Best feeding bottle for breastfed babies in india

6 Best Quality Feeding Bottle Brands in India 2022 with Guide

Why choose feeding bottles?

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, bottle feeding has a lot more.

  • The process of bottle feeding involves babies as interactive partners. Both the parent and the child can benefit from the opportunity for two-way communication.
  • It aids in babies' self-awareness and understanding of their stomach capacities. Bottle feeding plays a significant role in infant nutrition.
  • Feeding bottles help develop a baby's oral-motor skills from an extremely early age, which is an advantage that is often overlooked.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top bottle-feeding companies in India along with their top products. Check it out!

Top Rated Baby Feeding Bottle Brands in India 2022

1. Dr. Brown’s

Dr Brown’s is a brand that dominates the market for feeding bottles. In addition to receiving numerous honors, such as the Baby Best Award for Baby Bottles for fourteen consecutive years, it is safe to say that this brand is among the best for feeding bottles in India. It is the #1 paediatrician-recommended baby bottle.


a. Best for Preserving Nutrients: Dr Brown's BPA Free Polypropylene Bottle

Dr Brown feeding bottle has a very unique internal vent system as well as a vented silicone teat so that the gas exposure is low. This bottle also offers vacuum-free feeding similar to breastfeeding and reduces oxidation of breastmilk and formula, helping to preserve vitamins C, A, and E.

This product can hold about 120ml of liquid and has a narrow build. Its build can make it easy to fit in your bag and take with you everywhere.

This product is a must-have for growing a healthy baby with an untainted immune system!

Pros: BPA-free, comes along with a cleaning brush.

Cons: Users noticed leaking problems after repeated frequent use.

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2. Philips

Philips is a common household name in every Indian household. The baby care range from Philips is no exception to the company's high-quality products. The international Good Design Award, which the company won for one of its baby bottles three years in a row, is one of the many accolades Philips Avent has received for noteworthy accomplishments.

a. Best for Portability: Philips Avent NATURAL 2.0 BOTTLE

This portable 125ml product is fantastic for use while travelling. Despite having a standard mL capacity, this bottle is portable and also easy to clean thoroughly. The plastic is made of top-notch material and is completely safe for children. If you're a mother looking for the highest-quality option for your child, this is it. 

This product also has an orthodontic nipple type that helps in preventing the risk of colic along with providing maximum comfort for your baby. The company takes into account the baby's sucking habits and ensures the best feeding time for both you and your child. 

Last but not least, it has innovative technology that avoids the vacuum from entering the bottle and interrupting feeding.

Dimensions: ‎6 x 13.1 x 6 cm; 180 Grams

Pros: Amazing grip for both parents and their little ones.

Cons: not enough flow control for the baby.

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b. Best for Preventing the Risk of Colic: Philips Avent Anti Colic Bottle

This Philips feeding bottle has an anti-colic valve that is specially designed to keep air away from your little one's tummy. It also keeps other issues like reflux and gas at bay. Basically, this is one of the best Philips feeding bottles ever designed, keeping in mind every little problem you face. 

This anti-colic bottle is also easy to hold and ensures uninterrupted feeding. Apart from being BPA-free, it is also latex-free, chemical-free and nitrosamine-free. 

Additionally, compared to competitor brands, the feeding bottles claim to have 60% less fussing during feeding time. Sign every troubled mom up, ASAP!

Dimensions: 6.9 x 16.1 x 6.9 cm; 220 Grams

Pros: Easy to clean

Cons: Teats are very firm, and not suitable for babies under 8 months.

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3. Pigeon

Pigeon has one of the most comprehensive baby care lines with a variety of bottle sizes, teats, and other feeding products. Mothers all over India rely on its products. Pigeon is one of the top feeding bottle brands in India currently, and for good reason! The Pigeon baby feeding bottles are equipped with nipples, which provide the most natural feeding and are the result of 50 years of research into baby sucking science.


a. Best For Safe Feeding: Pigeon Flexible Peristaltic PP Bottle

If you're looking for a high-quality, long-lasting feeding bottle in India, look no further than this one. It is BPA-free, as well as BPS-free, as well as BIS Approved, making it one of the safest on this feeding bottle brands list.
The unique grooved interior and stretchable teat set it apart from its competitors. With 240 ml of capacity, this product will not disappoint you.

Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.6 x 19.3 cm and 

Suitable Ages: 9 months and older.

Pros: Easy to clean

Cons: not very visually appealing and doesn't come in different colours.

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4. Mee Mee

We have all heard of this well-known parenting and baby care brand from India. Why would we not? The company was launched in 1994 with the goal of giving parents the best baby care possible at reasonable costs. Mee Mee feeding bottles are a high-quality part of the overall cost-effective baby care options available.
Here are two of our top picks for feeding bottles from this Indian company:

a. Best for Durability: Mee Mee Premium Steel Feeding Bottle

This feeding bottle has a specially designed anti-colic nipple that helps to give your baby a comfortable experience. Since it comes with spill-proof technology, it can be a lifesaver for on-the-go days too.

The sturdy product is extremely travel-friendly. It is also versatile and can store 240ml of almost every liquid safely.

Dimensions: 19 x 7 x 7 cm 

Suitable Ages: 12 months and older.

Pros: easy to sterilise

Cons: heavier than most feeding bottles.

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b. Best for Easy Grip: Mee Mee Eazy Flo Premium Baby Feeding Bottle

This Mee Mee feeding bottle is made using non-toxic international quality polypropylene plastic for safety and holds up to 240ml of liquid. Since the teat has no taste or odour, you can count on a fuss-free feeding experience.

This product has an ergonomic and streamlined design for an easy grip for the parent. It comes with a perfectly sized dome that protects the teat from dust, humidity, and other harmful external conditions, preventing bacteria growth.

Dimensions: 5 x 0.5 x 2.4 cm.

Pros: Value for money

Cons: teat can have leaks and is not up to par.

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5. Chicco

This globally trusted brand is an amazing fit for a parent who wants to try something new. With retail locations all over the world, Chicco is an Italian company that produces toys and children's apparel.

It is an internationally known and trusted brand for every new parent looking for the best for their offspring. Chicco sells baby products in more than 100 countries and is renowned for its top quality.


a. Best for Natural Feeding: Chicco Natural Feeling Baby Milk Feeding Bottle

This is the best bottle available for babies transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Because of its comfortable latch, angled nipple, and more secure grip for your child, this bottle is easy for infants to get used to. Furthermore, the anti-colic valve on this bottle prevents air ingestion, lowering gas intake in your baby's stomach after each feeding.

Designed with an extra soft silicone in a clinically tested bottle, Chicco has done an excellent job of attempting to replicate the natural feel of a mother's breast in this bottle. 

Dimension: 13 x 8.5 x 13 cm, 150 ml

Pros: Available in different colours, aesthetic appeal your baby will love.

Cons: Very wide opening, increased spills if not careful.

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6. Beebaby

Another homegrown company! It manufactures all thing baby related for every step of babyhood. Its products are BPA, BPS, Latex & Sulphur Free and most importantly, made in India.

a. Best for Mess-free Feeding: BeeBaby Comfort Slim Neck Baby Feeding Bottle

This feeding bottle has a very controlled flow that will prevent your baby from choking or taking in too much air at once. 

With a very effective fit and suction, spill accidents do not come along with this product! This bottle comes with an amazing fit that is specifically designed to prevent spilling while feeding.

This BeeBaby feeding bottle comes with anti-colic valves that minimise air intake in the baby's stomach, ensuring a smooth post-feeding experience for the baby.

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 19 cm, 240mL

Pros: Very lightweight, half the weight of standard bottles.

Cons: Plastic quality not up to par.

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How to care for your baby's feeding bottle?
  • Do not store breast milk or formula milk in plastic bottles. We recommend storing the milk in containers specifically designed for that purpose.
  • Always clean every part of the bottle after use.
  • For sterilizing we advise boiling, steaming or also using sterilizing liquids.
  • Always remember to shake the bottle instead of mixing it with a utensil to keep germs and bacteria at bay. Safety should always be your first priority.

How to bottle feed?

The very first step is to ensure that the bottle is cleaned thoroughly, and even sterilised right after a few uses.

  • Ensure that the baby is in a comfortable position first. Feeding pillows can be of great help.
  • Hold the bottle horizontally so that the flow can be controlled by you and choking hazards can be prevented.
  • Make sure that the teat is sitting perfectly in your baby's mouth.
  • Follow the cues your baby gives you, and let the baby take control.
  • Lastly, go as slowly as possible, take breaks, and just enjoy this bonding time with your baby. Do not rush the process.

