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Mexican Baby Showers in 2022

Are you looking for traditional Mexican baby shower ideas? Maybe you want to pass on traditions your family loves, or perhaps you want to celebrate your culture by embracing how baby showers in Mexico are thrown. Either way, if you want party ideas for decorations, games, and more, you’ve come to the right place. WebBabyShower has many resources for those looking to plan a baby shower. We’re experts at virtual party experiences, and we’re here to talk about everything that makes Mexican baby showers great.  

Mexican Baby Shower Traditions

A Mexican baby shower focuses on a few main things: food, family, and great music. If these three elements are present, it’s a guaranteed good time. Similar to Indian culture and baby showers, Mexican culture is highly family-oriented, and you can expect anyone and everyone to attend the party. Guests may include grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, and friends. You’re also likely to encounter the very best traditional foods like tacos, rice, beans, and other homemade dishes. And lastly, a party isn’t a party without music. It sets the mood, and guests will love it.  


You can find traditional songs from Mexico or new favorites by Mexican artists and create a playlist for the party. You might even have some guests spontaneously decide to dance! This makes for a great party vibe and helps to liven things up quickly. You can choose to play music at the beginning of the shower while everyone is arriving, or you might have it going in the background for the entire event. 

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By far, one of the best parts of any Mexican party is the food. You may have some family members who enjoy cooking and are willing to use their old family recipes for this special day. Why not enjoy these familiar comforts? 

Some of the staple foods you’ll typically see at a Mexican party are tacos, rice, beans, tortillas, and everything homemade. Another favorite treat is Mexican street corn. If you want to wow your guests, ask their opinions. Figure out what they’d like to eat at the baby shower and use their answers to create a menu.

A buffet or family-style meal works well for this type of event. If lots of people are attending, you can set up the food on long tables, and guests can go through a line to fill up food plates.

For the drink selection, try filling up coolers with several different options and labeling them accordingly. Guests can have their pick of tamarindo, horchata, or agua de piña.

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Most Popular Mexican Baby Shower Themes

Bold and Bright

Mexican parties are usually colorful, and baby showers are no exception! Celebrate the new little one with bright yellow, orange, blue, green, pink, and red decorations like tablecloths, blankets, and large flowers, accenting the space.

If you want a focal point, balloons spelling “baby” or the little one’s name work well, so long as the mother-to-be is okay with sharing the name before the birth.

Image from: Monical L.

Adorable Llamas

It’s easy to find cute llama decorations and stuffed animals for a party, and you can even add a llama piñata if you want to go all out for the celebration. To elevate the shower’s look further, you can also use succulents like cacti and decorate with pastels like muted greens and pinks. 

Llama theme for Virtual Baby Shower

Taco Bar 

Tacos are a great addition to a baby shower. They’re easy to make and authentic to Mexico. If you want to stay very traditional, ask family members to cook. You can create a table with tacos, meat, and toppings.  You could also hire a taco-making service for the day, and they’ll set up outside and make tacos for guests.

Balloons spelling out “taco ’bout a party” liven things up. 

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Green guacamole, red salsas, and bright yellow cheeses all look pretty on a food table. Colorful foods are a perfect addition to a Mexican baby shower. You can place bright-colored decorations on the food table to complement the dishes. Tiered serving trays can give you more space for the food if there isn’t enough room on the table.

This adorable fiesta-themed baby shower idea using pink balloons and green cactus decor is perfect. If the parents-to-be choose, you can also try a fiesta-style gender reveal party. Another party idea is to add sombreros to the decor to keep the fiesta theme going.

Want to go more subtle? This adorable fiesta-themed baby shower idea using pink balloons and green cactus decor is perfect.

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If you’re looking for a traditional but more relaxed look, you can opt for a bohemian-themed baby shower with light green and pink decor. A wood background is rustic and pretty at the same time and gives a neutral backdrop to complement the decorations. You can also add cacti and other plants to the table to set the scene. This theme works even better if the party is outdoors.

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Mexican Baby Shower Ideas

Themed Gift Bags

Everyone loves presents and they’re a great party idea. Try adorably decorated gift bags with themed treats and presents inside. You can create some inexpensive ones using paper bags and colorful tissue paper to make a design. Various colored tissue papers in a striped pattern make a classic look. Don’t forget to add “gracias” to let your guests know you appreciate their presence on this special day.

