Baby self feeding cutlery

Best baby and toddler cutlery sets to help self-feeding 2021

It’s an important stage in their development: holding and using cutlery allows babies and toddlers to develop their pincer grip - an essential skill for learning how to hold a pencil and write at school.

Here, using advice from mums in the MadeForMums Facebook community, we’ve picked out 10 sets that we think really stand out for something in their design.

10 of the best baby and toddler cutlery sets to for self-feeding…

1. Doddl knife, fork and spoon set, £16.95 - best for transitioning

Age: 12 months – 5 years

What it is: This quirky-looking knife, fork and spoon set is cleverly designed with ergonomic curved handles, perfect for tiny hands to feed themselves without any fuss. It’s a great starting set for toddlers, and helps them to transition more easily to using kids’ or adults’ cutlery.

Why we love it: The award-winning chunky design means the cutlery is easy to hold, which promotes independent eating - so less frustration at mealtimes and more fun! It’s a colourful design, and the shape of the smart, serrated knife teaches toddlers how to push down to cut their food. And it’s dishwasher safe which is a bonus.

Mum Emma says: “We have used the Doddl spoons and forks with our twins alongside Munchkin spoons and found them really good! They learned to use them quite quickly and always ask for their spoon or fork now.”

Available from: Doddl, Amazon and Kidly

2. Tiny Dining children's bamboo soft tip spoons - £7.99 ( for a set of 6) - best for weaning

Age: 6 months+

What it is: A selection of 6 brightly hued bamboo-handled spoons that are an ideal starting point for encouraging babies to begin feeding themselves. They're 141mm long, 34mm wide and 10mm thick. They're also organic and eco-friendly - and antibacterial.

Why we love it: They're a great starting point for babies to get to grips with (literally!) using cutlery. We especially like that, because the silicone tip is so soft and chewy, they're safe for babies to use too and gentle on teething gums.

They’re perfect for weaning with porridge or yoghurts to encourage independent feeding. The bamboo is sustainable and resilient too - and although you can put them in the top drawer of your dishwasher, handwashing them will make them last longer. You can also buy adorable matching plates and bowls.

Mum Tara tells us: "The spoon bit is rubbery so nice and soft and good for baby/toddler to chew on without getting sore gums. We have it in the drawer from when our daughter was much younger and it still looks as good as new."

Available from: Rinkit

3. Constructive Eating 3-piece construction cutlery set, £16.99 - best for fussy eaters

Age: 12 months +

What it is: A brilliantly fun, incredibly designed knife, fork and spoon set that looks more like toys than it does cutlery. It's all about making mealtimes fun - and encouraging picky eaters to try the foods they otherwise wouldn't.

Why we love it: What's not to love? There's the fun element of the design that encourages kids to stay at the dinner table for longer and try new foods. More so if you opt for the creative construction site plate too, complete with parking spaces and mine shafts.

This set also helps children to develop fine motor skills and independent feeding. There's a ‘fork lift’ fork, a front loader spoon (ideal for pushing fiddly food such as peas onto) and a bull dozer pusher. There are fairy and dinosaur versions too.

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Mum Helen says: “My little boy was a choosy eater and would want to jump down from the table as soon as possible. When a friend bought him this set, it changed mealtimes for us. It even encouraged him to eat broccoli!”

Available from: Urban Gifts

4. Munchkin toddler fork and spoon set - £3.49 - best for grown up eating

Age: 12 months+

What it is: A fun spoon and fork set that's aimed at developing toddlers' self-feeding skills and transitioning them to kids' cutlery and encouraging independent eating.

Why we love it: Made from metal with a colourful handle, this set is great for little ones who like eating just like mummy and daddy.

While the tips are made from metal, the colourful curved handles are ergonomically designed, which means they are made especially for small hands to grip.

The spoon is deep, so scooping up more food is easier, while the fork has sharper (but not too sharp!) prongs, to help them pick up food.

They also come in 3 hues - blue, green, pink - with a cute swirly pattern - and are dishwasher safe. Mum Rebecca says: “We have the Munchkin fork and spoon set, metal and rubber/plastic handle.

“We've had no issues with them they feel nicely weighted and both boys can use them easily and they're reasonably priced and long lasting.”

Available from: Uber Shop

5. Martin Gulliver Blue Star children’s four-piece cutlery set, £28 - best for stylish eating

Age: 2 years

What it is: A beautiful 4-piece boxed toddler knife, fork and double spoon set that's made from stainless steel with a plastic handle featuring a pretty design. Choose from polka-dots or a cute farmyard scene that will brighten up any dinner table.

