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This is a specially formatted fixed layout ebook that retains the look and feel of the print book.

Are you about to introduce your new baby to solids? Is your toddler a fussy eater? Are you simply stuck for ideas in the kitchen - for simple, quick meals the whole family can enjoy?

Food Babies Love is the book thousands of parents have been waiting for. Full of simple recipes, anecdotes and practical tips, it will help you introduce your baby to solids with confidence and instill a love of fresh, wholesome food in your children as they continue to grow.

Food Babies Love features 100 recipes - baby-friendly versions of well known family favourites. They are designed to expose your little one to a wide variety of new flavours, colours and textures - one of the cornerstones of healthy eating.


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    Customer Reviews

    Great content not happy with Ebook format

    Content is great but find it frustrating using it as an Ebook. I read ebooks all the time but this one is not easy to navigate around.


    I was struggling to find new foods my baby would eat without a fuss. I’ve only made 2 recipes out of the book but 100% strike rate so far. Amazing!

    The best recipe book for babies and toddlers

    I absolutely love this book and recommend it to all my friends with children. I was quite confused by the conflicting advice out there about introducing solids and I loved Emily's simple, sensible guide. The book contains great advice about how to introduce solids, what to introduce, and how to prepare, serve and store it. She has great tips for saving time in the kitchen, like making batches of baby food and freezing it into cubes to create quick dinners later on.
    I have found all the recipes to be fantastic. They are tasty and nutritious and the recipes are easy to follow. My son is a 'good eater' and I credit this book! The book has lots of recipes for toddler and older kids that I plan to keep making for quite a while as they have been hits in our household.
    I think it is so important to feed your children good food and to establish healthy eating patterns early on. Food Babies Love will really help you to achieve that.

    Food Babies Love - Review - Busy City Kids

    Food Babies Love was founded by Melbourne based mum Emily Dupuche out of pure love of introducing her twins to solids. After realising that many parents found that phase of parenting challenging, Emily published her now Aussie best seller book Food Babies Love in 2012. Her goal is for every parent in Australia to expose their little ones to good food either using her book and creating their own or by getting their hands on her recently launched FRESH baby and toddler meals - Fresh Pots.

    There are 7 different Fresh Pots and we got to enjoy all but one which was the 10 months + Spaghetti Bolognaise. The Fresh Pots are separated by stages at which bubs should be introduced to solids from smooth to chunky texture. Fresh Pots Early Proteins range 6 months + has two flavours - Red Lentil Dahl and Chicken, Apple & Pumpkin. Fresh Pots Textured Meals range 7 months + has three flavours - Chicken Curry, Baby Bolognaise and Greek Lamb Casserole and Fresh Pots Toddler Meals range 10 months + has two flavours - Spaghetti Bolognaise for little ones and Fish Pie. All Fresh Pots are $6.45 inc GST and can be found in the fridge aisle of selected stockists in NSW and VIC or can be ordered online and delivered within Melbourne. To find a retailer near you checkout their stockists' list.

    First up, we tried the Fresh Pot of Red Lentil Dahl 6 months+. I didn't get a chance to take a great pic as little Mister and little Miss were starving in the background! Thankfully within a few minutes, little Mister's dinner was ready and I escaped moaning for thirty minutes while I cook him dinner. From the first mouthful, he was hooked! The Dahl is smooth but yet textured enough for babies starting on solids and has great flavour and the added pumpkin is a nice touch and added veggie.

    The following day for lunch, we tried the Fresh Pot Chicken, Apple & Pumpkin 6 months+ and liked its consistency which is more liquid than the Dahl and the apple bring a bit of sweetness to the meal. Little Mister didn't mind the tiny bits of chicken which is a great source of protein for little ones.

    Next up, we tried the Fresh Pot of Chicken Curry 7 months+. Better than my own curries any day of the week, this meal has lots of flavour and a touch of sweetness from soft apple pieces and sultanas. Packed with lots of veggies, chicken mince and brown rice. By far little Mister's second favourite meal! Add some homemade apple & pear purée to the meal if you think bub is ready for the flavour but needs a bit more liquid in his meal for now as the 7 months+ meals are a step up with lots more texture for little ones. As always with solids, make sure bub sipped lots of water during his/her meal.

    We gave the Fresh Pot of Baby Bolognaise 7 months+ a go. This meal was much more textured and thicker than other meals because of the pasta but packed again with veggies but light on tomatoes. As little Mister was gradually making his way to more textured foods I mashed the pasta and softened the carrots a bit to make it easier for him to eat but he loved it!