Introducing the feeding bottle slowly right after birth is advised for your baby to be comfortable and accustomed to one type of feeding without any other mishaps occurring in the future.

How To Choose the Best Feeding Bottle Brand?

Choosing the right bottle brand may seem confusing. How to choose the correct one with so many options available in the market?

Understand child's needs: If your baby can get gassy, try out anti-colic bottles specially designed for the same. There is a suitable bottle for every baby out there.

Size: If you're looking for travel-friendly options, opt for smaller bottles that you can carry around with you.

Stomach capacity: If your baby usually feeds a little more, opt for bigger-sized bottles so you have enough for your baby.

That's the A-Z of the top feeding bottle brands available in India. We hope we were of help to you in finding the best bottle-feeding brand best suited for your child. Happy Parenting!


1. Which material is safe and best for baby feeding?

Non-toxin and safe plastic feeding bottles are the most popular for safety and recommended 100%. Glass bottles are less likely to harbour bacteria and chemicals, but they are also very fragile and prone to breakage. Although they can be heavy and unwieldy, stainless steel bottles can be a great replacement for these glass bottles because they are strong and last a very long time. The safest choice, in our opinion, is to use BPA-free, high-quality plastic bottles that are cleaned thoroughly after each feeding.


2. Which type of feeding bottle is best for a newborn?

Dr. Browns bottle provides vacuum-free feeding similar to breastfeeding, making it an excellent fit for new born babies. For your newborn angel's maximum comfort, this company's bottle teats are made of medical-grade silicone. Philips is in the runner-up with the teats mimicking the natural breastfeeding experience efficiently.

Keep checking the BabyG App website and app for more advice on products and detailed information like this!

Best Feeding Bottle For Your Baby in India –

Boon Como Tomo Dr. Brown’s Dr. WaterR Hegen Honey Boo Medela Nanobebe Philips Avent

Introducing a bottle to your baby is also a big milestone for any parent. When to introduce? How often should the bottle be offered? Which bottle should be used? Few of the many questions that every new parent seeks answers for. All parents have very varied needs when it comes to feeding their children, but no matter what stage you are at, there’s a bottle that will fit your requirement. While you decide if you plan to only breastfeed or only give formula, or do a combination of both, feeding bottles are sure to make your and your baby’s life very convenient and there’s a whole plethora of choices out there.

When should you introduce a bottle?

Parents are usually advised to introduce a bottle to their babies when the baby is 2-4 weeks old, once the baby is breastfeeding well and the mother’s milk supply has been established. Introducing the bottle too early may result in the baby refusing the breast and sometimes it's the other way round also where introducing the bottle post the 6 weeks mark may result in the baby refusing the bottle completely. 

How to choose baby bottles?

Regardless of the kind of bottle you need, the top 5 things you should keep in mind while choosing a baby bottle are: 

  1. The bottle must be BPA free to prevent any chemicals from getting into your baby’s milk. You can check packaging or the product description wherein it is mentioned if the bottle is BPA free. 
  2. The bottle should be easy to clean to avoid leaving any milk deposits. 
  3. Another feature you should consider is an air venting system that releases all the air bubbles trapped in the milk to avoid colic in babies, 
  4. Have clear measurement marks 
  5. Should be compatible with your pump if you plan on pumping and feeding.  

Top Feeding Bottles Brands in India -

1. Dr. Brown’s - Dr. Brown's natural flow baby bottle is a tried and tested favourite with parents. Dr. Brown's original baby bottles feature a patented internal vent system that eliminates vacuum and air bubbles. Dr. Brown's polypropylene bottles hold up to 4 oz of liquid and help to reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas.

2. Medela - Medela polypropylene breast milk bottles are made without BPA, designed to retain breast milk's beneficial properties. Compatible with all Medela breast pumps, so one can pump, store and feed with a single container. Screw on lids ensure that the bottles are leak-proof and are easy for storage, travel and freezing. To view their products, click here.

3. Boon - NURSH' bottles from Boon feature a 100% silicone pouch that collapses as your little one drinks, without allowing gas-inducing air back in. Check them out here.

