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Baby Food Feeding Race - Baby Shower Games

Baby Food Feeding Race Game
Supplies: Baby food, plastic spoons, bibs and towels

One of the joys of having a baby come when the baby starts to eat real food. The faces, the mess and the fun choo-choo sounds effects help make meal time fun. Now your friends and family can join in the feeding frenzy with our Baby Food Feeding Race.

Baby Food Feeding Race Game Prep & Play
a. You’ll need a jar of baby food for each team, plenty of bibs and maybe some towels.

b. Have guests partner up. One person from each team gets to put on a bib. The other team member stands behind the teammate with the bib and is given a spoon and an jar of baby food.

c. The teammate with the baby food must feed the person with the bib while standing behind them.

d. To make things more interesting have a variety of baby food yummy kinds like Apple Sauce and scary kinds like Split Peas (sorry split pea fans) and have each team choose a mystery jar. Make sure to remove the label, so it is a real mystery.

e. Have 2-4 Teams compete at a time. The first team to finish their baby food and not just spill it all over the place wins a prize. If you have a large shower, it is best to have two heats as it is a fun and entertaining game to watch and then the winners of each heat can play again in the finals. Play a final round to determine the winner.

Item to Note
Watch out for Baby Food Spillers! Competitive ladies like to win and one thing you should mention is that the game is called Baby Food Feeding race not Baby Food Spilling Race, so if any contestants just spill the baby food as a way to empty their jar they will be eliminated from the game. This should keep players honest.

Variation – Baby Food Feeding Relay Race
In this version instead of having two person teams, you might have three teams with 4 or 5 people on them.

a. You set a Start line, that is wear the Teams stand and you set a feeding line (about ten feet away) where you can have a chair / stool where the baby (teammate) will sit to be fed. You’ll want to have extra bibs and towels by the stool.

b. You Start the game with the First Player from the team going down to the stool placing a bib on a towel on her lap. The Second Team Member is given a spoon and an open jar of baby food. When the hostess says go the Second Team Member heads to the baby, stands behind them and starts feeding them the baby food.

c. When the Baby Food jar is empty. The First Team Member (baby who was being fed) stands up and can now remove their bib. They turn to the Second Team Member and grab the baby food jar and spoon and head to the starting line.

d. Once the jar and spoon have been take from the Second Team Member, they must now grab a bib, tie it on, sit in the chair and place a towel over their legs so they don’t get baby food on them.

e. When the First Team Member gets back to the start line, the Third Team Member can now leave with her spoon and food and start to feed the Second Team Member when they have their bib on and are seated.

f. This process continues until everyone, including the First Player, has feed the baby. The first team to have all their Team members do it first wins!

Guess The Baby Food Game

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I organised several games and activities for my sister’s Pink Flavoured Baby Shower and they were a whole lot more successful than I had anticipated! Everyone really got into the spirit of things and they were great fun, as well as bringing all the guests who didn’t know each other together.

The first game I’m going to tell you about is ‘Guess The Baby Food’. And if you’re thinking, “OMG, do we have to eat baby food?!” Let me tell you yes, yes you do!

2015 Update – By request, I’ve added these as free printables for you to download here: Guess The Baby Food Game – Baby Shower Free Printable

It was a fun game…even if a little on the gross side – do we really feed babies this jarred stuff? Blech! Everyone joined in, except for me, because, you know. Answers… >_>

It’s easy enough to set up – you just need a little preparation! I bought 6 jars of baby food – 3 savoury and 3 sweet. You could have more or less if you like, but it felt like a good amount. It’s best to try and get varying flavours if you can.

To keep the jars a mystery you will need to take off the labels. I created some custom labels to stick on, but you could just as easily use sticky labels that you write numbers (or letters on) and keep tally of what is what on a hidden sheet of paper.

What I did, was put each label into a corresponding envelope to reveal when everyone had made their choices.

I also made a sign to sit next to the game, along with answer sheets. But you can be as creative (or non-creative!) as you like!

