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When I started solids with my first baby, it was so hard to feel confident in what and how I was feeding her. What’s the safe approach to Baby Led Weaning and what purees are easy to make that she’d really want to eat?

To help myself, I started writing it all down…and to help you, I turned it into my Yummy Baby Food ebook!

The goal is to help you have happier mealtimes with your baby as you start them off on their eating adventures. And be armed with the best info, the easiest recipes, and a game plan to help you enjoy this phase. This easy-reference ebook will make that possible.


Advice for starting solids.  

The difference between Baby Led Weaning and purees (and why you should ditch the labels and do both). 

Good first purees to offer. 

Great first BLW foods to offer. 

Stage 2 & 3 baby food combinations. 

Great early finger foods. 

How to Store Baby Food 

Tips for Packing Food for Daycare 

Master List of Baby Snacks 

FAQs & troubleshooting common feeding problems.  

Latest info on introducing potential allergens. 

Latest info on introducing all food groups. 

Images of a 6-10 month old baby eating to show how their little hands will look through each stage. 

50+ super simple and yummy recipes for easy baby food. 

If you are about to start a baby on solid foods and are confused about what to do, this book will help. If you’ve already started solids and are confused about how to transition to different textures, this book has advice you can use. It will also help provide you with tips on how to combine baby led weaning and purees, whether at home or for daycare or on the go. Plus answers to all of the most common baby feeding questions!

Here's a peak inside:


Yummy Baby Food helps parents start their baby on solid food with a relaxed, fuss-free approach. With an easy-to-read format that’s broken down by baby’s age and progression through the phases of learning to eat, this resource will help you teach your baby to eat without drama, hours in the kitchen, or worry that you’re not doing it “right”.


Introducing solids to a baby can seem confusing and intimidating—but it doesn’t have to be! With my own three kids and among my readers, I’ve found that learning the basics while also understanding how to customize the milestone to fit your family is a method that creates wonderful results for both parents and the baby.

$10+ VALUE FOR $49.99


As a new mom navigating solid foods for the first time - this book is just what I needed to put my mind at ease. It gave me the tools I needed to make decision on what is best for my baby and me!


Highly Recommend

I love the lists of foods for baby to try.


Highly Recommend

I appreciate that your approach to solids is pretty laid back. It takes away the urgency and the pressure that I feel may moms put on themselves to start at a certain time or do it a certain way.



We love the snack recipes so much. I try to make one each week for easy lunch packing. So genius!



Your e-book saved the day! Thanks to this quick perspective and content, my husband and I are on the same page regarding how to move forward with solids.



I particularly liked that you talked about both purees and baby lead weaning and gave options for both as people don't usually talk about them together.


Highly Recommend

Frequently Asked Questions

This book is a digital ebook that you can read on a computer, tablet, or phone. It’s easy to reference wherever you are! 

Upon completion of your order, you’ll receive a link to download the materials. Once you have the file on your computer, you can print it however you’d like.  

If you’d like to have it printed, which is very handy since there’s a lot of information, you can print it at home and place the pages into a binder. Or, you can print it at a local printing supply store, Kinkos or Staples and have them add a spiral binding. 

You can also order through Watson Family Press, which is the lowest price I've found for printing and binding this into a book. (Trust me, I have looked—this option is about half the price of any other printer I've found so far.) It should cost about $12-15 to print and you can use my code YUMMY15 for 15% off the order. Order here.

$10+ VALUE FOR $49.99


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10 Super Starter Baby Food Recipes (plus FREE ebook!)

Baby is going to love these 10 Super Starter Baby Food Recipes from the very first bite. Easy to make, easy to eat! Great baby food for 4 months and up – stage 1 baby food!

*Plus there is a download for my free 10 Super Starter Puree ebook * – designed to get you in the kitchen and off to a great start – includes an entire starters guide on how and when to feed baby, plus tips on how to get the best out of your baby food recipes.

Super Starter Baby Food Recipes

All of these amazing purees once lived in an ebook, which you can download here for FREE, but I feel like these 10 amazing purees have gotten lost in the crowd. Especially since I took my ebooks off my site this past summer.

But I love all of these recipes so much, I need to add them back to the site.

You needed me to add them back to the site, they are that good!

So here they are, back in all of their glory. Ready for you to whip them up for your little one in a matter of minutes.

These are the 10 recipes that BOTH of my girls gave a big thumbs up to. Healthy, nutritious and beyond delicious, these 10 purees are winners all around.

