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15 Finest Organic Baby Food Brands In India For 2022

Every mother only wants the best for the baby and especially when you can provide for the same then why hesitate? While there are many people out there, who have been constantly at loggerheads when it comes to choosing between regular food generally available in the market and upcoming organic food. Understanding the multiple doubts, it creates in the minds of young mums, here is a list of 10 healthy organic baby food brands. Mentioning other organic infant food products to help you understand better about these food items around you,

Organic Baby Food Vs Regular Baby Food:

Normal baby food is made out of a general process of pureeing and storing/packaging fruits or veggies. The similar process is part of organic food too, but organic food is made out of organically grown fruits or vegetable. But that do not go through a process of being grown chemically or sprayed with pesticides. Their farming is done very naturally.

Why Should You Choose Organic Food For Your Child?

Choosing natural food for your baby means less exposure towards any chemicals. We are well aware that everyone chemically produced food has an effect on our body eventually, but if we can avoid some exposure of these chemicals from our babies then why not? Natural food does not contain any artificial sweeteners, coloring or preservatives making it a very healthy alternative to regular food for the babies.

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Stages Of Organic Baby Food:

Natural Baby Foods are produced in such a way that there is a variety of it available for all stages of food consumption right from stage 1 that starts with babies trying cereals and purees then moving on to powder mixes then teething sticks, finger foods and eventually snacks.

One can easily find all these stage 1 to stage 4 baby food products in the market or online.

Benefits Of Organic Baby Food:

While we have understood that organic produce is better than conventional food in the market, it is more important to understand the benefits of organic food. If there are claims of one being better than the other, everyone seeks the how and why so here are some benefits of organic baby food products,

  • Infants who consume organic food have no pesticides in their system. Whereas the babies who consume conventional food when tested were found with pesticides in their system.
  • Organically grown fruits and vegetables contain a higher number of nutrients and vitamins in them in comparison to normal fruits and vegetables.
  • Exposure to pesticides can have an impact on the development of the babies as their body and brain are still too fragile.
  • Risks involve danger in neuro-development, which is due to the chemicals and pesticides that are present in conventional food items.
How To Choose The Best Organic Baby Product?

While choosing the best organic baby product a parent or guardian must make sure to check the ingredients that are present in the product. Experts believe that feeding good food to the baby is more essential than the process through which they are produced so be it natural baby product or conventional food, it is important to always focus on the ingredients more than the process. The higher the nutritional value of an ingredient the better is the natural baby food brand.

10 Best Organic Baby Food Brands In India

To help you out with the difficult process of selecting the best natural infant brand we bring you a list of the 10 best organic baby food brands in India. This list will help you select and settle down on one brand and even if you can’t settle on anyone, you can try any one of these out because they are all equally good and healthy for the consumption by the baby. So here goes the list,

1. Gerber Organic Baby Food:

The company produces veggie and fruit food pouches that are very healthy and nutritional for a baby. The products of this brand can be very expensive for consumers.

2. Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food:

Earth’s best produces baby purees that smell and taste yum, the food is very appetizing and is sold online in India. Their mango and peach purees are particularly famous.

3. Plum Organics Infant Formula:

Plum Organics make organic sandwich bars for the babies that are easy to eat and digest, this is great for babies who are teething as it is good to nibble on although these bars are expensive in the Indian market.

4. Happy Baby Organic Food:

The company happy baby produces snacks as well as purees that are organic baby food products, very healthy and nutritious for the baby.

5. Sprout Organic Baby Food:

Sprout Organics also make baby food such as purees that are organic baby food. This company isn’t comparatively famous in the Indian market, but their products are undoubtedly good.

6. Parents choice organic Baby Food:

As the name suggests, Parents choice is actually one of the famous picks by parents when it comes to choosing organic puree for their babies.

7. Heinz Organic Baby Food:

Well known for their Ketchup and dipping sauces, Heinz is also a good organic baby food producing company. They sell snacks, purees and finger foods for babies.

