Feeding a baby in dream

Dreaming Of Breastfeeding A Baby? Here’s What That Might Mean

Our dreams can often be reminiscent of things in our day-to-day lives. Dreaming of a baby — or dreaming of breastfeeding a baby, more specifically — can be a little jarring, whether you already have kids or not. In fact, if you thought your breastfeeding days were behind you, it might even seem like a nightmare (your nipples may hurt just reading this!). Here’s the thing, though: Babies are full of symbolism. If you’re in the throes of breastfeeding or caring for an infant, a dream about doing just that might mean that you’re worried or stressed out about feedings. Many researchers believe that dreams are just random brain activity or a way to work through emotional drama in your everyday life. That would explain why a 2001 study found that pregnant people, or those who just had a baby, are way more prone to dreaming about a little bundle of joy than those who don’t have kids or plan on getting pregnant.

Still, many researchers also believe that a dream of breastfeeding a baby has ulterior meanings worth exploring.

Dreaming of Breastfeeding a Baby

If you’re the kind of person who believes that dreams are just random brain activity, then breastfeeding dreams when you’re not currently nursing can be triggering for sure (especially if you’ve been trying to conceive). But having some sort of context for said dreams may help. For example, breastfeeding (and, therefore, a dream about breastfeeding) is all about nourishment and growth — empirically good things. Similarly, dream researchers believe dreaming of breastfeeding can mean that someone new is coming into your life or that a new opportunity is headed your way.

Then again, it may also matter who you are breastfeeding in your dream. If you are nursing a baby boy in a dream, some dream interpreters suggest that means you feel you’re about to advance in your career or that your financial situation is about to improve. On the other hand, nursing a baby girl supposedly means that you’re finally letting go of past grievances — and a new, stable, and happier chapter of life is headed your way. Nursing a stranger’s child in your dream might indicate that you wish to help someone close to you.

If you dream of breastfeeding your own kid, it can be seen as a sign of contentedness, safety, and belonging.

Dreaming of a Newborn

Seeing a baby in your dream can have a ton of meanings, whether you’re breastfeeding it or not. Per Dream Moods, it really depends on where you are in your life and what the baby is doing. Generally, seeing a baby in your dream may mean “innocence, warmth, and new beginnings.” The outlet adds, “Babies symbolize something in your own inner nature that is pure, vulnerable, helpless, and/or uncorrupted.”

If you’re on your way to give birth to the baby in your dream, it might mean that your emotional needs aren’t being met, and you long to be cared for. Dreaming about forgetting or losing a baby could mean that you’ve actually abandoned yourself or are not being totally authentic.

If you’re already pregnant, these scenarios likely have more superficial meanings and merely indicate that you are stressed about being pregnant and having a child.

Dreaming of a Baby While Pregnant

Dreaming of a baby doesn’t always mean that you’re pregnant, though it could indicate that you have pregnancy and babies on the brain. Pregnancy dreams vary throughout pregnancy, with certain themes occurring at different times. For example, in the first trimester, you might have dreams about water or go on a journey. In the second trimester, dreams about your teeth falling out or giving birth to an adult or anything other than an actual infant might happen. In the third trimester, you might dream about losing your baby, giving birth, or possibly even breastfeeding your future child.

In any case, understanding your dreams is always open to interpretation, and the best way to figure out what they mean to you is to talk about them with your partner, a friend, or even your therapist. Because no matter what you think of babies, breastfeeding, or pregnancy, they’re powerful signals that something is on your mind.

Dreaming of a Baby That Won’t Stop Crying

A baby crying is a normal part of their development, but in a dream, it can represent something in your life that needs your concentration. So, if a baby is crying inconsolably in your dream, it can mean that there is a person or new event in your life that requires your attention. This could be your job, parents, or even a friendship.

It can also mean that you feel that you've failed to meet certain expectations or that you're disappointed in yourself.

However, if you only hear a baby crying in a dream, it could also signify that you're hiding something in your life. It could be certain skills or capabilities that you may or may not be aware of.


Lara-Carrasco, J., Simard, V., Saint-Onge, K., Lamoureux-Tremblay, V., & Nielsen, T. (2013). Maternal representations in the dreams of pregnant women: a prospective comparative study. Frontiers in psychology, 4, 551. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00551

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Baby food Dream Dictionary: Interpret Now!

The dream of baby food is rather rare.

It normally materializes when the dreamer is either pregnant or going through a maternal time in life. The baby food can take many different forms. The baby food could be mushed up, in a tin, baby food that is finger food or simply a bottle of milk.

Baby food is connected to rebirth in life. When it comes to difficult relationships the baby food dream materializes. When it comes to difficult relationships then the baby food dream normally seen.

