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10 Best Kitten Foods (2022)

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The right kitten food will keep your cat healthy and help it grow and develop properly. Read on to see the best kitten food options.

Kittens need special care and attention to develop proper social and physical skills. While behavioral training is important, so is feeding them the right food. A healthy diet will help mature a kitten’s body as well as its brain. Many cat foods that are specially formulated for kittens contain ingredients that are higher in fat and calories to meet your kitten’s nutritional needs. 

We rounded up our picks for the best kitten food to help you make the right choice for your kitty. The options below include a mixture of wet food and kibble so you can determine which type better suits your kitten’s diet.


10 Best Kitten Foods

  • For Variety: Fancy Feast Tender Feast Variety Pack
  • For Growth: Iams ProActive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food
  • For Best Texture: Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Ultra-Soft Mousse
  • For High Protein: Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food
  • For Indoor Cats: Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Kitten Dry Cat Food
  • For a Flavor Mix: Meow Mix Kitten Li’l Nibbles Dry Cat Food
  • For Development: Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Kitten Cat Food
  • For Portion Control: Iams Perfect Portions Healthy Kitten Chicken Recipe
  • For High-Quality Ingredients: Wellness CORE Grain-Free Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food
  • For a Flavor Medley: Hill’s Kitten Healthy Cuisine Roasted Chicken & Rice Medley


For Variety: Fancy Feast Tender Feast Variety Pack

  • Flavors: chicken, salmon, turkey, ocean whitefish 
  • Type: wet
  • Size: 24-pack of 3-ounce cans

If you like to mix it up for your kitten, this variety pack provides 24 cans of four different wet food flavors. All four are made with real milk, ensuring your cat will get the calcium it needs, and all use poultry or fish as the number-one ingredient. 

Furthermore, this kitten food features essential vitamins and minerals that help promote growth and provide a balanced diet for your pet. 

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“I have a kitty, and I wasn’t sure if she would like chicken or turkey or fish. [This variety pack] gave me the opportunity to check all of them with her to see what’s her favorite one. She loves the salmon, and I’m going to order more of this product! I’m so satisfied with my order.” —Saba via Chewy

“When I think of affordable canned kitten food, Fancy Feast is the first to come to mind. I bought this variety pack before my new boy had even come home, and he was a big fan once he finally got through each flavor. All of the flavors ended up with an empty bowl, however the whitefish can gets eaten a little slower than the rest. I prefer to feed limited fish in general, and fish is listed in all four of these flavors, even the chicken and turkey cans, but I can’t pass up how inexpensive this pack of 24 cans of Fancy Feast is! I’ll be keeping this in his rotation for a little while longer until he reaches adulthood.” —Meg88 via Chewy


For Growth: Iams ProActive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food

  • Flavors: chicken
  • Type: dry
  • Sizes Available: 3.5-pound bag, 7-pound bag, 16-pound bag

This dry kitten food is formulated to help kittens grow and establish good digestive health. Chicken is the top ingredient. It also has omega-3 DHA, which aids brain development, plus other helpful nutrients, such as vitamin E.

This food is available in a few different sizes with bags as large as 16 pounds, making it an excellent choice for those buying food for multiple kittens at once. It also has small, bite-sized pieces that make it easy for kittens to eat. 

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“My (now) 7-month-old kitten LOVES these crunchies. I have tried several different brands of kitten food, and this is the only one she consistently eats. Her vet approves of the diet and was pleased with the kitten’s growth.” —Linny via Chewy

“I originally had my new kitten on another kitten food, but he seemed to get the runs from it and seemed to never get full. I switched him over to this, and he has no problems with it. It seems to fill his belly better, and no more runs. It would be better if there was a seal on the bag to keep it more fresh after [it’s] opened.” —puppy12345678 via Chewy


For Best Texture: Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Ultra-Soft Mousse

  • Flavors: chicken
  • Type: wet
  • Sizes: 24-pack of 3-ounce cans; 24-pack of 3-ounce cans, bundle of 2; 24-pack of 5. 1-ounce cans; 24-pack of 5.1-ounce cans, bundle of 2

This wet kitten food has a fluffy, mousse-like texture that makes it easy for kittens to eat and helps them transition from milk to solid food as they grow. It’s also an effective choice for cats that are pregnant or nursing.

Furthermore, this food has DHA that helps kittens’ brains develop and antioxidants that strengthen their immune systems. This cat food also comes in multiple can and pack sizes for cat owners who have multiple pets or want to stock up.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“We’ve used this to [wean] nursing foster kittens and for expectant and nursing mama cats very successfully. This time we used it to put weight on a kitty who’s had a lot of mouth issues, and it’s worked well. He’s bulking up, and his coat is improved. Also he loves it.” —Meyow via Chewy

“Very nice, soft texture for kittens as they wean. Creamier than a lot of the other pates. They seem to like the flavor, but the price is high so I gave it 4 stars.” —Heather via Chewy


For High Protein: Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food

  • Flavors: chicken
  • Type: dry
  • Sizes: 3.5-pound bag, 7-pound bag, 16-pound bag

This kitten food is high in animal protein, which helps support cats’ growing muscles. In addition to using real chicken as its main ingredient, this dry food is formulated with DHA and four antioxidants that promote brain development and a robust immune system. 

This food also uses calcium to support teeth growth and features vitamins E and A. It is available in multiple bag sizes, with the largest at 16 pounds.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“Both of my kittens (indoor/10 months old) love this! Their fur is so soft and shiny, and it does not make them vomit. I even have to keep it away from my two dogs, or they will try to nibble on it. I’ll definitely switch to the adult version when it’s time. I’ve always had great luck with Purina brand!” —TillysMom via Chewy

“I wish it didn’t contain poultry as most cats have allergic dermatitis when they eat poultry. But since I was unable to find one without poultry I followed my vet’s recommendation to try Purina kitten food. My kitten can’t get enough of it. He also seems to have gained a little weight since starting it. Which is good because he was found outside and is a little thin.” —Groominggirl via Chewy


For Indoor Cats: Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Kitten Dry Cat Food