    The Fresh Pot of Greek Lamb Casserole 7 months+ was also packed with flavour and veggies. I like how Food Babies Love pack their meals with lots of veggies. I personally liked this meal myself as it has lots of flavour and the lamb shoulder bits are delicious. Little Mister loved it too! Again lots more texture with risoni pasta so make sure bub is ready to eat chunkier pasta.

    Last but not least, we tried the Fresh Pot of Fish Pie 10 months+. Some health professionals recommend that fish be introduced from 8 months of age while others say to hold off until 12 months. It all depends on what bub is eating and if he or she has any allergies. I had fed soft steamed Australian rockling fish with a tomato sauce recently so I was happy for him to try a bit of this dish. This meal has lots of texture and has a creamy consistency from the soft potatoes.

    We loved Food Babies Love Fresh Pots and honestly it was hard to pick a favourite as little Mister was happy eating everything as he progressed on his solids' journey. Little Mister's favourite Fresh Pots were the Red Lentil Dahl, Chicken Curry and Chicken, Apple & Pumpkin. He loved the smooth texture of the 6 months + Fresh Pots and loves the natural sweetness of the Apple and Sultanas in the Chicken Curry.

    Food Babies Love Fresh Pots are so convenient that little Mister and I are hooked and have already recommended these to friends with bubs or expecting one! There's nothing like a cranky hungry baby around 5 o'clock and a crazy sister to make it worse and feeling tired and stressed after a long day and trying to cook something quick to keep them at bay! 

    These Fresh Pots are so easy to heat up in a couple minutes and taste fabulous I don't think I was ever spoilt as a child when I was starting solids, I know little Miss wasn't as my cooking leaves a lot to the imagination! The great thing about Fresh pots is that all ingredients are listed on each pack and there is no added salt or sugar and NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives which is very important for us! 

    The price is reasonable considering the large portion in each tub. If your little one isn't super hungry you could make two meals out of a Fresh Pot and keep the rest for dinner or lunch or heat up the lot see how he goes and had a quick snack yourself as the meals are very parent friendly in flavour! They can also be frozen if you decide to stock up at your nearest stockist.

    The cool thing too is that the Fresh pots containers are BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can keep them to heat up half of a portion or keep snacks in them when going out or keep & freeze portions of meals you've made for bub.

    We were also given the Food Babies Love book and a feeding smock for little Mister and it looked fabulous on him too stylish to have food on it that's for sure! I can see why the Food Babies Love book has been a big hit as it has pages after pages of recipes and great tips throughout and suggestions with each recipe, well thought-out. We have since tried a few recipes like the Potato & Leek Soup which I love as it has zucchini in it and the Mushroom 5 minute risotto with rice flakes!

    Overall Food Babies Love is a great brand which we now love and which is driven by a very passionate mum! If you are thinking of introducing yout little one to solids, checkout Emily's 'Introducing solids' guide on Emily's website and get the FREE 7 mistakes of feeding ebook by signing up to her newsletter.

    For more info on Fresh Pots and Food Babies Love, checkout their site for more details.

    Cooking books for children - 8 answers

    I offer

    to your attention Top 10 best books about and for baby food, the rating is based on reader preferences on the website. These are informative books for mothers and even for the kids themselves, just learning to cook. Inside: recipes, diets, practical advice, food analysis, menu recommendations, child psychology and more.

    Baby food from birth and up. Author:Vysotskaya Julia

    Recipes for children. Series: Book of the Gastronome

    Annotation: The new series of "Books of the Gastronome" continues recipes for children. Baby food is a whole science. No, you do not need to calculate calories, vitamins and trace elements before each meal. Food is not only the replenishment of energy reserves and the delivery of "materials" for the construction of the body. Food is a whole world, and the task of parents is to make sure that the child is comfortable and happy in it. Start as early as possible - and we will help you. Buckwheat pudding with butter cream and gingerbread pancakes for breakfast, yogurt soup with rice and strawberry soup for lunch, chicken curry and ham bows for dinner… school than to feed a child on the road. Separate chapters are devoted to children's holidays and dishes that you can cook with your children. There are homemade chicken nuggets, and tropical crunch, and citrus "pizza", and ratatouille, like in a cartoon, and much, much more! As always, we have not changed our main principle: we checked every recipe in the Gastronom's kitchen so that everything works out for you too. And for you to be healthy! nine0007 Reader's review Irina : The book is GORGEOUS!!! I'm just delighted))) I have been looking for a book of children's recipes for "all occasions" for a long time, in it you will find ideas for breakfast, all kinds of soups and side dishes, snacks for children's parties in the form of funny faces, and also pamper your relatives on New Year's Eve cookies and baked-bracelets with which to decorate the Christmas tree!! !All recipes are simple and very original!

