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Etihad Airways flying with babies

How long after delivery can a new mother travel with her baby on Etihad Airways flights?

A mother traveling with her baby will be accepted on Etihad Airways flights only if the newborn is at least 7 days old on the date of travel. In the case of any birth complications or premature birth, Etihad requires the submission of a MEDIF form and medical report.

Does Etihad offer discounted fares for children?

Children under 2 years old on the date that travel commences are considered infants and will be charged 10% of the adult fare, provided they sit on an adult’s lap during the flight. Each adult can only be responsible for one infant.

Children aged between 2-11 years on the date that travel commences will be charged either 2/3 or 3/4 of the adult fare, depending on the point of departure. A child traveling on his or her 12th birthday is considered an adult and would need to have been ticketed as such.

When are children required to have their own seat on board the plane?

Children above the age of 2 years on the date of travel will require their own seat. A child traveling on his/her second birthday is considered a child and would need to have been ticketed as such.

If you want to use a car seat on board the aircraft, your baby requires a separate seat on board the plane. Infants are not provided with their own seat unless the child’s fare is purchased for them. You can bring your child’s own car seat provided it meets certain strict criteria and is approved for use on board an aircraft.

Infant Baggage Allowance

When traveling with an infant, the following additional allowance applies in any class of travel:

  • Flights to/from the US and Canada (Piece Concept) – one piece of checked baggage, with a maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lbs) and maximum total dimensions of 158 cm.
  • All other Etihad flights (Weight Concept) – 10 kg of checked baggage.
  • All Etihad flights:
    • Cabin baggage: one extra handbag that must weigh no more than 5 kg.
    • One fully collapsible stroller, carry-cot or approved car seat, as a carry-on item if cabin space is available or else as checked baggage.

When the child fare is purchased for an infant, the same baggage allowance as for adult passengers will apply for the infant, too.

At the check-in desk, luggage tags will be placed on any pushchair or stroller. You will still be able to use these within the airport up to the departure gate. On arrival at your destination, the pushchair or stroller will either be returned at the aircraft door or should be collected at the baggage carousel (this is determined by local regulations in each country).

Bassinets and Car Seats

All Etihad aircraft are fitted with baby bassinet positions. Baby bassinet positions are available on a first come, first served basis. The baby bassinets are designed to accommodate infants under 11 kg and 75 cm.

For safety reasons, bassinets can only be used once the aircraft is airborne, and the seat belt signs have been switched off. If the aircraft experiences turbulence and the seat belt sign is switched on, the infant must be removed from the bassinet and secured on your lap using the infant seat belt.

Children up to 36 months may travel in an approved car seat in conjunction with an aircraft seat provided that the appropriate child fare has been purchased. The child must be accompanied by an adult in an adjacent seat for take-off and landing.

Rearward facing seats are allowed in First or Business Class only (not allowed in Economy class due to seat pitch limitation) and can be used only for infants from 0 to 6 months weighing less than 10 kg.

As per the UAE – General Civil Aviation Authority, only car seats and child restraint devices that comply with one of the following standards/regulations are acceptable on board:

  • Australian Car Seat regulations.
  • The US Standards FMVSS 213.
  • Canadian Standard CMVSS 213.
  • European Standards ECE-44.
  • German Standards (TÜV Doc.TÜV/958-01/2001).

To help children sit or sleep comfortably, most travel accessories, such as BedBox, JetKids, Fly Tot, and Plane Pal, are permitted on board subject to certain conditions. The accessory must be securely stowed during take-off and landing, and accessories that attach to any part of the seat are not permitted.

Etihad Services for Family Travel

Baby food in a range of delicious flavors is available on Etihad flights. Baby meals and children meals are available on all Etihad flights only if they have been pre-ordered at the time of booking the flight, or at least 24 hours before departure.

In Abu Dhabi and other major airports, complimentary strollers are available in the terminal, close to the gate. If you’re traveling in First or Business Class, Family Rooms at certain airport lounges offer fun ways to keep your children entertained, including books, toys, and TV, as well as a great children’s menu and qualified nannies.

When boarding begins, families with young children will be called first for pre-boarding, thus giving you some extra time to get settled on board.

