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Nick Cannon Pushes Stroller With Babies At Basketball Game: Photos – Hollywood Life

Nick Cannon, father of 12, was a doting dad to the three children he shares with Brittany Bell as the big brood made their way into a basketball game in Los Angeles.


Terry Zeller

Reading Time: 3 minutes

January 7, 2023 12:22PM EST


After Nick Cannon recently admitted he feels “guilt” for “not spending enough time” with his 12 children, the entertainer decided to kick off 2023 on the right foot! Nick was spotted treating his ex Brittany Bell and the three children they share, son Golden, 5, Powerful Queen, 2, and newborn son Rise, to a basketball game in Los Angeles on Friday, January 6. The Masked Singer host had the biggest smile on his face as he pushed the double stroller towards the arena with Brittany following close behind.

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell took their 3 kids to a basketball game in LA in Jan. 2023. (LAGOSSIPTV/BUZZIPPER / BACKGRID)

The pair certainly have become co-parenting champs since their on-again/off-again relationship began in 2014. They even shared a day of family bonding and charity recently at the Los Angeles Mission’s Annual Christmas Feed-The-Homeless event on Friday, December 23. During the event, Nick, Brittany and their kids posed for the shutterbugs in their all their finest holiday gear!

The outings come after Nick took stock of his parenting life during a recent episode of The Checkup with Dr. David Agus. “Being a father of multiple kids, it’s always the biggest guilt on me is that I don’t get to spend enough time with all my children,” the TV star said. “One ’cause I’m constantly working and two because I’m just spread thin.

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell were all smiles during their family outing.(LAGOSSIPTV/BUZZIPPER / BACKGRID)

Only a week after the interview was released, one of Nick’s baby mamas appeared to call him out for not spending enough time with her and their child. LaNisha Cole, who shares son Onyx with Nick, appeared to drag Nick after he posted a holiday card with his baby mama Abby De La Rosa and their three children: Zion and Zillion, 1, and newborn Beautiful Zepplin. “There’s no need to mention me or send anything to my dms. It has nothing to do with me… and no need to be messy. It’s all love over this way Happy holidays to you and your family!”, LaNisha wrote, before adding a line about the importance of keeping things positive. “It’s not easy but I have to do it for my daughter. She is incredibly blessed and is surrounded by so much love – and it’s not fake IG photo op love – it’s real day in and day out love.

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Along with Onyx, Zion, Zillion, Beautiful, Golden, Powerful Queen and Rise, Nick’s enormous brood includes his 12th child, Halo, with Alyssa Scott, his and Bre Tiesi‘s son Legendary Love, who was born in July 2022 and his 11-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with ex-wife, Mariah Carey. He also shared a son Zen with Alyssa who died at 5 months old. 

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The psychological role of the doll in the development of the child

Dolls have existed for as long as mankind itself. At different times they performed different functions: religious, artistic, playful, etc. At the same time, as an object of gaming activity, they began to be used even in prehistoric times, but only after they ceased to be images of various deities.

A doll is a generalized likeness of a person made of various materials. Children, regardless of gender, love to play with her, mess around like a baby, or replace her with a playmate. nine0003

Are these toys so simple, are they just for fun and play? Undoubtedly not. They, dolls, play an inconspicuous, but very important role in the development of the child, in the process of becoming his personality. Their influence is difficult to replace with any cubes or cars, even soft little animals. Therefore, a child in childhood must have a doll in his games. Those who deprive the boy of this opportunity by slipping him cars and designers are very mistaken, because dolls do not affect sexual orientation in any way, and later the baby himself will take up standard types of toys for him. nine0003

  • Educational value of the doll

Everyone knows that toys develop a child in certain areas, and therefore they often buy various blocks, construction sets, puzzles, and traditional toys such as dolls are considered outdated and serve only for fun and a purely girly toy. And so they try to replace them. But not everyone realizes that depriving a child, especially at a young age, of communicating with a doll can slow down his development. After all, the doll has special functions in the development of the child's psyche. nine0003

One of these functions is the education of human feelings and morality. A doll is an image of a person in a child's play. When a child does not have a playmate, he makes a doll for them. She is an ideal friend who is always there and does not remember evil. At the same time, in the game with her, he can act as he pleases, and no one will interfere and condemn.