    Cooking with Petson and Findus. Author: Nurdqvist Sven, Samuelson Kristin

    Annotation: It's no secret that Petson is an old man who is a little distracted. He may have flour under the sofa, and pepper in a bicycle basket. His wonderful recipes are scattered throughout the house. Once a kitten Findus decided that it was time to collect them in a cookbook, and this is what came of it!
    Petson and Findus will teach you how to bake pies and buns, cook soups, jelly, porridge and even cook carrot marmalade. Petson's recipes are very simple and tasty, besides, each of them is preceded by a small story from the life of an old man and a kitten. Older children can cook most of the dishes themselves, and for the youngest there are simpler tasks that Findus usually performs: roll meatballs from minced meat, mix sauce, measure milk and flour, or grind crackers. nine0007 Reader's review
    Nadezhda : Absolutely wonderful book for both adults, children and children with adults. All recipes are REAL, nothing exotic for the Russian region in the composition of products, it is prepared simply, quickly and affordable. The pages are completely filled with drawings, there are excerpts from the author's books that are of interest in purchasing all the books from this series .

    A caring menu for the health of mothers and babies. From conception to a year. Author: Belopolsky Yury, Babanin Sergey

    Annotation: Proper nutrition of a woman during the entire period of pregnancy and child feeding creates the most favorable conditions for the development of the fetus, normal growth and development of the child during the period of breastfeeding, as well as for maintaining the health of the mother. Rational, properly organized nutrition has fundamental to the normal growth and development of children. At a tender age, there is an intensive increase in body height and weight, muscle strength, the formation of the function of the nervous system, the development of internal organs, an increase in the body's defenses ... Thus, the physiology of children's nutrition is, first of all, "developmental dietology". nine0007 Reader's review Elena : Excellent book, it's a pity that I didn't have it during pregnancy... The most important thing is that this book has an approximate menu for pregnant and lactating women, and not general words, I didn't find this even on the internet.

    My first cookbook. Author: Watt Fiona

    Annotation: The book contains simple recipes that children love. With the help of step-by-step instructions, children will be able to cook on their own. All recipes are tested - everything turns out delicious and beautiful! nine0015

    Baby food recipes. From birth to 4 years. Author: Ekaterina Springis

    Annotation: The uniqueness of the book is that it not only tells how to cook various dishes for children (from infants to 4 years old) and what products to use, but also reveals the secret in what sequence they should be introduce into the child's diet.
    This publication contains a huge collection of recipes for cooking delicious, and most importantly, healthy dishes. nine0007 Reader's review
    Tatyana : Of the huge pile of books on baby food that I have accumulated, this one is the cheapest, but one of the most intelligent! The whole minimum of necessary information, no water and spreading of thought along the tree, a sufficient number of recipes. The recipes are all designed to prepare one serving for children, that is, the amount of ingredients is indicated not per pot of soup, which adults will eat for a week, but for one time for a baby. I felt very comfortable using it. nine0015

    Children's menu from 1 to 7 years old with advice from a pediatrician. Author: Ivanov O.A.

    Annotation: The most necessary guide for new mothers! This book is a faithful assistant in the preparation of all kinds of tasty and healthy dishes for your baby. You will receive a lot of interesting information about the effect of natural products on the children's body, vitamins and minerals necessary for good nutrition. More than 600 recipes from vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish, meat, cereals and more.
    Reader's review
    Elena : The book is very useful for young mothers who strive to give their child the best and tasty food. In addition to recipes, the book contains a lot of information about products: how to choose, how to cook and, most importantly, about their benefits and possible harm. I advise everyone to have it on hand!

