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Yesterday my husband was going to feed our 7 month old a jar of the carrots until he found a wavy blonde hair, i tasted the carrots before he fed the baby and thought they were a little sour.. anyway I makei big deal out of it until today the very next day I opened a jar of the squash and wouldn't you know it I found a curly thin pitch black hair.. I am very upset and disgusted. I don't think we'll be buying this brand anymore

Detroit, MI



great baby food products at a good price both my babies like them and gobble them up




I started BeechNut Baby Cereal with single grain to my 6 month old healthy son. He vomited about 1 hour after feeding with only a few small spoons of cereal mixed with breast milk. I thought he might have got some viral infection so that I stopped solid and continued feeding with breastmilk. Restarted about 7 days later with same BeechNut baby cereal with single grain and gave her very thin cereal mixed with 10 cc breastmilk. He vomited again in 1.5 hour after feeding. I will not going to use BeechNut products again.




I suppose I can't say much for the taste of them personally. But my son loves Beech Nut baby food. And I love the variety, the price, and the ingredients. If you read the labels of a lot of foods anymore, and there are atleast 10 ingredients on them that you've never heard of, let alone able to pronounce. I love beech nut because they usually have very minimal ingredients, and they are all things that I know and have no trouble reading. They are also super cheap, and there are so many different kinds and combinations of foods. When I have a choice, I always buy beech nut.




Since this is the only baby food I have ever bought, I can not compare it to others, but I think that says a lot about the product. Year after year, this has been the go to. I am now wondering how much money I have given this company. Well however much it is, it was all worth it. Usually hope for a sale, but still stop at this section and this section only sale or no sale. Have been lucky to find it a few times at a local Big Lots, but it does seem to be popular/gone for the times I have been there. I would recommend it to anyone, literally anyone, not just parents, it really does make a good snack, I usually grab a few more for myself. Simple, natural ingredients. No need to look on the back for the ingredients list, buying apple banana, you're getting apple and banana, no extra sugar, sweeteners, or additives. My local big box store does carry baby food, unfortunately not this brand, so yet again it shows how good a product I think it is since I would be willing to pay more for it.

Kansas City, MO



I never purchased Beech-Nut Baby Foods much for my babies simply because it wasn't stocked at the grocery store where I shopped. My daughter is using quite a bit of Beech-Nut Baby Food and I thought I would write up a review since this brand usually takes a back seat to the Gerber brand. My granddaughter has been eating fruits and vegetables in the Beech-Nut brand and has not had any problems with digestion. She loves most flavors of fruits and vegetables, but like all people has her personal favorites. She loves sweet potatoes and green beans currently as her absolute favorites! This of course may change by next week! I love the fact that Beech-Nut is a family owned company and has been producing quality baby food for over 75 years. At this point in time, I would have to say that it is just as good as the Gerber brand of baby foods. Quality of Ingredients Beech-Nut Baby Food is made from all natural ingredients. The consistency is just right and my daughter has not purchased any spoiled food in this brand. Beech-Nut has stages that are introduced to babies in order, just like Gerber baby food. Safety We have never experienced any bad food or ever found anything that doesn't belong in the food so far. The food is well sealed and you can tell if a jar has been opened before purchasing.

Greenwell Springs, LA



This brand was my go to choice when choosing baby food for my child. It's not always easy to prepare homemade baby food and this product was perfect. You could just toss it in the diaper bag and go! My baby loved all of the different kinds of food available.

Princeton, WV



I have two kids and when I first started buying baby food, I wanted to only feed my first child all natural, organic baby food. Four and a half years ago, organic baby food wasn't quite as readily available as it is today, so I would read the back of labels to decide what I wanted to buy in place of the sought after organic baby food I couldn't find. Back then, I wasn't real fond of **Beech-Nut Baby Food**, but they have improved over the years and I now feed my second son some of their toddler snacks. Quality of Ingredients Four years ago, I would not have bought anything Beech-Nut, but they now have toddler snacks made from all natural ingredients. Some of them are kind of gross, but some of them are good, healthy snacks. I like to read the labels of Beech-Nut thoroughly before I buy anything of theirs. Beech-Nut is far from my favorite brand of baby food, but if you have to, you can find some decent items. Safety I question the size and texture of some of their toddler snacks. Some seem too large, so you as a parent will need to decide if it's something your little one can eat, or if you need to break it into smaller pieces.