Often, when playing with a doll, a child projects some inner experiences onto it and plays them out in various situations. It can also attribute any qualities that it does not possess, for example, courage. The child takes the doll, says: "Let's go!", - and timidly, cautiously, nevertheless enters the dark room for some toy. nine0003

Young children imitate the actions of adults while playing with a doll. They bathe the doll in the same way as they bathe themselves, dress them in the same way. There is a development of the simplest life skills.

Children a little older are already playing with everyday situations that they saw in the family, displaying and reinforcing generalized ideas about them.

Playing with a doll gives rise to role play. Initially, the child speaks for the doll, pronounces its actions, and in this pronunciation the germ of a role-playing game is hidden - the child takes on the image of the doll, plays its role. nine0003

Playing with a doll also satisfies the child's cognitive activity. Looking at the doll, the child explores himself, forms an idea about his body, his capabilities. Curiosity is also satisfied in destructive actions with the doll: the child breaks, undresses the doll, looks at what is inside it.

How a child will play with a doll also depends on its type. The aggressive look of the doll provokes, accordingly, an aggressive, militant type of play. And more gentle facial features, larger, relative to the size of the body, the size of the head, puffiness - care, patronage. The doll sets the image of a person, forms the child's concept of good and evil, good and bad. nine0003

The doll contributes to the development of fantasy, especially if it has undeveloped facial features. This makes the child's imagination work to the fullest, since the child himself, in this case, sets the mood for the doll. She can laugh or cry, get angry or stick her tongue out, all with a static, unmoving doll face and a beautiful work of a child's imagination.

Well, can any constructor be able to give such a diverse, versatile development to a child? Certainly not! Therefore, every child should have a doll. nine0003

  • The influence of the material and shape of the doll on the mental development of the child.

The appearance of the doll, the texture of the material from which it is made, its proportions - all this also undoubtedly affects the psyche of the child.

Consider the influence of proportions. The correct proportions of the doll form the correct ideas about the child's body. And this is very important for his further mental and physical health. This is especially true for girls, as they are more influenced by such disproportionate dolls as Barbie. Playing with them, girls give themselves wrong ideas about the figure, and, growing up, they begin to torment themselves with diets in order to become slimmer, to achieve an imaginary ideal. Or, here is another case confirming the influence of the proportions of the doll on the child. For one girl, her mother sewed a doll, but she was in a hurry, so the face of the toy turned out to be crooked. Some time after playing with this doll, the girl began to distort her face, and exactly as the doll had. Even in her normal state, outside of playing with the doll, she retained that expression. Only after the doll's face was remade did the girl's face also return to normal. All this is due to the fact that it is in the first seven years of life that a child is distinguished by extraordinary plasticity, he has projection and bodily imitation, he absorbs those qualities of a doll that are most pronounced outwardly. Preschool children are not able to appreciate and understand the caricature and exaggeration of the doll, without transferring its qualities to themselves, since the image of a person is still not sufficiently formed at this time. nine0003

The quality and texture of the material the doll is made of also matter. This has been established by research. Children react differently to toys made from different materials. Soft and fluffy materials evoke positive emotions, stimulating the child to play. At the same time, rough and cold materials cause a negative attitude.

The facial expression, general appearance, elements of the doll's clothing carry certain inherent human qualities, and, accordingly, the way of playing and the role of the doll. So dolls with kind or neutral facial features almost always assume their role as saviors, heroes, good fairies, and toys with negative expressions are often some kind of villain, villain. These are character dolls. A characteristic doll (it is a boy doll or a girl doll) has certain human qualities: naivety, stupidity, mischief, etc. This doll carries a characterological predestination, on which the plot played out with it often depends. The child attributes many positive traits to the positive character doll, and negative traits to the negative characters. Such dolls, as it were, require a certain way of interacting with them from the child. Playing with such dolls becomes a kind of school of social relations. nine0003

And so the child needs the right selection of dolls according to materials and proportions. If this is not done, then the doll will have a negative impact on the child.

Most adults believe that doll play is only for girls. And by the way, boys, 2-3 years old, willingly play with dolls just like girls: they put the doll to sleep, carry it in a stroller, carry it in their arms. Dad, this is usually surprising and very shocking.

