Nutrimed baby food

Nutrimed Medolac Baby Food Cereal Milk & Mix Vegetables - 300 gm Online in India, Buy at Best Price from

Nutrimed Medolac Baby Food Cereal Milk & Mix Vegetables - 300 gm Online in India, Buy at Best Price from - 11626043

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Nutrimed Medolac Baby Food Cereal Milk & Mix Vegetables - 300 gm




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    nutrimed Medolac Baby Food (6 Months Onwards) Cereal Price in India

    Price: Not Available

    Currently Unavailable


    • 300 g

      300 g

    Please select a Quantity to proceed


    In The Box

    Pack of
    • 1


    • nutrimed
    Model Name
    • Medolac Baby Food (6 Months Onwards)
    • 300 g
    • Banana, Milk
    Age Ideal For
    • Up to 12 Months
    • Banana, Malt, Butter, Corn Oil, Caramel, Minerals, Skimmed Milk, Vitamins, Palm Oil, Wheat Flour, Sucrose
    • Yes
    Added Preservatives
    • No
    Container Type
    • Box
    Maximum Shelf Life
    • 18 Months
    Key Flavors
    • Banana & Milk
    Vacuum Packed
    • No
    Flavouring Agents
    • None
    Manufactured By
    • Nutrimed Healthcare Pvt Ltd
    Food Preference
    • Vegetarian


    • 13. 5 cm
    • 19 cm
    • 5 cm
    • 0.3 kg

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    Proper nutrition of a child is a guarantee of health - Children's City Polyclinic No. 1

    Every parent wants his child to grow up healthy, smart, happy.

    From childhood, we must teach our children to choose from the variety of foods that are really good for health. The nutrition of children is somewhat different from the nutrition of adults. If the child's nutrition system is built correctly, then the child develops normally, both physically and mentally.

    Make your family's way of life by introducing your child to proper nutrition every day. There is no need to arrange constant lectures from this on the topic of what is useful and what is harmful. By actively communicating with your child, setting an example, you instill good eating habits.

    Only good things should be spoken at the table. The situation should help the child to relax, then the appetite will be good and the mood will be friendly. Children can help you with serving and decorating dishes. When serving vegetables and fruits, ask the children what vitamins and minerals they contain and why they are so useful. In order to organize the proper nutrition of the child, you need to follow several important rules:

    Rule 1

    Food should be varied.

    This is an important condition for the child's body to receive all the substances necessary for growth and development. Every day, the child's menu should include: fruits and vegetables; meat and fish; milk and dairy products; grain products (bread, cereals, cereals). Insufficiency or excess of food consumed by a child can adversely affect the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, contribute to metabolic disorders, increase overweight (even to various degrees of obesity) or lead to malnutrition.

    If the child refuses to eat a healthy dish, invite him to experiment and make the dish unusual.

    So, with the help of dried fruits and nuts, you can put a funny face on porridge, use ketchup and greens to draw a pattern on scrambled eggs, put mashed potatoes on a plate in the form of a snowman figure, etc.

    What should not be used in children's nutrition:

    1. Offal other than liver, tongue, heart; blood, liver, raw smoked sausages.
    2. Deep-fried foods and culinary products, chips.
    3. Curds, condensed milk with vegetable fats.
    4. Koumiss and fermented milk products containing ethanol (more than 0.5%).
    5. Cream confectionery containing vegetable protein.
    6. First and second courses based on fast food concentrates.
    7. Vinegar, mustard, horseradish, hot peppers and other hot spices and food products containing them, including hot sauces, ketchups, mayonnaises and mayonnaise sauces.
    8. Pickled vegetables and fruits.
    9. Natural coffee and carbonated drinks, apricot kernels, peanuts.
    10. Products, including confectionery, containing alcohol.
    11. Food products containing a large amount of food additives in their composition (information is indicated by the manufacturer on consumer packaging).
    12. Dry concentrates for cooking first and second courses (soups, Dosherak vermicelli, cereals).

    Rule 2

    The child should eat regularly.

    Compliance with the diet of children is of great importance for the absorption of nutrients by the body. Preschool children are recommended to eat 4-5 times a day, every 3 hours, at the same time, distributing the diet as follows: breakfast - 25%, lunch - 35%, afternoon snack - 15%, dinner - 25% . At school age, it is advisable to have four meals a day, every 4 hours with an even distribution of the daily ration: breakfast - 25%, second breakfast - 20%, lunch - 35%, dinner - 20%.

    Try to stop snacking and teach your child to eat only at the table. If this still doesn't work, offer fruit, biscuits, juice for a snack - food that will help drown out hunger, but will not ruin your appetite.

    Proper organization of meals at school in the form of hot school breakfasts and lunches is an important health-improving measure for student children in extended day groups, whose diet should be 50-70% of the daily norm, which, unfortunately, parents do not have enough are paying attention. Eating sandwiches, pizza, chips, chocolate bars is harmful because - this food is inferior in composition and also irritates the stomach, contributing to the development of gastritis.

    Rule 3

    A child's diet should replenish his daily energy expenditure.

    If your child is overweight, limit the amount of sweets and high-calorie desserts, empty the refrigerator. Put a bowl of fruit on the table, a plate of whole grain bread. Children can eat fruits without any restrictions, it is almost impossible to overeat them, and they are very useful. With a lack of any mineral substance or vitamin, the child himself will ask for the apple or even greens he needs.