You want to make sure that everybody in your life gets along with each other. For example, if you have a family and two of your children are continually fighting with each other you are normally behaving as a mediator. The baby food in this sense indicates that you feel that you are the source cementing the family together. The baby food can signify that you require help from your partner. Are you getting such support will help?

In your dream

  • You may have fed baby food to a baby.
  • The baby was drinking a bottle of milk.
  • You were liquidized and baby food.
  • The baby food was solid.
  • The baby was eating finger food.
  • The baby was a child that you did not recognize.
  • The baby choked on food.
  • You found yourself in a café with children eating baby food.

Detailed dream meaning of baby food

As we have already concluded in the introduction above baby food is connected to feeling supported. The baby food if liquidize means that you feel that you need to cement your family relationships. Perhaps you have been working as a mediator?

If you are in the profession of counseling or social work then this indicates that you want to try to bring peace to everybody in life. There is very little aggression in your life and you are a good leader.

When it comes to moral support you give it. To see a baby choking on baby food is a negative omen and indicates a new start will be delayed. To give baby food to a baby in your dream is a positive omen. Feeding a baby is also positive. You don't really want to move forward too much in life. You need to learn to trust your inner voice.

To see babies spitting out or throwing baby food indicates you have been feeling miserable. You must be careful that you make sure that this does not move into depression going forward.

To liquidize baby food in your dream is connected to your generosity. It is all about you giving you what you want in life. Perhaps you've been given someone your support and you don't feel that this has been appreciated. To see a high chair and a baby feeding in your dream occasionally means that you need to be more giving. The high chair symbolizes your desire and passion in life. The baby represents a new start and beginning. The baby food is the cement that brings us all together. Therefore in such a dream means you need to understand that you have an opportunity now to change your life. Old dream dictionaries state that if you happen to see baby food in your dream, it foretells that you have to eat less and you need to be more considerate of others. It can also mean that nurturing and care is needed in your waking life.

To see knives and forks in the dream of baby food suggest that you are going to recover quickly from a difficult and challenging time. To be in a café or see other children eating baby food is a suggestion that you want your partner to succeed but sometimes you feel that your partner doesn't support you.

So if you happen to see yourself feeding a baby its food in your dream it suggests that you are satisfied and you need to be compassionate to others by nurturing them to be like you. Most of the things that you take for granted are what others are looking for and you should share them willingly without reservation. Approach them and let them learn from you. You should have that spirit of caring and making sure that, those around you are helped to the best of your knowledge without reservation. This is possible if you happen to develop a giving attitude so that, you share with the less fortunate what you have, make it your duty to make everyone’s life as comfortable as possible. If you can embrace such spirit, you will be able to achieve more than you have ever achieved due to the blessings that will come your way.

If you happen to see a familiar person in your dream feeding a baby food it implies that a friend or a relative is in need of your help to nurture their needs and you are the only one who can offer that. In your waking life, make sure that you approach them and find out what it is that they are lacking and which you can assist. Win their trust first because that is the only way to make them trust you with their problems. Once you are conversant with what their needs are all about, make sure that you help them in the best way possible to make them comfortable in their lives. Don’t be judgmental, but help according to your capability and they definitely appreciate you. If you see a strange person feeding a baby food it means that you and those whom you are familiar with may need some help. Help them willingly and you will be blessed.

In conclusion, the baby food featured in your dream is a positive omen. It indicates that you are a good nurturing mother or father and you need to cement your family relationships. If you do not yet have children indicates that you will be maternal and caring. If you don't have children at all then this dream can indicate that you need to work on your friendship to life.

Feelings that may come about when dreaming about baby food

A satisfying relationship, a new start, nurturing, controlling your temper, mediation, and new possibilities.

interpretation of dreams about breastfeeding according to the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Loff

According to Carl Jung's theory, dreams are the guiding words of the soul. Although there is still no consensus on why we see them and what they mean, the analysis of night visions can help us understand the hidden area of ​​our mind. A dream about breastfeeding can have a direct personal message to the sleeping person, hinting that one of your loved ones needs love, tenderness and care. Let's figure out together with an expert why breastfeeding is a dream from the point of view of psychology. nine0003

Breastfeeding in Longo's dream book

Yuri Longo believes that a dream about breastfeeding a child symbolizes love and affection. The script may hint that someone or something in your life needs care and protection. Also, this dream can reflect your own emotional need for love. Sometimes a dream is inherent in pregnant women. Such a night vision can appear to anyone. For example, if a man dreamed of such an action, it symbolizes the manifestation of your hidden talents to achieve everything you wish. nine0003

Breastfeeding a baby in Miller's dream book

A dream about breastfeeding a baby means that your unconscious desires to cultivate its creative ideas and start a new life.