Image from: rosrabbithole

Colorful Cake Pops

Cake pops are a fun treat with no clean-up time, making them a great dessert for baby showers. Try cactus cake pops! You can use green frosting dotted with white and topped off with pretty pink and white flowers. Cake pops work well for any party, so you can decorate them to match the party idea you come up with. The best part about these is they’re great for a large party.

Image from: amazon. com

Baby Shower Cookies

Cookies at a baby shower are traditional, but what about bright-colored ones in the shapes of sombreros and piñatas? That’s a unique twist on an old classic. Also, try decorating some shaped like bottles and strollers to make them baby shower-friendly. You might even try some Mexican cookie recipes for guests to enjoy.

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Cactus Watermelon

Carving a watermelon to look like a cactus is a fun idea for a baby shower. Fill it with fruit, and it makes the perfect centerpiece for a Mexican baby shower table. Plus, it makes for a healthy dessert. Sprinkle the table with fake flowers in beautiful colors to add flair.

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Adorable Invitations

Define your theme with cute Mexican baby shower invitations. Find some with a black background and beautiful bright-colored banners that are perfect for a celebration.

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Bring a Book Idea

Want to receive a present from your guests that your child will cherish for years to come? Here’s a great party idea: Ask each attendee to bring a favorite children’s book that they sign as a gift for the new baby. Your family will think of your guests when you read it together!

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Mini Piñatas

Although regular piñatas are traditional for children’s birthdays, why not work them into the decor at this event? Miniature piñatas can be placed on tables to add an adorable detail.

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Mexican Baby Shower Decorations

Cactus Details

Cactus decorations are very popular right now, and they’re perfect for a Mexican baby shower. You can find wall art or possibly even some actual cacti to place around the space and reflect the theme. A burlap wall banner with cactus shapes is a great way to add some style to the party.

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Fringed Backdrops

Want a great spot for pictures and the cake? Fringed backdrops that pop with all the colors of the rainbow are the way to go. It’s traditional, it’s fun, and it really sets a party mood. If you’re planning an outdoor celebration, you might try an archway with a backdrop surrounded by paper flowers or piñatas. If your celebration is indoors, this can work just as well using a wall to set up the backdrop.

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Colorful Fans

Brightly colored paper fans are perfect for hanging from the ceiling or on a wall. They create a unique look that will perfectly coordinate with your baby shower party idea since they come in so many colors.

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Make a Statement with Balloons

Speaking of backdrops, balloons are an easy, inexpensive way to create a focal point for the party decor. Find them in bright colors and arrange them across a whole wall or archway for a fun look.

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Don’t Forget About Lighting and Tablecloths

A good party always has great lighting. Try placing small mini lights inside bottles or jars and lining them across tables. You can add a cute tiny sombrero to the bottle for some added fun. To make the table stand out, cover it with a traditional Mexican blanket — colorful, striped, and cheerful.

Image from: Alicia G.

String Up Tassels

Tassels are one of the most popular party ideas across the board, but they work especially well for a Mexican baby shower. There are so many color choices, so pick whichever matches your theme best. Hang them up on walls, tables, and doorways for a fun vibe that keeps things coordinated. You might try one to start with or use several that match to decorate the whole space.

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Mexican Baby Shower Games

As with any baby shower, Mexican themed baby shower games are an essential part of the event.

La Loteria

This game is similar to bingo. Players are given a board with images on it. Cards are then drawn from a deck. When a card that’s drawn matches a picture on your board, you must mark it. If you get a certain number in a row, you’re the winner. This is a traditional Mexican game that is especially fun for a baby shower. 

Baby Name Game

At Mexican baby showers, sometimes the baby’s name is written down on a nametag and given to the guests. Everyone wears the baby’s name during the shower. It’s a fun way to get the guests talking and having fun when the party just gets started.

Diaper Raffle

Every attendee must bring a pack of diapers to enter a drawing. Once everyone arrives, the host can draw the winner’s name, and they get a prize! This is especially helpful for new mothers because they get tons of diapers for the baby.