  • Flavors: chicken
  • Type: dry
  • Sizes: 3.5-pound bag, 7-pound bag
This kitten food is specially formulated for indoor cats, featuring high protein levels to establish muscle mass. It also contains natural prebiotic fiber that reduces hairballs and makes for an easier litter box cleanup.
Natural DHA from fish oil helps support brain and eye development, which is great for cats that are up to a year old or for adult cats that are nursing or pregnant. This food does not have any artificial flavors or preservatives in its ingredient list, so you can feel good about feeding it to your developing kitten.
What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“I love and care for six kitties. They get the best of everything; this is why I feed them Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Kitten Dry Food. It gives them all the nutrients that active kitties need, and the taste is a treat to them. They are completely satisfied as evidenced by their empty trays after their meals.” —Lorrie via Chewy

“Our kitten loves this food. I switched her from a cheaper brand when I noticed it was not agreeing with her tummy. Hill’s makes her breath smell pretty stinky, but it’s worth it since she really eats this up!” —McGrumps via Chewy


For a Flavor Mix: Meow Mix Kitten Li’l Nibbles Dry Cat Food

  • Flavors: chicken, ocean fish, salmon, turkey
  • Type: dry
  • Size: 3. 15-pound bag

This unique dry kitten food has four different flavors mixed into one protein-rich bag, so your cat will get something new in every bite. It features poultry and seafood flavors in small, bite-size pieces.

It is also made with ingredients such as fatty acids and DHA plus vitamins and minerals that your cat needs to grow its muscles and mind.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“I bought this food for some feral kittens I’ve been feeding and found that the older cats liked it too. Whether it is the flavor or the tiny, bite sized pieces of food, they always eat it all—unlike some other dry foods I’ve tried. The kittens are growing and thriving. I think this food offers what they need.” —kls62 via Chewy

“I’ve tried the spendy foods, the veterinarian recommended foods …  kittens prefer Meow Mix over all of those. Only wish there were other flavor options in the kitten formula because my kittens like the adult version of their [sister’s] food even better than their own.—Diane via Chewy


For Development: Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Kitten Cat Food

  • Flavors: chicken
  • Type: dry
  • Sizes: 3-pound bag; 5-pound bag; 7-pound bag; 7-pound bag, bundle of 2

This kitten food includes Blue Buffalo’s LifeSource bits, which feature a combination of selected antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. These nutrients come from expert-chosen natural sources that will satisfy your kitten’s needs so it can develop strong health in its early-life stages.

This food uses deboned chicken for high-quality protein and flavor and features DHA, ARA, and choline for brain and eye growth. It is also free of artificial flavors and preservatives. 

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“I’ve been feeding my only black kitten Gotham Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth since she was 6 weeks old, and the vet always checks her out with a clean bill of health. I like it because of the ingredients. As a result, her coat is always shiny and soft, and mealtime is a breeze because she absolutely loves this stuff.” —LuckyinKy via Chewy

“My cat LOVED this food for almost a year, and so I kept buying it for him. Unfortunately, I recently ordered a bag and it made him throw up every time he ate, and now he refuses it. He may have developed an allergy to it, which is a shame because he really seemed to love it. I do recommend though. It’s a great dry food—even my vet approved!” —tg18 via Chewy


For Portion Control: Iams Perfect Portions Healthy Kitten Chicken Recipe

  • Flavors: chicken
  • Type: wet
  • Size: 24-pack of 2.6-ounce twin trays

This cat food comes in twin packs featuring two pre-portioned servings, so you’ll never have to worry about wasting food. The small portions mean you don’t have to store leftover chicken liver paté in the fridge, which is great for picky eaters that like their food at room temperature.   

Besides the convenient packaging, this food offers good nutritional value. It uses a grain-free chicken recipe that your kittens are sure to love, it contains DHA and other healthy nutrients, and it provides hydration for your kitten.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“We tried Iams when our 4-month-old fur baby started to get a little picky with her existing wet food. I’m happy to say she LOVES it. And I love how it comes perfectly portioned for her size appetite so no leftovers in the fridge every day. (She wasn’t a fan of leftovers either since it was chilled). Iams is now on my auto ship list!” —Iams via Chewy

“My kitten would only eat half of a small can of wet food. I was wasting the 2nd half of the can. I was so happy when [I] found these perfect portions specifically for kittens. Now when [I] feed him, he gets a freshly opened portion every time. I only wish there were more flavor choices. Otherwise my little one gobbles it up” —Jakki via Chewy


For High-Quality Ingredients: Wellness CORE Grain-Free Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food

  • Flavors: turkey
  • Type: dry
  • Sizes: 2-pound bag, 5-pound bag

This kitten food is formulated with a 100 percent grain-free recipe that provides calories for kitten growth and turkey and fish for protein that supports muscle development. 

In addition, this food uses salmon oil to provide DHA omega-3 fatty acids, plus vitamins, minerals, and essential taurine that help your kitten develop its eyesight and mature its brain. This kitten food is also formulated with ActiCoat probiotic coating, which aids digestion in cats with sensitive stomachs.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“This is the first dry food I got for my kittens, and I’ve had no reason to try anything different. The ingredients are great so I feel good as an owner. My kittens both love it and will gobble it up (though neither seems to be picky when it comes to food). Their coats are super shiny and soft, and one kitten was NOT very soft when I adopted her; I credit the new soft coat to this food and to her getting settled in a home. The cats do smell a bit…chickeny, which is not ideal but fine. Once they’re older the adult CORE foods will for sure be the first new dry foods I try.” —Queenie via Chewy

“This is a very good quality product. The ingredients are what we were looking for in a dry food—no grains, no odd animal byproducts, good quality ingredients. The form factor is small disks. Our two 5-month-old kittens did not care for this product very much—they would eat them, but they preferred another product we had available. I’m not sure if their preference was based on the form factor (the other product was larger disks) or the flavor. The fact our kittens did not like eating this product is why I gave only 4 stars. The product is definitely a great product, but not all kittens will like it.” —JohnTX via Chewy


For a Flavor Medley: Hill’s Kitten Healthy Cuisine Roasted Chicken & Rice Medley 

  • Flavors: chicken and rice
  • Type: wet
  • Size: 24-pack of 2.8-ounce cans 

This 24-pack of cans contains a chicken and rice medley in a tempting sauce that your kittens may be drawn to.

In addition to its flavor, this food has healthy ingredients to help your kitten grow.

It features taurine to aid with vision and heart function and other key nutrients that support urinary tract health. This canned food is also free from artificial preservatives and flavors.  

