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If you're starting out on your weaning journey, then you'll know that practical and easy food options are super important - that's why the best baby food pouches should be on the top of your shopping list.

When you begin to introduce solids to your baby, food pouches are a great option because they're easy to store and can be taken on the go. As well as this, there are loads of delicious flavours and options that your child can get stuck into.

Being able to feed your baby nutritious and delicious food while you're on the go is vital. Sometimes, food pouches are the most convenient and tasty options available to both you and your baby.

How can I use my baby food pouches?

Not sure how you can incorporate food pouches into actual meals? ]({:target=_blank :rel=nofollow noopener}Well, [Ella's Kitchen is on hand to help you create yummy food for tiny tummies. We love this incredible fish fingers recipe!

There are lots of ways to include baby food pouches though, most mothers will use them as compact and easy food if you're in a rush or out and about.

Are baby food pouches healthy?

We recommend using baby food pouches up until 9 months because they'll be slightly thicker and a good way to work different ingredients into your baby's diet. They're a great tool to work your way onto solid food easily and accessibly.

After 9 months, though, you'll want to move your baby onto even thicker recipes with chunks and pieces for your baby to chew. You can still use baby food pouches within this time to slowly adapt.

So what baby food pouches should I be buying?

That said, there are loads of baby food pouches available to buy these days - it isn't about jars of spag bol anymore. With so many brands and flavours to choose from, how do you know which ones are best?

Luckily for you, we've rounded up the reviews from our Mother&Baby Awards testers to bring you our list of the best baby food pouches that you can buy today, either online or in the supermarkets.

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Winner of the 2021 Mu0026B Awards Best Baby Food Range/Product

Mamia's breakfast range of

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Shortlisted in the 2020 Mu0026B Awards Best Baby Food Range/Product

If you loved the

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Shortlisted in the 2020 Mu0026B Awards Best Baby Food Range/Product

Little Freddie's Stage 2

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Bronze winner in the 2019 Mu0026B Awards Best Baby Food Range/Product

These Ella's Kitchen

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Shortlisted in the 2019 Mu0026B Awards Best Baby Food Range/Product

The range of Babease food

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Silver winner in the 2018 Mu0026B Awards Best Baby Food Range/Product

These baby food pouches

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Shortlisted in the 2018 Mu0026B Awards Best Baby Food Range/Product

A huge selling point of

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Shortlisted in the 2021 Mu0026B Awards Best Baby Food Range/Product

A perfect choice for any

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10 Best Baby Food Brands 2021 | The Sun UK

SOME PARENTS think they’ll be preparing all of baby’s meals from scratch, but the reality is, you’ll need some baby food staples in the house, too.

Whether you’re running out the door or don’t have time to prepare a meal, pre-prepared baby food can be a lifesaver, as well as a great snack for your little one when you're on the go.


Pre-prepared baby food is great when you're on the go

Once your baby hits six months (or slightly earlier, in some cases), your baby starts weaning and trying all different kinds of flavours.

Now comes the fun (and often rather messy) part! It’s up to you whether you choose to wean your baby with baby purees or whether you decide to go for baby-led weaning, where baby feeds themselves finger foods.

The best baby food brands typically have a variety of baby foods on offer to suit babies from the age of four or six months and upwards to even two years.

Typically, the best baby food brands offer organic pouches with no nasties or added sugars for on-the-go snacking in various weaning stages (introducing meat and more texture for older babies), as well as portable snacks like vegetable rings and rice cakes.

Many will also offer breakfast options like baby rice and porridge, that you can even add your own fruit or yoghurt in with, as well as a range of dinner meals that you can easily heat up so baby gets a good meal, wherever you are.

Here are the best baby food brands to have on your radar when you start stocking the cupboard.

1. Best all-rounder baby food brand: Ella's Kitchen


Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Foods are a big hit with parentsCredit: Amazon UK
  • £14.65 for 11 Ella's Kitchen pouches at Amazon - buy here

There are a few reasons Ella's Kitchen rocks.

The pouches are available at retailers everywhere, from corner shops to big chain supermarkets, so you can typically sort baby whether you're in the park or you're in the middle of a National Trust visit.

The colourful organic pouches feature delicious flavours for weaners at all stages, from simple single fruits to Thai curries for more sophisticated older-baby palates.