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Look Under Your Chair

When setting up the chairs, write the word “baby” on paper, and tape it underneath one or two chairs. When guests arrive and sit down, have them look underneath their chairs. Those who find the word “baby” win a prize.

A Baby Shower-Themed Price Is Right

Get a printable with baby items on it like “pacifier” and “diapers.” The guests must guess how much each item is worth. Whoever gets the most right wins a prize!

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Advice Cards and Notes

Set up a table with pretty notecards, pens, and a jar. Have guests write down advice for the new mother or sweet notes for the new baby. They can drop their papers into the jar. The new mama can go through them later and read all the sweet words of encouragement. 

Fiesta Scratch Card Game

Each guest is given a scratch card. They may then scratch the card to see if they won something. This is a fun and easy game that anyone can play. You might try giving out mini-prizes for this game, such as candy or a $5 gift card.

Baby Shower Name Race

Set a timer for a few minutes. Guests must write down a baby name for each letter in the alphabet. Baby shower name race is a great way to break the ice at any party.

Who’s That Baby?

All guests bring a photo of themselves as an infant. The pictures are then shuffled together, and people must guess which baby is which guest.

How Many Candies Are in the Jar?

This is an easy party idea, and you can play it virtually or in person. Guests look at a jar full of candies (something easy to count like Jolly Ranchers or Hershey Kisses). Then they write down the number they think is in the jar, and whoever is the closest wins.

Name the Baby Tune

Pick out some baby songs ahead of time and then play them for the guests. Whoever guesses each tune first gets the point. The winner is whichever player gains the most points.

Baby Food Contest

You’ll need bibs, spoons, and jars of baby food for this one. This is only for the bravest guests! Gather some volunteers and split them into teams of two. Then have one partner feed the other a jar of baby food. Whoever completes their task first wins a prize! 

Baby Shower Blind Fold Game

A baby shower twist on the old game pin the tail on the donkey; the object of this game is to pin the pacifier on the baby. To begin, tape a cartoon cutout of a baby’s head to a wall. Then choose a few volunteers. Blindfold them, and give them a paper cutout of a pacifier. From there, the guests try to pin the pacifier on the baby. Whoever gets the closest wins!

Baby Around the World

Give out printables to guests that say the word “baby” in various languages. Attendees must then try to determine which language the word is in. The person with the most accurate results wins the game.

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Virtual Games

WebBabyShower’s website offers many game options, and a lot of them can be played online if you have a virtual shower. Using our ideas, planning a shower online doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out our website game page for ideas like baby word scramble, baby trivia, online dominos, and more.

Stay Close to Your Family

Mexican culture is extremely family-oriented, and getting together is one of the main ways to keep a family close. Baby showers are a perfect way to celebrate a new addition to the family, have some fun, and make new memories. 

You might choose to keep your baby shower small, inviting only close family and friends. But WebBabyShower also offers you the opportunity to throw a huge party, inviting all your relatives, co-workers, and acquaintances if you choose.

You might even choose to honor certain family members, like mothers and aunts, or anyone who’s been influential in the life of the mother-to-be. You can gift them with presents or show them your appreciation by seating them near the guest of honor.

When a family gets together, they build strong bonds for the future, give advice, and help one another to grow. This is especially important when welcoming a new baby into the family.

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If you can’t all be together in one place due to COVID restrictions or homes in different parts of the world, WebBabyShower can help. With a virtual shower, you can have fun, play games, win prizes, and spend quality time with your family. 

By using our platform, you gain access not only to invitations, themes, and games, but also to a wealth of information. We have many articles with suggestions and ideas that will make your baby shower fantastic. You can host a video chat so that family can socialize at the baby shower even from far away, and all your relatives and friends can join in, whether they’re nearby or around the world.

Traditions Matter

When family members live in different places or countries, it can be difficult to get everyone together and keep traditions alive. These ideas will help you begin if you’re wondering how to plan a Mexican baby shower. When you retain some traditional aspects of your culture, it helps everyone, especially family members from around the world, enjoy the day. 

WebBabyShower is ready to help you create your ideal event! Was this list of party ideas helpful to you? Let us know what you think!

Traditional Mexican Baby Shower Ideas and Planning

In all honesty, there is no traditional Mexican baby shower! The only difference between a traditional American baby shower and a traditional Mexican baby shower is that the Mexican celebration is more. More people, more food, more party. More fun!

