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Buying Guide 2022: Best Baby Food Storage (6 expert tips)

The Best Baby Food Storage Containers for storing and freezing homemade baby food. Plus – 6 expert tips on how to store baby food, as well as a how-to guide on freezing and thawing your own baby food, FAQs, pros and cons and so much more!

Medically reviewed and co-written by Lauren Braaten, Pediatric Occupational Therapist (OT).

Best Baby Food Storage Containers

Want to make your own homemade baby food, but are not sure the best way to store it?

Then this post is for you!

Regardless if you are making homemade purees or going with the baby-led weaning approach to feeding your baby, you will need some small fridge and freezer-safe containers to store your baby’s food in.

Below you will find my tried-and-true storage containers at all price points, along with my guide on how to freeze and thaw baby food purees., FAQs, pros and cons of each container, as well as 6 tips on the best way to store baby food.

How to Make Baby Food Video

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make and store your own baby food!

Top Baby Food Freezer Storage Containers

If you just want to cut straight to the chase – these are our absolute favorite storage containers for baby food.

Baby Food Trays

WEESPROUT Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray – great 10-sectioned baby food tray that holds 1.5oz each, but has a 1 oz fill line for smaller portions. Is made out of premium food-grade silicone and has a plastic lid for easy stacking. These trays or worth their price and we would recommend getting a couple of their fun color trays so you can easily stock up on your homemade baby food.

4 Pack of Silicone Ice Cube Molds Tray with Lid – This is a newer purchase for us and so far the quality has been great and you can’t beat the price for 4 trays! The trays are made out of food-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic and each cube gives you 1oz of baby food.

Glass Baby Food Storage

WEESPROUT Glass Baby Food Storage Containers – We absolutely love these jars! You get 12 colorful glass jars that hold 4oz each. Great for storing baby food purees as well as yogurts, overnight oats, chia seed pudding for toddlers and kids. While the price is a little high, you will get many years worth out of these jars. Well worth the investment in our opinion.

Babymoov Glass Food Storage Containers – I love that this set comes with two different sizes of containers – 4oz and 8oz. This is great if you have a baby that is a bigger eater and needs more than an ounce or two of purees at each meal.

Plastic Baby Food Containers

WEESPROUT Leakproof Baby Food Storage – just as amazing as their glass jars, just with a smaller price tag! This set comes with 12 colorful 4oz jars made out of BPA free high-quality polypropylene plastic. I also love that this plastic version is easier (and lighter) to toss into your diaper bag for a quick baby meal on the run.

OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers – a great smaller set that contains 4 – 4oz PVC, BPA, and phthalate-free jars and a storage tray. Great space-saver system that helps keep your jars of baby purees organized and tidy. Plus, you can easily stack more trays on top of each other if you need a bigger freezer stash.

Full Review of each Container: for our full reviews on each of the above products, including pros and cons, go to the end of this guide.

Other Helpful Tools
  • Stasher Bags – these silicone reusable bags can hold your frozen cubes of baby food purees.
  • ZipLock Bags – another option for storing your frozen purees in.

How to Freeze Baby Food

When making homemade baby food purees, your freezer is about to become your best friend, allowing you to keep several weeks’ worth of baby purees at the ready.

For more information on how to make your own baby food, check out my Ultimate Guide on Making Your Own Baby Food!

  • After making your puree, let it cool until just warm.
  • Spoon the puree into your choice of baby food storage container.
  • Cover your container with a lid or plastic wrap, and place in the freezer.
  • Let the puree freeze completely before you crack the purees out of the tray and place the cubes into a plastic freezer zip-lock or stasher bag. If using jars, the frozen purees would stay in the jars.
  • Label each bag or jar with the name of the puree and the date you made it.

How to Thaw Baby Food

Thawing may seem like a no-brainer, but it never hurts to know your options. There are three different ways to thaw purees:


Take the frozen puree cubes that you want to serve out of your freezer, place them in a glass container, and microwave in 20-second increments, stirring every time. The puree is ready when it is just warm to your touch.

Grab two clean spoons, one for you and one for your baby, and test your puree before serving.

Some infants like their puree cold, warm, or really warm, and some will devour it no matter the temperature. You will get to know your baby’s personal preferences as the two of you bond over food.


This one takes the longest time, but it is a great alternative to using a microwave.

Take the frozen puree cubes you want to serve out of your freezer, and place them in glass containers with airtight lids and leave in the fridge for 12 to 16 hours. Do not leave the puree in the container to thaw on the counter or anywhere out of the fridge, as bacteria will start to grow at a rapid rate – which is definitely not good.

The puree will be cold but thawed, so if your baby likes her puree warmed, you’ll have to finish the job using the microwave or stovetop method.


In the smallest saucepan, you can find, place the frozen puree cubes you want to serve, and gently thaw them on medium-low heat until warm, stirring occasionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you store homemade baby food?

You can store homemade purees in the fridge for up to 5 days or up to 4 months in the freezer. For small finger foods, depending on the item, you can store those in the fridge for 2-3 days.

Is it better to store baby food in glass or plastic?

You can do either! Just make sure to use plastic containers that are BPA-free and container no scratches or dents. To keep the plastic in tact, be sure to wash the containers by hand and do not place in the microwave.