8. Yummy Organics Baby Food:

Yummy Organics also make organic baby foods. That taste freshly made and straight out of the kitchen, their purees and mixes are loved by kids.

9. Ella’s Organic Baby Food:

Ella’s baby food pouches and finger foods are convenient to carry out when travelling. The baby gets all the nutrition on the go with a lot of flavor and wholesomeness.

10. Happa Organic Baby Food:

The company is popular in the Indian Organic Baby food market. They produce and sell purees and pouch foods, a spoonful of which makes the baby love what they eat.

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5 Best Organic Baby Cereal And Puree Brands In India

Cereals and Purees are considered as the stage 1 baby foods as they are easier to consume and digest. Let’s find out which are the five best organic baby cereal and Puree brands in India. That caters to the needs and demands of these little ones,

(A) Baby Staples:

Baby staples create different types of cereals for the babies of age 10 months and above, and they also make porridges.

(B) Early Foods:

Early foods are well known for using multi-grains as well as various nutritional grains and nuts in their produce suitable for baby consumption.

(C) 1st Bites:

1st bites make flavorful powder mixes that can be mixed with milk or water and fed to the baby. The powder mix is completely organic and very nutritional.

(D) Slurpp Farm:

Slurpp Farm leaves no stone unturned, fruits, grains, vegetables or nuts, you name it and they got it all in their cereals that provide all the essential nutrients for the growth and development of a baby.

(E) Ormeal Organic:

Ormeal is a trusted company when it comes to buying organic baby puree food. The company produces purees suitable for the consumption of babies who are at least six months old or older.

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How To Make Organic Food At Home?

Making organic baby food at home is a fairly easy task. Although getting organic produce can be a bit expensive as organically grown vegetables and fruits are pricier than the conventionally grown plants and veggies.

Once you have the fruits and veggies you need, all you need to do is combine a few fruits and vegetables that will have a pleasant after taste when combined together, add these vegetables and fruits pureed to rice to make a porridge or just use the puree with some sugar and cinnamon in a bottle that enables the baby to nibble.

Organic baby food cannot be declared as the best out of the conventional and organic race. As buying and accessing organic food isn’t easy for one and all. Natual baby food is eventually made out of the same fruits, veggies and grains that just contain minimal processing; this means that feeding babies conventional baby foods is as good. All one needs to focus is on the ingredients, because that boosts the health and growth of the baby.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

1. Where Can I Buy Organic Baby Food?

Organic baby food can be purchase from drugstores, supermarkets or online from various websites that sell food products and other infant care items.

2. Can I Feed Organic Baby To My 1-Year Old Baby?

Yes, stage 2 organic baby foods are easily available in the market, you can refer the packaging or consult a child nutritionist to learn and understand more about the same.

3. Is Organic Baby Food Suitable For Stage 1 Infant Food?

Yes, stage 1 baby food consists of purees and cereals, several organic baby food brands produce infant foods that are suitable for stage 1.

[Top 7+] Best Organic Baby Food Products & Brands in India

Regular food that you buy nowadays, maybe full of pesticides & harmful preservatives. These chemicals are harmful to the overall health and growth of your baby. I have hence compiled this list of best organic baby food products and brands in India.

We started buying only organic food for our household ever since we decided to have a baby. I prefer spending a few extra rupees on quality food rather than paying hefty hospital bills later. There are two main options for you if you wish to feed your baby Organic food.

  1. Buy raw organic ingredients (Like Rice, Dals etc) and prepare fresh food at your home.
  2. The second option is to buy ready baby food packets. This is a bit expensive but a more convenient option for many busy moms.

I will be suggesting brands for both these options below:

You can also go for a combination of both options above. You can cook food on daily basis. However, sometimes you can feed baby food to your baby.


If you are looking for a quick recommendation – I will suggest you go for the Tiny Spoon’s Organic Fruit Puree (Amazon). However, you should give a good mix of Cereals & Vegetable to your Baby as well. Read the complete article for more suggestions.