As mentioned earlier, this is an absolutely normal behavior of any child of this age, because there is an imitation of adults. The kid does everything that his mother does with him. There is a development of the social and emotional spheres of life. The child thus learns to interact with others. But, according to the decision of adults, a simple doll is taken away from the boy and replaced with various technical toys, or some kind of monster, at best a soldier. By this, the child is deprived of the correct emotional development, aggressive behavior is being developed, the baby is not trained in the correct interaction, and does not receive the correct social experience. nine0003

Therefore, it is important that at least at this age the boy has the opportunity to play with dolls. It is not at all necessary to understand by this the game in dolls for girls, because there are different types of dolls. Growing up, the baby himself will move on to other types of toys, more characteristic of his gender.

Each age of the child should correspond to a certain doll, each with its own set of characteristics. So, the younger the child, the less specific the doll can be, and, accordingly, the older, the more detailed the appearance of the doll becomes. If you choose the wrong doll, then it can even negatively affect the child’s psyche, or he simply won’t understand what to do with it and break it. nine0003

So, a child can be introduced to a doll from the first months of life. The first thing we can observe when a baby meets a doll is that the baby, peering into her face, recognizes a human image in it. Let the first doll only vaguely resemble a person, but it has many "elements" for the game. Such a simple toy gives the baby a lot of sensations - a different structure and surface of the material (flannel and chintz), a hard head and soft legs, calm, but still different shades of color. It is comfortable to hold in your hands, it is light, soft to the touch. This toy contributes to the development of tactile sensitivity of the child. If the dolls are made "without a face", the baby will each time "finish", "think out" the right mood for his toy. Moreover, the doll should appear not only in girls, but also in boys too: every child, regardless of gender, lives at this age the image of a person. It is desirable that such a doll be rag, soft, pleasant to the touch and without plastic parts. nine0003

Starting from the second year, communication with the doll is a literal imitation. The child does with the doll the same thing that the mother does with him: feeds, bathes, puts him to bed. The kid sees himself in the doll. Interestingly, the more detailed the child feels himself and the more fully he masters his environment, the more details appear in the game with the doll. Here the doll should be more detailed, it should have clothes, facial features should be well defined.

At about 3 years of age, there is an interest in acting out stories between little dolls - the child becomes the creator of his world and the director of the events that take place in it. Between them, quite real events are played out. This is a testament to the baby's imagination. Such a game occurs most naturally and organically with small dolls. Well, if the doll has only the outlined facial features. Minimalism in the doll's facial features does not act aggressively on the child's imagination, allowing it to develop freely, actively during the game. The child is free to think of some facial features of the doll, facial expressions, emotions. The mood is not fixed on the face of the doll in the form of a permanent smile, it can change at the request of the child. Psychologically, such a toy is emotionally neutral. A toy with which a child has constant tactile contact must be formed in accordance with the basic laws of the structure, because. the child should have a correct idea, a harmonious image of a person - a guarantee of future mental and physical health. This is the therapeutic effect of the doll. nine0003

By the age of 5, the game reaches a new level. It goes beyond family and everyday subjects and includes a wider social context. Children play in the hospital, shop, cafe, hairdresser, in a word, in what they meet in their lives. Preschoolers accurately reproduce the manners of the people around them, their style of communication and behavior in general. Such games involve not only peer partners, but also puppets. During this period, dolls should most closely match the image of a person, since children are not yet able to understand and appreciate the caricature and exaggeration of a doll without transferring its features to themselves. nine0003

Around the age of 6 or 7, girls feel a growing need to take care of their baby. The appearance of a baby doll would be appropriate, but without technical excesses, otherwise the child’s playing with such a doll will turn into mechanical actions, and not a game.

As the child grows, so does the doll. Gradually, it becomes not only an object of care and care, but also sets the image of an adult person - a girl or a young man.

By the end of primary school age (after 7-9years), when the child has already more or less developed a stable image of a person and has formed associated ideas about beautiful and ugly, good and bad, he can be given to play with all kinds of humanoid dolls, such as Barbie, various monsters and the like.