Jump straight to the recipes —–>

Sweet Potato + Thyme
Apple + Clove
Broccoli + Chives
Peach + Vanilla Bean
Carrot + Ginger
Pear + Nutmeg
Butternut Squash + Cilantro
Green Bean + Basil
Bannan + Cinnamon
Mango + Mint

Looking for the tips – each recipe has a great tip in the bottom section of the recipes, so don’t forget to look there for 10 amazing tips on how and what to feed baby!

10 Super Starter Purees for Baby Ebook – Download for FREE!

Starters Guide to Purees –

Introducing Purees to Baby

Making and feeding your baby is a right of passage, a developmental step that she must pass through in order to become the young energetic toddler that she will surely become. While all stages of baby’s growth are magical, feeding baby was the highlight for me. The reason is that you are such a big part of this stage. You get to decide what delicious first puree you are going to serve baby. You get to sit at the same level as your little one and watch all of the priceless faces as you spoon-feed her food you made with love. You get to be part of her first adventure in food tasting.

No pressure or anything.

For some, starting baby on their first puree can be daunting and stressful. It can all be confusing – what, when and how to feed your baby. While the stress is completely normal, let me take it away from you. See, it’s off your plate. Don’t you feel better already? You can now let go of all that worry and just have fun during this monumental stage in baby’s life.

These 10 purees are the place to start – my tried and true recipes that will surely be a hit with your little one, while providing baby with the fundamental nutrients she needs to grow and develop. But the best thing, these recipes deliver big in the taste department, giving your baby a culinary experience from the first swallow.

When Is Baby Ready for Purees

There isn’t an exact age to start baby on their journey into purees, this decision is left completely up to them.

You make the food, they decide when to eat that food.

For some babies, this might be at 4 months, while others might not be ready until 7 or 8 months. Your job is to watch your baby’s signs and silent clues they are giving you.

When you get the thumbs up on the following questions, you are good-to-go!

  • Can your baby sit on her own?
  • Is your baby able to hold her head and neck in an upright position?
  • Does your baby reach for, or eye, your food while you are eating?
  • Is she hungry more often and not satisfied after finishing her usual amount of breast milk or formula?
  • Has her weight doubled since birth?

How Much Should Baby Eat

While some babies open their mouths and instantly become an eating machine, other babies might take a while to discover their foodie personality. For the first couple of months, let your baby decide when and how much they want to eat. This might mean 1 teaspoon or 6 ounces. Babies are born with a natural ‘stop’ button in their tummies, so when they are hungry, they will eat and when they are full, they will stop.

To begin a feeding, start baby with 1 tablespoon of warm-to-touch puree. You can spoon-feed her, dollop a couple of spoonfuls on her tray and let her have at it or put some puree on your finger and let her lick it off. Or a combination of all three.

This feeding routine can take a while for both of you to get comfortable with, the key is not to give up. Stay focused, relaxed and happy.

As hard as it is to not feel rejected when baby doesn’t like one of your purees, don’t get overly concerned. If at any point baby is turning her head, fussy or just not in the zone, put the unused portion of the puree back into the fridge and try again later. Just like walking, eating may take a while for baby to master.

Spices for Baby

This is the question I get asked most – can baby actually eat spices from the get-go?

The simple answer is YES! From the very first puree, baby loves to taste different spices and herbs. It is natural for baby to crave and eat foods that are not only colorful and healthy but that also taste good and stimulate baby’s palette, just like yours and mine. While not a guarantee, my experience is that babies that are introduced to foods with spices and herbs from an early age, grow up to be more open to foods with different tastes and textures.

I would also like to mention that all spices and herbs have medicinal purposes. Ginger is great for when baby’s tummy is upset, basil helps aid sleep(!!!) and cinnamon is proven to stimulate the brain.

All the recipes below are completely safe for baby at any age. If you are unsure of adding spices, I would recommend starting with just a pinch of the spice in the recipe for the first batch, adding more spice as baby becomes more accustomed to it.

Now it’s time for the 10 Super Start Baby Food Recipes!

Peach Baby Puree (Stage One)

5 stars (13 ratings)

Smooth and creamy, this homemade Peach Baby Puree delivers big on taste with naturally sweetened peaches and flecks of vanilla bean.

Get the recipe

Carrot + Ginger Baby Food Puree

5 stars (8 ratings)

This Carrot + Ginger Baby Food recipe is a great first puree for baby! Smooth and mild tasting but with a fun zip from the ginger. Ginger is also great for calming an upset tummy.

Get the recipe

Green Bean Baby Food

5 stars (33 ratings)

Green beans are steamed until just tender, this puree has a mild taste for baby's palette.