I also provided lots of plastic teaspoons so as not to double dip! Initially, the weather was looking a little suspect on the morning of the baby shower, so I set everything up inside, eventually, as the sun came out to play, we all moved outside, including the games!

When game time came around, I removed the jar lids, and gave out some paper plates for people to scoop food onto to taste from. It was quite amusing to watch people’s reactions to the taste of the food and to hear their guessing of what each jar was!

I think you only have to look through the reaction photos to know how this one worked out!! It was hilarious, and if you’re holding a baby shower for someone, I encourage you to give this game a try!

You will have to excuse the minging-ness of my garden in the outside photos – it really needs ‘doing’!

Mummy and Daddy to be start the proceedings!
My brother is keen to start with
Eventually he proclaims that the food tastes like feet!
My brother’s face in the background cracks me up!
My brother-in-law thinks “what the hell is this?!”
Then he thinks “hmm, not bad!”

Make sure you check out our Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas when the time comes!

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Baby games for toddlers


Bimi Boo is back with you! This time you will go to visit Bimi's friends who live in a tree house. You will meet a cunning cat, a cheerful rabbit and a cute squirrel.

15 different games will captivate your child not only with bright colors and cheerful animations, but also with interesting tasks to be completed:

- Arrange objects by color, shape, quantity and size;
- Pick up items according to the meaning; nine0009 - Decompose geometric shapes in silhouette;
- Sort things in their places;
- Properly feed the animals;
- Restore pictures from memory.

With Bimi Boo, your little one will learn to recognize shapes, colors, textures and more. The game also contributes to the development of attention and ingenuity in children. Our game contains everything necessary for a fun and useful development of the child.

Version 1.47

Thank you for using our applications. Below are some details of this update:
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- Improved application stability.

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Bring back full access!!!!

I paid for the full version, the child played, the next day it does not work, he asks to pay again !!!!

nine0004 Dear Customer, please try to reinstall the app by following these step-by-step instructions.
1) Set up the account from which the purchase was performed on the device.
2) Download (!) the app with the above-mentioned account.
3) Turn ON your internet connection before app launch.
4) Launch the app and tap "restore purchases" button.

If the problem isn't fixed this way, please provide us with a screenshot from your order history illustrating product name. You can email us at [email protected] and we'll definitely find a solution for you. nine0005

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42 ideas for a great pastime

In the era of the prosperity of technology, endless cartoons and the same endless feeds in social networks, both children and parents began to forget about simple communication, looking into each other's eyes, and not at the screen of a TV, tablet or smartphone. Think about how long it has been since you played with your child? Oddly enough, even the ideas for the simplest and once popular games have long been lost in memory and have undeservedly lost their relevance. nine0005

Games for children are not only a great way to spend time with the family, but also an opportunity to develop thinking, memory, logic, reaction speed. We have collected the best children's games that will captivate the whole family and give a charge of vivacity and positive for a long time.


  1. Children's games at home
  2. Fun games for children at home: types
  3. Active games
  4. Sports games
  5. Competitions
  6. nine0118 Development games
  7. Speech games
  8. Construction of houses
  9. Math games
  10. Interesting games for two children
  11. Role-playing games
  12. Unusual home games
  13. Music games
  14. Water games
  15. Interesting games
  16. Advice to parents

Children's games at home


Entertaining games for children have many advantages: they bring together all family members who take part in the process, allow you to spend time rich and exciting, without gadgets and TV. The game is a powerful tool for the development of your child. If you are going to spend time together blowing dust off a box of checkers or a long-forgotten Monopoly, remember some nuances:

  • Try not to prompt your child. Make an exception to the rule only if he does not yet know the rules. Let them learn to make mistakes and draw conclusions. Undoubtedly, you know more, but let the baby be independent. nine0119
  • Do not give in, you must be on an equal footing. Therefore, it is worth choosing interesting games for children, where the process does not require encyclopedic knowledge or vast experience, and the rules are simple and understandable for everyone.
  • You need to play only with pleasure, getting pleasant emotions. If you notice that the children don’t like the game or they get bored, it’s better to switch to another one: it’s definitely not worth forcing anyone to have fun.