At primary school age, the child continues to play. The boy still loves his bear, plays with soldiers and cars. The girl does not part with the doll. However, children tend to hide their affection for toys from others - after all, they are now schoolchildren! Here you should help the child continue to play with his favorite bears and dolls. The game will gradually acquire a qualitatively different content: gradually the child will cease to endow his toy with human qualities, his emotions will become calmer and the toy will take its place in childhood memories, and in the present the child will retain a sweet feeling of affection and gratitude for it. The further development of the child will put everything in its place. nine0003

Socialization affects the child from the very moment of birth. It manifests itself in almost everything: attitude, education, training, play. Socialization is very active in the game, especially with dolls.

The doll is the image of a person, the child's constant partner in almost all his games. Therefore, it can be called even the most socializing toy. Playing with dolls (according to Elkonin) is a reflection of social experience. It is aimed at developing in the child the ability to communicate, the correct behavior in life situations, the development of social intelligence. Through the doll, he learns the moral and moral norms of the society in which he lives; the image of a person, his behavior is built, such categories as good and evil, good and bad, beautiful and ugly are known. nine0003

At primary school age, children mostly repeat the actions of adults: as an adult feeds a child, so a child feeds a doll, as an adult bathes a baby, so he bathes his toy. At an older age, role-playing appears in children, their games with dolls acquire a wider social context: they play doctors, a hairdresser, daughters-mothers. In these games, the child builds himself, mastering the world of human relations and ideas that opens up to him. Some researchers believe that the game of girls in daughter-mothers is a manifestation of the maternal instinct. However, Elkonin provides evidence of the incorrectness of these judgments and says that this game reproduces social relations, acceptance in this society, as well as the social division of labor in caring for children. In addition, through the game with the doll, the child expresses his inner world. So, in recreating family relations, trying on the roles of his family members, you can see exactly how the child sees his family, what worries him now, or what he wants to see in his family. nine0003

Playing with a doll, a child reproduces human relationships in his imaginary world, learns the laws of society. Therefore, the doll is one of the main socializing toys.

Adults and children evaluate a doll differently. The mental development of the baby, as well as the impact on his psyche of various toys, including dolls, is often determined by an adult. But they do not always realize how right or wrong this or that effect of a toy can be. nine0003

So an adult, for example, often sees in a doll a beautiful product, a beautiful, aesthetic figurine, realizing its aesthetic qualities. Giving such a doll, chosen at their own discretion, they are then very upset when the child begins to play with it in a way that is not required, to break it. Usually, in such cases, the interests of the child are not taken into account, but he needs to satisfy his curiosity, besides, he does not look at the doll as an aesthetic object, he still cannot realize the intrinsic value of things, he is looking for ways to interact with the object. If an adult can get information about an object just by looking at it, then the child develops it during the game. nine0003

Due to such a difference in views, the nursery is sometimes filled with all kinds of toys, dolls, which the child either does not play on his own, because he is not interested, or he is simply forbidden to play them as he would like. This has a negative effect on the child.

There were periods in history when children's play was considered a useless activity, and playing with dolls was generally considered devilish. So it was, for example, in the society of the first American Puritan settlers. They considered children to be fiends of hell, they were strictly forbidden to play. Only some time later, when morals softened, the children were allowed to play, but only on religious themes. And in such cases, any manifestation of fantasy and deviation from the religious context was severely punished. What correctness of development could be discussed here? nine0003

Thus, the correctness of mental development depends not only on the doll, but also on the attitude of an adult to raising a child in general, his prudence, understanding that the child simply does not understand some things yet.

A doll, however, can also have a negative effect on the child's psyche, but this usually happens when the toy is not chosen correctly or does not match the child's age.

Precisely fixed images in the doll have a very bad effect on development. An example of this are expressive Barbie dolls and all kinds of monsters. What happens when a child has clearly fixed human images and a programmed way of behavior in a toy? The first is blockage, inhibition of the imagination and independence of the child himself. The given image is so strong that it cannot be changed. So, playing with monsters is always a chase, a battle, a devouring. Playing with Barbie dolls is an endless series of dressing up and shopping, narcissism and rivalry. The disadvantage of such dolls is not even that they are too naturalistic, that they have too pronounced aggressiveness or sexual characteristics, but that they deprive the child of the opportunity to act independently: to invent, imagine and think, i.e. play. These dolls themselves offer strictly defined actions: what and how to wear, which button to press, what to feed, etc. Children only have to reproduce the proposed stereotypes of actions, which they do willingly. The main qualities that should be manifested and developed in children's games - freedom of action, emotional saturation, creative activity, ingenuity - remain completely unclaimed and do not develop. It seems to the child that he is manipulating the toy, but in reality the toy itself imposes certain actions on him. The game is replaced by manipulation. nine0003

We must understand that by facilitating the task of the child and reducing his game to monotonous and stereotypical movements, we limit the child's ability to independent meaningful actions, and, therefore, inhibit his development. In all these cases, there can be no question of any game. The child, by pressing the buttons, becomes a prefix, and the program guides his actions.