The brand can also accommodate for a range of food sensitivities with dairy and gluten-free options (among others).

Ella's Kitchen also has a frozen range for Big Kids, featuring staples with a signature (cute) Ella's Kitchen twist.

Think cod fish fingers shaped like fish, chicken nuggets that look like stars and pea and squash mac-and-cheese bites. Although, your five-year-old will still happily inhale a Stage 1 fruit pouch at any opportunity.

2. Best budget baby food brand: Aldi Mamia Organic


Mamia organic food range at Aldi is easy on the purseCredit: ALDI
  • £0.52p for beef casserole and vegetables Stage 2 Mamia pouch at Aldi - buy here

Parents love Aldi's Mamia food range, which features organic pouches, fruit pots, meals and snacks at unbeatable prices, that is very pleasing for your purse!

To give you a point of comparison, an Ella's Kitchen stage 2 beef stew pouch costs £1.50 compared with Mamia's similar beef casserole with vegetables, a snip at £0.55p. Some of the ingredients and recipes are similar and all come in the easily transportable pouch. Win-win!

3. Best supermarket-own baby food brand: Sainsbury's Little Ones range


Sainsbury's has its own brand for your Little OnesCredit: Sainsbury's
  • £0. 80p for organic porridge at Sainsbury's - buy here

Sainsbury's launched its own-brand range, developed with nutritionist Fiona Wilcock, in 2018.

A low-sugar, low-salt alternative in the competitive baby food market, it doesn't disappoint.

Designed to complement home cooking, the range includes pureed pouches, porridge and tasty dinners like chicken katsu curry and BBQ pulled pork - with a side of veggies, that you can simply add yourself for a quick and easy but also nutritionally delicious meal.

4. Best baby food brand for toddlers: Little Dish


Waitrose's toddler food has a wide variety of mealsCredit: Little Dish
  • £2.35 for chicken and veg risotto at Waitrose - buy here

Little Dish has a yummy selection of dishes for toddlers made with natural ingredients, no added sugar or preservatives and low salt.

We love the variety of flavours and meals available from chicken and vegetable risotto to chicken korma. It even includes some of the 'five-a-days' which are great for extra vitamins for baby.

5. Best for inspiring your own baby meals: Annabel Karmel


Annabel Karmel pouches have a great combination of veggies and fruitCredit: Annabel Karmel
  • £1.10 for Organic Annabel Karmel Butternut Squash Broccoli Carrot & Chickpea at Ocado - buy here

For decades Annabel Karmel has been the queen of babies nutrition and has had many recipe books to help parents cook up a storm for their kids. Now, she's brought that same delicious taste from the supermarket to your home, and parents rave that their babies love the taste of Annabel Karmel's additive-free purees and chilled toddler meals.

The purees have inspiring fruit and veg mixes that will enlighten your own cooking, while the toddler meals offer healthy takes on favourites like cottage pie, beef lasagne, tomato and mascarpone pasta and fish pie. Yum!

6. Best baby food brand with jars: HiPP Organic


Hipp organis baby food comes in jars to help your recycling habitsCredit: HiPP Organic
  • £1 for a jar of HiPP Organic hearty cottage pie at Boots - buy here

HiPP Organic jars tick all the boxes when it comes to tasty baby meals with organic ingredients. Steam cooked and picked when veggies are fully ripe, these neat little glass jars are great for all weaning stages.

Perfect for parents looking to cut their plastic use, they can also be reused as anything from vases to crafts table beads and felt tip holders.

7. Best for finger foods: Organix


Finger foods, like these banana rice cakes from Organix, help your child's development
  • £1.20 for Organix banana rice cakes at Tesco - buy here

When you need a snack, you need a snack! Organix is your go-to brand for those times when your out and about with babies and toddlers in tow -  with delicious rice cakes, puffed veggie crisps, baby biscuits they are a great go-to that also isn't packed with added sugar.

The brand also has a great selection of baby porridges in a variety of flavours.

8. Best brand for kids with allergies: For Aisha


The For Aisha brand is great for kids with allergies
  • £1. 85 for Toddler tray meals at Ocado - buy here

For Aisha's gorgeous meals have amazing, exciting flavour combinations, natural ingredients, and are free from a lot of tricky items like dairy, nuts, soya and eggs (there are also gluten-free and veggie/vegan options). This is great for babies that may be intolerant to certain foods while also not scrimping on taste.