Fun games for kids at home: 9 types0003

What kind of games are there in a confined space? When thinking of entertainment, consider the possibilities of an apartment or house and the age of the child. Excessive noise should not be raised late in the evening, and too primitive games are unlikely to be appreciated by a senior student. Therefore, alternate, experiment, and you will definitely select exactly those family games that will captivate everyone, and just spend time with children without a computer.

Active games

1. Let's go! nine0034

Have your child pretend to be a car driving down a dark road. To do this, put a few chairs or other objects, give the child a steering wheel or its round substitute, and blindfold. You are a navigator, a kid is a car, turn on and go! Try switching places so that the child also tries himself as a helper.

Suitable for age: 5-8 years old.

2. Hold the balloon

This kids game will require a balloon and some skill. Task: move the ball from one end of the room / corridor to the other without touching it with your hands and without letting it fall. Let the children be smart: you can blow on the ball, push it with your nose, chin, knees. nine0005

If there are two children, arrange a competition: who will bring the ball to the finish line the fastest. For older participants, the task can be made more difficult by building a path or placing small obstacles to get around.

Suitable for age: 5-15 years old.

3. Cross the river

Ropes, ribbons or two pieces of rope, laid out at a distance of one and a half to two meters from each other, can play the role of the banks. From paper, cut out circles that will replace the pebbles. nine0005

Invite the child to "get over" from one bank to another, stepping over the stones without "wetting" the legs. The game is simple, but perfectly develops coordination of movements in children 3-5 years old.

Suitable for age: 3-5 years old.

4. "Brilliant" basketball

In the conditions of an apartment, entertaining games for children with a ball are not very convenient, but if we replace it with small foil balls, and build a basket from a children's bucket or a cut-off five-liter bottle, then we get quite a decent basketball. nine0005

The competition can be made more difficult: throw in turn with the left and right hand, count who will have more hits per minute, vary the distance from the player to the basket.

Suitable for age: 5-13 years old.

5. Hopscotch

The good old jumping rope is definitely worth remembering and having a game even within an apartment or house. With construction tape on the carpet, “draw” a classic, a round candy box can be used as a “bit”. The main thing is to remember the neighbors below and try not to disturb their peace in the evening. nine0005

Suitable for age: 5-10 years old.

6. The fastest turtle

Turning into a turtle is easy! Get on all fours, put a pillow on your back and go to the finish line, so that your "shell" is not lost along the way. You can arrange a competition "Who is faster?" or which of the "turtles" will show the best time.

Suitable for age: 4-7 years old.

7. Insidious ball

Throwing the ball within the apartment is not the safest activity, so you can think of other activities with it. Lie on your stomach opposite each other, put the ball between your heads. Try to stand up while holding the ball with two hands, without the help of hands. nine0005

Another option would be to compete, in which case two balls would be required. Get on all fours and, on command, start rolling the ball, touching it with your forehead or nose, without helping with your hands. Whoever crosses the finish line the fastest wins.

Suitable for age: 5-10 years old.

Sports games

It is possible to entertain children at home with games not only for the purpose of entertainment. Motor activity is necessary, especially for a fidget baby. Come up with stories, remember your favorite animals or fairy-tale characters, accompanying interesting stories with movements as the story progresses. The child will be happy to imitate a bear, jump like a monkey or stretch his neck like a hissing goose. Mobile children's games will allow you to spend all the extra energy that the baby has accumulated, directing it in the right and useful direction. nine0005

8. Jumper

Hang the balloons from the ceiling at such a distance that the child can reach them only by jumping. Pre-fill them with foam balls, large confetti or other light fillers.

The child's task is to jump up, hitting the ball with his hand, and reach it. You can diversify the game by taking multi-colored balls and placing them at different heights, and then, naming the color, ask them to jump to each of them.

Suitable for age: 3-5 years old.