4. Philips Avent Anti Colic + Natural - Philips Avent’s natural bottle with an ultra soft teat resembles the breast  and makes it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding. The Philips Avent Anti-colic with an AirFree vent is designed to reduce the amount of air a baby ingests which helps ease issues like colic, gas and spit ups. 

5. Como Tomo - Como Tomo baby feeding bottles feature innovative designs to mimic natural breastfeeding and are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding. The bottles are designed with vents to prevent colic while eliminating leakage.

6. Hegen - Hegen’s Feeding Bottle comes with a Slow Flow teat that is ideal from the first month as it mimics the initial slow flow of breast milk - up to 3 months old. Additional teats of various sizes gradually let parents swap to their choice of teats for the baby's perfect feed. Breast milk storage lids allow the feeding bottles to be converted to air-tight and secured storage containers and can also be used as a snack cup or to store baby food. 

7. Honey Boo - This premium quality double walled stainless steel bottle has a thermal body and is ergonomically designed with a  vacuum seal that maintains the milk at a moderate temperature while its agitator attachment maintains the consistency of milk. Its silicon peristaltic nipple redirects air which prevents your baby from swallowing air and developing colic.

8. Dr. WaterR - Dr. WaterR is an Indian origin Baby Feeding Bottle and is made of Stainless Steel, making it easy to clean and use. Interchangeable caps also ensure that its easy to use on the go.

9. Nanobebe - Nanobebe’s award-winning Breastmilk Bottle is the first and only baby bottle designed to preserve the essential nutrients found in breast milk, making it the best bottle for breastfed babies. Shaped like mom for a natural feel, this bottle feeding experience is second only to direct breastfeeding. The instinctual connection prevents nipple confusion, easing the transition from breast to bottle.


Bottle Feeding is a great alternative to feed your baby and the right one can make all the difference.

More from: Boon Como Tomo Dr. Brown’s Dr. WaterR Hegen Honey Boo Medela Nanobebe Philips Avent

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Breast milk is the most useful and complete food for a newborn, but there are situations when a mother is forced to switch to mixed or artificial feeding, and sometimes she needs to go away on business and in this situation, expressed breast milk can be used for feeding milk. In such situations, a bottle is indispensable, so parents face the question of how to choose a bottle for their baby.​

When choosing a bottle, pay attention to the following criteria: flow​​

Also pay attention to the additional features and properties of the bottles. This can be a special valve or system that reduces the risk of spitting up and gas, a flow-optimized physiological teat with a wide base, or special teats for premature and small babies.​


Bottles are usually made of glass or plastic. Glass bottles are considered the most environmentally friendly, they are durable and can withstand repeated sterilization, but they are quite heavy and can be easily broken. Plastic bottles are light and safe and can withstand high temperatures, but they wear out faster and need to be replaced over time.

Bottle nipples are available in latex or silicone. Latex nipples are soft, but short-lived and can cause allergies. Silicone nipples are stronger and last longer, and at the same time they are quite soft and flexible.​​


Modern bottles come in a wide variety of shapes and colours. Choose the one that you like, but the main thing is that the baby is comfortable to hold it. For small hands, a narrowed to the center or curly bottle is suitable.

Classic teats are used by many parents, the classic teat is round and slightly elongated. Anatomical nipples resemble a woman's nipple and are considered the most suitable for feeding a baby, since it is just as difficult to drink milk from it as from a breast. This is especially important when combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding. There are also nipples with a beveled edge, it is believed that such nipples do not affect the bite.​​

Anti-colic valve

Sucking on the bottle can cause air to be swallowed by the baby, causing colic. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to bottles that have an anti-colic valve.

Bottle capacity

The size of the bottle is selected according to the baby's age. The older the baby gets, the more food he needs, so the volume of the bottle must be increased. Usually there are bottles for the smallest - up to 150-200 ml and for older children from 200 ml. Pay attention to the size of the neck - bottles with a wide neck are easier to clean and it is more convenient to pour the mixture into it.​​

Teat flow speed For a newborn baby, it is necessary to choose a nipple with a slow flow so that he does not choke during feeding. As they grow older, it is necessary to change the nipple to a faster flow so that the baby does not get nervous and gets enough milk. You should also pay attention to the number and size of holes in the nipple - more for thick food and smaller for liquids.​​