Why we love it: This is a special gift-worthy set that's practical too. It's ideally aimed at older toddlers who have already got to grips with the beginning stages of self-feeding, and who are now honing their eating skills.

You can also buy matching bowls, cups and plates to make mealtimes feel extra special. Helpfully, the set is dishwasher safe. Mum Jenny says: “Ooh I love kids cutlery and plates. I really loved the metal forks that came with their plate sets from John Lewis, the Martin Gulliver sets.

"I also like the plastic Ikea ones but I find with forks they needed something a bit ‘sharper’ to actually stab the food."

Available from: eBay

6. Nuby Suregrip stainless steel cutlery, £4.99 - best for mealtime fun

Age: 12 months +

What it is: A quirky fork and spoon set that’s not only been created to help small hands get to grips with feeding themselves, but also features a cute cosmic design, to make mealtimes extra fun. Comes in blue or pink.

Why we love it: With stainless steel tips, this adorable set is a great stepping stone to the real thing. The silicone handles are chunky and easy to grip, meaning self-feeding becomes easier.

Helpfully, the handles are wipe clean, and - this is our favourite bit - they both have a hygienic stand to prevent too much food ending up on the table. Genius!

Mum Ally tells us: "We have the Nuby set and a set we got from Aldi - both metal with plastic handles and she can use them much better than some plastic ones her grandma got.” (Sorry grandma!)

Available from: Nuby

7. NumNum pre-spoon Gootensils, £21.25 - best for early starters

Age: 6 months+

What it is: A unique flat-headed 2-spoon set that's ideal for babies taking their first self-feeding steps. The incredibly clever design makes these easier to hold than a spoon, and they’re perfect for starter foods such as purees, porridge and yoghurts.

Why we love it: The clever pre-spoon makes self-feeding easier as the food balances on it, rather than needing little ones to have already learned how to scoop it up. It also has raised textures to help soothe sore gums.

Once babies have learned how to bring the spoon to their mouth, they can use the second one, which is for thicker foods.

Mum Carol advises: "I used these with my little girl when she first started weaning. It wasn't long before she got the hang of it and was feeding herself. Now she's nearly 3, she still likes to use them as the design is so quirky."

Available from: Fishpond

8. Ikea Kalas 18-piece cutlery set, £1.25 - best for budget

Age: 12 months +

What it is: 6 different coloured 3-piece cutlery sets that are safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave, which means they're durable, and are great hand-me-downs for the next sibling.

Why we love it: You can't beat these for value for money and longevity. They're designed with young hands in mind, and are easy to grip.

The knives have blades with serrated edges - great for encouraging kids to cut their food independently. The bright colours also add a touch of fun to mealtimes and are perfect for picnics too.

Mum Jenny says: “I’ve had these for ages and they come up spotless in the dishwasher every time, and the colours don’t fade.

“I love mixing up the colours for my 2 and 5 year olds’ mealtimes - and there are plenty to go around when friends come over too.”

Available from: Ikea

9. Skip Hop 2-piece cutlery set, £7 - best for fuss-free eating

Age: 12 months +

What it is: A seriously cute fork and spoon set with stainless steel heads and oversized handles featuring baby unicorns or cheeky monkeys. They do exactly what it says on the tin!

Why we love it: They're straight-forward and simple, and are the perfect size for little hands to hold and feed themselves. The design isn’t fussy, with rubber bumps on the side so they're easy to grip.

Mum Fran says: "I found the Skip Hop [cutlery] really good when Pippa started to feed herself as she could easily get food on the fork. Now she's nearly 3, she still uses it."

Available from: John Lewis and JoJo Maman Bebe

10. Oxo Tot fork and spoon set, £7 - best for no mess on the floor

Age: 12 months+

What it is: A 2-piece cutlery set designed to help littles ones successfully get the food from their plates into their mouths, all by themselves.

Why we love it: The clever design of this fork and spoon set includes a flat spot on the chunky, smooth handles, that stops them from rolling off the table - meaning less food ends up on the floor.

The fork prongs are smooth, so it's a great first utensil to help toddlers learn how to feed themselves.

Mum Gill tells us: "It's a really cute design, but what I really loved was that the flat part of the handle stops these from slipping into bowls and getting covered in food. "

Available from: Oxo and John Lewis

Baby and toddler cutlery sets – what to look out for

What to look for when buying a cutlery set for your baby or toddler depends on their age.

Self-feeding cutlery at 6 months+

When they've just started weaning at 6 months, babies will be much more interested in experiencing new tastes than holding cutlery. 