9. Gulliver and the Lilliputians

This activity is suitable for a group of children. Ask them to stand in a circle and tell them that everyone can imagine themselves both very small and very large, the main thing is to be attentive.

At the command of "Lilliputians!" (as an option for children: dwarfs, kids) children should sit down, at the command “Gulliver!” (or "Giants") - stand up. The most attentive wins the game.

nine0006 Suitable for age: 4-5 years old.

10. Take off the feathers

The following game will help you run and practice your agility. Divide the children into two teams. One attach several clothespins to clothes. The task is to get rid of the “feathers” by attaching them to the clothes of the second team members. The one who first removes all the "feathers" from himself will win.

Suitable for age: 6-7 years old.

11. Who is faster?

If you need to keep the children company at home, offer them something like a small relay race. From the options for passing the distance, use:

  • squatting;
  • walking around the room with a balloon without touching it with your hands;
  • walking with a bag of beans (or a book) on the head;
  • jogging over obstacles (for example, without stepping on spread out pillows or, conversely, jogging on sheets of paper), etc.

Suitable for age: 5-10 years old.


Sedentary children's games will also help you out in a situation when children need something to do, especially since the place or time may not allow active movement. Such an activity involves, albeit minimal, but preparation. And it, as you know, is no less interesting than the process of the game itself. nine0005

12. Quiz

Invite the child to be the leader and prepare a competition, say, for a family dinner or tea party when the whole family gathers at the table.

Tell me what questions or riddles to choose, prepare prizes for correct answers, choose the winner, dilute the script with a musical break, turning on karaoke or dance music.

Such quizzes can eventually become thematic and turn into a good family tradition.

Suitable for age: 7-13 years old.

13. Answer in a minute

Prepare a list of simple questions and organize games for the children at home if you have two or more of them. Offer to try to give as many correct answers to the questions as possible in a minute.

This will train your quick thinking and reaction speed. Select questions from the area of ​​​​general knowledge or on topics that children know well, as well as in accordance with age. nine0005

Suitable for age: 7-15 years old.

Family games for development

Entertaining games can be organized with children at home, using the simplest objects. Thus, you will develop logic, thinking and help your child explore the world. Do not forget that during the game the child learns.

14. Magic Pencils

Colored pencils or markers are required for this game. You will repeat the colors and work on the development of observation and imagination in the baby. nine0005

Describe how pencils sometimes come to life and can dream, imagining themselves as other objects. The red one said that he was a strawberry, the green one - a maple leaf, the yellow one introduced himself as the sun.

Invite your child to “speak out” crayons of other colors by naming the corresponding objects.

Suitable for age: 4-5 years old.

15. Touch!

Another way to repeat or study colors is this game. The child needs to touch the object of the color that you name. nine0005

You can play within the same room, or you can complicate the task and look for a suitable color throughout the apartment. As an option, to train your memory, at the end of the search, ask the child to name the items that he found.

Suitable for age: 4-7 years old.

16. Draw a story

Making up stories is a favorite pastime for many children. But it can be diversified by inviting the baby to draw everything that you are talking about. nine0005

A variant of this story: “There was a big house on a green meadow. It had blue walls, a red roof, and gray smoke coming from a black chimney. The yellow sun smiled at the blue sky and blue clouds. Red flowers grew around the house and multi-colored butterflies fluttered.

You can continue the story, add characters and objects, giving them a description. If the child likes this activity, roles can be reversed. Try to draw on paper everything that your creative child will come up with!

Suitable for age: 4-7 years old.

17. Attention to the picture

Children's favorite books usually contain a large number of pictures. For this game, drawings are suitable, which depict many different objects. You say, “I see something red in this picture. It does not know how to speak (as an option - to walk, ride, no pens, etc.).” The task of the child is to guess the object. Roles can be reversed.

Suitable for age: 4-5 years old. nine0005

18. Memory

Game ideas surround you even within the same room, so that with children at home you can develop any mental processes even with the help of ordinary toys.