Camp Lejeune, NC



Overall, this is my hands down favorite brand of baby food. When you turn the product around and look at the ingredients label, it normally is the actual fruit or vegetable, water, and maybe Vitamin C. Other jarred baby foods contain much longer ingredient lists and have me questioning what I am serving to my child. When I see so many artificial and unnecessary additives to baby food, I really wonder how nutritional the product can be. Not with Beech-Nut, this stuff is really the best. Quality of Ingredients Natural and wholesome!

Levittown, PA



My son was on Gerber rice cereal then we started him on Beechnut oatmeal. He normally poops 3x a week or every other day even with the rice cereal but after having the oatmeal he pooped right away. He seemed to like the taste so I continued giving it to him but noticed he was having diarrhea and was pooping 10x a day in a span of 24 hours! I don't know if this was the cause of it or it was a coincidence.



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              Rated #4 in Food

By  Crunchymama09 | ERIE, PA    

Jun 18, 2019

Before I knew about BLW, I was getting my child these purees. They are tasty as well as nutritious. With minimal additives. This brand is a brand I like to use often.

By  monteque | N LITTLE ROCK, AR    

Dec 27, 2018

Yuck. I do not like Beechut. It seems watery. My grandbaby will not eat it.

By  Zendalia | Kingston, PA    

Dec 14, 2018

My top choice I absolutely love beechnut baby food. It's so affordable and both my kids loved it! I would highly recommend giving it a try!

By  mommabear123 | ROCKY HILL, CT    

Jul 23, 2018

need mroe options the product itself is great, there just isn't enough options for baby to try. Ive tried all the flavors before giving to my kids. they all taste good but the meats smell off and are alittle watery.

By  Modelc96 | GLEN ROCK, PA    

Sep 27, 2017

So good for your baby I love Beechnut and I buy it for my son consistently! They have natural and organic foods for your baby. Most of the baby foods literally have 1 or 2 ingredients, so I don't have to worry about what my son eats. I've even tried a few and they taste just like what food it is! They are so good for babies and have no additives or artificial ingredients.

By  Santomattei | BRONX, NY    

Dec 03, 2016

Love this baby food. They are always only sale for 10 for 4$ at my supermarket so I always stay stocked up for my baby. This is the only brand he likes. I love that the ingredients are so simple so you actually know what your baby is eating.

By  Mandiboler | Cincinnati, OH    

Oct 22, 2016

Favorite Brand! This is by far my favorite brand of baby food. I have done a TON of research on organic baby foods and this is my favorite organics. Just the ingredient and water, and nothing else added so I am relieved to give this to my babe. He loves it and it's not too watered down. I love that the containers are clear so I can see the food before feeding it to him.

By  Prettygirl01 | SEGUIN, TX    

Aug 14, 2016

This product my baby loves them. It is just so good for them. It is nutritional for them to grow.

By  Jessielp0814 | MONTGOMERY CY, MO    

May 14, 2016

My son loved these they are a good price and it's helps out when you get coupons and get some free and some time s stores have the 2 for 1

By  HippieMommy | Fayetteville, AR    

Apr 27, 2016

Organic babyfood I love that this is organic babyfood. It is affordable and my son loves it. He is a very picky eater.

By  Softlyspoken | WEIDMAN, MI    

Feb 24, 2016

Great quality and very affordable! Both my kids loved it.


Feb 16, 2016

I love how there are so many different flavors by Beechnut! The quality is amazing for the low price!

By  Cmichelew | MYRTLE BEACH, SC    

Jan 29, 2016

I only buy organic and my kids love them all. There's always a ton of coupons for them too.

By  AmySS84 | TAMPA, FL    

Jan 24, 2016

Beechnut is a brand that I always use. My kids love the way it tastes and never refuse to eat. They enjoy all the different varieties. I never had a problem with them eating anything made by Beechnut.

By  enovak816 | WATERFORD, NY    

Jan 19, 2016

Great company, I grew up near the plant. My son loves the pouches.

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