9. Best budget baby food brand jars: Heinz By Nature


Heinz by Nature baby food jars are great value for moneyCredit: Heinz
  • £0.75p for Heinz cheese and tomato pasta stars at Ocado - buy here

Who doesn't love a bargain? Parents say Heinz by Nature meals is their "good to have in the cupboard" staple.

At less than £1 for a 200g jar, they're also great value for money so you can really stock up.

10. Best Shareable Snack: Organix Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bars


A snack that not just babies will love
  • Organix Raspberry & apple soft oaty bars, £250 from Sainsburys - buy here

With a no junk promise, Organix raspberry & apple soft oaty bars are a great on the go snack, that taste so good you will also want to eat one! Containing a blend of whole grain oats, raisins, apple juice and raspberry juice, they literally have no nasties in them and for babies that are learning to self-feed, these bars are a great size for them to grip onto. They are also soft and chewy so if your little one hasn't cut any teeth yet, these bars will easily melt in the mouth.

When do babies start eating baby food?

For the first 4 to 6 months, the baby should exclusively have breast milk or formula​. Some people find by 4 months, their baby seems extra hungry and so the weaning age is currently 4-6 months. To start weaning you can start with single flavours like individual vegetables and fruits – this is to get babies pallet used to different textures and tastes, sweet and savoury. Then you can try multi-flavours, for example, pear and apple or strawberries and raspberries. Try textures that are blended, mashed, or soft-cooked sticks of a parsnip, broccoli, potato, sweet potato, carrot, apple or pear. You could also try baby rice or small jars of baby dinner food. These are great as they often have vegetables and nutrients in also. Always make sure any cooked food has cooled right down before offering it to your baby.

How to clean baby food jars

It's great to recycle baby food jars or even reuse them for something else at homes such as sauces or salad dressings- or even homemade baby food. But first, they need to be thoroughly cleaned. Use a teaspoon of baking soda and warm water to really clean the inside and if they have any stubborn food tucked away then try a half-hour soak with boiling water and fairy liquid.

When do babies start eating solid food?

The best time to introduce solid foods is when your baby has developed the skills needed to eat. These start with oral motor skills needed to move food to the throat and swallow it, and when they become interested in foods. You will see this when they reach for food, open their mouths when food approaches and watch when others are eating.

Start with mashed foods first before introducing soft textures such as soft fruits. Always cut food into small pieces so that they can easily chew and swallow. Lastly, after they have managed to get the hang of this try rice crackers and soft oat bars which are great as finger foods for when they start self-eating.

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Mother attaches a food mixer to the baby bouncer to rock her tot to sleep

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Made in Britain: for the little ones

The British are extremely proud of their country and everything it produces. There are entire communities that support the domestic industry, such as Make It British. Today we will talk about British brands for the smallest citizens.

One of the leading brands specializing in the nutrition of the younger generation. The company is a competitor to Philips Avent, but it is the leader in sales, and the reviews of its products are much better. Bottles, warmers and sterilizers, nipples, devices for expressing milk, various drinking cups and plates, as well as silicone bibs with a bowl into which food falls - the assortment is very diverse. Tommee Tippee's proprietary technology prevents liquid from spilling out of the cup. The brand also produces award-winning video and audio monitors. There is also a three-in-one model: audio, video communication and a touch plate so that you can not only hear and see your child on the monitor, but also be sure that he is breathing. Quietly leave the child, for example, in another room or even on another floor and do household chores.

The design of Cath Kidston is very recognizable: pastel colors, floral ornaments. This is a hybrid of rustic and vintage style that will decorate any children's room, and certainly the wardrobe of the little ones! The brand produces bags for moms, clothes, accessories for women and children, items for feeding and amazing handmade toys - sewn or crocheted. The brand's iconic prints are bears, bunnies, elephants (they can be found on bibs, booties, and even mattresses). Things of this brand will be a great gift, especially if you are taking them to another country, because Cath Kidston is not sold everywhere.

The first Silver Cross stroller was produced in 1877. And since 1930, the company has become a supplier of strollers for the royal family, and Queen Elizabeth II herself, as a baby, rode in one of them. The model, created especially for the royal family, is called The Balmoral Pram. Today, various options for strollers are produced - for every taste and budget; they are famous not only for their modern design, but also for their special durability. More than ten million strollers have been sold for all time.