Table of Contents

  • List of Best Organic Baby Food Brands:
    • 1. Tiny Spoons 
    • 2. Ormeal
    • 3. Happa
    • 4. First Solids by The Great Banyan
    • 5. Early Foods
    • 6. Sari Foods
    • 7. 1st Bites
  • Best Organic Food Brands in India
    • 1. Organic Tattva
    • 2. 24 Mantra Organic
    • 3. Pro Nature

List of Best Organic Baby Food Brands:


1. Tiny Spoons 

This brand provides 100% organic, EU certified food puree to Indian mothers. Their fruits are procured from Europe, cooked and packed without any preservatives or additives.

I personally tried the food and it tastes really good and healthy.

Check Latest Price & Mixes available in India – Amazon

At the time of writing this review, Tiny Spoons had two mixes available for sale on Amazon. The first one being Plum & Prune and the second mix being Blueberry, Apple, Banana & Strawberry.


Key Highlights:

  • Their puree is suitable for infants aged 6 months and above
  • They do not add any sugar, salt or water in their puree
  • The food has no preservatives added to it
  • The packaging material used has no BPA in it
  • The food can be consumed directly from the pack (Using a spoon, bowl etc) and does not require any heating/smashing
  • The packet is not microwave friendly & should be consumed within 24 hours of opening





This is one of the top-selling organic baby food product online in India. As with Tiny Spoons above, this brand also offers two different fruit mixes.

The first being only Apple puree, while the other option has Apple mixed with Strawberry and Banana.


Check all available Combo Options Online – Amazon | Flipkart

Key Highlights:

  • This baby food is EU certified organic
  • Does not contain any GMO based food products
  • No added Salt, Sugar or Water
  • Does not contain any preservatives or artificial flavours



3. Happa

The drawback of the first two brands covered in this list is that they do not offer a lot of different mixes. Also, the options that they have, only have fruits in them.

You would want your baby to develop taste and liking for vegetables right from the beginning. This is where Happa comes in handy.

They offer a wide variety of options. Including a couple of mixes that contain vegetables. These mixes might not taste as great but it is essential that you baby eats them as well.

I would suggest, you start providing you baby equal potions of cereals, vegetables along with fruits. This will not only make them healthy but will also help them develop a liking for the taste of vegetables and cereals.


Check all available Mixes and their Prices Online – Flipkart | Amazon



4. First Solids by The Great Banyan

As I said earlier, Cereals and Vegetable play an important role in the growth and well being of your baby. Fruits packs (Showcased above) are a good option while you are travelling or while your baby is not eating well.

However, for daily use, you can choose a few options from First Solids. I would definitely recommend the Ragi mix. You can try a couple of more mixes and check what suits your baby the best. They have a lot of different mixes made using traditional India recipes.


Check Out All Options Available & Prices Online – Amazon | Flipkart


Key Highlights:

  • This is not ready to eat baby food pack. You will need to first mix the powder with water as instructed on the pack and then heat it on flame for about 7 to 10 minutes
  • You can add rock salt or palm sugar for taste
  • This is a much better and preferred option for your infant’s daily food needs. It is easy to make and a very healthy alternative to artificial baby food.
  • As with any new food. Introduce each of the mixes slowly (One mix at a time) and check if your baby is able to digest it properly without issues.



5. Early Foods

Early foods have a similar product offering to first solids above. However, they do have a couple of differential products.

a. At the time of writing this review, Early foods offered unique teething stick made using Wheat, Ajwain & Jaggery.

b. In addition to regular Porridge. They also offer an instant cook version. You can just add hot water to this mix and your baby food is ready.


Check out the Entire Product Range of Early Foods – Amazon



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6. Sari Foods

At the time of writing this review, Sari Foods does not have a lot of options for sale online. However, their main product is really good. Along similar lines to the two brands above, Sari Foods also offers a Ragi based baby food.

Their baby food contains healthy ingredients like Ragi, Rice, Wheat, Soya Bean, Green gram, Toordal, Brown gram, Black gram, Cashew, Almond, Dates, pepper, methi.