The puppet world presents us with the image of a man in very different ways. For girls it is a gentle feminine Ken and other "princes in blue", for boys it is a brutal warrior hung with weapons. With such a different approach, it should not be surprising then that adult men and women are so often disappointed in each other. nine0003

This is how the negative effects of a doll on the child's psyche manifest themselves, but they only appear when the doll is chosen incorrectly.

Abbreviated version of the article by Tetereva A.O. "The psychological role of the doll in the development of the child", www.scienceforum. ru.

How to play with dolls? How girls play with dolls. Barbie with a collection of outfits

From the experience of a teacher-psychologist

The game is a special activity that, starting from childhood, accompanies a person throughout his life. nine0165 The normal development of a child, the formation of his inner world is unthinkable without a game, and therefore without a toy. The appearance of a toy in a child's life plays a big role. Studies of educators and psychologists confirm the fact that a toy is a means of developing the psyche. By manipulating with the toy, the child adapts to the world around him, socializes and joins the life of adults.
The important role of toys in the life of a child was noted by both foreign and domestic scientists and created classifications that have different bases. nine0165 One of the first domestic classifications belongs to E.A. Arkin, who raised the question of the need to build a theory of games and toys and conduct historical research for this. He emphasized that "only on factual material drawn from the past and compared with the present, can a correct scientific theory of play and toys be built, and only from such a theory can a healthy, fruitful, sustainable pedagogical practice come."
In modern pedagogy, a more detailed classification of toys, adopted in the theory and practice of preschool education, is the classification of E.A. Flerina. nine0165 This classification is based on various aspects of the mental and physical development of the child:
- motor-sport toys - ball, hoop, jump ropes, skittles, volleyball, spillikins, mosaic, etc. - contribute to the development of large and fine motor skills, the eye;
- plot toy - people, animals, transport, furniture, etc. -
contribute to the development of creative imitative play, through which the child reveals, consolidates and deepens his social experience;
- creative labor toy - all kinds of building materials, constructors, various models, etc. - develops design abilities and inventions; nine0165 - technical toy - various types of cars, toy cameras, kaleidoscopes, spyglasses, etc. - also develops constructive abilities, expands technical horizons, directs interest in construction and technology;
- board games contribute to the development of intelligence, attention, quick orientation in form, color, size, in the assimilation of reading and writing, counting, organize a children's team in games with rules;
- a cheerful toy - a jumping bunny, a quacking duck, a bird with a twirling tail brings up a sense of humor; nine0165 - musical toys - singing birds, primitive musical instruments, toys with a musical melody - serve as a means of developing musical ear;
- theatrical toy - shadow theater, theater of toys, puppets lead to their own theatrical game, greatly enrich children's
artistic perception.
N.K. Krupskaya, emphasizing the influence of the game on the development of the child, noted that through the game you can bring up a beast, or you can bring up a wonderful person needed by society.
A modern child from birth is surrounded by a large number of toys, all kinds of rattles, cubes, tumblers, cars, dolls. All this diversity has an impact on its development. Let's take a Barbie doll as an example. Undoubtedly, the doll is beautiful and the girl, playing with her, strives to be like her, but in this situation there is another side of the coin. Children see beauty and material wealth and already set a program in themselves that you need to be rich and beautiful, then you will be dressed like a doll, shod, have a villa, a car, suitors, relax abroad, go to clubs. Maybe this is not bad, but not all children and their parents cannot afford it, so the child sooner or later becomes disappointed. In an effort to keep up with a beautiful and carefree life, they start having sex early, becoming accessible girls, someone begins to engage in prostitution, seeing a dissolute lifestyle. nine0165 A girl, playing with a baby, swaddling him, rocking him, imagines herself a mother, while playing with Barbie, she feels like a maid who cleans her house, cooks, and does laundry. Babri in this case acts as a loafer, who is not interested in anything other than girlfriends, suitors and relaxation. The content of games is a concern. Since girls do not play balls, with plush toys, but indulge in dreams of life, which is typical not for preschoolers, but for teenagers. They plunge from a very young age into adulthood. nine0165 Girls, seeing long legs, disproportionately short arms, monstrous thinness, will strive for this “ideal”, which she sees every day. Look at what is happening today with young people who, after reading magazines, watching movies with the same popular stars as Barbie dolls, are trying to lose weight when it is not necessary.
Today there are many toys that have a negative impact on the psyche of the child. The child tries to take on all the bad qualities, especially the negative trends of our time, this is the craze for computers, players, mobile phones. Children, being carried away by them, cease to distinguish the real world from the present. nine0165 Thus, adults need to remember that in the end no one will create such a children's world and experiences better than the children themselves. In games, children develop a personality in themselves, they learn about themselves. Therefore, the changes that have taken place in our society affect not only the improvement of the toy, but also the degree of interaction with it. On the very psychological space in which the child interacts with the toy, how he reacts to it, what psychological and cultural meaning they bring to the child's psyche. nine0003