6 Expert Tips on Storing Baby Food
  • Do Not Overfill: it’s important not to overfill any baby food storage container as the purees will expand slightly when freezing.
  • Label Purees: in order to know what you are feeding baby, it’s important to label your purees while they are freezing in the storage containers and when they are stored in freezer bags. Make sure you put the name of the puree as well as the date you made it on. Putting the date on it helps you remember when the puree will expire.
  • Keep Some/Freeze Some: whenever you make a puree, put several ounces in the fridge for your little one to enjoy that week, then freeze the rest of the batch for her to finish up at a later date.
  • Dedicate Space in Freezer: I found it helpful to dedicate a certain space in the freezer (a shelf or drawer) just for your homemade baby food purees. That way you don’t have to go rummaging around your freezer trying to find a puree when your baby is already hungry for dinner. I also found this helpful so that I could take a quick look in my freezer to know exactly how much purees we had on hand and when I would need to make some more.
  • Have Multiple Storage Containers on Hand: while not cheap, having multiple storage containers on hand is really needed to be able to have a good freezer stash of your own baby food. I usually recommend having at least 4 storage trays or 2 sets of jars. This way you can make and store a good amount of purees for the weeks ahead. With the trays, you will freeze the purees in them and then once frozen you can pop out the cubes and place them into a freezer bag, thus leaving you with more trays to work with. For the baby food jars, you will freeze the purees in the jars but they do not pop out, you have to thaw and serve the purees in order to get the jar ready for the next round of food. Either work great, just depends on how you work in your kitchen.
  • What to Look For: regardless of which jars or trays you go with, look for a freezer-safe and dish-washer-safe brand, cuz I know you have better things to do than handwash dishes!

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Here are some more in-depth guides that will help you feed your baby!

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  • Beaba Babycook Neo Review

Key Features

  • Includes 10 sections that hold 1.5 ounce each, with a 1-ounce fill line for smaller portions
  • 100% food-grade silicone
  • Reinforced bottom with a sturdy build for stacking multiple trays
  • Non-stick for easy food removal
  • Easy clip-on lid provides coverage
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Available in a variety of fun colors

Why Our Experts Love it

No more time spent looking for lost container lids! We love this compact, all-in-one baby food storage design. It’s ultra-durable, unbreakable, and made with 100% food-grade silicone, which means no harmful chemicals contacting your baby’s food.



  • Multiple sections make it possible to mix and match flavors for a balanced meal
  • 100% food-grade silicone
  • Sturdy design makes it easy to stack multiple trays at once
  • Comes with easy clip-on lid
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Lid is made of plastic, although contact with baby food is minimal to none, depending on how full you decide to fill containers

Parent’s Review

I’m really pleased with the baby food cube trays. I’ve now been using them for 2 weeks to do my batch cooking for my baby boy. They’re fantastic, good portion sizes, easy to remove and clean, great clip-on lid to prevent food from spilling out before frozen. I will most likely invest in a couple more trays in the near future.


WEESPROUT Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray

No more making baby food every day or cleaning multiple containers throughout the week! Batch prep baby food, purees, breastmilk, and more – then store your food in the tray or transfer to a Ziploc bag for easy meals.



Key Features

  • Food grade silicone
  • Comes with removeable lid
  • Easy to stack and store in the freezer
  • Dishwasher safe

Why Our Experts Love it

The quality is great and you can’t beat the price for 4 trays! Each cube gives you 1 ounce of baby food for perfect portion sizing to help minimize waste.



  • Great price
  • Each tray has 14 small sections, giving you plenty of space for different baby food flavor combinations
  • Small portion size can be useful for other items, such has freezing bone broth, fresh herbs in olive oil or candy molds


  • Not made with the same high-qualilty materials as the trays marketed for baby food – which may not last as long.

Parent’s Review

I bought the trays to freeze my homemade baby food (thanks to COVID-19, I needed to save money and had the extra time). These trays are AMAZING! The lids made for easy stacking in the freezer. The cubes were very easy to pop out, definitely more sturdy than they feel, easy to clean, great colors, and can’t beat the price for he quality. I highly recommend this product!! Thank you!!


4 Pack of Silicone Ice Cube Molds Tray with Lid

These silicone ice cube molds are quite the bargain! The flexible silicone material shapes the bottom well, making it easy to release baby food.


Key Features

  • Set of 12 glass baby food storage containers with lids
  • 4-ounce capacity jars with measurement markings
  • Made of food-grade glass
  • Airtight, twist-on lids
  • Microwave, freezer and dishwasher friendly
  • Also available in 8-ounce capacity

Why Our Experts Love it

We love these colorful, eco-friendly glass jars. They are great for storing baby food purees as well as yogurts, overnight oats, and chia seed pudding for toddlers and kids. They also come in a BPA-Free plastic version – WEESPROUT Leakproof Baby Food Storage.



  • Ultra-durable glass jars
  • Airtight twist-on lids helps keep food fresh
  • Convenient measurement markings lets you control the portion size
  • Jars are stackable for space saving


  • More expensive than other storage containers, although many reviewers feel their durability makes the investment well worth it

Parent’s Review

I’m thrilled at this product. I was looking for non-toxic, non-plastic container options to store baby food and to take to daycare. This has been an awesome solution! I love that I can store in freezer, write on lid, and thaw food in warmer without worrying about heating up plastic. The glass is sturdy, they look great, and I can reuse for more than just baby food. I’m really happy with this purchase. The package came safe with thoughtful minimal packaging. Love this eco-friendly, zero waste baby product. Wee Sprout has been excellent to work with and offers amazing customer service.


WeeSprout Glass Baby Food Storage Containers

WeeSprout Baby Food Storage Containers make batch preparing baby food quick and easy. Airtight lids keep food fresh, nutritious, and delicious longer.



