warmer is the perfect choice.

Babymoov Tulip Bottle Warmer

The Babymoov Warmer only takes 3.3 minutes to heat up a 250 ml baby bottle. And when it is ready, the device will notify you with a sound signal and automatically turn off. The Babymoov Tulip Bottle Warmer brings the contents of a baby bottle to the right temperature quickly and evenly. A big advantage of the device: suitable for all types of bottles and jars with baby food.

Chicco Digital Bottle Warmer

This Chico bottle warmer is compatible with many bottle warmers from other manufacturers. But that's not all, because the Chicco digital bottle warmer has 12 automatic programs. With their help, you can set the size of the bottle and the starting temperature. The display will show the time until ready or the timer will help you plan the time for which you need to warm the bottle. The Chicco Digital Bottle Warmer will preserve nutrients and vitamins, and warm baby food to the optimal temperature of 37 degrees.

Bottle sterilizers

A newborn's body cannot fully withstand the dangerous effects of the environment. To do this, babies still have an insufficient level of immunity to fight viruses and bacteria. Therefore, to disinfect children's dishes, pacifiers, teethers, toys, it is customary to use a special device - a sterilizer. This is a modern analogue of traditional boiling in a saucepan.

Do you need a sterilizer at home? Opinions on this matter are different, but in the departments of children's hospitals, only sterile dishes are used to feed children in the first year of life.

It is necessary to sterilize baby bottles, nipples, pacifiers, teethers in three cases: after purchase, illness, long-term use.

Among the small household appliances that help parents in caring for a newborn, sterilizers represent perhaps the most numerous category. Before choosing a sterilizer for bottles, pacifiers, baby dishes, let's figure out what types of these useful devices exist.

Bottle Sterilizers: Types

Special devices are useful not only for the health of the child, but also for safety. Boiling bottles and nipples in a regular saucepan is not always reliable. You can forget or get wrapped up, risking ruining children's dishes and starting a fire. Bottle sterilizers are much more useful in this case. Initially, all special devices are divided into two large categories:

  • “hot” (steam treatment),
  • “cold” (ultraviolet treatment, antibacterial solution).

Steam sterilizers are electrical appliances that consist of a container for dishes and a water tank. Due to the high temperature, the water heats up and in a matter of minutes the bottles are already sterilized. After the processing process, children's dishes are kept in a sterile state for 3 to 6 hours if the lid is not opened. These bottle sterilizers can be powered by a household outlet or a car cigarette lighter. Among the devices of this group there are: sterilizers-heaters, sterilizers-steamers, steam centers.

The Microwave Baby Bottle Sterilizers are also classified as steam when they are processed using the highest microwave power. They also sterilize children's dishes quickly and well, are cheaper than electric models, but tend to be smaller and cannot handle metal objects.

The Ultraviolet Baby Bottle Sterilizers are a useful cold way to sterilize baby utensils using UV light. This method has long been used in hospitals because it helps destroy up to 99.9% of known microbes. Ultraviolet sterilizers work silently on the mains or batteries, allowing you to disinfect things that cannot be processed with steam.

Baby bottle sterilizers using antibacterial solution tablet or liquid. These devices work autonomously and are indispensable in conditions when there is no electricity. Special antibacterial solutions are harmless to the health of children, but may leave an odor. After processing, baby bottles remain sterile throughout the day, if the tightness is not broken.

How useful is a sterilizer? It can handle baby bottles, jars, pacifiers, breast pump, plates, cups, spoons, teethers and small toys. At the same time, a special device has a more gentle effect than traditional boiling.

Which bottle sterilizer is better

According to experienced parents, when choosing a sterilizer for baby bottles, dishes, accessories, you should focus on trusted companies: Tommee Tippee, Chicco, Philips Avent.

Tommee Tippee Steam Sterilizer

Compact, fits 4 standard bottles and can be used in the microwave. What else? Suitable for all types of bottles, cleaning from harmful bacteria is guaranteed. If you do not open the lid of the Tommy Tippy bottle sterilizer after treatment, then the baby dishes will remain sterile for 24 hours.

Chicco 2-in-1 Bottle Sterilizer

An Italian company has come up with a one-stop-shop for caring parents with the 2-in-1 Steam Bottle Sterilizer. The electrical device can be used in a compact and full-size version, i.e. process 2 or 6 containers at a time, depending on your needs.

The Chicco bottle sterilizer has an automatic shut-off function that works even if the water level is low. In compact mode, Chico's baby bottle sterilizer saves 25% on electricity. The sterility of bottles and accessories with a closed lid is maintained for 24 hours.

Avent Electronic Steam Sterilizer

This is one of the largest units with a modular loading system. Reliability, convenience and the ability to simultaneously sterilize a large number of baby dishes have made the Philips-Avent electronic sterilizer very popular, especially among parents who have a formula-fed baby.

Avent Steam Bottle Sterilizer kills 99.9% of harmful germs in 6 minutes. It can sterilize baby bottles with a standard and wide neck, breast pump, spoons, plates. There is an automatic shut-off function, when the lid is closed, children's dishes remain sterile for another day.

Still have questions? Write them in the comments or contact our online chat. We will advise and help you choose a good bottle warmer or sterilizer. In Karapuzov you can buy everything for feeding with fast delivery in Ukraine.

Organizing bottle feeding | Philips

In the early days, mothers try to keep their baby safe and carefully monitor the cleanliness and sterility of everything that can get into the baby's hands or mouth. This is due to the fact that the child's immune system is almost not formed, and the body is vulnerable to external bacteria. That is why the process of sterilizing children's dishes cannot be neglected.

Every meal of the child should be held in accordance with the rules of hygiene, from washing hands and breasts, and ending with the sterilization of accessories necessary for feeding during artificial feeding. In terms of preparation, artificial feeding is always more time-consuming: before each feeding, clean dishes must be sterilized to remove all bacteria from the surface. It takes time to sterilize and dilute the mixture, and the baby can become very hungry and express his impatience by screaming.

Everything that comes into contact with the baby's food or mouth must be sterile clean: from the spoon used to apply formula to the bottle, nipple and breast pump if the baby is fed with expressed milk.

How to sterilize baby dishes

Today, every mother can choose the most convenient way to sterilize bottles.

Time-tested sterilization method used by our mothers, of course boiling . It is better to immediately allocate a separate pan of a suitable volume for boiling bottles and baby supplies, which will continue to be used only for sterilization. The volume of the pan should contain all the accessories, including the breast pump, if you use one.

Boiling time is at least 10 minutes: during this time, all bacteria are destroyed. However, too high temperatures can have a negative effect on the teat, and it quickly becomes unusable.

A more gentle method for children's dishes is to sterilize with a steam sterilizer. In addition, steam sterilizers are easy to use due to their compact dimensions. They are easy to use: water is poured into a special container, the mode is set and after 6 minutes you have completely sterilized dishes. Modern Philips Avent sterilizers destroy 99.9% of harmful microorganisms.

Interesting mobile versions of steam sterilizers are microwave sterilizers and sterilization bags. They can come in handy on the road if you need to quickly sterilize baby dishes or a pacifier that has fallen on the floor.

Second step: Milk heating and mixture dilution

Expressed milk

First of all, the milk must be heated properly. The consistency of milk is such that it separates into fractions, so it must be shaken before use. There are several ways to heat milk.

Water bath

A container of water is heated on the stove, after which a bottle of water is placed in it.


  • The most inexpensive way
  • Milk is quickly heated by


  • It is very easy to overheat milk
  • is not convenient on trips
  • bottles placed in a water bath, they must withstand boiling and do not contain bispenol- A

Hot water

The bottle is placed under the hot water tap or lowered into a container of hot water.


  • The method does not require financial costs
  • A convenient method for defrosting


  • To bring the mixture to the required temperature, you need a lot of time

A heater for bottles

milk is placed in a special heater, after which the heating mode is set.


  • Milk warms up evenly, the overheating points of
  • are quickly heated
  • It is impossible to overheat the bottle, so all the useful substances are preserved

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  • The purchase of financial costs
  • for food

microwave oven

The milk bottle or container is placed in the microwave oven. It is necessary to make sure that the container is made of a material that can be heated in a microwave oven. Preheat on low or medium power.


  • Fast heating method


  • Microwave food is heated unevenly. For this reason, pediatricians consider this method unsafe, since there is a risk of burning the throat.

Feeding formula

Read the instructions carefully before preparing the formula, which must be followed. The mixture must be fresh: you can not use the leftover mixture from the previous feeding, so prepare a new batch each time.

Boil the water and let it cool. Too hot water can dissolve the mixture unevenly, and form lumps, which then clog the nipple. Each package has recommendations for serving size according to the age of the child. Try not to violate the recommendations, do not report the mixture to make the portion more satisfying. There is a risk that too thick a mixture will cause extreme thirst and dehydration.

Third step: Comfortable nursing position

The position for bottle feeding does not differ fundamentally from the position for breastfeeding. When you hold the baby in your arms, make sure that the head is raised so that it will be convenient for him to swallow.

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