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“My kitten is almost four months old, and I recently switched from Dave’s Natural Cat Food (which is what he had been eating at the shelter) to this, and the difference was immediate. He INHALED this food. The bowl was licked clean, which he has never done before. I also love that you can actually see that it is a chicken stew, and you can physically see all of the ingredients so it doesn’t look like straight mush like some other wet cat foods. The cans are a little smaller so he’s eating 2 cans a day, which can get a little pricey, but it is well worth the expense in my opinion. Highly recommend.” —Ty94 via Chewy

“This food was something that Gracie and Stella’s foster mom was feeding to them. It’s a bit expensive, but since they both love it and didn’t like the first food their foster mom tried for them, I decided I would buy it for them. I’ve had them for a few months now, and they will eat every bite of this every time. I’m hoping they will like the adult version too.” —Julie via Chewy


What to Look For in Kitten Food

Kitten food comes in many different varieties, so it can be difficult to sort through all the options to find food that will be the healthiest and most delicious for your kitten. When buying kitten food, it helps to first examine the following factors:


The first ingredient listed in your kitten food should be meat, such as chicken, turkey, fish, rabbit, or beef. You should also look for ingredients that help kittens’ muscles grow and that develop their immune and nervous systems, such as quality proteins and fats, vitamins, and DHA. Choose foods that aren’t composed of unhealthy fillers that add no nutritional value.

It’s important to note that kittens require more calories per day than adult cats as they grow and mature into their bodies. 

Nutritional Elements

In addition to being made with ingredients that help them grow, kitten foods should also be nutritious for your pet. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets standards for pet food nutrition. For young kittens and pregnant and nursing cats, it should contain at least 30 percent crude protein based on dry matter. To calculate the dry matter, subtract the percentage of moisture content listed. Then, divide the crude protein by the dry matter and multiply it by 100.

For example, if the moisture content of a dry kitten food is listed as 10 percent, then the dry matter would be 90. If the crude protein content is 35 percent, you would divide 35 by 90 and then multiply by 100. That means the crude protein content is 39 percent, which meets the requirements for a growing kitten.

High-quality kitten food will also contain a number of other essential nutrients, such as vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, and taurine.

High grain levels in food may also be something to avoid as it could mean the food contains difficult-to-digest carbohydrates.


Like adult cat food, kitten food can be served either wet or dry. Dry food can be left out for kittens to eat at their leisure and has a long shelf life. However, some dry foods may be difficult for a kitten to eat and bite into.

Wet foods, meanwhile, have a high moisture content and are easier for kittens to eat. Many kittens may shy away from drinking much water, so giving them wet food can be a good way to ensure they stay hydrated. However, wet food can be messy and will spoil quickly once opened. Most vets recommend a mix of wet and dry food for your cat.


You should also be aware of how much food comes in a bag or can and how you should portion it. Some kitten food comes pre-portioned, but if it doesn’t, you’ll want to be careful not to overfeed or underfeed your pet.

Look to feed your kitten between one-fourth and one-half of a cup of food at a time. Try portioning your cat’s food out in advance so you know exactly how much to give at once. If you’re feeding multiple kittens at a time, it may be best to buy food in bulk so you can be sure you don’t run out.


Our Recommendation

Overall, if you’re looking for a dry food option, the Wellness CORE Grain-Free Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food provides a wide range of beneficial nutrients from premium ingredients that can aid with growth and development.  

For wet food, the Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Ultra-Soft Mousse is our choice because its soft texture will help them transition to harder food as they get older.

However, the best kitten food depends on what you value the most for your cat, and you may need to try multiple foods to find one that works best. You’ve made a good choice as long as you find a food your kitten likes that has a high nutritional value with natural ingredients.


How We Chose the Top Kitten Foods

We’ve vetted hundreds of products to help you select the top premium pet products for your furry family member. 

Before recommending any pet products, we’ve analyzed and reviewed them based on the following factors:

  • Customer reviews: We read at least 100 customer reviews for every product in our lineup, considering pain points and advantages cited by pet parents.
  • Ratings: Each product we recommend has a high amount of verified customer ratings on sites such as Chewy and Google and earned high average ratings.
  • Brand research: We conducted research into each brand to assess its reputation in the pet industry.
  • Features: We compare products based on their key features, customization options, and other factors related to performance. 

Our data points and review content are regularly updated to account for shifts in customer consensus, product availability, and overall quality.

Choosing the Best Kitten Food and Treats

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

To keep your kitten full of rambunctious energy, you need to give her the proper food. Once she's weaned from her mom, usually at 6 to 8 weeks, she's ready to eat on her own. Not pasteurized milk, though—it will only upset her digestion. Fortunately, there are numerous options on the market specially-formulated for kittens.

More than you might think for a tiny fuzzball! Tarina L. Anthony, DVM, is a longtime practitioner of feline-exclusive medicine, and owner and medical director of Aurora Cat Hospital and Hotel in Aurora, Colo. She says kittens have much greater nutritional needs than adult cats due to the sheer amount of growing they do. This means you'll have to consider frequency and variety.

"Kittens should be fed free-choice from about 8 weeks to around 6 months," Anthony says. "It's best to expose them to both canned and dry food, as it has been shown to improve acceptance of foods later in life—if prescribed for a medical need, for example."

Free-choice means leaving nibbles out all the time, but stay mindful of quantity so you know how much food your kitten should eat. The Cornell Feline Health Center indicates she'll probably head for the bowl three to four times daily when you leave a small serving in it. As she grows, you'll put her on a more regimented feeding schedule.

Mixing together wet and dry food makes it easier for wee kitten teeth to gradually crunch into kibble. Be sure to supply fresh water each day as well.

Young felines need plenty of protein and fat to help them grow. When scanning shelves of kitten food products, Anthony offers these basic tips for reading labels:

Anthony notes that kittens should have a checkup with the veterinarian prior to any diet change. "Body condition, GI health, and other concurrent issues should be addressed by a doctor first," she says. Your vet might have additional recommendations for the best kitten food brands to complement the ones listed below.

Purina Pro Plan Kitten Food

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Dry Kitten Food

Purina Pro Plan Kitten Shredded Blend Chicken and Rice Formula Dry Cat Food

The combination of real shredded chicken and crunchy kibble in this Purina kitten food is fortified with DHA, live probiotics, and essential vitamins and minerals to support a strong, healthy kitty's growth.