Key Features

  • Set of 8 glass containers and lids (four, 4 ounce and four, 8 ounce containers)
  • Measurement markings on the jars
  • Leak proof lids
  • Made of environmentally-friendly glass, BPA and Phtalate free
  • Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe

Why Our Experts Love it

We love that this set comes with two different sizes of containers – 4 ounce and 8 ounce. This is great if you have a baby that is a bigger eater and needs more than an ounce or two of purees at each meal.



  • Multi size pack provides convenience
  • Airtight screw top keeps food fresh
  • Stain resistant and free from harmful components
  • Stackable for easy storage


  • More expensive than other storage containers, although many reviewers feel their durability makes the investment well worth it

Parent’s Review

I bought a set to test out as reusable containers for my breast milk and I am not disappointed!! I love that they’re able to hold a good quantity of milk even more so than the baggies and the main reason I got them is because I can easily just wash them and reuse them…. they fit perfectly fine and could be easily stacked so I’d say they’re the perfect size!! The lid is a twist on so you don’t have to worry about leaks at all which was another important thing for me very easy to use clean and reuse… the best part is I can use them for this now and later on when needed I can use them for other things so I’ll be getting my money’s worth with them.


Babymoov Glass Food Storage Containers

Provides a healthy and easy way to store your baby’s meals, in addition to preserving the taste of food for longer. Stackable for easy storage and microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.



Key Features

  • Set includes four, 4-ounce containers and stackable tray
  • Leak-proof seal
  • Measurement markings indicate portion sizes
  • BPA free
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Also available in 2-ounce capacity

Why Our Experts Love it

The OXO Tot Baby Blocks are a great smaller set if you don’t plan on making a lot of baby food or only making baby food occasionally. The space-saver system helps keep your jars of baby purees organized and tidy.



  • Airtight, watertight, leak-proof seal prevents spills in freezer or diaper bag
  • Stackable tray keeps containers stable and organized in the freezer
  • Measurement markings make portioning simple


  •  Some reviewers find that taking apart 3 pieces to wash can be tiresome, but does allow for a thorough cleaning

Parent’s Review

The quality of these containers is definitely much superior than the other cheap ones we see here on Amazon. Why buy a cheaper thing to your baby if you will be using these containers over an over again? Also they are beautiful and very easy to clean. They are so good that I decided to buy more sets, I have 2 of 4 oz containers and 2 of the 6 oz containers. For now, that my baby is 8 months old his meals are 4 oz but might improve in the future so I decided have those bigger ones and fill with whatever quantity I want now.

– Renata

OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers

Baby Blocks are airtight, watertight and leakproof for safe storage and spill-free outings. Blocks fit into the freezing tray, and multiple trays can be stacked to save space in the freezer.




Useful ideas from baby food jars / I

Baby food jars have a cute neat look that you always want to adapt to something useful. When a child has eaten mashed potatoes from a jar, do not throw away this useful item, but use it to create something useful and necessary in the house.

Five fun ideas on how to make homemade baby food jars

In order to do something creative with your own hands, you do not need to graduate from universities or take intensive courses. It is enough just to start wanting to create a beautiful and useful thing, and it will certainly be created. To do this, you need to turn to the hooves of people who have considerable experience in creating homemade products from various most accessible materials. Five of the most interesting ideas of how you can make something useful and necessary for the home from small baby food jars should be highlighted:
From jars you can make little men that could decorate the living room or nursery. To do this, you need to glue the necks of the jars to each other and decorate the resulting "little men" with the help of plasticine and stickers.
There is also an example of how a thread organizer is made from baby food jars - a simple, beautiful and effective thing that will allow you to decorate the room and store all the skeins of thread in one place at the same time.
Increasingly, designers are turning to new forms when decorating rooms and round shelves have already appeared. From jars you can make mini-shelves on the wall, which can be used to decorate walls, and to store some little things in them. nine0007 Turrets have also become actively used in modern interior design. And this trend will help "attach" the jars, making towers out of them, with which you can decorate the room.
Decorative lighting lamps based on alcohol-containing substances can also be made from baby food jars.

Thus, it can be confidently asserted that there is no limit to human thought and hundreds of items can be made from small jars that would fulfill their purpose successfully for a long time. nine0007 The nuances of creating homemade products from baby food jars It is worth noting that the ideas presented above do not end the endless list of ideas that can be done at home, just relaxing in the evening from a long day.
For example, making a kerosene lamp out of a miniature baby food jar is as easy as shelling pears. This will require alcohol or a special composition that can be purchased at the store, with which modern lamps are illuminated, and then it is easy to make a beautiful and functional mini-lamp. nine0007 The advantages of this idea include the fact that mini kerosene lamps are not yet made, but they can shine brightly enough, and at the same time perform a significant decorating function. By making various parts for a lamp out of an aluminum can, you can create a truly functional thing that will last an extremely long time.
Important! A jar of baby food is not afraid of temperatures above a hundred degrees, so you can easily make a mini kerosene lamp out of it to decorate a room! nine0007 You can also note the possibility of creating a decorative tower of mini-jars. Turrets have become fashionable in our time. They are made most often from environmentally friendly material - wood. For some reason, modern designers figuratively linked environmental care, the use of wood and turrets into one whole. If there is a turret in the room, which performs a decorative role, then it should immediately be clear that the turret symbolizes the unity of the owner of the apartment and nature. Making a creative tower out of small jars is as easy as shelling pears and can be used to decorate any living space. nine0003

It is also worth noting the possibility of using mini-jars to create round shelves. Yes, in our time, design thought has gone beyond the standard forms that have been formed over the centuries. The houses should be round, the windows should be the same, and the shelves should be shaped like a ball and a point! Mini jars can be easily installed on the wall and you can put various small things in them - money, sweets, some valuables. The jars themselves can be decorated with plasticine and stickers, giving them the appearance of characters from fairy tales or cartoons. nine0003

What do you do with baby food jars? many. to throw out the hand does not rise. or throw away?


