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7 Best Baby Feeding Spoons and Cutlery Sets in India of 2022

One of the most important things that can make weaning comfortable and hygienic for babies is a soft, well-designed feeding spoon. Although a baby’s natural instinct is to eat with her hands, it isn’t the safest and the healthiest option till she learns to practise good hygiene. Plus, babies need ample time to get used to the new way of feeding. So, when your bundle of joy is ready for solids, you can add some excitement and amusement to her mealtimes with these best weaning spoons.

1. Chicco Soft Silicone Spoon Pack of 2 – Pink

Providing gentle care for your baby’s delicate gums, the Chicco Soft Silicone Spoon is the perfect training spoon for her.

Why Your Baby Will Like it:

With a soft silicone tip, this spoon ensures complete comfort for your baby when you are weaning her onto solids. This baby spoon is BPA-free and has a long, ergonomic handle for a good grip.

2. Mee Mee 3 In 1 Baby Weaning Spoon Set of 2 – Pink Green

With two different sizes, the Mee Mee 3 in 1 Baby Weaning Spoon Set can accommodate the needs of your growing baby.

Why Your Baby Will Like it:

Your growing baby will need a bigger spoon sooner than you expect. She can enjoy her mealtime without any discomfort and feel satiated with the right-sized cutlery. And, this Mee Mee spoon set will help you do just that, as it comes with spoons in different sizes, which will help your child eat appropriate morsels as she grows. The spoons have soft, odourless silicone tips and rounded edges that make feeding comfortable and safe for the baby. The product is made with BPA-free plastic and comes with a long, ergonomic handle for good grip and easy feeding.

3. Babyhug Ergo Grip Stainless Steel Spoon & Fork Set – Pink

Do you think your baby is ready to transition to steel cutlery? Take a look at the Babyhug Ergo Grip Stainless Steel Spoon & Fork Set!

Why Your Baby Will Like it:

There’s nothing like steel when it comes to cutlery. It’s safe to use, and perfect for your little one if you are not too keen on using spoons in specific materials, especially after your child turns a certain age. The spoon and the fork both have stainless steel tips, and a BPA-free, uniquely designed broad handle to allow your little one to hold it comfortably.

4. Munchkin Feeding Spoon Set of 4

Sometimes, vibrant colours are what you need to make feeding enjoyable for your little one! The Munchkin Feeding Spoon Set might just be what you need.

Why Your Baby Will Like it:

This set comes in four different, bright-coloured spoons that can help you make your baby’s mealtimes vibrant and stimulating. Your baby will especially like the colour changing tips that turn white when the food is hot. As much she will enjoy this ‘magical’ sight, it will also help you visually know if the food is at the right temperature, if you are in a hurry. How ‘cool’ is that!

5. Babyhug Heat Sensitive Spoons Set of 2 – Blue Green

Put some spice in your baby’s life by adding variety with the Babyhug heat-sensitive spoons in blue and green colours.

Why Your Baby Will Like it:

Bright-coloured cutlery is always a hit with babies. Your munchkin will particularly like it if you match the spoon’s colour with that of the food you are serving. Or, just let her choose her favourite colour for that day’s mealtime! These spoons are also heat-sensitive and change colours when the food is hot. They can add an element of surprise for your tiny tot, and help you gauge if the baby food is warm enough.

6. Munchkin Infant Soft Tip Spoons Multicolour – Pack of 6

Do you think your little one is now ready for usual cutlery? Well, your search ends right here!

Why Your Baby Will Like it:

Sometimes, no number of baby spoons is enough. The Munchkin Infant Soft Tip Spoon set consists of six spoons in bold colours. Each spoon has a soft and flexible tip that is perfectly designed for your baby’s mouth, with a long handle to hold it properly. The spoons are made of non-toxic material and go easy on your baby’s gums. It is one of the best infant spoons for weaning babies.

7. Babyhug Dual Scoop Spoons Set of 5

Now, manage between bigger and smaller bites for your little one with the Babyhug Dual Scoop Spoons Set.

Why Your Baby Will Like it:

Your baby can now eat comfortably without hurting her gums with the Babyhug Dual Scoop Spoons Set. Each spoon has a big and a small scoop that allows you or your little one (if she’s eating independently) to manage the size of the bite, ensuring comfort while eating. These are one of the best baby training spoons out there!

This list of the best weaning spoons is sure to put your worries at rest when it comes to choosing cutlery for your baby. Weaning is a delicate process, and therefore, appropriate cutlery is just as important as nutritious foods. Choose the ones that are comfortable to use and easy to clean, and feeding will be fun every single time! Fun fact – parents usually don’t realise that their babies can learn to self-feed much earlier than they think! You may want to allow your munchkin to try her hand at self-feeding to help her transition faster.

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His Majesty the first lure: playmother — LiveJournal

I came up with such a pompous title for a reason. The first acquaintance with adult food for a baby is a very, very important moment.
Before that, he ate only mother's milk (well, or a liquid mixture - then another matter) and was connected with mother like never before.
Perhaps the change of food is the first significant stage of growing up.

In some traditions, this moment is even considered sacred. So in India, for example, there is even a special ceremony of the first feeding with grain.

I remember when I was expecting my first daughter, I came across glossy magazines for future and current mothers. They abounded with all sorts of soulful articles about pregnancy and parenting and of course a variety of advertising.