Check the Latest Price in India – Amazon



7. 1st Bites

1st Bites offer a wide range of options. The best part about their offerings is the combination of cereals and fruits. This helps make the baby food tasty and nutritious at the same time.

They offer baby food which can be given to the baby from the age of 6 months. They also have few options that can be added to you Baby’s diet as he/she grows.

The product contains no added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It is pre-cooked and can be prepared instantly by adding water to it.

Check the Entire Range of 1st Bites Baby Food – Amazon



Best Organic Food Brands in India

As stated earlier, I will now list down a few organic brands that I trust. You can use these raw materials to make baby food at home. You can buy Rice, Dals, Raagi etc and prepare your baby’s food with your own hands.


1. Organic Tattva

2. 24 Mantra Organic

3. Pro Nature


You can easily find their products online at stores like Amazon, Flipkart or BigBasket. If you face any issues, do leave me a comment below. I will try my best to answer them for you at the earliest.





India Bellamy: Storm + India

After returning to his 300-acre family farm in northern Tasmania, the Indian tea and health business is booming.

If India's name Bellamy rings a bell, it's because she is the daughter of Dooley, the original co-founder of Bellamy Organic. In a Tasmanian homecoming tale, the couple have recently returned, embarking on a wellness journey that redefines what's in a teacup. nine0006

India first started drinking tea when she was one year old when her mother Dooley bottle fed her chamomile tea to help her fall asleep naturally. Few can claim that their professional experience and taste predates the time before they went! Tea is in the veins of India and has always been.

“I grew up on an idyllic farm near Longford in northern Tasmania with my three siblings. When mom first got pregnant, she couldn't find the right local organic baby food. So my mom and dad had a big dream to buy a farm in Tasmania, make it organic and create the best baby food in the world. This is how Bellamy Organic Infant Formula was born,” recalls India. nine0007

“When I was a child, I remember that my mother often traveled abroad and brought samples of tea from plantations and tea houses from afar. My sister Storm and I would be so excited - it has become a ritual for us. We even took thermoses of tea to school to share with friends.”

Sisters of India and Storm Bellamy. Photo credit: Charlotte Swieden

After her parents separated, India moved to New Zealand at 19 with her mother and siblings. Despite the restrictions at the university and the desire for personal training, it was tea and health that remained the passion of India. In 2015, she launched Storm + India brand of organic detox tea with her sister Storm working successfully in Auckland until 2019 when India and her mom were brought back to the family farm in Tasmania.

India currently manages the brand. “My sister Storm has found love and now lives in France with her partner and young son, so she is out of business for now. Now my mom and I run the brand together, and it's great to be at home. Yesterday I went out to an empty paddock and just lay there.

Returning to Tasmania to start over Storm + India was no easy task. The company had to create new supply chains, develop new relationships and export goods back to its New Zealand customers, but India said the locals were supportive.

Sturm + India tea products. Photo credit: Charlotte Swieden Sturm + India tea products. Photo credit: Charlotte Swieden

The tea is sourced from India, Germany and Japan from sustainable packaging. nine0007

“We plan to develop a range of Tasmanian herbal products on the farm, such as peppermint, spearmint, chamomile and lavender,” explains India. “We have this opportunity to celebrate the island through our farming communities and Tasmania cannot be the best place to work. The new blends will be created at our new organic tea studio in Longford, a 10 minute drive from the farm.

“This will give people the opportunity to taste our tea. We will also offer plant-based recipes. We make everything ourselves, from homemade almond milk to iced iced tea, plant-based lattes and vegan smoothies.” nine0007

Wellness is paramount when it comes to their brand. “Our teas can help with everything from restorative sleep to serotonin release, gut health and energy,” says India.

India wants to spread news about the properties that tell the reason why tea was only used medicinally for the first 3,000 years.

India Bellamy. Photo credit: Charlotte Swieden

The couple is looking to develop relationships and collaborations with Tasmanian producers of organic botanical products and expand the company's export opportunities. At present, international customers can receive them Storm + India fix via website. However, they also want to hire locally once the tea studio is in full swing.