  1. Bird feeder
  2. Decoration of a glass jar for New Year: Master class
  3. Decoration for a summer cottage
  5. Chocolate Snowmen from glass cans with a tightening lid
  6. Office
  7. Expert commentary
  8. Make a bathroom organizer
  9. Organizer
  10. Snow globe from a jar
  11. The second life of baby food jars
  12. There are few vitamins in jar purees. Homemade food is much healthier
  13. How to choose the right products for preparing baby food?
  14. Flower pot
  15. What can be done with leftover baby food:
  16. What can be done with baby food jars
  17. Pencil holder
  18. Pencil holder
  19. Cover jam for the winter
  20. Ideas for using baby food jars
  21. Feeding from a jar

Bird feeder

Crafts made from waste materials not only decorate the house, but also help birds survive the cold winter and not die of hunger. Vegetable cans are suitable for creating feeders. The step-by-step plan of action is as follows:

  • Cut out the bottom and remove the remains of the lid;
  • Treat “torn” edges with pliers so that the bird does not get injured on them; nine0030
  • Smear edges with additional silicone;
  • Glue a wooden or plastic perch on both sides of the feeder;
  • Tie with jute rope and hang from a tree branch;
  • Put food in the feeder.

It is advisable not to forget about the feeders and periodically visit them, adding fresh food.

Glass jar decoration for the New Year: master class

On New Year's Eve, parents and children create beautiful New Year crafts. nine0003

Perhaps someone would like to repeat the skill below. It turns out a pretty fairy-tale theme of winter. Material available. Prepare a light bulb with a battery in advance.

  • You will need:
    - a jar
    - a brush (for making a Christmas tree)
    - 2 screw caps
    - dry snow or sparkles
    - beads (for a snowman)
    - distilled water
    - glycerin (1 vial per liter of water).
  • Handy materials:
    - glue moment
    - knife
    - scissors
    - green paint solution
    - silicone sealant
    - nippers
    - nail polish.

Making a craft:

We need to make a Christmas tree. To do this, cut the brush with scissors. We give the correct form. Let's paint the tree green.

Punch holes in the lids with a knife. We pass a light bulb with a battery. Covers are glued with silicone. We cover the bulb with silicone, there will be no cracks.

Glue the Christmas tree onto the silicone that has not yet hardened. We also plant a snowman there, which was made of beads. We put the beads on the wire and glue them. Draw eyes with nail polish. nine0003

Pour water and glycerin into the jar. Sprinkle glitter.

Silicone and adhesive dry? Place the invention in the jar. Seal the lid tightly, swipe around the edges to secure.

The craft is ready. In the dark, shake and turn on the button from the light bulb. "Winter's Tale" shimmers beautifully.

How do you like this idea? I think it's wonderful! And, most importantly, this is just an idea for the manifestation of creativity. Place a joint photo or heart in the bank. Give this gift for Valentine's Day. nine0003

I would like to choose an idea and bring it to life. Success in creative work!

Ornament for summer cottage

A musical pendant made of tin cans can become an unusual decoration in the country. It is not difficult to make such a tool:

To work, you will need different sizes of cans. 8 pieces will be enough. A circle of metal is being prepared, an ordinary rope, nails with a hammer.

  • Coat each jar individually with acrylic paint. You can make everything monophonic, multi-colored ones will look more interesting. Make one hole at the bottom of all jars. nine0030
  • Through this hole, a rope is threaded into each jar, for all of the same length. The end that will be inside the jar is tied in a knot, retreating from the edge of about 10 cm.
  • Bells or carnations or keys are tied to this free end.
  • Prepared musical instruments are tied to a metal circle.
  • Unusual decoration can be hung on a tree in the garden or on the veranda near the door.

Flower vase

Like many mothers of boys, I often receive some kind of flower, twig or blade of grass as a gift from my son. The child gives them to me with such joy and love that there is nothing else left but to accept them with gratitude, bring them home and carefully put them in the water.

Only the vases have always been a problem: they are all too big for such small gifts. As a result, the flowers ended up in small espresso cups, mugs from children's dishes or plastic bottles. It didn’t look the best, and it was a shame that the child’s gifts huddled in anything. nine0003

Once, having brought home another chamomile, I thought longingly about its unfortunate fate. And then my eyes fell on a homemade salt shaker. ..

Ten minutes later we already had three small colorful and rather pretty vases. At the same time, my child decorated two of them. And a day later we had vases with patterns, houses, cars ... The child really likes to paint glass jars. In addition, now he always remembers that on the way out of the garden he must give his mother a flower. Good habit for a little man! nine0003

At home, he thinks out where this flower will “live” and places it either in old small vases or creates new ones.