The dream of a girl who has recently entered into a relationship with a partner represents the need to develop an alliance that has become very dear. You want to be loved and cared for. Thus, by maintaining close relationships, you can feel emotionally secure. nine0003

Women's breasts are a symbol of deep care. It also symbolizes the close bond between mother and child. A dream may advise you to take care of the people around you, you must support your family members, be close to friends in difficult times.

Breastfeeding in Vanga's dream book

A dream about breastfeeding symbolizes maternal affection. It represents a mutually beneficial relationship, full of tenderness, compassion, love and mutual care. A dream promises emotional support and your deepest desire to take care of people close to you. Sometimes such a dream can be interpreted as the satisfaction of primitive needs for protection. You are encouraged to nourish and cherish, love and comfort others who need it. Also, such a vision of breastfeeding symbolizes that life is beautiful and all good things will come to you. nine0003 Many believe that dreams about breastfeeding a child symbolize love and affection. Photo: helena-lopes, pexels.com

Breastfeeding in Loff's dream book

According to Loff's book, a dream asks you to give up old habits and go on a new journey full of love and care. The unconscious may hint at motherhood. The dream symbolizes harmony, prosperity, growth and new beginnings.

Also, vision represents a sense of belonging that you cannot live without, a deep attachment that is difficult to get rid of. You are not ready to let this person go out of your life. nine0003

Breastfeeding in Freud's dream book

Perhaps deep down you have a feeling of helplessness and insecurity. You need someone who will protect you, guide you the right way in life. There is an unconscious desire to depend on someone who is able to make decisions on your behalf. Sometimes a dream hints at the need to become independent and let go of your addiction.

Breastfeeding in the Hindu dream book

You cling to something or someone for emotional support. It is not easy for you to let go or separate from this source of care. You are holding on to past habits that you no longer need. But you are in love with them and they limit your growth path. Sleep symbolizes the fear of separation, it also means your inability to leave your comfort zone and emotional well-being. nine0003

Just remember that as you get older you will have to make room for new things in life.

Breastfeeding in the Family Dream Book

The dream symbolizes a low level of confidence and self-esteem. You are uncomfortable in your own body. Feelings of dependency on others usually come from feeling insecure. You are not happy being yourself.

The dream reminds you to stay positive. You have the power to change and live the life you want. Just focus on the positive things that surround you. Learn to challenge your negative beliefs and erroneous thoughts. nine0003

Breastfeeding in Tsvetkov's dream book

A dream about breastfeeding a child symbolizes kindness and positive. It represents parenthood, new beginnings, self-development, and achieving your life goals. As well as favorable changes that will come into your life. Thus, a dream promises hope for a better future.

Breastfeeding a baby in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, may mean that you will receive good news soon. This may be the news of pregnancy or building a new relationship. The dream portends pleasant events in the near future. Do not hesitate, all your problems will soon clear up, and you will achieve the best and greatest. nine0003

Breastfeeding in the dream book of Nostradamus

Breastfeeding in a dream symbolizes the creation of a new family. A vision can warn you of a possible pregnancy. And if you are expecting a baby, then it projects your subconscious concern for the fetus. The vision encourages you to embrace new changes and take the next step towards success. This dream is a sign of good luck, spiritual bliss, financial stability, as well as family happiness.

Breastfeeding in Hasse's dream book

When you dream of breastfeeding, be sure that changes will soon take place in your waking life. You can move to a new job or start a relationship. The dream action carries a message of positive change. When in real life you are not married and not pregnant, but still see this dream, it means that you are hatching a creative idea in reality. You are on the path of self-development.

Expert comment

Victoria Borzenko, astrologer, tells the meaning of sleep:

Such dreams can be instinctive, that is, reflect the intuitive desire for pregnancy in reality. This happens to many women even before the tests actually confirm the upcoming happy event.

By the way, such dreams are often seen by men who dream of having a child and starting a family.

Night visions about breastfeeding a baby can be associated with the concepts of protection, guardianship, fatherhood, creating and strengthening bonds between family members. The very act of breastfeeding in a dream usually has a positive meaning. Subconscious illusion will bring good luck. nine0003

Why dream of breastfeeding a child

Why dream of breastfeeding a child

A dream in which you had to breastfeed a child predicts enrichment. It will bring a new job, high position, part-time job or entrepreneurial activity. Having solved all the money problems in one fell swoop, you will feel relief.

Focus your efforts on the professional sphere. They will be rewarded with high salaries or paying customers.