“We have dreams about our brand,” India says with boxes stacked high behind her. “One day I would like to open organic tea studios here and in Asia. At the moment I'm just excited to be home and rebalance. Mom loves being back on the farm and I can't wait to get back to riding. Oh, and we do enjoy a good cup of tea together. " nine0007

Are you interested in making a move? Make it Tasmania.

Find out more about STORM + INDIA by visiting their Honest Sign website and Facebook page.

For information about starting a business in Tasmania, view our stories or visit Business Tasmania .

published . Last updated

Top image: Charlotte Swieden

Top 50 Made in India products that went viral

Officially known as the Republic of India, India is a country in South Asia. It is the second most populous country, the seventh largest country by area, and the most populous democracy in the world.

This is a country full of diversity and known as one of the oldest existing civilizations in the world.

We have been surrounded by many brands lately, most of which are dominated by brands from all over the world. But India is known for developing its own methods and tools to produce just about every type of product you can think of. nine0007

Surprisingly, products made in India are currently making a lot of noise. While researching Indian brands, I was thrilled to see some Indian firms taking over the world with their products and services.

Some of the following famous Indian brands were once owned by foreigners but are now owned by Indians. Others were made in India but had European names. They work hard to create well-known products in India.

This sparked my interest in researching and writing about famous Indian brands. nine0007

Below is a list of 50 famous Indian brands that meet international standards.

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Why Use Made in India Products?

Indian products such as Indian tea, coffee, Ayurveda, cosmetics and organic grains are popular in other countries.

There are many other companies in India that have been manufacturing products for centuries such as Dabur, Ajanta, Atlas Cycles, Bajaj, Voltas, Blue Star Reliance, etc.

Today Indian goods are very competitive and excellent in quality. They also offer top quality food items as per Organic India products. Their products are also environmentally friendly.

Indian foods are rich in class. This is due to its rich culture and art. Their artisans are good at needlework.

Indian handicrafts are exceptionally unique in size, quality and value.

Indian products are quirky because they have a royal essence that depicts the class of the kindred kingdom and has played a very important role in the development of the country's economy. nine0007

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List of top 50 Indian made products that went viral in 2022 viral in 2022, and product/brand link:

#1. Bira 91

Bira 91 for beer, a homebrew brand, ranked #1 on all Made in India lists with over 20 mentions. nine0007

Bira's misnamed counterpart is Corona beer, and it's worth noting that Bira is preferred over Corona beer.

In addition to Bira, there are other Indian-made alcohol brands, including Old Monk, Kingfisher Amrut and Royal Challenge.

Product link:

#2. Soap Mysore Sandal / Medimix / Patanjali

Soap Mysore Sandal / Medimix / Patanjali is made from Indian products. nine0007

Before the advent of Indian soaps, soaps and other personal care products from major FMCG companies such as Unilever and P&G were used to wash Indian bathrooms. It has been that way for over a century.

But with developments, soaps made in India and owned by India have come to dominate the Indian soap market and have come to dominate the Indian soap market. Indians. Mysore sandals are one of the products made in India that went viral in 100.

Product reference : https://www.

#3. Rupa/Dollar/Luxe underwear

Company made in India Underwear brands such as Rupa, Dollar, Lux, and local brands from online lingerie store Zivame remain and currently compete with US foreign student clothing brands , such as Jockey, Enamour.

Product link:

#4. Lakme / MyGlamm

Lakme began in 1952 as a 100% subsidiary of the Tata Oil Refinery and has stood the test of time among well-known brands in the foreign cosmetics industry such as Mac, Revlon, Maybelline and L'oreal for over 70 years.

Created by Indian designer Manish Malhotra, MyGlamm is a beauty and skincare brand proudly made in India.

Product link:

#5. Himalaya/Lotus/Biotique skin care products

Among made in India, products are skin care products made by brands such as Himalaya, Lotus, Shahnaz Hussein and Biotique. These brands use the principles of Ayurveda and traditional Indian skin care recipes and have become big names in the local skin care industry.