IAMS Perfect Portions Wet Kitten Food

Credit: Courtesy of Target

Best Wet Kitten Food

IAMS Perfect Portions Grain Free Healthy Kitten Paté

A great transitional food to help kittens learn to chew, this brand also has DHA for brain development, vitamin E for healthy immune support, plus chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, and egg. And who doesn't like gravy?

Wellness Complete Health Kitten Food

Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Best Canned Kitten Food

Wellness Complete Health Kitten Formula Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

A complete, all-natural, and grain-free formulation of calories, fat, and protein that scampering fur babies need, this wet kitten food also contains added taurine to encourage better heart and health development.

PetAg KMR Kitten Formula

Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Best Kitten Formula

PetAg KMR Kitten Milk Replacer Powder

If mama cat is not in the picture, your young kitten may need formula to replace some of the nutrients he needs from mother cat's milk until he is around 6 to 8 weeks old. Milk replacer adds much-needed protein and taurine to supplement your kitten's diet until he is ready to eat solid foods alone.

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Blue Buffalo Kitten Food

Credit: Courtesy of Chewy

Best Value Kitten Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Healthy Growth Kitten Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food

You don't have to sacrifice quality while on a budget. Full of real chicken and nutritious fruits, vegetables, and grains, your kitty will also get vet-approved vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants with every bite.

Get Naked Kitten Treats

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Kitten Treats

Get Naked Kitten Health Grain-Free Soft Cat Treats

Most vets recommend that only 10 percent of a kitten's diet should come from treats, so make sure they're good ones made with high-quality ingredients and packed with vitamins and minerals.

cat sniffing strawberries

Credit: Ruslana Chub / Getty

Best Human Food to Feed a Kitten

Yes, it's fine to feed your older kitten teeny bits of certain fruits and vegetables as long as you remember she's a carnivore, first and foremost. Her daily diet should contain at least 70 percent muscle meat, as well as some organ meat. A little fish is good, too. Aside from meat, there are some common human foods that are safe for kitty to snack on, and some that are toxic and should be avoided.

Martha Stewart Homemade Cat Treats


Homemade Kitten Food Recipe

Instead of buying kitten food treats, try creating some of your own! Here's an easy recipe for rewarding nibbles that should stay fresh for a week or so. As your kitten grows, you might also want to make special meals for her: these vet tips help you get started.

Cat food rating - the best food in terms of quality and veterinary reviews

Our pets are a source of joy from communication and observation of them. But in order for them to grow up healthy and beautiful, the owners must provide care and attention, create the most favorable conditions. Someone prefers natural food - cats and dogs, as they say, eat “from the table”. In this case, there are a lot of “pitfalls” - it is difficult to ensure and balance the presence of all minerals and vitamins necessary for the animal in full.

The most optimal option in terms of organizing feeding is the choice in favor of feed, in which everything is taken into account as much as possible. There are three types of food for cats and kittens - these are dry, wet and canned. The first is characterized by such advantages as ease of storage and long life. For cats that drink little, canned food is ideal - they have enough moisture. Wet forms are packaged in pouches designed for a single dose. But dry foods help keep plaque off your teeth and prevent tartar build-up. This is an ideal option for a period of long absence of the owners of the house. The main thing is to make sure that the animals have enough clean fresh water.

Modern industry offers a wide variety of food for adult animals, sterilized and capricious, for long-haired and with sensitive digestive systems, for pregnant and lactating cats, for kittens of all ages from the moment of weaning from feeding the milk of a cat-mother to puberty. During this period, many systems are formed, the skeleton grows, and it is important that special food for babies contains the optimal ratio of nutrients to support all processes. In this case, the size of the granules should fully correspond to the development of the animal at the moment.

Best Dry Kitten Food

As part of this feed, there are no various dyes and harmful flavors, any animal fats and by-products, preservatives and dangerous gluten. But in this type of food for kittens, minerals and proteins, vitamins and fats, prebiotics are fully enough, which are the key to the formation of a healthy animal body and its longevity. Canadian manufacturers use innovative technologies, which contributes to the maximum preservation of the useful components of all components. Even in the absence of flavor enhancers, kittens are happy to consume grain-free food from this brand.

It contains turkey fillet, in some cases salmon or duck. Potatoes are among the ingredients, pumpkin is indicated, spinach, tomatoes and carrots are included. NOW Natural contains apples and healthy lentils, bananas and dried seaweed, and other vegetables. In addition, there are minerals and vitamins.

ADVANTAGES: Perfectly balanced composition, high (up to 90%) digestibility. No by-products and harmful artificial additives.

FAULTS: Price too high.

2. Hill's Science Plan Kitten Healthy Development

Dutch food is premium. It is designed to meet all the needs of the growing body of a kitten. Such zoo nutrition undergoes strict quality control - you can be calm about the health of your little pets. The feed contains tuna meat - it helps to increase immunity, normalizes the functioning of the digestive system, which guarantees the longevity of a purring pet. All ingredients from the composition of the feed are quickly and easily digested, have a delicate taste and pleasant smell. Manufacturers provided the presence of a complex of calcium and sodium, phosphorus, which are needed at the stage of growth and formation of the animal. The feed has an optimal size of granules - kittens can easily chew them and crunch them with pleasure. The food has an excellent effect on growth, the kitten looks active and healthy, quite energetic and cheerful.

ADVANTAGES: Composition is safe; a balanced complex of nutrients supports the immune system. The food has a fairly reasonable price.

FAULTS: None found.

3. 1st Choice

The food of this renowned Canadian company has been supplied to the Russian market for a long time and is well known to consumers in our country. It belongs to the premium class and provides kittens with balanced nutrition, health and beauty. Manufacturers offer a wide range - among the line you can choose food that would ideally match the age category of the kitten and its physical condition. It begins to be given at the age of 2 months. The composition contains salmon fat, which helps to increase the protective functions of immunity, participates in the proper development and formation of the digestive and nervous systems, vision and brain. Granules of the optimal size so that a kitten can chew them, smell pleasant. The food is perfectly digestible and has a high energy value. This keeps your baby active throughout the day.

ADVANTAGES : Made using high quality raw materials. The feed has a high rate of digestibility and an optimal balance of nutrients.

FAULTS: None found.