Take several items (doll, soft toy, ball, cube, etc.) and arrange them randomly. Ask the child to remember what toys he saw and look away.

Swap them or take one and ask what has changed. Tasks can be complicated when the baby has a little practice. nine0005

Suitable for age: 4-7 years old.

19. Didactic games

Suitable for studying mathematical and geometric concepts, natural phenomena and the world around. With the help of pictures cut out from old magazines or printed on a printer, you can help baby animals find their mother (for example, make pairs of chicken-chicken, sheep-lamb, etc.).

Geometric shapes cut out of colored paper will help repeat colors and practice counting, while circles cut into segments will introduce you to the parts of the whole. nine0005

The process of preparing such material will be no less interesting and creative than the lessons themselves.

Suitable for age: 4-8 years old.

Speech games

The development of speech is an important and necessary process. Talk to your child on the way home, in the car, look at the pictures together. Cognitive games can be organized at home with children and in a simple conversation, the main thing is to show a little imagination.

20. Write a story

Some children's games are aimed at the development of imagination, and they should not be neglected. And to begin with, try to come up with a story that will be based on just two words. At the same time, they do not have to be combined in meaning. For example, ask one word from your dad (mother), the second - from your sister (brother). Look what a funny story you can make!

Suitable for age: 5-8 years old.

21. Who and what

By asking simple questions, this game can be played both with a child and with a group of children. Tasks can be as follows:

  • Who (what) is swimming?
  • Who (what) walks?
  • Who's talking?
  • What can you eat?
  • What can be cooked?
  • Who (what) can fly? Etc.

There should be as many answers as possible. If there are many participants, there will be a competition.

Suitable for age: 5-7 years old.

Construction of houses

Needless to say, how children love to build things? Moreover, it does not matter at all whether it is an expensive designer, wooden blocks left after repair, shoe boxes or an umbrella and a blanket - the process is always captivating. nine0005

Although, as practice shows, unnecessary boxes or a covered chair usually win in terms of popularity.

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22. Constructors

In any home there are small Lego parts or a box with wooden towers, arches and blocks of different sizes.

Offer a bored child to build a home for his favorite toy: a little man, a doll, a bear, etc. you can go beyond walls and build simple furniture and celebrate the move. nine0005

Suitable for age: 5-8 years old.

23. Cardboard boxes

It happens that shoe boxes have accumulated or a large package of household appliances has appeared. Then the house can be built for dolls (for boys - a garage or parking lot) or for a baby.

Such structures can be pasted over, decorated, filled with furniture - in general, playing with them will captivate young architects and designers for more than one day.

Suitable for age: 6-10 years old. nine0005

24. Armchairs, blankets and umbrellas

The good old version of "housing", inexplicably of interest to all generations of children without exception. A bedspread or a blanket can be put on the table, fixed with books, two chairs can be covered with it, or something similar can be built using an ordinary umbrella.

Fantasy begins to appear instantly, and sofa cushions, blankets and other improvised means are used. True, after such a game you will have to spend some time cleaning.

Suitable for age: 4-8 years old.

Math games

Don't you think that mathematics is a boring science? Wrong opinion. Usually children like to count, add and subtract, play with geometric shapes. The main thing is to interest them and not turn the game into a long annoying task.

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25. Mathematics in the kitchen

Setting the table is a great way for your little one to practice counting. Ask him to put two forks on the table, bring three cups, take five apples from the basket, or put four cookies on the plate.

Get creative with addition and subtraction using teaspoons, large pasta, or other kitchen tools.

Suitable for age: 4-6 years old.

26. Tasty Numbers

Bake number cookies together. Prepare the dough, let the child roll out the sausages, and you help to add them in the form of numbers. nine0005

You can play with them, build pyramids, stack them up and down, and even make simple examples. It's not scary if a couple of signs suddenly disappear imperceptibly - after all, this is a cookie.

Alternatively, math pastries can also be made inedible. Blind such numbers from salt dough, dry and decorate them, and then open them with varnish. Spreading examples from this counting material will be especially nice.

