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Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet - A Complete Guide


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Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet

Baby bullet vs magic bullet baby food maker, which one is right for you? This perfect comparison of baby bullet vs magic bullet will tell you everything you need to know. Space is small, but efficiency is high. This review perfectly describes the difference between the Baby bullet & the Magic bullet.

If you are looking for a small blender to help you get the job done as quickly as possible, go for the baby bullet. But the magic bullet is more than just a small and efficient mixing machine; it offers a lot more than that – all of which I will show you off with this Blender review. Magic Bullet is a great personal blender that will ensure that you get a smoothie full of all your flavorful nutrients before leaving home to work outside.

The company gets older over the years, so they are developing some of both products’ features. In addition, they are advancing their technology over the year. Both blenders are designing to adopt advanced functionality and easy use at a higher level by the customers.

There are many reasons to get a personal bender. You may need a blander to start diet changes that your dietitian may be advised to stay smooth daily or for any other reason. Both the Magic Bullet and Baby Bullet can be suitable options for you to start your journey.

I like these mixers very much, they are thin and come from the same manufacturer and are very easy to use. They are easy to operate, making them comfortable to handle and place anywhere at your home. This is to evaluate the Magic Bullet vs Baby Bullet review to help you choose which one is better.

Now we are trying to discuss the difference between the Baby Bullet & the Magic Bullet.

Baby Bullet

Check Price at Amazon

The selling price of the baby bullet comes to the market at an affordable price. In addition, the baby bullet has the ability to make your baby’s food delicious and usable daily.

Also, making your baby’s food is easy, and there are no preservatives that can harm your baby. So you can easily make your baby food recipes tasty every day. You keep in mind that for every baby food maker, you can use up to 2-3 years.

Baby Bullets is made by the nutribullet company that makes Magic Bullet and Baby Bullet Blenders and designs similarly. The main difference between Baby bullet vs magic Bullet is the accessories.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheerful color and a small smile
  • Practical accessories
  • Two sizes for mixing
  • Nutrient extraction blade
  • It comes with a recipe book.
  • In additional storage containers
  • BPA free


  • It is more limited in function than magic bullets

  • Single-speed 200-watt blender base.
  • Milling blades for seed, oats, and grain grind.
  • Baby mix blade for mixing.
  • 32 oz batch bowl for larger recipes.12 oz short cup for short recipes.
  • 6 storage cups with a storage lid and date dial.
  • Frozen storage container 12 serving (2 oz serving).
  • All containers are BPA-free, and jars are dishwasher safe.
  • Jars are not recommended to use in a microwave.

Use of User Manual

To defrost the ingredients, refrigerate the frozen serving or place it in a sealed container in mildly hot water until the elements are soft. The user manual provides a step-by-step guide to the recipes to follow and what foods to use at each stage. It also outlines the general feeding schedule and how to prepare and store baby food.

Making of Natural Food

Baby bullets come in a large mixing bowl and many smaller containers for storing prepared food. This blend allows parents to make natural foods for their babies to ensure no added preservatives. The base is stable and stands on four slightly circular protrusions. Though not as noisy as to treat enough baby food for the whole week, it shelters the powerful motor.

BPA Free & Non-Toxic

This blender is unique because its blades are designed to keep extract nutrients. Of course, you will want your baby to get the most nutrition from the food you make, and this system provides that benefit. In addition, the containers’ bodies are BPA-free and non-toxic, essential in all plastic containers involved with food.

Sometimes you need to make a full batch, and when the big bowl comes in handy other times, you only need to mix a small portion and luckily have a small cup. You can give your child the cup or leave the id icon on the cover when you are done.

Pop Freezer Tray

A simple pop freezer tray allows you to store up to 6 portions of baby food that comes with this baby food maker. There’s also a great tray for easy handling, which is a new addition. The whole package is well designed, and the baby food preparation flows admirably.

Magic Bullet

Check Price at Amazon

The name Magic Bullet of this device reflects its design brilliantly. The base is strong, the blades are useful, and the container’s ingredients keep natural nutrition. Also, it’s almost magical at the speed of mixing food and drinks. The package includes a 250-watt motor with a stable base housing, an assortment of mugs, variable ids, and a bonus recipe book.