Get the recipe

  •  7 Organic Starter Baby Purees for Under $20
  •  15 Stage One Baby Purees (that actually taste delicious)
  •  10 Super Starter Purees for Baby (Tips, Recipes and Starters Guide on How to Feed Baby)
  •  5 Minute Mango Baby Food Puree
  •  Roasted Butternut Squash + Thyme Baby Food Puree




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This book is a complete and comprehensive guide to helping women who want to breastfeed. It covers in detail many topics related to breastfeeding, from the anatomy and physiology of the female breast to the growth and weight of the infant, from the technique of attachment to the breast to frequent...

My child does not want to eat!

Carlos Gonzalez


This is not a guide to getting your child to eat more. The central idea of ​​this book is not to force a child to eat, never, for any reason and under no circumstances. Dr. Gonzalez, an experienced pediatrician and father of three, shows based on rigorous scientific evidence that our ...

First soup, then dessert

Maria Kardakova


Maria Kardakova, nutritionist and mother of two children, provides useful, relevant and scientifically based advice on healthy diets for children from birth to adolescence. You will learn what factors influence your child's food preferences, how to determine whether he is getting enough food...

Cooking for the little ones. Baby food from birth to school

Irina Pigulevskaya


A huge number of recipes and recommendations for the nutrition of children from birth to adolescence awaits you on the pages of the book. The author tells all about the features of feeding children. From the first part of the book, you will learn all about the main varieties of complementary foods necessary for a full-fledged, bal...

Baby food. A variety of menus for every day from birth to five years

Tatyana Borisova


This book tells about the modern medical principles of baby nutrition from birth to five years of age. Much attention is paid to the first year of a child's life: mixed and artificial feeding, as well as feeding premature babies. Recommendations are given to the food organization. ..

Recipes for meals for children over one year old

Unidentified author


Child nutrition is a very important family problem. After all, mistakes made in this area can lead to a delay in the physical and mental development of children, to serious metabolic disorders. And it is necessary to take care of high-quality and varied nutrition from the first days of a baby's life. This book will help...

Multicooker for babies. 1000 best recipes

Unidentified author


A slow cooker is a very necessary thing, but every mother has a question: is it possible to cook food for little gourmets in it? Yes, you certainly may! Moreover, you can simultaneously cook "duet dishes": one for adults, the other for kids. The possibilities of the multicooker make it possible to use it in cooking...

Multicooker. Meals for children from 0 to 7 years old

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This book contains recipes for children's menus that can be prepared in a slow cooker. Dairy dishes and homemade products, mashed soups, meat and fish steam dishes are suitable for kids. For older children, according to the proposed recipes, you can cook the first and second...

My child eats by himself. Complementary foods with pleasure

Polina Kazimirova


It's time to introduce complementary foods to your child, and you are terrified that you will become a hostage to cereals and purees for a long time? Taught by bitter experience with the elder, have you firmly decided not to arrange theatrical performances in order to feed the younger? Or are you looking forward to complementary foods in the hope that your baby will become like this ...

Cooking for kids



In this book you will find many recipes that will make your baby's food as comfortable as possible. A nutritionist's advice will help to gently adapt his digestive system to new foods, from the period of the first weaning to the age of three. Recipes for vegetable and fruit purees, milk porridge ...



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Ellen Stöcken Dahl


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Pediatric neurosurgeon. Without the right to make a mistake: about who saves the lives of little patients

Jay Jayamohan


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My child eats by himself. Lure with pleasure

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Emergency care: a guide for parents. Always at hand

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Child health: modern approach. How to learn to cope with diseases and your own panic

S.A. Butriy 9Ol000 child

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Healthy child. Handbook of caring mother

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Children's sleep rules. How to improve sleep for a child and his parents

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Adenoids without surgery

Leskov I. V.



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Dr. annamama, I have a question: how to feed a child?

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Dr. annamama, I have a question: how to take care of a child?

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36 and 6 questions about temperature. How to help a child with an increase in body temperature: a book for moms and dads

Komarovsky E.O.


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Cough book: about children's cough for moms and dads

Komarovsky E.O.


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Let's play yoga. Light and fun exercises to develop flexibility and coordination, imagination and memory

Tai-Yun Yu


369 ₽

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Eyes. How to help a child see the world without glasses

Igor Aznauryan


134 ₽

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Eyelets. How to help a child see the world without glasses

Igor Aznauryan


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Children's ENT. How to protect the health of the ears, nose and throat

Vladimir Zaitsev


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Selyutina, a dentist, I have a question: how to take care of children's teeth?

Julia Selyutina


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MICROBES? Mom, without panic, or how to form a strong immunity of

Brette Finles

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Superfire for your baby

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