Chocolate snowmen from glass jars with a twisting lid

For one snowman you will need:

- 3 small clean jars (without labels) with rifle lids

- hot chocolate

- Little Zeafir

- Confits

- Confinas

- chocolate chips white icing for the eye (optional)

- small twigs

- felt or a small piece of fabric (for a snowman scarf)

- embroidery thread

- decorations (in this example, star-shaped stickers)

- polymer clay (for the nose) or plasticine

- small lollipops (for buttons and hats)

- small Santa Claus hat

- glass marker

- superglue or glue gun with hot glue

- pruner or scissors (to cut off small twigs). nine0003

1. Fill one jar with marshmallows, another with chocolate or cocoa powder, and a third with small candies. Close covers.

2. Glue to the jar to be the snowman's head, eyes and nose. You can use chocolate chips with icing, felt (brown and white for pupils) and superglue, polymer clay, plasticine, marker or acrylic paint - there are many options.

3. Use glue to attach small branches to the jar in the middle, which will act as the snowman's arms. nine0003

4. Glue one jar to another.

5. Cut out a scarf and gloves for the snowman from the felt.

5.1. Wrap the scarf around the snowman and secure with glue.

5.2. Take a small piece of embroidery thread and glue one mitten to each end. Hang the mittens on the snowman and secure them with glue.

6. You can add various decorations to the snowman: stars, stickers, glue pieces of felt, little hats, etc. nine0003

Stationery organizer

Not only vases and flower pots can be made from simple "tins". A functional organizer that holds ballpoint pens, felt-tip pens, pencils is needed on the desk for every schoolchild or student. A store-bought organizer is inexpensive and easy to buy. But a home-made thing is pleasing to the eye, allows you to show creativity, and, most importantly, it was created from waste material that decomposes in a landfill for a long time and harms the environment.

There are many options for creating an organizer:

  • paint with stained glass paints in a special style;
  • decorate with decoupage;
  • wrap with leather cord;
  • glue on beads and artificial flowers;
  • Print funny images of butterflies, birds, animals, flowers through a stencil with acrylic paints and a sponge;
  • crochet or knit the jar with yarn of different textures.

Everyone chooses the option that he likes. The scope for imagination is unlimited. nine0003

Expert comments

Ekaterina Karpyuk, Head of Quality Service at Hipp LLC:

Today, mothers can safely trust canned food, because its production is strictly controlled at all stages of production: from soil selection to packaging of finished products. For example, the ingredients to create HiPP baby purees are grown on special organic farms that do not use synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, pesticides and pest control chemicals. The fruits ripen naturally, and the animals are kept in their natural habitat and eat only natural food. We have several of our own farms in Europe, and we also cooperate with thousands of farmers who supply us with organic products grown in accordance with European legislation on organic production. An important role in the creation of safe food for babies is played by the testing laboratory, in our country it is one of the leading in Europe. As in other countries, at the Russian plant located in Kaliningrad, ingredients and finished products go through all stages of quality control: experts carefully examine the components for the absence of about 1200 prohibited residues, and the contents of each jar are tested more than 260 times - up to checking the finished baby supply before shipping. nine0003

Purees do contain some additives, but this should not frighten caring mothers. For example, starch, due to its properties, creates a protective film in the delicate stomach of a child, protecting it from the aggressive effects of acids. Also, the presence of starch in some types of vegetable and fruit purees insures the child against a too pronounced laxative effect.

Dmitry Makarkin, director of quality and new technologies for the FrutoNyanya brand:

Recipes for new baby food products are developed by our R&D department and marketing department. We, of course, analyze the preferences and needs of our consumers, actively consult with the Scientific Center for Children's Health of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and other specialized research institutes, and only after positive conclusions and state registration do we start manufacturing products. More than 1 year passes from the moment of idea to the mass production of the finished product. nine0003

Photo - photobank Lori

Make a bathroom organizer

Often girls cannot figure out how to store various little things in the bathroom - cotton pads, hairpins, sponges and so on. Simple glass jars can help here, from which you can make an excellent organizer.

First you need to choose a place and make a horizontal base. Metal rings or clips are then attached to it. After that, arrange the containers in their places.

The surface of the cells is painted in a color that is in harmony with the overall color scheme of the room, and decorated. The main thing to remember is that jewelry should not be afraid of moisture.

10 useful things that can be made from an old fur coat

Each compartment contains items by size and purpose necessary for daily use. As a result, the bathroom will always be in order.


We usually buy cotton swabs in a plastic box. We store them in it. But one day I threw away the box and bought cotton buds in a bag. nine0003

The situation is, of course, insignificant. But habit - if not a substitute for happiness, then certainly - a reason not to get annoyed in the morning. The very next morning, I heard my husband’s sleepy grumbling: “Where did the sticks go, they always stood here.

In the evening, my son and I again organized the “Skillful Hands” circle. They rewound part of the jar with tape, and smeared the rest with transparent glue and sprinkled with sparkles. Then they removed the tape and did the same with the bottom of the jar.

It turned out to be a good organizer for storing sticks. Next time we'll do it with vertical stripes. nine0003

Snow globe from a jar

The most popular decoration and an excellent gift for the New Year holidays is a snow globe. Few imagine how and from what you can create such a craft.

In fact, everything is much simpler than it might seem at first glance. In order to make such a winter accessory, you need a round jar with a screw cap of any size. This craft can also be made from a plastic jar.

As a liquid in which snow flows smoothly, ordinary water mixed with glycerin in equal proportions is used. In addition, you will need small toys and large sequins. nine0003

First of all, the figurines that you have chosen are glued to the lid of the jar from the inside. Now we fill the jar with liquid, taking into account the volume of toys.

Add a small amount of glitter. Apply glue to the edges of the lid and twist the jar. In order to check that the liquid has turned out, just shake the finished ball, the sparkles should slowly fall.

The second life of baby food jars

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Are you a new mother? Then, probably, glass baby food jars appeared in your life, which the hand does not raise to throw away. There are already a lot of them in my house, so I propose to discuss how they can be useful to us.

I conducted a small survey of colleagues and friends on this topic. The results are as follows:

Lena keeps her branded adjika in jars - it is convenient to take it in such a container for a picnic, for example. nine0003

Stacks dried berries for tea.

She also arranges small delicious gifts for her friends - her own homemade jam. Arranges in jars, decorates them and gives them.

The last idea caught my attention - I like to make homemade jam. I took note of such a sincere gift option.

Zhenya keeps medicinal ointments in jars. Also a great option, given the odor of such drugs, as well as their small volumes.

Anya uses the jars as a sugar bowl and salt shaker on long journeys. Or for a picnic. She also keeps beads for needlework in them. nine0003

I tried using jars for leftover canned cod liver. And this, I tell you, is extremely convenient. Open canned food should not be stored longer than a day, and it is necessary to transfer the food to a container, preferably glass

And the baby food jars fit perfectly! Small ones, sealed tightly (which is especially important in the case of products with a fish smell), and then you don’t feel sorry for throwing them away

And I put paper clips in one jar. There was an open package at home, now the paper clips are neatly stored in a jar. nine0003

How to use baby food jars

Use jar lids in children's educational games:

- stick pieces of colored paper on them and arrange them in containers by color,

- stick pictures with letters on them and add syllables and words,

- make a slot in the lid of the milk formula jar (or in a box of chips, for example) and put the lids into it, like in a piggy bank,

- make a fishing rod out of a pencil, string and magnet and arrange " fishing", collecting caps. nine0003

Use jars:

- for dipping the brush while painting with watercolors,

- for seedlings of flowers or greenery,

- as small vases for small wildflowers,

- for storing spices,

- as a home air flavoring: put a piece of cotton wool into the jar and moisten the cotton wool with a drop of perfume or essential oil. If you decorate a jar - it's not a shame to replace the sachet and put it in a prominent place in the house,

- for needlewomen - to store small things in jars such as buttons, beads, etc. ,

- use as portioned dishes in candy bars that are so popular now at children's parties,

- colorize and turn the jar into a candlestick by putting a pill candle in it,

I found pill candles. It's a sin not to try, I decided. I’m not friends with paints yet, I found a satin ribbon. Half a minute to tie it, and voila! Modest, but also an option.

But I was finally conquered by this decor of the jar.

Using a jar as a photo frame is original, isn't it? nine0003

And I think it might be interesting not even to find the use of jars or lids, but the decoration process itself. Space for imagination, yours and your child!

How to decorate jars

• Cover with spray paint, or decorate with acrylic or stained glass paint,

• Paste over the jar with double-sided tape and roll in sequins or beads,

• Use the decoupage technique (stick a beautiful napkin with a pattern on the jar), good on sale now an abundance of materials for needlework,

•Stick lace, ribbons, fabric on the jar,

•Stick clippings from magazines or newspapers - looks very interesting.

• Wrap the jar with thread or decorative straw.

And then, together with your child, come up with what you can put in a beautiful jar.

There is only one "but" in the active use of cans for various needs. Given the presence of a baby in the house, do not forget to check their inaccessibility for his ubiquitous little hands. Glass is beautiful, reliable and environmentally friendly, but dangerous. So, subject to safety conditions, cheers for jars! nine0003

How do you use baby food jars? Do you leave or throw away? Decorate or use as is? Join the discussion in our groups, on Facebook and Instagram!

Canned purees contain few vitamins. Homemade food is much healthier


- It depends on what you compare it to: if you start complementary foods in the fall and use your vegetables from the garden that you are sure of, this is one thing. And if a mother cooks from purchased vegetables in the off season, which they grew and stored in incomprehensible conditions, it cannot be unequivocally said that this will be a healthier food than jars. Manufacturers of baby food claim that they have very strict control over the quality of raw materials and finished products. And I have no reason not to believe them. nine0003

There is another moment. When you cook vegetables at home, some of the vitamins are destroyed during processing - this is a natural process. And canned puree today is often enriched with additional vitamins and microelements.

How to choose the right products for preparing baby food?

  1. Explore the fragrance.

When buying food, pay attention to their smell. If vegetables and fruits have a bright, fairly rich aroma, you can safely buy them

  1. Packaging.

If the products are in bright or dark packaging, they should be discarded. Such dyes release a large amount of toxic substances that are easily and quickly absorbed by vegetables and fruits.

  1. Appearance.

If fruit has dark spots, this indicates that they contain nitrates.

  1. Place of breakdown.

When choosing berries, pay attention to where they fell. If it is dry, it means that the product was delivered to this store for a very long time. If at the same time the berries look fresh enough, they have been treated with chemicals. The berries should be wrinkled and dry

If there is moisture on them, it means that they were in the refrigerator, and then got into heat and began to thaw. The shelf life of such fruits is very limited.

Be very careful about the products you buy. It’s better to inspect and smell the vegetables or fruits that you are going to use to make baby puree several times, because your baby’s health depends on it.

Flower pot

Aluminum cans make stylish flower pots. Succulents and cacti thrive in miniature tin containers. To remove moisture, drainage holes are made on the bottom with an awl or nail. nine0003

The degreased surface is painted with gold acrylic paint or spray. Stencils allow you to decorate the "tin" with even parallel lines, winding patterns, geometric shapes. To decorate in an eco-style and give the pot an original look, it is wrapped with birch bark, jute, and lined with vertically standing branches. Instead of birch bark, photo paper with a printed wood pattern is often used.