In order to keep your children entertained on board, Etihad’s in-flight entertainment system includes a wide choice of television shows, movies, music, and video games.

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Etihad Airways Flying With Kids Information • Flying With A Baby

All the Etihad Airways flying with kids information in one place. Including:

  • Flying when pregnant
  • Flying with a baby or toddler under two
  • Flying with older children
  • Kids’ baggage allowance
  • Car seat policy
  • Other child restraint device policies
  • Pushchair/stroller policy
  • Bassinet policy
  • Sleep devices and child ride-ons/leg rests permitted
  • Baby and child meals
  • In-flight entertainment for children
  • Other family services provided
  • Current mask rules for children

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Table of Contents - Click to jump to a section

During the first 28 weeks of your pregnancy, you do not need a medical certificate to fly, though Etihad always recommend speaking with your doctor to get their advice before you travel. If your pregnancy is complicated with a condition that adds extra risk, please make sure to complete a MEDIF form.

Single pregnancy

  • From weeks 29 to 36, you will require a medical certificate to fly, which you’ll have to present when you check in at the airport
  • Once you reach the 37th week of your pregnancy, you will not be accepted to travel

Multiple pregnancy

  • From weeks 29 to 32, you will require a medical certificate to fly, which you’ll have to present when you check in at the airport
  • Once you reach the 33rd week of your pregnancy, you will not be accepted to travel

To make life a bit simpler, we’ve created a certificate that you can print and take directly to your doctor or midwife. (DOWNLOAD FORM)

The original medical certificate must:

  • Be presented when you check in at the airport
  • State that you are fit to fly
  • Include the number of weeks of pregnancy and your Expected Delivery Date (EDD)
  • Confirm whether the pregnancy is single or multiple
  • Be issued and signed by your doctor or midwife within the gestation period considered acceptable for travel
  • Be issued on clinic or hospital letter headed paper or stamped
  • Be valid for 3 weeks from the date of issue
  • Written clearly in English or Arabic (other languages are accepted but must be verified by Etihad Airways check-in staff)

As long as you’ve met all of the validity criteria, you’ll just need one certificate for the duration of your trip.


Lap infants and infants with their own seat.

Babies from 7 days – 23 months old are permitted to sit on the lap of their parent/guardian.


Children aged two and over are not permitted to sit on the lap of their parent/guardian.


Children aged twelve and over are NOT permitted to sit on the lap of their parent/guardian, should be booked an adult fare and normal baggage rules apply.



Checked baggage to/from USA and Canada: 23kg

Checked baggage to/from all other destinations: 10kg

Cabin baggage: One piece, 5kg


Normal baggage rules apply


Children aged up to three years old travelling on a child’s ticket may use certain approved car-seats, in conjunction with our aircraft seats.

You are also permitted to carry one pushchair or carrycot or car seat for free, in addition to your child’s checked baggage allowance.

Can my child use a car seat on board?

Yes! Children aged up to three years old travelling on a child’s ticket may use certain approved car-seats. As the parent or guardian, you are responsible for correctly installing the device as per the manufacturer’s instructions and restrictions.

  • Children must be properly secured in the car seat and accompanied by an adult in the adjacent seat for take-off and landing
  • Car seats must be forward or rear facing with a harness that can be strapped to a seat with a seatbelt only
  • Rearward facing seats are restricted to infants from 0 to six months weighing less than 10kg and are only allowed in First or Business cabins
  • The car seat must be in good condition and show no signs of damage
  • The car seat harness must have a single release button and must secure the infant’s lap, torso and crotch

As per the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority, the following car-seats and child restraint devices are accepted on board:

  • Australian Car-Seat regulations
  • USA Standards FMVSS213
  • Canadian Standard CMVSS 213
  • European Standards ECE-44
  • German Standards (TÜV Doc. TÜV/958-01/2001)
CARES harness (front) Photo courtesy of Tim Kelley AmSafe CARES harness

Other Child Restraint Device Policies

The following supporting devices are accepted on board for children with special needs:

  • CARES Harness for children over one year weighing less that 20kg (only permitted in Economy)
  • SPECIAL CARES Harness for adult guests with special needs and children more than 20kg in weight
  • CRELLING Harness Model 27. Type 27I (two-five years) and Type 27A (five-eight years) are only allowed in Economy Class, and Type 27B (nine years – adult) are allowed in all classes
  • CRELLING Shoulder Strap HSB1. Type HSB1 (two years – adult) are only allowed in Economy Class)
Etihad airport stroller.