4. Purina Pro Plan

This French premium brand Junior delicate is designed for kittens, picky eaters and babies with digestive problems. It includes rice and turkey. They are allowed to feed pregnant cats and mothers who feed offspring. In the feed, the developers have proposed the perfect balance to maintain life. It has a high protein content, a complex of minerals and vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids. Prebiotics from the composition improve the functioning of the emerging digestive system and kidneys. Thanks to the balance, food is perfectly absorbed. Owners of kittens note that from the moment of such complementary feeding, bloating in babies decreases, immunity increases, and the work of the digestive system stabilizes. The Purina Pro Plan product is to the taste of the most capricious kids.

ADVANTAGES: Food protects teeth from calculus and plaque, restores digestion. It has the optimal granule size. Helps improve appetite.

FAULTS : None found.

5. Royal Canin

The Royal Canin brand is known and in demand among Russian buyers. The food of this brand is well-balanced, designed taking into account the age and physiological characteristics of small animals. Promotes better digestion, well absorbed, improves immunity. The composition includes vitamins B, C and E, prebiotics, folic acid, lutein, fish oil for normal growth and formation of skeletal bones and muscle mass. There is also taurine, which is responsible for vision and helps to fully form the brain. The Mother&BabyCat series is an excellent substitute for mother's milk. Rejection is gentle and painless. The food is suitable for pregnant and lactating cats.

Contains: dehydrated poultry protein, rice, cornmeal, vegetable fibres, animal fats, yeast. There is also beet pulp, soybean oil, fructooligosaccharides, marigold extract, minerals. Packing: 400 g, 2 kg, 4 kg and 10 kg.

ADVANTAGES: Food perfectly normalizes the digestive system. He has good digestibility. Contains a high content of nutrients.

FAULTS: Not detected.

6. Brit Premium

Czech-made kitten food is recommended for feeding babies aged 1 month to a year. It is a balanced complete diet that is universal - suitable for all breeds of animals. The composition contains a complete set of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a mustachioed-tailed creature during the period of growth and formation. Among the ingredients - chicken meat (40%) - the main supplier of protein. In addition, the composition contains chicken flour and fat, rice, corn, chicken liver sauce, fish oil and salmon sauce, dried dandelions and beet pulp, brewer's yeast, yucca extract, which reduces the unpleasant odor of waste products, extracts of turmeric, citrus, cloves and rosemary. The food contains a large list of vitamins - A, D3, E, C. There is also taurine in the composition - it is responsible for the good vision of the animal. The list of ingredients includes iron, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc, iodine, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, etc.

ADVANTAGES: A reasonable combination of different components allowed us to create optimal nutrition for the harmonious development of the pet, which is provided with many years of active life without diseases. It also contains natural preservatives. It has a budget price.

FAULTS: It contains by-products, but which ones are not indicated. The present brewer's yeast is an undesirable component.

7. Orijen

Canadian food suitable for kittens and adult cats. The diet satisfies all the biological needs of a growing organism. It is made up of 85% protein derived from organic free-range poultry meat. In addition, the composition contains fish meat and whole eggs, flounder, sardines, herring, fruits and vegetables, various phyto-components. No odor enhancers or preservatives. Omega-3 fatty acids are an excellent source of nutrients for your pet's healthy skin and beautiful coat. The balance of minerals, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus strengthens the immune and nervous systems. It also contains dried lavender flowers - they improve blood circulation in kittens, act as an anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant component, and act as a diuretic. Vitamin P stabilizes the work of the intestines, and marshmallow root fights gastrointestinal problems. The level of calcium, phosphorus and carbohydrates is balanced.

ADVANTAGES: Phyto-components help remove toxins from the body of kittens, improve metabolism. There are only good reviews about the food.

DISADVANTAGES: High price. Some kittens, due to individual preferences, refuse food.

8. Josera

German Minette kitten food is designed for babies from 2 months to 1 year of age. Suitable for pregnant and lactating cats. Sufficiently balanced and high-calorie, which provides the pet with the necessary energy. It contains easily digestible ingredients, minerals, vitamins and a sufficient amount of proteins in the form of natural meat. They are responsible for the growth and physiological needs of kittens. Contains about 2% dietary fiber, which prevents the formation of hairballs in the digestive tract.

BENEFITS: No by-products or chemical preservatives. Loyal price.

FAULTS: Natural meat is presented in the form of "flour".

Another representative of this brand for kittens over six months old, Nature Cat food. It is also suitable for feeding adult animals with sensitive digestion. The stern is characterized by easy assimilation - this is facilitated by a well-chosen composition. There are no grains, but there are enough fruits, vegetables, a complex of medicinal herbs, vegetable fiber, taurine, minerals and vitamins.

ADVANTAGES: Suitable for allergic pets. Acceptable price.

FAULTS: Natural meat is presented in the form of "flour". Contains yeast and sweet potatoes.

The best soft food for kittens

9. Petreet natura

Wet food is made in Thailand. The composition contains meat and fish of the highest class, vegetable additives and cereals. In the line of these feeds there are options containing asparagus, potatoes, olives. There is also food with the addition of shrimp or squid. In canned food, you can see whole pieces of fish and meat, which confirms the naturalness of the contents. A balanced composition allows you to keep the kittens in good shape. The feed of this brand contains a minimum of fats and a maximum of proteins, there are a variety of vitamins and micro and macro elements, rice flour. They help the kitten grow normally and develop adequately. Convenient packaging allows you to distribute food and not store it for a long time.

ADVANTAGES: Diet canned food is available in the line. The composition does not contain artificial colors, preservatives and flavors. The composition is completely hypoallergenic. Suitable for finicky cat breeds.

FAULTS: There are several vitamin premixes in the composition, but they are not enough to be considered a complete product. The food is quite expensive.

10. Brit Care

Food from a Czech manufacturer has a balanced composition. It contains enough hypoallergenic components that allow us to recommend it for inclusion in the diet of the most fastidious cats, representatives of exotic breeds, some of which cannot tolerate the presence of beef or chicken. The composition is based on 50% natural pieces of meat or fish in jelly. In addition, the composition contains a diverse complex of vitamins and minerals. Available in pouches and cans. The line has a wide variety of flavors. The healthy fats and minerals included in the composition have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract of a small pet and allow it to grow into a healthy adult animal with strong immunity, healthy skin and a shiny, beautiful coat.

ADVANTAGES: Hypoallergenic, no thickeners, fragrances, synthetics or dyes. Contains only natural ingredients. Used as the main diet.

DISADVANTAGES: Relatively high price due to high quality components.

11. Applaws

English canned foods are holistic and super premium. In the production of this product, only high-quality ingredients are used that meet the main European standards. Three main types of soft food of this brand are offered - these are pates, jellies and canned food in metal jars. The composition includes up to 75% meat or fish products. The rest is broth. There are also cereal supplements. In addition to the named options with fish and poultry, there are soft foods with shrimp or cheese. This allows us to offer the owners of mischievous pussies an extensive line with different taste characteristics. They can pick up food for the most demanding and capricious babies. Healthy fats and minerals help strengthen the skeletal system. They also help the skin to be healthy, and the coat - thick and shiny.

ADVANTAGES: The food contains no dyes, preservatives and flavors with thickeners that could harm the kitten's body to develop normally and grow up healthy and active.
DISADVANTAGES: High price justified by excellent quality. Sold only in specialized stores.

12. Leonardo

German wet kitten food belongs to the super premium class. It consists of high-quality meat and seafood, which make up to 80% of the total volume. The remainder are fresh eggs, minerals, by-products and oils. They provide the skeletal system and muscle tissue with a sufficient amount of “building material”. Also, potassium and phosphorus from canned food have a beneficial effect on the skeletal system. Vitamin B contributes to the formation of the circulatory and nervous systems. The food has a delicate texture and is usually to the taste of most babies. It contains taurine - this element is responsible for good vision and the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

BENEFITS: Energizing, immune-boosting and strong animals. Canned food does not contain soy, cereals, gluten, artificial flavors and preservatives, thickeners and other low-quality ingredients.

DISADVANTAGES: Difficulty in purchasing goods in some regions of the country. Some experts have a question about the quality of poultry meat and some ingredients.

13. Almo Nature

Italian canned food belongs to the super-premium class. It is very popular among owners of small kittens of different breeds. The composition of such feed in the majority (up to 75%) is poultry or fish meat. Usually they are in the form of whole pieces. Also on sale are spiders with cookies and vegetables, cheese. These components are part of the main composition of a growing animal and a developing organism. Balanced composition, energy saturation allow the kitten to grow up healthy, active, with a strong immune system. Minerals and vitamins from the composition provide healthy skin and a beautiful, thick, shiny coat. The feed goes through a 3-stage test. First, the composition is checked for compliance with standards. The second stage is to check the thoroughness of the feed processing. Third - an assessment of safety and palatability is given.

BENEFITS: Contains no preservatives, colors, by-products or thickeners with flavors. A large assortment of different flavors and compositions. Packaging of different types and volumes.

FAULTS: Sold only in specialized stores. Suitable for kittens only. For adult cats, it serves as an additive to the main diet.


The entire Whiskas range is available in the following flavors: jelly with veal or turkey; chicken pate; stew with salmon, lamb or chicken; pads with turkey and carrots. Chicken pate is recommended as complementary food from the 5th week of a kitten's life. It has the perfect combination of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin E helps to maintain the protective functions of the body. Also in the composition there is calcium, useful acids, such as Omega-6, vitamin A and zinc. Taurine helps to form good eyesight - this is important for a little hunter. Also, this product contributes to the formation of a healthy cardiovascular system. The advantage of this food is its easy digestion. In soft food - jelly with veal or turkey there are small pieces of meat in jelly. It, like pate, can be added to the diet, starting from 1 month of a kitten's life.

BENEFITS: This food minimizes the risk of overeating. Helps to normalize the water balance in the body of a kitten. Due to this, the risk of diseases of the genitourinary system is minimized. Recommended starting after the first month of life. It provides a smooth transition from mother's milk to solid food.

FAULTS: Not found.

15. Kitekat

This food is available in five varieties. These are the names:

In pouches, wet food is packaged in single servings.

Two more Kitekat ranges are also available. It's Simple and Delicious. In this form, the composition includes meat in sauce - it can be chicken or beef. A "Homemade Lunch" is also offered. It is packaged in cans with a key. The food comes in liver, fish, chicken, rabbit, fish or beef flavors.

The composition does not include flavor enhancers and flavors, but there are artificial additives - preservatives and stabilizers.

The recipe of this brand contains vitamins, mineral compounds, taurine and cereals.

ADVANTAGES: Acceptable price. Sale in any supermarket. A selection of recipes with different flavors.

FAULTS: Opaque composition - no detail of the ingredients, which are most likely waste from the meat processing industry (trimmings, feathers, leather, beaks, intestines). There are low-grade cereals that can cause dermatitis, an eating disorder, or severe allergies. Some ingredients are addictive in kittens.

KP top 10 good dry food rating with expert reviews

KP top 10 rating


Orijen Cat&Kitten Grin Free Cat.Kit.Kit Photo:

Dry grain-free complete food for kittens and cats of all ages, breeds and sizes.

Pros and cons

It is based on very high quality animal protein sources: fresh chicken, fresh turkey, fresh whole eggs, fresh chicken liver, fresh whole flounder and fresh whole herring. More than 60% of the feed is fresh meat and fish ingredients - this is an excellent result. The rest is dry ingredients. The total amount of meat ingredients in the composition of the feed is 85%. There are no grains in the feed, which most often cause allergies in animals, and vegetables, fruits and berries serve as a source of fiber: beans, beans, lentils, as well as whole blueberries and cranberries, beet greens, zucchini and turnips.

The only possible remark is that a variety of animal protein sources may not be suitable for cats with an allergic reaction or sensitive digestion, although this is not a fact, because all animals perceive each food individually.

2. AATU Adult Cat Free Run Chicken Grain Free

AATU Adult Cat Free Run Chicken Grain Free. Photo:

Complete grain-free dry food with chicken for adult cats.

Pluses and minuses

The basis of the feed is high-quality chicken meat, which is 85% in the feed. The remaining 15% is fiber, carbohydrates and healthy additives (sweet potatoes, chickpeas, alfalfa and tapioca. This ratio of ingredients can be called one of the best among dry cat food. There are no grains in the food, and therefore gluten that can cause an allergic reaction in It also contains no artificial colors, flavors, genetically modified foods or artificial preservatives.0003

The only caveat is that chicken meat may not be suitable for animals with an allergy specifically to chicken meat.

