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Update: Once Upon a Farm at Costco is Back!

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Super deal for parents of babies and toddlers! Once Upon A Farm at Costco is a STEAL for Jennifer Garner’s popular organic fresh cold pressed baby food line and it’s back at Costco right now! Once Upon A Farm is made with organic and non-GMO fruits and veggies, free from added sugar or preservatives and it’s cold-pressure packed into 3 ounce pouches and kept refrigerated to preserve and lock in nutrients. It’s always dairy free.

Why We Love Once Upon A Farm Baby Food

Once Upon A Farm organic baby food pouches are full of good stuff, and free from artificial preservatives, artificial dyes, added sugars, stabilizers, thickeners or other ingredients you wouldn’t normally use in homemade baby food. Once Upon A Farm’s formulations are just like organic baby food made at home, just fruits, veggies, and whole grains. 

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Have you bought Once Upon A Farm at Costco yet? What did you think? I shopped with a friend recently who bought it for her son, and a family member helped to unpack the groceries when she got home and assumed they were regular shelf stable pouches and put them away in the cabinet…they weren’t discovered until it was too late. So word to the wise…remember these need to be refrigerated! It’s fresh food 🙂

Update: 2022 Pricing

Once Upon a Farm Cold Pressed Food Pouches 12 Count are Costco Item Number 1669642 and cost $15.89. That shakes out to about $1.32 each.

Shop Now for Once Upon A Farm on Amazon:

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Jennifer Garner’s Organic Cold Pressed Baby Food Line – Once Upon A Farm – is Back at Costco!

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Jennifer Garner’s Organic Baby Food Line Now at Costco!

Once Upon a Farm at Costco

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Blends in Once Upon A Farm at Costco:

The box of Once Upon a Farm at Costco contains a dozen pouches including 4 each of the following:

Wild Rumpus Avocado: This blend contains organic pineapple, organic banana, organic avocado and organic mint. It’s packed with vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and is a source of Fiber, Protein and Potassium.

OhMy Mega Veggie: This blend contains organic apple, organic carrot, organic beet, organic ginger, and organic flax seed. It’s a source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Fiber and Potassium.

Green Kale & Apples: This blend contains organic apple, organic banana, organic kale, and organic hemp seed. It’s a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin B. It’s also a source of Fiber and Potassium.

Baby food from Once Upon A Farm is:

  • Always Organic
  • Whole Ingredients
  • Cold-Pressed
  • Nutrient-Rich
  • Farm-to-Fridge
  • No Added Sugar
  • No GMO’s
  • No Preservatives
  • Dairy Free

Nutritional Information

Once Upon A Farm organic baby food at Costco does not contain any sodium, added sugars or cholesterol. 

Once Upon A Farm at Costco Nutritional Panel and Ingredients

Costco Item Number and Cost (2021)

Once Upon A Farm Organic Fruit & Veggie Blend 12 3.02 Ounce Pouches of Refrigerated Fresh Baby Food is Costco Item Number 1543205 and Costs $14.79. That shakes out to about $1.23 each. The box of Once Upon a Farm baby food at Costco contains 3 flavors: OhMy Mega Veggie, Green Kale & Apples and Wild Rumpus Avocado.

Where to Find Once Upon a Time at Costco

You can find Once Upon A Farm at Costco in the refrigerated aisles near the yogurt. Currently, this product is not available online.

About Once Upon A Farm

Cold From Start to Finish = Pick + Press + Protect – Here’s How Once Upon A Farm is Different:

Once Upon a Farm is a Certified B Corporation.

You can find tons more information on the Once Upon A Farm Organics website. If you missed Once Upon a Farm at Costco or if your Costco doesn’t carry it, the company sells and ships their cold baby food directly to your home. See their site, linked above.

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Is Once Upon a Farm Kosher?

Yes, Once Upon a Farm pouches available at Costco are certified Kosher.

How Much Does Once Upon A Farm Baby Food at Costco Cost?

Once Upon A Farm Organic Fruit & Veggie Blend 12 3.02 Ounce Pouches of Refrigerated Fresh Baby Food is Costco Item Number 1543205 and Costs $14.79. That shakes out to about $1.23 each.

What flavors of Once Upon a Farm are available at Costco?

The box of organic cold pressed Once Upon a Farm baby food at Costco contains 3 flavors: OhMy Mega Veggie, Green Kale & Apples and Wild Rumpus Avocado.

Is Once Upon a Farm Vegan?

The Once Upon a Farm 12-Pack Combination Box at Costco is made using only organic fruits and veggies and is not made with dairy or animal products. The product is not certified vegan and packaging indications possible cross contamination due to shared manufacturing equipment for egg, milk, soy and tree nuts. 

Does Once Upon A Farm Need To Be Refrigerated At My House?

Yes. You need to keep Once Upon A Farm baby food pouches refrigerated once you get home. Refrigeration is how they are preserved (like many other fresh, refrigerated foods) and although they are in a pouch which many other brands manufacture in a shelf-stable format…Once Upon A Farm is NOT shelf stable, it is fresh food and must stay in the refrigerator.