How to play with dolls?

Dolls are one of the most widespread toys on the planet, which have not lost their popularity for centuries. Such demand for them is explained by the fact that dolls are toy prototypes of people, which means that there are a lot of options for playing with them. How to play with dolls so that it is exciting and interesting will be discussed further.

How to play with dolls: the main plots of games

Playing with dolls, first of all, requires a story. Moreover, it is not necessary to think it through to the smallest detail: sometimes you can just come up with a main storyline - this will give an impetus to the beginning of the game, and then it will acquire details in the process. The complexity of the plot will depend on the age, imagination and interests of the player. The most popular options for story games with dolls are as follows:

How to play with barbie dolls

Barbie is a world-famous girl doll who has her own house, car, many friends, and even a fiancé. therefore, in each game with a Barbie doll, you can use different themes, for example: going to a disco, visiting a doctor or a hairdresser, taking pictures, renovating an apartment, and even writing a detective story. In addition, you can sew costumes for Barbie, make jewelry for her. Ideas on how to play with Barbie dolls can be found in numerous books and magazines about the adventures of Barbie and her friends. nine0003

How to play Winx dolls

The world of Winx dolls - the heroines of the cartoon of the same name - is very diverse. First of all, because the Winx dolls - Stella, Bloom, Musa, Techna and Flor - are fairies, which means that the situations in which these dolls fall can be magical. Winx dolls in games can, like ordinary girls, go to the beach, dance, shop and hairdresser, and like real sorceresses, attend flight school, learn magic, go on dangerous adventures to defeat evil. In addition, the Winx fairies are famous fashionistas, so you can play with them in a beauty salon, doing makeup, make-up, unusual hairstyles, dyeing their hair in any color. In addition, you can learn about how to play Winx dolls on the Internet: there are many videos on the network with interesting stories shot by the players themselves. nine0003

How to play with Bratz dolls

Bratz dolls have appeared recently, but have managed to fall in love with many children around the world. The fact is that girls often see themselves in brother dolls, because brothers are teenagers. That is why girls rarely have questions about how to play bratz dolls, because their interests coincide. In games with these dolls, you can experiment with bright makeup, flirt with boys, visit discos. Complete with dolls, as a rule, sets of clothes are sold that can be combined. Bratz doll owners can collect doll outfits and exchange them with each other, because it is not for nothing that the advertising slogan of Bratz dolls says: “Girls are crazy about fashion.” Videos on how to play bartz dolls can be found on the net, in addition, there are video games, cartoons and even a feature film with these heroines. All this can give a lot of fresh ideas to play with them. nine0003

Now you know how to play with dolls. The main thing in this game is to “let go” your imagination, because it will help you come up with the most unusual plots of the game, making it incredibly exciting.

Children will always find something to their liking and almost never sit idle. In this article, I would like to talk about how to play with dolls: what games are there with these toys, what props are needed for this, and what new things can be invented to diversify the game.