3. Acana Regionals Pacifica Cat Grain Free

Acana Regionals Pacifica Cat Grain Free. Photo:

Grain-free dry food with fish for kittens and adult cats of all sizes and breeds.

Pros and cons

This food is based on wild Canadian fish - fresh herring, sardine and flounder, as well as dried cod and hake. The fat from Pacific saithe was chosen as the fat. Meat and fish oil make up 75% of the food, which is an indicator of high quality - this diet can be called one of the best dry food for cats. The remaining 25% includes sources of carbohydrates and starch: red and green lentils, chickpeas, green and yellow peas, whole beans, kelp, dried alfalfa, a variety of herbs and vegetables serve as a source of fiber. The food does not contain grains, soy and genetically modified foods.

The only remark is that a wide variety of high-quality fish meat may not be suitable for animals with sensitive digestion, but this is not a fact, because each cat has an individual reaction to food.

4. Applaw Adult Cat Chicken Grin Free

Applaw Adult Cat Chicken Grin Free. Photo:

Complete grain-free dry food with chicken for adult cats.

Pros and cons

The basis of this diet is chicken, which is ideal for carnivorous cats. Moreover, dried chicken meat and minced chicken make up 82 percent of the feed - this is a very high result. The food does not contain grains and soy, which most often cause unwanted reactions in cats. Potatoes are used as a source of carbohydrates and starch in the feed, and healthy beet pulp is used as a source of fiber. All food ingredients are preserved with natural preservatives - rosemary extract and tocopherol. Contains probiotics and prebiotics to improve bowel function.

Potatoes are not the healthiest vegetable for cats, but there are not many of them compared to the amount of quality animal protein.

5. Alleva Holistic Adult Cats Lamb&Venison + Hemp&Ginseng

Alleva Holistic Adult Cats Lamb&Venison + Hemp&Ginseng. Photo:

Complete dry food with lamb and venison, as well as hemp and ginseng for adult cats.

Pros and cons

This diet is based on dehydrated lamb, fresh lamb and dehydrated venison, quality sources of animal proteins that are excellent for carnivorous cats and make up three-quarters of the food composition. As a source of carbohydrates, the manufacturer offers sweet potatoes to cats. The food does not contain grains and soy, which can cause allergic reactions in animals. Sources of fat in the diet are chicken and fish oil. Ginseng, whose presence is indicated on the packaging, is contained in the feed in a very small amount in the form of an extract. Plant prebiotics and probiotics are added to the feed to improve bowel function, as well as glucose and chondroitin for good joint function, the feed is enriched with minerals and vitamin supplements.

Cannabis leaves and buds are added to the food, which, according to the manufacturer, do not contain active substances, but it is completely unclear why cats need this controversial ingredient.

6. Canagan Country Gane Cat Duck, Venison&Rabbit Grain Free

Canagan Country Gane Cat Duck, Venison&Rabbit Grain Free. Photo:

Dry grain-free complete feed with duck, venison and rabbit for kittens and cats of all breeds and sizes.

Pros and cons

The diet is based on sources of animal protein and proteins: fresh boneless duck fillet, dehydrated duck, fresh boneless venison fillet, dehydrated herring and dried rabbit meat. All of these high-quality animal protein sources make up 71 percent of the food, making this diet one of the best dry food for cats. Dehydrated egg and salmon oil are used as animal fat in the feed. The food does not contain artificial colors and flavors, chicken sauce is used as a flavoring additive. There are no grains in the composition, which often cause an allergic reaction in cats, and sweet potatoes and potatoes are used as sources of carbohydrates, which are more suitable for animals. Apples, medicinal herbs, seaweeds and vegetables are good sources of fiber. Prebiotics are added to the feed to improve bowel function, as well as mineral and vitamin supplements. All ingredients are preserved with natural preservatives - funny tocopherols.

Separately isolated pea protein and potato protein are present in the diet, but they are very few compared to the meat components of the diet.

7. GO! Fit+Free Cat Chicken Turkey Duck Grin Free

GO! Fit+Free Cat Chicken Turkey Duck Grin Free. Photo:

Dry grain-free complete food with chicken, duck and turkey for kittens and cats of all breeds and sizes.

Pros and cons

The basis of the diet is animal proteins and proteins: chicken meal, fresh boneless chicken meat, fresh boneless turkey meat, duck meal and turkey meal, as well as trout, salmon and duck fillets. Together, the amount of meat ingredients takes up more than half of the composition, which is a good result. Salmon oil and chicken fat were chosen as animal fat. The food does not contain grains and soy, which often cause an allergic reaction in cats. As carbohydrates, potatoes and legumes are added to the composition: lentils, peas and alfalfa. An additional source of fiber are sweet potatoes, berries and fruits. The composition includes probiotics and prebiotics, necessary for the full functioning of the intestines, mineral and vitamin supplements.

Phosphoric acid, an artificial preservative, is used to preserve ingredients in the food. This is not a banned additive, it is used in products for people, but there are natural preservatives that are much healthier for cats.

8. Carnilove Adult Cat Sterilized Lamb&Wild Boar Grain-Free

Carnilove Adult Cat Sterilized Lamb&Wild Boar Grain-Free. Photo:

Dry complete grain-free food with lamb and wild boar for adult sterilized cats and neutered cats.

Pros and cons

Wild boar meal, free-range lamb meal, which make up 60 percent of this food, are rare and very valuable sources of animal protein and protein, excellent for cats. The food does not contain cereals, corn, soy, rice and even potatoes, which avoids unwanted reactions from the animals' digestion. As a source of carbohydrates, yellow peas have been added to the food, which is suitable for the diet of cats. Fat animals can get from chicken liver, chicken fat, salmon fat and flaxseed. fiber sources are apples, carrots and chickpeas. The food contains crustacean shells and cartilage extract - sources of glucose and chondroitin, necessary for the good functioning of the joints, as well as brewer's yeast and chicory root - natural prebiotics that improve the condition of the intestinal microflora. The food is enriched with minerals and vitamins.

There is no fresh meat in the food, which can be considered a disadvantage, but the meat meal is made from very high quality ingredients.