You can check your pushchair in, or Etihad can collect your pushchair from you just before you board. Etihad also provide complimentary orange strollers for use within their terminal. Doubles are available.


Does Etihad Airways supply a bassinet/carrycot?

Yes, bassinets are available on a first come, first served basis.

How do I reserve a bassinet/carrycot on Etihad Airways?

You may request a baby bassinet when you book your flight or through Manage my booking.

When can I choose my seat on
Etihad Airways?

You can pay to reserve your seat from the moment you book your ticket until you check-in. 

What happens if I don’t reserve a bassinet/carrycot seat?

You might not get one as all bassinets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

What is the size/weight limit for Etihad Airways bassinets/carrycots?

Your baby must weigh less than 11kg and be up to 75cm tall, and they must be able to fit comfortably in the bassinet.

What does the Etihad Airways bassinet/carrycot look like?Etihad bassinet with CoziGo sleep cover which needs to be purchased separately and is not provided by Etihad

To help children sit or sleep comfortably on our flights, most travel accessories are permitted on board, including JetKids BedBox, Plane Pal and Fly Tot, subject to certain conditions. The accessory must be securely stowed during take-off and landing. Accessories that attach to any part of the seat are not permitted.

Etihad child meal
Does Etihad Airways provide baby food?

For babies that are 7 days – 23 months old, you can request a baby’s meal up to 24 hours before your flight. Proprietary brands of baby meals are available on board. Parents are advised to carry baby foods familiar to and preferred by their babies (milk or baby meals can be heated on board).

Does Etihad Airways provide child meals?

For children aged two to twelve, you can request a child’s meal up to 24 hours before your flight. Food options include burgers, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, French fries, crisps, pizza or chocolate. For older children, adult meals are available.


Etihad kids packs

Tiny adventurers can get ready to explore with the Loony tunes kids packs. Children up to two on Etihad can snuggle up with a super-soft blanket to take home, starring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester and Tweety.

There are activity books, crayons and memory games for children aged three to eight and children aged nine to 13 will receive a Scooby-Doo backpack and passport holder.

Children’s movies and games on board

We’ll keep children busy with the latest kids’ movies, TV shows and games on board. Our parental lock feature also means that you can control what your little flyers are watching.

Don’t forget, if you’re flying on our A320 and A321 aircraft, each child will need to bring their own device and headphones.


Etihad have a Sky Nanny on board to assist with little ones

Eithad provide Sky Nannies ( Sky nannies discontinued since covid) and some airport lounges have dedicated family rooms. When it’s time to board, they invite families on to the plane first to give you a bit of extra time to get settled. You can check your pushchair in, or Etihad will collect your pushchair from you just before you board.

Etihad Guest Family – An Etihad Guest Family membership lets everyone earn miles individually and spend them together as a family. Join now

There is a dedicated family check in area at Abu Dhabi airport.


Etihad understand it may be difficult for young children to wear a mask when they travel. If they’re comfortable, we recommend that children aged two to five wear a mask as much as they possibly can. Children aged six or older must wear a mask at all times, wash their hands regularly and follow social distancing guidelines as much as possible.

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Meals on board


Around the world from



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  • S7
  • Emirates
  • Lufthansa
  • Etihad
  • Turkish Airlines
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  • Aeroflot
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Reading time: approximately 4 minutes.

A good meal can greatly enhance your flight experience. What to expect from meals on board and where is the best food? We understand the culinary possibilities of different airlines!


To make your flight as comfortable as possible, in addition to standard meals, S7 Airlines offers paid and special meals onboard, as well as delivery of restaurant dishes directly to the boarding gate. If you fly out of Domodedovo, you can order food from Arkady Novikov's restaurant "Let's Eat".


The feature of the service is that the chefs will prepare your favorite dishes right before the flight. Fresh food, fragrant pastries, real coffee - all this will not be frozen or heated.