About dolls

First of all, I would like to say that, according to Ozhegov's explanatory dictionary, a doll is a children's toy, which is a prototype of a person. The history of this game is also very ancient. So, dolls have existed at all times, and children enjoyed playing with them at different stages of their growing up. It will also be interesting that earlier such figurines were made mainly by hand, from the materials that were at hand. In addition, the doll often had another important function: it was a talisman for the child, who protected the baby from the action of dark forces. Today, just like many centuries ago, children also enjoy playing with dolls. And if such girlish toys are more familiar to everyone (Barbie, baby dolls, etc.), then you should not think that boys do not have such fun. So, these are the same soldiers, figures of men from Lego, drivers in cars and the like. nine0003

Method 1. Family

So, how to play with dolls to make it exciting and interesting? You can try to create a puppet family and reproduce everything that an ordinary family does. At the request of the players, the family can be large, grandparents, pets may be present. It is necessary for the dolls to make a schedule for weekdays and weekends: breakfast, a walk, lunch, visiting relatives (if it is a weekend), as well as visiting work and doing important household chores if it is a working day. Children can bring the game as close as possible to the realities of life. By the way, it is very interesting to watch children at this time, because they reproduce what they see every day. Only thanks to one game can certain conclusions be drawn about whether the life of an ordinary child is organized correctly. nine0003

Method 2. Dress up

How do girls play with dolls? So, why not dress up your toy beauties? To do this, the girls will need a lot of different outfits. By the way, you can also arrange for parents. This game will definitely captivate girls. But even more interesting is the process of preparing the doll clothes themselves. Babies can be involved in sewing outfits for their princesses, while teaching a lot of useful things. It is worth saying that such a game perfectly develops the imagination and taste of the girl. And this is very useful to the girl in her future adult life. Do not forget that at the same time dolls can do different hairstyles and makeup. nine0003

Method 3: Play

The next tip on how to play the doll game is to make a play. To do this, you will need toys that can be put on your hand, a screen with a window and a text that you can both read and learn. You can just play some fairy tale and show a little performance to your parents. But you can make the game even more exciting by fantasizing on the go. So, children may not pre-think through the dialogues and storyline, but simply improvise on the go. This is also a very useful game that not only entertains the baby, but also develops it perfectly. nine0003

Method 4. Mothers and daughters

Another way girls play with dolls is to babysit them. This game is most often called "daughters-mothers". So, the baby chooses for herself a doll that is as similar as possible to a small child, and takes care of her. The girl of her child will water, feed, change diapers (after pouring some water there - the child has described himself!), put to bed, roll in a stroller, go for a walk, bathe, read fairy tales and much more. Again, it is very interesting to watch such a game, because every mother will see in the actions of her daughter a model of her own behavior in everyday life. nine0003

Method 5. Situations

The next tip on how to play with dolls is to play certain situations. So, you can send dolls to work (model doll, cook doll or seller doll) and reproduce everything you need there. You can make a puppet trip to the supermarket, you can organize a doll wedding, etc. Every moment in life can be reproduced in a puppet game.

About parents

Parents can often be interested in how children play with dolls, because sometimes kids want to involve adults in their game. So, here are some tips for dads and moms on how to behave and what to do:

  1. If the child is still small and under three years old, the mother can take the initiative in the game of “dolls”: she pronounces the storyline and gives impetus to the beginning of the game. How everything will happen next depends on the desire of the child.
  2. If the child knows exactly how he wants to play, then the parent must completely obey. If the baby reproduces something incorrectly, it is better to calmly explain that this is not done in this way (for example, during a puppet tea party, a girl pours tea not into cups, but into pots). nine0010
  3. You should not impose your point of view on children in the game and say how and what to do: the mother is needed here just for the company, and not as a leader.