The long cup is what you usually use to mix most foods and drinks. Also, there is a small mug and a party mug. The ids come in a form that seals the cup for a two-to-go drink and has a comfortable lip ring. BPA in plastic containers is free and very durable. The magic bullet provides a seal that helps keep your food and drink for a long time.

Additionally, it is a perfect blender for your baby as a food maker, with a comfortable lip ring on the id for drinking. The 10-second recipe book that Magic Bullet brings is completely inspiring. You can slowly mix some great drinks, but you will find this guide in the recipe book. And the best part is that the blander takes less than a minute to make food for your baby.

Pros & Cons


  • This is a light device
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • It is less price
  • The set is easy to clean.
  • It does not require too much space to store
  • A fully portable two-go cup
  • Make fresh & healthy food.
  • The blander is BPA free


  • It can only take a limited amount of ice cubes


Performance Test of Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet

The baby bullet & magic bullet are best for making soft foods and mill grains. While Informatics really does a good job of selling this product, we wanted to see its performance in our own testing. We tested multiple blends using two blades in two blending jars across multiple meals. Our tests looked like we did well on the tested components. We were surprised by the results because a 200-watt motor has enough power to mix the soft elements. We found both are easy to use and have no problem handling blades or jars.


The Magic Bullet is a versatile device. If you’re into smooth and healthy fruit juices, this is the perfect little helper for you. You can use it in your home, or use it. It doesn’t take up too much space, it’s clean and preservative, and you can clean it in a blink of an eye.

Baby Bullets are excellent for making healthy meals and snacks for your baby. It is designed to make your life easier with your small storage cup. Make a batch, freeze it, then pick it up and go.

Magic Bullet and Baby Bullet are both great tools for preparing food for your babies every day. If we choose one, we will go for the Magic Bullet. It is because you can use this blender to make your baby’s food delicious and healthy.

So we want to say baby bullet gives you the best service than the Magic Bullet. So here we are trying to discuss baby bullet vs magic bullet.

Frequently Asking Questions

Why will you buy the baby bullet?

There are several different baby food manufacturers on the market, and really any blender can make baby food because you mix the soft ingredients. Baby Bullet has everything packaged together and is worth it if you are going to use it. Many people enjoyed using the device and mentioned in the review that it’s easy to use and placeable anywhere on the floor or table. If you need a homogeneous product every day at your home, you can use a basic blender and get a set of small food containers and mix food daily.

Why do you need magic bullets?

The magic bullet will help you make fresh juices and foreign drinks in seconds, whether for your own use or even after some of your friends. For example, sauce, spice, and salad dressings are essential for BBQ, and magic bullets can help you get the whip in a few seconds.

Healthy eating often involves polishing fruits and vegetables. Using the magic bullet is perfect for making mixed food before or after your workout,  breakfast, luncheon, or even a  good night meal. The magic bullet is basically using more and more in the kitchen. This blender allows you to stay organized and healthy during a busy day.

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magic BULLET 22183123 Mini blender, 7-piece set, 200 W with cross blade User manual

magic BULLET 22183123 Mini blender, 7-piece set, 200 W with cross blade User manual

strawberry-banana smoothie

This deliciously satisfying fruity drink is perfect for any time of the day.

  • ½ cup fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup ice
  • ½ cup orange juice
Using the Magic Bullet®

Using the Magic Bullet® is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Load the ingredients into the cup (do not exceed the MAX mark).
  2. Rotate the cross blade until the blade and cup are firmly closed.
  3. Align the tabs on the cup with the tabs on the motor base.
    Press the cup against the base to turn on the machine.

Here's how it works:
The Magic Bullet® will mix as you press the cup against the base of the motor.
To stop mixing, simply release the pressure on the cup.


Close supervision is required if any appliance is used by or near children. Keep the cord out of the reach of children.

