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If you are out here searching for the best blue baby shower ideas for an upcoming baby celebration, this is the post for you! If you are planning a baby boy baby shower, we hope some of these ideas will kick your party planning into gear! Of course, blue is not only for boys! These ideas can also incorporate into a girl baby shower, too! We have rounded up blue baby shower punch and blue baby shower foods like blue baby shower cake pops and blue baby shower cookies. We also have simple blue baby shower decoration ideas!

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A Simple Blue Theme

The sky is the limit these days when it comes to baby shower themes and decorations. However, sometimes the occasion simply calls for a few simple pops of blue!

Here is a shower I helped host for my best friend’s son. We didn’t have a theme. We just went with pops of blue and white – blue confetti, blue banners, white floral arrangements, and a few blue balloons mixed with white and metallic.

For baby shower food, we didn’t really stick with the blue theme. It was a shower hosted by 7-8 people, and we all just brought traditional shower foods. We had corn dip, cheese crackers, petit fours, monogrammed baby shower cookies, veggie platters, fruit trays with fruit dip, and fruit water.

Now, in case you are still in search of the perfect blue food ideas and blue baby shower food ideas, check out these contributions from some of my fellow bloggers! There are such cute ideas here!

These adorable blue baby shower drinks and baby shower punch recipes will fit right into your blue baby shower theme!

These clever blue baby shower treats include baby shower Rice Krispie Treats, baby shower parfaits, and blue baby shower cookies!

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Check out our adult party ideas and our growing list of baby shower themes and ideas! Surely, you will find some baby shower ideas that appeal to you – no matter the setting and the time of year!

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Pink and Blue Baby Shower Food Ideas • The April Blake

Ah, that season of life when baby showers are happening, like it or not, ones 20s through 30s. There's a brief moment of panic when you realize you need to host or co-host a baby shower. There are a lot of details in planning a baby shower, like coming up with theme,  supplying the food, and plenty of etiquette landmines. To serve alcohol or not? Do we emphasize the gender? Put where the mom-to-be is registered on the invites?

I can't help you with where to host it or the etiquette stuff, but I can definitely help with ideas for a simple color theme and color-themed food that goes along with it. Not everyone likes the ideas of assigning colors to genders, but if you and the mom-to-be are okay with it in this cute and simple regard, everyone loves fun colored food and drinks. Pink, blue, or pink-and-blue are very simple baby shower themes to run with.

To save your sanity, shower hostess, I'm including a variety of ideas that you can buy pre-made (hello amazing petit fours from Publix) to things you can easily make yourself or delegate out to other co-hosts. Most of these things can even be prepared in advance, making for even easier baby shower prep.

If you need classy, easy, pink and blue baby shower food that isn't overly cutesy or ridiculous, you're in the right place. Click or tap on the photos to go to the recipes.

Make It Yourself the Day Of the Shower

Cotton candy comes in both blue and pink, so top champagne glasses of bubbly with your colors of choice! This way you get a little buzz and a little sugar high at the same time.

Baby (and wedding) showers are the only time most of us get to pull out our inherited fancy crystal punch bowl, so I am a big fan of the ridiculous color-themed punches for any occasion, even if it uses fake coloring to get that way. It's a special occasion, go nuts. Serve blue, pink, or both!

Make These Shower Items Ahead of Time

Whether you go blue, pink, or both, deviled eggs are easy to prepare in advance, and are a show stopping addition to the table. Make the hard boiled eggs in advance (I recommend using an Instant Pot to hardboil your eggs!), and peel them before dyeing. Slice in half, remove the yolks, and make your filling ahead of time. When the shower is less than an hour away, you can pipe the filling into the eggs and garnish if desired. Besides being easy and cute, these savory treats balance out the sugar fest that a baby shower can become.

Blue corn chips add another fun and savory dimension to the table. Make any kind of dip you like, but may I suggest a guacamole? If you need a pink dip, try a bright pink beet hummus for a bright shock of color on the table.

Blue velvet cookies are a fun twist on blue desserts with a familiar flavor. Or maybe you need pink ones. Strawberry chocolate chip perhaps?

Buy These Baby Shower Foods

Nothing beats Publix petit fours! Order them a week in advance or up to 24 hours ahead of time, and advise them on your color scheme. They can do baby booties or flowers in your choice of colors.

And of course, a candy buffet can be made in every color of the rainbow these days! Source your candies from local candy shops that sell in bulk, online candy stores, and Amazon. Anyone planning a shower in January or February will have their pick of pink candies from stores' Valentine's Day selections. You only need about five different types of candy to have a good start to your candy buffet. Use glass jars and bowls you already have on hand to save money on creating these displays. Pinterest is a good source for inspiration.