Joint training

Almost all toys can be bought today. These are dolls for girls, and their clothes, and even houses. However, isn't it better to create all the additional equipment yourself, together with the child? First of all, this is a great way to communicate with your baby and teach him new skills. So, for a doll out of a box, you can make a big house with different rooms and put a lot of neighbor dolls there, you can make household items and various furniture that are necessary and important for humanoid toys. It is worth recalling again that in this matter you need to take into account the wishes of your child and “follow” him, without taking leadership positions for yourself. nine0003

About the process of playing

How to play with dolls with a child correctly? So, it’s worth saying that as the baby’s games grow up, they will grow up with him. If for a girl of two years it is enough that the doll eats and goes to bed, then for a five-year-old baby it will be more interesting if her toy is naughty, she will need to be reassured and even sometimes punished. This is normal and it should be. As children play with dolls, as they grow older, they will become more complicated, acquiring new and various nuances. nine0003

About the dolls themselves

However, it is worth mentioning that children's play with dolls is not always safe. More precisely, the characters themselves are very harmful to perception. The simplest example is a Barbie doll. A beautiful girl, but with somewhat deformed forms and painful It is very important for parents to make it clear to their child that this is just a toy, and not an object to follow. And if the baby orders a new fun for himself for some holiday, you should see how these dolls look (photos, for example, in children's magazines), and then decide whether to buy such a toy for your baby or is it better to give preference to something else. . nine0003

8 Barbie dolls with which you will look at games in a new way: Barbie with a rainbow carriage, Barbie on a walk with a pet, Barbie a ballerina and other toys - OZON Guide.

One of the most popular dolls in the world keeps up with the times. She is dressed according to the latest trends, her hair is dyed in bright colors, and her pet needs to be looked after like a real one. With these Barbies you will come up with hundreds of new games.

Barbie with rainbow carriage

Your doll is going on a fairy tale journey! The colorful playset includes a magical carriage, a unicorn with a pink mane and Barbie in a rainbow dress. The upper part of the doll's outfit is made of iridescent plastic, the skirt is made of multi-colored fabric. Strands of Barbie's hair are dyed the color of cotton candy. The roof of the carriage can be opened if summer reigns in your game, and closed so that the doll does not freeze in winter. nine0003

Barbie is going to a birthday party

This beautifully dressed doll is going to a birthday party. In the hands of Barbie is a blue box with a gift. Blond hair is gathered under a headband with a bow and lies in beautiful waves. The beads and shoes of the doll are also decorated with bows. The top of the dress is framed with plastic roses in shining sequins. Such a doll will surely become the most beautiful in your collection.

Barbie walking with her pet

Is your daughter asking for a four-legged pet? Start small and give baby Barbie with a puppy. You have to take care of him like a real one. The puppy needs to be fed from a bowl on time and allowed to gnaw a bone. He needs to be walked with him on a leash. And sometimes you have to get out: if you press the dog's tail, it goes to the toilet. Toy owls will help with cleaning. Playing with this doll will prepare your child for the responsibility of a real dog. nine0003

A graceful ballerina doll will surely please a young fan of Swan Lake. Barbie is dressed in a light tutu with sequins and a bright pink top, on her feet are pale pink tights and pointe shoes. Blond hair is collected in a neat bun and decorated with a pink crown. The arms, legs and head of Barbie are movable - the little ballerina will be able to perform several graceful dance steps. Let your daughter be inspired.

Mini Barbie with rock guitar

This little toy girl is the star of the stage. The long pink hair of a mini Barbie will make a lot of fancy hairstyles - a rock singer must look original! A silver crown and heavy fuchsia boots create a memorable look. Who will this baby of your adult Barbie - sister, niece or daughter? Play and invent together. nine0003

Barbie with a collection of outfits

What could be better than Barbie in a beautiful dress? Only Barbie with a whole set of dresses! The doll comes with tricky pieces like a reversible t-shirt and dress, a cape skirt and a collar that can turn into a peplum. This Barbie has two pairs of shoes, a bag, a jewelry set and a fabric bow. The child will be able to create more than 20 different outfits for the doll for daytime and evening outings. With this doll, your baby will learn to combine clothes and develop taste. nine0003

Loosely styled and dressed according to the latest fashion trends. Top and pencil skirt in black polka dots go well with massive heart-shaped earrings. On her feet, Barbie has stylish orange ankle boots with a clasp. In your games, the doll can become a runway model or a fashion designer, or maybe she just dressed up for a romantic date. And she also knows how to take different poses, as if posing for a photograph.

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Every girl dreams of fantasizing with her favorite characters. The game "Create a Barbie Doll" is an excellent maker that will allow you to realize the most daring ideas. All you need to do is just play. Imagine yourself as the owner of this magnificent doll, who can change it and dress it up for different life situations.

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