Always use the Magic Bullet® on a level surface, leaving space under and around the motor for proper air circulation. The slots at the bottom of the motor base are for ventilation to ensure reliable operation and prevent the motor from overheating. nine0007

Periodically inspect all Magic Bullet® components for damage or wear that could interfere with normal operation or present an electrical hazard. Make sure the power cord and plug are not damaged. Stop using and replace mixing containers if you find cracks, cracks, clouding, or damage to the plastic. Make sure the blades rotate freely and the gasket is installed and not damaged. Make sure the switch actuators on the motor base are not covered, clean and easy to push. Follow the maintenance instructions in the user manual and never use the Magic Bullet® with damaged components. If your Magic Bullet® malfunctions in any way, stop use immediately and contact Magic Bullet Customer Support at (855) 346-8874. nine0007


WARNING: TO PREVENT PERSONAL INJURY, DO NOT MIX HOT INGREDIENTS OR LIQUID IN ANY CLOSED MIXING CONTAINER OR 9003 JUG!! Heated ingredients may pressurize closed containers when shaken and eject hot contents violently when opened. Always start the mixing process with ingredients and liquids at room temperature or chilled (21°C/70°F or below).

WARNING: never run continuously longer than necessary to create a smoothie - usually less than one minute. Blade friction due to prolonged use can heat ingredients and create internal pressure in a sealed container. If the mixing container is warm to the touch, let it cool down. Slowly unscrew the blade assembly from the mixing bowl, pointing it away from your face and body to release any residual pressure. Pressure may cause mixed contents to be ejected from the container, resulting in personal injury or property damage. nine0007

CAUTION: Never mix carbonated liquids or effervescent ingredients (eg baking soda, baking powder, yeast, etc.). Exhaust gas pressure can cause sealed mixing vessel to explode, resulting in personal injury or property damage.

The sugar in fruits and vegetables can ferment over time, releasing gases and causing pressure build-up in a sealed mixing container. If you're not going to consume the smoothie right away, remove the blade, cover the container with a lid or plastic wrap, and refrigerate. nine0003 Never store mixed formulas in closed mixing containers or for extended periods of time; contents will deteriorate and ferment.


BLADES ARE SHARP! PLEASE CAREFULLY. Be careful when handling any blade. To avoid cuts, do not touch or touch the edge of the blade.

To prevent leakage and possible separation of components during operation, correctly align and securely attach (hand tighten) the blade to the mixing pail and check for leaks before placing it on the motor base and using the Magic Bullet®. nine0007

Never store blades in the motor base unless they are attached to the mixing bowl. An open blade can create a cut hazard.


When using any electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following:

To reduce the risk of electric shock, never immerse the blender motor cord, plug, or base in water or other liquids conductive electric current. nine0006 Discontinue use if cord, plug or motor base is damaged.

Do not use this product in locations with different electrical specifications or plug types. Do not operate the with any type of adapter or converter as this may result in a short circuit, fire, electric shock, personal injury, or product damage.

YOUR ALL Magic Bullet® has US / Canada tuned polarized plug (one blade wider than the other) to reduce the risk of electric shock. This plug will fit correctly into a polarized outlet in only one way. If the plug does not fully fit into the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. For your safety, never modify the fork or motor base in any way.

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2020.
The Magic Bullet logo is a trademark of CapBran Holdings,
LLC is registered in the US and worldwide.

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magic BULLET with cross blade
  • Magic bullet blenders - Compare models and prices magic bullet
  • magic bullet blenders - Compare models and prices magic bullet
Posted in Magic Bullet Year of Literature

Text: Year of Literature.RF

Cover photo and text fragment provided by the publisher

Irina Opimakh. "Medicine as an art". - M.: Nauka, 2018

or the Birth of Chemotherapy

On June 18, 1821, the Berlin Drama Theater hosted the premiere of Carl Maria von Weber's opera The Free Gunner with great success, which soon conquered the stages of the best theaters in Europe. The hero of the opera Max is passionately in love with the beautiful Agatha and wants to marry her. To make a proper impression on the girl's father, he must win the shooting competition. And then the devil appears in the plot and his seven magic bullets, which always hit the target. The opera has a completely happy ending - Max manages not to sell his soul to the devil and becomes Agatha's husband. nine0165