Decorated in white and pastel colors, "tins" adorn weddings. Fresh flowers in beautiful coasters set a gentle mood. nine0003

1. Leftover fruit baby food can be used as regular breakfast jam, or simply spread on bread or toast with baby puree. Various spices can be added to these baby purees to enhance the taste, for example, cinnamon can be added to applesauce.

2. Mix baby food fruit puree with oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese or milkshake. Perfect for smoothies, the remains of baby porridge for thickening, will also add nutrition and nutrients. nine0003

3. Add leftover fruit puree to a cake or any other pastry. Baby food adds moisture and extra flavor to the flour product. You can make cookies, cake, pancakes or bread.

4. Use fruit puree as jam and dip crackers or other pieces of fruit into it.

5. Use leftover applesauce to make homemade ketchup.

6. Add leftover vegetable puree to tomato sauce and mix with pasta or use on pizza. For example, zucchini or zucchini baby food pairs perfectly with spaghetti sauce. nine0003

7. Use leftovers to make mashed potatoes.

8. Use leftover mashed vegetables to make zucchini, carrot or other vegetable pancakes.

9. Mix mashed vegetables with rice to make rice balls or rice cakes.

10. Add leftover vegetable puree to the omelet.

11. Add vegetable, meat and fish purees to soup, stew.

12. Use leftover mashed meats to make baby meatballs or baby burgers. nine0003

13. Use baby food puree to make savory meat, vegetable and cheese muffins.

14. Marinate meat in leftover baby puree for a rather savory dish.

15. Fish complementary foods are ideally combined with cereals, for example, if you mix the leftover red salmon from a jar with boiled buckwheat, you get an amazingly tasty adult dish. Sometimes we just buy a couple of cans of salmon to eat with buckwheat, although we are already big.

What can you do with baby food jars

Many parents of babies up to a year old accumulate a considerable amount of glass jars from baby food. Of course, you can just throw them away, but it's much better to try to reapply them in order to get the maximum benefit. And just about what to do with baby food jars, we will tell you more later. Ready-made fruit, vegetable and meat purees are very helpful for parents when there is no time to prepare food for the kids on their own. But the empty jars remaining from these purees can cause a lot of trouble, because you need to decide how and where it is better to use them so that they can serve for a long time. nine0003

For this occasion, there are some interesting ideas that will help you to make something out of miniature jars for the interior, needlework, garden, kitchen, etc. . It is enough just to fill the jars with a soil mixture and use it for growing seedlings.

Flower vases

Decorated in different ways, the jars make great vases for small flowers. For example, jars can be painted, painted with stained glass paints, pasted over with decorative tape, etc.

Garden lanterns

Jars are excellent garden lanterns. To do this, you need to place a candle in each jar and then arrange or hang it on a wire around the garden.

Salt and Pepper Shaker

To turn baby food jars into salt or pepper shakers, simply use an awl to poke several holes in the lids of these jars. And so that the finished jars fit into the kitchen interior, they can be decorated with thematic patterns, drawings or inscriptions. nine0003

Spice jars

Spice name stickers can be placed on each jar, and there are ready-made containers for storing various spices.

Decorative candle holders and candles

Baby food jars make wonderful candle holders and candles. You can decorate the jars in any way you want and place tablet candles inside, or you can fill the jars themselves with melted candle wax or stearin, placing a wick in the center.

Small storage containers

The jars can be used to store a wide variety of small things, such as buttons, various sewing accessories, beads, beads, invisible, hair ties, cotton buds, pencils, etc.

Home fragrances

then they will help to create a special atmosphere in the house

And, of course, it is also important to somehow decorate the jars so that the resulting flavors also please the eye

Portioned desserts

Baby food jars are great for serving portioned desserts. For example, you can put trifles, jellies or cheesecakes in them, and you can also simply fill them with small sweets, such as dragees, marshmallows, lollipops, etc. recent years. Baby food jars are just right for putting homemade creams or scrubs in them.

Baby sorter toy

Cans can be used as educational toys for children. For example, several jars can be painted in different colors and have the child lay out small objects of the corresponding colors in them. Or you can stick images of geometric shapes on the jars, and then the child should lay out the corresponding figures in the right jars.

Pencil holder

Baby food cans can be used as a great organizer for little artists to hold colored pencils, crayons, etc. nine0003

To make the organizer you will need:

  • glass jars;
  • acrylic paints;
  • large capacity;
  • adhesive.

Choose a low container that will hold the required number of jars. Cover it with white spray paint.

Wash all jars thoroughly. They need to be painted from the inside. This can be done in different ways: with a brush, foam rubber sponge, etc. You can try this option.

Pour some paint into the jar, then add a small amount of water. Close the lid and shake the jar well enough times so that the paint evenly stains the walls. After that, remove the lid and leave the jar to dry. Change the position of the can from time to time so that the paint dries evenly.

Glue dry colored jars to the container - this way the organizer will be more convenient to use.

Pencil holder

Baby food cans can be used as a great organizer for little artists to hold colored pencils, crayons, etc. nine0003

To make the organizer you will need:

  • glass jars;
  • acrylic paints;
  • large capacity;
  • adhesive.

Choose a low container that will hold the required number of jars. Cover it with white spray paint.