Hopefully these ideas for pink and blue baby shower food ideas has helped to ease your stress about hosting your friend or family member's upcoming baby shower. These can also just as easily be adapted to work as wedding shower ideas if the bride's colors are pink or blue.


Blue food Nothing is sacred! | Food Friends

Nothing is sacred! Blue food in the traditional sense is not at all the one that should be put in the refrigerator. But in a world where cheesecakes can be square and bread can be purple, nothing is impossible anymore! Suggesting a pattern break: blue food is not that unusual!

Food that is blue in the traditional sense is not at all something that should be put in the refrigerator. But in a world where cheesecakes can be square and bread can be purple, nothing is impossible anymore! Suggesting a pattern break: blue food is not that unusual!

Pantone, the trendsetter of professional color standards, has announced blue as the official color of 2020. The mood color of the new year is the traditional "classic blue" (19-4052), an elegant, calm shade of reliability and faith.

With design and fashion, everything is clear - we start buying blue cashmere sweaters and painting the walls in the color of the endless evening sky, but what about food?

The blue shade is considered not the most appetizing in terms of the food palette we are used to - our brain perceives it as a danger ... But this is if you think in a standard way, but what if not?

Blue russula

For example, blue mushrooms: what would you do if you saw this shade on oyster mushrooms? But a mushroom with the intriguing name "milk indigo" and a hat of the most delicate "that very" pantone blue hue is quite in trend, that is, edible.

It is called dairy because when the mushroom is broken, a thick white juice appears. In "milk indigo" it is incredibly beautiful, bright blue!

Nature ordered in an amazing way - the more familiar and seemingly "edible" gray-pink mushroom is considered poisonous, and the blue one is edible.

In the very near future, we are waiting for dishes with this northern russula of an incredible “classic blue” shade in restaurants of Scandinavian and Russian cuisine.

Today, this mushroom is considered almost forgotten, but 500 years ago milk mushrooms were the only mushrooms that were cooked in Russian cuisine, such a real old Russian delicacy.

Blue matcha

Now we break all the stereotypes: blue products are more useful than other shades!

The thing is that they contain anthocyanins. These water-soluble plant pigments, which give fruits and berries a bright hue, are real antioxidants: the darker the product, the higher their content.

"Butterfly pea" or Thai "anchan" blue tea is the champion in this regard, but it is used not only for a drink of breathtaking color, but also in desserts and raw food dishes.

Large bright blue buds are produced by an unusual plant "moth pea" or "Thai orchid" (an evergreen four-meter liana). They are hand-harvested to make anchan blue tea, and if left on a vine, the flowers turn into flat beans.

Unusual "pea" tea, known in European countries as "blue matcha", has great benefits.

It calms well, improves immunity, gives strength and reduces weight. You can finally eat desserts (blue ones!) and lose weight: “butterfly tea” is one of the most popular detox and weight loss remedies in Thailand.

Blue matcha latte is not quite coffee and not tea at all! It is prepared according to the usual recipe as a latte, but for beauty and health benefits, anchan or blue matcha blue tea powder is added to the coffee.

Blue Spirulina

Pantone claims that "classic blue" is the color of comfortable communication and lightness, almost like traditional ice cream, but in a radical blue hue - it seems to be a familiar shape, but there is something alluringly new in it!

Trendy blue is obtained by adding phycocyanin from blue spirulina to the recipe. Phycocyanin, a blue-colored natural pigment protein, is responsible for the most useful thing in this deep-sea algae - antioxidant, antitumor, immune protection. It's almost like a multivitamin, only in an incredible blue tint powder.

It can be added not only to ice cream, but also to give a “marine touch” to any smoothie, raw dessert, homemade truffles, cocktails, make blue icing on donuts, for example. The shade of "indigo" in phycocyanin is the most "correct" blue of this year!

Blue Spirulina gives dishes a beautiful indigo hue, the intensity of which can be adjusted by adding a little more or a little less powder to the dish.

Blue goji

Blue berries contain a huge amount of anthocyanins. Actually, it is they who are responsible for the beautiful and deep shade of “classic blue”.

Blueberries are a real “antioxidant bomb”, which contain all the anthocyanins and flavonoids known to science, which are responsible for beauty and health. The best way is to eat fresh berries, but with muesli, pancakes and in desserts, blueberries do not lose their rich composition.

Plump, juicy honeysuckle berries with a slight bitterness are a real superfood, literally Russian blue goji.

A couple of centuries ago, honeysuckle was considered a pharmaceutical plant. She was treated with colds, viruses, stomach and even ... syphilis. Honeysuckle contains a mega-dose of rutin and vitamin C (more than a lemon) and a huge amount of magnesium, iodine, potassium, copper and zinc: only this rare berry has such a composition. A few berries a day are enough to provide yourself with all the important vitamins and minerals.