Eating on board Emirates will really help you discover new tastes. Indian paneer makhani or juicy pesto chicken with sundried tomatoes? A variety of options are possible! In addition, the airline offers meals inspired by your destination. For example, if you are flying to Australia, you can find Australian angus beef and cheeses from the Yarra Valley on the menu. And if you are traveling to Tokyo or Osaka, you can try real Japanese cuisine with authentic serving. In addition to the main courses, passengers are offered fresh fruit or salad, crackers with cheese and dessert of the day.


And if you're celebrating a special occasion or want to surprise your loved one on board, you can order cake and champagne up to 48 hours before departure for a real in-flight surprise.


When creating the business menu, the airline adheres to the concept of gourmet meals. Passengers can try gougères with chicken liver mousse and lingonberry confiture with vegetables and herbs, or salmon and tuna timbale topped with guacamole and lime sauce.



On board Lufthansa you will find not only high quality products, but also a flight of culinary imagination. Gourmet dining on board in First Class and Business Class is served on chinaware and complemented by a selection of award-winning wines.

Lufthansa's young passengers will enjoy the interesting presentation of baby food on board flights.


On Etihad flights, you will find a selection of delectable meals, at least one of which is vegetarian, freshly baked bread rolls and delicious desserts, all served on sustainable trays. Complimentary meals also include a selection of drinks on each flight.

The Business Class menu includes a wide variety of dishes and desserts, such as a steak sandwich or ice cream.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines' in-flight dining has received numerous awards, including the Best In-Flight Catering in Europe by Skytrax. The menu changes according to the season and dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients.

In business class on transatlantic flights, chefs cook on board and serve meals on chinaware.


Ural Airlines

Today, standard meals are included in the ticket price only on a limited number of airline destinations. Therefore, Ural Airlines offer to order meals on board separately. Travelers are offered the most diverse dishes of the world: Italian lasagna, Indian curry, Central Asian pilaf. The choice of breakfasts cannot but rejoice: cheesecakes with jam, croissants and scrambled eggs.


The airline provides a variety of special in-flight meals tailored to age, medical indications and religious beliefs.

The business class menu was created with the active participation of the brand chef of one of the most famous restaurants Arkady Novikov "No Fish". Laconic presentation, elegance of preparation and quality products await you.


Children on the plane | Tourists. children

All airlines allow you to get to the board of the aircraft with a baby stroller (then the crew picks it up from the ladder and returns it at the exit), in addition, a cradle for an infant is offered upon prior reservation, but this is not guaranteed and depends on many factors, in particular, on type of aircraft and the possibility of fixing this cradle in it.

Mothers traveling with infants under 2 years of age should be prepared for the fact that the child will have to be held in her arms if you have not bought a separate seat for him. Children closer to 2 years, especially large ones, we recommend buying a separate seat. After 2 years, children are required to have their own place. When holding a child in your arms, you must ask for a special child seat belt that attaches to your belt.

Some airlines offer an unaccompanied child service, that is, a child over 5 years old can fly alone, without parents and relatives, accompanied first by the airport staff, and then by the crew.


We offer baby food for children from 2 years old and food for babies. You can order no later than 48 hours before departure, for international flights lasting more than 3 hours.

For children over two years old - jam, bun, cheese, vegetables, fruit, yogurt, juice, milk porridge.

For babies - puree in jars, juice.

On board, all children, depending on their age, are given an amenity kit containing coloring books, board games, task books, pencils, etc.

Ural Airlines desserts, dairy products, etc.),

all children are given amenity kits

S 7 and other Russian airlines

Special baby food is not provided. Children are given magazines with various tasks, comics and educational articles.

Foreign airlines

In addition to special meals, foreign airlines provide the opportunity to watch a movie or cartoon, there are a large number of different films, including in Russian.

Turkish Airlines

Baby video here

Special meals for babies and children over 2 years old, ordered at least 24 hours before the flight Arab Emirates. Not only do they offer special baby meals and movies on board, but they also offer baby care kits and audiobooks, for example. Companies position themselves as luxurious and provide maximum service for the client's money

Emirates Emirates

And special meals, amenity kits, in-flight videos (cartoons, feature films), and even a cake if the child has a birthday on the day of the flight

Details here

Etihad Etihad

details here

Qatar Airways Qatar Airways

details here

European and American companies are much more modest.

Learn more