In the articles, everything was completely textbook: first, an apple on the tip of a spoon, then slowly increase the portion of the portion day by day and gradually add other hypoallergenic fruits such as pears. Then acquaintance with vegetables: pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli and more. All this was promoted in the form of canned food. Plus juice packs.

Then milk-free baby porridge first. Then slowly milk. And only then gradually give mashed potatoes with pieces.
All this was in beautiful branded plates and so neat. The child is in a high chair, he is wearing a beautiful bib.

This picture was deposited in my pregnant brain and that's why everything was like that with my first daughter.

I remember with what reverent awe I stirred the exact amount of baby porridge in the Avent bunny plate and how carefully I fed my baby sitting in a huge highchair.

She was already ten months old when we went on vacation to sunny Uzbekistan and I remember that she ate the sweetest grapes and slices of watermelon well there, but I gave very little...

puree soups and then the child began to eat what adults do. Fortunately, I have never cooked with large portions of hot spices or too salty food.

It was about the same with twins. Only instead of bulky high chairs in the kitchen, they first reclined in their sun loungers, and then I transplanted them into compact small chairs with tables. A mega-cool thing by the way and just a godsend in a small apartment.

From time to time I heard the word prikorm from somewhere.

Once I was even surprised to see a fierce holivar on the topic of whether to give jars or all the same only bought with my own hands or harvested in the garden, vegetables.

So with baby La. probably this same pedprikorm happened. This is when the child from the very beginning tries also what the parents eat. And eats immediately pieces! This is really an amazing thing, but she does not want to eat mashed potatoes at all. La. he just spits. She spits on children's cottage cheese and generally does not like it very much when a spoon is brought to her. Only if she knows it's soup, then she eats it. Such a child. Banks rejected immediately and forever.
Baby porridge is disgusting to her. But oatmeal, which I cook for the elders, is quite.

I ate some grapes yesterday, it's scary to say. But I gave, because she directly sparkled. Well, I think, mother, look, your stomach will hurt. No, I didn't get sick. Come on, he says.

He eats everything straight. He grinds with his three and a half teeth. Two from the bottom are sharp, do not stick your finger in and one and a half teeth from above, also very gangster. And this is how she eats.
He asks for pasta - enough in his mouth. You don't need a spoon.

I can't say whether it's good or not. Of course, I liked to do everything clearly and according to the instructions, but the fourth one decided to go her own way.

Therefore, you still need to look at your child, what he likes from what is possible, of course.

Basic rules for the first complementary foods:

1. If the child is full breastfeeding and is gaining weight well, then you can take your time with this important event. As a rule, it is worth thinking about complementary foods when the first teeth come through and the child's age is more than six months. Eight months is also not too late.

2. Always give a green apple or pear first. They are kind of hypoallergenic. The principle of classical feeding - from simple to complex. And gradually.

3. It is better to try giving porridge without milk first. Or add your milk - moms do that. Then cow. Not all small children digest cow's milk well, so it is usually given to a special baby.

I have a story about this from my friend. She has a Nepalese husband and she went to give birth to her first child in India. Why and how is of course a separate song. Then they went with the baby to Nepal. And there she became very, very ill. In general, it can be understood. The body was already in shock from hormones, and then there were some wild trips, a sharp change in climate, food and everything in general. She actually got hepatitis. And of course the child had to stop feeding. He was three or four months old. The husband's relatives are simple people - they gave the boy milk from under their own cows. Oh, she says it was awful. He was very weak and small. His stomach hurt all the time, he constantly cried and pooped, but oddly enough, in a year it passed and now he is a very strong four-year-old boy.
This story is more about harsh artificial feeding, but nonetheless.

4. Do not take too long with liquid food. When the baby already has four or five teeth, it is quite possible to give lumpy food, even if you are shaking over the child like I am over my first daughter. And by the way, nibblers are a pretty useless thing, it seems to me. Can anyone chime in? But I have not a single child choked on pieces of apples or bananas. Everyone eats intelligently.

Perhaps that's all I wanted to tell you about the delights of the first complementary foods. You can discuss this topic, ask questions or make additions.

The comments also invite the souls of experienced mothers who can share their invaluable experience in feeding children.

Thank you.

A deaf-mute child who fell into a deep well with snakes was rescued in India

An unprecedented operation lasted more than 4 days.

In India, a 10-year-old deaf-mute boy was rescued after falling into a deep well. The rescue operation lasted four days, reports Zeenews.

Rahul Sahu fell into a well on 10 June while playing in the backyard of his home in Pyhrid, Chhattisgarh state. In Indian villages, wells often remain open, and the boy fell down from a height of 20-25 meters.

When rescuers arrived at the scene, it turned out that it was impossible to get the child in the usual way, largely due to the fact that the width of the well was no more than 60 cm. Earthmovers and cranes were brought to the place to dig a tunnel next to the well.

All this time the boy was sitting at the bottom of the well, where a chamber and a pipe were lowered to supply fresh air. Also, the child was lowered the fruits that he ate. The boy responded well to the rescuers' instructions.

About 150 people participated in the rescue operation, and even soldiers were involved. The work was complicated by the abundance of poisonous snakes and scorpions, as well as bad weather. In addition, not far from the location of Rahul, the diggers came across a huge stone that had to be crushed.

As a result, the boy was pulled out on the night of June 14-15, after more than 100 hours of surgery. The boy was sent to the intensive care unit. Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh State Bhupesh Baghel said Rahul's health condition is stable. During the initial examination by the doctor, the pressure, sugar level and pulse were normal, the lungs were clean. For some time, the child will be observed in the hospital.

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