What we think of as a traditional Mexican baby shower is actually an all-out family party celebrating the birth of a new addition to the family. So, friends and family are invited, including the male members of the family. There is also real food, not just snacks or finger food. And like most Latino celebrations, the party lasts late into the night. It's a joyous occasion and a great excuse for a fiesta. So, let's see what you can include if you're planning a Mexican baby shower:

First of all, who to invite? The Latino culture is very focused on family, so all family members and close friends are fair game. Remember, we said more. Your invitations set the mood for the party, so let it reflect the fact. Word the invitations in Spanish, if you can, and choose invitations and thank-you cards in festive, vibrant colors rather than pastels. Expect a more “open-house” feel to your baby shower, people will be coming and going out of your venue.

Which brings us to decorating the place. How will you make it look muy fabuloso? An easy, and impressive, way to decorate the room is to use the traditional 'papel picado' that is available for order online. Otherwise, it's easy to cut out from squares of tissue paper. Just think of your paper snowflakes when you were a kid, and you're off to a great start. Colorful, extra-large paper flowers are another vital part of setting the Mexican scene. These are really simple to make and there are many websites out there that teach you to do it. Fresh flowers are terrific, too. Calla lilies are a traditional choice, since this is a rich part of the Mexican cultural history. Any flowers with a tropical feel, like colorful gerberas and daisies, hibiscus, or marigolds make a happy mix. A colorful sombrero in the middle of each table can be dressed up with flowers and colorful flaglets, while a large pinata hanging in the middle of the room will definitely be an eye-catching centerpiece and a great ending to the party when it's filled with baby must-haves, like pacifiers, baby rattles, travel-sized baby toiletries, and other small baby items along with the usual candies and confetti.

Now for the most important part of any Mexican celebration – the food! A nacho bar is a terrific and easy way to serve a lot of people. You can add a make-your-own taco bar as well, with sides of burritos and enchiladas. An easy snack of taquitos, salsa, and guacamole would be appreciated by everybody. Limonada and pretty Aguas Frescas (whole fruit juices served with crushed ice) would quench anybody's thirst. Dessert could be a choice of heladas (ice-cream and sherbet to non-Spanish speakers) and the ubiquitous flan.

Music is food for the soul, and no Mexican baby shower would be complete without it. There are many songs to choose, from traditional Mexican music to Latin lounge or Spanish songs. If your budget can take it, there's nothing like a mariachi band strolling around and playing favorite requests and dance music.

The recuerdos (favors) can be anything that conjures up the sultry climate of Mexico: a pretty fan, a sombrero, a small bottle of dulce de leche, or even a bottle of salsa can be prettied up with a ribbon that has the party date printed on it.

There are not too many games played at a Mexican baby shower, mostly because it's usually a couple’s shower and there are also children that are invited. Some fun games, if they are really asked for, would be very simple and would allow guests of all ages and sexes to play. For example, a Spanish baby name game, where everyone tries to come up with a list of Spanish baby names is very easy. Or, a more active game is one that calls for carrying a baby doll on the back wrapped up in a shawl in the traditional way. Once people figure out how to keep the baby on their backs, they must run an obstacle course and bring the baby to the next guest in line.

So, while it seems like a lot more work, a Mexican baby shower is definitely a lot more fun!

Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is not the most popular in Russia, but it is still worth paying attention to. This is a very ancient cuisine in which the traditions of the Aztecs have been preserved. Corn, beans, rice, chili peppers are found in many Mexican dishes.

Almost in any Russian supermarket you will find a shelf with ethnic products and you will find among them tortillas - Mexican cornmeal tortillas, ready-made guacamole sauce and many other things. But, if you decide to cook Mexican dishes at home, such as burritos, buy only tortillas, and cook a variety of toppings yourself. Salsa or guacamole sauces are quite “on the shoulder” even for a novice cook.

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Mexican cuisine

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Mexican chili meat easily

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Mexican hot chocolate

Chocolate was drunk in Mexico many centuries ago. And they continue to do it with pleasure today.