By lining up a couple of baby spoons, they'll be able to grab them, and copy mummy or daddy when they're ready.

Self-feeding cutlery at 12 months + 

For  1 to 2-year-olds, think about introducing a fork, and give them food they can practice stabbing. But they'll also still be using their fingers too. 

Self-feeding cutlery at 2 years +

When they reach 2, you can start to introduce metal cutlery as well as kid-proof knives. Opt for ones that encourage grip and fine motor skills.

Before you know it, they'll be feeding themselves with no help from you!

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3 Best Toddler Utensils for Self Feeding in 2022

Feeding Babies & Toddlers

ByJosten Fish, Registered Dietitian

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click & make a purchase, I receive a commission! Read my full disclosure policy.

Toddler utensils are a great way for your child to start learning how to feed themselves. There are so many different utensils on the market, but what does your toddler actually need? In this post, I’m sharing my favorite 3 sets of the best toddler utensils for self-feeding!

By the way, this is my favorite silverware set for toddlers – the one we use in our own home!! But read on for more of my top recommendations.

When should toddlers start using utensils?

We start giving our kids utensils, especially a silicone spoon like this that works well for dipping, at 6 months old. But in general, a child should be practicing using utensils by the time they are eating solid foods. If you’re looking for more on the best baby-led weaning gear (including utensils!) check out this post.

Even though they won’t be proficient in self-feeding with utensils until they are older, it can help babies learn hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills if you start early.

How to Choose the Best Toddler Utensils

Toddler utensils come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of different functions. When choosing the best toddler utensils for your child, you’ll want to consider:

  • The age of your child. – A 6-month-old baby may fair best with this flexible silicone spoon for dipping, although I certainly gave my kids regular spoons to play with at this age as well. However, a 3-year-old is going to want some sturdier silverware.)
  • Material of the silverware. – I prefer to avoid plastic in general, but I especially find a plastic fork doesn’t work well. For toddlers, I prefer small stainless steel silverware which mimics normal sized silverware either with or without larger plastic/stainless steel handles. For young babies, I prefer soft silicone spoons for dipping and then phasing into stainless steel.
  • The type of food your child is eating. – I think it goes without saying that you can’t eat yogurt with a fork very well.
  • The size and shape of the Utensils. – Obviously, this can influence how they hold on to the utensils. Larger handles may be best for younger toddlers as they work to develop their self-feeding skills.

3 Best Toddler Utensils for Self Feeding

Adult silverware and utensils may be too challenging for your little one to hold and self-feed. You may find your toddler has an easier time with smaller-sized silverware. Here are my top 3 favorite toddler utensil sets.

1. Best Toddler Utensils Stainless Steel: Exzact Children’s Silverware

This is the set we use and love for our toddlers. It comes with 2 full sets of utensils (fork, knife, and spoon) that is exactly like an adult set which I love. If you are looking for utensils for an older toddler like a 3 year old I definitely think it’s the set to choose although we start our kids on it much younger than that (around 1 year old.)

2. OXO Tot Fork & Spoon Set

The handles on this set are a little bigger than the stainless steel set above which may make it easier for a younger toddler just learning to self-feed. However, I do love that the fork is still made of stainless steel which makes it easier to actually pick things up with the fork. You can also buy it as a travel set which could be very convenient.

3. Bumkins Utensils Silicone and Stainless Steel

I love that these are stainless steel with silicone handles to make it easier for grabbing and self-feeding. The suggested age for these is 18 months, but if you feel comfortable you could certainly start with self-feeding before that.

What utensils should a toddler use?

While having the best utensil for your toddler can certainly make it easier for them to self-feed, many toddlers enjoy playing with and using adult silverware (with appropriate supervision.) So, it’s really up to you and your child which silverware you choose. As long as they’re safe, have fun with it!

Can a 2-year-old use a fork?

A 2-year-old should be using toddler utensils like a fork and spoon to practice self-feeding. However, they may not be proficient until they are older (especially for a fork,) and they may continue to pick up food with their hands at this age.

What are the best utensils for a 1-year-old?

Again, it’s really up to you and your child’s abilities. Many parents prefer the OXO tot or Bumkins silverware for 1-year-olds, but I did let my kids use this Exzact stainless steel silverware set at age one.

What is the best baby cutlery or silverware?

If you are looking for the best baby utensils, be sure to check out my post on my favorite baby-led weaning essentials. However, in addition to the ola baby spoon I personally just simply started my babies out on the silverware mentioned above.

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