One day the German chemist Paul Ehrlich came to an opera performance. The legend says that it was then that the dream was born in him to create a medicine that, like a magic bullet, would only hit the target - pathogenic microbes, without destroying healthy tissues. But most likely, listening to the magic music of Weber, Ehrlich simply found an image of what he had been thinking about for a long time and what he had been looking for so persistently for several years... , pharmacologist, author of methods for the manufacture of antidiphtheria serum, professor, Nobel Prize winner. However, it was not achievements in immunology that brought him fame, for which he received the Nobel Prize (together with I. I. Mechnikov), and not his other most important discoveries. He became famous all over the world thanks to the development of a cure for syphilis. This was the beginning of chemotherapy and, in fact, the entire modern pharmaceutical industry. Salvarsan, or "drug 606", was the first in a series of synthesized drugs specifically designed to fight infections within the human body. nine0007

An outstanding scientist was born in 1854 in Silesia, in the town of Strehlen. His parents were very far from science: father Izmar Erlich owned an inn, a tavern and a distillery, and his mother, Rosa Weigert, ran the house and took care of the children - in addition to Paul, three more girls grew up in the family. But Paul had a wonderful cousin - Karl Weigert - a microbiologist, one of the pioneers of staining living tissues with aniline dyes, who fascinated young Paul with the secrets of the microworld, inaccessible to mere mortals. Probably at the same time, in his youth, Ehrlich's style of thinking developed, which allowed him to make truly revolutionary discoveries. Once, when Paul was still at the gymnasium, the teacher asked his students to write an essay on a very romantic theme, “Life is like a dream.” What did the high school student Ehrlich write? “The basis of life lies in the normal processes of oxidation. Dreams are the result of the functioning of our brain, and brain function is nothing but the same oxidation. Dreams are like the phosphorescence of the brain." You can imagine the teacher's reaction! It is not surprising that this son of an innkeeper, but the cousin of the microbiologist Weigert, after graduating from high school, decided to study further. He entered the University of Strasbourg at the Faculty of Medicine. Erlich turned out to be a disgusting student - both the professors of the University of Strasbourg and their colleagues who taught at the universities of Breslau, Freiburg and Leipzig, where Erlich also managed to learn, were dissatisfied with him. The thing was that Ehrlich stubbornly refused to go to the anatomical theater and memorize thousands of Latin names that every self-respecting doctor should have known. The future Nobel laureate was attracted by chemistry and microbiology, and these "little things" that respected professors demanded of him seemed to him absolutely insignificant. However, he was nevertheless given a medical degree - in Leipzig in 1878. nine0007

In the same year, Erlich received a position at the Charite University Hospital in Berlin, where he worked for nine years. He treated people - he tried, in any case, but he spent every free minute in the laboratory, where he stained different tissues with different dyes, improving the technique of staining biological preparations. It turned out that certain dyes are concentrated in certain tissues, cells, and even individual cell structures. Along the way, Ehrlich first discovered the blood-brain barrier between the circulatory system and the central nervous system, as well as white blood cells, soon learning to distinguish between their types. nine0007

One day Ehrlich injected his favorite dye, methylene blue, into a rabbit's ear vein. The effect was amazing - the paint spread with blood throughout the body, but stained (i.e., contacted) only sensitive nerve endings! What if, Erlich thought, this dye, by contacting the nerve endings, will influence them and suppress pain? In a rush, the doctor immediately began to inject methylene blue to his patients, who suffered from unbearable pain. True, the experiment was quickly stopped, and its results are not known for certain, but this idea - to find a substance, in fact, a kind of "magic bullet" that will bind, hit (color) only a certain target - firmly settled in Erlich's mind. nine0007

In 1882, Robert Koch discovered the causative agent of tuberculosis - tubercle bacillus. Ehrlich decided to experiment with this deadly bacterium. It turned out that the pathogens absorbed the dyes much better than the cells of healthy tissues. Many chemical dyes are poisonous. The task became clear: to create a drug that destroys infectious agents, but does not poison a person.

“Means against bacteria must be sought among dyes. They stick to the fibers of fabrics and thus stain the fabric. They also stick to bacteria and thereby kill them. They pierce bacteria like needles puncture butterflies. Among the dyes, we will find the winners of bacteria and destroy infectious diseases, ”wrote Ehrlich. nine0007

Experiments with microbes don't go so easily, and as a rule, you have to pay for the happiness of doing what you love - in 1888 Erlich fell ill with tuberculosis. He leaves for two years in Egypt, and there, in a dry, hot climate, tuberculosis seems to be receding, but symptoms of diabetes appear ... However, Erlich did not lose heart. Returning to Berlin, he found that his place in the clinic was taken, and organized his laboratory, gathering a wonderful team of real professionals - among them the chemist Alfred Bertheim and the bacteriologist Sahashiro Hata. His colleagues loved and respected him: firstly, he was devoutly devoted to science; secondly, he is brilliantly educated, reads scientific journals in several languages; in times not busy with experiments and reading, he is open, cheerful, can drink a mug of beer and talk about life both with his laboratory assistant and with fellow scientists. Talking about new ideas, he writes formulas on everything that comes to hand - on napkins, a table, a wall, and even on shirt cuffs. At the same time, he continuously smokes cigars - the most expensive and odorous! Ehrlich also liked to play cards at his leisure, read a good detective story (the scientist especially respected Conan Doyle and even corresponded with him). True, he took serious art and literature very frivolously, confused Schiller and Shakespeare (and how not to confuse them - both with the letter “Sh”!), And he went to the theater only at the big request of his beloved wife, and even there, as , for example, at the opera "Free Shooter", thought about science. nine0007

So Ehrlich continues to experiment with dyes. And three years later, Robert Koch (Koch himself, who discovered the tubercle bacillus!) offers him to head a laboratory at his Institute of Infectious Diseases. Here Erlich creates an anti-diphtheria serum. Previously, another employee of Koch, Emil von Behring, unsuccessfully struggled with this problem. Already in 1894, with the help of Erlich's serum, doctors saved 220 sick children from certain death. But the amazing thing is that Bering managed to somehow push Erlich aside and attribute the victory over diphtheria to himself, and at 19In 01, he even became a Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine! (By the way, the first laureate in this nomination. But justice sometimes still wins - a few years passed, and Erlich received his Nobel.)

But then their paths had already diverged - in 1896 Erlich became the director of his own laboratory, named very pathetically: Prussian Royal Institute for the Development and Control of Serums. This institute was located near Berlin, in Steglitz. It was difficult to call it big, it consisted of only two rooms - in one there used to be a bakery, and in the other - a stable. Here Ehrlich did many important things, in particular, he developed the system of international toxicity units that is still valid today. At 189In the year 9, Ehrlich moved to Frankfurt am Main, where the Jewish diaspora gave him a lot of money to create a new laboratory for the Royal Institute for Experimental Therapy. Here Ehrlich tried to fight cancer, but, having received a lot of information about this terrible disease, he did not find a means to fight it. The enemy turned out to be very difficult. In 1908, Erlich, together with Mechnikov, received the Nobel Prize for the creation of the theory of immunity. Their theories were essentially opposite. This did not prevent scientists from maintaining a respectful attitude towards each other, and later it turned out that both were right. This is what happens in science! Meanwhile, Ehrlich's fame worked wonders, and one of these miracles was the decision of Frau Franziska Speyer, the widow of a famous German banker: this lady decided to perpetuate the memory of her husband by donating a very considerable amount to create a research institute "Georg Speyer's House" (with everything necessary equipment, a vivarium, payment for the work of highly qualified specialists, etc. e), but with the condition that Dr. Paul Erlich becomes the director of the institute. Ehrlich had the opportunity to realize his dream - the creation of a "magic bullet", and he immediately got down to business. For experiments, he chose a convenient model - discovered shortly before trypanosomes, unicellular parasites that cause diseases of the genital organs in horses. Trypanosomes were clearly visible under a microscope, and when they were injected into mice, the unfortunate animals fell ill and died. nine0007

Over the course of three years, Ehrlich tested more than 500 dyes on trypanosomes. The result was sad: even those dyes that were concentrated in trypanosomes did not kill them. In 1906, Ehrlich, looking through scientific publications, read in one article about a new drug, atoxyl, an organic derivative of arsenic: atoxil had a beneficial effect on mice suffering from sleeping sickness. (Sleeping sickness, or African trypanosomiasis, is a disease of humans and animals, also caused by trypanosomes, Trypanosoma brucei , which is carried by the tsetse fly. ) However, atoxil did not help people - they went blind from it, and then they still died. And then Ehrlich decided to create another drug based on atoxyl, which would be collected in trypanosomes without affecting the cells of the body. And work began to boil. A great contribution to the cause was made by the Japanese Sahashiro Hata. With purely samurai endurance and patience, he injected the mice with the causative agent of the disease, and then another modification of atoxil, which could (or could not) save them. And so three years of continuous research. Some drugs turned out to be quite effective in the sense of trypanosomes, but poisonous to mice, others did not work at all. Success came with the substance number 606 - it killed all trypanos, while not causing any harm to animals! And here Erlich thought about syphilis and its pathogen, which he once read about in a scientific journal. The history of the discovery of salvarsan shows how important it is for a scientist to keep abreast of the work of colleagues. nine0007

In 1905 a significant event took place in medicine. German scientists Fritz Schaudin and Erich Hoffmann discovered the causative agent of syphilis, a disease that has tormented mankind for many centuries, leaving no hope of salvation for people. The long, transparent, spiral-shaped microbe was named the pale spirochete ( Treponema pallidum ). Shaudin said that this microbe is a relative of trypanosomes. This turned out to be wrong, but gave Ehrlich the idea of ​​testing "drug 606" on a pale spirochete. nine0007

The task was grandiose - to rid the world of a deadly disease, and therefore small mice were no longer suitable. Rabbits and roosters began to arrive at the institute, which were immediately infected with syphilis, and more recently, lively "eagles" turned into drooping syphilitic patients. And here they began to inject "drug 606". And - about a miracle! - previously unhappy, doomed cockerels were already looking for pretty hens, and rabbits, having healed their ulcers, were again preparing to become fathers. Realizing that the "drug 606" defeated syphilis, Ehrlich gave the new drug to doctors he knew for human trials. It soon became clear that salvarsan (this was the name of the “drug 606”) causes some side effects, and therefore, after another three years, the “drug 9” was developed.14", called neosalvarsan - more effective and safe, which began to be used in the treatment of syphilis. So Dr. Ehrlich defeated one of the most dangerous diseases and created the first "magic bullet" in the history of medicine.

By 1910, the scientific community already knew about Ehrlich's success, and therefore the participants in the congress in Koenigsberg, which took place that year, greeted the scientist with thunderous applause. Speaking, Ehrlich reported on some of the results of using the new drug. He told of one patient whose throat was so eroded by ulcers that he had to be fed through a tube. At two o'clock in the afternoon he was injected with "drug 606", and by dinner time he was already happily eating a sandwich with sausage. Ehrlich also told of a woman who had such excruciating bone pain that she took morphine for years in order to get some sleep. She was given "preparation 606", and on the same night, without any morphine, she calmly and soundly fell asleep. It was a real miracle! nine0007

No microbe hunter sera or vaccine could match the beneficial effect of Paul Ehrlich's "magic bullet" - his "preparation 606". The scientist's report ended with a standing ovation. All those present understood that Erlich's work marked the beginning of a new era in medicine and pharmacology - the era of chemotherapy.

The drug entered the market already in the same year, 1910. At first, it was synthesized directly at the institute; 60,000 doses were sold in the first year. Interest in him was huge - until that time, syphilis was treated with mercury preparations, and mercury is a terrible poison! Against this background, Salvarsan was just a panacea, he saved patients in the last stages of the disease. However, doctors also reported that those who took salvarsan experienced convulsions, paralysis of the legs, and some even died after injections of the drug! Why did this happen? In those days, the system of clinical trials was not developed, the drug was put on the market without a list of contraindications, in addition, the insufficient qualifications of the doctor could also cause negative effects. One way or another, the discrediting of the drug and the persecution of its creator began. Here, of course, they remembered that Erlich was a Jew. Anti-Semites gladly used this fact in their propaganda attacks. And in one of the Frankfurt newspapers, an article by its editor-in-chief appeared, where Ehrlich and his colleagues were accused of quackery, forced treatment of prostitutes and human experiments. The case went to court, after which Erlich and his staff were acquitted on all counts, but the slanderer was sentenced to a year in prison - "for a slanderous publication with the aim of sensationalizing and advertising his publication." However, the persecution of Erlich did not subside, and on March 19For 14 years, “at the request of the workers,” hearings on the Salvarsan case were already held in the Reichstag itself. The decision was made quite Solomonic: to call on doctors to be careful in using the drug, and scientists to continue its research. All these events undoubtedly affected Ehrlich's health.

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