Features of Mexican Cuisine: History and Traditions

Features of Mexican Cuisine


  • Mexican Cuisine: History and Traditions
  • Corn tortilla base
  • First courses - as hot as ever
  • Second courses with hot peppers
  • Refreshments and alcohol
  • Where to try Mexican food?

For tourists from other countries, Mexico seems to be a country of contrasts, bright and unusual. Mexican cuisine has its own characteristics and traditions. For example, maize, the corn familiar to us, has become a landmark culture for the state, a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

Cornmeal is used to make Mexican bread, tortillas. Ripe corn grains are added to the first and second courses. Even desserts are not complete without this traditional ingredient. The second most important product in Mexico is beans. Soups, cereals and side dishes are prepared from it. Crowning the list of favorites in Mexican cuisine is the chili, a traditional hot pepper eaten fresh, dried, smoked, boiled and fried. In any form, hot peppers give dishes a piquancy that foreigners and locals like so much.

View and choose ready-made options

Mexican cuisine: history and traditions

The history of Mexican cuisine originates from the traditions of the Indians who lived on the mainland before the Spanish colonization. The basis of modern recipes included products that were grown by the Maya. These are corn, legumes, melons, peppers. Aztecs supplemented vegetables with sources of animal proteins: shrimp, insects, poultry meat.

After the invasion of the conquistadors, new types of meat appeared in the country: beef, pork and lamb. Wine, vinegar and cheese came from Europe to Mexico. Mexican cuisine is based on the food traditions of several continents. This is where the unusual flavor of the recipes comes from, thanks to which they are appreciated all over the world. Vegetables and fruits, which are actively used fresh and stewed, make the cuisine of the Mexican people rich in vitamins and minerals, and the presence of hot and sweet sauces, with which most products are served, are spicy and juicy.

The base of the bases is corn tortillas

In addition to the traditional cornmeal tortillas, other types of tortillas are served in Mexico. Among them are juicy tacos and burritos and their varieties: chimichanga and enchilados. A variety of ingredients are wrapped in cakes: meat, minced meat, vegetables, cheese, spices. Before serving, Mexicans generously flavor the tortillas with sauces: salsa, tabasco and lecho.

The first courses are spicier than ever

The main feature of Mexican cuisine - spiciness - is most pronounced in soups. Europeans try them for the first time with great care. Out of habit, you can get a real gastronomic shock. Here are some recipes.

  • Sopa de sébolla. Spicy onion soup in chicken broth with cream, flour, cheese, eggs and butter.
  • Sopa de tortilla. Spicy soup with tomatoes, black pepper, cilantro and fried onions. Before serving, grated cheese and pieces of tortilla, as well as avocados, are placed in the broth.
  • Sopa de veracruz. Mexican first course of fish with tomatoes, corn, garlic and chili. Hearty ear is decorated with fresh herbs.

Second courses with hot peppers

Mexicans believe that the best second course is a hot tortilla with aromatic filling. Therefore, this ingredient is always on the table. And add snacks to it.

  • Chile con carne. Beans stewed with meat and onions in tomato sauce. Cocoa and lime become the decoration of this product.
  • Guacamole. A traditional dish of tomatoes, avocados, onions, cilantro, limes and chilies, topped with pear and apple slices or ripe grapes.
  • Quesadilla. Chicken meat stewed with eggplant and tomatoes. Hot peppers and juicy greens give color to the product.

Refreshing drinks and alcohol

Rice flour is used to make a refreshing horchata that is similar in color and flavor to milk. Mexicans also drink freshly squeezed juices, including exotic ones like black tamarind. Cold hamayka tea from plant inflorescences is drunk in the heat.

The most famous alcohol in the country is Mexican tequila. All over the world it is stubbornly called cactus vodka, meanwhile it is made from blue agave. Interestingly, it was the Europeans who came up with the idea of ​​drinking tequila with lemon and salt. This tradition does not exist in Mexico. Various types of beer are also popular in the country. Celada is served with lemon juice and salt, while michelada is served with chili.

Where to try Mexican food?

Simple, hearty and savory, Mexican cuisine quickly spread around the world. Anyone can feel the whole range of juicy tastes and aromas without ever having been to Mexico. The CaterMe service will become an assistant in ordering food for a Mexican party. Leave a request on the site, choose a catering company and try snacks and soups without leaving your home.

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