How to eat this super berry? Brew in hot and cold “non-tea” teas, add to biscuits and muffins, smoothies, salads and muesli, make meat sauces out of it.

A small, round shad of a rich dark blue hue was almost forgotten. In England and Holland in the 16th century, it was grown to make a "healthy" wine, which was prescribed to patients as a sedative: they were treated for anxiety disorders, insomnia and depression.

Today, irga is little known, and not even a berry at all, but a real ... apple, as it belongs to the apple family, but this does not prevent it from being mega-useful, because 40% of its composition is pure vitamin C.

Irga is very useful for vision, immunity and nervous system, and tastes like almonds and honey, quite sweet and very fragrant. A great way to eat irgu is to add it to smoothies, muesli, fruit salads and desserts.

Honeysuckle is one of the 10 most useful berries in the world due to its rich composition!

Brain Berry

We deservedly give the title of the most unusual blue berry in the world to the blue fig or blue quandong!

Gwandong (or bead tree) grows exclusively in the tropical climate of Australia and can reach 80 cm in diameter. It tastes like a sour peach or rhubarb, the Australians grind it and add it to tarts or make jam.

Small blue blue fig berries, only 2-3 cm in size, have a rather tough peel, under which there is a thin greenish layer and seeds resembling a pinkish human brain: this is it, the most valuable!

The seeds are rich in healthy fats and vitamin C, so for centuries these berries have been included in the menu of the aborigines of a distant continent: oil was historically extracted from the seeds of quandong and made into decorations, and the fruits were dried.

By the way, despite the wide distribution, the exact composition of the blue fig has not yet been studied: who knows what else is inside?!

Australians call kwandong the wild peach and believe that the small blue berry could well replace oranges.

Blue caviar

Truly blue, the purest sapphire color, Nephropidae wild shrimp caviar is another product from Australia with an unusual “classic blue” shade.

Blue-roe shrimp, which is not really a shrimp but a crustacean that looks like a shrimp with small claws, is harvested by hand at a depth of 500 m off Port Point, off the west coast of Australia, exclusively from November to March.

It is at this time that Australian restaurants can try dishes with an exquisite blue delicacy, since even in canned form it does not last longer than a couple of months.

Most often, fresh oysters are added with a spoonful of indigo caviar. Chefs believe that its strong salty taste goes well with oyster. There is nothing to say about the color, by the way, it is absolutely natural and so bright that any dish instantly becomes photogenic.

The most beautiful blue caviar of the shrimp is outside the body, so it has a very sharp taste, a real marine one.

It is eaten like regular caviar, for example, with a poached egg and baked potatoes, fresh baguette and butter, with a little addition of French sparkling.

Blue bananas

Sounds like a quote from the Avatar menu, but this fruit is very real - blue bananas do exist, and now you know why the movie characters look like that!

Blue Java is grown in the Hawaiian Islands, Australia and some Asian countries and is amazing in every way.

When the fruits are just beginning to ripen, their color changes from pale pistachio to soft blue, and only then acquires a light shade of indigo.

The taste of blue bananas is reminiscent of the most delicate ice cream "ice cream", custard and vanilla dessert, that's why it is also called Ice cream banana. By the way, inside the "Blue Java" is quite a "banana", yellow color.

It is enough to freeze and beat such a fruit - you will get a natural and healthy ice cream or smoothie. They say that once you try Blue Java, you won’t want to eat ordinary bananas anymore ...

And it is possible that only blue fruits will remain on the market in the near future - this variety can grow in cool conditions and with less sunlight, therefore it is considered more resistant.

Imagine that all you have to do to make dessert is slice a banana and pour melted chocolate over it, mmm!

Blue bananas are called ice-cream bananas because of their bright vanilla-creamy taste.

Portuguese vintners have come up with a true pantone classic blue, the deep, rich color of the Portuguese ocean on a sunny day. Which is quite natural, they already have green wine, it's time to expand the wine palette!

Blue pumpkins of the Queensland blue pumpkin and Blue Prince varieties, with a dusty blue hue, bred in America, are chased by carving masters.

After all, if you imagine that the Irish drunk would wander not with a boring orange lantern in his hand, but a blue one, then suddenly there would be no true story about Stingy Jack arguing with the Devil, and the Celtic Helloween turned into an unremarkable rural holiday ... And what could be better than a bluish rough pumpkin for getting new gray hair during Halloween!

Blue strawberries still live only in selective genetics laboratories, but tractor-sized corn once lived there, and is now grown all over the world.

And the blue apples? You bite off a piece, and inside there is a bluish crunchy flesh - Hitchcock would shed a tear!

Blue products are already a reality and our brains are likely to adapt to the new shade, which is still perceived as dangerous and inedible. But let them be obtained in such a natural way, and not in laboratories - then we are completely in favor!

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