    Baby food from 0 to 7 years.Deluxe Edition 2011

    Annotation: Child nutrition is one of the most important issues that concern young parents. From birth (and also before it, in the womb), a rapidly growing child's body must receive all the substances necessary for its physical and mental development. Only a properly formulated diet can ensure the normal growth and development of the child, as well as prevent many diseases. Our book will help you to cope with this task. nine0015

    Children's holiday. Culinary adventure with kids. Author: Ulybina Tatyana

    Annotation: Here is a book that will help you organize a wonderful holiday for your child with your own hands. The book contains colorful funny illustrations, so reading it will bring a lot of pleasure. Cheerful celebration scenarios for children of any age, interesting design of the event, necessary precautions and, most importantly, delicious and unusual recipes that will undoubtedly decorate your holiday and create a great mood for your child and his guests. nine0015

    A gift for little sweet tooth. Author: Kuznetsova T.

    Annotation: Oh, those sweet teeth! They can enjoy all kinds of sweets all year round, and they always prefer cake to soup. In this book, we bring to your attention dishes based on fruits, berries and dairy products, rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for a growing body. nine0007 A holiday, a party or just a good mood - for any day and occasion of life, here you can find a recipe for a delicious and easy-to-cook dish. Cooking an interesting and appetizing delicacy with your own hands is now easy and fast! The recipes are presented in an accessible language, and the book itself is compiled in such a way that the little housewife can master each type of dessert gradually, moving from simple to complex. At the beginning of each section, detailed information about the rules of preparation is given, it explains where to start and how to avoid failures. nine0007 Learning to cook with our book is fun and exciting! Any sweet tooth will be happy with such a gift.

    Children in the kitchen / What dishes can a child of 10 cook? cabinet, mixer: new gadgets appear every year, and modern children are interested in everything related to technology and progress. nine0003

    Talk to your child about the rules of safe behavior in the kitchen, about the fact that not everything turns out quickly and accurately at once, do not scold for failures - it will take more than one year until the child acquires confident culinary skills. Discuss in advance that cleaning the kitchen after cooking is a joint affair, and not a mother's duty - this also brings up responsibility and accuracy.

    At the age of 11, a child already knows how to count and will easily learn how to measure and weigh the right amount of food, keep track of time, and perform actions in the right sequence in accordance with the recipe. All this develops logical thinking, mathematical abilities and, of course, fine motor skills and imagination. nine0003

    Recipes for 10 year olds should be accessible, the dish should be tasty and healthy, the cooking process should be fun and safe, and that nothing in the recipe needs to be boiled or fried for a long time.

    Baked Bananas with Chocolate

    All children love bananas and chocolate, this simple but effective dessert recipe is a great occasion for the first lesson in using the oven. Even a child who has never tried to cook before will cope with such a dish. nine0003

    Mini Pizza

    Pizza is loved by children both at the age of 4 and at the age of 16, and a 10-year-old child can surprise his parents by making his own pizza. Or do it with friends. It is unlikely that the child will have enough skill and patience to knead the dough, so as a basis, you can take ready-made dough - yeast or puff, divide it into portions and roll out each. A frozen pizza base, pita bread, pita bread or just toast bread is also suitable.

    The filling can be very varied - based on tomato sauce, sour cream or yogurt, with hard or soft cheese, with vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, cauliflower or broccoli), with chicken breast, sausage or sausages, olives or pickled cucumbers. nine0003

    There are dessert pizza recipes: with jam, fruit puree, canned and fresh fruits or berries, chocolate and nuts.


    A pizza bar is a good idea for a homemade children's birthday party: children are offered a choice of ingredients, everyone assembles their own pizza like a designer, bakes under adult supervision and eats the prepared dish with appetite. Children are interested and tasty, and parents solve two tasks at once - to treat and entertain guests. Every year at such a holiday you can embody different ideas - tartlets, fondue, sandwiches. nine0003

    Fruit fondue

    A simple recipe that does not require special skills and is suitable for first culinary experiences. Any fruit, wooden skewers and chocolate is all you need for cooking. You only need a stovetop or microwave to melt the chocolate. It's the perfect sweet snack or bright addition to any celebration, from birthdays to New Year's Eve.

    If fruits are dipped in chocolate and cooled beforehand, a carbonated fruit skewers will be obtained and can be served as a ready-made dessert. nine0003


    Children love smoothies, which pleases parents: a healthy smoothie of fresh fruit or vegetables with or without dairy products is always welcome. Teach your kids how to use a blender - a 10-year-old can master both a stationary and a submersible unit, and making smoothies is a pleasure: the process of turning pieces into a homogeneous mass of children is simply mesmerizing. Smoothies can be prepared not only according to ready-made recipes, but also invent your own. nine0003

    Desserts without baking: chocolate sausage and "anthill"

    Recipes of Soviet sweets proven over the years are also liked by modern children. They love chocolate sausage and are often surprised to learn that it is a dessert and not real salami. A child can cook such a dish absolutely without the participation of parents: sharp tools and heating devices are not needed for its preparation. A package of cookies, a pack of butter, cocoa - and you're done!