Made in India skin care products are currently competing with well-known foreign brands in the global skin care market. These brands include the Body Shop, L'oreal, Garnier, and American P&G brands. nine0007

Product link: sid=g9b%2Cema%2C5la%2Cbbf&page=6

№6. Tata and Mahindra for cars

Tata and Mahindra are brands for Made in India.

Some other Indian car brands include Bajaj and TVS.

Despite competition between local and foreign cars, Indians still buy and use Indian car brands. nine0007

Some of the components and R&D used to manufacture these locally produced vehicles, which remain largely in India, may be sourced from overseas.

Profits from the automobile industry have been reported to account for a large portion of India's GDP.

You may be interested to know that Royal Enfield bicycles, or "The Bullet" as it is more commonly known, are manufactured by the Indian company Eicher Motors.

Product link

Tata Motors:

Mahindra Cars:

№7. Maaza, Frooti and Paper Boat for drinks

Made in India in-house drinks are produced under the brands Frooti, ​​Maaza and Paper Boat. Drinks of this brand were a favorite drink of Indians.

Product link:

#8. Detergent Nirma and Ghadi from Gujarat

Nirma and Ghadi washing powder brands from Gujarat are entirely designed and manufactured by an Indian company.

Surf Excel, Tide and Ariel are popular laundry detergents that are made in Indian factories that employ Indian workers, making them Indian brands.

Product link



nine0118 #9. Made in India phone

Considering whether some phones are made in India or 100% by an Indian company, you should note that telecom equipment is not India's strong point.

Chinese and Korean phone makers such as Vivo, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Samsung, respectively, have almost complete manufacturing centers in India. This is good news.

These phones are manufactured and sold in India and by the Indian workforce, using developed technologies and some internal components made in China and other countries. This is one of the products made in India that went viral in 2022. nine0007

Vivo claims that 100% of its phones are sold and manufactured in India. Xiaomi, the Chinese phone giant and manufacturer of the entire RedMi line of phones, manufactures all of its phones in India. The iPhone XR is also made in India. It started in 2018.

Apple also announced last year that it would open a factory in Tamil Nadu to fully manufacture its products in India. All OnePlus phones released after the Oneplus 7 are reportedly manufactured at the Noida factory. nine0007

Product link:

#10. Skore/Manforce/Kohinoor for condoms

While Durex made by Malaysian company Karex may be synonymous with Indian companies.

Companies such as Skore, Manforce, and Kohinoor are well known for making condoms, which may be the best option for strict population control measures.

Product link:

#11. Indian cold drinks

The following cold drinks: India produced:

Kalimark Bovonto, rose drink (Sherbat), Badam drink, milk, lassi, cottage cheese, yogurt, chaach, juice, lemonade (Nimbu Paani), coconut water (Naariyal Paani), Cocktails, Jaljeera, Thandai, Roohafza (Hamdard), Rasna, Fruti, Godrei Jumpin, etc.

Product link: coffee-brands-in-india-zee-zest-212

#12. Indian Soap

The following are Indian Soaps: Himalaya, Mysoor Sandal, Cinthol, Santoor, Medimix, Neem, Godrej, Patanjali (Kesh Kanti), Wipro, Park Avenue, Swatik, Ayur Herbal, Kesh Nikhar, Hair & Care, Dabur Vatika, Bajaj, Nyle.

Product link:

#13. Indian Toothpaste

Toothpastes Made in India include the following Neem, babool, vicco, dabur, Vico Bajradanti, MDH, Baidyanath, Gurukul Pharmacy, Choice, Anchor, Meswak, Babool, Promise, Patanjali (Dant Kanti, Dant on).

Indian toothpaste is one of the products made in India that went viral in 2022.