How many bottles and nipples to have

If the baby is breastfed, two 60 to 125 ml bottles will be enough to supplement him with water if necessary or to feed him with expressed breast milk during temporary weaning mothers. Formula-fed babies will need 3-4 bottles of 150-330 ml and two bottles for other liquids (water, juice, tea).​​

, and also if the integrity of the nipple is damaged or the baby bites through it when the first teeth appear. nine0003

Your Choice

You can now narrow your search down to bottle characteristics and personal preferences. To help you decide, answer a few more questions:

  • Will you bottle feed your baby only or would you like to combine bottle feeding with breastfeeding? be later? Perhaps you will be away on business or want to go to work? nine0006

If you plan to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding, then the Natural bottle is suitable for you and your baby, but if you plan to formula feed the baby, then we suggest considering the Anti-colic bottle. To reduce the risk of spitting up, gas and colic, we offer Anti-colic bottles with an AirFree valve. from natural sucking. The built-in anti-colic valve prevents air from entering the tummy and reduces the risk of colic.

Learn more about Natural bottles:

Philips Avent Anti-colic bottles with a unique AirFree valve are designed to help your baby
swallow less air and reduce the risk of spitting up. The AirFree valve prevents air from entering the nipple: even in the horizontal position of the bottle, the nipple always remains filled with milk, which allows you to feed your baby in an upright position. Reducing the amount of air your baby can swallow while feeding helps reduce the risk of problems such as colic, gas, and spitting up. nine0003

More about the bottles of the Anti-COLIC series:

volumes of Philips Avent

A select the volume of the bottle in accordance with the age of your baby:

  • 0 months- 60 ml
  • 0 month + - 125 ml
  • from 1 month - 260 ml
  • from 6 months - 330 ml

But do not forget that babies have individual characteristics, their own growth and development rate. Therefore, some children can drink more for feeding, others can drink the same portion in two stages with a short break. Therefore, choose the optimal bottle size for your baby based on his needs and feeding behavior.​​

​Philips Avent Bottle Teats​

The size and number of holes in the nipple determine the volume and speed of breast milk or formula from the bottle. The number and size of holes in the nipple increase with the age of the baby.

Natural teat range

just as difficult as the chest. nine0003

Variable Flow Teat

The variable flow teat has 3 flow rates and allows you to control the flow rate by simply turning the bottle. Thus, you can adjust the flow rate according to the density of the liquid and the pace at which the baby drinks. This pacifier is suitable for babies 3 months+. pulp, cereals, grain milk, etc.

All Philips Avent Natural teats can be found here.

Anti-colic nipple assortment​

Baby+ app

Download the app and track your child's development and growth with trackers, and save those special moments forever.

Download application:

Pregnancy+ app

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reduces the risk of breast refusal by 83.

3% *

Baby bottles of natural natural

Best Breastfeeding Compatibility

Natural 9 Baby Bottles0141

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The Philips Avent Natural bottle range is designed for mothers who want to alternate between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Thanks to the wide physiological nipple, the Natural Series allows the baby to not wean from natural sucking. nine0003

Wide physiological nipple for a natural latch on

Unique tabs that make the nipple soft, flexible and firm, and promote continuous milk flow while feeding your baby also in glass

Innovative double anti-colic valve

Ergonomic shape: the bottle is easy to hold even for a baby

Easy to take apart and assemble

What other moms say about Philips Avent Natural baby bottles


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Looking for the most natural way to bottle feed?

Start with the Natural bottle to help you combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. nine0003


125 ml x 2


260 ml, 2 pcs.


330 ml, 1 pc. pack

Choose the right flow rate

Ultra-soft and flexible teat for younger babies

Smooth, bite-resistant teats for older babies

As your baby grows, the right teat shape will also change. Your baby will feel more confident with bottle feeding and will be able to drink more milk in less time. nine0003

Our teats are designed to deliver the right milk flow at every stage of your baby's development. They come in a variety of materials, from ultra-soft to bite-resistant, and vary in flow rate.

Expert advice to help you make your choice

1 Based on online survey conducted in 2018; more than 8,000 women worldwide who use baby products from various manufacturers took part in the survey

* According to the results of the study "Baby Index -2020" by Ipsos Comcon LLC in the categories of breast pumps and feeding devices for feeding

*Wide physiological nipple reduces the risk of breast rejection by 83.

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