    Try to get your child involved in sports, take walks together, even if little by little, but regularly.

    Thus, building proper nutrition for children requires taking into account the characteristics of the child's body, knowledge of certain rules and principles of healthy nutrition.

    The material was prepared by the editorial and publishing department of GBUZ JSC "CMP" - 2020

    Infant formula for newborns (from 0 to 6 months) | Baby food for babies

    This is a complete baby food from the birth of a baby. If breastfeeding is not possible for some reason. Products for the smallest are called adapted, since their composition is as close as possible to mother's milk.

    In the article we will talk about how to choose baby food for babies. Let's talk about what mixtures are for newborns, how to choose the right one, and how to understand that it did not fit. And also about the correct transition from one mixture to another.

    Classification: first select the type of mixture

    Baby food should be recommended by a pediatrician. Be sure to check with a doctor who knows your child. The pediatrician will take into account all the factors influencing the choice: the age of the baby, the characteristics of his health, the method of birth - naturally or through a caesarean section, the date on which he was born, the weight of the child, the risk of allergies.

    Healthy babies who were born at term naturally have a digestive system that is mature for their age. They are prescribed regular baby food, which is produced according to the standards established by the Ministry of Health, which means it contains all the necessary nutrients. It is important for parents only to monitor the timely change of stage. After all, babies from six months need a different composition, which is present in products labeled with the number two.

    Manufacturers of adapted formulas for newborns compete in only one indicator - the proximity of the composition to breast milk. For example, the latest discovery of scientists made it possible to add oligosaccharides of mother's milk to it. They are involved in the formation of the child's immunity, which, as you know, the mother transmits when she breastfeeds. At the end of 2019years, such products are considered the closest to breast milk.

    Under the Materna brand, this is Materna Gold HM-O.

    Read more about breast milk oligosaccharides in our article.

    By age

    All baby food is usually divided into age stages:

    • 0 stage - for premature babies (but not all brands have this stage)
    • Stage 1 - 0 to 6 months
    • Stage 2 - from 6 to 12 months
    • Stage 3 - from 12 months

    The mixture can be fed up to 1.5-2 years. By this time, the children are completely switching to adult food. You can supplement at night if the baby wakes up to eat. Or cook baby cereals on them. They are very nutritious and enriched with additional vitamins. Children who do not eat well are sometimes supplemented with formula. Some manufacturers create stage 4 products just for such cases.

    There are products that are not age-labeled. This is a special diet that is prescribed by a doctor according to indications. The packaging must indicate at what age it can be used.


    By composition, products for newborns can be divided into classic and enriched.

    • Classic . The Materna line includes Materna Classic, Materna Gold and kosher dairy products Materna Mehadrin. They are usually suitable for all healthy children. After all, these products are created according to the standards of the Ministry of Health and contain all the necessary components for the nutrition of babies.
    • Enriched . - This is a classic diet, supplemented with vitamins and trace elements. Materna has Materna Extra Care. This product has been the most popular among our customers and around the world. In 2017, for example, he was recognized as the best in Israel. Now the leading place is occupied by Materna Gold, as the product closest to breast milk.

    As intended

    Separately, we can talk about special baby food, which is prescribed by a doctor in accordance with the health characteristics of the baby. It can be both basic for the child and recommended for the period of illness or recovery after it. Let's look at the main types of special mixtures.

    1. Low lactose . Recommended for children diagnosed with dysbacteriosis or other digestive disorders. In the case when the enzymes in the intestines are not enough to digest milk sugar - lactose. In the Materna line, this is Materna Comfort.
    2. Lactose free . They are used in case of congenital lactase deficiency or galactosemia, a disease characterized by the inability to absorb certain carbohydrates. This is a very rare case. If lactase deficiency appeared against the background of indigestion, then a low-lactose product is most likely suitable. So the body is more likely to start producing its own lactase enzyme. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor. Materna Soy is a soy lactose-free product in the Israeli baby food line.
    3. Dairy-free . They are prescribed for allergies to lactose and milk protein casein. In such products, animal protein is replaced by vegetable protein. As, for example, in Materna Soy blend.
    4. Sour milk and goat milk . In fact, they are very close to the classical ones. The only difference is that the protein is in them in an easier to digest form.
    5. Anti-reflux to relieve the symptoms of severe regurgitation. They are thicker in consistency and more difficult to throw back into the baby's esophagus. Most often prescribed in addition to regular food to reduce the amount of regurgitation.
    6. Hypoallergenic or hydrolysed . They are created on the basis of a split protein and are prescribed to children in cases of very serious allergies. This product is bitter in taste, kids do not like it. Therefore, it is appointed in extreme cases, when there are no other options.
    7. Night . Produced on the basis of starch, which takes longer to digest and maintains a feeling of satiety.
    8. For premature babies . They are high in protein and calories. They are designed to help the child quickly gain weight. After the indicators reach the norm, the baby is transferred to a normal diet. Read more about how to choose a formula for a premature baby, read here.
    9. Based on vegetable protein . They are used in case of allergy to animal protein casein. And they are the main food during the period of rotavirus infection, when the use of dairy products is contraindicated.

    By consistency

    Most baby products are dry mixes that are diluted in warm boiled water.

    Learn more