Suitable for age: 4-6 years old. nine0005

27. Math ball

The ball can be played even within the same room without damaging neighbors or surrounding furniture. Repeat verbal counting with your child.

When throwing the ball to him, name an example, and he, throwing the ball to you, must say the answer. Depending on age, you can take numbers from the first ten, second or three-digit. The main thing is to have time to count yourself in order to check the correctness of the answer.

The variant of the ball game can be like this. When throwing the ball to a child, name the number, and in response he must name adjacent numbers (5 more, 10 less, half as much, etc., depending on age and knowledge). nine0005

Suitable for age: 5-8 years old.

Interesting games for two children

Children often only need to be prompted to play, and they will perfectly play with each other, mostly without paying attention to the difference in age.

Calm games at home can be very different, the main thing is that they are interesting for children.

28. Wonder Beast

All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. The first player draws a head and folds the sheet so that only the neck is visible. nine0005

The second one completes the torso, then the first one again draws the legs (paws, flippers, etc.). Expanding the "picture", the children will see a rather funny creature that you can think of a name for.

Suitable for age: 6-10 years old.

29. Funny stories

A similar activity can be a variant of the game on paper, when children need to play with each other or with adults. The first participant must write two lines from a song, poem or just two sentences related in meaning, and wrap a sheet of paper, leaving only the last phrase. nine0005

The next one writes two of his own lines, connecting them in meaning with the previous phrase, and again wraps the sheet. As a result, the bundle will hide a very curious and, most likely, funny story.

Suitable for age: 8-14 years old.

Role-playing games

Children's games, in which children pretend to be adults, are perhaps the most favorite.

From an early age, a child begins to imitate his parents: he lovingly puts his favorite toys to bed, builds a garage, cooks food on a toy stove, or builds a semblance of a real store. Play along with the child or switch roles with him, allowing him to become a mom, dad, salesman or doctor. nine0005

30. Shop

There are several variants of this game. You can lay out items on the "counter", set "price tags" and make "money" from cut sheets of paper of different sizes, thereby repeating the count.

Or you can ask the child not to name the product he wants to buy, but only to give him a description. So the game will become a small lesson in the development of speech.

Suitable for age: 4-6 years old.

31. Beauty salon

A role-playing game that captivates absolutely all girls. You can become a model for your child to do hair, make-up, and manicures.

But a doll can also act as a “client” of the salon. At the same time, be sure to discuss the rules of conduct and the culture of communication in the salon.

Suitable for age: 5-7 years old.

32. Construction site

You can organize the activities of both the driver and the builder at the same time by showing your son that a large car can be loaded with blocks, help it get to the construction site, unload the “material” and start building a garage or house. nine0005

You can also include a crane, "worker" figures and build more than one object.

Suitable for age: 4-6 years old.

33. Playing Pirates

Build a ship from improvised means, and look for costume parts in the closet - the preparation process will be no less interesting.

Then, armed with binoculars, you can go in search of treasures to uncharted shores. Alternatively, a small toy man can become a pirate, and a ship can be built from a designer. Depends on what the child likes more. nine0005

Suitable for age: 5-8 years old.

Unusual home games

Family games at home can become a good tradition that will give your children a lot of warm memories in adult life. In the meantime, they are still small, a little imagination, effort and time will help organize fun games and occupy the leisure of the whole family. Get actively involved in the preparation, do not be lazy, think of what you can play, and you will not notice how you will get carried away yourself. nine0005

34. Fantastic patterns

Mix 5 tablespoons of gouache, one of shampoo (dishwashing liquid) and a teaspoon of water. Make a thick foam in the container by blowing into a plastic straw.

Now lightly touch the colored bubbles with a piece of paper. See how the prints turn out, and paint an abstract picture, following your imagination.

Suitable for age: 5-12 years old.