Just for fun: CostContessa has met Jennifer Garner a few times. The first time I ever met her was at a park when my then 15-month old walked up to her while she was sitting on the edge of the sandbox and took her cell phone (which was sitting next to her) and walked off with it. I didn’t realize it was her until I went to return the phone. She has a son only a few months older than mine and I ended up chatting with her for a half-hour or so while our boys played in the sandbox. If she wasn’t a celebrity I’d have asked for her number and said we should be friends…but of course I didn’t because that would be weird to say to an A list celebrity. lol. Tales of a Mom in Los Angeles.

All opinions expressed on CostContessa are our own. Content and information provided on our site is provided for free and is only for informational purposes. Our content is not intended as a substitute for medical counseling or reading packaging yourself. Please always see actual package information yourself (it can and does change!) and consult your doctor.

Once Upon a Farm Baby Food & Kids Snacks at Costco



We are thrilled to announce that select Costco locations in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Louisiana will carry an exclusive Once Upon a Farm 12-pack for a limited time only with some of our best-selling fruit and veggie blends. Check below to see if your local Costco is on the list, and swing by to stock up once they become available!

Note: Costco carries items on a rotating basis. If we were previously at your Costco and no longer there, you may find us again in the future! Here's our store locator to find us at another retailer near you in the meantime! We're also available via subscription—delivered right to your door on your schedule.  


    Northeast (Available starting 10/10/2022)


    • Elkridge
    • Brandywine
    • Glenarden
    • Wheaton
    • Owing Mills
    • Glen Burnie
    • Baltimore
    • Gaithersburg
    • Beltsville
    • Hanover
    • Frederick


    • North Chesterfield
    • Alexandria
    • Charlottesville
    • Norfolk
    • Fairfax
    • Glen Allen
    • Sterling
    • Manassas
    • Springfield
    • Arlington
    • Harrisonburg
    • Winchester
    • Newport News
    • Chantilly
    • Leesburg
    • Fredericksburg
    • Woodbridge


    • Lancaster
    • Harrisburg
    • Cranberry Towns
    • Pittsburgh
    • Homestead

    Washington D.C.

    South Central (Available starting 1/27/2022)

    The locations below continue to sell the 12-pack of fruit and veggie blends with the three following flavors – Wild Rumpus Avocado, OhMyMega Veggie!, and Green Kale & Apples.


    • Arlington
    • Austin
    • Baton Rouge
    • Cedar Park
    • Cypress
    • Dallas
    • Duncanville
    • East Plano
    • El Paso
    • Frisco
    • Ft. Worth
    • Houston
    • Humble
    • Katy
    • Lewisville
    • Little Rock
    • Lubbock
    • McKinney
    • New Orleans
    • North Ft Worth
    • NW San Antonio
    • Pearland
    • Pflugerville
    • Pharr
    • Rockwall
    • San Antonio
    • Selma
    • Sonterra Park
    • South Austin
    • Southlake
    • Sugar Land
    • The Woodlands
    • Webster
    • West Katy
    • West Plano
    • Willowbrook


      • Moore
      • Oklahoma City
      • Tulsa


      • Wichita


      • Lafayette

        Posted on: Dec 17, 2021

        Posted by: Kaitlin Willow


        9 Inexpensive But Quality Products Costco


        1 year ago

        from Ours in the USA


        Costco retail chain offers its customers a lot of benefits: nice discounts, generous return policy, tasting products and more. Separately, it is worth noting the personal brand of the Kirkland Signature network, which often outstrips well-known labels in quality. nine0003

        What are Kirkland Signature's low cost, high quality products?

        Liquid Laundry Detergent

        Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent will do a great job of removing any kind of dirt, and will also delight customers with a low price (12 cents per wash). Also a good option is Free & Clear baby clothes detergent for 10 cents per wash.


        Batteries are needed in every home, this is exactly the product that will never lie idle for a long time. Many people prefer to buy batteries in reserve so as not to get into an unpleasant situation at home. Kirkland Signature alkaline batteries are actually made by the well-known brand Duracell and cost $29.cents for an AA and AAA battery in the online store.


        Kirkland Signature Gasoline fully meets Top Tier quality standards, that is, the fuel contains special substances to protect and improve engine performance. At the same time, Costco brand fuel costs significantly less than gasoline at gas stations.

        Organic Peanut Butter

        Kirkland Signature Organic Peanut Butter contains just two ingredients - roasted peanuts and sea target - no preservatives will be seen by the consumer. nine0003

        Trash Bags

        Flex-Tech Trash Bags are strong enough to easily hold up to 35 pounds of trash. True, the laces of the packages are not pulled together as much as in other brands, but this is a very insignificant minus of this product.

        Baby Food

        All infant formula sold in the United States must meet federal standards. Therefore, parents have nothing to worry about - inexpensive Kirkland Signature infant formulas are completely safe for the child's body. Kirkland Signature ProCare Infant Formula at Costco is 48 cents per 30 grams. At such a low price, this product contains as much, if not more, nutrients than more expensive mixtures. nine0003

        Toilet paper

        A product that has gained unprecedented popularity during the pandemic. If you're the kind of person who's used to stocking up on toilet paper, check out Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue for just 67 cents a roll. And this is the price that is listed on the Costco website, in stock the cost can be even lower.

        Maple syrup. The perfect accompaniment to breakfast pancakes, maple syrup is available online for 37 cents per 30 grams. nine0003

        Extra virgin olive oil. Professional chef Samin Nosrat called Kirkland Signature Organic Olive Oil "really good!"

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