Wash all jars thoroughly. They need to be painted from the inside. This can be done in different ways: with a brush, foam rubber sponge, etc. You can try this option.

Pour some paint into the jar, then add a small amount of water. Close the lid and shake the jar well enough times so that the paint evenly stains the walls. After that, remove the lid and leave the jar to dry. Change the position of the can from time to time so that the paint dries evenly.

Glue dry colored jars to the container - this way the organizer will be more convenient to use.

Cover jam for the winter

Many women make preparations for the winter. But if it is better to store cucumbers or tomatoes in bulky vessels, then small containers are suitable for jam or jam. In addition, they are convenient to place in the refrigerator or on a shelf. nine0003

It is necessary to check the tightness of the lid and the integrity of the glass, otherwise the workpiece may deteriorate during storage

It is also very important to steam or boil containers, as well as follow the rules for preparing the product

4 ways to make a phone stand from the most common items

If you lay out blanks from different fruits (sometimes they turn out to be the same color), then make stickers or sign the containers with a marker.

Another plus is compact jars of jam, which are always at hand, perfect for a gift to a close friend or relative when the occasion arises unexpectedly. A bright ribbon or a beautiful inscription (or maybe a funny image of a stored berry) will complement a pleasant souvenir and evoke positive emotions. nine0003

Ideas for using baby food jars

  1. Pincushions. From glass jars it is easy to make such cute pincushions that can fit buttons and other small handicraft things.
  2. Houses for fairies. If you are fond of modeling, then you should try to make such a delightful house for fairies.
  3. Aquarium. A jar is a small aquarium for a toy fish. Pour soil inside, install algae - the craft is ready. You can also mold plasticine fish together with your child and place them in a jar. nine0030
  4. Terrarium. Plant moss and other small, low-maintenance plants inside.
  5. Decorations for the holiday. Decorate the jars with glitter, make holes in the lids and install decorative elements, letters and numbers. A very original decoration is ready.
  6. Bird feeder. Few people realize that such delicious drinkers and bird feeders are obtained from an ordinary baby food can. In the sun, they will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow and delight the eye. nine0030
  7. Storage for small items. From cans, not only beautiful things are obtained, but also very practical. Screw the lids to a wooden surface and you will get very convenient containers for storing small things.
  8. Candlesticks for the garden. Buy a lot of small candles, put each one in its own jar and hang them by ropes on tree branches. A beautiful setting for a romantic evening is ready.
  9. Pot for growing onions. Green onions are a storehouse of nutrients that are so lacking in the cold season. Growing such an onion is not difficult. Pour water into the jar, put the bulb on top, in a few days we will get the first shoots. nine0030
  10. Seedling pots. It is convenient to plant parsley, dill and other herbs in small jars.
  11. Crafts from baby food jars. Such beautiful flowers in pots are easy to make yourself with your children. We circle the palm on a green sheet of cardboard, cut it out, gluing a flower on each finger. We put it in a pot-jar - a beautiful craft is ready. Such flowers will be a great gift for mom or grandmother by March 8th.
  12. Storage containers. In puree jars it is very convenient to store buttons, beads, beads. nine0030
  13. Pencil holders.
  14. Night lamps.
  15. Snow globe. A can of baby food makes a delicious snow globe. Just stick the figurine on the lid. Pour the baby oil and glitter into the jar, close the lid tightly and shake.
  16. Gift-treat for guests or children.
  17. Original frames. Just place photos inside the jar.
  18. Spice storage. Glass jars with screw-on lids keep spices fresh for a long time. nine0030
  19. Vases for flowers. Just dip the jar in the paint and get unusual vases for small flowers.
  20. Jelly mould. Small jars are great for making jelly. It looks beautiful and appetizing in them, one jar holds one serving, and the screw cap will help keep it in the refrigerator for a long time.

The child has grown up, eats with everyone at the same table, and there is no need to buy baby food for him in jars. During the time you accustomed him to various tastes, a huge amount of containers for juices and purees accumulated. Where to put jars of baby food? offers to use our ideas. nine0003

Feeding from a jar

It would seem that it is easier to feed from a jar? Opened - and eat to health. However, any mother who has already bought canned purees knows that there are several nuances in this matter. Nothing special, but you still need to remember them.

How to bottle feed?

  • Be sure to check the integrity of the package before feeding. The lid should be slightly pulled inward and make a soft, characteristic pop when opened. In no case should the contents of jars with swollen lids or opened without a sound be given to a child. Metal jars with meat puree should have the original factory shape, without dents and, especially, signs of corrosion. nine0030
  • Canned puree must be reheated. It is convenient to do this in hot water, on a central heating battery (but this is a rather long process), in a special electric heater. You can also do this in the microwave. The main thing to keep in mind is that jars of mashed potatoes, if heated for more than 10-15 seconds, are capable of arranging whole "volcanic eruptions", during which a significant part of the contents of the jar "spit out" and stain the microwave oven from the inside. Therefore, if you have already decided to heat up in this way, every 10 seconds for a couple of moments open the oven door and only after that continue heating. In addition, mashed potatoes heated in the microwave must be stirred, as it is heated unevenly and can burn the baby. nine0030
  • Do not forget that the temperature of the heated puree should be 36 - 37 degrees.

Tetrapack and pouch packages are a little easier

But, of course, you also need to pay attention to their integrity. And it's even better to make it a habit to first try any children's dish yourself and only then give the child

This way you will know for sure that the baby will not get burned (he will not get cold food) and will not eat spoiled food.

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