35. Cheerful quest

This activity can be prepared for a birthday or for a group of friends, or you can just please your child with an exciting activity. And if the treasure hunter is interested in the search process, then, believe me, the preparation process will be no less fascinated. nine0005

Hide a small gift or sweet prize (there may be more than one) at home and write step-by-step instructions on how to find it.

You can place notes with hints in the most unusual places, the main thing is that each previous one should be the key to finding the next one and eventually lead to the main “treasure”.

Suitable for age: 6-12 years old.

Music games

Every child has favorite songs, regardless of age. You can just dance, learn new moves or prepare a dance as a gift. nine0005

Joint games of children at home unite, and music will help recharge with positive and good mood.

36. Leg, leg!

Have you ever danced with your neck? What about a nose or a finger? Well, there is a great opportunity to try! Turn on your favorite tune and start with simple movements.

Ask the children to dance with only their hands or only their feet. Then move on to more difficult tasks: dance only with your elbow or finger. And don't forget: you, too, must be actively involved in the game. nine0005

37. Get rid of the balls

For this game you will need a low stretched volleyball net. But as an option, any dividing line in the house is also suitable. Inflate 6 - 10 balloons, depending on the number of players.

The task of two teams (they can have from 1 to 3-4 participants), having received the balls equally, transfer them to the opponent's side.

The game starts when the music is turned on and stops when the music is turned off. Whichever side has fewer balls at that moment wins. nine0005

Water games

Children love to splash in the water, bathe and pour water from container to container.

If you choose to use water as a plaything, be prepared for the environment to be wet and your baby's clothes and shoes to become wet. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that at the end of the game you will need to completely change your clothes.

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38. Catch, fish!

Prepare a bowl or basin of water, take a few small items and dip them directly into the water. These can be balls, small figures, chestnuts, etc. nine0005

Invite the child to catch the “fish” with his hands, a spoon, a small net (a small kitchen sieve can act as this), and then carefully place them in a nearby container.

Suitable for age: 3-5 years old.

39. SpongeBob

Tell your child that a sponge can absorb water and show how it works.

Prepare two containers, fill one with water. Try transferring water from one container to another with a sponge, filling it up and then squeezing it out. nine0005

Suitable for age: 3-4 years.

40. Catch the ball!

When your baby goes for a bath, drop about ten lightly inflated balloons into the bath with him.

They will funny jump out from under the water, float like boats if you blow on them, and will be a wonderful field for experiments of a little researcher.

Suitable for age: 3-5 years old.

Interesting games

What other games are there for children at home? Choose according to the mood and preference of the child.

They can be active or calm, with a lot of additional materials or take place in the form of a conversation, but in any case they should be interesting to the child. As practice shows, games without a phone can also captivate and interest a child.

41. Guess what it is

We explore the world around us with the help of the senses, and touch plays an important role in this. Therefore, it will be useful for a child to mentally create images of things without seeing them, but only by touching them. nine0005

Place several items in a basket or container out of sight, then give one to each child's hands while blindfolded (or simply cover them).

Let the baby try to guess what he is holding in his hands, examining the object only with his fingers. Tell me if the child is not coping.

Suitable for age: 4-7 years old.

42. Unusual book

Games and activities with children at home can be remembered not only as an interesting pastime with parents, but also as an interesting craft that has been preserved for many years. You can make a book with your child about himself. nine0005

Collect photographs, magazine clippings, interesting small items. They can be glued onto thick sheets of paper and write a story together.

In this book, let the child write the first letter, make the first drawing, circle his pen or stick a picture he likes. After many years, such a craft will evoke very fond memories.

Alternatively, you can make a fairy tale book by inventing a story and decorating it with applications and drawings. The process will take more than one evening and, most likely, will interest the child for a long time. nine0005

Suitable for age: 4-10 years old.

Advice to parents

When spending time with your child, do not be afraid to show your imagination, use any household items for play, talk about the world around you, let the baby try on different roles, dance, jump, get his hands dirty in paint or wet clothes with water. So he learns the world, develops and grows.

Remember that your participation in the gameplay is important, but only as a partner, less so as a mentor.

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