Product link:

#14. Indian toothbrush :

Indian toothbrush brands include Ajay, Promise, Ajanta, Royal, Classic, Dr. Strock, Monate. nine0007

Product link:

#15. Indian tea and coffee

The following are Indian tea and coffee

Divya Peyya (Patanjali), Tata, Brahmaputra, Aasam, Girnaar, Indian cafe, MR, AVT tea, Narasus coffee, Leo coffee

Product link:

#16. Indian Blade

Indian blades include Topaz, Gallant, Supermax, Laser, Esquire, Silver Prince, Premium.

Product link:

#17. Indian shaving cream :

Company Indian shaving cream brands include Park Avenue, Premium, Emami, Balsara, Godrej.

Product link:

#18. Indian Shampoo :

Company Indian Shampoo Brands Himalaya, Nirma, Velvet. This is one of the products made in India that went viral in 2022.

Product link:

#19. Indian talc powder:

Company Indian talc brands include Santoor, Gokul, Cinthol, Boroplus, Cavin Kare

Product link:

#20. Indian Milk:

The following are India Milk: Amul, Amul, Mama Dairy

Product Link: /

No. 21. Indian Mobile

The following are Indian Cuisine Mobile Brands: Idea, Airtel, Reliance, Bsnl

Product link:

#22. Indian textile or clothing

The following are Indian cuisine textile or clothing brands : Raymond, SiyaRam, Bombay Dyeing, S. Kumars, Mafatlal, Garden Vareli, American Swan, Gini & Jony, Globus, Madame, Monte Carlo Fashions Limited, Reliance Retail, RmKV.

Product link:

#23. Indian mobile

Examples below Indian cuisine Mobile brands Micromax, Carbonne, Lava

No. 24. Indian bike

Below are examples of Indian bike brands : Hero, Bajaj, TVS bikes and auto rickshaws.

Product link:

#25. Indian Shoes

The following are the following Indian Shoes brands: Paragon, Lakhani, Chavda, Khadims, VKC Pride, Lunar Footwear

Product link: https://blog. /top-10-shoe-companies-in-india

#26. Indian jeans and t-shirts

The following are Indian jeans and t-shirts brands: Spykar, K-lounge

Product link:

#27. Indian Clothing :

Some of the brands that deal in Made in India clothing include Cambridge, Park Avenue, Bombay Dyeing, Ruf & Tuf, Trigger Jeans, Lakhani, Shreelathers, Khadim, khadi, Action.

Product link:

#28. Indian baby food

Indian baby food brands include honey, boiled rice, fruit juice. Amul, Sagar, Tapan, Milk Care, etc.

#29. Indian Salt

Brands of Indian Salt include Tata, Ankur, Saindha Namak (Patanjali), Low Sodium Iron-45 Ankur, Tata, Surya, Tara.

Product/brand link:,by%20Tamil%20Nadu% 20and%20Gujarat. nine0015

#30. Indian Ice Cream

Below are examples of ice cream brands in India: homemade ice cream/coolfi, Amul, Vadilal, Arun Ice Cream, Dairy etc.

Product link/brand: https://www.pfionline. com/top-10-ice-cream-brands-in-india/

#31. Indian Cookies

Brands of Indian Cookies include Parle, Sunfeast, Britannia, Tiger, Indana, Amul, Ravalgaon, Bakemens, Creamica, Shagrila, Patanjali (Amla Candy, Bel Candy, Aarogya Cookies). This is one of the products made in India that went viral in 2022. nine0007

Product / brand link:

#32. Indian ketchup and jam

These include homemade sauce/ketchup, indana, priya, rasna, patanjali (fruit jam, apple jam, jam mix).

Product/brand link:

#33. Indian snacks

Indian snack brands include Bikano Namkeen, Haldiram, Homemade Chips, Bikaji, AOne, etc. Indian water

Home boiled pure water, Ganges, Himalayas, Reinner, Bisleri.

Product/brand link:

#35. Indian Tonic

Patanjali (Badam Pak, Chyawanprash, Amrit Rasayan, Nutramul)

Product / brand link:

#36. Indian Oil

Param Ghee, Amul, Handmade Cow Ghee, Patanjali (Sarso ka tel)

Product/Brand Link: -ghee-15529593630.html

#37. Indian Washing Soda

Tata Shud, Nima, Ker, Sahara, Swastika, Vimal, Hipolin, Fena, Sasa, Ceris, Dr. Det, Gadi, Gentil, Ujala, Ranipal, Nirma, Chamko, Dip

Product / brand link:

#38. Indian cosmetics

Neem, Borosil, Ayur Emami, Vico, Boroplus, Boroline, Himani Gold, Nyle, Lavender, Hair & Care, Heavens, Cinthol, Glory, Velvet (Baby).

Product / brand link:

#39. Indian handle

Camel, Kingson, Sharp, Cello, Natraj, Ambassador, Linc, Montex, Steek, Sangita, Luxor.

Product/brand link:

#40. Indian Electronics

Indian electronics brands include Voltas, Videocon, BPL, Onida, IFB, Orpat, Oscar, Salora, ET&T, T-series, Nelco, Weston, Uptron, Keltron, Cosmic, TVS, Godrej, Brown, Bajaj , Usha, Polar, Anchor, Surya, Oriont , Cinni, Tullu, Crompton, Loyds, Blue Star, Voltas, Cool home, Khaitan, Everready, Gee

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#41. Indian computer and tablets

I Indian computer and tablet brands include HCL, MICROMAX, SPICE, Reliance, Carbonn, Amar PC, Chirag

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No. 42. Indian online shopping

Flipkart, IndiaPlaza, YeBhi, Myntra, Naaptol, SnapDeal, HomeShop18, bookmyShow, makemytrip, yatra, via, ibibo, cleartrip. nine0007

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#43. Indian Car

TATA Mahindra Hindustan Motors Maruti

Indian Refrigerators

Some of the refrigerator brands in India include Hitachi, Godrej, Electrolux.

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No. 45. Indian Ceiling Fan Brands

There are a number of ceiling fan brands in India, including Crompton Greaves, Usha, Orient, etc.

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#46. Indian Batteries

There are a number of battery manufacturers in India who produce batteries for use in automobiles, for solar and wind power generation, or for use in smartphones and air conditioners. Batteries are used in almost all areas. nine0007

Some battery manufacturers in India include

  • Exide Industries Ltd.
  • Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. LLC
  • Amara Raja Battery Ltd.
  • Southern Batteries Pvt. Ltd. et al.

No. 47. India Cements

India is reportedly the second largest producer of cement in the world. . The cement industry in India was deregulated in 1982 and has since attracted huge investments from both local and foreign investors. The Indian cement industry employs about 20,000 people in the processing sectors for every million tons of cement produced in the country.

Some of the cement companies in India are as follows:

  • Ultratech Cement LLC
  • Ambuja Cements Ltd.
  • Sri Cement Ltd.
  • Ramco Cements Limited

#48. Indian paint industry

Indians are known for painting everything from caves to shrines, houses to industrial sites, military bases to aircraft. It has been that way for centuries.

Some of the Paint Manufacture in India which produces Made in India products include

#49. Asian Paints Ltd.


Kansai Nerolak Paints Ltd.


Shalimar Paints LLC


AkzoNobel India Ltd (Dulux paints)

Website: in/

Berger Paints India Ltd.


#50. Breakfast cereal companies in India

Neeland Foodland is among the companies producing Made in India. It is a supplier of soft drinks, fruit juices, ready-to-drink food, organic food, canned food - vegetables, legumes and cereals or spices, baked goods and dairy products. nine0007

Some other breakfast cereal companies in India include Kuber Impex Limited, SSU Enterprises, Paithan Mega Food Park Private Limited, Aussee Oats Milling Private Limited.

#51. Indian footwear industry

Indian footwear industry has experienced some recognized growth which has been accompanied by a sharp increase.

Some of the Footwear industry in India include Mochi, Metro, Limited, Woodland. nine0007


After going through the top 50 made in India products that went viral in 2022, you must have seen that India is ranked among the hardest working countries in the world .

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