9. Optima Nova Adult Cat Exguisite Chicken&Rice

Optima Nova Adult Cat Exguisite Chicken&Rice. Photo:

Complete dry food for adult cats.

Pros and cons

The lion's share of this food, namely 75 percent, is made up of quality meat ingredients: fresh chicken, dehydrated chicken meat and hydrolyzed chicken. The source of animal proteins and proteins is chicken, so this food can be considered monoprotein and, if the cat is not allergic to chicken, can be used as hypoallergenic. Sources of fat in the diet are fish oil and chicken fat. As carbohydrates, the feed contains rice and corn. Prebiotics necessary for the normal functioning of the intestines, vitamin complexes and minerals, as well as sodium polyphosphate, which prevents the formation of tartar, have been added to the feed. The feed ingredients are preserved with natural antioxidants tocopherols and citrus extracts.

Rice protein, potato gluten and cellulose are separately added to the food - ingredients with no nutritional value for cats, but compared to meat ingredients, there are not many of them.

10. Grandorf Cat Indoor 4 Meat&Brown Rice Hypoallergenic

Grandorf Cat Indoor 4 Meat&Brown Rice Hypoallergenic. Photo:

Dry complete hypoallergenic food with four types of meat and brown rice for domestic cats.

Pros and cons

Dried turkey meat, dried duck meat, dried rabbit meat and dried turkey meat, as well as a small percentage of fresh turkey meat, are good sources of animal protein and protein for cats. Fat sources include turkey fat, fresh salmon oil, and arctic krill. The composition does not contain chicken and eggs, which often cause allergic reactions, so the indication on the packaging that the food is hypoallergenic is fully justified. Live probiotics are added to the food, as well as prebiotics - brewer's yeast and dried chicory - to improve bowel function. All ingredients are preserved with natural preservatives - vitamin C, tocopherols and rosemary extract.

The food contains “dietary fibers” whose origin is not explained, therefore it is not known from which source of fiber they are obtained.

How to choose dry cat food

Today, manufacturers offer an incredible variety of dry complete cat food. Attractive inscriptions flaunt on each package, informing that this food contains the most useful products for the body of animals, this particular composition is made from whole and natural ingredients, this particular diet is most suitable for cats with certain health characteristics. Often, these indications are advertising bait and do not correspond much to the real composition of the feed. Therefore, the task of the cat owner is to learn to understand the compositions, understanding which food components are most useful and which ingredients are undesirable for health, in order to choose the best dry food for his cat.

— Over the millennia of living next to humans, the physiology of cats has not changed at all, and it does not matter what breed they are, whether they have access to the street or are kept only indoors. They have remained the same carnivorous predators, whose natural food in nature is caught prey, - explains veterinarian Lyubov Bogdan. - Of course, in modern apartments and houses, rare cats can get their livelihood by hunting, so the task of their owner is to provide his carnivorous friend with food that is healthy for his health, which is still based on animal protein and fat.
Animal protein and fat can be obtained from natural meat - go to the market or shop and choose any piece. But, eating caught prey, wild cats ate not only muscle meat, but also skin, bones, entrails, receiving both animal proteins and offal rich in vitamins and minerals, and carbohydrates contained in the stomach of a mouse or bird. Therefore, a natural diet of muscle meat cannot be a complete diet for a domestic cat, because their physiology has not changed at all.

The most balanced, as well as convenient to use, are complete dry foods. According to most felinologists, it is dry food that can satisfy all the needs of cats in animal protein, fiber, as well as essential vitamins and useful trace elements.

— I don't see anything wrong with ready-made industrial rations, if they meet the cat's needs for animal protein, fiber, carbohydrates and essential vitamins, says veterinarian Lyubov Bogdan. “Moreover, I believe that dry food can be a real lifesaver for pet owners who need a specialized diet, for example, for cats with food allergies or cats prone to weight gain. Most large manufacturers have specialized feeds that are selected according to the age of the animals - from a kitten to the elderly, in size, coat type or digestive characteristics. The main thing is to carefully study the composition so that it matches the properties declared by the manufacturers.


A set of essential ingredients for cats:

  • Poultry, animal or fish meat is the main ingredient in any dry food. The best dry food for cats will be a composition in which at least half of the diet is meat and its derivatives. And the more meat in the feed, the better it suits carnivorous cats.
  • It is best to choose foods from manufacturers that clearly state the source of the animal protein and how it is prepared. Technological features of the production of dry food do not allow to completely dispense with the heat treatment of meat, but still there are differences in the method of its preparation. The most valuable will be the meat, which the manufacturer calls "fresh" - this means that before being processed into feed, it was not frozen and was not processed by concertants. If the manufacturer calls the meat "raw", then this means that it may have been frozen or canned before being processed into feed. And yet, these two types of meat are the most valuable in the composition of dry food. dry food production technology does not allow the use of more than 35 percent of dry and fresh meat ingredients, but even this percentage indicates that you have one of the best dry food for cats.
  • “Dehydrated” or “dehydrated” meat ingredients are often found in feeds - this is dried meat, which is also a valuable source of animal protein and its high content in the feed is evidence of the quality of the formulated diet.
  • Meat meal is another valuable source of animal protein in dry cat food.
  • Feed should also include sources of fiber that are healthy for cats, such as kelp or dried fruits and vegetables. Responsible manufacturers add natural probiotics and prebiotics to the feed to ensure that the intestines of animals work as they should. Cats also need carbohydrates, but in small quantities, various legumes, sweet potatoes, rice can serve as their sources.
  • But foods that contain cereals, corn, soybeans, and even in large quantities, should be avoided. These ingredients not only have no nutritional value for carnivorous cats, but can cause an allergic reaction in animals.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of artificial colors, preservatives, flavoring additives in the feed - such ingredients are not useful for animals and can provoke a deterioration in digestion or cause allergies. Feed ingredients must be preserved with natural preservatives: rosemary extract, vitamin C, natural extracts rich in tocopherols. As flavorings, the manufacturer should use natural ingredients: meat sauces, cod liver or chicken liver.
  • Foods rich in animal protein usually already contain the vitamins and minerals that cats need, but many manufacturers supplement their diet with them. Pay attention that the minerals are presented in the most digestible chilate form.
  • You should also carefully look at the amount of certain ingredients contained in the finished diet. Products that are 2 percent or less are not able to bring any real benefit to the cat's body - there are too few of them.

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