    Almost the same products, but the look and taste are completely different - "Anthill" can be prepared in the form of cakes or a large cake, and an excellent result is guaranteed, even if this dessert is the first in life. For kids, no-bake cake recipe is best. nine0003

    Homemade fast food

    Teach your child how to cook sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs at home, and you will save health and money on trips to the eateries so beloved by children. It is very useful to calculate together with your child how much you can save on visiting such establishments, for example, in a year and what you can buy in return.

    The quality of products at home can always be controlled - use natural minced meat for cutlets, chicken fillet, buy sausages without harmful additives (there are such), cereal buns and fresh vegetables. nine0003

    For the filling of a burger, offer your child a ready-made cutlet, a slice of roasted meat, chicken or turkey.

    Cold desserts

    Jelly or ice cream are desserts that are relevant at any time of the year, for the preparation of which you do not need a stove, and the creation of such desserts is also a visual physical and chemical experiment: children are curious and informative to observe the transformation of a liquid into jelly or puree in ice cream.

    The simplest jelly is prepared from any fruit or berry juice, even from fruit drink or compote, with the addition of pieces of fruit, berries or confectionery decorations. Jelly based on milk or fermented milk products - kefir, yogurt, sour cream - is not only tasty, but also a hearty dish suitable for breakfast or a light dinner. nine0003

    Making ice cream is one of the best ways for children to experiment in the kitchen. The simplest and safest ice cream without unnecessary additives requires only two ingredients - condensed milk and cream. Based on the basic recipe, you can cook any other ice cream - fruit, chocolate, vanilla. Light ice cream is easy to make from fruit or berry puree.


    If children do not eat certain foods well, then self-cooking is one of the most effective ways to take a fresh look at familiar dishes: food prepared by one’s own hands seems more appetizing to children, and the effort spent on its creation increases its value and cause a desire to try. nine0003

    Even a child who doesn't like vegetables is more likely to eat homemade soup or salad than a ready made one. All children are interested in grinding and mixing products of different colors and textures and will surely want to taste the result.

    Vegetable or fruit salads are the easiest thing a child can cook. The smallest ones cannot be trusted - you need a knife for cutting, so 10 years old is the time to learn how to cook salads. Salad recipes are best chosen depending on the time of year: seasonal vegetables and fruits are the most useful. And they are very fun to decorate! nine0003


    Sugar cockerels, Lollipops, Chupa-Chups - all these are different names of lollipops, irreplaceable sweet hits of entire generations of children for many years. In the modern era of confectionery abundance, when sweets are available not only on holidays, parents try to limit their children's consumption of sweets, especially hard candies, primarily because of the damage to their teeth. However, if you use a safe substitute instead of sugar in the recipe, you can make candy healthy. nine0003

    Children can make their own lollipops from isomalt, a natural sugar substitute. It not only does not harm the teeth, does not contain extra calories, but also contains prebiotics that are useful for digestion.

    Healthy lollipop recipe consists of only one ingredient - isomalt, which is sold in pastry shops. To prepare the candy mass, it must be melted in a saucepan and, if desired, add natural food coloring (1-2 drops of dye for 80 grams of isomalt). When the mass begins to cool, candy canes can be formed. nine0003

    You can prepare such sweets without a mold - the candy mass is simply poured with a spoon onto a silicone mat in the form of even circles, into which you just need to insert a stick until the candy has frozen. After about 5 minutes, the lollipops will be ready - they turn out to be transparent, similar to ice or glass. Working with hot mass requires caution, but in general the process is extremely simple and safe.

    Isomalt lollipops can be wrapped and used as a gift, brought to the school fair or used to decorate a cake. nine0003

    What can be done?

    Have your child cook one of the family meals, salad or dessert.

    You can arrange a culinary party, even if there is no reason - both girls and boys will like such leisure.

    Give your child a book of children's recipes with detailed instructions - let him choose how to surprise and delight you next time.

    What else we wrote about food for children: