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Since 1985, we've led the organic baby food movement. With quality ingredients, simply packaged and available in regular stores for reasonable prices. All because we believe every baby deserves an organic start in life.

I just wanted to write to you letting you know that my daughter loves your baby food! We have tried other brands and she just wasn't really into it. I decided to give Earths Best a try and she loves it!! I have never heard of Earths Best before! I am so glad I decided to give it a try! I love organic and I love how this is affordable to people!

Michelle B, AL

Hello Earths Best! I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your products. Specificly your infant formula. My twin girls are 8 months old and I have recently transitioned them from breast milk to earths best and it was a smooth transition and they love it. We more than anything appreciate that tour products are non gmo and do not have added corn syrup solids like most formulas on the market now! Thank you so much! We will definitely continue using your products!

Logan N, MI

Love all products! Especially your formula! !We've used it for our 4 year old 2 year old and now we will be using it for our newborn! Thank you!

Kachina B, WI

Nurturing our Future

As your little one grows, you’ll have to make a lot of important decisions. With Earth’s Best Organic® products, choosing quality is easy. Our products are grounded in a humble appreciation for the earth, and are produced without the use of potentially harmful pesticides, which allows us to protect the environment for generations to come.

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Time-trusted and safe, we strive to provide better for baby products made with pure ingredients to help children grow up strong and healthy.

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    To keep your baby’s delicate skin fresh and clean, we thoughtfully provide chlorine free…

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    Earth’s Best Formulas come in Dairy, Soy, Sensitivity, Gentle, and Toddler…

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  • Infant & Baby Foods - Cereal, Purees, & Jarred Foods

    Nurture your baby’s development with organic cereal and pureed foods, in convenient packaging.

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Infant Feeding Schedule & Food Chart

Please always discuss any health and feeding concerns directly with your pediatrician.

The suggested infant feeding schedule below can be a useful tool when introducing your baby to solid foods. It was developed with our pediatric experts, but you should always consult your own pediatrician if you are unsure whether or not your baby is ready to begin eating solid foods. As you are feeding your child, look for clues as to whether they are finished or looking for more. The amounts below are averages. While introducing new foods is important, you should emphasize foods that your child likes. If you prefer, we have provided the Infant Feeding Schedule as a PDF for downloading and printing.

If you prefer the suggested feeding schedule in Spanish, please click here.

0-1 month

Feed on demand, but on average every 2-3 hours, for a total of 8-10 feedings each day.

Feed on demand, but on average every 2-3 hours, for a total of 8-10 feedings each day.




1-4 months

On average 6-8 feedings each day. The number of feedings will decrease as your baby sleeps longer at night.

On average, every 4 hours, or 5-6 feedings per day. 4-6 fl. oz. per feeding.




4-6 months

On average 6 feedings each day.

4-5 feedings each day, 6-8 fl. oz. per feeding, maximum of 35 fl. oz. per day. Any more than 35 fl. oz. per day indicates baby is ready for complementary foods.

The first solid food is traditionally iron-fortified infant cereal such as oatmeal or rice followed by other grains. Start with 1 tbsp. each meal mixed with either breast milk or formula to desired consistency and increase to 4tbsp. each meal. Begin with 1 serving each day and advance to 2 when accepted by your baby.

Start with single fruits and vegetables that are finely pureed. Advance to approximately 4 oz. jar per meal. Remember to try only one new food at a time; watch for signs of allergy (diarrhea, rash, vomiting, lip and tongue swelling and difficulty breathing). Single fruits and vegetables that are finely pureed can be an alternate to cereal as a first food.

Can begin finely milled meat and poultry.

6-9 months

Usually 4-6 feedings each day. As your baby takes more solids, the number of feedings may decrease.

Depending on the amount of solid food in your baby’s diet, the formula will range from 24-30 fl. oz. per day.

At 8 months, introduce foods that have more texture. Continue to introduce a variety of whole grains.

Continue with fruits and vegetables to include new single flavors and combinations offering new tastes and textures.

At 7 months can begin yogurt.

9-12 months

As baby takes more solids the number of feedings will decrease. Usually 4 feedings each day.

The formula intake will fall to approximately 24 fl. oz. per day.

Usually 1 time each day (1/4 - 1/2 cup). May want to try finger foods, such as well cooked pasta.

Usually 2 servings of fruit AND vegetables per day (1/4-1/2 cup each serving). As babies transition more to table foods, they can try a "chunkier" texture. Select easily chewable foods cut up into small pieces. Try more finger foods, such as small pieces of banana.

Usually 1 serving of yogurt (1/4 - 1/2 cup). Usually 1 serving of meat or poultry. For variety try scrambled eggs or soft cheese, cut up tofu.

*Breast milk is the first choice for infant’s growth, but if and when you choose formula we offer Earth’s Best Organic® infant formula

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20 December 2012 @ 01:38

baby food

1) Healthy Times baby food in jars

organic, good selection and awesome variety of products, the price is also very pleasing. nine0003

the mixture is homogeneous, everything is very tasty (where there are small, as it were, hairs of this same chicken with chicken, not a completely smooth mixture, like from vegetables / fruits alone). I really liked it and my daughter. suitable for the very beginning of complementary foods, also because of the quantity. I first ordered my daughter in her 9.5-10 months. and one jar was like a light snack for her (she has appetites, mmm!) but if the child is small, then it can be suitable for one full meal.

one rather significant (and of course relative) minus - jars are heavy and very cheap. you need to contrive and very cunningly pick up the contents of the package so that there is no bust by weight and at a price of more than $ 40 ...

I ordered the following:

http://www.iherb .com/Healthy-Times-Premium-Organic-Baby-Food-Little-Bear-s-Chicken-Stew-Stage-2-4-oz-113-g/27213


http://www. /Healthy-Times-Premium-Organic-Baby-Food-Sweet-Potato-and-Apple-Stage-2-4-oz-113-g/27201

highly recommend.

2) Nurture Inc. twisted food for more advanced eaters. (Happy Baby)

everything is also terribly organic, very interesting and rich compositions. in a soft hermetically sealed bag.

has a consistency similar to homemade food broken up in a blender until NOT homogeneous. in all the bags we have tested there are particles that need to be chewed, but they are very soft and the baby can chew them with their gums. nine0003

probably because of the consistency and because you need to chew at least a little bit, it seems that there is more of this food, although the quantities are the same. in some bags the food was too thick and I slightly diluted it with water. but in principle it is immediately ready for use.

I did not like it, my daughter ate but without much fanaticism, she did not require supplements. all food, in my opinion, has such a taste ... I can’t exactly describe ... something not spoiled, but ... it looks like it would be as if food had been lying in a tin for a long time and would have been saturated with taste from it. although there is no smell of a jar, let alone a tin one. nine0003

This taste bothered me the most here:
+ such impression as though this unfortunate fish before the use in children. the food was smoked out at the most reluctant.

had the least taste here:

except this one tried:

http:/ /www.

I wouldn't really recommend this meal, or try ordering one pack and try.

3) cookies:

it seems to me that they have more minuses than pluses.

pros: my daughter likes it, chews with gums/melts in the mouth.

- in my opinion they are too sweet
- there are quite a lot of broken cookies and crumbs left at the bottom of the package. a small child cannot finish eating it - the eldest got it. despite the fact that it all didn’t break during shipment and at home I didn’t drop the package and generally treated it carefully
- the cookies are quite small, the size of a palm or even smaller than my 10-month-old daughter (quite large). she needs to concentrate to take it gently and sometimes she does not calculate the grip strength and the cookies turn into crumbs right in her pen. it's a shame for both her and me + everything around in this box ...

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Reviews (3)

Hooray, no plastic flakes

Melissa T. Taylor

I only add water. I don't hear this because I don't trust the use of a microwave for baby food. I would love to have it in a store that could…View Full Review

It's very easy to make and you can make it with dairy products.

Melissa B. Barnes

South Africa, Pretoria

I have eating problems and irritable bowel syndrome and find this all natural organic muesli delicious on days when I can't digest anything. It's super easy to make and you can make it with milk, soy, or…View Full Review

my baby is allergic to this

Michelle D. Dreger

Honduras, Tegucigalpa

I was pleased with the ease of use of the muesli and my baby happily ate it with breast milk as his first exposure to formula. I'm writing about how we discovered he was allergic. about this mess, hopefully warning others...View Full Review

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