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  • Dream Interpretation of Loff
  • Dream Interpretation of Longo
  • Breastfeeding a baby

    A vision where it happened to breastfeed a baby indicates the humane qualities of the sleeping person. Among them there is caring, good nature, attentiveness with which you surround your family and friends. When they feel bad, they know that they can rely on you.

    Breastfeeding someone else's child

    Breastfeeding someone else's child in a dream - to troubles in reality. They will be created by an outsider, to whose request you will gladly respond. Due to a colleague's report or an elderly neighbor's illness, there will be no time to do things you love. nine0003

    Breastfeeding a boy

    Breastfeeding a boy - to sudden joy in reality. Most likely you will be presented with a pleasant surprise, a declaration of love or a profitable offer. A hurricane of positive emotions will make it easier to look at current problems.

    Breastfeeding a girl

    I had to breastfeed a girl in a dream - in the near future you will be swallowed up by household chores. They will be associated with moving, repairs, visiting relatives or organizing a magnificent celebration. Composure and diligence will help to successfully resolve the tasks that have come before you. nine0003

    Breastfeeding a baby according to Miller's dream book

    The dream in which you are breastfeeding a baby is a hint that in reality you can finally realize your plan. Any of your undertakings will be crowned with great success. You will have a chance to realize your potential, thanks to which your financial situation will noticeably stabilize.

    If in a dream you saw someone breastfeeding a baby, this dream promises a happy marriage and the birth of several children. nine0003

    An unmarried girl dreams that she is breastfeeding a baby - to joy, luck, which may turn out to be fleeting. Do not relax, so as not to miss the moment of change. For a married woman, such a dream portends happiness, success in business. The dream in which you are breastfeeding promises the fulfillment of your desires.

    Breastfeeding a child according to Freud's dream book

    If you dreamed that you were breastfeeding a child, you feel embarrassed before entering into a relationship. Such a dream suggests that you are a sensual, vulnerable person who knows how to enjoy intimate relationships. nine0003

    Breastfeeding a child according to Hasse's dream book

    Happiness; for unmarried - fragile fun.

    Breastfeeding a child according to Evgeny Tsvetkov's dream book

    Why dream of breastfeeding a child in a dream - not wanting to pay attention to your own vices and take measures to eradicate them. The dream in which you are breastfeeding a child indicates that you will suffer from your own laziness and inconstancy. You are prone to frequent tantrums and changes in your sexual partner, which cannot but affect your mental state. nine0003

    Breastfeeding a child according to the Islamic dream book

    Breastfeeding - indicates a need. And if a woman sees in a dream that a certain man is sucking her breast, then, verily, he will seize her property for himself. Why dream that you are feeding a baby - And if the patient sees that she is breastfeeding, then she will recover.

    Why dream of breastfeeding a baby in a dream - to the opportunity to realize what was planned and favorable changes in life. The dream in which you are breastfeeding a baby suggests that soon you will meet a person who will radically change your life. Such a dream is interpreted as positive. nine0003

    Breastfeeding a child according to the Christian dream book

    Breastfeeding a child (for women) - a happy marriage and healthy children. Imagine that you are feeding not one, but two babies at the same time - certainly girls.

    Breastfeeding a child according to the Women's Dream Book

    If you dreamed that you were breastfeeding a child, this is a very good sign. Such a dream predicts the onset of a period of your life that is favorable in all respects. Without a doubt, you can take on the implementation of plans and the embodiment of your plans in reality - everything will certainly work out. Relations with the opposite sex will also be favorable. Married women are waiting for a family idyll and harmony in relationships, and the girls will meet their future husband. nine0003

    Dreaming of breastfeeding in a dream - you need help and care or seek to help and support someone else. If you dreamed that you were breastfeeding someone else's child, your help will not be appreciated by those to whom you provide it. Such a dream means empty chores, useless deeds, a senseless effort to help others. Those people for whom you are trying will be ungrateful and will not appreciate your efforts.

    Breastfeeding a child according to the dream book of Nostradamus

    Breastfeeding a child in a dream means taking care of your future and the future of your children. Such a dream symbolizes faith in oneself and hope for a happy future, which will undoubtedly be justified.

    Breastfeeding a child according to Loff's Dream Book

    Seeing in a dream breastfeeding a baby in public means that your hidden thoughts and hidden desires can become public. Do not rush to share them with others to prevent the fact of disclosure. If a pregnant woman dreams that she is breastfeeding a baby, her birth will be quick and painless, and the baby will be born strong and healthy. Why dream that you are feeding a baby - A woman dreams that she is breastfeeding - to worries about her partner. nine0003

    Often such a dream personifies caring for one's sexual partner, because in a relationship a woman is partly a mother for her husband, taking care of him.

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