This brand remains the absolute leader among lightweight and stylish strollers, it has practically no equal in its category. The first "vehicle" was created in 1965. At that time, the innovative umbrella-like folding system of the stroller became a real hit and since then has been an ideal option for trips to the subway (the lightest one weighs less than five kilograms!) and for air travel. Maclaren also makes hoods and accessories for their strollers.

The first Paddington Bear book was published in 1958, but the toy bear was released by Gabrielle Designs only in 1972. Paddington soon became the most popular national toy, many accessories with symbols, souvenirs with his image appeared. Great gift for a child!

Organix makes a wide range of baby food, from cereals to cereal crackers. All ingredients used by the brand are grown in natural conditions and are considered environmentally friendly. Their fruit purees are so delicious it takes willpower not to eat it all yourself! The brand is represented in all supermarkets in the country, and production is located in Knapp Mill (Dorset).

It has been twenty years since Annabelle Carmel, baby food guru, wrote her first book. Today, her bibliography includes thirty-nine bestsellers with recipes for mothers, babies and the whole family. Carmel's books came out on top in sales in the UK (in their segment), and more than four million copies have been sold in other countries.

Annabelle, a true businesswoman, didn't stop with books and also launched food products for the little ones. She has collaborated with the NUK brand to create several innovations that make it easier for babies to eat: a mini ice cream cone that helps soothe teething, special containers for storing food in the refrigerator and freezer, a mini bowl with a purifier. Her website has many recipes and ideas that Annabelle shares with her readers.

£80 //

This unique wooden play set has won multiple international awards, no wonder it was created by child development experts. The set helps to deepen spatial, language and thinking skills.

The child starts learning and experiments with physical phenomena: force, magnetism, speed and gravity. You can build houses, towers and bridges, play out stories and create your own world. The 70 colorful elements in 18 different shapes are crafted from wood and coated with non-toxic paint, so kids will especially enjoy sorting them by both size and color.

A box containing building materials can be easily converted into a toy car that can be carried along. Another version of the game - stringing cubes on a thread - develops fine motor skills in kids, as well as hand-eye coordination. The huge advantage of the set is that it is equally interesting for both one and a half year old babies and children at the age of four, but you can give it to your child as soon as he starts playing with objects.

Prepared by Elena Leslie

How meals are organized in English schools

British schools provide their students with three meals a day. Products are subject to high quality requirements, not only in private boarding houses, but even in ordinary public schools. To make a reasonably balanced diet and cook all this, you need a special kitchen with your own chef (of course, without Michelin stars, but with special specialized training, whatever one may say).

Menus are usually developed several weeks in advance. Each meal comes with multiple choice options, meaning children can choose their favorite food and also ask for extra portions.

  • Breakfast

Regular breakfasts include bacon and eggs, sausages or wieners, beans and other legumes. The less hungry can be satisfied with porridge, muesli, sandwiches with honey or jam, drinks (here most often we are talking about tea, a little less often coffee or cocoa).

  • Lunch

At lunchtime, children and teens have up to half a dozen choices. It can be meat, fish or vegetables with an appropriate and appropriate side dish, soups. Some private schools have salad bars. And in the finale, the sweet tooth is waiting for dessert (the usual pudding for the British or something continental, more traditional).

  • Dinners

When we talk about dinner, we are talking, of course, only about boarding schools. Here children are offered hot, vegetable and fruit dishes. Sometimes themed days are held when students cook with the teacher and set the table for some kind of event; in other cases, the day may be devoted to studying the gastronomic traditions of a particular country.


High school students usually have the opportunity to prepare their own meals or small snacks during the day. Usually we are talking about the opportunity to drink coffee, make a few sandwiches.

The kitchens are equipped with a fridge stocked with milk, cheeses, fruits and other food. Mesh baskets with fruit are also installed in the canteens, and after the end of the school day, everything often ends with joint tea parties.

Snacks that aren't the healthiest are usually discouraged, but crispbread or cereal bars are a very hot item; they can be purchased at the canteen or vending machine of the campus or academic building.

What about diets and allergies?

In private schools, the administration collects information in advance about the presence of special nutritional needs.

Learn more